Confined SpaCe entry - Trench Safety
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Confined SpaCe entry - Trench Safety

iConfined Space Entry ManualSECTION 3Permit-Required Entry Program• SAMPLE Permit-Required Entry Program• SAMPLE Confined Space Entry Permit• SAMPLE Confined Space HOT WORK PermitSECTION 4Useful Information• “The Ins & Outs of Confined Spaces” — Excavation Safety News – JANUARY 2005• “Proper Use of Ventilation in Confined Spaces” — Excavation Safety News –OCTOBER 2006• “It’s a GAS! Utilizing Atmospheric Monitors for Confined-Space Work” —Excavation Safety News – MAY 2009• “The Heat Equation”• “The Cold Stress Equations”• Verification of Calibration for Direct-Reading Portable Gas Monitors —OSHA SHIB 05-04-2004• Confined Space Hazards a Threat to Farmers• OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout Standard• Hazard Communication Standard — OSHA Fact Sheet 93-26• Suspension Trauma / Orthostatic Intolerance — OSHA SHIB 03-24-2004• Combustible Dust Explosions — OSHA Fact SheetivFirst Edition / Updated July 2009

iConfined Space Entry ManualFrequently Asked Question about the Responsibility ofEmployers...Q – Will I be certified to serve as an Entry Supervisor, Attendant, orEntrant?A – No. OSHA does not provide specific certification criteria.Q – OK, who determines whether someone is properly trained?A – That is your employer’s responsibility. Further, keep in mind thatthe training is situational. Because of your specific training, youremployer might determine that you are qualified to serve as an EntrySupervisor for a utility project. However, you might not be qualified toserve in that same capacity at petrochemical plant.Q – How often is refresher training required?A – OSHA says that all workers must be properly trained by theiremployers to do their jobs safely. Most safety professionals say thatbecause of the importance of confined space entry safety — and theconsequences that can occur (serious injury or death) — workers needat least annual refresher training. Additional training is needed if thereare indications of safety problems, or there are changes in work-placeconditions or responsibilities2First Edition / Updated July 2009

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