Summer BBQ - Wynyard Hall
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Summer BBQ - Wynyard Hall

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe & suMMeR 2013@wynyardhallWynyardHallLifesTyLe & spLendouRWynyARd HALLTop tipsfor springWe reveal our top tips and trends toenjoy a gorgeous gardenSummer fashions: Make a statement with bold floral dresses and beachwearFood, glorious food: e Wellington Restaurant gains its third AA rosette1

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Wynyard HallCountry House HotelTees ValleyTs22 5nfT: 01740 644811e: HALL LifesTyLe & spLendouRConTenTsfor the latest news andoffers from Wynyard Hall,like us on facebookand follow us on TwitterDesigned by DTWBank ChambersMarket placeGuisborough Ts14 6BnT: 01287 610404e: editoral by Sorted PRPhotography byCamera Afocal pointAlan MasonGT photographyHolden & JonesLawson photographyGary Walsh2 ToneAlan spoorsdan AzizKeith Mossstan seatonWhile every care is taken in compiling thecontents of this magazine, the publishersassume no responsibility for errors andomissions. All prices and offers are correct atthe time of print and are subject to change.Advertise with usWynyard Hall Lifestyle and splendour isa six monthly magazine, offering ouradvertisers an opportunity to reach up to60,000 of the highest earners in thenorth east. Copies are distributed toselected AB households, corporate andprivate clients, covering the area fromnewcastle upon Tyne to north yorkshire.for a full media pack,please contact:Jenny Blin01740 Cleanse your body andmind in the spa44 Wynyard Hall unveils theVeuve Clicquot Bar48 enjoy our new Terracemenu this

BLooMs & BuBBLyWeDneSDAy 27Th MARch, 2.30PM, £35 per personexperience an afternoon of fizz and flowers with a special guest speaker,stacie stewart, baker and television personality. enjoy a glass ofbubbly on arrival followed by our delicious Afternoon Tea andstunning floral demonstration by Valerie Guest.stacie stewart runs her very own bakery, ‘e Beehive Bakery’ and will be doing a demonstration ofsome of her favourite recipes at the event. stacie is a self-taught cook from sunderland who reached thefinals of MasterChef 6 and has been on many TV programmes including is Morning, MarketKitchen, saturday Cookbook, Jamie oliver’s summer Rave up as well as appearing at food festivals allover the uK. she has recently been working on her first book ‘stacie Bakes’, released earlier this year.Valerie Guest is a florist and teacher who has competed at three Chelsea flower shows, winning silver,silver gilt and gold. she opened her first shop in 1995 and since 2008 she has been an areademonstrator for nAfAs for the northumberland and durham area. Valerie specialises inexciting and innovative floral art with an emphasis on colour and texture.A guaranteed enjoyable afternoon!for reservations please contact the events office on 01740 665414

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe & spLendouRWeLCoMeWelcome to the summer edition of the Wynyard Hall magazine.I’m sure everyone is lookingforward to the arrival ofsummer and the chance,once again, to enjoy thegreat outdoors with familyand friends.We had a wonderful start to the yearhere at Wynyard Hall as ourWellington Restaurant was awarded aprestigious third AA rosette. is reallyis a great achievement and a credit toHead Chef Alan o’Kane and his teamwho have worked – and continue towork – tremendously hard.not only are they passionate aboutsupporting local food producers andsuppliers but their imaginative use ofingredients and creativity with textureand flavour have made the WellingtonRestaurant a destination for foodlovers everywhere.To celebrate this award and to putfood firmly in the spotlight, we haveplanned a summer of food-relatedevents, guaranteed to set taste budstingling.We’ll set the ball rolling at easter witha chocolate week – which is anabsolute must for children and adultsalike. Chocolate will most definitely bethe main ingredient, from facials at thespa through to afternoon tea andchocolate cocktails at the Bar.en, between April and June, we willwelcome six of the restaurant industry’sstars, giving them free rein in ourkitchens to create their signature dishesand showcase their skills to diners inour Wellington Restaurant.of course, where there’s good food,there’s fine wine – and they don’t comemuch finer than Champagne or, inparticular, Veuve Clicquot Champagne.Join us on the 30th June at a gourmetdinner to celebrate our newpartnership with this famous label andthe re-launch of the WellingtonRestaurant Bar, soon to become theVeuve Clicquot addition, our ever popular Blooms& Bubbly event will feature chef staciestewart and floral demonstrator ValerieGuest this year, while, in May, we’ll bespicing up your lives with the help ofMaunika Gowardhan; a popularindian food writer and private chefwho will be giving a demonstrationfollowed by lunch – a great event foranyone who loves to cook.finally, if you love food you reallymust come along to our first everstreet food festival in June, when ourWalled Garden will be crammed withstreet food vendors, artisan suppliersfrom all over the country, a specialistbrewery tent and some livelyentertainment – a riot of colour,tastes, sounds and smells that willhelp put the Tees Valley firmly on theculinary map.We have all this for you andmore – you’ll read about it allin the following pages – and Ihope that whatever yourplans this spring and summer,whatever the weather brings,you’ll join us at Wynyard Hall.We very much look forwardto seeing

WynyARd HALL sTACie sTeWART“Not only did I get the opportunity to workwith some amazing people but just to seethe food people produced was incredible.”

WynyARd HALL sTACie sTeWART“i want to build up stacie Bakes andalso look at moving into weddingcakes and private dinner parties, i loveall of that,” she revealed.“i’m just as good a normal cook as i amat baking – people seem to forget thatwhen i was on MasterChef i nevermade a dessert once!”And if you’re wondering what’s on themenu round at stacie’s house, this iswhat she’ll dish up.“if i had people round for dinner thekind of thing i’d serve would be asmoked haddock risotto served withblack pudding and a poached duckegg,” she said.“And i’d follow that with some kind ofbraised meat – i’m a great believer inslow cooking – i think we’d havebraised shoulder of lamb with mintedpeas, thyme jus and a bean cassoulet,with some kind of tart for dessert.”And while we’re all enjoying stacie’scooking, she’s just simply relishing theextraordinary change in her fortunes.“somebody once told me that if youlove your job, you’ll never work a dayin your life,” she said. “And that’s howi feel.”Image by Dan JonesAnd of course there was the audiencewith the great man himself, who shemet for the first time at a party heldafter the first episode of food Gloriousfood was aired.she won’t be drawn too much on thesubject of simon Cowell only to say“he is a very, very nice man.”“you sort of know when you first meetsomeone what they’re like,” she said.“He was very pleased with theprogramme and i really liked him.”And did they share a slice of cake?“And a few canapés,” she said with alaugh.ere’s certainly been no pausing forbreath – barely had the first episodebeen aired and stacie found herself attop London food store fortnum andMason giving masterclasses andrunning a pop up restaurant.“Who would have believed it?” she said.“i’ve been making cakes in the store andthen people have been coming in andbuying them – i’ve hardly had time todraw breath!”Although stardom beckons,Stacie is still extremelygrounded and has no plansto leave the North East.“ere’s no way i’m not going to stay athome,” she said. “if i need to get toLondon i can do it in a couple ofhours so why would i move?”Her first cookery book is also about tobe launched, an opportunity for therest of the world to share in thephenomenon that is stacie what’s next?Stacie Stewart will be at Wynyardhall on 27th March at the Bloomsand Bubbly event.Her cookery book Stacie Bakes:Classic Cakes and Bakes for theoroughly Modern Cook [pavilion,£18.99] is out on 7th March and willbe available to purchase at the

WynyARd HALL CAKe RooTeVeRyTHinGsTops foR TeA...and the chance to try our delicious new range of cakesTraditional and tasty,afternoon tea is not onlyquintessentially English butan utterly delicious way towhile away time – and it’s nohollow boast to say thatafternoon tea at WynyardHall ranks as one of life’sgreatest said, we never rest on our laurelsand last year we expanded our range ofafternoon teas to include the very wellreceived Gentlemen’s Tea (fortifiedwith whisky), Cream Tea (a nod hereto our Cornish cousins) and a numberof themed afternoon teas to celebratespecial events such as Valentine’s dayand Mothering sunday.Always on the lookout for new ways toring the changes and give thistraditional treat a contemporary twist,we are delighted to announce we havegot to the root of the matter – eCake Root, in northumberland-based company,established in 2008 by sisters Janeslater and fiona Woodcock, bakeslight-as-a-feather cakes using locallysourcedroot vegetables.With clever combinations ofcourgette, pistachio andlemon; almond, sweet potatoand orange; parsnip, limeand ginger, they create suchdelectable treats that we feltyou had to try them, throughout April, we will featuree Cake Root’s range as part of ourtraditional Wynyard Hall AfternoonTea and, if you approve, then they willbecome a permanent addition to ourmenu.e company insists that not onlymust their vegetables come fromnearby farms but so must their milk,butter, eggs and honey – so not onlyare they creating lovely cakes but theyare doing their bit to support theeconomy and help the environment.That sounds good to us, anda very good excuse, if onewere needed, to sample theirwares. Come and join

WynyARd HALL deLCoRdeLCoRdisTinCTiVe fuRniTuRefoR youR dReAM HoMeWhen it comes to providing sofas and armchairs that combinecraftsmanship with comfort and design with durability, Delcor is thename that springs immediately to mind.Not only do Delcor’s highstandards result in asuperior product, but thecompany’s flexibility enablesthe customer to define thesize and style of their sofasor armchairs – ensuring theyget the product they want,every time.Add to that the peace of mindprovided by the 20 year frameGuarantee and a choice of more than10,000 top quality fabrics and leathersand it is clear that delcor’s customersreally do enjoy a bespoke service.overseeing the operation areManaging director Rick petini and hiswife Janet, who ensure attention isgiven to every detail, from the initialdesign to the selection of covers and,finally, delivery to the customer, fromthe company’s northumberland base.Here, a small but highly-skilled teamof craftsmen and women shares Rickand Janet’s ambition to make beautifulsofas and armchairs. using specialistskills perfected over generations, thefinest materials and a wealth ofdedication and experience, they areproud of every delcor sofa andarmchair that leaves their workshops.ey draw their design inspirationfrom the finest classical furniture andthe very latest contemporary styles andthe materials they use are the finestavailable anywhere in the world.naturally, they take as much care withwhat goes inside their products as theydo with their external appearance –even the timber for the frames isselected and cut by hand at their veryown sawmill.en, at their stylish showroomsaround the country, their designconsultants help customers turn theirdreams into reality.Delcor sofas and armchairsare much more than merelyfurniture – they are anexpression of theircustomers’ individuality. TheDelcor team knows that onesize does not fit all, which iswhy Delcor offerscustomers the infinite abilityto create their very

WynyARd HALL GARdeninGHoW doesyouR GARdenGRoW?Hosepipe bans, torrential rain and gale force winds: 2012 will takesome beating for garden misery. To enjoy a gorgeous garden thissummer, whatever the weather, follow our top tips and trends.Hopefully 2013 will be a warm and dry summer withplenty of time to enjoy the barbeque and long summerevenings spent outdoors with our friends and family.However, all gardeners know that thesecret to maintaining a stunninggarden throughout the summer lies indoing some ground work first – inshort, preparation is

ToP TiPS FoR SPRingcleAning youR gARDen1 clean up5234Whether you’re a keen gardener or a completenovice, all gardens need a good tidy up afterthe winter months. Tackle any young weedsthat are starting to appear as the weather getswarmer and mulch with compost or manure –this preparation will pay dividends in a coupleof months when you’re ready to sow seeds andstart planting.clear paths of moss, lichenand weedsit’s a back breaking job that no one wants to do,particularly when it’s cold and wet outside, soas the weather warms up, get outside and getscrubbing. you’ll need a good stiff brush and abucket of salted, boiling water, which is anenvironmentally and pet friendly alternative toweed killer.cut the grassMid-spring is an ideal time to dust off themower and give the grass a regular mow, weedand feed.Plant trees and shrubsif you didn’t get round to planting the shrubsand trees you wanted to during autumn, theground should now be free from ground frostsand, therefore, soft enough for you to do sonow. spring is a great time to get plants, treesand shrubs fully established before wintercomes around again.678Pack down any roots that may havelifted during the cold weatherGround frost can cause roots to lift out of the groundand it’s important to pack these back down againduring spring to give your plants the best chance ofsurvival.gather leaves and make leaf mouldMake leaf mould from fallen leaves by putting them inbin bags with a small amount of water. Tie the tops ofthe bags and poke a few small holes in the side beforeplacing them in a secluded part of the garden – by thesummer you should have some nice leaf mould, whichis a great lawn conditioner and can be added to soiland plant pots to provide nutrition.install water buttsinstall water butts in your garden now to collectseasonal rainfall. not only does this help theenvironment, but also rain water is good for wateringericaceous plants such as camellias, rhododendronsand blueberries (tap water is often slightly alkaline).When installing a water butt make sure it is positionedbeneath a downpipe to make the most of the rainfall.Move deciduous shrubsWynyARd HALL GARdeninGif you have a badly placed deciduous shrub then nowis the time to move it while it’s dormant. Choose a stillday to prevent the roots drying out, then take a wideberth around the shrub when digging it up, preservingas much of the root ball as possible for the quickestestablishment in its new location. When plantingshrubs in their new position, place them at the samelevel in the soil that they were previously andremember to water them in thoroughly

WynyARd HALL GARdeninGTop GARdenTRends foR 2013old fashioned flowersWe often look back and take comfortin nostalgia – that’s why plants such ashydrangeas, lavender, Russian sage,moonflower, impatiens and celosia areenjoying a welcome return to favour.We’ll continue to see a strong interestin heirloom varieties this year as we alllook to the past for reassurance andcomfort in these times of economicuncertainty.Fragrant flowersA good garden should appeal to all thesenses – not least the sense of year, fragrance has gone from anoptional extra to a must-have, withscented plants and flowersskyrocketing in popularity.for some of the most fragrant flowerswe suggest magnolia, lilac, freesia,sweet peas, gardenias and roses.edible landscapes orvegetable patchese trend for growing your own foodand becoming self-sufficient andenvironmentally friendly continues togather momentum. Whether you’re anovice or a professional gardener,you’ll find creating a vegetable andherb garden very rewarding andbeneficial – not just to your health butto your wallet. e variety ofvegetables and herbs is endless andmost are simple to grow.of course, it’s not just flowers thattransport us back in time. items suchas Victorian terracotta pots, fruit crates,sieves, string and line markings,buckets, glass cloches and seed boxesall help add to that vintage feel. Also,why not accessorise your seating areawith floral and gingham tablecloths,vintage tea lights and a pottery vasedisplaying cut flowers from yourgarden?easy-to-please bulbsplanting bulbs is the easiest way towelcome spring to your garden – andthe choice of colours and varieties isendless. from the frilly petals of theBlack parrot tulip to the old fashionedsmell of the hyacinth…all it takes is atrowel and a bag of bulbs to create agorgeous display. Choose a variety ofpots and containers to produce asplash of colour in the smallest

WynyARd HALL TV AdVeRTiT’s A WRAp...Wynyard Hall’s first ever TV adverts hit the screenIt was lights, camerasand action this spring asWynyard Hall steppedinto the spotlight to filmnot one, but twotelevision commercials.for two days our usually tranquilgrounds were a hive of activity as filmcrews, production staff and a cast ofmore than 40 actors and extrasweaved their magic to create the twoshort films showcasing everything wehave to offer.Like all good adverts, ours tell astory – in the first case, a love storyset against the beautiful backdropof Wynyard Hall.e film follows a couple from themoment their eyes meet at the gloriousentrance to the Hall, to their first datein our three AA rosette WellingtonRestaurant and on to their weddingday in our elegant Brooks Chapel.Meanwhile, the second advert focuseson the myriad reasons people of allages love Wynyard Hall. it showsfamilies celebrating birthdays, enjoyingsunday lunch or treating themselves toafternoon tea. it shows groups offriends being pampered in the spa andour staff preparing to welcomecorporate guests and – above all – itshows how special Wynyard Hall is inso many ways.Both adverts will be aired on iTVfrom March 18th all the way to easter.ose of you who miss the adverts onTV, or who want to enjoy them again,can, of course, log on to our new,updated website after 18th March,where they can be viewed in full. notonly that, the new website provides afull guide to all our facilities andevents along with the latestinformation on special offers.So, whatever you have tocelebrate and whoeveryou choose to celebratewith – celebrate here, atWynyard

WynyARd HALL AndeRsons of duRHAMAndeRsons ofduRHAM opensfLAGsHip sToReOne of Durham’s most prestigious and well-loved family businesses isstepping into spring in style – and with a new generation at the helm.Andersons of Durham hasbeen supplying well-heeledcustomers with fine Englishshoes – including brandssuch as Barker, Loake andCheaney – and countryclothing, for more than30, its founder Richard Anderson ispreparing to step back and hand overthe reins to his daughter sarah.Having worked with her parents for anumber of years in their indoormarket store, in the dual role of buyerand shop dresser, sarah is very familiarwith the family brand, which she plansto consolidate and develop, addingnew, carefully selected, modern stylesto its footwear and clothing collections.sarah’s first major project was to planand oversee the opening of thecompany’s new flagship store, e Keep.situated on saddler street in durham,just a stone’s throw from durhamCathedral, e Keep is the all new hubof Andersons of durham – offeringthe same high standards ofworkmanship and design as beforealong with some innovative touchesdesigned to widen its customer appeal.As well as providing the finesthandmade english shoes to discerningcustomers, not just from the northeast but also overseas, Andersons hasintroduced a wide range of countryclothing to e Keep.Along with well-known, high-endbrands such as Barbour, Aigle anddubarry, e Keep will also bestocking items from thespring/summer 2013 collections ofclothing labels Hackett and Gant –proof of sarah’s keen eye for newtrends, which ally fashion with quality.“We’re hugely proud of e Keep andlook forward to welcoming our loyalcustomers while also meeting newones,” said sarah.“since opening our doors only a fewmonths ago, we have received somewonderful feedback – not only are wein a great location but it seems we havereally captured the demand forbeautifully made country clothes witha fashionable edge.“As we move through 2013we intend to build on oursuccess and, along withHackett and Gant, we’ll bekeeping our eyes open fornew lines and products inkeeping with our philosophy ofquality without compromise.“We’ll also be making furtherimprovements to our online store,so, if you can’t come along toe Keep, do sign up to ournewsletter via our website – –which will not only keep you postedon everything we’re doing but will alsoenable you to shop from the comfortof your own home.”

WynyARd HALL spAsuMMeRAT THe spACleansing body and mind…Nothing can inspireweight loss quite likethe thought of holidayswimwear!it’s that time of year again when weditch our thick, opaque tights forbare legs, our all-encompassingsweaters for T-shirts and expose ourwintry-white skin to the elements.Many of us will have failed to getthrough the festive season withoutputting on a few pounds and mostof us will probably feel a littlesluggish, a little bloated and a littlesallow skinned.if detox and weight loss is on yourmind, try our selection oftreatments and heat therapies,available at the spa, to help youkick start the

WynyARd HALL spASPA oPening houRSMonday: 9am – 5.30pmTuesday: 9am – 5.30pmWednesday: 9am – 8pmursday: 9am – 8pmFriday: 9am – 8pmSaturday: 9am – 5.30pmSunday: 9am – 5.30pmheRBAl SAunAA hot stint in the sauna increasesblood flow to the skin and helps toflush out all those unwanted toxins,bringing more essential nutrients tothe skin cells, thus instantly givingyour skin a healthy glow. exposure tothe high heat also helps strengthenyour immune system by creating anartificial fever state, which stimulatesthe body’s natural healing process. As aresult, your immune system willproduce greater numbers of diseasefighting white blood cells andantibodies to eliminate viruses. no onewants to catch that summer cold…SAlT inhAlATion RooMClose your eyes and imagine you’re atthe seaside already soaking up thoselong summer days.As the salt crystals evaporate into theair, the salty steam fills the room,helping you breathe more easily. saltsteam activates the metabolism of theskin, improves blood supply and has apurifying and detoxifying effect. esalt jets naturally exfoliate, revealing amore radiant, smoothed skin.RASul MuD chAMBeRis luxurious, ancient Arabiccleansing ritual uses mineral rich mud,heat and steam – a glorious, exotic wayto relax and unwind.Apply the medicinal chakra muds tospecific areas of your body and relax inthe herb infused steam, letting themud detoxify the body. As the steamdrives the toxins out, the mud allowsthe moisturising minerals to seep intoyour skin. A gentle rain showercompletes the ritual, revealing yourrevitalised, radiant skin.Two hours use of the heat facilities atthe Spa, including Salt inhalationRoom, herbal Sauna, ice Fountainand outdoor Vitality Spa costs £30per person, reduced to £20 onMondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.Why not upgrade and enjoy theRasul Mud experience in addition tothe heat facilities? only £40 perperson or £70 for two

WynyARd HALL spAoxy-ConTouR WRAp1 hour 30 minutes, £65A must for everyone this spring and summer. Using Karin Herzog’s worldpatented oxygenating products, the unwanted toxins are blasted away.incorporating a medical grade manual lymphatic drainage massage,this treatment is beneficial for restoring health and well-being and isespecially therapeutic for those who suffer from cellulite. eprocess enables unwanted bacteria to wash to the newly stimulatedand cleared lymphatic system and out of the body. it also increasesthe metabolic rate – the ideal treatment if you are on a weight lossprogramme. for best results werecommend having thetreatment and using the KarinHerzog dynamic duo (availableat the spa, priced at £48) the Dynamic Duo workse dynamic duo is a combination of two unique products:• Silhouette with 4% oxygen to help blast away toxins and to heal and replenish• Tonus B12 with vitamin B12, sesame, avocado, jojoba and jasmine to tone,condition and nourishe key ingredient in this dynamic kit is oxygen. Herzog’s silhouette CelluliteCream is formulated to act locally on the parts of the body which are most liableto deposits and massing of fat. using a patented formula this cream dispersesadipose tissue by forcing oxygen gas deep into the tissues, blasting away toxins thatblock the capillaries which causes uneven, bumpy

WynyARd HALL spAKARin HeRzoGspACe1 hour, £50Don’t forget to also detox throughthe power of healing.stress, worry and anxiety can all make thebody produce more toxins. it then holds onto these toxins with the muscles being tightat the times when we are most stressed.Taking time out to relax and restore thefeeling of well-being will make it easier toget rid of the toxins and release is a unique face, scalp and necktreatment. e therapist works on vital andkey energy points that store the most stressand tensions. ough light in touch, thetreatment is very powerful and healing. ekey energy points are detoxed, energisedand healed allowing the body to let go ofthose unwanted toxins.eLeMis BodysCuLpTinG CeLLuLiTeAnd CoLon THeRApy50 minutes, £60Body sculpting serum and firming creamtarget stubborn cellulite and sagging skin,for rapid results.A detoxifying fennel and birch peel off mask is alsoapplied and combined with specialist massagetechniques to deeply cleanse the body’s systems, helpingfirm and smooth the skin, stimulate circulation andreduce fluid retention. Cleansing the colon throughabdominal massage helps to detoxify the body frominside

WynyARd HALL spAinTRoduCinGneW CidWynyard Hall is pleased to announce the launch of the exciting make-upbrand New CID Cosmetics at the Spa.In 2005, Kelly andClive Colman foundedNew CID Cosmetics inLondon.eir phenomenal business startedout as the world renownedBurlingtons Hair salon and withinevery Burlingtons salon there is anew id photography and makeoverstudio. for over a decade newid studios has been making overtens of thousands of women – thiswealth of experience has been theinspiration for new Cid Cosmetics.“e aim was to create a range thatsimplified make-up application,”explains director and founder,Kelly Colman. “We listened tohundreds of new Cid make-upartists, sharing insights they havepicked up from making up realwomen, in fact over 60,000women that came into our studiosthroughout the uK in 2011.ese women felt that make-upshopping can be overwhelmingwith too many fashion-led shades,which aren’t always wearable oreasy to apply.“My vision was to team clevercolours wrapped up in innovativepackaging with colours that wouldenhance a woman’s beauty, builtaround the feedback we receivedaily from our studios.”so, new Cid was unveiled to fillthat gap in the market. Today, it isstill shaped by the experience ofthose make-up artists who listen towhat their clients have to say aboutchanging trends and the skinchanges that we encounter as we age.CID Philosophy• Clever colours wrapped ininnovative packaging• Colours suitable for all skintones and ages• professional quality formulationsthat really perform• sharing studio secrets so ourcustomers truly understand ourproductsMAKe-uPleSSonS – learnfrom our experts1 hour, £45Choosing the right colours,shades and products is only thefirst step on the road to beauty– you also need to learn how toapply them.To enable you to get the verymost out of our new make-uprange we will be offeringprofessional make-up lessons asa package at Wynyard Hall spa.enjoy a glass of bubbly and letour expert beauticians teach youhow to apply your make-up,advising on every aspect of it –matching shades to your skintone and suggesting alternativelooks for different occasions.To make an appointment,please call the Spa on01740

WynyARd HALL spABRidAL BeAuTyWiTH neW CidEvery bride wants tolook her best on herwedding day andnow with theintroduction of NewCID Cosmetics youare guaranteed abeautiful result.Relax on the morning of yourwedding and let our trainedtherapists create your perfect look,from smokey eyes to fresh andflawless, whatever your choice. ebridal party will be made up in theessential Time suite, located on thefirst floor of the hotel for yourconvenience.Bridal Make-up45 minutes (on the day), £70Trial Make-up Session90 minutes, £70Trial must be booked forbridal make-up but is optionalfor other guests.Bridesmaids, Mother-of-the-Bride, Wedding guests(on the day), £60Make-up Application for12 years or Below(on the day), £20Call the spa on01740 644811 to bookyour trial make-upappointment or todiscuss bridal make-uppackages and prewedding skin

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe &

SPRING INTOSUMMERWith spring just around the corner, it’s time to take a fresh look at theinspirational new trends in fabrics and wallpapers from Chameleon.It’s a new collection of trends onceagain, as we welcome the dawn ofthe spring months. With snowdropsand daffodils emerging in the grassymeadows, we look forward to allthe vibrant colours of the spring andsummer to brighten up the outdoors.We feel the same about homeinteriors, ready to awaken after along sleepy winter, longing forcolour, design and freedom toexpress ourselves with inspirationsfrom the quiet eleganceof traditional English country houseto the more far-flung destinations ofBali and the Far East.Alongside the bursting array ofcolour we are still drawn to naturalbotanical designs, influenced by theseasons. Prints with florals, birdsand butterflies are continuing toappear in many designs, teaming upwith checks and stripes.With over 20 years’ experience insoft furnishings and interiors, PaulMcLaughlin and his team specialisein home furnishing and interiors,offering expert advice on colourschemes and finishing touches aswell as a bespoke making up service,using the great range of designer orcustomer’s own fabrics.Chameleon curtains have a vastrange of fabrics and wall coveringsto help enhance your home interiorfrom Roman blinds, cushions andpelmets to swags and tails, eyeletsand pinch pleats to help freshen upyour interior quickly and withoutgreat expense.While we embrace the fresh look ofspring and summer, Chameleon stillfeature a variety of alternatives to suityour individual style. Paul explains:“Palettes of grey are still strong, withthe industrial chic look appearing,from strong, stark metallic fixtures,alongside reclaimed woodenfurniture to contrast. Stone, taupeand elephant’s breath are greatcolours for walls, to team withnatural fabric textiles from silks torich weaves or accent with lushaubergine or invigorating indigo toadd a strong impact.”“Geometric designs in wallpaper andfabrics have appeared in bold prints– from polygons and squares tocircles and zigzags, these designscan be seen as part of a mainfeature or simply used on cushionsto get the look.”And if it’s an original piece offurniture you’re after, then visitChameleon’s in-house design andsew showroom for some inspiration,where you can also view the newlaunches from Harlequin Fabrics andRomo 25

WynyARd HALL suMMeR fAsHionsALL THinGsBRiGHT AndBeAuTifuLCelebrate summer with a floral danceBetty Barclay floral dress £

WynyARd HALL suMMeR fAsHionsFashion isn’t forshrinking violets thissummer, with bold floralsin a dazzling array ofcolours putting prettypastels firmly in theshade.Hot pink, cobalt blue and emeraldgreen join canary yellow, tangerineand scarlet in a dazzling palette,which appears on everything fromcasual trousers to maxi dresses,shirts and beachwear.for the best results, keep itsimple by sticking to one floralitem per outfit and accessorisingwith statement sunglasses andjewellery – the bigger the better.Betty Barclay floral dress £

WynyARd HALL suMMeR fAsHionsBetty Barclay tunic £

WynyARd HALL suMMeR fAsHionsAustin Reed floral dress £

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WynyARd HALL LpGLpG foR A BRiGHTeR,sMARTeR LooK…There’s hardly a person – man or woman – who doesn’t have something aboutthemselves that they wouldn’t like to change.Celebrities in the public spotlightaren’t averse to a little help when itcomes to achieving that perfect lookand now the techniques that havegiven them a great shape and a flawlesscomplexion are available in thenorth east – and all under one roof.Durham’s LPG EndermologieClinic is a completely newconcept, providing a onestop shop for looking goodand feeling great.from new technology using lasers toachieve the kind of results that canusually only be gained by surgicalprocedures such as liposuction, to laserhair removal and treatments forcellulite reduction, there’s an endlesslist of procedures available to help youmake the most of your assets.e clinic offers the mostcomprehensive list of treatmentsanywhere in the north east and pridesitself on its weight loss system, whichcombines exercise with supplementsand LpG endermologie.Realising that many of its clients notonly want to get into shape but alsowant everything from a brighter smileto a smoother complexion, in additionto individually priced treatments,LpG have put together a uniquemembership package which means thecost of the treatments can be spreadout over a monthly payment plan.essential for anyone who wants toachieve and maintain that flawless lookand the perfect shape, the annualmembership package includes a rangeof treatments such as i-Lipo laser fatremoval sessions, anti-celluliteendermologie Lipomassage treatments,i-Lipo nutrition supplements, laser hairremoval treatments and facial peels/skinrejuvenation treatments using medicalgrade cosmeceuticals.Add to that two teeth whiteningtreatments and unlimited use of thegym and you have the perfectingredients for looking – and feeling –in peak condition.Perfect sleep...Along with restless sleep,it’s the problem that causesrifts in relationships. Butnow, LPG EndermologieClinic may have the answerthat thousands have beenwaiting for – a solution tosnoring.Working with consultant AnirvanBanerjee, one of the uK’s mostexperienced and respectedear, nose and throat specialists, theclinic is now offering clients thechance to undergo BipolarRadiofrequency ermotherapy(RfiTT). e procedure uses radiofrequencies to tighten the musclewithin the soft palate at the backof the throat to reduce vibration –a cause of is a relatively short, gentleprocedure with a short recoveryperiod. e clinic also recommendsa course of i-Lipo laser treatmentpost op, which focuses on the neckand chin area of overweight patientsto encourage fat reduction.for further information

WynyARd HALL JAGuAR xKR-s ConVeRTiBLeTHe BiG CATsHoWs iTs CLAWsA few weeks ago we had aphone call from Jaguar –would we like to try the newXKR-S Convertible? Stupidquestion. Thankfully, our testrun coincided with thoselovely few days of warmweather we had in Februarywhere the temperature hitthe low teens.Why has it taken Jaguar so long tofinally start making cars like the xK,xJ and xf? e xK looks brilliant andit drives as well as it looks. eCabriolet is one of the most sexylookingcars on the road. no wonderthe Jaguar (and Land Rover) factory istaking on staff. it’s been a long timesince you had to wait for the Jaguar carof your choice. until recently, therewere fields of the things waiting for agood home.not only is the xK the fastest, mostpowerful rag top that Jaguar has everbuilt, it is also the most expensive,tipping the scales at £103,430. Wow.Mind you, the performance figures areequally eye watering. 0-60mph takes astaggering 4.2 seconds, and if you canfind a race track somewhere, you’llreach 186mph. fuel economy won’t bea concern for buyers but, just in caseyou wanted to know, it’s 23mpg.e 5.0 litre V8 engine delivers awhopping 550bhp. is not only givesyou the hugely impressive figuresmentioned above, it also gives you thesort of long-legged performance thatwould make a holiday express journeyto the south of france seem like anabsolute doddle.And don’t for one moment think thatthis is a car where you’ll feel every fagpaper that you ride over. e ride isunbelievably smooth, bearing in mindthat the suspension has been set up tohandle serious performance and theride height, when compared to theother xK models, has been dropped by10mm. is is a big, ferocious beast ofa car, but it drives like a pussy cat.We loved the interior – it oozes classand quality. it’s hard to think of a nicerplace to be. you’ll thoroughly enjoy thesound from the sports exhaust andyou’ll spend hours playing with theelectric roof which, when raised, does agood job of muffling the wind-rushoutside. And don’t forget, this is a4-seater. Granted, you wouldn’t want acouple of the newcastle falcons ridingshotgun, but the seats are fine for kidsor adults who don’t want to go very Jaguar goes for growl and grunt.stick-on hairy chests are is a classic British sports

WynyARd HALL MAseRATi GRAnCABRio spoRTA fAsT LAdy;no Kidd-inGHere’s a lady that oozesstyle, grace, poise and is theultimate in high fashion.Oh, and here’s a picture ofJodie, we don’t want to be sexist here atthe Wynyard Hall magazine, but wereckon that the Maserati GranCabriosport looks better with a lady behindthe wheel. put it this way, Jodie Kiddis a Maserati fan so, if it’s good enoughfor her, it’s good enough for us.for starters, this is a drop-deadgorgeous car with swoopy lines and lowstance. £102,615 will secure this beauty,although you will need to move quickly.Maserati will import only around 30right hand drive models into the uKand they’ve can exploit the extremes in this car.if you enjoy classic grand touring,heading off to st.Tropez, then theGranCabrio will be ideal, althoughyou will need to pack only theessentials because the boot is a shadesmall. Most of the space is taken up bythe electronic roof and pop-up antirollbars. probably best to buy thebikini and speedo trunks when youget there!if you want to hurtle around like alunatic, this Maserati will tickle yourtaste buds. e V8 4.7 litre engine hasthe sort of power that delivers 0-60 ina shade over 5.0 seconds; top speed is177mph. e accompanying row fromthe exhaust is also a pure delight.economy won’t be your concern but inthis politically correct world i’ll tellyou that you can average just under20mpg. All of the power goes throughan automatic gearbox although youcan also use paddles behind thesteering wheel to change gear.e gearbox is actually one of the bestaround. it automatically blips thethrottle for you when changing downand, the best bet, it features a launchcontrol system. in a nutshell, what youdo is put your left foot on the brakepedal, press the throttle until the revsreach about 2500rpm and then,simultaneously, lift your left foot offthe brake and floor the throttle. ecar shoots away from the lights like ascalded cat.row in 20 inch black alloy wheels,deep side skirts, black front grille,exhaust pipes that resemble stormdrains, plus a deep red body colourand, hey presto, you have a car thatlooks like a million dollars and willcertainly make a huge impressionupon any garden party. e onlychoice of colour comes with theinterior. you can have ivory or greymaterial and a mix of 13 differentstitching colours. Go for ivory; it looksthe business.Maserati cars are a rare sight on ourroads. ey have competition from thelikes of Aston Martin, porsche, Jaguaretc, but they represent something verydifferent. ey aren’t the obviouschoice but they are certainly adiscerning Graham

LuxuRy GenTLeMen’sReTReAT£350 peR peRson BAsed on 3-6 sHARinGWhy not combine an afternoon’s shooting,golf and an overnight stay at Wynyard hallfor the ultimate sporting experience?on arrival join your friends or colleagues for a privateshooting experience within Wynyard Hall’s grounds, tailoredto your abilities with a private instructor for your party.Return to the Hotel and enjoy our Gentlemen’s Afternoon Teawith a shot of whisky to warm you up for the afternoon. Checkinto your luxurious cottage in the grounds, before heading tothe spa to relax in the hot sauna and salt steam the evening, why not head to the Wellington Bar to exploreour great selection of beers, whiskies and quality wines beforesitting down for dinner in the Wellington Restaurant?e following morning, enjoy breakfast with your friendsbefore heading to the Wynyard Golf Club for a round of golfto complete your experience.Ladies are also welcome.*Packages can be tailored to your specific requirements.

THe CoCKTAiL HouROur new lessons provide the perfect party packageif you’re looking for a truly Cosmopolitanway to celebrate something special, whynot head to Wynyard Hall, where you canmix with White Russians, be introducedto Tom Collins and enjoy a taste ofManhattan high life?our new cocktail classes are guaranteedto leave you and your friends shaken andstirred and are a perfect choice for girlyget-togethers and special occasions.Choose your three favourite cocktails andthen let our in-house cocktail mixologistsshow you, step by step, how to create them.ey will guide a nominated member ofyour party through every stage of theprocess – and then you can all sit backand enjoy the fruits of their labours.To complement the cocktails we willalso serve a selection of light barsnacks – making this the perfect wayto while away an indulgent afternoon.Wynyard hall cocktail classes are anideal choice for groups of betweenfour and ten people and advancereservation is essential.£35 per personfor reservations please contact the events office on 01740 644811.

CHoCoLATeTReATs foR eAsTeRTuesday 26th March to Monday 1st AprilEaster will be egg-stra special at Wynyard Hall this year, with a week of chocolatethemed treats for the sweet-toothed and the sensuous.not only will the menus in our three AA rosette WellingtonRestaurant feature chocolate in all its guises, but ourstunning lakeside spa will be going all gooey with cocoainspiredtreatments for the face and body.for one week only, diners in the Wellington Restaurant willbe able to enjoy delicacies such as: hand dived scallops withceleriac, truffle and caramelised white chocolate; saddle ofvenison with variations of turnip, Muscat grapes, toasted oats,truffle duxelle and bitter chocolate; followed by coffee andchocolate soufflé with coffee soil and biscotti ice cream – allfeatured on our seasonal Menu at £55 for a five-course meal.ose wishing to raise a glass to the occasion will be able todo so with a choice of chocolate-based cocktails includingWynyard Kiss, with aged tequila, crème de cacao anddouble cream and Wynyard Chocolate Temptation, withvodka, frangelico, Amarula, dark chocolate and a spoonfulof double cream – prices starting at £’s not all – those choosing to celebrate easter with afamous Wynyard Hall Afternoon Tea will find an altogethermore chocolate-y offering.Alternatively, enjoy all the fun of chocolate without thecalories at our spa – we’ve got two sweet treats on offer.chocolate anti-ageing detox facial1 hour 30 minutes, £75e fusion of chocolate and oxygen lies at the core of thistreatment’s advanced anti-ageing properties. Chocolate isbursting with natural health properties and goodness,including antioxidants, while Herzog’s oxygen delivery processfully utilises the raw ingredients from the chocolate to providedetoxification, clarity, elasticity, health and rejuvenation.Karin herzog chocolate bodyA divine full-body chocolate treatment1 hour 15 minutes, £652 hours (deluxe extended massage), £80e body is cleansed with a warm chocolate and milk wash,which is then removed with hot towels infused with thearoma of chocolate. A body brush encourages circulationbefore the skin is massaged with warm chocolate andcoconut oil.A multi vitamin-based oil and our delectable oxygen andchocolate mask is then brushed over the skin to rejuvenate,lift and hydrate. following a swiss chocolate and nourishingoil treatment and scalp massage, the chocolate is washedaway to reveal lusciously silky, smooth and brighter 37

WynyARd HALL CuLinARy exCeLLenCesuMMeR offoodCelebrate with

WynyARd HALL CuLinARy exCeLLenCeAnother victory for Wellington – our restaurant gains aprestigious third AA rosette.The year got off to a fabulousstart here at Wynyard Hallwith the announcement thatour Wellington Restauranthas been awarded aprestigious third AA rosette.Coming less than 18 months after wereceived our second rosette, it’s proof –if it were needed – that our chefs,under the leadership of Alan o’Kane,are fast becoming a force to bereckoned with.eir culinary flair and creativity haveled them to win accolades from judges,food critics and diners, yet they wouldbe the first to admit they couldn’t dowhat they do half as well, were it notfor the plentiful and diverseingredients available to them locally.A cornucopia of award-winning dairyproducts, locally reared meat andseasonal vegetables can be found onour doorstep – not to mention small,family run firms making everythingfrom popcorn to ice cream – and wethink that’s worth celebrating.We intend to showcaseeverything that’s gloriousabout food in our region witha fantastic list of food events.from April through to June, WynyardHall will be hosting a fabulous rangeof food-related events giving you thechance to taste locally grown andreared produce, to meet artisan foodproducers and simply to celebrate food.We’re not alone, either, in feelingthere’s something to celebrate. some ofthe country’s culinary stars think so,too – and over the next three months,guest chefs from throughout the uKwill be taking over our kitchen andshowing lucky diners at ourWellington Restaurant just why theyare the ones to watch.e skills of our own Head ChefAlan o’Kane will also be on display ina grand finalé to our guest chefevenings at the Veuve Clicquot event,when his gourmet menu will be pairedwith a selection of wines from theprestigious will be an excellent opportunityto drink and dine in the beautifulsurroundings of Wynyard Hall.We plan to close our three-monthsummer of food with an outdoorextravaganza of entertainment, musicand food – truly a feast for all the a celebration lasting almost twodays, our Walled Garden will betransformed, as exhibitors showcasetheir products, chefs from around theworld tempt your taste buds with adelectable array of street food andcorks pop in Champagne tents.e Walled Garden will house all sortsof delights from crêpes to olives, asmusicians play and the air fills with thewonderful smell of the freshestingredients being skilfully cookedwhile those who love food, especiallyat Wynyard Hall, have a reallywonderful time.Because, as much as our festival is acelebration of good food, it will also bea celebration of people; the peoplewho grow it, who sell it, who cook itand, of course, who appreciate it.We know you’re one of them – and wereally hope you can join us for our firstever summer of

WynyARd HALL CuLinARy exCeLLenCeBe ouR some of the UK’s finest chefs take the reins in the Wellington RestaurantThe North of England is earning a well-deserved reputationthroughout the UK for producing chefs who combine culinaryflair and imagination with a thorough appreciation andunderstanding of good food – and we are delighted to bewelcoming some of them to Wynyard Hall.on selected dates over the next fewmonths, some of the uK’s finestchefs will be taking over our kitchento cook their own dishes for dinersin our Wellington Restaurant.Adam Jackson and Tommy BanksBlack Swan at oldstead, north yorkshiresunday 7th April, seven courses including wine £120e Black swan at oldstead is an award-winning restaurant with rooms,awarded a Michelin star and three AA rosettes for top quality food.Close to Byland Abbey, Coxwold and Kilburn, e Black swan is ownedand run by the Banks family. Adam and Tommy will be showing us justwhy their award-winning restaurant is a firm favourite with diners andcritics alike.Bob AroraSachins at Forth Bank, newcastlesunday 21st April, three courses £50it’s more than a decade since Kulmeet (‘Bob’ to his friends) and neetaArora bought sachins – newcastle’s leading punjabi restaurant – duringwhich time they have developed and expanded it considerably.not only are sachins’ dishes now stocked in fenwick’s, but the businessalso boasts a thriving outside catering arm. However, Bob’s passion still lieswith cooking, so come along as he leads the chefs here at Wynyard Halland let him spice up your evening.Ben Spaldingsunday 5th May, six courses including wine £140Ben spalding has a CV featuring work at some of the world’s toprestaurants, including Heston Blumenthal’s three Michelin-starred fatduck, omas Keller’s three Michelin-starred new york restaurant per seand Le Manoir Aux Quat’saisons, the two Michelin-starred oxfordshirerestaurant run by Raymond Blanc.Ben was head chef at Roganic, London and most recently, he completed asell-out residency where he treated diners to unique and imaginativedishes such as his signature ‘Chicken on a Brick’ dish, a chicken liverparfait served on a caramelised house brick and a 50 ingredient salad.image supplied by omas

Marcus Bennette Bay horse at hurworth, near Darlingtonsunday 19th May, three courses £50Run by Marcus Bennett and Jonathan Hall, e Bay Horse is a diningpub and restaurant, which skilfully blends the traditional with thecontemporary and holds a prestigious Michelin Bib Gourmand award.e restaurant menu is made up of classic english dishes and a variety ofdaily specials, all created using locally sourced and seasonal produce, withhead chef and co-owner Marcus – the current holder of the prestigiousGastropub Chef of the year Award – baking a selection of fresh breadevery day.We look forward to welcoming him to the Wellington Restaurant.Steven SmithFreemasons at Wiswell, lancashiresunday 2nd June, six courses including wine £95steven smith has made an impressive impact on the national culinaryscene in just two years as chef-patron at freemasons at Wiswell. Creatingexcellent food at affordable prices has earned him industry recognition –in the form of Best newcomer award in e publican Awards and theMichelin Bib Gourmand for the third year running – and freemasons aplace in the top 15 gastropubs in the uK.steven was invited to cook alongside some of the country’s star names atthe London Restaurant festival and we’re looking forward to welcominghim as guest chef at the Wellington Restaurant.WynyARd HALL CuLinARy exCeLLenCeAlan o’Kane in partnershipwith Veuve clicquotsunday 30th Juneseven courses including Champagne £95Live the Champagne lifestyle at a sparkling VeuveClicquot evening where superior wines will go hand inhand with fine food and excellent company.We’ll be popping the cork on four specially selected wines fromthis famous label and matching them with a gourmet mealcreated just for the occasion by chefs from our three AA rosetteWellington Restaurant, led by Head Chef Alan o’ addition, entertainment throughout the evening will beprovided by an expert from Veuve Clicquot, who willintroduce the selection and share tasting tips and

WynyARd HALL CuLinARy exCeLLenCefesTiVAL ofCome along to this fabulousoutdoor festival of internationalstreet food vendorsFriday 28th June, 4–10pm andSaturday 29th June, 11am–

WynyARd HALL CuLinARy exCeLLenCesTReeT foodAs a fitting finalé to our summer of foodcelebrations our Walled garden will playhost to the most colourful, mouth-wateringand diverse display of food imaginable, in acarnival atmosphere that will delight,entertain and inspire.not only will guests be able to taste some of theexcellent produce being made here in the region butpop up kitchens will be cooking a vibrant array ofstreet food, transporting your taste buds to the farreaches of the globe.Alongside entertainment from around the world therewill be a luxury marquee with specialist beers, winesand champagnes.entry £1for information on exhibiting, please contact the events office on 01740

WynyARd HALL CHAMpAGne BARRAisinG A GLAss ToA neW BeGinninG“Remember, gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for,it’s Champagne.”so said Winston Churchill who,when he wasn’t running the country,was a frequent house guest at WynyardHall – which is why we think he’dthoroughly approve of our newpartnership with one of the world’soldest and most prestigious labels.since 1772 the House of Clicquot hasenjoyed a well-deserved reputation forproducing the finest Champagnes.e company was founded by philippeClicquot and, after his untimely death,was taken over by his wife andrenamed Veuve (or widow) Clicquot.its Champagnes have featured on ourown wine lists in the past and we aredelighted to have strengthened ourrelationship with the label even further.On Sunday 30th June theWellington Restaurant Barwill officially become theVeuve Clicquot Bar – not onlythat but we will also unveil anew, outdoor terrace bar,carrying the same brand.e grand opening will coincide withour Veuve Clicquot Champagneevening, when we’ll select some of thefinest wines from this famous label andmatch them with a gourmet mealcreated specially by chefs from ourthree AA rosette Wellington Restaurant,led by Head Chef Alan o’Kane.entertainment throughout the eveningwill be provided by a guest speakerfrom Veuve Clicquot, who will sharetheir tips and experience and helpofficially launch the Veuve Clicquot Bar.“Champagne is a passion of mine,”said General Manager Adam dyke,“so i’m delighted to be working inpartnership with such a prestigious,well-recognised and quality brand.“e Veuve Clicquot Bar will provideour guests with a wonderful choice ofthe finest Champagnes in the mostsumptuous setting, making it a greatchoice for pre-dinner drinks or tocelebrate something special withfriends and family.”The launch event will pop thecork on a full week ofChampagne celebrations as,every day until Sunday 7thJuly, we will be featuring adifferent Champagne fromthe Veuve Clicquot brand,which we will offer at a veryspecial price to all guests.We’ll also pair the Champagnes with arange of special dishes on our LoungeMenu, such as oysters served on ice –now isn’t that worth raising a glass to?

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe &

WynyARd HALL eVenTseVenTs ATWynyARd HALLeaster Sunday lunchsunday 31st March, 12noon – 3pmeaster is traditionally a time spent with family and friends, enjoying goodfood in relaxed and welcoming surroundings – which is where WynyardHall comes in. How better to celebrate the occasion than with a threecourselunch served in our three AA rosette Wellington Restaurant?£25 per adult, £16 per childSpring Tea DanceWednesday 10th April, 2.30pmput a spring in your step with our popular tea dance, featuring live musicand dancing in the elegant surroundings of the Conservatory. Guests willenjoy a traditional afternoon tea, including sandwiches, scones and cakes,before taking to the dance floor to waltz the day away.£22 per personFather’s Day lunchsunday 16th June, 12noon – 3pmey say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so what betterway to show your father you love him than by treating him to a superb,three-course lunch served in our Wellington Restaurant?£25 per adult, £16 per childAlternatively, our gift vouchers can be redeemed against Spatreatments, dinner in the Wellington Restaurant, an overnightstay or afternoon tea, so why not spoil him for choice?for reservations for any of these events, contact the events office on 01740

WynyARd HALL eVenTsFather’s Day Afternoon Teasunday 16th June, 1 – 4.30pmWe’ve given afternoon tea a masculine twist at Wynyard Hall, with theduke of Wellington Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea. Which father wouldn’tlove to be treated to new york pastrami and mustard on rye, oak smokedsalmon bagel, isle of Mull cheddar and piccalilli sandwiches, a mini porkpie and scotch egg, followed by sherry trifle and fruit loaf – served with aglass of Glenfiddich whisky. in fact, it’s available daily, so why wait untilfather’s day?£24.95 per personSummer BBQsunday 18th August, 2.30pmis is undoubtedly one of the highlights of our summer calendar so earlybooking really is advised. Guests can enjoy a delicious barbecue buffetfollowed by a selection of hand-crafted desserts along with liveentertainment and, hopefully, sunshine. so, bring your picnic rugs andrelax on the lawn overlooking the lake or, if the weather changes, unwindin one of our state Rooms, with ample seating for everyone.£22 per adult, £15 per child, under five years old freeSauvignons of the World eveningfriday 6th september, 7pmsauvignon Blanc is fast becoming the white wine of choice for discerningdrinkers and we’re giving you the chance to find out more about it at thisspecial event.e chefs from our Wellington Restaurant will serve a specially createdfive-course meal, which will be paired with sauvignon Blancs fromdifferent regions around the world, with a guest speaker on hand to talkyou through the tasting process.Artisan Dinnersunday 22nd septemberWe are so lucky to have on our doorstep the most wonderful variety andquality of ingredients – from meat and dairy to vegetables and wheat –and so many clever, artisan food producers who know how to use them totheir full potential. We think they deserve our support and so our chefs atthe Wellington Restaurant will create a special, four-course dinner withthe help of local food suppliers. Join us and celebrate the best the northeast has to offer.To find out about the latest events please follow uson Twitter and like us on Facebookfor reservations for any of these events, contact the events office on 01740

WynyARd HALL suMMeR TeRRACe MenusuMMeRTeRRACe MenuAs the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, our Terrace will once again open from1st April to welcome guests throughout the summer for delicious cocktails and dining. Catch upwith friends over tapas after work, bring the family for pizza or escape the daily pressures andenjoy the stunning views over the lake with a chilled glass of wine or a bottle of beer.We look forward to welcoming you this summer!TAPASHot chipotle chicken wings £4.00spanish meatballs £4.00Mild green chillies stuffed withcream cheese £4.00spanish tortilla £3.50Chicken & chorizo bravas £4.00potato bravas £3.00paella £4.50potato croquettes, spicy tomatosauce, garlic mayo £3.00Crispy calamari,lemon mayo £3.50King prawns &chorizo picante,flamed withbrandy £4.50gouRMeT BuRgeRSAll burgers come with French friesand are priced at £12.00 eachhouseBrioche bun, double beef pattie,dill pickle, American cheese,mustard, chilli mayo,crispy bacon, onion, saladgreekBrioche bun, lamb pattie,cucumber raita, hummus, feta,tomato, saladclassicBrioche bun, double beef pattie,mayo, dill pickle, saladcheeseBrioche bun, double beef pattie,choose your cheese:American, blue, cheddar,gorgonzolaVespa (v)Brioche bun, grilled mushroom,gorgonzola, garlic mayo,rocket, beef tomatoPizzATraditional mozzarella &tomato sauce pizzaLarge £8.95, not so large £7.9575p toppingsBaby leaf spinach, rosemary, garlic,mixed peppers, onions, basil pesto,mushrooms£1.25 toppingsfresh basil, feta cheese, blue cheese,chilli jam, olives, fresh rocket,caramelised onion, sun blushedtomato, ham hock, spring onions£1.75 toppingsBlack pudding, marinatedvegetables, pepperoni,Tuscan sausage, goat’s cheese,meatballs, parma ham, chorizo,tuna, anchovies, hoisin sauce£2.50 toppingsMixed seafood, confit duck,king prawns, Morteau sausage,roast

WynyARd HALL suMMeR TeRRACe MenuSiDe oRDeRSfrench fries £3.50Beef dripping chips £3.50SAlADSHouse salad £8.50Classic Caesar £9.50smoked chicken Caesar £11.50Tomato & buffalo mozzarella,italian rocket, aged balsamicvinegar £9.50DeSSeRTSsticky toffee pudding,butterscotch sauce,vanilla ice cream £7.50Knickerbockerglory £7.00eton mess £7.00ice cream & sorbets £

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe &

WeddinGopen dAyssunday 7th Aprilsunday 28th July11am – 4pm, free entryWeddinG fAyResunday 13th october10am – 4pm, entry £1THe MosTRoMAnTiCWeddinG Venueever since you were small, you dreamed ofyour perfect wedding and at Wynyard Hall,our dream is to make yours come how perfect your day can be at one ofWynyard Hall’s Wedding open days. imaginewalking down the aisle in the 18th Centuryprivate chapel, explore the luxurious bedroomsand cottages and visit the spa to discover thelatest beauty trends.or why not join us at our Wedding fayre?enjoy Champagne and canapés and beinspired by over 80 of the region’s top weddingsuppliers, who can help to make your day trulyunique and

WynyARd HALL WeddinGsCelebrating five yearsWhich lucky couple will be our 1000th brideand groom?Over the past five years,hundreds of couples havechosen to celebrate theirwedding day at Wynyard, countless bridal gowns, weddingcakes, best man speeches and firstdances later, we are waiting with batedbreath to discover which lucky couplewill be next – our 1000th bride andgroom.for whichever couple becomes the1000th to celebrate their special day inthe glorious surroundings of WynyardHall, will do so absolutely free ofcharge.from our stunning state Rooms to ourpicturesque grounds and the superbfood created by our chefs at the threeAA rosette Wellington Restaurant,there are few, if any, wedding venues torival Wynyard Hall.every single wedding held here isunique and memorable, so let’s lookback at a few of those wonderful

WynyARd HALL WeddinGsof weddings atWynyard


WynyARd HALL WeddinGsCould it be you?Not since Prince Charmingscoured the land in search ofthe true owner of the glassslipper has there been somuch excitement about amystery year one lucky girl and her groomwill receive their wedding at WynyardHall absolutely free of charge – couldit be you?To find out more about the1000th wedding at Wynyard Hall or speak toour Wedding Team on 01740

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe &

By TaraNational Designer of Wedding GownsAward Winning Bridal ShopA beautiful bridal boutique with a hugevariety of stunning designer gowns,offering a friendly personal service,unrivalled in the North East.• Wedding Gowns• Bridesmaid Dresses• Prom Dresses• AccessoriesMonday to Friday 10am - 5.30pmSaturday 9.30am - 4.30pmLate night appointments on ThursdayTel: 01429 Front St West, Wingate, Co. Durham TS28 5AAAppointments Advisable

WynyARd HALL diARy – fesTiVe TeA dAnCefesTiVeTeA dAnCeursday 12th December 2012With just two weeks untilChristmas, Wynyard Hall wasat its sparkling best asguests arrived for our annualfestive tea dance.e occasion began with ourcelebrated afternoon tea, completewith hand crafted pastries, cakes andsandwiches, before couples made theirway to the Conservatory for anafternoon of live music and dancing.for those who can’t wait untilChristmas to trip the light fantasticagain, we will, of course, be holdingour spring tea dance, which takes placethis year on Wednesday 10th April.for full details see page

WynyARd HALL diARy – fesTiVe TeA

WynyARd HALL diARy – CHRisTMAs sHoppinG fAyReCHRisTMAssHoppinG fAyReWednesday 21st and ursday 22nd November 2012Thousands of people from across the region and beyond thronged to Wynyard Hallfor our annual Christmas Fayre – now a firm highlight of the festive season.With more than 150 exhibitors withinthe Hall and in the grand marquee,selling everything from crafts andjewellery to home accessories andpaintings, the event was a wonderfulshowcase of talent and originality –and the perfect opportunity to snap upsome inspirational, gorgeous addition, seasonal entertainment inthe form of live music and Christmascarols made for a great day out as wellas a unique shopping experience.Wynyard Hall’s Christmas fayre justgets better every year and this year’s,set over not two but three days (friday15th to sunday 17th november)already looks set to be our best yet.for full details about our festive fayre2013 visit orfor more details see page

WynyARd HALL diARy – CHRisTMAs sHoppinG

enCHAnTinGCHRisTMAssHoppinG fAyReFriday 15th November, 10am – 5pmSaturday 16th November, 10am – 5pmSunday 17th November, 10am – 4pmFind everything you need for christmas atWynyard hall’s biggest annual event –the Festive Shopping Fayre.Here you will see more than 150 exhibitors sellingeverything from decorations and fashion to books, toysand edible gifts. seasonal entertainment will also beprovided and our Wynyard Hall café will be sellingdelicious cakes, sandwiches and snacks for when you needa break from all that retail therapy.£5 per entryBuy your tickets online before1st november 2013 to save £1 per person.Visit for further details.please note, there is no cash point facility available on the premises.unfortunately, we are unable to take advance dining reservationsfor this event.

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe &

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe &

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe &

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe &

WynyARd HALL LifesTyLe &

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