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Peace I leave with you; my peace Igive you. I do not give to you as theworld gives. Do not let your heartsbe troubled and do not be afraid.John 14:27 NIVMemory Verse

Grace & MercyGrace is getting something you don’tdeserve.Mercy is not gettingsomething you reallydeserve.

Pre-Christian Past• Death• Sinfulness• Bondage• Separation FromGod’s CovenantPromises to Israel• HopelessnessWhat made themchoose the wrongpath?The WorldThe FleshThe Devil

Christian Present and Future• New People of God• New Humanity• Being Reconciled• Eternal Life• Hope• Salvation• Raised Up With Christ• Seated With Christ• Rescue• Manifold GiftsWhat prompted God to act onour behalf?God’s Character1. God’s rich mercy2. God’s great, generous, andunexpected love3. God’s immeasurable grace4. God’s kindness to us inChrist

PastPresent &FutureGod’sGraceThe arrow is contingent on the grace of Godnot the works or merit of humankind.God’s grace is free, unearned, and unmerited!

Good Works and GraceFor we are God’shandiwork, created inChrist Jesus to dogood works, whichGod prepared inadvance for us to do.Ephesians 2:10 NIVOur aim is to do good worksnot for the purpose ofsecuring a reward but deedsdone as a response to thegift of grace we’ve received.

Formerly in Pre-Christiandays, the Gentiles lived in• Hopelessness• Alienation• IgnoranceBut Jesus’ sacrifice and victory are forALL who believe!Therefore, welcome the new eracharacterized by Gentile and Jewishbelievers sharing in the covenant offellowship with God.Jewish and Gentile BelieversReconciled Through Christ

Key PassageFor by grace you have been saved through faith, andthis is not your own doing; it is the gift of God. Eph 2:8Grace is God initiated, God given, and God powered.Faith is our response to God’s generous gift of grace.Faith is the human response by which God’s salvation isreceived.“Your own doing” implies work done by human effort.Salvation is not based on human performance or on anyeffort to win God’s approval. Grace is a gift. Therefore,the credit and praise goes to God! Soli Deo Gloria!

Think of a time inyour past when someoneshowed you grace.Make a deliberate effort this weekto offer grace to another.How did it feel toreceive and extend grace?Applying the Lesson in Your Life

Closing Prayer

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