Doewood Drive Gate - El Paso County
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Doewood Drive Gate - El Paso County

DOEWOOD DRIVEPUBLIC MEETINGJanuary 13, 2010Hosted By: Wayne Williams, County CommissionerDistrict 1AndEl Paso County Public Services Department,Transportation Division

Meeting Protocol• Hold all questions until end of presentation• “One bite” / one comment per person so all canspeak• Please show respect for each speaker• Purpose of meeting is to get input-no no decisionstonight!• Please sign in including name, address, and youremail address

Meeting Agenda1. History2. Options3. Next Steps4. Public Input

Doewood Drive History

Woodmoor Neighborhoods androadways

Master Plan 1972







Subdivision Improvements AgreementOctober 1996“Now, Therefore, in considerationof the following mutual convenantsand agreements, the Subdivider andthe County agree as follows:1. The Subdivider agrees toconstruct and install, at this soleexpense, all of those publicimprovements as set forth on“Exhibit A” attached hereto, and“Exhibit B” attached hereto”




Traffic Counts 2007-2008 (ADT)


Options1. Vacate Road2. Cul-DeDe-Sac3. Leave “As-Is” / Closed4. Open w/paving5. Open w/paving and fix curve6. Open w/paving, upgrade to collector7. Open as is w/gravel8. Open w/ restrictions on trucks/weights

‣ Cost: $5,000Vacate Road

Cul-DeDe-Sac‣ Not practicable due to extensive private propertyimpact and lack of necessity for turnaround

As-Is / Closed‣ Issue: Traffic diverted onto other roads

‣ Cost: $20,000Open w/ paving

Open w/ paving and straighten curve‣ Cost: $20,000 paving + $25,000 curve = $45,000

Open w/ paving and straighten curve

Open w/ paving –upgrade to collector‣ Cost: $750,000 (1996 est.)‣ $1,000,000+ (2010 est.)‣ Issue: Not practicable due to extensive private property impacts andanticipated traffic counts do not exceed 3,000 adt local standard

Open as is w/ gravel connection‣Issue: Issue: Not practicable due to various issues incldust, lack of wearing surface, high maintenance,etc.

Open w/ restrictions(plus improvements)‣Issue: Issue: could prohibit through truck traffic, imposeweight limitations, etc.

Next Steps

Next Steps1. Public input tonight and via email to 1/30/20102. Review input (February)3. Evaluate options based upon input4. Develop and publicize recommendation via email andwebsite (March 1, 2010)5. Two weeks public comment period onrecommendation6. Bring back to BOCC for decision (April 2010),hearing will be announced at least two weeks inadvance

Public Input

Public Input1. Fire District Comment2. School District 38 Comment3. Homeowner Association Comments1. Woodmoor Improvement Association2. Doewood Estates3. The Heights4. Comments from Individuals

Public Input•• This “power point” will be posted on thewebsite above• Deadline for public comment is January 30,2010• Please email comments

Thank You for Your Participationand Input!

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