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Basicalpha infrainfrared sensation130x90x191VisionVision is built using the best components and materials: magnesium oxide infrared emitters with aluminium reflectors andflocked metal grids covered with a cambara grating, digital control unit, colour therapy lamp with 36 LED's with remote control,aromatherapy and a cup holder. The external finishing is in ayous wood and 6mm clear safety glass, the internal wall arefinished with cedar profiles, soft ayous bench and floor. These infrared cabins provide with the most beneficial infraredtreatment for your health.your partner in wellness..... 6Vision

Basicalpha infrainfrared sensation125x100x200InfratouchThe INFRATOUCH is the newest in our basic range of infrared cabins that brings together high quality and attractiveminimalist design. We are glad to present you a perfect combination of high quality cedar wood with short wave infraredheaters, which are equipped with dimmers for the back and the front area; smart and easy assembly. Available in onestandard size, but which perfectly fits for private use.Did you know? The cedar wood is a lightweight wood and is incredibly thermal coefficient; the natural distinct scent of thiswood is very pleasant and has a camphor aroma, therefore it helps people retrieve their energetic natural balance and haspositive emotional effects: stimulates positive feelings and patience, reduces anxiety and depression, and creates a safe andtrustful atmosphere.your partner in wellness.....Infratouch8

your partner in wellness.....

Infrared Therapy by AlphaInfrared - plain and simple!“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough”Albert EinsteinInfrared energy is the heat we encounter everywhere in our daily life: from the warmth of the sun, to the heating system in our house and to thewarmth of an open fire in the backyard.Wave LengthsInfrared heat can be divided into 3 groups: short wave IR, middle wave IR and long wave IR. The longitude of the waves is caused by the energy orheat of the heater. The shorter the waves the more energy they will have and the more penetration of warmth in our muscles. The longer they arethe less energy they will have.Infrared is warmth!Alpha Chaleur Control UnitThis control unit can determine the intensity of the heater elements and gives us the ideal intensity. The wavelength of the infrared heat is causedSunshineWhen we sit outside in the sun, we feel the warmth of the sun penetrating our body. When the sun disappears behind the clouds we feelimmediately that it gets colder (for instance with an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius). The outside temperature didn't change! But theinfrared heat waves were interrupted by the clouds, as infrared warmth penetrates directly in our the surface temperature of the heater element. With the Alpha Chaleur control unit we can determine the heat (intensity) of the IR element.When we choose 100% of intensity we will have short wave Infrared heat with deep penetration.When we change the intensity during our IR session to, for instance, 25% intensity, we will have long wave infrared heat, which is smooth andpenetrates less.This gives us a completely personalised Infrared Therapy, where we can choose our intensity and duration as we wish.your partner in wellness.....4I N F R A R E DS E N S A T I O N

Advanced110x100x200alpha infrainfrared sensation130x100x200156x109x200142x142x200162x162x200ChaleurOur Chaleur infrared cabins meet the highest quality expectations and are available in different dimensions and wood types:pine, cedar, cambara, hemlock, aspen and combinations of these types of wood. Also possible is the finishing in MDF orplasterboard possible. Double sided cabins in selected wood types like red Canadian cedar and northern European pine.Next to the different types of wood, these cabins are available with the most modern infrared beamers that guarantee apersonalised infrared effect for the user. From long wave IR-radiation to quartz beamers with a selected quantity of short waveIRA-radiation. Chaleur infrared cabins are operated by a new - specially for Alpha Industries developed - digital control unitwith a dimmer function. With this control unit, you can switch the cabin on and off, set the temperature, switch the cabin light onand off, set the time and the intensity of the infrared rays in 4 steps of 25% each.your partner in wellness.....Chaleur14

Advancedalpha infrainfrared sensation220x120x200Chaleur CombiA completely new wellness cabin that combines sauna and infrared technology. The possibility to enjoy the beneficial infraredradiation while lying on a bench is revolutionary. With infrared heat on your back you can now lie down on a sauna bench madeof soft wood, under which adjustable infrared heaters have been assembled, horizontally focused on the bench or verticallyfocused if one sits down in the cabin. Moreover, there is a sauna oven in this cabin that warms up in no time, hence you canenjoy all the functions of a conventional sauna.your partner in wellness.....Chaleur Combi16

Advancedalpha infrainfrared sensation180x180x220Outdoor SeasonA complete rebuild and upgraded infrasauna for outdoor that has now a totally new square shape. Season has 2 benches,thus it has room for 5-6 sitting persons and is equipped with 8 infrared heaters. The external side is finished in overlapping pineprofiles, it is not treated and it needs to be protected with a coating of your choice. Choose the inside finishing from Cedar,Aspen, Pine, Hemlock. The infrasauna can be equipped with magnesium oxide heaters, heating panels or quartz heaters.your partner in wellness..... 18Outdoor Season

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What is infrared therapy?Infrared therapy uses infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat which is absorbed directly into the human body, unlike traditional saunas which heat the body indirectly via airor steam. Infrared rays directly heats your body tissue below the skin's surface. The penetration of warmth in the muscles relaxes the muscles tensions and smoothens the painsin back and neck. The warmth in the muscles also stimulate the blood circulation in the entire body, allowing to sweat out toxins (among other benefits). One of the mostbeneficial breakthroughs today for detox and health is daily infrared sauna sessions.Beauty:• Pain relief – The penetration of warmth in the muscles, relaxation of contractions and stress smoothens back and neck pains• Removes Toxins - Detoxification, removes heavy metals and harmful toxins.• Helps to loose weight• Reduces Stress - Promotes better sleep.• Improves Skin - Helps clear cellulite, tones and hydrates cells and pores.• Smoothens - Arthritis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, sprains, Migraine• Strengthens Cardiovascular System - Heart rate, metabolic rate increase, helps stabilizes blood pressure.Pain relief in musclesThe most important wellbeing effect of infrared therapy is the penetration of warmth in the muscles, because it reliefs the pains. How does it work? The muscles are warming upby the penetration of heat in the tissues. The tensions will relax by the penetrating warmth and thus the pains caused by stress and cramps will disappear as snow from the sun.Weight Loss AidIR Sauna heat therapy can aid in weight loss by speeding up the metabolic process of vital organs, resulting in substantial caloric loss. In a IR sauna heat session we have abetter circulation and increased energy that is absorbed by human cells. Thus the cellular activities are instantly invigorated, resulting in a better blood circulation and an overallimproved metabolism.Stress Reduction & RelaxationThe infrared sauna helps to reduce physical stress by boosting circulation and relaxation of the muscles by penetration of warmth. This stress relief technique has a warmsoothing effect and will provide an immediate benefit to tightened and knotted muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.Cardiovascular HealthThe Infrared Therapy increases heart rate and blood circulation, crucial to maintaining one's health. The heart rate increases as more blood flow is diverted from the innerorgans towards the extremities of the skin, without heightening blood pressure.Improved Immune SystemBy creating an “Artificial Fever”, Infrared heat has a positive effect on the immune system. Often misunderstood, fever is a natural healing response of the body. The function ofthe immune system is increased naturally during a fever, while virus and bacterial growth is slowed, weakening its hold. This helps the body ward off invading organisms. AnInfrared heat treatment in the early stages of a cold or flu has been known to stop the disease before the symptoms occur.DetoxificationThe quicker metabolic rate and the improved bloodcirculationcauses extra toxic waste products to be purged from the body through the skin, during perspiration. The skin isoften referred to as the 3rd kidney, because it is believed to be responsible for eliminating 30% of the body's waste.Skin RejuvenationFor that sought after healthy glow, Infrared Sauna heat therapy allows increased blood circulation to carry great amounts of nutrients to the skin, thus promoting healthy toneand texture. A Infrared Sauna heat bath also provides a mild cleansing of the skin.your partner in wellness.....I N F R A R E DS E N S A T I O N

Premiumalpha infrainfrared sensation110x110x196125x110x196180x110x196SensesSenses is a handicraft cabin elaborated and built according to our client's wish. This cabin is the peak of our infrared productsrange and has all possible features included as standard. After you choose the heaters that fit you the best and that accede toall your demands, designing can start! You can design your own outside cabin finishing, the structure of Senses wasconceived in such a way that you can add special oak profiles as many as you want, this way it will fit perfectly your rusticinterior. This makes Senses an original masterpiece in the infrared domain!your partner in wellness..... 24Senses

Premiumalpha infrainfrared sensation110x110x198160x110x198160x160x198IntensA fashionably designed cabin with an exclusive outside finishing with MDF panels of 12 different colours and a printed decorativeimage. The inside finishing of the infrared cabins can be chosen between red cedar, aspen or hemlock. The benches are made ofsoft ayous wood. The colour led lights in the cabin, can be used just for the ambiance or can work as colour therapy. The cabins areavailable with quartz radiators connected to a precision control unit that provide a deep warm penetration. The radiators arefinished with a new aluminium frame with heat-proof protection grids.your partner in wellness..... 26Intens

Premiumalpha infrainfrared sensation150x100x200150x150x200DisclosureDisclosure are finished in Canadian red cedar profiles, inclusively the bench and it is provided with duo heaters, i.e. magnesiumoxide and quartz heaters built in a single case. The dimmable control unit can adjust the intensity of the infrared heating in 4 stages,this way one can modify the output of the infrared emitters and the deepness of the infrared radiation. Moreover, the side walls haveincorporated turnable infrared emitters; hence the user can enjoy the infrared benefits from different positions! These innovationsguarantee an optimal comfort and make the cabin suitable for different users! These models are supplied with an indirect LED lightwith a touch remote control, user-friendly so the user can create an atmosphere according to their own wishes and preferences.The door and the windows are made of translucent glass in order to ensure an intimate pleasant feeling to the user.your partner in wellness..... 28Disclosure

Premium110x100x200alpha infrainfrared sensation130x100x200154x108x200145x145x200166x166x200Chaleur de LuxeWellness is a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being, therefore we have placed aparticular emphasis on the quality of the interior design and we have launched a new range of infrared cabins. This fancy range ofinfrared cabins elevates to the highest standards of style and design and comprises in itself the perfect combination of chic andquality. The clear glass front opens the view of the interior: luxurious bench from obeche wood, internal cladding featuring cedar orhemlock panels, the back wall coated with strips of natural stones. The LED starry sky and the speakers set create a loungeatmosphere where one can unwind and chill out.your partner in wellness..... 30Chaleur de Luxe

Alpha Industries understands the importance of individuality in our modern world. An infrared cabin is a functioning, almost livingcreation. Developing your custom-made infrared cabin is a matter of blending form and function.Our team has worked for many years to satisfy the individual needs of our clients by providing attractive yet durable products. Eachand every person who enjoys unwinding in a wellness enclosure is different. While some people are most concerned with how theenclosure is designed, others are most concerned with the type of infrared wavelength. Ultimately, we can handle just about anyrequest that you may have for creating the custom infrared cabin of your dreams. We offer professional design services to help youdecide upon the optimal layout for your enclosure. There is a perfect Alpha infrared cabin for every room and it can be adjusted forprivate or for commercial use.The customer needs to provide us with his expectations regarding infrared therapy; how many persons will use the infrared sauna,which are the requested features that need to be included in the infrared sauna; which is the budget; a plan or a sketch with sizes &pictures of the room where the infrared sauna is going to be installed.All received data will help us make a proposal with:Sizes & shape of the cabinType of heaters & control unitPositioning of heaters, control unit, door and ventilation.Power connectionOption listAll these characteristics are incorporated into a complete quotation together with a 3D drawing that will be eventually sent to thecustomer for confirmation.After receiving a written confirmation of the drawing and of the proposed price, the IR cabin is installed by a professional team within5 to 8 weeks.your partner in wellness.....I N F R A R E DS E N S A T I O N

your partner in wellness.....

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