August 2006 - Lucas and Korri Celebrate Their Wedding
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August 2006 - Lucas and Korri Celebrate Their Wedding

John Buzzard - NSSCC Member and FriendJohn D. Buzzard, 56, of DeKalb, Ill., died Wednesday, July 19, 2006, in DeKalb.The Downshift - Page Born Dec. 14, 1949, in Peoria, he was the son of Glenn W. and Mildred (Brauer) Buzzard. John was a resident ofDeKalb for more than 16 years and was a member of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in DeKalb. He was active in theauto-racing circuit and was a model train enthusiast.John is survived by two children, John Charles and Alison M. Buzzard, and their mother, Kathryn Jensen, all of NewYork. He also is survived by his father, Glenn Buzzard of Milwaukee, Wis.; two brothers, James A. (Vivian) Buzzardof Ridgefield, Conn., and Scott (Diane) Buzzard of Sycamore; and many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.He was preceded in death by his mother, Mildred.The funeral service was held Saturday, July 22, at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 1915 N. First St., DeKalb, IL 60115,with the Rev. Gary Erickson officiating. Burial was at Elmwood Cemetery in Sycamore. Memorials can be made toBethlehem Lutheran Church of DeKalb or the American Cancer Society, in care of Butala Funeral Home and Crematory,1405 DeKalb Ave., Sycamore, IL 60178.We will remember John for his commitment to motorsports, and his Race Staff support in working the Grid, SoundControl, and other areas for MC events. John also raced a Lola T342 FF in Midwestern Council competition. Johnwas also available to help the NIU FSAE Team with formula car advice and alignment tools in a time of need.To visit the online guest book or leave a condolence, go to: MC Driver School for 2006: September 16th - Register!The final driver’s school of the 2006 season is coming up quickly, and I have only a few entries to date. Please letanyone you know that may be interested in attending the school that they can find the entry under the files section,on MC’s official website:, plus they can also enter via www.myautoevents.comWe will be happy to take drivers wanting a novice sign-off, new students, and track timer’s. New students will obviouslyneed to follow all the timeline requirements regarding joining a club and getting their license applications andmedicals in. Track timer’s need to let me know that they would like to run as a formality.Any questions, comments, please email me ( driving!Nancy HarlanMC School RegistrarMCSCC Provides the Framework for Close Road RacingIn this era of increasing growth and commercialism in auto racing, the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs mightbe considered an anachronism. For years the group has managed to maintain the competitive but friendly club racingatmosphere that most sports car pundits think disappeared in the 50’s. We’ve kept that close-knit family spiritfrom our beginnings at Wilmot, Meadowdale, Lynndale Farms and Wisconsin State Fair Park, and brought it to ourpresent day programs at Blackhawk Farms, Road America, Autobahn Country Club, and GingerMan Raceways.We invite you to join us and enjoy the racing. Nine independent sports car clubs from Illinois and Wisconsin make upthe Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs. For 2006, the group has scheduled 11 weekends of sports car racingevents at Blackhawk Farms Raceway, Rockton Illinois, Road America, Elkhart Lake Wisconsin, Autobahn CountryClub, Joliet Illinois and GingerMan Raceway, South Haven Michigan.Traditional sports car racing has been the mainstay of Midwestern Council since its start. Cars compete in overthirty classes for trophies and season championship points. In addition to its current era wheel-to-wheel racing program,MC has a growing Vintage/Historic following. V/H eligible cars will race separately at all MC events this year,strictly for the fun of a fast drive, a good dice and the momentary victory over a friend next to you on the track.Another very popular part of Midwestern Council is its Open Track Autocross program. These are high speed runsagainst the clock, one car at a time, on the full road courses (no pylons, no chicanes) at Blackhawk Farms. Autobahn(North and South) and GingerMan Raceways.The Midwestern Council is governed by a board made up of representatives of each affiliated club, of which ChicagolandSports Car Club is a long standing member. For more information on how to get involved, check online, or the MC site at: Race Staff help is always needed and appreciated.

The Downshift - Page Czechs Takes an Interest in a Terribly British Weekend(PRWEB) -- It’s a slightly eccentric way of spending a weekend, but the very British concept of banger rallyingseems to have ignited the Czech imagination. A new banger rally, called Czech Wrecks (leaving Britain this September),has really taken off in the former Czechoslovakia, much to the organisers’ surprise.The organisers are StreetSafari LLC., the company behind the infamous Staples2Naples banger rally, a challenging4-day drive down to Italy in cars bought for less than £100 (about $190.00 US). CzechWrecks is a brand new bangerrallying event, ending in Prague and taking place for the first time later this year, and was born out of unprecedenteddemand for the Staples 2 Naples banger rally.Justin Clements of Streetsafari explained, “Staples2Naples has been a huge success, and we have been completelyinundated with enquiries for the past couple of years, with 100 team spaces selling out for the 2006 event injust 4 minutes 27 seconds. So we’ve added another 2 new banger rallies, called Home2Rome and CzechWrecks.What’s been really amazing is just how much excitement CzechWrecks has caused in the former Czechoslovakia.We haven’t promoted the event at all, apart from it having its own website. But already we have a number of Czechteams sign up, and there has even been some coverage in the national press over there. Nothing like this has everhappened for any of the other StreetSafari rallies.”Just like Staples2Naples, CzechWrecks has to be completed in cars bought for less than £100 and takes a challenging4 day route to Prague, via the high passes of the Alps. Over 100 teams are expected to take part this year, andsome places are still available. Participants can sign up online ( and a team place costs about £150.The rally is not a race, but the teams are set fun and interesting challenges each day, with the team accruing themost points at the end being rewarded with £1,000 prize money.Rob Bambridge, of Team Piston Broke who participated in Staples2Naples 2004 and 2005, commented, “Banger rallyingis the best way to spend a long weekend that I can think of. Last year many teams made an effort to paint theircars and the convoy of wacky old bangers arriving in European towns every night really was something to behold.In one Italian town, we even had the mayor turn up to welcome us, and kids were being brought out of their beds tosee the spectacle. That was the day that we all had to dress as Clint Eastwood for the day’s challenge, and I don’tthink the Italians had ever seen anything like it. I’m doing Staples2Naples again this year, but I have to admit thatCzechWrecks looks like an enticing proposition. Prague will be a stunning setting to end a big event like this and itsounds like the locals will give the rally convoy one hell of a reception.”Anyone wanting to sign up for CzechWrecks check online at or visit: Repair Crisis Grows as Service Bays ShrinkWyckoff, NJ -- Although the car and light truck population on U.S. roads soared over 39 million vehicles between1996 and 2006, there were 44,000 fewer service bays to maintain and repair them. The number of vehicles perservice bay in the U.S. soared between 1996 and 2006, creating a service bay crisis, reports Lang Marketing in itsjust-released Aftermarket Annual 2006/2007. The number of cars and light trucks per service bay will approach 200by 2008 forecasts Jim Lang, President, deepening the service bay crisis in the vehicle repair market. Here are someof the details reported in Lang Marketing’s weekly marketletter, Aftermarket Insight.With the number of cars and light trucks on U.S. roads dramatically increasing over the past ten years, one wouldexpect a proportionate expansion in service bay population to accommodate this expanding market. However, theopposite occurred. Dollar volume of products installed by mechanics rocketed more than $18 billion during this period,but the car and light truck service bay count plummeted.There were fewer than 155 light vehicles in the U.S. for every service bay during 1996. However, with nearly one intwenty service bays closing over the next ten years coupled with a 22% unit gain in light vehicles on U.S. roads, theaverage number of cars and light trucks per service bay grew rapidly. In 2000 there were 166 light vehicles in theU.S. for every service bay, with that number jumping to nearly 180 during 2003. At mid-year 2006, there are over 190cars and light trucks for every service bay in the U.S. Lang Marketing’s forecast of nearly 200 vehicles per servicebay by 2008 underscores the growing scope of the service bay crisis.“The growing service bay crisis has significant consequences for vehicle fuel efficiency, highlighted by skyrocketinggas prices, as well as vehicle safety,” said Jim Lang, President of Lang Marketing. “One solution to the growing crisis,”he pointed out, “is improving service bay productivity. Better mechanic training, enhanced tools and equipment,as well as sophisticated diagnostic techniques and shop management software are force multipliers,” said Lang,“which enable service bays and mechanics to handle more vehicles.”“How the aftermarket responds to the growing service bay crisis will play a critical role in determining the future ofthe light vehicle service market in the U.S.,” added Lang. The increasing number of cars and light trucks per servicebay in the U.S. makes it less convenient for Americans to have vehicles serviced and reduces the relative repair capacityof the U.S. vehicle service industry. This growing service bay crisis has implications for vehicle fuel efficiency,underscored by record gas prices, and even vehicle safety. For more:

The Downshift - Page Road America Provides Warm MC Weekend WeatherNorth Suburban Sports Car Club and Madison Sports Car Club assembled a great “Double” WeekendAll RA photos Courtesy - Lynn SerraBruce Weatherston brought the pointier FF“Sponge Bob” Flemming Had a good day in Jack’s Red Lola T540MC President Chuck Cassaro’s S2000 at the frontRay Hoeper and Scott Reif shared Scott’s green ‘76 TigaWe’ll need an update from Alden Wells about this!No shortage of Sun as the Formula Cars line up at the cones.

The Downshift - Page Local Summer Events - Sycamore Steam CompetitionSteam Tractors take a Driver and a Fireman to monitor the gauge The 1955 Caterpillar D2 is still effective in 2006Never too young to drive The convertibles offer little protection from the Sun... and Soot Hardtop in its own shadeThe Fastest 4cyl Production Car On The PlanetBonneville, UT August 16, 2006 -- Jorgen Moller of Salt Lake City, Utah, a “Member of the prestigious Bonneville200 mph Club” set his 5th land speed record this week in a Production Dodge SRT-4 Car. The record was set at221mph average speed for both runs on the five mile course. To achieve a record you must run the same 5-milelong course twice, first you have a qualifying run higher than the current MPH record and then you must make areturn pass and have a speed that when averaged with you first run, exceeds the existing record. On the first passJorgen piloted through with an average of 222.416 mph and then backed it up with a return run of 220.351 mphgiving him the record.” It was a great ride, the car was still pulling hard as I exited the mile with our GPS showing235.86 mph and climbing,” said Moller.About the Car-The Dodge SRT-4 was running the PS/F class (2.1 to 3.0 liter motor --- production Supercharged/Turbo). This class is for vehicles that have not altered the body in anyway other than how it comes from the factory.The powerplant must be of the same configuration as was produced -- Engine size, transmission, driveline,etc, and must run on gas.“It is amazing how well the car performed at over 220mph when you consider that the body, transmission and engineblock is exactly the same as the SRT-4 you see sitting on the dealership showroom floor” said Moller...”You gota hand it to the Dodge engineers for building such a great performance car” he added. The car is a Dodge SRT-4with a 2.4 liter (144 ci) Turbo Charged Motor with the factory 5-speed transmission which produces over 750+ hpon gas.” The 2.4 SRT-4 motor is a fantastic platform to work from, we have been able to create reliable horsepowernever thought possible with 700 to 800 hp that survives the long 5 mile runs at full power and speed on gas!” saidMoller.

The Downshift - Page Chicago Lake Front Hosts Tall Ships at Navy PierJust like the Old Spice Ad, the Tall Ships are very tall, and typically motor out of the harbor on diesel power.The “Pride of Baltimore II” (above) is one of several Tall Ships that makean appearance in Chicago at Navy Pier about every 3 years. There is a$12.00 charge to board the vessels and get up close to all of the controls.Some of the ships are authentically old and restored, and there are a fewthat are more modern with steel hulls, 1000 gallon fuel tanks and state ofthe art diesel power. All are perfectly maintained show pieces.An afternoon at Navy Pier (Grand Avenue and the Lake Front) affordsgood opportunities to take a cruise, have lunch, ride the Ferris Wheel, orjust sit and visit with friends.

The Downshift - Page MIDWESTERN COUNCIL OF SCC BOARDS MEETING MINUTESAugust 10, 2006The meeting was called to order at 8:07 PM at Sam’s Ristorante, Rockford, IL. All officers were present exceptSecretary S. Boldt. Fosbender subbed for her. Clubs were represented as follows: CSCC: Wells, Berg-Wells; FC:0; FTR: S. Green; GLSCC: 0; LSCC: von Kampen, Martin; MSCC: Wood, Jackson; NSSCC: Weis, Dudek; SCSCC:0; SCCR: P. Green, Bautz.The minutes of the July meeting were approved, except that the upcoming stewards’ meeting date shown as August22 should have been July 22. M&2 to accept as corrected, Pass.Treasurer Harlan reported that our financial condition is about as expected for this time of year. She said that thefollowing points are not cause for panic, but should be understood. Membership expenses are currently about$24, exceeding our dues income by about $2 per member. Sanction fee income is down due to reduced entries atevents. Membership income is slowing as the year goes on, as expected. There are some substantial expensesto be expected toward the end of the year, mainly the last driver school and the annual banquet. As an aside, shenoted several clubs have taken baths on races this year, due to weather and other causes. M & 2 to approve thereport, Pass.Old Business: 2007 dates: BFR has not returned Cassaro’s calls about ‘07 dates. He reported SCCR has decidednot to pursue a date at Gateway for next year. Wheeler reported Brainerd has been sold and he expects it will continueto run as in the past. He expects to be contacted to see if MC has any interest in dates there. If any clubs areinterested in Brainerd, contact Wheeler.Liability insurance: Harlan reported FC, FTR and SCSCC still have unpaid portions.Fosbender presented a framed certificate to Council in appreciation for the Meadowdale “Save the Silo” donationapproved by the Board last month.New Business: Cassaro presented a report on 2007 participation for other clubs’ events, based upon their publishedT&S reports. It shows that, relative to SCCA and NASA, MC is doing well. He posits that all of our reducedentries are based upon the competitor pie being cut into more pieces, as well as generally increased costs in a tighteconomy. Wheeler pointed out that NASA does not post T&S results on their HPDE entries because they are nottimed, and that number is substantial, often 100-125 cars per event.Competition Board - Old Business: AX Committee: Google ads have drawn 140 inquiries, 5 registrations for Septemberschool so far. Discussion on school prospects not wanting to pay annual dues for the late school and gettingonly 3-4 month’s services. It was stated that some clubs extend membership into the next year for late joiners andeat the MC portion for the following year.Wheeler suggested that, when TA/AX instructors are not sufficient to cover all the novices at a race event, W2Winstructors and W2W Full Comp, but non-instructor racers be used to help the novices to learn the line during theirpractice. Belling said he agreed with that idea. It was stated that the W2W guys must understand the nuances ofAX competition- yellow line crossing and back gate exiting.The next TA/AX committee meeting (to which all are welcome) will be August 26 at the end of the race day.Stewards Committee: Next meeting is September 15, the evening before the driver school. July 22 meetingbrought forth that a tech committee is working on a written procedure for annual tech. It was also noted that whena racer enters on another sanction’s logbook, we must see that logbook as well as starting a new one for MCSCC.This will be added to future supplementals. Jackson has completed an update of the current standard Supps andwill send it to all clubs.It has been noted that TA/AX racers sometimes do burn-outs in the pit lane to warm tires. This should not be allowedfor potential safety considerations. A suggestion was made that tire spinners be sent back to the end of thestaging line.Discussions were held on the schedules for TA/AX events. Experienced racers want longer practices. But the feelingwas that newbies would be endangered because their stock, un-prepared brakes will not last longer than the3-4 laps currently scheduled.Race staff: No report. The two fire suits approved for purchase have not been received yet.Wheeler has reviewed the “Automobiles - General” and other sections of the GCR and distributed copies of his mildcorrections and clarifications to affected officials for review.continued on page 9

The Downshift - Page MIDWESTERN COUNCIL OF SCC BOARDS MEETING continuedWheeler proposed that, as of 2008, all W2W closed cars have window nets, making it not sufficient for closed cardrivers to wear arm restraints. The necessity for this was questioned.Wheeler presented a clarified and updated version, written by John Boldt, of the licensing procedures for the GCR.M (Bill Snively) & 2 (Martin). Tabled for club input.Steve Belling will take on the job of typing the corrections and updates to the 2007 GCR.New Business: Carl Jensen, Comp Director of SVRA, has members who want to race in the current era sections ofThe Looong Race. He asks that we add SVRA licenses to those recognized for MC current era competition. Wheelerexplained the SVRA licensing procedure and showed that SCCA accepts the license for regionals. He feels thiswould be an acceptable concept. Others supported the idea based on their observation of SVRA events. M (BillSnively) & 2 (McNicol) to accept SVRA licenses for MC current era W2W competition. M (P. Green) & 2 (unclear) towaive tabling. No pass. The motion is tabled for club discussion.Bill Martin asked if Midwestern Council would have any interest in having discussions with VSCDA about possiblysharing a race date at Grattan in August, 2007. Since Grattan does not have any open dates for us and VSCDA hasbeen getting small turnouts for that event (as did MC when we ran there) this seems to be mutually beneficial. Ourdiscussion seemed positive and Martin will follow up.Wheeler asked if the main gate position could be combined with the sound control position. The opinion was thatthis was not practical unless a microphone could be placed near the silo with a readout at the main gate.M&2, P to adjourn at 9:35 PM.Minutes taken and transcribed by Ross Fosbender at the request of Sue Boldt, MC Secretary.Jet-Powered Outhouse to Attempt New World RecordCONCORD, N.C. (Aug. 14, 2006) - Port-O-Jet, theworld’s only jet-powered outhouse, will attempt toestablish a world speed record during the CircleK Monster Truck Bash Saturday night at The DirtTrack at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. One of the mostunique vehicles on four wheels, the standard-sizeportable toilet-which began life as a Country Classicmodel from Wisconsin-based Hampel Corporation-hasbeen fitted with a Boeing jet engine andis capable of straight-line speeds approaching 50mph.With driver Mike Terry, of Bloomington, Ind.,strapped to the “seat,” Port-O-Jet will attemptto break its own world speed record for one laparound a four-tenths-mile clay oval. The machineset the mark in 2002 during its world debut at TheDirt Track, circling the oval at an average speed of34.72 mph.In addition to Port-O-Jet, fans will watch in amazementas Crunch Time, a massive Internationaltruck powered by a 17,000-horsepower WestinghouseJ-34 jet engine, uses its afterburner to turna car and then a school bus into piles of smolderingrubble. Saturday night’s Circle K Monster TruckBash also features eight of the world’s top MonsterTrucks, including Avenger, Brutus, Equalizer and Predator. The trucks will battle in a series of one-on-one eliminationraces over an obstacle course, participate in a Long Jump contest and conclude the car-crushing evening witha radical freestyle competition.The wild-and-wacky CRASHCars will also be in action, competing in a pair of 10-lap heat races and a 20-lap finalebefore hitching to trailers for the Trailer Race of Destruction.Photo by Erik PerelPhoto by Erik Perel

The Downshift - Page 10For Sale and TradeClub Member ads are free and may be submitted viaUS Mail, eMail, or by telephone. Non-member andCommercial ads are $5.00 for 3 months. Contact LarryBest via phone (847-683-9283) or eMail at LJBEST@Foxvalley.Net.For Sale: 79 Mazda RX-7, Original paint, Stored everywinter, 13b-240 HP rotary engine, Updated and rebuilt5 speed tranny, Rikon aluminum rims w/ 9 inch Hoosierslicks. Streetable and wins B-race $4500. ContactRoger at: 920-788-7292For Sale: Very Rare 1955 Mercedes 300SL Shop Manual.This manual probably won’t last forever - it’s yourchance to get this now. Contact Frank Hartl: 847-382-4388.Wanted: Info. I am still in the process of restoring a1969-71 Formula Ford made by BEATTIE, in GreatBritain. Does anyone have any info on this car? I mainlyam in need of original style body work -- especiallya nose. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Contact:Bruce Weatherston 708-957-8322.For Sale: 1988 Porsche Turbo 930 Slant Nose, Black/Black, 53K miles, Excellent condition, New tires, Alloriginal. $38,500. Contact Dan: 269-207-0913For Sale: Formula Ford FF1600, 98 Van Dieman, Topshape, Fresh re-build, National SCCA, Low hours,Many spare parts, Ready to race! $19,500. ContactDan: 269-207-0913For Sale: 1973 Porsche 914 Prod or G.T. - You decidenow. Project car. Engine: 1700cc. Many New Parts,Trans-Axle is a Brad Mayeur rebuild close-ratio box.New 19mm master cylinder, rotors, steel lines, and muchmore. ALL New Suspension bushing and axle bearingsplus springs, torsion bars, 916 front nose. New FenderFlares, PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE. To much to list actually.Finish this car and go racing. Chicago/MadisonDelivery. Call Phil Paradiso today at: 563-557-9431 orsend an email to AJ Paradiso at: Sale: Calling it quits! Selling out all Formula Veeitems. 1 Citation FV, 1 Zink C4 FV Vintage car. 1 EnclosedTrailer, 1 Open trailer. Fresh rebuild, spare motorwith shipping crate. Numerous spares and tools forboth cars. $18,000.00 for everything - OBO. Call BillMilner at 708-768-6063 (Day), or 708-747-1269 (Evening)for more details.For Sale: Factory Repair Manual direct From Trollhottenfor the Saab Model 96, includes standard and 850ccMonteCarlo engine versions. Get to the root cause andfix it right using this manual. Very slightly used, and invery good condition - given its age. Soft cover bindingand ready to ship or deliver. $32.00 Contact: Larry Bestat 847-683-1028.For Sale: Back by popular demand! One set (4) of1994 Ford Mustang alloy wheels. These are the 15” x6” 3 spoke design. Come with matching center capsthat cover the lug nuts. $100.00 OBO. If you are interestedin a set of these wheels, contact Larry Best at847-683-1028.Available Still: Tommy Fennell’s Second Edition of theclassic story of his life, motorsports career, and passion.“From A Dirt Floor Garage In Ireland To An AmericanRetirement” is required reading. This book is availablenow at many of the usual book sellers, Irish Goods stores(Woodfield Mall), and other online outlets. If you racedwith Tommy, get this book and catch up on what was goingon behind the scenes.For Sale: Check with Prix Parts for NOS parts used on60’s and 70’s imported cars.- Brake Rotors, pad & shoe sets- Clutch - pressure plates, disk plates & bearings- Engine bearings, pistons, valves, etc.- Filters, Air, Fuel, Oil- Hydraulics - Brake & Clutch- Water PumpsRebuilding Service for:- Carburetors- Cooling Fan Motors- Ignition Distributors- Generators & Starters- Wiper motorsSale Specials:- Isky Cam Kit for Porsche 914 / 1.8L NEW $250.00- Porsche 911 Alternator (78-83) 75 Amp NEW OE $350.00- Porsche 928 Alternator (77-P) 90 Amp NEW OE $350.00- Porsche 914 / 1.8L SS Header kit USED $350.00Prix Parts, PO Box 39, Wasco, IL. 60183 Phone Ron at630-377-3033 or on the web: 1974 MG Midget / Sprite / Spridget. Send photos,history, details, mileage, good points, bad points, listof spares, etc. to:Ken Rochocki3305 Trebes DriveHarvard, IL 60033There is a Habitat ReStore in Elgin that has many of thehome improvement/remodeling items that you need ata fraction of the cost you might pay at a home improvementspecialty store. Materials are donated to Habitat byBuilders and Suppliers and then sold at the ReStore.Recent purchases include 17x17 industrial grade vinylfloor tile for $0.50 a sheet. A new Kohler cast iron sinkfor $30.00. There are new and used items and a widevariety of doors and windows to fit just about any need.The Elgin store (860 N. State Street - Route 31, near BigTimber) is open on Wednesday through Saturday and isstaffed by volunteers that will help you select and loadmerchandise. Other Illinois stores are in Gurnee, Peoriaand LaSalle. There are 2 stores in Madison Wisconsin.If you plan to build something soon - check it out. Moreinfo on the web at - ed.

The Downshift - Page 11Chicagoland Sports Car Club1958 – 2006 48 Years of Service to the Motorsports Community006 Membership Application or RenewalMembership Information (CSCC & Midwestern Council) Fee: $35.00Name: _________________________________________Address: _______________________________________City: __________________________________________State: _____ Zip: ____________-______Telephone: _______ - _______ - ________________ (Home)Telephone: _______ - _______ - ________________ (Work)Telephone: _______ - _______ - ________________ (Cell)Email ID: _____________________________________Racing Interest & SpecialtyDriving – Autocross or Wheel to Wheel: _________________________________Racing Car and Class: _______________________________________________Race Staff Specialty: ________________________________________________Special Events Planning: _____________________________________________Year You First Joined Chicagoland Sports Car Club: _______________________2006 Membership Fee Payment Methods$35.00 Total for both 2006 CSCC and MC membership Enclosed: ________________Make Checks Payable to: Chicagoland Sports Car ClubMail to: Chicagoland Sports Car Club Membership200 Gromer RoadElgin, IL 60120Use PayPal? Send in this Form and PayPal your Membership Dues to: LJBEST@Foxvalley.NetCSCC Members receive the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs monthly “Klaxon” Newsletter and the ChicagolandSports Car Club’s “The Downshift” newsletter. Through this CSCC Membership, applicants are granted annualmembership in both organizations.

The DownshiftAugust, 2006Chicagoland Sports Car Club203 Jake LaneHampshire, IL 60140First Class MailChicagoland Sports Car Club is aProud member of the MidwesternCouncil of Sports Car Clubs that wasfounded in 1958.Chicagoland Sports Car Club: Next Meeting on August 23, 2006The August 2006 BOD/General Membershipmeeting will be held Wednesday,August 23rd, 2006 at John’s Pizzain Addison, Il. The BOD Meetingstart time is officially 7:30 PM.The BOD will meet to review the ClubBusiness agenda, with the GeneralMembership meeting following immediatelyafterward at 8:00 PM. Planto come early and enjoy a snack withsome of your Club members.John’s Pizza is located at 100 EastLake Street in Addison, IL betweenRt. 83 and Addison Road. An easyroute is to exit I-90 at Rt. 83 (Southbound),proceeding South toward theLake Street Exit (Route 20). ProceedWestbound on Lake Street approximatelyone mile. John’s Pizza is locatedon the North side of the street.We will review the plans and staffingfor the ‘06 “That Loooong Race” andask Alden how the hand is doing.Right - Not exactly Motorsports as we know it, but it has a motor and it’sfun on a large scale. The Illinois Railway Musueum in Union Illinois (nearMarengo) appeals to the railroad enthusiast and has a large number of workingexamples that you can take a ride on. Managed by volunteer staff, theIRM is a great place to spend an afternoon and get in touch with the greatiron horse. More info and event schedule at

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