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Mechanical & Electro-Mechanical Product Solutions Mechanical ...


Mechanical &


Product Solutions


Danaher Motion’s wide range of motion control systems and components

offer customers an unprecedented choice in selecting the right

solution to match their particular application requirements. Our product

innovations have been improving the efficiency and productivity of

complex manufacturing operations for over 60 years through trusted

brand names such as Dover, Kollmorgen, Pacific Scientific, Portescap and

Thomson in industries as diverse as semiconductor, aerospace and

defense, mobile-off-highway, packaging, medical and robotics.

In addition, Danaher Motion, through Motion Engineering (MEI), offers

powerful integrated motion control solutions with its industry-leading,

multi-axis motion platforms and SynqNet“communications network

for ultra-reliable machine performance. From software and controller,

through the communications network to drives and I/O devices, to

mechanical and electro-mechanical products, Danaher Motion

differentiates itself in the marketplace by designing standard and custom

solutions to satisfy the most demanding application requirements.

Our growing family of leading motion control products and application

expertise tells only half the story. With a worldwide service and support

infrastructure, our field service engineers and support teams are available

to assist whenever they are needed. It is part of Danaher Corporation’s

unrelenting focus on its customer. That’s why more and more design

engineers are turning to Danaher Motion to meet their motion control



Ball Screws

Lead Screws

Linear Actuators

Rodless Actuators

Positioning Slides

Linear Bearings

60 Case Shafting

Profile Rail

Precision Balls


Friction Brakes & Clutches

Wrap Spring Brakes & Clutches

AC & DC Variable Speed Drives

Step Motors & Controls


We offer the most complete line of industrial ball screws in the business.

Our standard products range from high precision assemblies for positioning

applications to standard precision assemblies for transport applications.

Our custom capabilities range from hollow ball screws for lightweight

applications to telescoping ball screws for small envelope applications.

We are also the technology leaders in aerospace ball screw applications

serving commercial and government aircraft, air, land and sea defense

systems, and airline repair facilities.

• Metric and Inch diameters and leads

• Clean and efficient (>90%)

• 0.004 - 0.0002"/ft. accuracy range

• 23µm - 12µm/300mm accuracy range


The “just right” solution for many linear positioning applications, our

lead screws are available in standard and precision grades to meet your

requirements. Patented zero-backlash nut technology provides excellent

repeatability with high stiffness and extremely low drag torque.

• Polymer anti-backlash nut technology

• Precision stainless steel screws (0.003 in/ft)

• Diameters from 3/16" to 3"

• Leads from 0.012" to 2.0"

• Load ratings from 5 to 500 lbs (polymer nuts)

• Custom capabilities

From standard products to “white paper” designs, Danaher Motion has the expertise and manufacturing capabilities to customize any

of the four classes of Thomson actuators. Our engineered, custom-designs for proprietary equipment set us apart in the industry.


Rodless actuators are the best choice for

material handling and other factory

automation applications that require

high speed and/or long stroke

capabilities. Modular, selfcontained

and selfsupporting,

they are

easily assembled into

X-Y and gantry

configurations. Numerous

combinations of linear actuator,

motor, and control are available to

enhance the versatility of these actuators.

• Designed for packaging, assembly and

material handling applications

• Ball screw or belt driven with prism or ball

guide linear bearing

• Speeds to more than 16 ft./sec.

• Loads from 80 to 12,500 lbs.

• Strokes from 2 to 22 feet

• Available with stepper, servo, AC or DC

motor and control packages

• Complete turnkey systems available



Our industrial linear actuators are

designed for rugged, reliable linear

motion applications. Numerous choices

in stroke, load, motor type, feedback,

limits, and control options make these

linear actuators very versatile.

• Strokes from

1 - 48 inches

• Loads from

25 - 2000 lbs.

• Speeds from .2 to 2 IPS

• Available with overload clutches, limit switches, feedback

• Voltages - 12, 24, 36 vdc, 90vdc, 120, 240 vac

• More power in a smaller envelope

• Outdoor and indoor applications

• Holds load with power off


The compact design and higher load capacities of our precision linear

actuators make them ideal for flexible integration in tight areas. These

programmable precision linear actuators are available in a wide range

of voltage, thrust, stroke and mounting configurations.

• Designed for high speed, high load, continuous operation applications

• Stroke from 16 to 79 inches

• Loads from 600 to 8810 lbs.

• Speeds from 30 to 79 IPS

• Flexible design parameters

• Compact design for small envelope

• Available with stepper, servo, or

DC motor

• Controls are for all units

• Complete turnkey systems



Our positioning slides can be used virtually anywhere. They can support

and move a range of loads and provide high

precision and tight tolerances.

• Pre-engineered, pre-assembled, ready to install

• Load bearing support with either RoundRail or ProfileRail linear guides

• Actuation with either ball screw, lead screw or belt drive

• Support 2D or 3D move profiles with multi-axis configurations

• Loads from 5 lbs to over 5000 lbs

• Speeds up to 10 ft/sec

• Both inch and

metric dimensions

• Available with

stepper or servo motor

and control packages

• Complete turnkey

systems available


Our linear products provide low friction, smooth, accurate, straight-line

motion. By offering the widest range of bearings and accessories, we

easily satisfy the widest range of requirements with the best performing

product for the application.


• Most extensive product

offering in the industry

• Diameters from 1/8 inch to

4 inches or 5mm to 40mm

• Cutting-edge segmented


• Over 50 years of product

innovation and unparalleled service


• Designed and manufactured

to exacting specifications

• Available in a number of

proprietary materials

and coatings

• Diameters from 3/16 inch to

4 inches and 5 mm to 80 mm

• Lengths to 25 feet

• Custom machining capabilities –

drive shafts, spindles, guide rods, rolls, etc.


With our


profile rail linear

guides, ranging from

the ultra-lightweight

T-Series (Transport Profile

Rail) and compact stainless

steel MicroGuide to the

ultra-rigid 500 Series Roller (machine tool grade), we are a "one-stop

shop" for all your profile rail needs.

• Sizes ranging from 5mm to 65mm

• Load capacities up to 530000 N


We offer planetary gearheads as

ideal complements to our

miniature, servo and step

motors. Our gearheads

provide an economical

solution for higher torque,

smaller space requirements,

or load-to-motor inertia matching


• UltraTRUE Helical Planetary

Gearheads, smoothest

operating on the market

• DuraTRUE Planetary Gearheads, ideal alternative to hybrid

parallel-shaft spur gearheads

• NemaTRUE Planetary Gearheads, optional front faces

• EQ Series True Planetary Gearheads, swing-link technology

• PowerTRUE Planetary Gearheads, unique tooth design

• EverTRUE continuous duty, higher speeds and lower temperatures


Our friction brakes and clutches are available for a wide range of

applications from office automation equipment to automotive actuators

to integrated servo motor brakes. Power-on and power-off models are

offered in a variety of mechanical and electrical configurations.

Economical, high volume custom versions are also available.


• Servo brakes for high performance servo and

step applications

• Miniature clutches and brakes for office and

commercial applications


Our wrap spring clutches and brakes are the easy,

efficient way to achieve overrunning, start-stop,

and single revolution motions in hundreds of

automation applications. We offer mechanical

wrap spring clutches, solenoid actuated clutches

and clutch/brake units in hundreds of

combinations of size and torque ratings.

• CB clutch/brake packages for rapid cycling and accurate positioning

• SAC solenoid actuated clutches for single and multi-stop per revolution

• PSI basic wrap spring clutches for overrunning and start-stop tasks


Our precision balls offer sphericity within 5 millionths of an inch, 100%

quality inspection and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards

of the American Bearing Manufacturing Association. We offer distinctly

shaped balls, drilled balls, coated balls, hollow balls, silicon nitride balls

and much more. Standard product size range of .0005 to 1 inch.

• Most complete variety of balls,

materials and technologies

• Over 27 high performance


• Ceramic, hollow and specialty balls

• ISO 9002 registered

• QS-9000 certified

• A2LA accredited metrology lab


Non-Regenerative Drives

Suitable for up to

5 HP DC motors

Fully Regenerative Drives

Suitable for DC motors

up to 5 HP

Fully Regenerative/


Digital Drives

Suitable for DC

motors up to 500 HP

Flux Vector AC Drives

Suitable for AC

motors up to 350 HP

High Performance

AC Flux Vector/Servo Drive

Suitable for AC motors up to 350 HP

Full range of AC and DC motors available.


• Programmable motion controller

• Programmable logic controller (PLC)

• Slo-Syn AC Synchronous Motors

- Standard

• Slo-Syn Stepper Motors

- High Torque

- Washdown - High Torque - Standard


The services offered by Danaher Motion include a full range of

custom-engineered systems, designed and manufactured to meet

the most stringent motion control requirements. With unparalleled

engineering capabilities, we can provide the best systems

solutions for managing and controlling virtually any motion

process. We offer:

• Complete turn-key solutions

• Single sourcing to simplify procurement

• Precision engineered components

• Seamless integration of the latest technology

• Highest quality manufacturing standards

• UL‚ recognition

• Post project support services

DANAHER MOTION is a trademark.

Danaher Motion makes every attempt to ensure accuracy and reliability of the specifications in this publication. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Danaher Motion provides this information "AS IS"

and disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. It is the responsibility of the product user to determine the

suitability of this product for a specific application.

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