you need to know about 20th Century music
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you need to know about 20th Century music

20 th Century MusicYear 6

DatesThe 20th Century era in music wasfrom 1900 to the year 2000.

General DescriptionLots of extra instruments were added to theorchestra. New inventions increased thesize of the space needed for an orchestra.New instruments include the piccolo (tinyflute), Cor Anglais (a bigger oboe), bassclarinet and saxophones were sometimesused.

Composers• John Cage (American)• Igor Stravinsky (Russian)• Benjamin Britten (English)

Types of Music• Song cycles – long vocal pieces accompaniedby a piano• Music for film – as theme tunes and music toadd to dramatic moments in films• Nationalism – pieces in the style of a particularcountry• Experimental music – using unusual soundsand weird effects• Pop music – chart music and recorded musicfor sale

Is there any other information Ineed to know?• Some 20th century music is written down asgraphics instead of musical notation.• Lots of styles exist now: Jazz, Country andWestern, R&B, Garage, Hip Hop, Latin are just afew……..• Lots of music has been influenced by music fromforeign countries.• Music today is recorded and the music industrymakes millions of pounds in sales every year.

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