Aug-Sep-Oct 1967 - Navy League of Australia
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Aug-Sep-Oct 1967 - Navy League of Australia

THENAVYThe magazine of the Navy League of Australia(Beg.stered in Austrolio for tronsmission by post o» o Periodical)V o L 29AUGUST^EPTEMBER-OCrOBER; 1967CONTENTSP °« #H.M.A.S. Albatross, Naval Air T. B . _Station, Nowro 7Nautical Notes from All CompassTh *ACanod,onSurveyNavyToday-poJnH 13 Navy League (N.S.W. Division)—....... ... ~ „„ Annual Report 65H M.A.S. Watson—Open Day 29Navy League (Queensland Division) Periscope on Australia 69—Annual Report 35 , _The Royal Netherlands Navy — ANavy Week in Australia— Review 79Programme of Events in AllStates 42 Sea Cadet Corps News 96Plus sundry stories and photographsThe views expressed in articles appearing in this publication are those of the authors concernedThey do not necessarily represent the views of the editor, the Navy League, or officialopinions or policyPageTwo of the R.A.N. Minesweepers pottered by Napier Del tic Engines. Phot Pgr,i phi by tourtety ••/ the Sydney Morning Herald.Napier Deltic Enginesin service with fourteenof the World's Navies.Over 600 Deltic engines are in operation in variousparts of the World including locomotives of BritishRailways and a mobile fire fighting unit in New York.In Australia six R A N. TON class minesweeperspowered by Napier Deltic Engines which are alsofitted to A N.L.'s roll-on roll-off ferry "Bass Trader".ENGLISH ELECTRICTHE ENGLISH ELECTRIC COMPANY OF AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.Brisbane - Sydney • Newcastle • Melbourne • Hobart • Adelaide - Perthare"Nasty" class Patrol Boats of the RoyalNorwegian Nary powered by Napier DelticEngines.Published by the Navy League of Australia, 66 Clarence Street, Sydney, N.S.W., 2000; Tel.: 29-6531Postal Address: Box 1719, G P.O.. Sydney, N.S.W.. 2001EDITOR: Dennis P. TrickeM, Esq., Box CI 78, Clarence Street Post Office. Sydney, N S.W., 2000,Australia.ADVERTISING AND PUBLICATION: PERCIVAL PUBLISHING CO. PTY. LTD.SYDNEY MELBOURNE ADELAIDE BRISBANE PERTH HOBART108 Henderson Rd. 17 Elizabeth St 17 Currie St. 546 Queen St. 63 St. George 1 Tee 152 Collins St.Alexandria. 2015 Melbourne. 3000 Adelaide. 5000 Brisbane. 4000 Perth 6000 Hobart. 7000Phcne 69-6231 Phone: 62-6411 Phone: 51-6225 Phone: 31-2531 Phone: 23-2031 Phone 23-732PATiON: The Governor-Genercl. HisFEDERAL COUNCIL•resident: Rear Admiral H. A. Showers.C.B.E.Deputy-President: L eut Cdr. J. B Howse,V.RD.. R A.N.V.R.Secretary: It Cmdr. A. A. Andrews. M B E..R.A.N (Ret d). 28 Royal Street. Chatswood.N S W . 2067.THE NAVY LEAGUE OF AUSTRALIAncy the Right Honourable lord Casey. P.C..G.C.M.G., C.H.. D.S.O.. MC . K.St.J.Secretary: Miss E. C. Shorrocks. 528 CollinsStreet, Melbourne. 3000.Queensland DivisionPatron: His Excellency, The Governor ofQueensland.Chairman: Cdr. N S. Pixley, M.B.E., V.R.D..R A.N R. (Retd.lHen. Secretory: G B. O'Neill. Esq. Box376E, G.P.O.. Brisbane. 4001.Australian Capital Territory DivisionChairman: Lieut. Cdr. J. B. Howse. V.R DR A.N.V.R.Hen. Secretary: Lieut. Cdr. D. M. Blake.R.A.N.V.R.. 60 Limestone AvenueAinslie. 2602.Mew South Wales DivisionPatron: His Excellency, the Governor of NewSouth Wales.Chairman: Rear Admiral H. A. Showers.C BESecretary: Lieut Cmdr A. A. Andrews.M.B.E.. RAN. IRrtd), 28 Royal Street.Chotiwaod. Svdney. 2067.Victorian DivisionNorthern Territory DivisionPatron: His Honour the AdministratorPot on: His Excellency,' The Governor of Chairman: Lieut. Cdr. J. J. Ravenscroft.Victoria.V.RD.. R.A.N.V.R.Chairman: Rendoll H Collins. Esq.Hen. Secretary; Mrs V. M Slide c/-H M.A.S. "Melville' . Darwin. 5790Representor vet of the Naval toordD-rector of Naval Reserves. Capta.nN. A Boase R ' N1 Lieut. Cdr E DSondbero. R.A.N.Novy League:Rear Admiral H. A. Showers. C.B E.;AUSTRALIAN SEA CADET COUNCILLieut Cdr. J. B Howse. V.t.DR.A.N.V.R.A Representative from each Navy LeagueD vision, also—South Australian DivisionPatron: His Excellency. The Governor ofSouth Australia.Chairman: F. M. Dunn. EsqHe« Secretary: R R Sutton. Esq . 30 PirieStreet. Adelaide. 50CQTosmanionDivisionPotro^Vice Admiral Sir Guy Wyott. K.B.E..Hen Secretary: lieut.Cmdr J. C. Mahon7005 N '*" " ° UOm S " e " Sondv Bov -Western Australian DivisionPotran: His Excellency. The Governor ofWestern AustraliaChairman.- Roland Smith. EsqHon. Secretary, R A Hannah. Esq. 182Coode Street Como, 6152.S.C. Cdr. L. | ForsytheU**- Cdr. F. G Evans. M.B.E..V.R.D.. R.A.N.V.R.^ITTTCmdfi-M.B.E.. R.A.N,A. A(fet'd).Andrews.August-September-October, 1967 mE NAVYPo»e One

Green Island^YjeAdacfe f r o m ...^Jlie l^jiniiter for the ^javyLITTLE OVER AN HOUR FROM CAIRNS, N.Q.Jke 7opon The (jreat Ramet faeff• Excellent AccommodationModerate Tariff• Fully Licensed• Attractions Galore• Swimming in CrystalClear Water• For The Holiday ofA LifetimeThe Hon.DON CHIPPMP.Navy Day is an appropriate time to reviewwhat is happening in the Royal Australian Navytoday.In the past 12 months. Australia's fightingships and their men have ably displayed theirprofessionalism in combat operations.The guided missile destroyer H.M.A.S.HOBART. which has been attached to the U.S.Seventh Fleet, has been highly praised by theAmericans for her high performance in Vietnamesewaters. Her destruction of shore installations.trucks, small craft and other supportequipment has effectively disrupted the VietCong's flow of supplies.HOBART spent six months with the SeventhFleet and she has now been relieved by hersister-ship H.M.A.S. PERTH. A Navy clearancediving team and R.A.N, helicopter crews arealso contributing to the allied effort in Vietnam.capable of reacting immediately to any threat inAustralia's area of strategic interest.Recently, Australia's first submarine for 36years. H.M.A.S. OXLEY. joined the fleet andthree more sister-boats are under construction.The first of 20 new 100ft. patrol boats havebeen launched and before the end of the yearthe flagship H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE will pickup her new Grumman Tracker anti-submarineand Douglas Skyhawk fighter-bomber aircraftfrom the U.S.The third guided missile destroyer H.M.A.S.BRISBANE is expected to be delivered by theend of 1967 and the Australian-designed andbuilt destroyer tender H.M.A.S. STALWARTwill be commission later this year. The two newType 12 escort ships H.M.A.S. TORRENS andH.M.A.S. SWAN are due for completion in1S>69.• Booking Any RecognisedTravel Agent . ^The Navy performance in Vietnam is significantin that it highlights the state of readinessand capabilities of our ships and men.The Navy is becoming increasingly effective,too, with the delivery of new ships and equipment.The R.A.N. has developed and is continuingto develop along lines which make itBooking the growth in ships and equipmentis the increase in manpower. There are nowmore than 16.000 men in the Permanent NavalForces and the number is growing.The Navy's role in the defence of Australia isa vital one and the R.AN. is capable of fulfillingits obligations in the world of today.Pog» TwoTHE NAWAuguit-Septembor-October, 1947Augutt-September-Octobor, 1967 THE NAVY Po|i Thrw

• • •A Message from theFirst Naval Member andChief of Naval StaffUice -s^dmirafSir Alan McNicollK.B.E., C.B., G.M.• • •When this issue of "The Navy" Magazinecomes to you H.M.A.S. HOBART will havereturned from an arduous tour of duty off thecoast of Vietnam; H.M.A.S. PERTH is nowserving in her place. Until ships and the officersand sailors who man them engage in active dutyone can never be sure that their equipment andtraining have been correctly selected — "theproof of ihe pudding is in the eating".1 am glad to be able to report to you that ourships and men have given a very good accountof themselves and have recorded very commendatoryreports from the United States Navy.Australia should salute their efforts.Within the limits of our resources the Navyis ready for whatever duty the Government andpeople of Australia ask of it.Wishing Ihe Navy every success from Ihe famous .ROCK & ROLL HOTELW.NNorlh. South, East or West — The Rock and Roll is Still the BestALL NAVAL PERSONNEL WELCOME2 Bourke Street, East SydneyPHONE 31-3928Auguftt-S«pt*mb«r-Octofo,r, 1967TWf NAVY

In the world oflifting and hoistingFAVCO IsalmosteverywhereThe Royal Australian Naval AirStation, Nowra, New South WalesH.M.A.S. ALBATROSS, the Royal Australian Naval Air Station at Nowra,will be open to the public on Sunday, 8th October, when the Royal Australianwill hold an Air Display and large Static Display of supporting facilities.The name "Albatross" has beenassociated with the Royal AustralianNavy Air Arm from very early inthe life of the Service, in 1922, theAustralian Government approvedthe purchase of a Sea Plane Carrierto be built at Cockatoo IslandDockyard. This vessel was the first"Albatross".The ship was commissioned in1929 and a number of Naval Officerswere trained as pilots andobservers. Together with someR.A.A.F. pilots, they formed thefirst Naval Air Squadron of Fairey3D aircraft. Her commissioned lifewas, however, short lived, and afterfour years "Albatross" paid off intoreserve. During her commission.H.M.A.S. "Albatross" carried nineSEAGULL V aircraft which weremaintained by R.A.A.F. personnel A Vampire jet training aircraft.N.S.W.,NavyLook up and you'll sea giant Favco Tower Cranesworking on skyscrapers and helping to re-shapeour cities into new and dramatic forms. Then thereare Favco Deck and Wharf Cranes to facilitate theefficient handling of cargo in ports around Australia.Here you will see Favco totally enclosed DeckCranes, Hydraulic Winches, Guyed Derricks andsoon Favco's latest — the Universal Wharf Cranewith in-built automatic latching specially Resignedto meet the needs of container handling fn thefuture.Favco is a name you see almost everywhere wherethere is a lifting or hoisting job to be done. And allFavco equipment has been designed, developedand made in Australia to suit Australian conditionsand rigid safety standards. If there is a hoisting jobto be done that requires equipment that has speed,economy of operation, capacity, control andstability —Contact:- i .J VFAVEUE INDUSTRIES PTY. LTD.300-310 Botany Road, Alexandria. Phone 69-6651A Wessex Mk 31A helicopter conducting a rescue operationTho Royal Australian Navy hat 27 Wessex Mk 31», powered by tho1,600 s.h.p. Rolls-Royce/Napier Gazelle N.Ga.13 Mk 162 power plant, usedprimarily for the anti-submarine warfare role.These British helicopters have a maximum speed of 132 m.p.h. and arange of 311 miles. They are fitted wHh "Dipping Sonar" and may carryvarious offensive loods, including ASMs, rocket launchers and torpodoes.August-September-October, 1967and flown by a mixture of Navaland R.A.A.F. aircrew.In the years that followed a verysmall nucleus of Fleet Air Armaircraft (SEAGULLS and WALRUS)were flying from our cruisers buteven this practice was dropped inthelatter days of the Second WorldWar.H.M.A.S. "Albatross" was recommissionedin 1938 solely for thepurpose of transfer to the RoyalNavy as part payment for three sixinch gun cruisers, "Perth", "Hobart""and "Sydney".After the war, H.M.S. "Albatross"was sold to a Greek shipping lineand once more returned to Australia,as the "Hellenic Prince",carrying migrants from Europe.In 1948, when the Royal AustralianNavy revived the Fleet AirArm, "Albatross" was the nameaptly chosen for the Naval AirStation at Nowra on the N.S.W.south coast. The airfield, with it*satellite at Jervis Bay, was built forthe Royal Australian Air Force duringWorld War II. In 1944 it wasI

10 new get-away-trom-it-all P&O holidaysWve chartered theSouth Pacific for yourSummer HolidaysBuilt In the U.S.A., the Bell Iroquois helictoper is powered by one GeneralElectric TS8-GE-3 turbo-shaft rated at 1,272 s.h.p.. and hat a maximum speedof 138 m.p.h.added to the establishment. Trainingcommenced in January, 1963,and in July of that year the firstWessex anti-submarine squadron wascommissioned.Two Scout Helicopters, for usewith ihe R.A.N.'s new survey ship,H.M.A.S. "Moresby", were introducedin 1963 and Iroquois helicoptersreplaced the Sycamore.The Australian Fleet Air Arm hashad some changes of policy in recentyears through revision of Governmentdefence decisions. In 1959an announcement was made to theeffect that the Fleet Air Arm wouldcease to function in 1963. In 1961this was amended to allow helicoptersto continue in their anti-submarinerole. In 1963 a furtheramendment to policy madr provisionfor continuation of the presentfixed wing aircraft operation until1967. 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Faresfrom: First Class. $296: Tourist C'»*». S2IS.transferred to the Royal Navy forFleet Air Arm training and as ashore base for Carrier Air Groupsof the British Pacific Fleet.After the war, the Air Station wasleft in a care and maintenance conditionuntil 1947 when renovationstarted for the intended re-commissioningin 1948.The arrival of the 20th CarrierAir Group with Hawker Sea Furiesand Fairey Fireflies in April 1949.gave H.M.A.S. "Albatross" itsraison d'etre. Since then flying activitiesand its numerous supportingactivities have continued to be themain reason for its existence."Albatross" has had a variety ofaircraft to fulfill the many requirementsof training aircrew for theirpart in Front Line Squadrons. In1953 the Sycamore Helicopterarrived for Search and Rescue duties.Wirraway, Firefly trainers, Dakotaand Vampire jet aircraft wereused for fixed wing training.In 1955 Gannets and Sea Venomjet fighters arrived from the UnitedKingdom in the Royal AustralianNavy's new aircraft carrier,H.M.A.S. "Melbourne", to take overthe role of anti-submarine reconnaissanceand Fleet fighter protection.Late in 1962 the first Wessexanti-submarine helicopters wereA GRUMMAN S-2E TRACKERThese aircraft will |oin H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE early in 1968.A four - seater Shipboard Anti-submarine Aircraft, the American - builtGrumman S-2E Tracker is powered by two Wright R-1820-82WA nine-cylinderradial engines, each rated at 1,525 h.p.The Tracker has a service ceiling of 22,000 ft., economical cruising speedof 166 m.p.h. at 5,000 ft. and maximum speed of 280 m.p.h. at sea level.Maximum range is 1,352 miles, the Internal fuel capadty being 3,762 imp. gals.Empty, the aircraft weighs 18,315, the maximum looded weight being26,147 lbs.Armament (internal) consists of two electric acoustic homing torpedoes,two Mk. 101 tt< bomb,. or four 315 lb. doplti thorj... trt.mol on—nonlcon,lit. of ,l« S In. HVARt. Ztinl rodiot, or 150 lb. bomb..THo S 2E ho. AOA-3 Josobol paifJv. Iong.ranacow«Mc l.nnli .^olpw.nland It. aitoclatod Julio actlvo ocho ranging oqulpmont.Dlmomlon. of tfio Grumman S-21 Tracfcor:Span: 71 f». 7 In.UngHv 43 fl. t In.Hol,ht: 16 fl. It In.Win, Arao: 499 >. fl.Twenty Trackeri hove bean ordered for tba R.A.N, and ore schodafod(n, J-1' I • |LI, . - -twi ovinrvry larar mis yvvr.Eight THE NAVY Awg*«t-S«ptomber-Octobor, 1967Augult-Soptombat'Octobor. 1947 THI NAVY P*«o Mas

Consolidated TransportPty. Ltd.another generation of Naval aircraftand so, with the expectation of assuredfixed wing aircraft for sometime hence, the Fleet Air Arm withTracker anti-submarine and Sky hawkfighters looks forward to a verybright future in the Royal AustralianNavy.1967 is the twelfth anniversaryof the Fairey Gannet's service withthe Royal Australian Navy FleetAir Arm. The aircraft will take partin the Air Display on Sunday, 8thOctober after which time it is tobe phased out of service and replacedby the Grumman Tracker.The Sea Venom jet fighter is alsoto be replaced in squadron serviceby the Douglas A4G Skyhawkfighter.The Open Day programme willcommence at 12 noon when theAir Station will be opened to thepublic. Static Displays of equipmentcurrently in use in the RoyalAustralian Navy, such as SafetyEquipment, Aircraft Aaiament,Pilotless Target Aircraft, JindivikJet Target Aircraft, Fire Fightingdemonstration and other supportingservices.At 4.30 p.m., H.M.A.S. "Albatross"Guard and Band will "BEATTHE RETREAT' (Sunset Ceremony)to conclude the afternoon'sprogramme.MONTPELIER ROAD, BOWEN HILLS, QLD.Phone 5 3381AlsoCONSOLIDATED TRANSPORT PTY. LTD.Formerly Trading asCRISP TRANSPORT COMPANYRailway Street, StanthorpePhone 283 33. P.O. Box 157WHITE'S TRANSPORT COMPANYWillow Street, KillarneyPhone 52, 72. P.O. Box 100MAC'S TRANSPORT COMPANYFitzroy Street, WarwickPhone 1677 —After Hours 1666Photographed on the flight ramp at the Douglas Aircraft Company, Santa Monica, California, or* two of tho I.A N.'i nowSkyhawk flghter-bombers. The aircraft on the loft is an A-4G, single-seat, let-powered combat aircraft. The machineon the right is a TA-4G, two-seater training version of tho A-4G. The R.A.N, has purchased eight A-4Gs and two TA-4Gs.AT r o w *SIRVICIEnjoy . . .THE HOSPITALITY AND CIVILITY EXTENDED TO ALLNAVY PERSONNEL AT THEMorris Street, Williamstown, Vic."A NAVY LANDMARK FROM WAY BACK-PHONE 15-53*7*Pag* Tan THE NAVY August-September-October,Augv«t-S*pt*mb«r-Octob*r, 1967 THE NAVY Pq. I n ,

Nautical Notes from All CompassBy SONARiWhYou see, we're selling power, not parts. That's whywe lopped all the fat off our engines. To give youless. Less engine weight, fewer parts and half asmany strokes per power cycle.The more comes later. Like when your engineskick over and you head out for open water. Lessengine weight means greater fuel capacity. Fewerparts, less maintenance. No wasted pistonstrokes, more responsive power. Andthat's the Detroit Diesel story. Power. ^QETROITPure and simple.3dhis cruiser with 8 pair of Detroit Diesels. He notonly increased cruising speed, but saved almost$5.00 an hour on fuel. He's getting less . . . lesscost. And in Brisbane, a yachtsman operated hisboat for three years without anyone looking at theengines. He's getting less ... less grief.There's more and Clae Engine are ready to tell youabout It. Contact Authorised GM Detroit DieselDistributor:CLAE ENGINEPTY. LTD.n K«kL~ Inimt «.$.w. turn-, n-au.Lncid »•«.. Utta '»» U-4IH.Auguit-S^rtwabOT-Octobar, 1967BRAZILNaval RocketShips of the Brazilian Navy MarineCorps are being fitted withR-115 solid-propellant bombardmentrockets (photos) developed by Companhiade Explosivos Valparaiba.A turret-mounted eight-tube launcherallows the rockets to be firedsingly or in salvo. Launch weightis 38.6 lb. including 6.8 lb. of propellantand a 2.97 lb. high-explosivewarhead. Thrust is 3,063 lb.x0.5 seconds; spin is imparted bycanted nozzles. Fired at an elevationof 45 degrees, the R-115 has arange of 4.7 miles.CANADANATO Communication CompetitionThe Royal Canadian Navy wasthis year's host for tlie annualNATO naval communica*ions competitionsas part of Canada's centennialcelebrations, held in Halifax.N.S. from June 12-16 and wasMls " ' Wl' a ^K* «i ,L_!under the auspices of Rear-AdmiralJ. C. O'Brien, Commander MaritimeCommand.This annual international competitionoriginated in 1963. Themost skilled and proficient communicationspersonnel from NATOnavies (with less than six years'naval service) compete against oneanother in a demanding series oftests.The competitions consist of anumber of tests to measure speedand accuracy in receiving and transmittingnaval messages by radiotelegraph, teletypewriter and flashinglight using NATO procedures.About 70 representatives from tenof the 15 NATO countries attendedCanada for this year's competition.Last year, the competition was heldat Flensburg. Germany, where ninecountries took part. This year Canadainitiated a new relay-type eventto be added to the competitionsand has presented a trophy for it.At the end of the competition,the visiting candidates were able tospend a few days at Expo '67 beforereturning home.Two Canadian ASW Ships PlannedSaint John Shipbuilding and DryDock Corporation, Saint John, NewBrunswick, has been awarded aCanadian contract of $47.5 m tobuild two supply ships for the CanadianNavy. Construction of thetwo ships, the "Protecteur" and the"Preserver", each of 22,000 tons,will start in the Saint John shipyardin the spring and will be completedlate in 1969.The ships, with a length of 564ft., are designed to provide operationalsupport for the Navy's antisubmarinevessels on sea patrol.They will have a loaded speed of20 knots.Each ship will be able to transportand transfer at sea more than12,000 tons of fuel and lubricatingoil. They will also carry 1,250 tonsof ammunition, stores and previsions.This will allow the ships ofthe fleet to remain at sea for considerablylonger periods than at present.Both ships will carry spare antisubmarinehelicopters and will becapable of providing major maintenancefor the Navy's helicopterdestroyers. They will also have aMultiple launcher forlimited capability of transportingthe Brazilian R-115 army vehicles, helicopters, storesna\al rocket, and, and maintenance personnel.below: the spinstabilisedEGYPTmissile,Russian Destroyers.The Soviet Union will supply thewhich has a maximumEgyptian Navy with destroyersrange of 4.7 armed with 150 mile range sea-tosurface missiles. It is understoodthat the vessels will be of the M Kr»-pony" or "KoMia" class. This actiosis seen as a move to bolster Egypt'snot too successful medium rangemissile programme, and was indicatedas a possibility by Israel'sChief of Staff. General Rabin.The Egyptian Navy is reportedalready to have 10 Russian buOt"Ossa" class vessels and eight* w g v st - September- Octobe r, 1967 i m NAVY P«t* TMIIIH

"Komar" class missile boats withweapons with ranges up to 15-18miles.BURKS, PHILP, ANDCOMPANY, LIMITEDARE PROUD OF THEIR PASTASSOCIATION WITHTHI ROYAL AUSTRALIANNAVYBURNS PHILP AND COMPANY LIMITED7 Bridge Street, SydneyINDIASubmarine Fleet.India is to build up a submarinefleet and the Soviet Union is expectedto supply at least part of it.The Minister of State for DefenceProduction, Mr. Bali RamBhagat, told the Council of Staterecently that India would obtainenough submarines for defenceneeds.He did not say how many orfrom where India would obtainthem.Observers believe Russia mightsupply at least four submarines.JAPANPersonnel Increase.The Japanese territorial forceswill be increased to 270,000 by1971.The Army will increase to 180,000from the present 171,500, while theNavy and Air Force will be increasedto 45,000 each, the DefenceBureau Chief, Mr. Yutaka Shimada,has recently stated.Reparation Payments.Air Defence Interception SystemAdditional Elliott 920 computersystems will be supplied to theDutch Government for its automatedAir Defence InterceptionSystem by Elliott-Automation. Thisoperational system is claimed to bethe only one in Europe capable ofcontrolling supersonic F-104G interceptions.SonobuoysA Ministry of Technology con-:ract worth about $2m awarded toUltra Electronics Ltd., covers theupply of Sonobuoy equipment.ITiese listening and ranging devicesire capable of detecting submarinesifter being dropped from aircraft.NEW ZEALANDDefence CreditWhile Uncle Sam doesn't particularlywant New Zealand dairygoods, he is offering a line of easycredit for New Zealand purchasesPolish M.T.Bs. oxorcising in tho Baltic.of his armaments.Japan has paid more than halfA recently revealed agreement,its massive war reparations billsigned earlier this year, opens upclaimed by South-East Asian States.SUS55 million in credit with theFree economic co-operation was U.S. Export-Import Bank for militarymaterial procurement by thepledged to nations which had waivedclaims, the Japanese Foreign Dominion.Ministry stated recently.Japan has paid about The credit is for a term of seven$A712,500,000 out of a total of years at 5.5 per cent interest. So far$ A 1,325 million.New Zealand has used it only fortwo Hercules C-130 troop-carryingNETHERLANDStransport planes worth SNZ5 million,but the purchase of armyequipment is being negotiated.Hardware on the Defence Ministryshopping list which could becovered include helicopters, a squadronof strike planes and armouredtroop carriers or light tanksSuch orders have so far beendeferred because of the current balance-of-paymentscrisis. But thereis a tempting target date: the offer expires on June 30next year.POLANDTwenty years of the People's Navy.It is not often that news emanatesfrom Poland about her Navy,but this year the People's Navycelebrates its 20th anniversary, andan official screed has been put out.It states that the Navy's strengthrests not only on the high standardand spirit of its officer cadre andits excellent technical equipmentbut also on the co-operation of theallied Baltic Sea Forces: the SovietBaltic Fleet, the People's Navy ofthe German Democratic Republic,and the Navy of the Polish People'sRepublic. These three fraternalfleets, it is stated, are united in onecommon aim, the defence of peacein the Baltic Zone.The level of specialised trainingin the Polish Navy is at present veryhigh. It is recorded that 33 per centof naval officers graduated fromhigher military school or highercivilian university level colleges,and 99 per cent of seamen are secondaryschool leavers. Both the'Heroes of Westerplatte' NavalAcademy, educating future officers,and the Training Centre of NavalSpecialists, schooling petty officersand seamen, are turning out everyyear new generations of highlyqualified experts for the PolishNavy. The curricula of both theseschools include theoretical studiesas well as summer practice duringlong cruises on board the trainingships ORP "Iskra", 560 tons, andORP "Gryf*, 2,000 tons. The photographis a very rare shot of PolishPag*FOUIIHHTHfNAVYAugust-Septomber-October.August-Septomber-October, 1967 THI NAVY niisiii

"Komar" class missile boats withweapons with ranges up to 15-18miles.BURKS, PHILP, ANDCOMPANY, LIMITEDARE PROUD OF THEIR PASTASSOCIATION WITHTHI ROYAL AUSTRALIANNAVYBURNS PHILP AND COMPANY LIMITED7 Bridge Street, SydneyINDIASubmarine Fleet.India is to build up a submarinefleet and the Soviet Union is expectedto supply at least part of it.The Minister of State for DefenceProduction, Mr. Bali RamBhagat, told the Council of Staterecently that India would obtainenough submarines for defenceneeds.He did not say how many orfrom where India would obtainthem.Observers believe Russia mightsupply at least four submarines.JAPANPersonnel Increase.The Japanese territorial forceswill be increased to 270,000 by1971.The Army will increase to 180,000from the present 171,500, while theNavy and Air Force will be increasedto 45,000 each, the DefenceBureau Chief, Mr. Yutaka Shimada,has recently stated.Reparation Payments.Air Defence Interception SystemAdditional Elliott 920 computersystems will be supplied to theDutch Government for its automatedAir Defence InterceptionSystem by Elliott-Automation. Thisoperational system is claimed to bethe only one in Europe capable ofcontrolling supersonic F-104G interceptions.SonobuoysA Ministry of Technology con-:ract worth about $2m awarded toUltra Electronics Ltd., covers theupply of Sonobuoy equipment.ITiese listening and ranging devicesire capable of detecting submarinesifter being dropped from aircraft.NEW ZEALANDDefence CreditWhile Uncle Sam doesn't particularlywant New Zealand dairygoods, he is offering a line of easycredit for New Zealand purchasesPolish M.T.Bs. oxorciting in tho Baltic.of his armaments.Japan has paid more than halfA recently revealed agreement,its massive war reparations billsigned earlier this year, opens upclaimed by South-East Asian States.SUS55 million in credit with theFree economic co-operation was U.S. Export-Import Bank for militarymaterial procurement by thepledged to nations which had waivedclaims, the Japanese Foreign Dominion.Ministry stated recently.Japan has paid about The credit is for a term of seven$A712,500,000 out of a total of years at 5.5 per cent interest. So far$ A 1,325 million.New Zealand has used it only fortwo Hercules C-130 troop-carryingNETHERLANDStransport planes worth SNZ5 million,but the purchase of armyequipment is being negotiated.Hardware on the Defence Ministryshopping list which could becovered include helicopters, a squadronof strike planes and armouredtroop carriers or light tanksSuch orders have so far beendeferred because of the current balance-of-paymentscrisis. But thereis a tempting target date: the offer expires on June 30next year.POLANDTwenty years of the People's Navy.It is not often that news emanatesfrom Poland about her Navy,but this year the People's Navycelebrates its 20th anniversary, andan official screed has been put out.It states that the Navy's strengthrests not only on the high standardand spirit of its officer cadre andits excellent technical equipmentbut also on the co-operation of theallied Baltic Sea Forces: the SovietBaltic Fleet, the People's Navy ofthe German Democratic Republic,and the Navy of the Polish People'sRepublic. These three fraternalfleets, it is stated, are united in onecommon aim, the defence of peacein the Baltic Zone.The level of specialised trainingin the Polish Navy is at present veryhigh. It is recorded that 33 per centof naval officers graduated fromhigher military school or highercivilian university level colleges,and 99 per cent of seamen are secondaryschool leavers. Both the'Heroes of Westerplatte' NavalAcademy, educating future officers,and the Training Centre of NavalSpecialists, schooling petty officersand seamen, are turning out everyyear new generations of highlyqualified experts for the PolishNavy. The curricula of both theseschools include theoretical studiesas well as summer practice duringlong cruises on board the trainingships ORP "Iskra", 560 tons, andORP "Gryf*, 2,000 tons. The photographis a very rare shot of PolishPag*FOUIIHHTHENAVYAugust-Soptombor-October.August-Soptombor-Octobor, 1967 THE NAVY P"*ge Fiftoon

MOUNT ISAHOTELPly. Ltd.(M. J. McHUGH, Licensee)17-19 Miles StreetMount Isa, Qld.# FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATIONExcellent Cuisine - Friendly ServiceAir Conditioned ThroughoutCHILLED ALE ALWAYS ON TAPEnquiries:PHONE MT. ISA 2 or 9naval units under way, taken duringexercises of a flotilla of 'torpedocutters'. The two boats are MTBs418 and 419, 70 tons.SOUTH AFRICAColoureds' New Naval Uniform.Members of the South AfricanColoured Corps who are serving inships and establishments of theSouth African Navy — the surveyship "Natal" has more than 40 colouredcrew members — are to weara new naval uniform.They will replace the grey combatdress worn by all members ofthe S.A.C.C. The new uniforms arestill being made and none have yetbeen issued.The basic uniform is a black sergesuit of the same style as the presentgrey combat outfit, but will not haveshoulder straps. It is worn with awhite shirt and black socks andshoes.Coloured naval staff will wear thenormal South African naval capwith the all-red embroidered lionand-anchorcap badge issued toable-seamen in 1960 but later withdrawn.In the summer the sergesuits will be worn without jackets,with the blue rank and branchbadges and shoulder titles on theshirt itself.Submarines from France.According to despatches from bothCape Town and Nantes, SouthAfrica has signed an agreement withFrance for the order of three submarines.They will be of the FrenchDaphne" class: of medium hunter/killer patrol type with a displacementof 850 tons standard and 1,040tons submerged, a length of 190 ft.,a beam of 22 ft. and a draught of15 ft. Diesel-electric propellingmachinery turning two shafts andleveloping 1,300 horse-power on thesurface, and 1,600 horse-power submergedgive them a speed of 16Nnots above and below water. Theynave a complement of six officersind 39 men.It seems a pity that, when all the33 warships in the South AfricanNavy are British-built or former^hips of the Royal Navy, SouthAfrica has been obliged to purchasesubmarines from outside the UnitedKingdom. When will the powers'hat be learn that when for purelypolitical expediency warships arewithheld from foreign countriesthey are merely giving warshiporders to the overseas rivals ofBritish shipbuilding yards? SouthAfrican naval officers and ratingshave been trained in British establishmentsand would have been delightedto have some of our highlysuccessful "Oberon" class submarines,given the chance.Research Vessel Named.SUBSCRIPTIONThe 320-ton oceanograph researchship which is to be built in a Durbanshipyard for the Council ofScientific and Industrial Research isto be named "Meiring Naude" inhonour of the president of theCSIR, Dr. S. Meiring Naude.SPAINNavShips Aids Spanish ShipbuildingAs a result of government-togovernmentagreements betweenSpain and the United States, theU.S. Navy is assisting the SpanishNavy in the construction of fiveguided missile escort destroyers inSpain and in the activation in theU.S. of a light aircraft carrier beingleased to them by the United States.Under terms of the agreements theU.S. Naval Ships Systems Commandis responsible for providingtechnical support for both programsto the Spanish Navy.The escort destroyers, designatedDEG-7, are to be built in a Spanishshipyard with the U.S. Navyproviding complex material, workingplans, and technical assistance inshipbuilding, facility development,training and maintenance. This assistanceincludes the procurement ofthe weapons and electronics systemsand the development of the completeship design. The U.S. will bereimbursed by the Spanish governmentfor all direct assistance provided.The American firm of Gibbs andCox is acting as design agent forthe complete ship system designunder contract to the U.S. Navy.Equipment to be built in Spain willbe made to U.S. designs under licencewith U.S. manufacturers. Certaincontractor furnished materialand equipment which is beyondSpain's current capability to producewill be produced in the UnitedStates.The guided missile ships beingbuilt in Spain are similar to theFORMTo "The Navy",Box CI 78, Clarence Street Post Office.Sydney, NAW, 20M. AUSTRALIA.I enclose S2.4A for Annual Subscription to "The Navypost free.NameSi reelSuburbPostal CodeDaleStatePLEASE PRINT CLEARLYPlease make cheques, postal orders or money orders payable"The Navy Leagu;".Subscriptions commence in January of each year, at whictime a subscription reminder notice is forwarded to current sucribers — Annual Subscription. $2.40.Those commencing subscriptions to "The Navy" magazine in tquarter commencing APRIL should remit $1.80. JULY. $1.20 an(OCTOBER. 60c.THf NAVYAufu»«-Sep*i»*T OcHfcf,Augutt-S.pHmlMr-0

U.S. Navy's DE-1052 Class. Theywill be about 480 feet in lengthwith a 47-foot beam, and will displaceover 4,100 tons. In additionto a five-inch gun, anti-submarinewarfare torpedoes and rockets, theywill carry a Tartar surface-to-airmissile system similar to thoseaboard guided missile ships built forthe U.S. Navy.Stickwiththe waterproof c^iuefor boatbuilding in timberAvailable from Shipchandlersin all StatesANGELINA LAUROandACHILLE LAUROotier the utmost melegant surroundings,modern comforts, andpersonalised serviceFull information andsailing schedulesavailable fromANY TRAVEL. AGENTor FLOTTA LAURO(m all capital cities)The ANGELINA LAURO andACHILLE LAURO call atSingaporeSuezPort SaidMalta (Opt.)Messina. TOWN & CO.BROOKVALE, N.S.W.NaplesGenoaSouthamptonRotterdamBremerhaven1=1August-September-October, 1967The contract for construction ofihe ships in El Fcrrol del Caudillo.Spain, was scheduled to be awardedby the Spanish Navy in Novemberof this year. The xfirst ship isscheduled to be completed by Septemberof 1971. with the remainingfour being completed at short intervalsthereafter.The DEG-7 programme representsa significant increase inSpanish shipbuilding and will requirea major effort on the part oftheir Government and industry. Theprogramme is part of Spain's broadeffort to update and modernise itsindustry.In addition to the U.S. NavyShipbuilding Liaison Office in Madrid,a Resident Ship Liaison Officeris now established in El Ferrol toprovide on site assistance. Thisoffice will be staffed by military andcivilian U.S. Navy personnel. Toarrange the U.S. Navy efforts in theUnited States on the programme aProject Management Office has beenestablished in NavShips (SHIP-PMI).A leander Clo.t frigate, H.M.S. EUtYALUS.Class frigates, the 23rd and 24thof the Class. Following a successfulcompetitive tender, the order hasbeen won by Messrs. Yarrow & Co.Ltd.. of Scotstoun. The mainmachinery will be provided byMessrs. J. Samuel White & Co. Ltd.,of Southampton.MARCONI TELEVISIONSYSTEMSMarconi television systems will beused for flight deck surveillance onall British aircraft carriers, foltowingorders recently placed with TheMarconi Company by the Ministryof Defence (Navy). HMS "Eagle"and HMS "Ark Royal" are the lastof the Royal Navy to be fitted,making a total of thirty British andIn the other programme the lightaircraft carrier (ex USS "Cabot")has been leased to Spain for five.ears under Public Law 89-324 (reerpage 21. Feb.-Apr., 67 edition).The Spanish Government will re-US aircraft carriers now equippedmburse the U.S. Government for with Marconi closed circuit systems.ictivation, repair, alteration, and The two British ships will each haveunfitting of the ship for use as a a single closed-circuit televisionlelicopter carrier named "Dedalo" channel with the camera mountedPH-01). Work is now underway at on the carrier superstructure. Thehe Philadelphia Naval Shipyard lens angle and direction of this canvith completion of the vessel be adjusted by remote control frombanned for 1967.the control tower, where a televisionmonitor displays pictures ofthe flight deck.UNITED KINGDOM LEANDERCLASS FRIGATESThe Royal Navy has ordered theconstruction of two more LeanderAugust-September-October, 1967HMS "Resolution", first Polarismissile submarine of four orderedin the Royal Navy's $700,000,000THE NAVYprogramme, began its first sea trialsin late June. Sister submarines ofthe 7000 ton "Resolution" will bethe "Renown", "Repulse" and "Revenge".BRITISH SEA BASE IN W.A.EXPECTEDThe British Far East Fleet willprobably be based in Western Australiaafter it leaves Singapore.This was stated recently by theChief of the British Naval Staff andFirst Sea Lord, Admiral Sir VarylBegg. who has lately toured theSingapore Naval Base.He said it was too early to saywhere the Fleet would go permanentlywhen it left Singapore.But he added that the RoyalAustralian Navy was surveying thewest coast of Australia for the sitefor a possible British base.He said it was the most "likelyplace" for the British Fleet to go.UNDERWATER TELEVISIONEQUIPMENTThe Ministry of Defence (Navy)has bought underwater televisionequipment, including a pressurisedand manoeuvrable camera for usein salvage and other operations. Theequipment, supplied by General

LEE'S HOTEL ELIZABETH TOWNPhone Molfremo (Tos.) 68-1103The disaster that happened to three of my customersNo. 1 said—"I'll pay Saturday night, as sure as I live."—He's dead.No. 2 said "I'll see you tomorrow"--He's blind.No. 3 said "1 will pay you this week or go to Hell"He's gone.THE MEETING PLACE FOR MATE LOTSPurdon andFeatherstonePty. Ltd. Phone 43-8197• SHIP BUILDERS• SHIP REPAIRSe SLIPWAYSeSHIP DUNNAGING2 NAPOLEON STREETBATTERY POINT, HOBARTPhone 2-3980Contractors for the Slipping. Repairs and Refitof Small Craft for the Department of NavyWESERVtBest wishes from the . . .ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORJ. BURNS24-HOUR SERVICEAll Classes of Electrical Installations andMaintenance, includingTELECOMMUNICATIONSYSTEMSGEILSTON CREEK ROADGEILSTON BAY, TAS.Contractor to Armed ServicesSHIPWRIGHT'S HOTEL26 TRUMPETER STREET, BATTERY POINT, HOBART(Props.: Mr and Mrs. Batchelor)Cascade Beer on Tap — Well Slocked with Bollled BeerWines and SpiritsCall in for your drink in a friendly atmospherePHONE: 2-5551Descaling Co. Ltd. of Worksop, includesa frame fitted with powerfullights and holding the camera. Itcan be moved in azimuth and elevationby remote control in a depthof 1,200 ft.The West land WG13 utility helicopterwhich meets the joint requirementsof the British and FrenchServices, is to be powered by twogas turbines of unspecified type. Theprototype WG13 is to fly in 1969and service use will begin in 1972.Designed along classic lines with asingle main rotor, the WG13 incorporatesa number of features toincrease reliability and reduce maintenanceand operating costs. Thesefeatures include a new form ofrotor blade construction: plastics forsome primary structure as well asdoors and other secondary items;ihe use of printed circuits for electricsand electronics and a simplifiedrotor head of advanced design. TheWGI3 will be used by the BritishArmy for field support and will havespecial equipment to permit it tofly at high speed and in bad weatherover difficult terrain. The BritishNavy version for anti-submarineduty will have a special undercarriagefor high rates of descentand will be equipped with automatic,all-weather anti-submarineequipment. The French Army versionwill be equipped for reconnaissanceand anti-tank duties andwill be capable of carrying a widerange of weapons. The British requirementfor the 8.000 lb WG13reportedly totals some 350machines, while the French purchaseis likely to be of the orderof 250 aircraft. Although powerplants are noi yel specified, the mostobable choice is the advancedechnology Brisiol Siddeley 360urboshaft.UNITED STATES OF AMERICANew Nuclear CarrierThe United States Navy's secondnuclear powered attack aircraftcarrier will be named in honour ofthe late Fleet Admiral Chester W.Nimitz.The SUS427.500.000 USS 'Nimitz'will be the most modern warshipin the world.DEFENCE PLANThe U.S. Navy is planning ananti-ballastic missile system usingships stationed off the Russian andChinese coasts to intercept offensiverockets shortly after they have beenlaunched.The proposed defence, known asIhe Seaborne Anti-Ballistic MissileIntercept System, or SABMIS, wouldcost about $US2,000m (SA 1,786m).DEEP DIVING NUCLEARSUBMARINENot content with "Aluminaut","Deep Star". "Trieste". "Sealab"and numerous others, the U.S. Navyhas now released details of anuclear-powered deep-diving vehicleunder construction by GeneralDynamics.Known as NR1 the submersiblewill be crewed by five sailors andtwo scientists and will be able toproceed down to 3,000 ft.Previous deep diving vehicles'endurance has been limited becausethey depended on batteries for alltheir power. The NRl's endurance,however, is stated to be limited onlyby the amount of food that can becarried on board.Her prime object will be to carryout research into the problems ofnuclear propulsion at great depths,but she will al«o be available forocean engineering and researchmissions.THE WESTLANDW.G.I 3 (Model)The WG13 it atwin-turbine design,due to fly in 1969,and selected toserve with the BritishArmy in thefield support role,for anti - submarineduties with the R.N.and as a specialisedreconnaissance antitankhelicopter forthe French Army.ALBISThe Lockheed Aircraft Companyhave been awarded a study contracton airborne interception againstsubmarine-launched missiles. Themissile, at present known as ALBIS,would be launched against the submarine'smissile soon after the latteris launched because it is consideredeasier to spot the hot booster usinginfra-red devices or radar. Lockheedis studying two possible courses ofaction; firing the ALBIS at theenemy missile and concurrentlyfiring a subchaser down the waterexit hole from which the missilewas ejected.The idea is that ALBIS should becarried in an aircraft which wouldwork closely with an anti-submarineforce.PRODUCTION OF PHANTOMF-4J and F-4E type fighterbombers for the USN and USAFis being extended under aSUS72,374,000 contract awarded tothe McDonnell Douglas Corporation,adding to the already morethan $1,000,000,000 total of contractsfor various versions of theMcDonnell-designed and constructedPhantom.MK. 46 AAW. TORPEDOAddition of $22,700,000 to theUSN contract already held byHoneywell Ordnance Division forproduction of the Mk. 46 (Mod. 1)ASW torpedo and supporting equipmenthas lifted 1966-67 total fundingof the project to $98,400,000.Orders from Australia and Canada,as well as the USN, are inclusivein the contract. The Mk. 46 torpedois used in the Ikara ASW missilesystem designed and developed inAustralia. Honeywell is prime contractorfor the torpedo programme(some sub-system and componentproduction, final assembly andweapon checkout), with TRW Inc.and Clevite Corporation, Cleveland,major sub-contractors.POLARIS itPOSEIDONImpressive Partners — the PolarisA-3 looks small next to the newPage Twenty THE NAVY Augurt-September-Oetobe.', 1'August-September-October, 1967THE NAVYPag* Tw»nty-on.

BOTTLEDAUSTRALIA'SGAS1M0STSPEED-E GAS . .DEPENDABLE MM F ° rmer ' y kn ° wnas Heatane-Gas"Whether Hotel. Motel. Cofe or Home, in the C.ty or Country. Gas instolled for Cooking and Hot Water providesthe most reliable and efficient service For advice on Speed E Go* installation contact the nearest Got Supply Co..Dealer or Branch ManagerPresumably the new LHA's will stillmore nearly approach the shapeand scope of support carriers.MOBILE SUBMARINE TARGETNorthrop Ventura Division hasreceived initial funding of $2.1million on a $14.5 million U.S.Navy contract to develop and buildthe Mk. 30 mobile A.S.W. target.The target will be the same sizeand shape as a standard torpedo,but will simulate the sonar echoand sound of a full-scale submarine.Full technical details are readily given to all Builders ond Architect* for the installation of thlt modem method ofCOOKING HOT WATERREFRIGERATION ROOM HEATINGSpeed E-Gas suppliers to the Commonwealth ond Stote Government Departments — Hospitals —Establishments - P M G. - Railways. Mam Roads — Hotels — Motels and Leading CafesTHE GAS SUPPLE CO. (QLD.)PTY. LTD.HEAD OFFICE: 97-99 Albert Street, Brisbane. 2-2471.BRANCHES AT: Warwick, Toowoomba, Gymple, Gladstone, Maryborough, Bundaberg, Mockay, Rodthamplon, Ml.Morgan, Townsville, Calms, Charters Towers, Mt. I so, Bowen, Proserpine, Ingham, Innlsfoll, Cloncurry,Yeppoon, Hervey Bay ond throughout Victoria, New South Wales ond New Guinea.Capricornia Carrying CompanyPty. Ltd.8 CHARLES STREET,NORTH ROCKHAMPTON, QLD.ArmyIROQUOIS HELICOPTERSThe U.S. Navy has awarded Bella $1.3m. contract for 18 UH-1EIroquois helicopters for deliveryMarch-August 1968. This supplementsa definitised contract for 48UH-IE's placed with Bell in November.1966.RESCUE SUBMARINESThe Navy plans to build a totalof six Deep Submergence RescueVehicles (DSRV), the first of whichis to undergo sea trials in mid-1968. The first two will be built bythe Lockheed missiles & SpaceCompany. The craft, capable ofoperating at depths in excess of3,500 feet, will be able to rescue24 men. It is carried piggy-backfashion on a mother submarine tothe area of a submarine in distress(see photos) as shown in the topphoto. The three inter-connectedspheres, designed to withstandpressure, will go inside the craft.The bell-shaped portion at thebottom connects the rescue craftwith the sub in distress.FOR EFFICIENT AND PROMPT SERVICEPhone 6-3066 — A.H. 6-3369Ready Mixed Concrete — Crushed Metal AggregatesSand (All Grades) — Stonedust Loams (All Grades)Garden Soil — Decomposed Granite Filling MaterialsWEST!Best wishes 10 R.A.N. Personnel from . . .STAN HESTER'SSWAN HOTEL1 Stirling H'way, North Fremantle, W.A.e A Great Spot for a Cold Creamy Ale in ConvivialSurroundings — A warm Welcome is extended to allR.A.N. RatingsRemember When in Port its tbe SWAN HOTELPHONE 5-1725Page Twenty-four THE NAVY August-September-October,Auguit-S«ptwnbOT-Octob«r, 1967

BEST WISHES TO ALL R.A.N. PERSONNEL ON TRAFALGARCELEBRATIONS 1967 FROMR. R. BROWNBUILDING REMOVALISTS6 SPRINGSIDE AVENUE, MOUNT PLEASANT, W.A.•k Specialising in the Demolition, Removal or Re-sitingof all Types of Buildings-sir Contractors to the R.A.N, at H.M.A.S. "Leevwin"Phone 64-3117"The Civilian Arm of the Navy"The principal objective of theNavy League of Australia is tostress the vital importance of SeaPower to the Commonwealth ofNations and the important roleplayed by the Royal AustralianNavy.The League, in conjunction withthe Commonwealth Naval Board,administers the Australian SeaCadet Corps, by providing financeand technical sea training for boyswho intend to serve in the Naval orMerchant Services, also to thosesea-minded boys, who do not intendto follow a sea career, butwho given this knowledge will forma valuable reserve for the NavalService.We invite you to swell our ranksand so keep up to date with MaritimeAffairs to help to build anever-increasing weight of informedpublic opinion. The Navy Leaguewill then become widely known andexercise an important influence inthe life of the Australian Nation.The League consists of Fellowsand Associates. All British subjectswho support the objectives ofthe League are eligible for membership.Members receive copies of theLeague's magazine "The Navy".DIVISIONSNew South Wales — Box 1719,G.P.O., Sydney, 2001.Victoria — Room 8, 8th Floor, 528Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000.Queensland — Box 376E, G.P.O.,Brisbane, 4001.Tasmania — 11 Quorn Street, SandyBay, 7005.South Australia — 30 Pirie Street.Adelaide, 5000.Western Australia — 182 CoodeStreet, Como, 6152.Australian Capital Territory — 60Limestone Avenue, Ainslie, 2602.Northern Territory — C/- H.M.A.S.Melville, Darwin, 5790.Navy Men Always Look For the Whisky That Offers the MostYou'll Find it in All Well Stocked Bottle DepartmentsWherever You Go —Look For It!Old GrouseBrand WhiskyDistributed by111-113 ST. GEORGES TERRACEPERTH, W.A.THE NAVY LEAGUE OF AUSTRALIATo: The Secretary,The Navy League of Australia,Application for Membership( Division).Sir,I am desirous of becoming a Fellow of the Navy League of Australia with whoseobjects 1 am in sympathy.(Mr.)Name (Mrs(Miss)(Rank)StreetStateSignaturePlease Print Clearly.SuburbPostal CodeEnclosed is a remittance for $4.20 being my first annual subscription.AFTER COMPLETION, THIS FORM SHOULD BE DISPATCHED TO YOUR DIVIS-IONAL SECRETARY — NOTE LIST OF ADDRESSES ABOVE.DatePage Twenty-six THE NAVY August-September-October, 1967August-S*pt*mb«r-Octob«r, 1967 THE NAVY Page Twenty-seven

ROBIN HOOD INNBI.ACKTOWN, N.S.W.(Popular Mine Host, JOHN LAZANASl* Icy Cold Tooths Beer a I Its Bestir Popular Snack BarPHONE 622-0205Compliments to The Navy from . .MOTEL CROSS COUNTRYM.F.A. MOTELPrinces Highway, Nowra,N.S.W.TESS SHERLOCK. YOUR HOSTESSLovely Units, Swimming Pool, l-og FiresSuper ScrvicePHONE NOWRA 2-0281tosunnyWsihing the Navy every success from . . .WAHROONGA ESTATEAGENCY(G. LUITING. Prop.)"Ex-Royal Netherlands Naval Reserve"REAL ESTATE AND BUSINESSS AGENTSProperty Management. ValuationsSurveyors. Sub-Divisions and Insurance» REDLEAF AVE., WAHROONGA, N.S.W.48-0283 After Hours: 48-3245DIESEL FUEL INJECTIONEQUIPMENTREPAIRS — MAINTENANCECONSULTING AND MANUFACTURINGENGINEERSNEPTUNE ENGINEERING COMPANYLAVENDER BAY. NORTH SYDNEYPhones: 92-2004. 92-2695SOUTH AFRICA or to ENGLANDSouthern Cross & Northern StarOne Class travel in air-conditioned comfort with the latest in amenities.• Every Cabin Air-conditioned• Swimming Pools and Lido• Tavern Night Club • Elevators• Large Sports Areas • Orchestra• Children's Playrooms • StabilizersSingle Fares to South Africa from $285Single Fares to England from $455Particulart from Authoriied Travtl Agtnts orSHAW SAVILL LINE•A CASTLEREAGH ST.. SYDNEY. 'Phone 211121H.M.A.S. WATSON -2nd OCTOBER, 1967Open DayOne of the first major functions during the 1967 Navy Week in Sydney willbe at H.M.A.S. WATSON, when this establishment will be open for public inspectionfrom 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., on Monday, 2nd October.HOW TO GET THEREH.M.A.S. WATSON is located atSouth Head, with an Army establishmentadjoining. The entrancegates are in'Cliff Street. Watson'sBay. Buses from Central Railway(Eddy Avenue). Bridge Street, cornerof Park and Elizabeth Streets,and Kings Cross terminate at Watson'sBay. approximately 300 yardsfrom the entrance gates. Navalbuses will then be available to takeyou to H.M.A.S. WATSON.Visitors arriving by private carshould drive through the entrancegates. They will then be directedalong Watson Drive to a car park."WE FIND, WE FIX"Visitors to H.M.A.S. WATSONon Monday. 2nd October. 1967.will gain an insight into the workingsof a training establishment,which conducts Navigation, AircraftDirection. Torpedo and AntisubmarineTraining. Training inthese fields assumes great importancein an age of rapidly changingweapon systems and equipments.WATSON occupies an eminentphysical position, situated as it ison Sydney's South Head. Here itexercises control over approximately35 acres and shares SouthHead with the Maritime ServicesBoard, who operate the HornbyLight, and the Army with its EasternCommand Personnel Depot andProvost Corps Headquarters.The years 1955 to 1962 saw amajor building programme whichadded new accommodation and administrationblocks, a modernT.A.S. School, a superb Chapel anda spacious Wardroom to the collectionof wartime huts which werebuilt when WATSON commissionedon the 14th March. 1945. asthe R.A.N.'s radar school. Steadyprogress has been made over theyears towards beautification throughthe laying of new lawns and attractiverockwork.COMMANDCaptain J. L. W. Merson. R.A.N..came from command of H.M.A.S.VAMPIRE to serve as Captain ofH.M.A.S. WATSON in January.1967. The Executive Officer is CommanderJ. Beckley. D.S.O.. D.S.C..R.A.N.T.A.S. SCHOOLT.A.S. training moved fromRUSHCUTTER to WATSON in1956. Since that time it has continuedto train officers in tacticaland material aspects of A.S.W.:UC sailors in the operation of sonarequipment: and UW sailors inoperating A.S. weapons.Standard promotion courses forOrds qualifying for Able Rank andLeading Seamen qualifying forPO's are the T.A.S. School's maintraining load, and with Officers'Tactical courses; pre-commissionand pre-work up training and thetraining of personnel for minesweepingduties there is an increasingburden on the school as theR.A.N, continues to expand. Toassist in T.A.S. training the schoolis provided with actual weapons,weapon models and up to datesonar and attack stimulators.Ikara. homing torpedoes, variabled-pth sonars and new long rangesonars have introduced a complexityand diversity which will ensurean increasingly important rolefor this school in the future.OC of WATSON'S T.A.S. Schoolis Commander B. CLEARY,R.A.N.NAVIGATIONSCHOOLDIRECTIONWATSON'S N.D. School is thedirect descendant of H.M.A. RadarWATSON'S Clothing Store tell* article* of kit to tailor* and ittvetbedding gear.fog* Twenty-tight THE NAVY Augutt-Septembef-October, 1Augutt-September-October, 1967THE NAVY

— |ITS NOT SO WELL KNOWN —HAWKER de HAVILLAHD(Australia) Pty. Ltd.Aircraft Overhaul Contractor to the RoyalAustralian Navy extends best wishes to allR.A.N. EstablishmentsAviation Divisions, Specialists in:• Aviation and Marine Electronics, Radio, Instruments and Electrical Overhaul• Major Engine and Airframe Manufacture Overhauls and Servicing• Aircraft Engineering and Design• Marine Design and ManufactureMILPERRA ROAD, BANKSTOWN, N.S.W.PHONE 77-0111 After Hours 77-0611NAVAL PURCHASING SCHEME — PHONE 57-0231 (6 Lines)PARK HOWARD DISTRIBUTORS465 King Georges Rood, Beverly Hills, N.S.W.HUGE DISCOUNTS ON ALLCARPETS — FURNITURE — ELECTRICAL and GENERAL MERCHANDISETerms Buyers Catered For — Trade-ins AcceptedAJL: Ted Keighran 53-8979, Audrey, K. 57X191, Bill Howard, 50-825420-25% DISCOUNT on all Furniture and FurnishingsNobody Beats Our Prices — 221% on Carpets — OR Free Underfelt and Laying25-50% Discount on all Electrical Goods — We deliver immediately your flatbecomes dueRING US FOR YOUR REMOVALSMake use of your Relief Trust Fund Loan Moneys — Select your goods TODAYWe move you in TONIGHT — Ring for our FREE car service — We pick you upand take you direct to the Factory Showrooms — We are also able to attend toyour Hire PurchaseTh. problem, of training, >•! by th. purchai. .1 mod.,n min.iwMp.ri f.rHi. «.A.N., hav. b.«n mot by WATSON'. T.A.S. School Thk group around th. mod.1 of th. taction of on. of th.1. V.M.U.Training Establishment whichstarted operations at South Headtowards the end of 1943 and commissionedas H.M.A.S. WATSONin 1945. Its present O.I.C. is CommanderR. RUST, R.A.N. Althoughmany changes have taken place inthe radar branch since World WarII. the main function of the schoolis. as it was then, lo train personnelin the use of radar.Radar Plot sailors are taught tooperate radars, and to plot radarand other action information sothat the command can readily appreciatethe situation. TheWRANS also have an R.P. Branch,and as well as relieving sailors forsea duty they give a welcome relieffrom an all male training staff.Though ihe school still occupiesth. old green huts and can't boastof plush buildings to match thoseof the T.A.S. School, it can pointwith pride to a most modern installation— the SOLARTRONtrainer. In this trainer two "ships"arc provided with a realistic radarpicture on which can be displayeda variety of controlled targets anda coastline allowing the simulationof most aspects of naval operations.The introduction of a Supplementarylist of officers with short servicecommissions has increased theimportance of the school's Navigationcommittments. S.L. Mids receiveall their shore navigationtraining here.• that it is to WATSON thatsuccessful candidates from SDOfficer Pre Selection Boards aresent at six-monthly intervals for sixweek courses designed to help thesesailors pass their H.E.T. and hencequalify educationally for their finalselection board.• WATSON is headquarters ofthe R.A.N.R. in Sydney and conductreserve training nights eachTuesday and Thursday.• that WATSON will play anincreasingly important role followingthe re-introduction of submarinesto the R.A.N.«ador Plot Hill.,, ply HmIf •kill, during • "" .Orel,. InWATSON', N.D. School.Pag. Thirty THf NAVY Augu»t-S^>t«i>bw-Octob.r.«-Octobor, 1967

A Company of 11M Vlckers CroupCockatoo Docks &Engineering Co.Pty. LimitedBUILDERS OF MANYOF THE NAVY'S FINESTFIGHTING SHIPSCockatoo Island,SydneyTELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS: CODOCKTELEPHONE: 82-0661pliments lo the Navy from . . .BREWERFORD06 KING HORN STREETNOWRA, N.S.W.•FOR THE BEST CAR DEALYOUR MONEY CAN BUYPhone Nowra 20336ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONSPTY. LTD.6 NAPLEON STREET, SYDNEYTel.: 29-5311 (4 lines)Not surprisingly, WATSON'. Chap.I of SI. G»oig< III. Mortyr hat of th« highlight! of a tourist's visit to Sydney.H.M.A.S. WATSONPROGRAMME OF EVENTSMonday, 2nd October, 1967Visitors are requested to ask any sailor for the location of d'splays and demonstrations1.00 p.m.—H.M.A.S. Watson open for publicinspection.2.00-2.15 p.m.—Mortar firing demonstration —Mk. 10 Moriars.2-15-2.30 p.m.—Flying display — Iroquois helicopters.2.40 p.m.—Mortar Firing Demonstration —Mk. 10 Mortars.3.15-3.30 p.m.—Helicopter — winching diversfrom the ssa, and BeachAssault by divers.5.00 p.m.—H.M.A.S. Watson closed to theThe Navy LeagueSays "Thank You"The New South Wales Divisionof th? Navy League of Australia:>ck r owledges with grateful thanksIhe gcrerous donations made by thecompanies and Trusts listed hereunder:—Timb:r Trade Mutual Insurance.Wall *r & Eliza Hall Trust Fund.Pei.pes Ply. LtJ.Australian Gas Light Company.Swire and Yuill Ply. Ltd.Inn Potter r.nd Company.William Arnoll Ply. Lid.Gibbs. Bright and Co. Pty. Ltd.Municipality of Hunters Hill andLysaght Bros, and Co. Pty. Ltd.public.CONTINUOUS DISPLAYSDURING THE AFTERNOONStatic Display of Anti-submarineequipment.Cinema Show — continuous screenings.Afternoon Tea — available at theAmenities Building.Compliments to the Navy from . . .Who have been actively engaged in carrying out work on vessels and shoreestablishments for the past 25 years, extend congratulations to all who haveserved cr are still serving for a Mi well done and a wonderful record ofachievement both at sea and in dock yards and establishments.Experienced Service available for all classes of:Electrical Installation and Repair, Motor-Generator WindingRadar Installations etc.—For Ships, Factories,Commercial Buildings, etc.ALLAN CORDELLBP NOWRA SERVICE STATIONHONDA . . . SALES & SERVICECars — Trucks — Motor Cycles and Quality Used CMSPhone Nowra (N.S.W.) 23266Pag. Thirty-two THE NAVY«r, 1Augus»-S*p»ember-October, 1 967 THE NAVY Page Thirty-three ,

Whyalla ShipbuildingEngineering WorksWHYALLA TELEPHONE: 5-8555TELEGRAPH: "SHIPYARD"TELEX: AA86278The extensive and long term policy being carried outby this large organisation calls for tradesmenand apprentices in the Engineering fieldEXCELLENT CONDITIONS IN WHYALLA FOR WORK AND PLAYApply in writing or in person to theEMPLOYMENT OFFICERWHYALLA SHIPBUILDING ANDENGINEERING WORKSBox 349, P.O. - Whyalla, S.A.ROYLEN&CRUISES# FOR YOUR NEXT CLUB OUTINGWhether asA DAY CRUISE — A DAY S FISHING TRIP OR A COMPLETEWEEKEND FISHING TRIPMODERATEROYLENCHARGESFor Further Information, contactCRUISES72 VICTORIA STREET, MACKAY, QLD.P.O. Box 169 Phone 2595Pog« Thirty-lour THE NAVY Auguil-S,pl«mb«r-0b«r,ANNUAL REPORT OF THE QUEENSLAND DIVISION OF THENAVY LEAGUE OF AUSTRALIA, FOR THE YEAR ENDED30th JUNE, 1967Administration.At the Annua] Meetings of theNavy League Federal Council andthe Sea Cadet Council held at NavyOffice, Canberra in September 1966.which I attended, two importantmatters were discussed:—1. The Navy League of Australiahaving become the Navy League ofAustralia Inc. and therefore registeredas a Public Company withits Memorandum and Articles ofAssociation.2. Proposals to Rationalize theAustralian Sea Cadet Corps whichhad been prepared at the requestof the Naval Board.With reference to 1. Implementationof the requirements by theQueensland Division and itsBranches is proceeding. This necessitatesprompt co-operation by allconcerned and strict adherence tothe requirements of Ihe Memorandumand Articles of Association.Regarding 2. The Sea CadetCouncil appointed a Sub-Committeeto invesligale the Rationalisationproposals, visiting Divisions wherenecessary and to submit their recommendations.On 18th May. 1967, I attendedmeetings of the Navy League FederalCouncil and the Sea CadetCouncil held at Navy Office, Canberra,which had been called toconsider the report of the Sub-Committee.After several amendments wereagreed upon, the recommendationsof the Sub-Committee were endorsedby the Federal Council which recommendedthat they be placed beforethe Naval Board.Briefly. Rationalisation wouldmean that the Naval Board wouldaccept full responsibility for the controland administration of the AustralianSea Cadet Corps, thus relievingthe Navy League of its financialresponsibility in this regard.The League would, with its Branchesstil! have an important I3le particularlyin the areas where Units exist,quite apart from the fact that implementationof the various phasesof Rationalisation would take a considerabletime to complete.The Sea Cadets.We have had another year ofprogress; our 7 Sea Cadet Unitshave the largest number of Cadetsof any Stale.The addition of a strong andactive Navy League Branch inTownsvjlle and the formation of aSea Cadet Unit, T.S. CORAL SEAwhich has been approved by theNaval Board, will bring Ihe totalnumber to X. Land has been obtainedand finance for a HeadquartersBuilding is well under way.The Navy League Shield, awardedannually to the Unit judged tobe the most efficient in Australia,was won by T. S. "Paluma" andpresented by our Patron, His Excellencythe Governor, who attendedthe dedication of their fine Headquarters.There are 37 Sea Cadet Units inAustralia and, during the sevenyears of Shield competition, this isthe third lime it has come toQueensland. T.S. "Magnus" and T.S."Gayundah" having previously hadthis honour.At Mackay, T.S. "Pioneer's" newHeadquarters on the sea front wereofficially opened by our Vice-President,Dr. Athol Robertson. "Pioneer"currently holds the A.M.P.Shield, awarded annually for thebest Unit outside the Brisbane area.I visited Mackay in June to be presentat a public meeting held tofurther stimulate interest in theLeague Branch and T.S. "Pioneer".It was good to see such a wellattendedand representative gathering.T.S. "Endeavour", at Cairns, continuestowards completion of theirHeadquarters on Smith's Creek,which have been in use by this Unitfor some time.T.S. 'Tyalgum", now with theirHeadquarters free of debt, sufferedsome damage in the recent cyclonicweather at the Gold Coast, but havecompleted repairs.T.S. "Bundaberg", still lackingthe support of a branch of theLeague in their city, is continuingto do their best, thanks to the dedicationof their officers and instructors.T.S. "Magnus" continues its highstandards and is constantly improvingits Headquarters and facilitiesat the Church of England GrammarSchool.T.S. "Gayundah". At a parade.Rear Admiral R. I. Peek, Flag OfficerCommanding the AustralianFleet, presented the Cadet ForcesMedal, awarded for 12 years continuousservice, to Sea Cadet Lieut.Commander L. D. M. Roberts. SeaCadet Lieutenants W. H. Paddon.J. C. Walker and W. M. McDonald.These are the first awards inQueensland.Navy Week.Various functions were held inco-operation with the Naval Association.The official guest. CaptainD. W. Haslant. O.B.E., R.N., attendedthe Navy l eague Dinner heldat H.M.A.S. "Moreton" and alsotook the salute at the annual SeaCadet parade at New Farm Park.As usual, the R.A.N.R. Band lookpart and our thanks are due to theBandmaster and members of theBand.Unit Welfare Committees.These continue their untiringefforts for the welfare of the Cadetsin the respective units and deservecongratulations.Commander D. J. Robertson,Naval Oflicer-in-Charge, Queenslandwill be leaving us in August forH.M.A.S. "Albatross" with the goodwishes of all in the QueenslandDivision and our appreciation of hisenthusiasm and continuous interestin the Sea Cadet movement.The Naval Association of Australia(Queensland Division) hassince the commencement of the SeaCadet movement in 1954, given continuousand strong interest and supportin many practical ways, whilstthe majority of the officers and instructorsof the Units come fromthis Association.Finally, sincere thanks lo all officersand instructors of the Corpswho willingly give so much time tothe cause and thanks also to ourBranches for the splendid resultsachieved.N. S. PIXLEY. President.August-Stplwnb«r-Octob«r, 1967 THE NAVY Pogo Thirty-five

JAMES McLARTY &SON PTY. LTD.General and MarineEngineers41 De Lisle Street,North Fremantle, W.A.Phone: 5-2313, 5-2872SUPPORT THRED CROSSDONATE BLOODREMEMBER ! — THE LIFE YOL' SAMAY BE YOUR OWNThis space donated by a Wellwin the interests ofTHE NAVY LEAGUE OF AUSTRAandTHE RED CROSSDiamantina's Scientific RoleH.M.A.S. Diamantina, under thecommand of Lieutenant CommanderD. L. Murray WARD. R.A.N.,recently returned to Sydney after asix-week geo-physical survey of thefloor of the Coral Sea.The object of the survey was todetermine the geological origin ofthe Coral Sea basin and neighbouringQueensland and New Guinea.In addition, much of the data concerningthickness, structure, andcomposition of the ocean floor willbe of interest to petrol companiesin assessing the oil potentialities ofthe off-shore areas.The senior scientist of the partycarried in H.M.A.S. Diamantina forthis survey was Mr. L. V. HAW-Firing explosives from H.M.A.S. DIAMANTINA during scientific investigationof floor of Coral Sea.ANCHORAGEBUTCHERSPTY. LTD.Supplies of Quality Meats toHER MAJESTY'S FORCESWholesale Butchers and Exporters tovarious Countries168 ST. GEORGE'S TERRACEPERTHTelephone 21-2434W.A.'s LargestRange ofSHIPSCHANDLER1—and no one can better it!Come in . . . browse aroundyou'll be convinced !Tropical Traders Ltd96 Queen Victoria StreFremantle, W.A.Branches: Albany & GeraldtoKINS, senior lecturer in geo-physicsat the University of New SouthWales.The University is, together withthe Lamont Geological Observatoryin the U.S.A., sponsor of the researchprogramme.Personnel of the ship's companytook part in all aspects of the survey.In addition there was a guest onboard — Dr. Maurice EWING,Director of the Lamont Observatoryand well known geo-physicist.The survey, a two-ship operationinvolving H.M.A.S. Diamantina andthe research vessel Vema (Master,Captain H. C. KOHLER) owned byColumbia University, entailed detailedmeasurement of depths, profilesof the sea-bed, effects of gravityand magnetic anomalies, and seismologicaland heat flow data.Laying sonobuoys aboard H.M.A.S Because of the extreme accuracyDIAMANTINA during scientific cruise to required, navigation by satellite wasexplore floor of the Coral Sea. used much of the time.Previous surveys of the CoralSea, in many of which H.M.A.S.Diamantina took part, concernedthemselves with currents and contentof sea water. This survey justcompleted has taken the further stepof probing beneath the ocean tostudy the mantle of the earth itself.Although final results await analysis,it is true to say that as a resultof the investigations there hasbeen amassed more information thanever before about the floor of theCoral Sea.WILLING TO TRYShip's engineers are frequentlyScotsmen, and this particular shipwas no exception. It had just pickedup survivors from a sinking shipin the cold North Sea and the captainwas bustling about trying tocomfort them. In a stern voice hebellowed down to the engine room:"Have you got a mackintosh to keepa lady warm?" A Scottish accentdrifted up: "Nay, but there's a Mc-Gregor that's willing to try."I Page Thirty-six THE NAVY August-Seplember-October, 1August-September-October, 1967 THE NAVY Page Thirty-seven

Best wishes to R.A.N. Personnel on the Anniversary of Trafalgar 1967from . . .The Leading Southern Port* Ships' Providoring ServiceAlbany ProvidoringCo.28 CLIFF STREET, ALBANY, W.A.- i .ALL BONDED STORES CARRIED — SHIPS MET ON ARRIVALSUPPLIERS TO R.A.N. SHIPSPhone 565 —After Hours 729Australian Dried Fruits Association(W.A. BRANCH)DRIED FRUITS PUT HEALTH INTO EVERY RECIPETHEY PROVIDE ENERGYDried fruits are an easily assimilated food and give quick, healthy energy foradults and children. Calory-rich grape sugar is abundant in Currants, Sultanas andSeeded Raisins.THEY SUPPLY VITAMINSDried Fruits contain essential vitamins which help to tone up the system andcontribute to better health.THEY CONTAIN IRONYou need iron every day lo keep your bloodstream rich and free from injuriousimpurities. Dried fruits give you iron in a way that makes it easily absorbed intothe system.THEY PROTECT TEETH , „ , , „ . . JThe pure grape sugar in Currants, Sultanas and Seeded Raisins does not contributeto tooth decay. Dried fruits are, therefore, ideal for between meal snacks and asa substitute for confectionery.VITAMINS — ENERGY — IRONSEND FOR A FREE RECIPE BOOKA.D.F.A., BOX 15, MIDLAND, W.A.PHONE 74-7123AUSTRALIAN SEA CADET CORPSThe Australian Sea Cadet Corps isa voluntary organisation administeredby the Commonwealth NavalBoard and The Navy League ofAustralia.The aim of the Australian SeaCadet Corps is to provide for thespiritual, social and educational welfareof boys and to develop in themcharacter, a sense of patriotism,self-reliance, citizenship and discipline.Uniforms are supplied free ofcharge.If you are between the ages of 13 and 18 yearsCadets are not required to undergoany medical examination and arefully insured against accident whileon duty.Parades are held on Saturday afternoonsand certain Units hold anadditional parade one night a week.The interesting syllabus of trainingcovers a wide sphere and includesseamanship, handling of boatsunder sail and power, navigation,physical training, rifle shooting, signalling,splicing of wire and ropes.general sporting activities and othervaried subjects.Instructional camps are arrangedfor Sea Cadets in Naval Establishments,and they are also givenopportunities, whenever possible, toundertake training at sea in shipsof the Royal Australian Navy.Cadets, if considering a sea career,are given every assistance to jointhe Royal Australian Navy, theMercantile Marine or the RoyalAustralian Naval Reserve, but thereis no compulsion to join these Services.For further information please contact the Divisional Senior Officer in your Stale, using theForm provided below.Senior Officers, Australian Sea Cadet CorpsNEW SOUTH WALES: "El Abrigo". 4 Rangers Ave..Cremorne, 2090.QUEENSLAND: C/- Box 376E. G.P.O.. Brisbane,4001.SOUTH AUSTRALIA: C/- 30 Pirie Street. Adelaide.5000.TASMANIA: C/- 11 Quorn Street. Sandy Bay. 7005.TO: The Senior Officer,Australian Sea Cadet CorpsVICTORIA: C/- Room 8, 8th Floor, 528 Collins St.,Melbourne. 3000.WESTERN AUSTRALIA: C/- 182 Coode St.. Cotno.6152.AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY: IndustryHouse, National Circuit, Barton. 2600.NORTHERN TERRITORY: Box 444. P.O., Darwin,5794.I am interested in joining the Australian Sea Cadet Corps and would bepleased to receive further information.NAMESTREETSUBURBSTATE OR TERRITORY _ POSTAL CODEPHONE No(Please print clearly)_AGR.„Please address your envelope to the Senior Officer in your State or Territory—seelist of addresses abovePag. Thirty-.lght THE NAVY Augutl-S«ptembor-Octob.r, 1967August-September-October, 1967 THE NAVY Page Thirty-nine

DUTCH CLEANINGSERVICEOFFICESKindly Sponsored by . . .R. T. SearlePRIVATE RESIDENCES& SonsWINDOWS GENF.RAl.DEPOT —51-144147 HANCOCK ROAD,REDWOOD PARK, S.A.•Phone 64-2472IF NO ANSWER RING 64-4053BOAT BUILDERS•JENKINS ROADBIRKENHEAD, S.A.Phone 49-6278Report of Activities and Training Undertaken by the New SouthWales Division for the Quarter Ending June 30, 1967.Periods of continuous training and Thursday evening until the final for the purpose of examining Officerswere carried out in the following examinations which were held onand Instructors recommendedestablishments:Thursday. 18th May. Fourteen Officersby Unit Commanding Officers forH.M.A.S. CRESWELL. 14th toand Instructors attended the promotion and to consider the21st May. General Boatwork. course and all passed the standard suitability of applicants for appointmentswithin the Corps.H.M.A.S. WATSON, 14th to 21st N.B.C.D. examination. Ten membersMay, Cookery Badge Course. also sat for the advanced N.B.C.D. The number of Cadets joiningHarbour and weekend training examination and eight were successful.during the quarter under review welltook place in the following shipsIt was gratifying to read in the exceeded the number of discharges.and establishments.Course Officer's report that all concernedIn the latter case this included ahad displayed a keen and H.M.A.S. WATSON. 7th to 9thpercentage entering the PermanentApril.intelligent interest and that their Naval Forces. The ever increasingH.M.A.S. ALBATROSS. 7th to punctuality, attendance, dress and number of senior Cadets joining the9th April.bearing were well above average. R.A.N.. whilst most gratifying, hasH.M.A.S. CRESWELL. 7th to 9th This indeed reflects credit upon the nevertheless created a problem inApril.Division and the Officers and that certain Units are suffering fromH.M.A.S. PENGUIN. 21st to Instructors concerned have been a lack of Cadet Petty Officers and23rd April.commended for their diligence. Cadet Leading Seamen.H.M.A.S. PENGUIN. 5th to 7th The Annual Church Parade was The Officers. Instructors andMay.held in Garden Island Dockyard Cadets of this Division continue toH.M.A.S. WATSON. 5th to 7th Chapel on Sunday. 7th May and the display a high level of enthusiasmMay.Division was inspected by Rear and morale is high notwithstandingH.M.A.S. STUART. 5th to 7thMay.Admiral T. K. MORRISON. C.B..C.B.E.. D.S.C. the Flag Officer-intheadverse conditions under whichat present some of the Units operate.A standard N.B.C.D. course for Charge. East Australia Area. A totalOfficers and Instructors commenced of 340 Cadets were on parade.L. MACKAY-CRUISEin H.M.A.S. PENGUIN on 11th Boards were convened in H.M.A.S.Lieut-Commander R.A.N.R.April and continued each Tuesday WATSON on six separate occasionsSenior OfficerBest wishes to the Navy League from . . .J. C. FORBESLTD.Manufacturing•Engineerslla ROYCE AVENUECROYDON PARK, S.A.Phone 46-2611Kindly Sponsored by . . .BARRETT BROS.PTY. LTD.MALTSTERS•2 RUNDLE STREETKENT TOWN, S.A.AFTER HOURS: 46-2578 PHONE 63-2311Best wishes to the Royal Australian Navy from . . .MacFarlane Bros. 6k Co.Pty. Ltd.WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANTSCnr. ELIZABETH & WARWICK STREETSHOBART• McCALLUMS 'PERFECTION" WHISKY• GRANTS "STANDFAST" WHISKY• BOOTHS HIGH & DRY GIN• GILT EDGE WHISKY• MILDARA WINES & BRANDY• CINZANO VERMOUTHS• WOODLEY WINES• CAPTAIN MORGAN JAMAICA RUM• FOSTERS LAGER & VICTORIA BITTER• BAITZ LIQUEURS• CIGARETTES — ROTHMANS, PHILIP MORRIS, CHESTERFIELD,PETER STUYVESANT. CAMELTelephone 34-2522Page Forty THE NAVY August-September-Octobor, 1967August-September-October, 1967 THE NAVY Pago Forty-one

JTV'-~> .... - -M1Navy Week In AustraliaNavy Week is one week in eachyear when Australians from coastto coast are urged to pay gratefultribute to those who have servedand those now serving Australiaat sea. During this week it is fitand proper that a nation of freemen and women give well-deservedhonour and recognition to thepatriotic and victorious achievementsof its men of the sea. It isthe week for Australians to rededicatethemselves to those principlesof freedom and self-governmentwhich they cherish. It is aweek in which grateful citizensshould salute their Royal AustralianNavy and make sure that it isadequate to fulfill its contributionto our national security.In the Royal Australian Navythe month of October has alwaysheld special significance. The 21stcommemorates the 162nd anniversaryof the victory of the Battle ofTrafalgar. Fought in the Atlantic,off the southern coast of Spain, itwas the last great Naval battle tobe fought under sail alone.Fifty-four years ago, on 4thOctober. 1913. the Australian Fleetsteamed into Sydney Harbour. NavyWeek 1967 was planned to coincidewith the anniversary of theFleet's entry.The arrival of the ships in 1913was an event Australians hadlooked forward to for half a century.They were their own ships,paid for by their own money andmanned in large proportion by theirown men; the nucleus of what theyhoped would be their own Fleet.The Squadron comprised theBattle Cruiser "Australia"; LightCruisers, "Encounter". "Sydney"."Melbourne" and the Torpedo BoatDestroyers. "Warrego", "Parramatta"and "Yarra".It is appropriate at this time torecall the words expressed by thethen Prime Minister of Australia,The Honourable Sir Joseph Cook:"Since Captain Cook's arrival, nomore memorable event has happenedthan the advent of the AustralianFleet. As the former markedthe birth of Australia, so the latterWavy.cjCeannounces its coming of age, itsrecognition of the growing responsibilitiesof nationhood, and itsresolve to accept and dischargethem as a duty both to itself andto the Empire. The Australian Fleetis not merely the embodiment offorce. It is the expression of Australia'sresolve to pursue, in freedom,its national ideals, and to handdown unimpaired and unsullied theheritage it has received, and whichit holds and cherishes as an inviolabletrust. It is in this spirit thatAustralia welcomes its Fleet, not asan instrument of war. but as theharbinger of peace."CII/IJ c z U e a y u e ( / - > a(New South Wales)1967HOTEL AUSTRALIA(SAPPHIRE ROOM)FRIDAY, 17th NOVEMBERTICKETS: $13 PER DOUBLEParticulars may be obtained from:—Mrs. A. G. McFARLANE,22 Wylde Street, POTTS POINT, N.S.W. 2011.Tel.: 35-1687.ORMrs. DAVID LEACH,22 Wylde Street, POTTS POINT, N.S.W. 2011.Tel.: 35-1837.Pag* Forty-two THI NAVY Augu*t-S«ptember-Octob«r 19671913—The Australian Fleet steams into Sydnoy Harbour.jproyramme of!Events arrangedj^or Ifjavy. lAJeeh, 6 7NEW SOUTH WALESAUSTRALIAN SEA CADET CORPSAH Units of the Australia Sea Cadet Corps will be open for public inpection oo Saturday,30th September, 1967, between 2.00 and 4.00 p.m. Cadets will be provided to conduct visitors ontours of inspection.A list of the training ships together with the names of their commanding officers is detailedhereunder:TRAINING SHIPSALBATROSSCONDAMINEPARRAMATTASHROPSHIRES1RIUSSYDNEYTOBRUKWARREGOADDRESSWollongong Harbour Front,Below Flagstaff Point,WOLLONGONG.East Esplanade,MANLY.Ella Street,RYDALMERE.Hutton Street,CANTERBURY.Cahill Park,Levey Street,ARNCLIFFE."Snapper Island",via Iron Cove Bridge,Launches run from•illiott Street Wharf,ROZELLE.R.A.N. Drill Hall,Off Nobby's Road,NEWCASTLE.Gaie Street,WOOLWICH.COMMANDING OFFICERLt. Cmdr. D. Lindsay.Lt. A. Alexander.Lt. A. Stevenson.Lt. E. L. Causer,(Acting C.O.).Lt. I. G. Pirie.Cmdr. L. E. Forsythe.Lt. V. C. Williams.Lt. K. nb.r-Octob.,, 1967 Pago Forty-three_

IASHTON DRY CLEANERSWELL KNOWN IN R.A.N. CIRCLES FOR QUALITYAND SERVICE68 Oxford Street, SydneyPHONF. 31-4473AII ADELAIDE APPLAUDS! The Olde King'sMusic Hall RestaurantWINE AND DINE318 KING WILLIAM ST.,ADELAIDEand witness the fruity and unparalleledproduction by Mr. BARRY EGG IN TON"EAST LYNNE"With the SCARLET GAIETIES OF 191,0Hiss the villain, cheer the hero, sigh with theheroine Sing along with the songs of th:nineties with TOM K NG at th • pianoFor the happi.'st nigh, in Ad:l:»ide Phone 8-4326after 11 a.m.. or bookings: John Martin'sWith a cast of International StaisSYLVIA BUDGEN. SHIRLEY POLGLASK,IRENE WHITE. GORDON POOLE.MAX HEIGHTAnd the fabulous male impersonatorMISS NELLE KOLLESWITCH TO THISJHIRI KlAUy IS* VlfHKlNCEBest wishes to the Navy League from . . .RUDDER'SLTD.CUSTOMS. SHIPPING, FORWARDINGCARRYING AND DISTRIBUTION AGENTSPhone 4-110410 TODD STREETPORT ADELAIDEBranches in All Capital Cities ThroughoutAustraliaSOMETHING TO BLOW ABOUT !xxxxCALL FOR CASTLEMAINEThePopularTHE BEER QUEENSLANDERS PREFERBrewed by CASTLEMAINE PERKINS LIMITED. BRISBANEMonday. 2 OctoberTuesday. 3 OctoberWednesday. 4 OctoberThursday. 5 OctoberSaturday. 7 OctoberSunday, 8 OctoberMonday. 2 OctoberWednesday. 4 OctoberFriday, 6 OctoberSaturday, 7 OctoberSunday. 8 OctoberDuring WeekFriday, 29 SeptemberSaturday. 30 SeptemberSunday. I OctoberTuesday 3 OctoberWednesday. 4 OctoberThursday. 5 OctoberFriday. 6 OctoberSaturday, 7 OctoberSunday. 8 OctoberNEW SOUTH WALES1.00-5.00 p.m.12.30-1.30 p.m.1.30-2.00 p.m.12.30-1.30 p.m.12.30-1.30 p.m.1.30-5.00 p.m.10.00 a.m.11.00 a.m.12 Noon-5.00 p.m.5.30 p.m.12.30 p.m.8.00 p.m.7.30 p.m.Evening11.00 a.m.3.00 p.m.EveningNavy DayOpen Day — H.M.A.S. Watson (refer separate article)R.A.N. Band Recital — Hyde ParkR.A.N. Band to lead Waratah Princess in processionfrom Hyde Park to Town Hall.Ships and Establishments of the R.A.N, to dress.R.A.N. Band Recital — Australia SquareUnderwater cutting display and other events by theR.A.N, diving team — Australia SquareR.A.N. Band Recital — Hyde ParkWaratah Spring Festival Pageant — R.A.N. Band toparticipateGarden Island Naval Dockyard and H.M.A. Ships openfor public inspection (refer map centre of this journal)Special commemorative Church Services:St. Mary's CathedralSt. Andrew's CathedralH.M.A.S. Albatross. Naval Air Station. Nowra, openfor public inspection (refer separate article in thisjournal)SOUTH AUSTRALIAOfficial Opening of Navy Week, Naval Memorial House,by the Lord MayorWreath Laying Ceremony, National War MemorialNaval Association State Ball, attended by Lord MayorRenmark sub-section annual dinnerChurch Services, St. Xavier's Cathedral (morning) andHoly Trinity Church of England (afternoon)Special Naval Display at Mount GambierQUEENSLANDNavy Golf Day (Nudgee)T.S. PALUMA open for public inspectionOld Ships' Re-union at H.M.A.S. MORETONAnnual Seafarers Service at St. John's CathedralNaval Service of Remembrance and wreath laying atAnzac SquareR.A.N.R. Training Establishment open to "hip's companyvisitors. T.S. GAYNDAH open to visitorsSchool talks given by members of the R.A.N, and NavyLeagueWardroom "At Home" at H.M.A.S. MORETONNavy Ball at "Wonderland" IpswichH.M.A.S. ANZAC open for public inspection at NavalWharf, New FarmNavy League Dinner at H.M.A.S. MORETONUnveiling of Naval Memorial at IpswichH.M.A.S. ANZAC open for public inspection at NavalWharf, New FarmSea Cadet ceremonial parade at New Farm ParkNavy Bowls Day at Wavell Heights Bowling ClubPag. Forty-four THE NAVY Au«juit-Sept.mb.r-Octob«r, 1967August-September-October, 1967 Page Forty-five

MARINE PLYSaturday, 30 SeptemberSunday, 1 OctoberTuesday, 3 OctoberWednesday, 4 OctoberNAVY DAYThursday, 5 OctoberSaturday, 7 OctoberSunday. 8 OctoberSunday, 1 OctoberTuesday, 3 OctoberWednesday. 4 OctoberThursday, 5 OctoberFriday, 6 OctoberSaturday, 7 OctoberSunday. 8 OctoberWESTERN AUSTRALIA3.00 p.m.2.00 p.m.Evening7.00 p.m.p.m.a.m.Lunchtimep.m.a.m.p.m.Navy race meeting at Belmont Park. Band of R.A.N.R.will performChurch parades at St. George's and St. Mary's Cathedrals— Perth. The R.A.N.R. band will play in St.George's CathedralWrea'h-laying ceremony and commemorative service —Fremantle War Memorial17th Passing Out Parade of junior recruits — H.M.A.S.LEEUWINMarch through Fremantle by officers and sailors of theR.A.N.R., followed by supper in Mayor's Parlour.The White Ensign will be flown at the State War Memorialin Kings Park, Perth, and the Fremantle WarMemorial.Navy reunion dinner—Drill Hall. H.M.A.S. LEEUWIN.R.A.N.R. band will beat "Retreat" at conclusionNavy Trotting Meeting, Fremantle.Open Day at H.M.A.S. Leeuwin. R.a.N. Band will"Beat Retreat" at conclusion.VICTORIANaval commemoration service at St. Mark's Church ofEngland, Forest HillNavy League Ball — Palais de Danse, St. KildaBand and P.T. display in National Mutual Plaza, MelbourneNavy League Dinner—H.M.A.S. CERBERUS. The HonourableD. L. Chipp, M.P., Minister for the Navy —Guest of HonourNavy Week Ball at H.M.A.S. LONSDALE. The HonourableD. L. Chipp, M.P., Minister for the Navy andMrs. Chipp will be guests of honourOpen Day at H.M.A.S. CERBERUS and H.M.A. NavalDockyard, Williamstown. H.M.A.S. PARRAMATrAand H.M.S TABARD open for public inspectionNavy Day Handicap, Flemington Race CourseNavy Church Services — St. Paul's and St. Patiick'sCathedralsMarch to Shrine of Commemoration. Ceremony followedby a reception at H.M.A.S. LONSDALEfor boatbuilding,exterior panelling,gable ends, soffits,feature and garage doors,caravans.FULL STOCKS AVAILABLE ATCULLITY TIMBERS52 Tower Street, Leederville, W.A. —:— Phone: 28-1031ALSO PICTON JUNCTION — PHONE 5-4217i M> an ma inm ienjoy new dairycuphot drinking chocolatetb v rrs delicious m a l t y flavour •NU-PRODUCTS OF AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.17-19 Trafalgar St., Woolloongabba, Brisbane, Qld.G.P.O. BOX 1677V, BRISBANE PHONE M-4111Pag®Forty-tlxAugust-September-October, 1961Augu,, 1967 THE NAVY Pope Forty-seven


Giovenco Bros. (Overseas) Pty. Ltd.AND INTRODUCING GIOVENCO BROS.MARINE SERVICE PTY. LTD.Cnr. Bay Rd. and Alexander Avenue,Taren Point — Phone 524-0668CORROSION CONSULTANT SERVICE FOR ENGINEERS ANDARCHITECTS ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING HOTMETAL SPRAYING EPOXY LINING AND GENERALINDUSTRIAL PAINTING — MOBILE PLANT AVAILABLELARGEST BLAST ROOM IN AUSTRALIAIncorporating:GIOVENCO BROS. MARINE SERVICE PTY. I.TD.. BAY ROAD. TAREN POINT.SYDNEY — Phon«:524-li668GIOVENCO CORROSION CONTROL (VIC.) PTY. LTD.. PIPER RD.. BROOKLYN. VIC.Phore- Melbourne 314-4260GIOVENCO CORROSION CONTROL (QLD.) PTY. LTD.. 717 STANLEY STREET.WOOLLOONGABBA. BRISBANE--Phone: 91-1378GIOVENCO CORROSION CONTROL (N.S.W.) PTY. LTD.. BAY ROAD,TAREN POINT, SYDNEY — Phone: 525-2555GIOVENCO METAL PROTECTION PTY. LTD.. BAY ROAD. TAREN POINT.SYDNEY — Phone: 525 2555YOUR PRIDE DEALEREASTERN SUBURBS MARINE CENTRES PTY. LTD.328 Oxford Street, Woollahra — 38-3052, 38-0809OF BOAT!Trtefiv.! For th. fun-tim. ski bit, thefishing trip or fsmify outing. Prid. FurySS1600 is Just grMt . . . Pri3»—th« s»«stPride Marine Corp. Pty. Ltd., P.O. Box 233,Fairflald, N.S.W.Pag. Fifty THE NAVY».nb#r-Oelob.r, 1The Royal Canadian Navy TodayA Survey —By COMMODORE H.A. PORTER, R.C.N.Director General Maritime Forces Canadian Forces HeadquartersThe Royal Canadian Navy today stands as a partner in the unification and integrationof this nation's three armed forces. Through this partnership is evolving »new force shaped to meet the changing demands of a constantly changing world.As a result of this modernizationand streamlining, the R.C.N, andthe men, ships, aircraft and submarinesthat comprise the fleet continuetheir important duties throughthe new Maritime Command.The Maritime Command is oneof six major commands underwhich the navy, army and air forcehave been re-organised. The othersare Mobile, Air Defence, Transport,Training and Material.This integration of Canada'smore than 100,000 sailors, soldiersand airmen into six functional commands.and the pending unificationhas, of course, provided a challengewhich is both exciting in scops anddemanding in detail. It has causedCanada to be a centre of attentionfor military planners from manynations.While at today's stage of integrationand unification Canada stillhas the Royal Canadian Navy, theCanadian Army and the Royal CanadianAir Force, it is intended thatthese names will eventually disappear.When this happens allCanadian servicemen will be membersof the Canadian ArmedForces. With this will come a distinctiveuniform for all scrvicemen.Four hundred charcoal green uniformsare now undergoing trials.Whiie a navy communicationrating in the future might find himselfoperating his equipmem at whatis now army or air force base, ithas been approved by Parliamentthat no officer or man now servingwill be asked to perform duties inthe new force which they could nothave been asked to do under thethree service concept.For example, a naval gunner willnot be asked to man a gun in atank nor to serve with the artillery.And, air force pilots will not beasked to become qualified forcarrier opera'.ions.There will, however, be avenuesestablished to enable those whowish to expand their career fieldto do so.As I mentioned, the MaritimeCommand is today the operationalunit and authority for the fleet.Maritime Command, embracesCanada's entire R.C.N. andR.C.A.F. anti-submarine warfareforces. It began operations fromits Halifax, Nova Scotia, headquartersin January, 1965. and todayis commanded by Rear-AdmiralJ. C. O'Brien of Montreal, Que.Maritime Command directs allR.C.N, and R.C.A.F. Maritimeforces on the Atlantic and Pacificcoasts, together with their logisticsand administrative support facilities.A sub-command, the MaritimeCommand Pacific, commanded byRear-Admiral J. A. Charles, islocated at Esquimalf. B.C., anddirects and controls ships and aircraftbased on Canada's west coastMaritime Command is an outgrowth of two integrated R.C.N.R.C.A.F. headquarters, one at Halifax,the other at Esquimalt, whichhave been directing maritime operations since 1959 with ships andaircraft allocated by the Navy'sAtlantic and Pacific Commands, andthe R.C.A.F.'s Maritime Air Command.The new command absorbs thefunctions of three former authorities, the Navy's Flag Officer Allantic Coast and Flag Officer PacificCoast and the R.C.A.F.'s AirOfficer Commanding Maritime AirCommand.The Maritime Commander retainsthe additional appointment ofCommander, Canadian AtlanticSub-Area under NATO's SupremeAllied Commander Atlantic.Maritime Command providesCanada with the combat-ready seaand air forces required to meet defencecommitments, primarily inthe anti-submarine field. In addition,the command is responsible forprovision of sea-lift in support ofMobile Command and for the operationaltraining of its own forcesand the immediate support servicesattached to the Command.The Command is also responsiblefor the co-orJination of search andrescue operations in the Atlanticand Pacific regions.Forces allocated to the MaritimeCommander are 36 warships, includingthe aircraft carrier ' Bonaventure",destroyer escorts, helicopterdestroyers, submarines,ocean escorts and operational supportships. Twenty-five of theseships are based at Halifax.Maritime Command air strengthincludes two Navy anti-submarinesquadrons and three utility and experimentalsquadrons based atCanadian Forces Base (C.F.B.)Shearwater, near Halifax, and autility squadron at Patricia Bay,near Victoria, B.C.R.C.A.F. squadrons attached toMaritime Command die twosquadrons of Argus aiiti-subrnarineaircraft, a rescue squadron anc anA-tjus Conversion Unit at C.I.B.August-September-October, 1967 THE NAVY Pago Nft/-oiM

GO FORD!GO TILFORD !TILFORDMOTORSFord Sales and Service35-43 BRISBANE STREET, HOBARTPhone 34-3011and166 MAIN ROAD, MOONAH, TAS.(Used Car Division)Phone 72-8758Best wishes to the Navy League from . .Lewis—Martin—Batchelor(J. L. LEWIS & CO. PTY. LTD.)(H. J. MARTIN & SONS PTY. LTD.)(O. C. BATCHELOR & SONS PTY. LTD.)Customs -Shipping — City, Suburban andInterstate HauliersLIPSON STREETPORT ADELAIDEPHONE 4-3325W. J. Koerbinforit General Fibre Glass Jobbingit Fuel and Water Tanksit Fish Boxes* Sheathing anil DeckingBOX 83 BELLERIVF.Phone 44-1593107 TASMAN HIGHWAY,BELLERIVE, TAS.KENNETT'SKennett Bros. Pty. Ltd.Ker.nett Constructions Pty. Ltd.Kennett Hardware Pty. Ltd.47 TYNTE STREETNORTH ADELAIDEBUILDERS AND CONTRACTORSPHONE 6-8822The Destroyer Escorts, ST. LAURENT (DDE 205) and ASSINIBOINE (DDE 234)of the "St. Laurent" class. Vessels of this class are fitted with variable-depthsonar* which equipment is clearly visible at the stern. Designed to canyhelicopters, the ASSINIBOINE is shown landing a SEA KING anti-submarinehelicopter. Gunhouses are made of flbrcglass.Greenwood, N.S. At C.F.B. Summerside,near Charlottetown, P.E.I.,there is a squadron of Argus, aNeptune operational trainingsquadron and an experimental unit.At C.F.B. Comox, near Victoria,B.C., there is a squadron of Neptuneaircraft.Personnel strength of MaritimeCommand is approximately 18,000officers, men and women.Admiral O'Brien's headquartersfor Maritime Command is locatedin H.M.C. Dockyard, Halifax, N.S.H.M.C. Dockyards at Halifaxand Esquimalt provide direct supportto the fleet, including repairsand stores, as well as motor transportand fire-fighting facilities forships alongside and shore establishments.At Halifax, H.M.C.S. Stawacona,now C.F.B. Halifax, is an in'egratedbase providing the three servicesin the Halifax-Dartmoutharea, excluding C.F.B. Shearwater,with personnel facilities such aspay. service documentation and administration.The commandingofficer of C.F.B. Halifax administerswelfare services and married quartersfor the three forces in the immediatearea and provides administrativeand logistics support for themilitia located in the area. C.F.B.Halifax houses the fleet schoolwhich carries out operational andforma) trades training for the fleet,and the Maritime Warfare Schoolwhich provides specialised trainingfor R.C.N, and R.C.A.F. officers.H.M.C.S. Naden at Esquimau, nowC.F.B. Esquimalt, provides similarservices on the west coast.Canadian Forces Bases at Greenwood,Summerside. Comox, andShearwater, as components ofMaritime Command, provides operationaltraining for officers and menin Maritime Air Operations.This, then, forms the basis onwhich the Maritime Command isorganised. The operational capabilityof the command, althoughsmaller in numbers of men andships than a few years ago has, Ibelieve, remained effective. In fact,during 1967, the anti-submarinecapability of the fleet is being expanded.During this year plans include:Completion in late summer ofan extensive refit and modernisationof the aircraft carrier "Bonaventure";Commissioning of a second O-class submarine;A start this year on the constructionof two operational supportships;A continuation this year of themodernisation program for theseven Restigouche class destroyerescorts;Pago Fif?y-two THE NAVY August-September-Oclober, 1August-SeptemberrOctober, 1967 THI NAVY Page Fifty-three

Awarding of contracts for theconstruction of four improved helicopter-destroyers;BE A MAN OF ACTIONIN ACompletion of a modernisationprogram for CS2F (Tracker) aircraft;Improvement of the ASWSystems in the Argus aircraft.Our surface anti-submarine forcewill continue to be headed by theaircraft carrier "Bona venture"which, since last spring, has beenundergoing an extensive refit andmodernisation program at DavieShipbuilding Limited, Lauzon, Que.With the return of the "Bonaventure"to operational duty, Trackeraircraft from VS 880 Squadron andSea King helicopters from HS 50Squadron will rejoin for normalfleet operations and training.„„.,,, ... At ... WMFN ,N pon -don n VITAL biry c;p and become VITALLY conOON'T BE ALL AT SEA ,,,' .. ^ . • VITAL have the on y unoetectablefident, VITALLY .a lad VITALLY difle.eni vm»l rw»e .neo. mod. ,n Au.t.ol.o and member you poy no more .hon JSOO -h.chfun To wear a harrpr.c. from VITAL.FOR AN APPOINTMENT IN ABSOLUT! PRIVACY PHONE JB-9501VITAL HAIRPIECES FOR MENSUITE 1005 CARLTON CENTRE, 5S ELIZABETH STREET. SYDNEYPHONE 28-9501 For AppoinlmcntOSCAFOR SERVICE TO ALL TYPESOFMARINE ENGINESFACTORY-TRAINED SPECIALISTS ON CALL 7DAYS A WEEK. DEPOTS IN MOST SUBURBSSERVICE IS AS CLOSE ASYOUR PHONECall our Main Depots at Ramsgate 529-6825or the Spit Bridne Marina, 96-1244Outboard Service Centres Australia Pty. Ltd.29-31 Park Road, RamsgateThe Oberon class submarine"Onondaga" was commissioned inJune at the Chatham, England,Naval dockyard and shortly willjoin her sister submarine "Ojibwa"for duty on the Atlantic coast.A model of the proposed Destroyer Helicopter Carriers. It is understood thattheir construction commenced earlier this year. Designed as anti-submarineship*, they will be fitted as leaders, having variable-depth and conventionalsonar, landing deck equipped with double hauldown and bear*rap, Flume typeanti-rolling tanks to stabilise the ship at low speed, pro-wetting system tocounter radio-active fallout, enclosed citadel, bridge control of machinery andautomatic combustion control in boilers. Provision Is also being mod* forthe fitting of a short-range anti-aircraft missll*.A Sikorsky Sea King helicopter used for anti-submarine warfare. "Choppers"of this type operate from surface ships, especially equipped with a landingplatform. Helicopters of this type are currently in service with the U.S. Navyand the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force.A third submarine, to be named"Okanagan", (all three are namedafter tribes of Canadian Indians) isalso under construction at Chathamand will be commissioned in1968.While intended for training ofthe maritime forces in peacetime,these submarines are fully capableof carrying out operational rolesunder combat conditions.A fourth submarine, the "Grilse",continues to operate on the Pacificcoast. The "Grilse" is a formerU.S. Navy Balao class submarine onloan.Contracts were awarded lastDecember to the Saint John Shipbuildingand Drydock Co. Limited,in Saint John. N.B., for the constructionof two operational supportships.Both will be similar to H.M.C.S."Provider", which is now servingwith the fleet. The "Provider",which was the largest ship everbuilt in Canada for the R.C.N., wasdesigned to support anti-submarineships with fuel, ammunition, stores,and provisions to enable them toremain on task for longer periods.Page Fifty-fourTHE NAVYAugust-September-October,August-September-October, 1967Poge Ftfty-ftve

Best wishes to R.A.N. Personnel on TrafalgarAnniversary from . . .THE RELIABLE FIRMPORTPROVIDORINGCOMPANY58-60 MARKET STREET,FREMANTLE, W.A.I Known to generations of Navy men as the[ complete providoring service in the WestSTATE SHIPPINGSERVICEREGULAR CARGO & PASSENGER SERVICEFremantle to North-West Ports and Darwinwith two-monthly extensions roundAustraliaEnjoy a Cruise in Air-conditionedCOMFORTFor Passenger Fares and Bookings applyHEAD OFFICE, FREMANTLE andTOURIST BUREAU. PERTHFor Cargo Bookings: Head Office1 Short St., Fremantle, W.A.PHONE 5-2151Best wishes from . . .STIRLINGELECTRICS73 REDWOOD CRESCENTMELVILLE, W.A.Telephone 30-3291Specialising inMARINE and INDUSTRIALINSTALLATIONSREPAIRS and MAINTENANCEEvery Naval Rating in W.A. has used orwill use a product of . . .SWANBRUSHWARELIMITED36 DUKE STREETEAST FREMANTLE, W.A.• Manufacturers of Millett Brooms, HouseholdPaint. Industrial and Wire Brushes, Mops andFeather DustersPhone 39-1501The anti-submarine destroyer escort RESTIGOUCHE. It has been reportedthat she will shortly be fitted with variable-depth sonar and ASROC.Both operational support shipsunder construction will havesimilar capability to support fleetoperations and will also have an increasedseaiift capability and ahelicopter support facility. Theywill be able to embark and dischargeland vehicles and helicopters,carry troops accompanying thevehicles, as well as accommodatepersonnel landing craft.The modernisation program forihe Restigouche class destroyerescorts will include improved detectionsystems and the A.S.R.O.C.inti-submarine weapon system.A.S.R.O.C. anti-submarine misiles,actually rocket assisted toredoes,are launched in conjunction•*.ith submarine detection equipmenton board warships. The proctileis fired through the air topoint near the target when itnters the water to continue thei tack with the aid of built-in hom-•ng equipment.A.C.R.O.C. and new sonars:!ong with improved torpedoes be-• ng procured for all ships, willready increase the A.S.W. capabilityof the seven ships of theRestigouche class.Four helicopter-destroyers' D.D.H.s) to be ordered will beimong the most advanced A.S.W.warships in the world. While primarilyanti-submarine in design,each will have secondary capabilitiesof gunfire and reconnaissancesupport for landing operationsand engagement of light surfaceforces with gunfire. Each willcarry two CHSS-2 Sea King antisubmarinehelicopters.The D.D.H.S will have an allweather,point defence surface-toairmissile system, the CanadianSea Sparrow, which will also befitted in the new operational supportships for protection against airattack.These ships will have a length of423 feet and beam of 48 feet, comparedwith 366 and 42 feet forexisting D.D.H.s.The D.D.H.s use of the large SeaKing anti-submarine helicopterswill not be their only tie with theaviation world. Gas turbine plantswill power the ships. These aremarine versions of engines whichpower some of today's jet passengerand military aircraft.Use of gas turbine engines willenable an immediate start for theship with the ability to give instantacceleration to full power.This is in contrast to the legthytime required to achieve the sameresults from steam plants.The gas turbine engines will resultin improved working conditions.Gone will be the familiarboilers and hot machinery spaces.Instead of being refitted in the shipengines will be taken ashore forBONAVENTURE, tho only carrier In t • Royal Canodian Navy. She Is fittedwith a steam catapult and angled deck. Plans are being formulated tostrengthen the flight deck and elevators at so improve tho aircraft arrester gear.Aircraft carried include Grumman Trackers and Sea King helicopters.PageFifty-si*THE NAVYAugust-September-October, 19August-September-October. 1967 THE NAVY Page Fifty-seven

GODDARD'SGOLD BRAID RUMZJhefavouritedrink of IfjavyI meneverywhereAustralia's greatest name in the world ot boatingY M r, Of practical experience, coupled with theSin of ..p. craftsmen. make H.lvor.en. arecognised authority on every type of craft.BOBBIN HEAD. For hire Haivorsen Cruisers,hall cabin and open launches. lowingand maintenance. Moorings Secondhand boatsales Johnson Outboard Motors Topper AluminturnBoats. . . . . «RYDE Designing and building of all types ofwooden boats BMC petrol and d.esel Chrysler.Honda Marine Engines. Elastomultle ManneSilei •HALVORSEN BOATS LARS HALVORSENBOBLIN HEADSONS PTY. LTD.KURINGGAI CHASE Wate.vicw Streel. RYDEPhone 47 9011P.O. Box 21TURRAMURRA 2074PhoneP.O. Box i:30-0251RYOE. 2112Telegrams."Cruiseis." SydneyTeleg ams:-Halvorsens." SydneyShoalhaven Refrigerationand Air ConditioningIndustrial and CommercialSales & ServiceA model of a new Operational Support Ship, two of which have been ordered.It is understood that these vessels will be armed with three-Inch guns andASROC, and will be able to transport vehicles and other bulk equipment.The Helicopter Carrier ond Supply ship PROVIDER was completed In 1963.She is equipped with a modern eight berth hospital and can carry tlx Sikorskyhelicopters. Her decks ore fitted with 23 electro-hydraulic winches to facilitatethe ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore movement of cargo and supplies.overhaul and replaced by completeunits — similar to the system usedfor aircraft.All seven St. Laurent class warshipshave now rejoined the fleetfollowing their refit and conversionfrom destroyer escort to helicopterdestroyerstatus. The Fraser, thelast of the class to complete herconversion, rejoined the Fleet inOctober. 1966.All seven are now manned andserving in the Atlantic and havebeen fitted with hangar and flightdeck facilities to operate the SeaKing helicopters. Each has beenequipped with the Canadian designed"Beartrap" helicopter hauldownsystem and the Canadiandeveloped variable depth sonar.This, then, is a brief review ofthe status of the navy and its newform for the future.I am frequently asked by individualswho have studied the progressof the Navy since integrationgot underway in 1963 whether theRCN can continue to play an effectiverole. Others, too, wonder, inthese days of rapidly increasingcosts, whether the tasks assignedthe ships warrant the expense ofkeeping a fleet.Many who raise these questionsrecall with considerable pride, asI do, that during the Second WorldWar Canada's navy consisted ofmore than 95,000 officers and men,and almost 400 fighting ships, andranked as the third largest Alliedfleet.In my opinion, the CanadianMaritime Force is one of the mosteffective anti-submarine warfareforces in the world. As antisubmarinewarfare is organic to allDistributed by . . .G. F. CLELAND & SONSPTY. LTD.17 Byron PlaceAdelaide, S.A.Hotel, Clubs and ShopsSpecially Catered For1 ILLAROO ROADNOWRAPhone 2-3661PRIME MF.ATS. HAMS AND POULTRY SUPPLIED BYF. WATKINS PTY. LTD.BUTCHERS256 Russell Street, Melbourne, Vic.PHONE 32-2971 (6 LINES)Pogs Fifty-eightTHE NAVYAugust-September-October, 1August-September-October, 1967 THE NAVY Poge Fifty-nine

V. BOALCH'SSHIPPING AGENCYPTY. LTD.CUSTOMS SHIPPING FORWARDINGAGENTSOPERATING MANAGERS AND STEAMSHIPAGENTSPhone 5-4366P.O. Box 290, Fremantle16 PHILLIMORE STREET,FREMANTLE, W.A.Best wishes to R.A.N. Personnel Trafalgar 1967from . . .Walker & HolmesPty. Ltd.57 QUEEN VICTORIA ST.FREMANTLE, W.A.SHIPS CHANDLERS AND BUTCHERSPhones 5-2571 5-3119Best wishes to R.A.N. Personnel throughoutAustralia for Trafalgar 1967 celebrations from:BUNBURYPROVIDORINGCOMPANY64 VICTORIA STREETBUNBURY, W.A.The Port of Bunbury'?. complete ships' providoringserviceSpecial attention to R.A.N. ShipsPhone 3131WHITCHURCHREFRIGERATIONCommercial and MarineRefrigeration ServiceALL WORK CARRIED OUT BYEXPERT TRADESMEN23 CANNING HIGHWAYEAST FREMANTLE, W.A.PHONE 39-3135Tel. After Hours 64-3769(Bill O'Dea. Foreman)maritime operations Canada's MaritimeForce, either by itself or inconjunction with maritime forces ofour allies, is effective in this role.This role, vested in MaritimeCommand, provides the Canadiantaxpayer with good value for hismoney. And I believe the MaritimeForce with its growing diversityof capabilities is worth everycent it costs the taxpayer.Commodore Henry Allan Porter,C.D., R.C.N.Commodore Henry A. Porterwas born in Chemainus, B.C., onAugust 17, 1920, and joined theRCNVR as an ordinary telegraphistin November, 1939. Hewas selected for officer candidateArtist's impression of Canada's FHE 400 all-weather, ocean-going hydrofoilsub-chaser. The supercavitating bow foil will have a 22| foot span andthe delayed cavitation main-foil will have a 65 foot span. She will be ofwelded aluminium and was promoted to sublieutenantin 1942.He served in the wartime destroyerKootenay and specialised incommunications. In 1947 he alsoqualified as a pilot in navalaviation.Commodore Porter commandedthe ocean escorts La Hulloise andLauzon and was officer in chargeof the communications school onthe east coast. In 1955 he becamedirector of naval communicationsat naval headquarters in Ottawa.Two years later, he was appointedon the staff of the flag officerPacific coast, initially as the armedforces co-ordinator of B.C. Cen-Compliments from . . .LUIS RESTAURANT2 Sherwood Court, Perthtennial activities and subsequentlyas commander of the FourthCanadian Escort Squadron andcommander cadet training.He returned to headquarters in1960 as director of naval trainingand later was appointed assistantto the chief of naval staff. Afterthe integration of Canadian ForcesHeadquarters, he served as navaladvisor to the chief of personnel.In April, 1965. he took commandof the aircraft carrier Bonaventureat Halifax.Commodore Porter was appointeddirector general maritime forcesat Canadian Forces Headquarters inAugust. 1966.For on Intimacy of Dining in a quiet. Personalised Manner. LUISoffers you this atmosphere with French Cuisine — We serve th:finest selection of Australian. French and German Wines and Beers— Cprn II a.m. to 12 Midnight. Air Conditioned Premises —Open II a.m. to 12 MidnightFOR RESERVATIONS—PHONF. 21-5456Page Sixty THE NAVY August-September-October, 190:

GOLDEN REECELet 's GO60LDEH FLEECE"THE POWERFUL ONE"Compliments to the Navy from . . .ERIC WOOLLEYTV SERVICEHOCKEY STREETNOWRA, N.S.W.RADIO AND RADIOGRAM REPAIRSPUBLIC ADDRESS HIRING & INSTALLATIONHI-FIDELITY SALES & SERVICEINSTALLATION . . . T.V. SERVICECONTRACTOR — IRRESPECTIVE OF AGEFULL COVER $30 PER YEARPhone Nowro 22773Wishing ihe Navy every success . . .GENERALRETREADING CO.113-117 PARRAMATTA RD.CAMPERDOWN, N.S.W.TYRESTo All Naval and Ex-Naval Personnel We Placeat Your Disposal a Complete Tyre ServiceNew Tyres (all brands) at Concession PricesGuaranteed Recapping and Retreading atConcession PricesTyre Fitting Rotating and General Tyre Service' FREE OF CHARGEPhone 51-3777Rear-AdmiralJohn Charles O'Brien, C.D., R.C.N.Rear-Admiial John C. O'Brien,of Montreal, was horn on December16, 1918. He entered the RoyalC anadian Navy as a cadet from theRoyal Military College of Canada,Kingston, Ont.. in 1937. He trainedand served with the Royal Navy,in monitors, battleships and cruisers.In October. 1940, he joined theCanadian destroyer Sagutnay forNorth Atlantic escort duties.In 1942 he specialized in communicationsand served for twoyears as flotilla signals officer inihe RN's fourth destroyer flotilla.This was followed by signal dutiesin Canada.He went to the Admiralty to serveon the Royal Navy signal book committeefor most of 1946, after which«e took command of the destroyerrescent. Two years later he beameofficer-in-charge of the communicationsschool in Halifax. Afteryear on the staff of the Supreme\llisd Commander Atlantic. Norolk,Va.t he became executive officerof HMCS Stadacona. RCN baracksat Halifax in 1953 and wasater executive officer of the aircraft-arrier Magnificent.In July, 1955. he became directorof naval training at naval headquartersand two years later becamedirector of naval communicationsthere. From January, 1958, toSeptember, 1959, he was coordinatorof the personnel structurecommittee.Rear-Admiral O'Brien took commandof the aircraft carrier Bonaventurein September. 1959. Twoyears later he became naval memberCanadian joint staff (Washington)and commanding officeriL_HMCS Niagara, RCN establishmentin Washington.Rear-Admiral O'Brien was appointedsenior Canadian officerafloat Atlantic on August 24, 1964,in which appointment he was responsiblefor the efficiency and effectivenessof the ships and operationalnaval squadrons of Maritime Commandoperating in the Atlantic. InJuly, 1966, he was promoted torear-admiral and appointed commander.Maritime Command.Get with the Bank NOWGet With thethat can do the mostfor you in the future.StrengthU J J J C O M M O N W E A L T Htrrs -rur Bieessr)Page Sixty-two THE NAVY Auguit-Sepfember-October,August-$»pf»mb*r-Octob«r, 1967 THE NAVY Pojp Slxty-rtw*«

Compliments to the Navy from . . .J. MISON AGENT FOR—TRIMVIEWAluminium Sliding Glass DoorsOpen Your House to Space andLightJ. MISON70 NORTH STREETNOWRA, N.S.W.Phone 23347Compliment to the Navy from . . .WintersShoe Store47 KINGHORN STREETNOWRA, N.S.W.•THINKING OF FOOTWEAR TRYWINTERS SHOES FIRSTPhone Nowro 22033Wishing the Navy Every Success from . .DALEX MOTORSTO BE SURE YOUR INVESTMENT ISPROTECTED!A FUL1 Y RECONDITIONED GUARANTEEDUSED CARWhen you purchase your car. new or used, youare investing money . money hard earned . . .money that should be spent wisely on a vehiclethat will return YOU the hesl dividends introuble-free, low cost motoring.SEE . . .DALEX MOTORS84 WORRIGEE STREETNOWRA, N.S.W.PHONE 20299FOR YOUR NEW OR USED VEHICLEWishing Ihe Navy every success from . .VICTOR BOARDDOES THE BRIGHT THING BYINTERIORSHow to gel a new home off lo a beautiful start?. . . Walls and ceilings with the lasting beautyof VICTORBOARDVictorboard's solid plaster core and its smoothchipboard finish make it the ideal start (andfinish) lo Ihe walls of your home — and itsjoint-free surface make it the perfect base for anydecorationHave the luxury of VICTORBOARD walls in yournew or renovated home, from:BRIAN McGUIRE(your local Fibrous Plaster Manufacturer)25 DOUGLAS ST., NOWRA, N.S.W.PHONE 23421Annual Report and Balance Sheet of the New South Wales Divisionof the Navy League of Australia - presented, 28th August, 1967It is with much pleasure that I present the Committee's report for the yearended June 30, 1967.This meeting, the first AnnualGeneral Meeting of the New SouthWales Division of the Navy Leagueof Australia, marks the commencementof a new era.Following the Incorporation ofthe League in Canberra as a Companylimited by Guarantee and nothaving a share Capital: and the issueof a Licence by the Attorney-General to omit the word Limitedfrom its title, each Division of thevoluntary unincorporated organisationapplied for consent to becomea Division of the Company.Formal consent was given by theFederal Council at its Annual Meetingheld in Canberra on September24. 1966. and Warrants of Commissionbearing the Seal of theCompany were issued to eachDivision. The Warrant of thisDivision is displayed at the AdministrativeHeadquarters, 66 ClarenceStreet, which is the office of theHonorary Treasurer. Mr. R. I. Rae.Your Committee by Resolution atits meeting on March 14. 1967.accepted the assets of the New SouthWales Division of the voluntaryunincorporated organisation and thusratified all earlier determinations.This welcome change will facilitatethe administration and we hopewill attract new members.Ihe League, and this Divisionparticularly, is deeply indebted toour Honorary Solicitor. Mr. JohnBowen. for his guidance and preparationof the legal procedures involvedin the negotiations.MembershipMembership of the Division hasincreased by two to 255. despite theloss of seven (7) members on accountof death resignation, orwithdrawal due to non-renewal ofsubscriptions.The Navy"At the meeting last September,vour Division accepted from theFederal Council, responsibility forthe production, management and administrationof the official journal ofthe League, "The Navy".Great credit is due to the Editor.Mr. Dennis Trickett. for the continuedimprovrment in the presentationof this journal which has resultedin increased sales outside ofL-ague membership. His editorialfeaturing a foreign navy has beenthe subject of much favourablecomment as also have been themany topical snippets.FinanceThe audited financial statement,which will be presented shortly,shows that during the year an increaseoccurred in our fundsand the accounts are in ahealthy state. Grants to SeaCadet Units totalled $1,922.89,whilst a further SI.968.00 wasspent in providing sporting trophies,leases, insurances, typisteexpenses, travelling expenses, etc.T.S. PARRAMATTA is establishedin new Headquarters within theElla Street Reserve. Rydalmere. andto date only $1,000.00 of the provisionof $2,000.00 has been utilised.Proposed new Unit at Point Clare,Gosford-Wyong DistrictFinancial assistance for a Headquartersbuilding will be made availableas soon as a suitable waterfront site has been obtained, thenegotiations for this are well inhand. The envisaged Unit in thisarea is supported by an enthusiasticLocal Committee which is able toprovide the necessary number ofpersonnel to form a Unit, and whowill be given all assistance by thisDivision from time to time as requested.Sea Cadet CorpsThe Senior Officer. LieutenantCommander Mackay - Cruise,R.A.N.R., will shortly present hisAnnual Report on the activities ofthe Sea Cadet Corps in New SouthWales.Your Committee is hopeful thatthe improvement of the situationwith regard to T.S. CONDAMINEmay shortly be resolved, followingrepresentations made to the Ministerfor Lands. The Honorable T. L.Lewis. M.L.A., who has promisedhis co-operation in selecting a moresuitable site.Proposal For Rationalisation of theAustralian Sea Cadet CorpsThe A.S.C.C. at present is sponsoredby the League and jointlyadministered with the Naval Board.The latter, by virtue of the manyservices in kind rendered, is by farthe major contributor to the maintenanceof the Corps.The Director of Naval Reserveshas proposed to the Sea CadetsCouncil a scheme for the rationalisationof the Corps, primarily to improveits overall efficiency throughoutAustralia and also to providegreater opportunity for future expansionof the Corps.This scheme, which does notdivorce the League from the Corpsbut could reduce the presentfinancial commitments of theLeague, has been endorsed in principleby the Federal Council andinvestigation has commenced ofmethods for its implementation.Much preparatory work must beundertaken but the proposal is mostgenerous and a tremendous tributeto the League as founders of theSea Cadet youth movement.EntertainmentSeveral visits to various ships werearranged, also a Harbour cruise andBarbecue at Snapper Island bycourtesy of S.C. Commander Forsythe.Amongst the ships visited were theAircraft Carrier U.S.S. BENNING-TON and the U.S. Coastguard IceBreaker GLACIER. Such visits arewarmly welcomed by the Officersand Ships Companies of the shipsconcerned and ar: much appreciatedby the members and their friends.Navy League BailThe magnificent sum of $2,000.00was handed to the New SouthWales Division by the Ledies Committee.It is the largest sum the-Committee has ever raised, and thistremendous result is itself, a tributeto the wonderful work and successfulendeavour of the members ofthis Committee under the able Presidencyof Mrs. T. K. Morrison, wifeof the Flag Officer-in-Charge. EastPeg* Sixtv-toor THE NAVY Augw»t-S«pt«mb*r-0

FRANK J. HODGSONPty. Ltd.35 REYNOLDS STREET, BALMAIN, N.S.W.YALE FORK TRUCKS•FULL RANGE — DIESEL, PETROL AND BATTERY1,000 LBS TO 70.000 LBS CAPACITYHIRE FORKL1FTS - CHEAPEST RATES IN AUSTRALIAFULL RANGE OF USED FORKL1FTSPhone 82-049124-HOUK RADIO CONTROLLED SERVICEJ. FENWICK 6l CO. Pty. Ltd.DIESEL & STEAM TUG OWNERSOperating atSydneyBotany BayNewcastlePort KemblaFleetDiesel Tugs:Castle CoveCamp CoveIron CoveFarm CoveManly CoveSydney CoveSirius Cove\ustralia area. Your Committer islost grateful to the President and• very member of the Ladies Comlitteeand regrets its inability to• »y more than a great big "Thank• ou'\ together with the assurancemat the monies will be wisely spentpon the objectives for which itwas raised.\ppreciationsYour Committee desires to recordus appreciation to P & O OrientLines of Australia Pty. Ltd. for thiuse of this room this evening andfor providing facilities for theMonthly Committee Meeting.Mr. J. K. Bowen our HonorarySolicitor and his partner Mr. J. B.McMinn.Mr. R. I. Rae. our HonoraryTreasurer, and Messrs. Robertson,Darling and Co.. our HonoraryAuditors for their careful supervisingof our accounts.Finally. 1 wish to express my appreciationof the great assistanceafforded to me, as your President,by every member of the Executiveand to our able Secretary. LieutenantCommander A. A. Andrews. M.B.E..for the capable and enthusiasticmannerin which he has approachedall our problems.H. A. SHOWERS(Rear Admiral)PresidentTHE NAVY LEAGUE OF AUSTRALIA NEW SOUTH WALES DIVISIONBALANCE SHEET AS AT JUNE 30, 19671966$ 1967$ACCUMULATED FUNDS10.612 Balance — June 30. 1966 11.904l.e»: Loans lo units at that date, now converted to grants to units 1.9229.9221.292 Add: Surplus of income over expenditure of the year ended June 30. 1967 1.073"- 904 11.055Employed its follows:Filed Assets — at Cost192 Office Equipment 192520 Film Projector 520198 Sea Cadet Equipment |910910910 Less: Provision for depreciation 9 |q.Investment — At Cost1.000 Sydney County Council Inscribed Stock 1.0002.522 Loans to Units — Interest FreeCurrent AssetsSundry Debtors 23K.7I0 Bank of New South Wales — Current Account 10,468 10,4912.232 ||491Deduct:Current Liabilities270 Sundry Creditors 37358 Ada McMaster Trust 63.Page Sixty-sixHead Offite2 Weston StreetBalmain East, N.S.W.82-0178Newcastle, N.S.W.11 Watt StreetNewcastle2-2818Steam Tug:HimmaPoht Kembla, N.S.W.c/- AssociatedSteamship Pty. Ltd.Port Kembla, N.S.W.4-1075August-September-October, 1

NAVY PERSONNEL LKTEasicut High SpeedSteel Cutting ToolsSolve your tooling problem Drills. TapsMilling Cutter. Reamers. CountersinksCounterborcs. SR Boring Cutters. Tools BitsButt-welded Tools. Files. Hacksaw Blades100T Cutter For technical assistance,special tooling design and quoteCONTACT HFAD OFFICF250 Princes Highway, Dandenong, Vic.Phone Dandenong 2-9351N.S.W. OFFICE22 Mandible St., Alexandria, N.S.W.Phone 69-5566Greetings to all H.M.A.S. Cerberuspersonnel and families from . . .THE DIRECTORS AND STAFF OFYour AMP SocietyLife AssuranceRepresentatives:Messrs. Ashton and John Latham12 RITCHIE STREETFRANKSTON, VIC.KOR A'.L YOUR INSURANCE NEF.DSLIFE F1RF. — ACCIDENTPhone Fronkston 78-32822AVIATION ENGINEERINGSUPPUESPeriscope on AustraliaMAM S ISLAND R.A.N. BASECONTRACT LETThe Federal Government has letthe first contract in a plan to improvethe Royal Australian NavalStation at Manus Island, NewGuinea.Improvements costing $3.5m arebeing made over a number of yearsto accommodate the 100 foot patrolboats which will be used by thePapua-New Guinea division of theR.A.N.SURGEON REAR ADMIRALCOPLANSThe Medical Director-General ofthe Royal Australian Navy. ActingSurgeon Rear Admiral R. M. Coplans,has been confirmed in the rankof Surgeon Rear Admiral.Surgeon Rear Admiral Coplansjoined the R.A.N, in 1948 afterhaving served ten years in the RoyalNavy. He is a specialist in aviationmedicine and hygiene and has heldappointments in the Navy's mainmedical Cjrommet -VISIT BY JAPANESE SERVICEOFFICERSA small group of senior JapaneseService officers comprising GeneralYoshifusa Amano, Chairman JointStaff Council; Rear Admiral K. Sekiand Lieutenant Colonel A. Chida,visited Australia from June 26 toJuly 3.The improvements will include a500-ton slipway, a crane, barracks,workshops and headquarters building.The purpose of the visit was tohave informal discussions and enablethe Japanese to see certain ofAustralia's Defence installations. Thevisitors inspected Service facilitiesin the Canberra. Melbourne andSydney areas.H.M.A. SHIPS "BASS" AND"BANKS"taken delivery of their training ship,H.M.A.S. BASS (see photo) andReserves from Adelaide (H.M.A.S.ENCOUNTER) have receivedH.M.A.S. BANKS.Tasmanian and South Australianmembers of the R.A.N.R. commissionedtheir respective vessels inSydney on July 8. before sailing fortheir home ports.DESTROYER CAPTAINAPPOINTEDCaptain A. A. Willis. R.A.N., adirection specialist, has been postedas commanding officer of Australia'sthird guided missile destroyerH.M.A.S. BRISBANE.Members of the Naval Reserve His former commands have ininHobart (H.M.A.S. HUON) have eluded H.M.A. Ships WARRA-H.M.A.S. ANZAC AT TONGA(Late A.E.S. Trading Co. Pty. Ltd.)MELBOURNE AIRPORT MATTHEWS AVENUENIDDRIE, VICTORIATAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO EXTEND BEST WISHESTO ALL MEMBERSANTI-SUB SCHOOLThirty representatives from theUnited Kingdom, the U.S.A., Canidaand Australia, attended the fifthinnual anti-submarine warfare•chool which opened at the R.A.N.\ir Station, Nowra, on Monday,iune 5.Delegates to the R.A.N. —R.A.A.F. Australian Joint AntisubmarineSchool were welcomedty the Flag Officer in Charge, East\ustralia Area, Rear Admiral T. K.Morrison. C.B., C.B.E., D.S.C.During the week long conference,information was exchanged on thelatest developments and tactics aswell as anti-submarine trainingmethods.The destroyer H.M.A.S. ANZAC mode on official visit to Tonga from 3-7 Julyfor the Coronation of King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV. During her stay the wasopen for public inspection.fog. Sixty-.ighl THE NAVY>Octob«r,August-September-October, 1967 THE NAVY Page Sixty-nine

United Ship ServicesPty. Ltd.GEELONG MELBOURNE PORTLANDVICTORIAAUSTRALIAThe largest organisation in Victorian ports for the supply and erectionof fittings for the carriage of every description of cargo.Bulk grainfittings a speciality. Dunnage supplied, holds cleaned. Decks caulked.Carpenters, joiners and shipwrights supplied.88-102 NORMANBY RD., SOUTH MELBOURNETelephone: 69-5231Telegrams and Cables: "UNISTEVE ', MelbourneWISHING THE NAVY EVERY SUCCESS FROM . . .MULHALLS GARAGENORTH STREET, NOWRA, N.S.W.Phone Nowra 2-2713H.M.A.S. BASS (Sister Ship H.M.A.S. BANKS) of the "Explorer Clots" ofGeneral Purpose Vessels.MUNGA, VOYAGER and VEN-DETTA.Captain Willis left for the U.S.A.on July 2.PATROL BOATS 1On July 14 H.M.A.S. ASSAIIwas launched from the yard ofI vans Deakin and Company Pty.1 imited, Brisbane, by Mrs. L. B.1 vans, whose husband has beenbusiness adviser to the Departmentof the Navy since 1953.ASSAIL is the third patrol boat»< be launched; the first of the class.I M.A.S. ATTACK, was launchedo • April 8 and the second. H.M.A.S.AITAPE, on July 6 (see photo).Twenty of the boats have been

Walkers Limited23 BOWEN STREET, MARYBOROUGHQUEENSLANDALSO AT MACKAY, QLD.•GENERAL ENGINEERS AND SHIP BUILDERSSTEEL IRON AND NON-FERROUS FOUNDRYSHIP BUILDING CAPACITY VESSELS TO 350 FEET LONGFORGE SHOP REGISTERED WITH LLOYDSFOR CASTINGS AND FORGINGSPhones Maryborough 2321 Mackay 2471REST AND RECREATIONLEAVESydney and Brisbane, includingQueensland's Gold Coast, have beenselected as rest and recreation leavecentres for American servicemenfrom Vietnam.It has also been agreed thai membersof the Australian forces inVietnam come within the provisionsof the leave scheme, which commencedduring September.Initially it is expected that onlysmall numbers will be flown to the"R & R Centres". These numberscould build up to a maximum of1,000 personnel at each site at anyone time.It is understood that troops willspend an average of five days inAustralia.CHANGE IN DESTROYERCOMMANDCaptain K. W. Shands. at presentserving as Director of Tactics andWeapon Policy at Navy Office. Canberra. will take command of theguided missile destroyer H.M.A.S.HOBART on her return from Viet-Signalmon from H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE flashes to HORNET and H.M.N.Z STARANAKI just prior to SEATO force leaving Manila Bay on phase work-upof SEATO Exercise "Sea Dog".Best regards to all Naval Personnel from . . .THE HOTELALLENFRIENDLY SERVICEYOUR FAVOURITE BEER AT ITS COLDEST BEST IAIR-CONDITIONED, SELF-CONTAINED ACCOMMODATION UNITSEXCELLENT CUISINEGREGORY STREET, NORTH WARD, QLD.For ReservationsPhone Townsville (Queensland) 5656nam. where she has been operatinswith the U.S. Seventh Fleet.He will succeed Captain G. R.Griffiths who has had command ofthe ship since her commissioning onDecember 18, 1965.SEATO EXERCISESNaval forces and maritime airforces from six member nations ofthe South-East Asia Treaty Organisation,participated in a combinedmaritime exercise code named "SeaDog", from July 7-29.The exercise involved more than40 ships and supporting aircraftwhich had assembled in the Philippines.Following a variety of trainingactivities, a convoy operation startedf om Manila on July 16 and concededin the Gulf of Thailand on!ui> 26.lite United Slates and Auutaliawere co-sponsors of the exercise,and forces from Thailand, NewZealand, the Philippines and them United Admiral Kingdom R participated.R e a rH.M.A.S. MELBOURNE takes on fuel from U.S.S. GUADALUPE In heavy sees In- J-F!a *SEATO Exercise "See Dog" work-up phase.Officer Commanding Her Majesty sPage Seventy-two THE NAVY A u gu st- September-October,August-September-October, 1967THE NAVYPage Seventy-three

The Royal Yacht "Brittania"is equipped withNU-SWIFTThe World's FastestFire ExtinguishersEasy to HandledCERTAINto Operate!Nu-Swift are installed inevery ship of Her Majesty'sRoyal Navy and are standardequipment in 23 otherNavies, including the RoyalAustralian. Royal NewZealand. Royal Canadian.French, South African RoyalNetherlands and Royal HellenicNavies.A size and type for every Are riskSOLD BY STORES AND GARAGESDistributed in Western Australia by:SANDOVERS44 Belmont Ave., Belmont, W.A.Phone Inquiries 65-1711 Ext. 353BEWARE ! !Farmers, Dairymen, TransportersIT'S NOT ONLY CRANES WHICHCAN TOUCHOVERHEAD CONDUCTORS!BEWARE - OVERHEAD LIKESTHE STATE EUECTtlCJTY COMMISSION Of WfSTi*r. AUSTRALIAAustralian Fleet was ExerciseDirector, his deputy being RearAdmiral D. W. Cooper, U.S.N.The chief of the SEATO MilitaryPlanning Office, Major General AbhichartDhiradhamrong, has announcedthat the second exercisescheduled for early 1968 is to bea ground command post exercisein Thailand. The last to be heldfor the training year will be amaritime amphibious exercise inthe Philippines.The three exercises are part ofa five-year programme of defencetraining approved by the SEATOMilitary Advisers at their meetingat Bangkok in December, 1966, andare organised to train and increasethe effectiveness of the armed forcesof participating member nations forcollective defence purposes.JOINT SERVICECOLLEGE SYSTEMThe Minister for Defence, Mr.Fairhall, announced on July 18,long term planning, which is inprogress in the Department of Defence,looking to the establishmentof a Joint Service College systemwhich would provide education atthe tertiary level for cadets of allthree Services in conjunction withtheir military/professional training.Recent announcements have beenmade regarding arrangements bythe Navy and the Army with theUniversity of New South Wales toprovide their officer cadets withacademic training through affiliationof their existing colleges withthe University .These arrangements are a necessarystep to meet the needs of theNavy and the Arm: and have beenprompted by recognition of the needfor higher education as an essentialpart of training for future Serviceofficers.There is already an affiliation betweenthe R.A.A.F. Academy. PointCook and the University of Melbourneto provide R.A.A.F. officercadets with education at tertiarylevel.At the same time these arrangementsare regarded as an interimstep consistent with the long termaim fo

Motorists—Call in and see MIKE EDWARDSFor Personal Attention—We are open from7 30 a.m. to 8 p.m. to serve youElectronic Tune-up—Car and Engine WashingRange of Spare Parts in Stock—Lubrication.Fuel. Oil. etc—Agents for Suzuki Motor CyclesESSO SERVICENTERBeach Road, Christies Beach, S.A.PHONE: 82-1755Best of wishes to the Navy Boys from . .AMATO'S FISH SHOPWHERE YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME60 St. Vincent St., Pt. AdelaidePHONE: 4-1598—Clubs Catered For >SAINSBURYYOUR BUTCHERPURVEYORS OF QUALITY MEATSRETAIL SHOPSCRUICKSHANK PTY. LTD.PRINTERS151-155 Gouger Street, AdelaideModem Letterpress Plant Small Offset Dept:ind Bindery Travellers calling to allsuburbs weeklyPHONE 51-3741 —51-2837Best Wishes from A. NICHOLSON of . . .Southern Cross PanelRepairs805 SOUTH ROAD, CLARENCE GARDENSSOUTH AUSTRALIAWho Specialise in All Body Repairs andInsurance Quotes — Expert Workmanshipby Skilled TradesmenPHONE: Office ....2 HURTLE SQUARE, ADELAIDE, S.A.Telephone 23-1891 — 370D, G.P.O., Adelaide41 Gougcr Street. Adelaide Tel. 51-1985130 Jetty Road. Glenelg Tel. 95-7818286 Main North Road. Enfield Tel. 65-52 f>233 Main North Road. Enfield Tel. 65-6838Enfield Shopping Centre Tel. 65-662243 Kensington Road. Norwood Tel. 3-5216Elizabeth John Martins Fcod Hall T.I. 55-2333(Extn. 128)Elizabeth Park Shopping Centre Tel. 55-1175Elizabeth North Shopping Centre Tel. 55-1849Mitcham Shopping Centre Tel. 71-1539172 Goodwood Road. Goodwood Tel 71-6247103 Grange Road. Allenby Gardens Tel. 46-1122245 Grange Road. Flinders Park Tel. 45-4015Leabrook Shopping Centre Tel. 31-3514Glenunga — Hoeper's Super Mart Tel. 79-5774HOTEL AND RESTAURANT CONTRACT DIVISION41 Gouger Street, Adelaide — Phone 51-5487"REMEMBER — MEAT MAKES THE PERFECT MEAL**Page Seventy-six THE NAVY August-September-October. 1WRANS TO SERVE OVERSEASThe first members of the Women'sRoyal Australian Naval Service(WRANS) to serve in a Naval establishmentoverseas, left Sydney forSingapore on August 3.The Wrans are: Chief Wran LoisGrace Redpath. Leading WranElizabeth May Sanders and LeadingWran Natalie Hall Thorn.The girls will be based at theRoyal Naval shore establishmentH.M.S. "Terror" for one year.Two more Wrans and a Wranofficer are scheduled to serve inSingapore and should leave Australiaduring October.Since the inception of theWomen's Services during World WarII. servicewomen have been legallyliable for service beyond Australia.It has always been the practicehowever, that apart from nursingsisters, women do not serve overseasalthough some Army servicewomenserved in Papua-New Guineain the later stages of World WarII. In later years there has been noservice need for women to serveoverseas as they have always beenneeded in Australia to enable mento be released to fill overseas posts.The change in policy was decidedupon to give the Services moreflexibility in the posting of trainedpersonnel in musterings wherewomen may replace men.RECIPE FORSEAPOWERYou lake a pound of MOBILITY,Add a cup of VERSATILITY.A sufficient amount of DEPENDA-BILITY,A lot of PERSEVERANCE andsufficient RESPONSIVENESS;Blend with OTHER BRANCHESOF THE ARMED FORCES:Spice with a mix of MODERNWEAPONS:Now add some COLD STEEL;Season with a measure of OLDFASHIONED SEAMANSHIP:Moisten with a good amount ofSEAWATER:Let simmer for 200 years whileoccasionally adding ingredients.It will serve 200 million Americanpeople with enough left over forother free nations.By Captain Frederick 1. Heller, USNWRANS FOR SINGAPORE—L.ftto RlgM: L.oding Wran Thorn, ME Jim Flood.Chl.f Wran R.dpoth and Loading Wran Sond.rsNORTH-WEST CAPECOMMISSIONED ANDSUPPORT TOWNSHIPOPENEDThe United States Navy CommunicationStation at North WestCape was commissioned on Saturday.September 16. with the Rt.Wavy.Hon. Harold Holt as guest ofhonour and principal speaker at theopening ceremony.On the same day the Premier ofWestern Australia, the Hon. DavidBrand, formally opened "Exmoulh".the support township that was builtin the area to house both Americanand Australian families.rJLecicjuv d^affl(New South Wales)1»«7HOTEL AUSTRALIA(SAPPHIRE ROOM)FRIDAY, 17th NOVEMBERTICKETS: $13 PER DOUBLEParticulars may be obtained from:—Mrs. A. G. McFARLANE,22 Wylde Street, POTTS POINT. N.S.W. 2011.Tel.: 35-1687.ORMrs. DAVID LEACH.22 Wylde Street. POTTS POINT. N.S.W. 2011.Tel.: 35-1837.Auguft-Soptombw-Ortobor, 1967 THE NAVY Poge Seventy-seven

" 1 "BEST WISHES TO ALL R.A.N. PERSONNEL ON TRAFALGARANNIVERSARY 1967 FROMTHE WELD HOTEL(Mine Hostv Mr. znd Mrs. Charlie HahiesiALBANY HIGHWAY, ALBANY, W.A.When in the Purl of Albany you will Mill find ihe Same Friendly Surroundings ofTHE WELD th:u hive made this Hold a Favorite with Ssam.nIn addition we now offer the Finest Aecommodallon of the City with Modern Moel UnitsFully Equipped and ServicedAlways make straight for the WHI P), a Home Away From HomePhone Albany 15BEST WISHES TO ALL R.A.N. PERSONNEL ON TRAFALGARCELEBRATIONS 1967 FROMYour Approved Northern Ports Provid*resWaller & Sons Pty. Ltd.SHIPS CHANDLERS AND PROVIDORES122 AUGUSTUS STREET, GERALDTON, A Firm Well Known and Respected ThroughoutR.A.N. CirclesPhone Geroldton 752 A.H. Bluff Point 255The Royal Netherlands NavyThe Netherlands and the seaThe two lines above are a wellknownsaying in the lowlands andsum up the history of this remarkablenation which owes its existenceto the water and the sea. Afteryears of struggle, three-quarters ofour territory has been wrested fromthe sea. and our people, with greatperseverance and skill, continue toreclaim more land.It is understandable that in thisriverdelta country the people livingbeside the many waterways have hadto look for a way of life suitable totheir enrivonment. It was unavoidablethat this would be found onthe element on which, in fact, ournation was born: water, and in particularthe sea.Thus, on the shores along theNorth Sea a nation of shipbuilders,fishermen and seamen was born.They sailed to the far corners ofthe earth to trade and they returnedwith valuable cargoes. Commercialspirit, courage and good seamanshipmade the Netherlands a seagoingnation par excellence.In the 15th Century the Netherlandswith their ships ruled worldtrade and the merchants with theirown ships and capital were capableof waging war against any whoattacked their rights at sea. TheDutch were the first to believe inand fight for "The freedom on thesea" (Mare Liberum). Afterwardsthis principle was also chosen byEngland as the starting point for hermaritime policy. Free overseas tradeand the maintenance of a high standardof shipping were and still areof prime national importance to theNetherlands.Forming Maritime PowerIn the 16th and 17th centuriesDutch seamen and merchants hadopened trade routes to the East andWest Indies. Voyages of discoverywere undertaken and trading postsand colonies established in East-"Water is our element,The sea thunders our glory".By Lieutenant Commander H.J.L.C. BAX. R.Neth.N.JSfc,.sr .. jAsia (Indonesian Archipeligo), Malaccaand Ceylon, Africa (Cape colonyand the gold coast). NorthAmerica (New Amsterdam-NewYork), South America (West Indiesand Brazil) and Australia (Tasmaniaand New Zealand).Trading companies were started(East and West Indian Companies)and Dutch seamen navigated all theoceans of the world.The Independence won in 1648after 80 years of war with Spainwas due mainly to the rough seamenwho managed to inflict heavylosses on the enemy on land as wellas sea (e.g. the capture of the Spanishsilver fleet off Cuba by viceadmiralPiet Hein in 1628, and theliberation of besieged towns fromthe waterfront—Den Briel, Alkmaar,Haarlem, etc.). The Spaniards scornfullynamed these seamen "Beggarsof the Sea", a name which Dutchseamen came to hold in high esteem.These sea beggars were infact, the founders of our navy. Thenavy originally consisted of fiveH.NI.M.S. KAHtl DOORMAN, IK. only aircraft confer In th.Sh. It IHfed with an onglad light

Best wishes to Navy Personnel from . . .Fremantle Wine Saloon(Mine Hosts John Mohr and Alec Mcintosh)85 High St., Fremantle, W.A.For the Best in Australian WinesPHONE 52745Best wishes to R.A.N. Personnel from . . .CLEOPATRA HOTEL(Mine Host FRED LEIGHTON)24 HIGH STREET, FREMANTLE. W.A.A Bright Spot for an Ale with Your MatesRemember "The Cleo"Phone 5-1277Best wishes to R.A.N, personnel on Trafalgar Anniversary1967 from -Best wishes to R.A.N, personnel for Trafalagr Anniversary1967 from -THE ROSE HOTELVictoria Street, Bunbury, W.A.The very best venue in the Port of Bunbur>for a cold, refreshing ale in convivial surroundingsWell Stocked Bottle DepartmentPHONE 2988ROSELLA FOODS PTY. LTD.69 Thompson Rd., Nth. Fremantle, W.A.Manufacturers of the famous ROSELLA Brand Canned FoodsSuppliers to the R.A.NPHONE 5-2121Best wishes to R.A.N, on Trafalgar Anniversary1967 from . . .FREMANTLEPROVIDORINGCO. PTY. LTD.7/ LEAI\E1 EAIfE91QTPEETKEE 1,FREMANTLE, W.A.Quality Suppliers to R.A.N.Phone 5-1036Pag, Eighty THE NAVY Auguit-S,pl:mb,r-Octobor. 1The Cruiser DE ZEVEN PRO VINCI EN is fftfod"Terrier" guided missiles. Her 6-Inch guns Iper minute* are fully outomatic and radarelevation.admiralties which operated completelyindependently of each other andquite often thwarted each other.The rapid rise of the Netherlandsas a sea faring nation naturallygave rise to rivalry, not only intrade but also in shipping, whichinevitably led to conflict. The Netherlandsunder their famous admiralsM. A. de Ruyter, M. H. Tromp,Cornelis Tromp, Witte de With,Evertsen, Banckert, Van Galen andothers had to fight three warsagainst the English and French.They also had to fight the Dunkirkprivateers in the Channel and theAlgerian pirates in the Mediterraneanin order to ensure safe passagefor their merchant vessels. Expeditionsto the Baltic were necessaryto help the Danes against thebellicosity of the king who ruledSweden at that time.When England and France wentto war with Spain in 1676, a Dutchsquadron was sent to the Mediterraneanto aid their hereditary enemySpain. At Syracuse the Frenchwere beaten but the Netherlandssuffered a great loss as her mostfamous admiral, M. A. de Ruyter,was killed. The Netherlands wereable to keep command of the seauntil the latter half of the 17thcentury.i one twin launcher aft fora rate of Are of 15 roundsand hove 60 degreeIn April, 1675, the fleets of thegreatest sea powers were as follows:England, 92 ships with ordnanceand 3 fireships.France, 96 ships with ordnanceand 4 fireships.The Netherlands, 136 ships withordnance and 40 fireships.Owing to the shallow home watersmost of the Dutch ships however,had only two decks, while theFrench and British ships had three.It is evident that even after thewars with England the Dutch fleetwas still exceptionally powerful.Afterwards history shows a periodof deterioration in the maritimepower of the Netherlands, but inthe national interest the Netherlandshad to keep sailing and would andcould not allow itself to be sweptfrom the seas.The Royal Netherlands Navy in theSecood World W«The Netherlands took part in thesecond world war on the side ofthe allies with an excellent merchantnavy but with a Royal navywhich was far too small to protectthe home country and the overseasterritories in East and West.When the Netherlands were occupiedby the Germans in May 1940,the Royal Netherlands Navy crossedover to Britain and continued thewar from there. The largest part ofthe fleet, however, was stationed inthe Dutch East Indies awaiting theextension of the war to the Pacific.After the treacherous attack onPearl Harbour (December 1941), theNetherlands were one of the firstnations to declare war on Japanand in the early stages of the war.Dutch submarines and aircraft (FleetAir Arm), were able to inflict heavylosses on the enemy.In the first days of the Pacificwar the Dutch submarine squadronoperated independently in Indonesianwaters, intercepting Japaneseconvoys and helping the Britishon Malacca, but latei it was joinedby American, English and Australianships from the ABDA fleet. Atthe end of February, 1942, this"striking force" under the commandof Rear-Admiral Karel Doormanfought the Japanese in the JavaSea battle. Most of the alliedships went down fighting, includingthe Dutch cruisers H.Nl.M.S.'sJava and De Ruyter.Though the Allies brought thewar to a successful conclusion, itwas found that the Royal NetherlandsNavy had paid dearly inlives and material.About 3000 naval personnel and3000 merchant seamen were killed.The Merchant Navy lost 1.8 milliontons of the original 3 milliontons of shipping, while the RoyalNetherlands Navy lost 69 ships(tonnage 74,000) of the prewar 88ships (tonnage 95,000).After Germany and Japan hadcapitulated in 1945 and the NetherlandsNavy could sail home at last,only a small part of the pre-warfleet was still in existence, andthis was so old and worn that itcould hardly be called a fleet.We had to renew our fleet completelyif we wanted to take ourplace once again as a maritimenation, and also be prepared forthe new threat which was loomingfrom the East.The Fleet of TodayThis new fleet was built inabout ten years (1945-1955). Thegreater part of this fleet was builtat our own expense in our owndockyards, some of the ships wereacquired from the United StatesAugvst-September-October. 1967 THE NAVY Page Eighty-one

Compliments to the Navy fromShoalhavenT.V. Service•fa T.V. Sale and Servicefa T.V. For HirefaElectrical Checks•PHONE NOWRA 2-3193Compliments to the Navy from . . .NOWRABRICKWORKSPRINCES HIGHWAY,NOWRA, N.S.W., 2540Do you require supplies of bricksfor early delivery seeC. DOWNES (Proprietor)Phone Nowro 22503Compliments to the Navy from ...Shoalhaven & NowNews Pty. Ltd.COMMERCIAL PRINTERS &PUBLISHERSShoalhaven & Nowra NewsPublished Each WednesdayPHONE 2-0317P.O. BOX 102, NOWRAN.S.W.BEST WISHES TO THE NAVY FROM . . .DREDGINGINDUSTRIES(Aust.) Pty. Ltd•89 CHANDOS STREETST. LEONARDS, N.S.W.Phone 439-1522lockyards, some of the ships weretcquired from the United* Statesinder the Mutual Aid Programme,nd a few were bought fromibroad.This fleet is at present as folows(July 1st, 1967).Urcraft Carriers (1).H.N 1.M.S. "Karel Doorman" (RSI).Displacement: 15,892 tons standard;Engine power 40.000 s.h.p. —25 knots.Complement: 1.509.Armament: 10 — 40 mm A.A.Guns; 35 aircraft (S-2A GrummanTracker and SH-34 J Sikorskyhelicopters).This aircraft carrier is the nucleusof the modern Netherlands fleet andwith its aircraft and helicopters itcan take part in ensuring the safearrival of goods and raw materialto the Netherlands in time of war.Because of its mobility this aircraftcarrier can launch A.S.W. aircraftanywhere in the world. It isof great importance to the Natoalliance to have this carrier at itsdisposal.H.N 1.M.S. "Karel Doorman" waspurchased from Great Britain in1948 and commissioned in theNetherlands on May 28th. of thesame year. The ship underwent aradical alteration (modernisation) in1956-58).CruisersH.N1.M.S. "De Ruyter" (C 801).Displacement: 9,529 tons standard;Engine power 85.000 s.h.p. —32 knots.Complement: 943.Armament: 8 — 6 inch twin turrents;8 — 57 mm A.A. (in pairs);8 — 40 mm A.A.; 1 flare rocketlauncher 10.3 cm; 2 depthchargerails.H.N 1.M.S. "De Zeven Provincien"(C 802).Displacement: 12,160 tons standard;Engine power 85,000 s.h.p. —— 32 knots.Complement: 850.Armament: A twin "Terrier"guided missle launcher; 4 — 6 inchtwin turrets; 6 — 57 mm A.A. (inpairs); 8 — 40 mm A.A.The cruisers form the artillerystriking force of the NetherlandsNaval Forces. Tlie principal dutiesassigned to these ships are: Protectionown naval units from sea,air and possible land attacks; Protectionof merchant shipping, inconvoy or otherwise, from enemynaval and air attack; Display ofpower in peace time}—with orwithout real action — in order toprotect Netherlands interests whereever required.As well as these rather defensiveduties the armed cruisers are capableof more offensive action suchas tracking and destroying enemysurface ships; excuting coastalbombardments, attacking enemyconvoys etc.The cruisers are equipped with themost modern electronic apparatusfor fire-control, target tracking andnavigation. Special attention hasbeen paid to the ships own protection;the various quarters havebeen distributed over the entireship so that a single hit cannot putthe majority of officers, non-commissionedofficers and men out ofaction at the same time. For thesame reason enginerooms and boilerroomshave been formed intoso called "Units". Both cruiserswere built in Netherlands dockyardsat our own expense; theywere commissioned at the end of1953.In the years 1962-64 H.N1.M.S."De Zeven Provinden" was rearmed;that is to say since thecruiser was then equipped with aTerrier installation.The Terrier is an anti-aircraftweapon — a so-called "sea airguided missile." The height anddistance range, as well as theaccuracy of this weapon makes itcapable of destroying modernenemy jet bombers before they canbegin an effective attack on ourships.The addition to the fleet of aship armed with guided missiles willgive the Royal Netherlands Navythe opportunity of familiarizing itselfwith the operational technicaland personal problems of thisweapon system.Destroyers 'Holland-class' (4).H.N 1.M.S. "Holland" (D 808),H.N 1.M.S. "Zeeland" (D 809),H.N 1.M.S. "Noord-Brabant" (D 810)and H.N 1.M.S. "Gelderiand" (D811).Displacement: 2,215 tons standard;engine power 45,000 s.h.p. —32 knots.Complement: 247.Armament: 4 — 4.7 inch (intwin turrets); 1 — 40 mm; 2 fourbarrelled rocket throwers (depthchargemortars).The fast fleot replacement tanker and supply ship POOLSTBt Is ttted with ahelicopter dock oft and has bean In commission foe three years.Page Eighty-two THE NAVY August-September-October, 1967August-September-October, 1967 THf NAVY Pttgo Eighty-three

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SEA CADET CORPS NEWSNEW SOUTH WALES DIVISIONANNUAL REPORT TO THE NAVY LEAGUE OF AUSTRALIANEW SOUTH WALES DIVISION FOR THE YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 1967The number of Units in thisDivision remains unchanged at eightalthough it is anticipated that withinthe next six months the new proposedUnit at Gosford will receiveofficial Naval Board recognition.The frustrating delay in this casehas been due entirely to the lengthof time it has taken to obtain alease on a suitable waterfront sitebut at long last this is coming closeto reality.An encouraging aspect has beenthe increase in the number ofCadets in New South Wales and wenow have on strength in the regionof 400, an increase of approximately100 Cadets over the previous year.However. notwithstanding t h egreater number of Cadets the Divisionis suffering from a lack ofsenior ranks owing to the large percentageof this age group enteringthe Permanent Naval Forces.Fifty-three Cadets are recorded asjoining the Royal Australian Navyover the past 12 months, and whenone takes into account that thisfigure is actually the number acceptedfor service it will be realisedthat this is a particularly high percentageof our overall strength.There again we know that quite afew Cadets are discharged from the the Corps also inspected the Camp.Corps and because their appetite has Regrettably after considerable discussionbeen whetted by their nautical trainingand deliberation there wassubsequently join the Service. little alternative but to arrive at theWe are proud to think that we are conclusion that it would not bea source of recruitment for the practical for a number of reasonsR.A.N, and every effort is made byus to encourage this aspect. It wouldto recommend a Sea Cadetat "Gan Gan".Campseem appropriate at this stage to At the Annual Church Parade themention that a Midshipman who Division was again honoured to bepassed out from the Naval College, inspected by Rear-Admiral Morrison.the Flag Officer-in-Charg", EastJervis Bay. this year was at thetime of his acceptance as a seniorentry, a Sea Cadet Petty Officerin this Division.H.M.A. Ships and Establishmentshave provided us with every possibleopportunity for weekend trainingand this enabled the DivisionalTraining Programme to contain thevariety that is so essential to maintainthe interest of not only theCadets themselves but the Officers and the Navy League of Australiaand Instructors.However, continuousand in particular the Ladies Balltraining is Committee, this Division expressesbecoming a serious problem, particularlyits grateful appreciation for theas there is now a require-assistance both financial and other-ment to cater for some 300 Cadets wise received over the past January. In the past, Naval In concluding I should like toEstablishments have gone out of take the opportunity of mentioningtheir way to provide billets for the pending rationalisation of NavalCadets but naturally with the in-Cadetscreasing commitments of the Royal attendant problems, but I know IThis will naturally have itsAustralian Navy, coupled with our speak for all my Officers and Instructorswhen I say we view theown growth, it is becoming increasinglydifficult to obtain sufficientpostings to cater for all those and as a challenge for us to provepending changes with excitementwishing to participate. Continuous without any question of doubt thattraining is, of course, a most Naval Cadets can take their placeimportant facit of the Corps' activities.Various avenues have been and Cadet counterparts.alongside our Army and Air Forceare being explored at the moment (Sgd.) L. MACKAY find a solution. I should like toLieut.-Commander R.A.N.R.quote one instance which also showsour very close liaison with theSenior Office.Army. At the invitation of ColonelPeach, the Commandant of 2ndCadet Brigade Headquarters, a visitwas recently made by myself andmy Staff Officers to the Army TrainingCamp named "Gan Gan"situated close to Nelson's Bay. StaffOfficer (Reserves) Commander J.Beckley who has displayed considerableinterest in the activities ofAustralia Area.T.S. "Tobruk" (Newcastle) wasadjudged the "most efficient" Unitin the Division for 1967 althoughfrom all accounts selection was notan easy task as the efficiency andkeenness displayed by the majorityof Units during their annual inspectionwas most noteworthy.To the Royal Australian NavyTheRural Bankoffers everytradingbank serviceincluding:• Cheque accounts for everyperson or business• Interest-Bearing ShortTerm Deposits• Interest-earning Club andSociety cheque accounts• Complete local and overseatravel service• Travellers' cheques andgift chequesRURAL BANKBoard of Commissioners:J. C. Fletcher, C.B.E. (President):E. T. Carroll; R. H. Cooper;Sir Norman Rydge. C.B.E.:J. F. J. AuswildPage Ninety-.!. THE NAVY Au gull-September-October, 1967RSStIGAMLEN D P. 231I MARINE FUEL ADDITIVES AND CLEANING COMPOUNDSUsed by the Navies and Merchant Fleets of the WorldH.M.A.S. VENDETTA6AMLEN1MEMBERCHEMICAL COMPANYOF A WORLD-WIDEGROUP OF COMPANIES(AUSTRALASIA) PTY. LTD.17-23 Carlotta Street, Artarmon, Sydney, N.S.W. Phone 43-3178BRANCHES IN ALL PRINCIPAL PORTS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.Printed and publpihwj by P.rcivol Publiihing Co- Pry Ltd . 108 He.iderion Rood. AlMondrio, N.S.W.. 'phon. 69-6231with permiulon ol the Navy L.ogu. ol Auilrotia

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