Fireline Stoves Brochure
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Fireline Stoves Brochure

A tradition of warmth and comfortBritish design andengineering at their best

Welcome to the newFireline Stoves BrochureContents3 Technical performance details4 FX4 & FP46 FX5 & FP58 FX5W & FP5W10 FX8 & FP812 FPi5 & FGi514 FPi5T & FGi5T16 FPi5W & FGi5W18 FPi820 Dimensions & Specifications22 Stove PackagesFP and FX StovesKey Features• 5mm and 8mm laser profiledand seam welded constructionfor strength and long life• Draught controlled tertiary air system• Stainless steel ashpan & fixings• Quality cast iron door• Fully multi-fuel equipped cast iron grate• Exceptionally large ceramic glass window• Very clean burning• Multi function tool & stove glovessupplied• Easy servicing, often needing no tools• Interchangeable top or rear flue outlet• Powerful, effective airwashTTi Air SystemFireline’s integral patented TTi airwashsystem is a self regulating system thatprovides a clean burn, and reduced CO andparticulate emissions, resulting in very highefficiency and an exceptionally clean glass.An introduction to Fireline Stovesfrom Peter Mintoft, Technical Director...I am very pleased to introduce you to the latest Fireline Stovebrochure. As the designer of all our stoves it is personally verysatisfying for me to see the range going from strength to strength.There has been huge change in the fireplace market since I beganwork in the domestic Heating & Fireplace industry 25 years ago,the last 12 years of which have been gradually focusing moreon wood burning stove developments.Being born and bred in the West Midlandsit gives me great pleasure to be working inthe midst of British industry designing woodburning and multi-fuel stoves specificallyfor the UK household. Our company’s basehere in Telford is only a stone’s throw fromthe birthplace of the industrial revolutionwhere the very beginnings of modernindustry were forged.Fireline wood burning and multi-fuelstoves provide heating with patent pendingadvanced firebox combustion technologydeveloped exclusively in our Telfordlaboratory, which results in our cleanestburning, most efficient stoves yet. Ourwood burning stoves begin at 78%efficiency – where some products peak –and rise to 81.5%. Our combustiontechnology is developed to harness theunique Fireline designed air-wash as anintegral part of the system and not justan add-on like older designs of stove.The end result is a cleaner heat, cleanerhome, cleaner flue and a cleaner, greenerenvironment. We test, develop and evaluateperformance at low air settings as well ashigh which ensures that our stoves performwith the very best. All but the smallestFireline 4kW wood burning model havenow achieved DEFRA exemption forburning logs in smokeless zones, somethingof a formality for us when clean burning isdesigned and developed into the productsfrom conception.Our stove performance is the result ofconstant investment in research anddevelopment. Fireline only produce productsusing 100% British 3D CAD designs andexacting assembly standards. Materials areselected using quality cast iron, stainlesssteel, mild steel, ceramic glass and highgradeheat resistant coatings. Manufacturedusing the latest CNC laser profiling andpress-brake technology together withseam welding and traditional iron foundingtechniques, Fireline stoves are designedand manufactured to CE StandardsEN13240 and EN13229, in compliancewith our ISO9001 accreditation.Wood burning using a modern Firelinehigh performance stove is not onlyenvironmentally responsible but thepowerful heating effect combined withthe warm ambience of the flame picturesfrom our very large air washed glass panelssimply cannot be beaten.Fireline stoves are designed andengineered to be extremely efficient andenvironmentally friendly. In order to getthe full potential from our stoves werecommend using top quality fuel.For environmentally responsibleproduction coupled with reliable andconsistent high quality we recommendkiln dried firewood by Certainly Wood.See further details.PeterMintoft2Fireline Stoves 2012

Fireline Stoves – Technical performance details revealedQuality stoves are much more than just a metal box at the bottom of the chimney. Considerable efforts are required toensure that the stove can be thermally efficient and many further developments are required to make a stove fully cleanburning. Stoves are often incorrectly considered ‘clean burning’ just because they have an air wash, but the hard truth isthat even stoves with an air wash and good thermal efficiency can still be dirty burners. Fireline stoves are both highlythermally efficient and genuinely clean burning, with DEFRA wood burning exemption achieved on all 5kW andabove models. Some of the following measures demonstrate just how well all our stoves burn wood.):&)6&Total Efficiency to EN13240/13229 –%&+"*"Particulate Emissions&,@?AB&-./*01/2&3&47&44&4'&4:&46&87&84&8'&!"#!$%& !"#!$'& !"#!$'(& !"#!$)&!$*#!+*'&!$*#!+*'(&!$*#!+*',&!$*)&-./*01/2&3& 445)&)65'&47& 4)58&)95:&)9& 4754&4)56&;*1*=A& >=D& >=?& -=%& >=D&Particulates are microscopic soot, ash and other particles emitted in stovesmoke and are an accurate measure of the cleanliness of the burn achievedwithin the firebox. Unlike other tests that only collect a fraction, this UKmethod electrostatically collects 100% of the particulates emitted during awhole burn cycle. A lot of stoves, especially cheap ones, have no control overwhat comes out of the chimney and so would not even come close to thelimits required. However Fireline stoves easily exceed the requirements by amassive 50-78% as the graph shows. Particulates will be closely controlledby law in future due to concerns over health effects, so Fireline are puttingin significant efforts to reduce these emissions on all its stoves.34&C&5&D&;

FX4 & FP4multi-fuelstovesSuperior, large stove performancefrom a petite, narrow designmeans that both models combinethe efficiency and economy of asmall stove, with the enhancedperformance of a much largermodel. Continuous researchand development have created aclean burning heat that gives acleaner, greener environment.Fitting virtually any aperture, thisattractive design is freestanding,with a choice of either a squareor curved door, offering a superbflame ‘picture’, whether you areburning wood or solid fuel.FX4 with curveddoor model4Fireline Stoves 2012

FP4 square door model shownin Balmoral mantel0845 519 5991

FX5 & FP5 multi-fuel stovesTraditional or contemporary, these new 5kw multi-fuel stoves look asharmonious in a farmhouse inglenook as they will in a newly built townhouse. Both stoves are freestanding with either a curved or square doorand large flame picture. For people living in a smoke controlled area,these Fireline stoves are DEFRA exempt for wood burning, which meansthey meet the latest UK Clean Air Act, giving a greener source of heat.FX5 with curved door in thelimestone Cotswold Arch mantel withblack granite chamber and hearthFX5 with curved door model shown inlimestone chamber and hearth65kW freestanding stoves

FP5 square door model shown inlimestone Balmoral mantel withblack granite chamber and hearthFX5 with curved door in theAylesbury limestone mantelFX5 with curved doorFP5 with square door0845 519 5991

FX5W & FP5W multi-fuel stovesThe FX5W & FP5W give the large looks of the 8kW wide screen stovebut maintaining the nominal heat output at 5kW. This is achieved bya subtle reduction in depth of the grate area whilst the over-all 500mmwidth of the stove is the same as the larger 8kW model. This meansthat full 14.5" logs (375mm) can be accommodated on the standardmulti fuel capable grate which incorporates a rotary riddle mechanismusing well proven principles. With a firebox lined with compressedvermiculite insulating board and Fireline’s own patentpending firebox air supply technology means that cleanburning was assured from the beginning – CE and DEFRAcompliance were a formality. 79% efficiency ensures toplevels of fuel economy and the highly effective, provenFireline air wash system gives fabulous views of the firethrough the large glass panel.FP5W shownin an Inglenook85kW freestanding stoves

FX5W shown in limestoneStokesay mantel with limestonechamber and hearth0845 519 5991

FX8 & FP8 multi-fuel stovesThe FX8 and FP8 stoves are big, heavyweight, freestanding designs, made from steel witha traditional cast iron door with extra wide, ceramic glass, flame viewing window. Ideallysuited for larger rooms, these stoves can pump out a really serious amount of heat. Bothstoves have exactly the same specifications, except for the door design, where you havea choice of either a square or a curved door feature. Whichever one you choose, the extrawide flame picture will enhance even the biggest room.FP8 square door model shown108kW freestanding stoves

FX8 curved door model shown inlimestone Boscombe mantel withlimestone chamber and hearth0845 519 5991

FPi5 & FGi5wood burningstovesCreate a stunning impression inyour living room and enjoy thepleasure of a real wood burningstove. Today’s stoves burn woodefficiently and cleanly, providingmaximum heat and a focal pointin any home. The 16" x 22" FPi5has been designed to fit virtuallyany standard class I chimney. Thismeans fitting should be easy, withlittle building work required. Thisfire is DEFRA exempt for burningwood in smoke controlled areas.When married with a Firelinelimestone mantel, like theBeckford, illustrated across,the effect can be truly stunning.The stove comes with a choiceof a metal door (FPi5) or with adouble glazed glass door (FGi5)FGi5 Inset Stove in black graniteWroxeter mantel with blackgranite hearth and back panel125kW freestanding stoves

FPi5 Inset Stove in limestoneBeckford mantel with blackgranite hearth and back panel0845 519 5991

FPi5T & FGi5T wood burning stovesFPi5T is a 16” multi fuel taper stove design driven directly by requestsfrom customers for a much improved view of the fire in an ‘easy fit’taper stove firebox. Designed using a very large ceramic glass panelthis model differs from every other 16” taper stove on the market bygiving the customers the maximum possible fire view in its size class.Performance has not been compromised either due to the advancedcombustion chamber design easily achieving DEFRA exemptperformance and 80% efficiency with clear glassprovided by a powerful air wash. A full 5kW nominalrating on wood or Anthracite is the result whichprovides an excellent choice for those not wishing toremove their tapered fireback. The stove comes witha choice of either a cast iron door or a modern fullyglazed black glass door.FPi5T stove with metal door shownin limestone Stonehenge with blackgranite hearth & back panel.145kW freestanding stoves

Only needs 5"clearance from acombustible shelf*FGi5T stove with fullyglazed glass door shownin limestone Wroxeter* Can be fitted 5" away from a 6" combustible shelfwhen fitted with the optional heat deflector supplied.0845 519 5991

FPi5W & FGi5W wood burning stovesFPi5W is a mid sized 5kW rectangular inset wood stove designed to fit20" fireplace openings to neatly offer a mid size firebox unit retaininga 5kW nominal rating. The firebox technology is well adapted to thenew size thereby maintaining 80% efficiency and DEFRA exemptstandards of clean combustion. Although wood burning only the stoveretains the convenience of a rotary grate to drop ash into a highquality stainless steel ash pan, so no compromise on ash removal overa multi fuel stove is necessary. It comes with a choice of either castiron or black glass doors.FPi5W shown in a limestoneBalmoral with black granitehearth and back panel165kW freestanding stoves

FGi5W glass door shownin a limestone Aylesbury0845 519 5991

FPi8 wood burning stoveA classical, yet contemporary design, the FPi8 features a truly stunning, wide flamewindow, which gives this model a room presence like no other wood-burning stove.The extra large fire chamber will take logs over ½ metre in length, which results in alonger burn and more efficient heat, not to mention the time saved in cutting smalllogs. It’s available with a choice of a 3 or 4-sided trim (see insert) and when marriedwith one of our limestone mantels like the Radnor, illustrated to the right, the effectis a real show stopper.FPi8 Inset Stove with 4-sided trim185kW freestanding stoves

FPi8 Inset Stove in limestoneRadnor mantel with blackgranite hearth and back panel0845 519 5991

Dimensions and specificationsFX4 & FP4 FX4 shownFX5 & FP5 FP5 shown• Tertiary Air System• External grate shaker• Stainless steel ashpan• 5mm & 8mm steel• Adjustable levelling screwsD13095• Defra exempt• Tertiary Air System• External grate shaker• Stainless steel ashpan• 5mm & 8mm steel• Adjustable levelling screws404338134221279505041522365310366FX5W & FP5WFX8 & FP8 FX8 shown• Defra exempt• Tertiary Air System• Rotary grate riddler• Stainless steel ashpan• 5mm & 8mm steel• Adjustable levelling screws• Defra exempt• Tertiary Air System• External grate shaker• Stainless steel ashpan• 5mm & 8mm steel• Adjustable levelling screwsPlease note: Our policy is one of constant development and improvement. Fireline therefore reserves the right to revise the specification and design of its stoves without formal notice.This leaflet is presented as a guide to aid in your decision and does not replace the need for technical assessment by your dealer. Whilst the utmost care is taken in the preparation ofthis brochure, it is not intended to replace the installation manual which provides more detailed information. Photography is for illustration purposes only and does not replacethe need to see the stove in a showroom. We accept no liability for any loss or damage arising either directly or indirectly from the use of this leaflet.All designs in this brochure are design or copyright registered. Fireline, without exception, will take action against any infringements of their designs.20Dimensions and Specifications

FPi5 & FGi5FPi5T & FGi5T• Defra exempt• Tertiary Air System• External riddling• Stainless steel ashpan• 5mm & 4mm steel• 3 sided and 4 sided trims• Internally removable spigot• Defra exempt• Tertiary Air System• Fixed multifuel grate• Stainless steel ashpan• 5mm & 4mm steel• Internally removable spigot• Tapered fireback compatibleFPi5W & FGi5WFPi8501132• Defra exempt• Tertiary Air System• External riddling• Stainless steel ashpan• 5mm & 4mm steel• 3 sided and 4 sided trims• Internally removable spigot• Defra exempt• Tertiary Air System• External riddling• Stainless steel ashpan• 5mm & 4mm steel• 3 sided and 4 sided trims• Internally removable spigot5934347157360595551 16385FX/FP Range multi-fuel stovesModel FX/FP 4 FX/FP 5 FX/FP 5W FX/FP 8 FPi/FGi 5 FPi/FGi 5T FPi/FGi 5W FPi 8Fuel: Solid fuel or wood Solid fuel or wood Solid fuel or wood Solid fuel or wood Wood Solid fuel or Wood Wood WoodFlue: Top & Rear Top & Rear Top & Rear Top & Rear Top (inset) Top (inset) Top (inset) Top (inset)Flue Diameter: 127mm (5") 127mm (5") 127mm (5") 152mm (6") 152mm (6") 152mm (6") 152mm (6") 152mm (6")Finish: Matt Black Matt Black Matt Black Matt Black Matt Black Matt Black Matt Black Matt BlackAppliance gross weight (Kg): 54 69.5 74 81 64.5 75 80 90Efficiency (%) wood fuel/solid fuel: 78/82.4 ** 81.5/82.1 ** 79/75.4 78.6/81 ** 80.3 80/72 80 78.1Declared nominal output (kW) 4/4.5 ** 5/5 ** 5/5 ** 7.6/8 ** 5 5 5 8Tested refuelling interval (h): 0.75/2.0 ** 1.5/2.0 ** 0.75/1.0 ** 1/2.0 ** 1 0.75/1.0 0.75 1Flue gas mass flow: (g/s): 3.9/2.7 ** 3.5/2.8 ** 5.1/4.5 ** 5.8/4.0 ** 3.9 3.9/4.6 4.3 6.4*Flue Temp: (Deg C): 235/205 ** 250/239 ** 229/276 ** 302/329 ** 261 279/321 262 291Max Log Length: 300mm 12" 300mm 12" 375mm 14.5" 375mm 14.5" 300mm 12" 2-300mm 9-12" 395mm 15.5" 540mm 21.25"*under nominal heat output **with optional solid fuel kit fitted0845 519 5991

Aylesbury Stove PackageBalmoral Inset Stove PackageBalmoral Stove PackageBalmoral Stove PackageBeckford Inset Stove PackageBoscombe Stove Package22Stove Packages

Cotswold Stove PackageKatia Stove PackageRadnor Inset Stove PackageStokesay Stove PackageCompanion SetsTo compliment yourStove Package tryadding one of ourCompanion setsavailable in blackor chrome.Stonehenge Inset Stove PackageStove PackagesA B C D E F G H I JAylesbury Stove Package (Shown on page 7) 1160 1370 1370 410 220 837 810 900 850 362Balmoral Inset Stove Package (Shown on page 16) 1110 1320 1320 378 215 830 900 n/a n/a n/aBalmoral Stove Package (Shown on page 7) 1110 1320 1320 378 215 830 900 955 915 378Beckford Inset Stove Package (Shown on page 13) 1060 1220 1220 410 150 766 766 n/a n/a n/aBoscombe Stove Package (Shown on page 11) 1118 1320 1320 410 180 820 740 800 850 443Cotswold Arch Stove Package (Shown on page 6) 1060 1345 1345 380 180 790 750 810 840 428Katia Inset Stove Package 985 1220 1120 380 200 570 415 n/a n/a n/aRadnor Inset Stove Package (Shown on page 18) 1070 1250 1370 400 165 775 770 n/a n/a n/aStokesay Stove Package (Shown on page 9) 1070 1375 1375 410 245 760 800 870 830 408Stonehenge Inset Stove Package (Shown on page 14) 1155 1320 1370 380 150 890 910 n/a n/a n/a0845 519 5991

Nothing beats coming home to aroaring log fire from Fireline StovesDealer stamp:FirelineHead Office Unit D, Stafford Park 2,Telford, Shropshire TF3 3ART 0845 519 5991 F 0845 519 division of Charlton & Jenrick and produced by 3sixty Creative Marketing Solutions 01384 355930. J/0428

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