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NewsAUTO SALON2000On the weekend of 5th & 6thAugust, the Melbourne ExhibitionCentre erupted to the sounds of theAlpine Auto Salon 2000.Thousands of mainly youngerenthusiasts queued to pay $13 tosee customised late models thatconsisted of eitherCommodores/Falcons or Japanesefour cylinder cars - all of which werelined up from one end of the displayarea to the other. Only one topcustom US V8 was on display.Also assisting with the high volumeoutput were many sound equipmentmanufacturers and theirstands.This type of show has been stagedin other states around Australia, andtypifies this fast growing sector ofthe aftermarket.KOREA PARTS &ACCESSORIESSHOWThe Korea International Auto Parts& Accessories Show claims to be theonly trade show that offers a completewindow to the Korean automobileparts and accessories market.It is organised by the Korea Tradeand Investment Promotion Agency(KOTRA) and takes place from 23 to26 November at the Seoul TradeExhibition Centre.For Australian visitors, KOTRA haveoffered to arrange meetings withKorean companies of their choice.These meetings are being conductedat the Hotel conference roomprovided by KOTRA on November22, the day before the exhibitioncommences. More information isavailable from Jonathon Geddes on(03) 9699 3833 or emailktcmel@bigpond.comAUTOMECHANIKACHINAThe Automechanika China is to beheld from 12-15 March 2001 inBeijing. The trade fair is to focus onworkshop equipment. parts andaccessories. Contact JosephineChing at Messe Frankfurt’s HongKong office on telephone(852) 2238 9926.BENDIX JOINSREWARDSAustralia's leading manufacturer and marketerof friction materials, Bendix Mintex, hastaken another step in building on its alreadytop market position by joining forces with theAustralian Automotive Partners (AAP) program."We're doing this so we can reward ourbrake fitters for their loyalty to the Bendixbrand," says John Kazanas, ProductMarketing Manager for Bendix. "The introductionof lower cost rewards into the program,also from October 1, ensures brake fitterscan achieve great rewards very quicklyand easily".The rewards program works on the basisof Bendix brake pad box tops being returnedto AutoPartners, in easy-to-usereply paid satchels with pointsbeing awarded for every boxtop. Each fitter is then keptadvised of their accumulatedpoints balance, enabling them toredeem their points for a widerange of rewards."A fantastic range of rewardsproducts will be available for ourbrake fitters. These will varyfrom overseas holidays, to TV'sand hi-fi equipment, golf clubsand accessories, to companybranded merchandise and clothingsuch as caps, T-shirts andpolo shirts."The program will provide reward pointsfor all Bendix brake pads including our fullrange of new and advanced compounds suchas Premium, 4WD, Euro-Pack, Performax andUltimate as well as our traditional compounds,those being Standard and Metal KingPlus".This move by Bendix represents a strategicalliance with AutoPartners and the other partnerbrands in the program, which includesACL, Ryco, Pennzoil, Century Yuasa Batteries,Bob Jane T-Marts and Natra."It will result in brake fitters being rewardedfor using the full range of Bendix brakepads and ensure that our newer productsbecome even more popular" Mr Kazanas said.SUMMERNATS 2001Chic Henry, promoter of theSummerNats says the event’s successcomes from it being more like aparty than a car show: "The reality isthat it's the expression of a way of lifeand as long as we keep creating newand interesting attractions, it’ll alwaysbe successful".He says this could also be one reasonwhy so many of his sponsors recommiteach year. Companies such asYella Terra, Rare Spares and MeguiarsAn interesting feature, he says, is that out ofidentify that it is a national event with people the 100 or so exhibitors, 83 are promoting automotiveproducts.coming from over Australia to see the latestproducts and get the most up to date information.crowd ever at 112,486. That consisted of dayThe last SummerNats attracted the biggestUnlike other events, the SummerNats programallows people to move between entertain-traders, sponsors and officials.pass visitors. season pass holders, entrants,ment features, competition events and the commercialareas several times over the three main mation is available by calling (02) 6241 8111 orThe event is set for 4-7 January 2001 and infor-days.the website AUTOMOTIVE AFTERMARKET OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2000The full range of Bendix brake pads is part of theAutoPartners rewards program.

TEAM REPCO GOESFOR BENEFITSRepco haslaunched anew programdesigned tooffer its 40,000customers accessto servicesbeyond itscore supplyof parts.The company says the programgives customers access toRepco’s enormous buying powerresulting in discounted rates onitems such as equipment finance,fuel, telephone and bank merchantfees. Members of Team Repco willalso have access to a Hard-To-FindParts service, computer hardwareand software packages, a loyalty(rewards points) component, businessand marketing training,equipment packaging and onlineordering of parts.After conducting extensiveresearch including customer focusgroups and visits to overseasindustry leaders, BrendanRedmond, the General Manager,believes Team Repco is a uniquepartnering opportunity for customers."Repco has sourced suppliers ofnon-automotive parts as partnersin the program, enabling us tooffer our customers a one-stopshopfor all their business needs.We are setting ourselves up as anindustry solutions provider and thisprogram represents a major stepforward in servicing our trade customers,"Mr Redmond says."We are using our position asthe country’s largest automotiveparts and accessories supplier inthe aftermarket to offer our customersopportunities to grow theirbusinesses, improve their efficienciesand above all, save time andmoney.”The theme for the program is“Team Repco - better way” to goand the list of member benefitsinclude:Hard to Find PartsThe Hard to Find Parts team is forsourcing and delivering partswhich are typically difficult to find.The service is available to membersAustralia-wide.Workshop SolutionsTailored specifically to automotiveworkshops and repairers, membershave access to computerpackages, complete with software,hardware, internet connection,finance and training. The softwareincludes industry-specificapplications such as Auto-TechEncyclopedia, Auto Service Quoteand EasyMate.Brendan RedmondTeam RatesMembers will have access to discountedrates with various suppliersincluding bank merchant fees(ANZ), telephone (Optus), fuel(BP), rental cars (Delta), travel,accommodation, insurance, andmuch more. There is consolidatedbilling advantage with all costscontinued page 14AUTOMOTIVE AFTERMARKET OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2000 13

RETAILEXPANSIONSYSTEMSTwo years ago, Super Cheap Autohad 39 stores and plan to furtherexpand across Queensland, NewSouth Wales and Victoria. Despite asearch, the company says it could notfind a suitable retail system to caterfor that growth. Eventually, the retailerfound another Brisbane basedcompany with the capacity to developa suitable system and a from therethe auto parts retailer became amajor test and development site. TheRetail One retail management systemis now working in Super Cheap Autostores(Retail One is a new generationretail merchandising software systembeing developed specifically for themedium to large retail sector byAustralian business software specialist,Technology One.)"There are lots of POS systems onthe market and just as many accountingsystem. What Technology Onehas done in Retail One is bringtogether an integrated retail solutionthat provides a total retail businesssolution developed specifically forthe retailer.” Says Super Cheap Auto’sManaging Director, Bob Thorn. Hesays the solution offered everythingthey needed to manage their operationfaster and more efficiently thanbefore. This includes management ofPoint of Sale (POS) through to stockreplenishment, purchasing, pricing,retail management, retail administration,sales analysis and financial management.He says all aspects of his businesswere catered for with Retail Onefrom the category managers whowork on range and product developmentto the managers of theDistribution Centre who are responsiblefor managing the supply chainto the accounts department.As part of Technology One's integratedservice delivery philosophy,implementation and support for theconversion to Retail One were providedby Technology One's own staffcontinued page 26AUTOPRO AIMSAT BEST VALUEAustralia’s largest chain ofindependent parts & accessoriesretailers, Autopro, isconfident its growth will continuedue to the renewedoperating formula of puttingcontinued emphasis onmembers, suppliers and furtherexpansion.“It’s a case of refining awell proven product, so this isevolutionary more than revolutionary,”says Autopro’sNational Manager GrantJarrett. “But the final touchesto developing the programhas now been done and ourgrowth will continue.”The Autopro chain hasaround 200 stores and those existingmembers will be the focus of continueddevelopment: “We will be adding morevalue to the program in order to offergreater benefits.”Jarrett cites the improvements tomember services as:• Better communications• Better systems and processes• The introduction of database marketing• Refining the promotions mix toimprove the marketing approach inorder to generate greater consumerawareness at retail level.Jarrett says the relationship with themembers and suppliers will be strengthenedby involving the suppliers withAutopro’s activities: “This includes ourconvention set for next May in Perth, andthe state by state introduction of the suppliersinto our many regional activities.The Auto One retail chain hasreleased a new-look logo which the companysays will “spearhead its renewedpresence.”General Manager Tim McCauley saysthe company has been monitoring andassessing market trends and has nowdeveloped an integrated strategy to meetthe changes of shifting markets andadditional competitors. He say the company’sstrong new logo is indicative of“Suppliers are an incredibly importantpart of strategy and this businessbecause there is an active role for highprofile branded products by them havingaccess to our members.”For new members, the Autopro chainis now developing what it describes as thebest value for money. This includes topgrade marketing programs available toparts operators.“We’re a marketing group giving ourmembers excellent support,” Jarrett says.“We offer new members continuedindependence with the access to theresources that provide our range of marketingsuch as TV and regional advertisingand definitely the most effective cataloguingin the business.“These advantages are sure to attractmore new members and our continuedemphasis on excellent cataloguing is whysuppliers appreciate our expertise andprofessionalism.”AUTO ONE CHANGESthe way Auto One will be aggressivelyapproaching its business in the futurewhich will include extensive store refurbishments.The company has established a membergroup called the Franchise AdvisoryCouncil. This will involve all members atthe local, state and national level.The group’s national conference isset for 5-8 November in Queenstown,New Zealand.22 AUTOMOTIVE AFTERMARKET OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2000

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