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Projekt MUSE 3DGP Projekt MUSE 3DGP - Index of

Projekt MUSE 3DGP(Working Title)Open Standard for3D Printed Doujinshi GamingImages Are Placeholder, Not Cleared for Public Release

PM‐3DGP FrameworkConceptual OverviewWelcome to the PM‐3DGP Ruleset. The goal of PM‐3DGP is to provide a framework for 3Dprinted doujinshi gaming. By providing a common framework, it makes collaboration mucheasier. By adopting common standards, players can re‐use assets, rules and ideas for a multitudeof gaming experiences without having to re‐invent or re‐make everything from scratch. This is inno may meant to limit gaming to a singular set of rules to cover all situations, but simply toestablish a common framework from which variations can grow. For certain items, such as gamepieces, this means not having to print entirely new pieces for every game variation played. Italso provides a common baseline in rules so that players can start playing faster. It also opens upthe possibility for cross‐universe gaming. The overall goal however is simply to provide acommon platform from which the new arena of 3D printed doujinshi gaming can grow.PM‐3DGPGeneralRulesBasic Tiles,GenericUnitsBasicScenarioStructureDoujin GameCircles(collaboration)GameRulesSpecialTiles andUnitsGameScenariosGameUniversePM‐3DGP Compatible Game

PM‐3DGP Framework3D Printing Technology3D Printing has been around for a long time, however only recently has this technology begun toreach the hands of everyday hobbyists. The base printer used in this project is the Reprap( MendelMax ( Filament Fabrication (FFF) plastic deposition printer. FFF 3Dprinting works by moving a print head (much like a traditional ink printer) along an x,y and z axis,essentially “drawing” 3D items one layer at a time with molten plastic (typically ABS or PLA).Apart from the Reprap family, there are many other printers, ranging from open‐source kits tofully assembled commercial models. Apart from FFF technology printers are a wide range ofprinting technologies, including a number of emerging or established technologies such asDigital Light Processing, Stereolithography and Selective Heat Sintering. The most importantthing to note here is that this project should not limit this project to just Reprap printers, oreven to Fused Filament Fabrication technologies. This framework is meant to build thegroundwork for the future, including newer, better, cheaper 3D printing technologies.

PM‐3DGP Framework3D Printed Tileset and UnitsPlaceholder. Explain base tiles, top tiles, unit stands, units and terrain modifiers (ie borders).

Basic RulesOverview and Turn PhasesThe basic ruleset for PM‐3DGP is a turn‐based tactical game system using D6 (six sided dice), a3D printed map and units, unit control sheets and pilot/commander cards. Players alternatemoving their units and taking actions. Each game is defined by a specific scenario, whichdetermines what rules will be used, what units and map pieces will be in play, and what thegame objectives for both players will be. The game continues until one or both sides accomplishtheir mission objectives, at which point a victor is determined.Game Progression:Select Scenario to PlayBuild MapDetermine InitiativePlace Units on BoardPlace Unit Control Sheets on TablePlace Pilot/Commander Cards on TableBegin Game PhasesEnd GameDeclare Victor or DrawGame PhasesDuring gameplay, the players take turns performing actions. The active player is known as the“phasing player,” while the player that is waiting to perform their actions is the “non‐phasingplayer.”Phase Order:Primary Move PhaseAttack PhaseSecondary Move PhaseCheck Scenario Objectives

Game PhasesPrimary Move PhaseThe phasing player may move any or all units up to their primary move allowance. Each unitshould complete its full movement before going to the next unit. Two units may not occupy ahex at the same time. A unit must have sufficient MP to enter a hex, but a unit may alwaysmove one hex. Terrain types will affect movement, depending on the mobility class of the unit.Consult the proper Terrain Movement Effect Chart as designated by the scenario to determinethe effect. There are a number of special movement rules, please refer below.Special Primary Move Phase rules‐Roads:Units on roads ignore the underlying terrain type for the purposes of movement. Roads give atravel bonus of+1 MP if the unit begins on a road hex, and then remains on road hexes for theentire move phase. Air units cannot claim the road movement bonus.Jump Ability:Units that have the “Jump” ability as noted on the Unit Control Sheet may forgo their normalmovement and instead perform a jump. Jumping will move a unit 2 hexes from its currentposition, ignoring MP costs. Jumping allows the traverse of hexes that could otherwise not becrossed. These terrain types are denoted by a (J) on the Terrain Movement Effect Chart. A unitthat jumps cannot land in terrain that they are not allowed to enter.Marine Ability:Units that have the “Marine” ability as noted on the Unit Control Sheet treat all water and riverhexes as costing 1MP. These terrain types are denoted by a (M) on the Terrain Movement EffectChart.Re‐entry Ability:Units that have the “Re‐entry” ability as noted in the Unit Control Sheet can enter anatmosphere of a planet from space.

Game PhasesPrimary Move Phase, cont.AMBAC Ability:Reserved for AMBAC Ability rules.Flight Ability:Reserved for Flight Ability rules.Vectored Flight Ability:Reserved for Vectored Flight Ability rules.Reaction Fire:Reserved for reaction fire rules.Suppression FIre:Reserved for suppression fire rules.

Terrain Movement Effect ChartGroundMS Treads Wheels Foot AirPlains 1MP 1MP 2MP 1MP 1MPForest 1MP 1MP 2MP 1MP 1MPCity 1MP 1MP 1MP 1MP 1MPWater NA (M) NA NA NA 1MPRiver NA (J)(M) NA (J) NA NA 1MPSwamp ALL MP ALL MP NA 1MP 1MPElevation 2MP 2MP NA 1MP 1MPBarricade/ ALL MP ALL MP NA 1MP 1MPFortificationMountain ALLMP NA NA ALL MP 1MPRoads* 1MP 1MP 1MP 1MP NA* Refer to the Special Primary Movement Phase Rules for Roads.

Terrain Movement Effect ChartSpaceAMBAC/ThrusterMobileArmorCapitalShipHLV/ShuttleSpace 1MP 1MP 1MP 1MPAsteroids ALL MP NA NA NAColony 1MP NA ALL MP ALL MPAtmosphere NA (R) NA (R) NA (R) ALL MPMoon/Base 1MP 1MP 1MP 1MPPlanet NA NA NA NA* Planets are not to scale. Units may not travel to and from a Planet surface during gameplay.

Game PhasesAttack Phase, cont.Special Damage Class “Scatter”:Unless otherwise indicated, weapons systems are in the normal damage class. Weapons thathave the word “Scatter” on their damage chart are Scatter Damage Class weapons that have adispersed damage pattern. For Scatter weapons, a hit location should be rolled for each point ofdamage done.Special Damage Class “Area”:Unless otherwise indicated, weapons systems are in the normal damage class. Weapons thathave the word “Area” on their damage chart are Area Damage Class weapons that do damage toa wide area. For Area weapons, three hit locations should be determined, and the calculateddamage points should be applied to each of the three locations. If the same location is rolledmore than once, then damage will be applied to that area multiple times.Reaction Fire:Reserved for reaction fire rules.Suppression FIre:Reserved for suppression fire rules.

Game PhasesCheck Scenario Objectives PhaseOnce the player has completed their Primary Move Phase, Attack Phase and Secondary MovePhase, the player should check to see if they have achieved the required victory conditions asper the game Scenario. If that objective has been reached, the Game Phases are onver and theGame Ends.

ScenariosIntroductory Scenario: Battle of Lake RiffeThis Scenario is meant to introduce the rules through a simple battle between Earth FederationForces and the Principality of Zeon on Earth during the One Year War (UC 0079).Battle Background:In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, small pockets of nature have managed to resist the worstof the environmental ruin that forced humanity’s migration to the colonies. Small towns,focused on sustainable lumbering and food production, prospered all along what used to be themajor artery known as the I‐5 corridor. Zeon occupation forces, who were overwhelmed by thevastness of the North American wilderness were spread too thin for adequate patrols.Federation forces exploited this, and sent teams of the newly formed Mobile Suit corps deepinto Zeon territory to collect real world experience and military intelligence. Given the vastdistances both military forces had to cover, chance encounters were rare. However, in oneundocumented incident, two Federation Mobile suits conducting a scouting operationencountered two Zaku mobile suits collecting performance data.Map:Turing test phase can be any random map, should contain water hexes and forest hexes.GEV/Shockwave maps are suggested.Initaitve:Both players will roll for initiative. The highest roll wins initiative, and can decide who goes first.Order of Battle (OrBat):Earth Federation Space ForcesRGM‐79 GM piloted by Lieutenant Miyu TakizawaRGM‐79 GM piloted by Corporal Noel AndersonPrincipality of ZeonMS‐06F Zaku II piloted by Corporal Yuki NakasatoMA‐06F Zaku II piloted by May Cowin

ScenariosIntroductory Scenario: Battle of Lake Riffe, cont.Unit Setup:Federation forces should be set up on the northern 5 rows of hexes.Zeon forces should be set up on the southern 5 rows of hexes.Victory Conditions:Destroy or render combat ineffective (ie no weapons components remaining) both enemymobile suits. Game is a draw if comabt is not resolved in 20 combat phases.Special Rules:None.Historical Aftermath:The largely inexperienced Federation Mobile Suit pilots initially lost ground to the Zeon forces,but a stubborn defense allowed them to badly damage one of the Zeon Zaku. The result waslargely a stalemate as neither side could gain a decisive advantage.

Unit Control Sheet RGM‐79 GMEarth Federation Mobile SuitWeaponClose(1‐2)Med(3‐4)Far(5‐6)Beam Spreader 3D 3D 1D NADistant(7‐10)2x60mm Vulcan MG1DScatterNA NA NABeam Saber 4D NA NA NAAttributesPrimary MP 4HeadSensor2x60mm Vulcan MGSecond MPMS AttackMS DefendNA1D1DTorsoPilotShieldRollLocation1 L Leg2 R Leg3 L Arm4 R Arm5‐9 Torso0 HeadSpecial Abilities1DJump, Ground, Space,AMBACR ArmBeam SpreaderBeam SaberR LegPrimary MP ‐2LArmShieldLLegPrimary MP ‐2

Unit Control Sheet MS‐06F Zaku IIPrincipality of Zeon Mobile SuitWeaponClose(1‐2)Med(3‐4)Far(5‐6)120mm Zaku MG 3D 3D 2D NADistant(7‐10)Heat Hawk 4D NA NA NAAttributesPrimary MP 4HeadSensorSecond MPMS AttackMS DefendNA1D1DTorsoPilotShieldRollLocation1 L Leg2 R Leg3 L Arm4 R Arm5‐9 Torso0 HeadSpecial Abilities1DJump, Ground, Space,AMBACR Arm120mm Zaku MGHeat HawkR LegPrimary MP ‐2LArmShieldLLegPrimary MP ‐2

Pilot/Commander Cards

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