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PROSPECTUS - The Courtyard

PROSPECTUS - The Courtyard


ABOUT USCourt Theatre Training Company is situated at The CourtyardTheatre, Hoxton. Court has an excellent reputation within theindustry by offering a fully comprehensive professional andvocational training suitable for today’s evolving needs in theatre,film, media and TV.Court Theatre Training Company is proud of its high graduateemployment with recent graduates having appeared at theRoyal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, West End, BatterseaArts Centre and many other leading London Theatres;in TV or film work including Eastenders, Dream Team, DoctorWho, Hip Hop, Time Gentlemen Please, Bad Girls, Band of Gold,Heartbeat, Emmerdale, Crimewatch, Doctors, The Bill and TheDark Knight. Several have worked on national tours such as TheRevals, Blood Brothers, Emma, Shakespeare, Treasure Island, TheB.F.G., An Inspector Calls plus many other small / middle-scaletours. Several have gone on to direct major productions in boththeatre and film / TV with many founding their own companiesfor touring / London performances.Past Stage Managers, Directors and Designers are working in theWest End and for companies such as the National Theatre, BarbicanTouring, Edinburgh, major ballet companies, and severalLondon theatres, with many creating their own companies.A recent graduate had his own TV series on BBC3 (Trexx &Flipside) and was nominated for an Ian Charleson Award (foroutstanding stage actors under 30).Court has achieved excellent results madepossible by its belief that:• close collaboration with the performanceindustry and The Courtyard Theatre enablevocational skills to be put into practice within aprofessional environment;• encouraging dramatic expression in newwriting and enables an understanding of theperforming profession now and in the future;• exciting, innovative and demanding performanceopportunities are created for aspiringstudents of theatre;• by providing ‘working’ professionals todeliver the entire acting curriculum the performancework of the students is always at the‘cutting edge’ and able to satisfy the needs ofthe industry.A WORKING THEATRE COMPANYThe Courtyard was established in 1989. It is the first professional theatre in the UK with its own resident trainingcompany, an innovative and completely realistic approach to your training. This system is unique and hasonly ever been seen before in Russia. Both the resident companies The Courtyard and our springboard N1Theatre Company together with visiting experimental companies present an exciting programme of work whichhas received critical acclaim as “Work in progress and Actors in progress” (Financial Times) .Court is London’s only practical ‘hands on’ and truly vocational training, an apprenticeship staffed by workingprofessionals who provide you with the right skills for your chosen career. Court aims to provide members withtraining and experience that will enable them to not only earn a living in theatre, but more importantly, challengethem to contribute towards advancing the theatre itself as well as furthering their own individual talents.In other words not only to take but to give to their chosen discipline. We are completely focused on your futurewithin the Arts and Entertainment industry with a strong emphasis on the business side of auditioning andemployment.80% of our graduates gain work in the first month after leaving. Courtiers leave with an employer friendly CVenhanced by the wide range of theatre experience they gain whilst with Court. Final performances are to thepaying public. Productions range from the classics, to new plays and includes devised work, theatre in educationand physical theatre.Court holds an annual Casting Directors and Agents Showcase which receives great support and recognitionfrom the industry.4

THE PAST...Court Theatre Training Company grew from its parent company The Courtyard Theatre which was formed in1980 and established a new London fringe theatre – The Finborough Arms, Earls Court, now an internationallyrenowned performance venue which celebrates new writing. This professional company held workshops foractors in training, which eventually led to the formation and policy of Court Theatre Training Company at theCourtyard Theatre, King’s Cross in 1989. Court left King’s Cross in 2006 and since 2007 it has been based at thethe new Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton.During 2005-2007 we also established The Courtyard at Covent Garden seasons at the now defunct TheatreMuseum. We then renovated the Old Hoxton Library opening in October 2007 with 2 Theatres, rehearsal roomsand our newly established Iambic Bar. Past hires have included Endemol (BBC), Carnage of God (Ralph Fiennes)and Theatre Royal Bath apart from the many visiting professional companies for the 2 Theatres. Recent Productionsthat have made use of The Courtyard’s rehearsal space include No Man’s Land (featuring Sir Michael Gambonand David Walliams), A View from the Bridge (featuring Ken Stott) and Complicité’s production of Endgame(featuring Mark Rylance)NOW...Court Theatre Training Company can boast apractical ‘hands on’ and truly vocational training.An apprenticeship staffed by working professionalsprovides a training and experience that will enableall graduates to make a positive contribution to theworld of theatre. Court is completely focused on thefuture of the Arts and Entertainment industry andmaintains a strong emphasis on the business side ofemployment.Court Theatre Training Company maintains a finereputation for the continuing quality of its work,which is a tribute to its training. The structure ofan independent professional theatre and trainingcompany creates an opportunity for a unique learningcycle. The knowledge acquired throughout thecourse encourages a genuine responsive and professionalapproach to performance.THE FUTURE...Court offers a unique 2 Year Accelerated BA (Hons) in Acting plusDirecting and Stage Management courses. Future plans include an MAin Scriptwriting to link in with the King’s Cross Award for New Writingand a Writer’s Laboratory. There will be opportunities for trainee actorsto participate in these courses. Other future plans include a foundationcourse to help young actors looking to move into full-time training.5

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