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Heavy-haul rail and road transportation systems - Ausenco

Heavy-haul rail and road transportation systems01Ausenco is a leading global providerof engineering and project managementservices to the resource and energy sectors.We combine ingenuity with insight to delivereffective end-to-end solutions for our clients.Our professionals offer expertise across everyaspect of the resource and energy sectors— in areas including mineral processing;pipelines; transportation systems; ports andterminals; infrastructure; and conventional,renewable and alternative energies. We’re alsoexperts in optimising performance throughtailored operations and maintenance solutions,and in providing environmental andsustainability strategies that deliver benefits forprojects, communities and the environment.We’re skilled in every phase of the projectlifecycle. From initial concept through tooperation, our people can assess, plan, cost,design and construct ingenious solutionsthat add value and support your returnon investment.Our engineers have a track record ofdesigning client essential solutions thatefficiently transport our clients’ materialsto market while minimising costs.

Transportation solutions to meet your needsAusenco is among the world’s most experiencedcompanies in the planning and design ofheavy-haul rail and road transportation systemsfor bulk materials.With close to 50 years experience acrossmore than 40 countries in large-scale industrialand public engineering projects, we have atrack record of delivering projects on time andwithin budget.We understand that transportationstrategies have a major impact on the costof bulk commodities, and our clients seekvalue-for-money strategies that achieve theirtransportation goals. Our engineers have workedon projects in a wide variety of urban and remotelocations, designing sophisticated solutions thatefficiently transport our clients’ materials tomarket while minimising costs.From heavy-haul to intermodal freight, we canget your project on track in the following areas:• modal selection studies• track/road alignment and design• rail loading and unloading facilities(bulk or intermodal)• operations planning, capacity analysisand system design• simulation of entire transportation chain• economics, financial planning, cost analysisand concession rates• motive power and rolling stock evaluation,selection and procurement• road equipment evaluation, selectionand procurement• technical assistance and training• strategic planning and commercialisation• infrastructure design, construction andmanagement, including:• shiploader, stacker reclaimer andcontainer crane guide ways/systems• shops and support buildings• train control systems• tunnels, bridges and special structures.Each of our new projects benefits from ourpast, as we draw on the expertise developedon previous projects. We continue to build asignificant portfolio of transportation workaround the world.0201Installation of a new single carrotary dumper barrel at NebraskaPublic Power District’s coal firedpower station02Train loadout, Isaac Plains CoalHandling Preparation Plant,Queensland, Australia

Our experienceProjectRunway and PositionerRefurbishment ProjectsLocationPort Moody,British Columbia, CanadaClientPacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd.Year2009–2011DescriptionAusenco provided EPCMassistance for the replacementof the 440 m long Stakrake(stacker/reclaimer) runwayrails and repairs to the existingconcrete pedestals at theowner’s sulphur storagefacilities. This work took placeover a two year period andwas scheduled during otherlimited shutdowns, resultingin no operational interruptionsor interference.A second project the followingyear also included EPCMassistance for therefurbishment of PCT’s existingrailcar positioner whichservices their rotary dumper.The work included thereplacement of guide rails onboth sides of the positionerand the complete removal,replacement and re-levellingof the fastening system forboth vertical support rails.ProjectApurimac Ferrum Iron OreRailway Transport ProjectLocationAndes, central PeruClientApurimac Ferrum, SAYear2010DescriptionAusenco helped to developa heavy-haul rail transportsystem to deliver iron orefrom the Apurimac region toa proposed new terminal nearSan Juan de Marcona. Thesystem ran more than 500 kmthrough conditions that variedfrom flat and desert-like tomountainous terrain morethan 4,500 m above sea level.Our work included:• design (route locationand alignment; trackinfrastructure, bridgesand tunnels)• assessment (geotechnical,hydrological and seismic)• planning (train operations;train-control andtelecommunicationsystems)• selection (locomotivesand rolling stock)• calculation (capital andoperating costs)• review (potential projectrisks and opportunities).ProjectIron Ore Railway System fromMine to PortLocationSenegal, West AfricaClientArcelorMittalYear2008–2009DescriptionAusenco completed afeasibility study for an iron oremining project contemplatinga railway haul of 770 km frommine to port for 15 Mt/y ofprocessed iron ore.We studied the feasibilityof various options, includingrehabilitating 262–417 kmof existing line andconstructing 353–450 kmof greenfield railway.Tasks included reviewingroute alignment options;assessing physical, geologicaland environmental conditions;evaluating and optimisingwagon and locomotiverequirements using ourproprietary LocomotivePerformance Simulatorsoftware; and developingcapital and operating costsfor each alternative.To learn more about our experience in heavy-haul rail and other transportation systems,contact us via email business.development@ausenco.com or visit our website www.ausenco.comAUS0719_18_HHRRTS_V1_29.01.13

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