Active holidays in Polish mountains - Salon Turystyki Aktywnej PTTK ...

Active holidays in Polish mountains - Salon Turystyki Aktywnej PTTK ...

Spring – Summer – Autumn

The Gorce Mountains and The Gorce National

Park – here from the peaks, exceeding 1200m, you

can admire the summits of the Tatra Mountains.

Numerous meadows are the remain of the sheep

pasturage. Nowadays on the Gorce route sheep,

shepherds’ huts and even roadside shrines can still

be found. Our roam

through the Gorce

paths will lead us to

the nearby Pieniny

Mountains. One of the

last trip’s attraction is

Dunajec River Gorge

rafting in the Pieniny

National Park.


� The Gorce National Park;

� The Pieniny National Park;

� Dunajec River Gorge;

� Szczawnica health-resort;

� The ruins of Czorsztyn castle;

� The Wooden Architecture Route: Łopuszna,

Harklowa, Dębno Podhalańskie;

� Niedzica castle.

the GorCe anD Dunajec river GorGe

in the Pieniny national park

Itinerary Date: 15th May – 15th October

Day 1 arrival to Kraków (plane, train, car); Hotel***

Day 2 Rabka – Stare Wierchy (983m) PTTK Hostel

Day 3 Stare Wierchy – Turbacz (1314m) – Jaworzyna

Kamienicka (1288m) – Borek Pass – Czoło

Turbacza – Turbacz – PTTK Hostel

Day 4 Turbacz – Bukowina Waksmundzka (1103m) –

Łopuszna – Guest House a tour in Łopuszna:

the historic wooden church, Tisznerówka, the Tetmajers

manor house; Łopuszna – Guest House

Day 5 Łopuszna – transfer to Czorsztyn on the way: The

Wooden Architecture Route: Harklowa, Dębno

Podhalańskie, the ruins of Czorsztyn castle,

Niedzica castle – a gondola ride to the castle,

overnight in Czorsztyn – Guest House

Day 6 Czorsztyn – Osice Pass (668m) – Szopka Pass

(780m) – Trzy Korony (982m) – Sromowce Niżne

PTTK Hostel Trzy Korony

Day 7 Dunajec gorge rafting – Szczawnica – lunch PTTK

hostel Orlica return to Krakow, Hotel ***

Day 8 transfer to the airport


PTTK Hostel Stare Wierchy;

PTTK Hostel Turbacz;

PTTK Hostel Trzy Korony;

� Guest House Łopuszna, Czorsztyn.

� Kraków Hotel***

Meals: 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch packet, dinner), regional

evening on one day of the trip

Transport: local (bus, train)

Price: 385 euro/ pp. Individual Tourists

458 euro/ pp. Groups (6 – 15 persons)

For an extra fee:

� Luggage transfer on route;

� Transfer by a rented car from Kraków to Rabka, and from Szczawnica

to Kraków;

� Insurance for foreigners on Polish territory during the trip.

Day: 2 3 4 6

Daily altitude difference: 400m 700m x 330m

Daily Distance (in km): 8 17 10 10

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