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The webinos initiative - W3C Public Mailing List Archives

The webinos initiativeSecure Web Operating System Application Delivery Environment.www.webinos.orgFeb 2011

Overview•In brief Slides 1-23–What webinos is about–What webinos will enable–Webinos use case families–What webinos will deliver–How webinos will intercept with existing platforms–How webinos compliments industry activities–How webinos will achieve its mission–Where webinos is right now–Who is driving webinos–How to engage–Follow us•Backup Slides 23-52–The Web evolution and the Developer Dilemma–The webinos Mission and Approach–Work package details

What•Motivated byToday: apps are the new web.HTML is the lowest common denominatorwebinosisTomorrow: the web will become the new app*Web apps will come with device access and cloud access•Webinos is an industry driven, technology research anddevelopment project with very clear deliverables.•It is focussed on the development of future internet.•It defines and delivers key enablers for the future Web OperatingSystem to drive portability and secure use of web applicationsacross platforms (mobile, fix, TV, automotive)–“Single service for every device” –3

Whatwebinoswil•Webinos user stories to enable applications and services across domainsDeviceFeature Smart device integration, shared GPS receiver, dictionary, etc.IntegrationSharingSharing of music, events and other contentMediaconsumptioVideo-on-demand, citizen-2-governmentnNavigationSeamless navigation, holiday plannerDevelopment and Cross domain appstore, create apps, cover appsDeploym.OthersHomemediaPC Mobile AutomotiveContext sensitive triggering, manage privacy policies,profile management, multi device gaming, e-health, e-learning4

•DEVICE FEATURE INTEGRATION–Smart Device Integration–Share GPS Receiver across Devices–Input Method Dictionary Sharing across Devicesand Platforms•DEVELOPMENT AND DEPLOYMENT–Cross Domain App Store–Creating Applications for webinos–Converging Applications within and across Devices•SHARING–Content Sharing Service–Sharing Music within a Community Social Context–Social Event Sharing•MEDIA CONSUMPTION AND CREATION–Citizen-2-Governance–Ordering a Video-on-Demand Film•CONTEXT AND EVENTS–Context Sensitive Triggering•E-HEALTH–Remote Monitoring of Chronic Disease through Accessto Medical–Sensor Data and Sharing of Medical Files•SECURITY AND PRIVACY–Designing Policy-aware webinos Applications–Usable Privacy Controls for webinos–Implementing Government-mandated Privacy Controls–Privacy Controls and Analytics for Corporations andSmall–Businesses•NAVIGATION–The Holiday Planner–Seamless Navigation•E-LEARNING–Learning Assistance for Disabled Students 51•HOME MEDIA AND INTERACTIVE TV–User Centric Video Playback•PROFILE MANAGEMENT–Single Sign-On, Multiple Devices•GAMING–Multiple Device Gaming5


•Provides access to device resources acrosswebinos enabled devices – physical & virtual•Provides access to connected sensors andactuators to a users own or other device•Connections could be established via bluetooth,WLAN, GSM/UMTS, DLNA, UPnP,•webinos devices can interact which each otherregardless of the respective owner(preconditioned privacy/security policies will notbe violated).•Allows to clone/migrate existing profile settingsfrom one webinos device to another (coveringe.g. login credentials, settings and applications),User types inSMS Message on TVSMS will be send via aconnected mobiledevice77

•User Profile Information’s: A user is able tostore static personal data in the webinossystem (name, gender, address, etc.),which could be accessed by an application.•Without the involvement of the user, alsouser preferences can be stored* – alsoaccessible by an application (e.g. preferreddevices for specific tasks).•Support of Authentication & Authorizationmechanisms (single-sign-on).•Account Management allows to managemultiple accounts in a single touch point – aprior registration to a service required (touse existing login credentials as e.g. forFacebook, Twitter, …)UserProfileApplications...Authentication / AuthorizationUserPreferencesAccountMgmt.e with privacy/security policies88

UseCaseFamily:•Push of applications, e.g. where the userinstalls a new application on his mobile phone,all other screens will automatically receive thesame application.•Remote installation of applications•An application is able to outsource code toanother connected device (performance,display size or sensor type reasons)•Application Advertisements based on userpreferences•Background execution of Applications•Mechanism to extend webinos with proprietaryAPIs (for developers)App99

•Subscribe and publish events•Context triggered uploading/synchronizationof data (in case of network loss, connectionquality, battery etc.)•Detection of other webinos devices proximity•Resume uploading of data•Sharing app states across several users•Allow a seamless application usage incase the user changes the device/screen.•End session when out of proximity•Bi-directional communication in real-time•Synchronization of data between multipledevices1010

•Different application discovery methods:•Recommendation of new applications•Application advertisings within alreadyinstalled applications, etc.•Execution of local available applications andapplications which resides on a server orconnected device.•Installation and update of applications•Reporting methods to allow a user to report aproblem with an application to theresponsible service provider•Remote application removal1111

•Automatic adaption of an applications’ user interface to the used device,including adaptation to different input methods (keyboard & mouse,Touch, Remote Control)•Automatic selection of a pre-produced media type related to devicecapabilities (images, audio/video formats and sizes).12

•Support of contextual information based on:•Device Context•Event Based Context•Finding Devices in Close Physical Proximity•and Social Proximity•Seamless Session Transfer between Devices (e.g. content distribution)•Publicity and privacy of Context Information•Obtaining Context Informationthrough Sensors and Automated Datasources•Finding and using the contextinformation of local and remoteDevices•Discovering and Updating ContextInformation of a Shared Capability9th November 201013

•Receiving location based Messages andAlerts,•Support of Platform and user centric Policysettings•Policy settings can be applied automaticallyon all of users’ webinos devices or definedseparately (private and business),•Enforcing Multiple Policies on MultipleDevices•Selectable access rights to device resourcesfor each installed application•Remote management of policy settings(private and business)•Support of different policy modes -adjustable by the user.9th November 201014

Whatwebinos•A web platform designed to allow apps to run acrossmobile, home media, PC and automotive comprising–Terminal specifications–Open source platform developments–Proof of concept applications and demos•Plus eco-system building in form of–workshops and seminars,–research publications and–liaisons with industry standardswil15

Howwebinoswill•Webinos is about Web-based development and execution•It will not replace but sit on top of low-level operatingsystems•Webinos is designed to be commercially and technicallyagnostic of underlying OS – leasing to growth•The reference implementation shall be provided on at least2 operating systemsJava MENWRTDalvikFlash Silverlight WebWorks16

Howwebinoscomp•Webinos willContextDeliverytimelineDomainMembers•Develop web extensions that allow applications to bedelivered over the web paradigm and over multiple devices•Focuss on cross-platform compatibility and security•Complement WAC and W3C activities• Driven by a number of the same parties(DT, TIM, Telefonica, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, NTT Docomo)• Both are about support of web applicationsResearch on long term web-appevolution & delivery of terminalplatform3 years, with first results availableafter 1.5yresHandsets, home media, PC,automotiveLed by Operators, manufacturers,software vendors, researchinstitutesCommercialecosystem inapplication deliveryImmediate – fullyoperational by Q12011HandsetsLed by OperatorsInteraction between webinos, WAC and W3Cshort termwebinos will use and build onexisting W3C & WAC specswebinos deliveries can befed back to and furtherused by WAC and W3Cmedium term17

HowwebinoswillKey, concreteDeliverables§ Use casedefinition /requirements§ Landscapeanalysis§ Concepts,architecture andkey enablers§ Open SourceSeptember 2010 – August 2013Platform14.09.2010specification & 18

WherewebinosisOfficial start;Kick-off meeting;PR & signficant coverage and interestdirect project activitiessupportive project activitiesScenarios and use casesAssessment of existing PlatformsAssessment of Open SourceGovernance and IPR modelsRequirements andState of the ArtUser Expectations on security and privacySept Dec Jan20113rd party engagement activitiesExternal communicationFebtodaySystem and API specificationsDevelopment of the systemMar Apr May19

Whoisdriving•Today–22 founding partners from 9countries who committedresources for 3 years todeliver webinos–Academic + industrial–Non-polarised–Cross-domain•Tomorrow–Open (source) communityof academia, industrial anddevelopers driving andusing the developmentsw20

Furtherengageme•The 22 founding members have legally committed responsibilities, finances andresources for 3 years•There is a strong intention to enable further parties to engage in webinos acrossthe different work packages – use cases, requirements, platform and applicationbuilding etc.•The legal entity for the Open Source Project is still to be established•To enable participation in the interim,–deliverables will be shared on the website for information and comments as applicable–dedicated discussion fora are enabled–webinars and expert discussion circles will be arranged–for more details, please see the back-up•If intestered, please–talk to webinos members–see the website for latest information–see the website for events where to meet webinos delegates–send an email to to be kept up to date21

FollowReport on multiple-screens:mobile, PC/tablet, automotive, home medianewNewsletter: Discussion Forum:“webinos” group#webinos_projectNext Venue: Mobilware 2011, London22

Newsletter:“webinos” group#webinos_projectWebsite: hello@webinos.orgNext Venue: Mobilware 2011, London23

New: Public Discussion Forum:•Currently:–Collaboration on requirementsand specification of the webinosplatform in form of proposed “userstories”–“user stories” in the forum will bereviewed by consortium members•Next steps:–Additional collaboration tools willfollow according to the projectworking plan24

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