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Art Department - Reelfilms

Art DepartmentCoffee BreakCast Members1234568910111213141517VIVIANPATSYDONNA LEEFREDMAMMYMITCHRICKYHOMERBENJAMINLIZIVYGEORGESAMANTHAPOLICEMANJohnny LeeExtrasClosing scene +6 extrasCrank enters 1st time +6 extrasIvy enters +6 extrasLiz enters 1st time + 6 extrasRicky's Friends Dennis, Diane +1 extraPropsBlack contact bookBusiness Card walletCork boardCrank's 2 identical journalsCrank's court orderDigital CameraGang has 3 wiping ragsGeorge's Briefcase (Man's purse)Glasses of waterKetchup bottlePage 1 09/02/2012

Art DepartmentCoffee BreakLaptopLarge purse/basketLiz's cell phoneLiz's WrenchMitch's crowbarMitch's hammerMitch's Hunting knifeMitch's ScrewdriverMitch's toolboxMoist toweletteNewspaperPatsy's Bluetooth earpiecePencil w/eraserPins for corkboardRicky's GuitarSalt & Pepper shakersSam's Fancy PurseServiettesServing traySilverwareStainless steel teapotSticky notesSudoku puzzleTea bagTray of condimentsTray of MuffinsUmbrellaUSB key w/strapVivian's Notepad for ListsVivian's PenSpecial EffectsFred's background for fantasy sceneFX-Flashing Blue light (TV)CostumesCrank's Dark suitPage 2 09/02/2012

Art DepartmentCoffee BreakD. Lee's evening dressD. Lee's fancy apronFred's Casual clothesFred's Tux, Hat and MicGeorge's Shirt & TieHomer's Dark suitIvy's flowing Bohemian topIvy's long flowing skirtJ. Lee's Casual clothesLiz's Overalls w/grease marksLiz's Work bootsMammy's Casual clothesMammy's Unusual sweatermitch's apronMitch's Casual clothesMitch's SneakersPatsy's Casual clothesPolice uniformRed greasy pocket ragRicky's Casual ClothesRicky's sneakersSam's Fancy outfit w/cleavageViVian's Semi-Formal clothesMakeupCrank - Basic makeupD. Lee - Stunning MakeupFull makeup with some glitter but not a hooker.Fred - Basic MakeupFred's fantasy makeupFull makeup with glittergeorge - Basic MakeupHomer - Basic MakeupIvy - Light MakeupJ. Lee - Basic MakeupLiz - Basic Makeup w/PonytailBasic with pony tailPage 3 09/02/2012

Art DepartmentCoffee BreakMammy - Light MakeupBasic plus some lipstickMitch - Mysterious MakeupHaunting eyes, cheek bones and chin emphasizedPatsy - Light MakeupPolice - Mysterious MakeupRicky - Basic MakeupSam - too much MakeupVivian - Full MakeupFull makeup - sophisticated lookPage 4 09/02/2012

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