Show Reviews - Trash Fever
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Show Reviews - Trash Fever

Page 26BY BO .ZPHOTOS : RICK LENNICKjoved . mood n' tough modern Chicago blues . . . . bu tLive . . .Live . . . Party Down . . . Live . . . Get Off : :' !the blues coup of the year would've had to of bee nTime to look back at some of the shows we've ha dBuddy Gum and Junior Wells at Tobbacco Road, th esince last issue featuring out of town bands . Firs t club in the sleazy Hart of downtown Miami that' sshow that comes to mind was Plan9 at Flynns w1Sobrin gin' down lots of the blues greats thanks t oI was really looking forward to seeing . I was aMr . Red, Hot, and Blue himself ; Mark Weiser . Any -bit dissapointed . . . they just fuckin' stood therehow as any cool hinster knows, Buddy and Junio r. . . . b00000ring . . . wait . . I take that back . . thehave been nlayin' as a team together since th echick on keyboards was real cool with her hair flyingin her face . They should build a band aroundmuch further . Buddy is an excellent geetar playe rlate 60's, although as individuals they go bac kher . BlackFlag and SaccharineTrust came back fo r with a fine ex pressive voice, while Junior i sa return engagement on Halloween . If you had rememberedthey had just played 2 months prior eo Itou gh singin' . These muthers tore the club smar tknown for his heavy hart) blowin' and equall ywasn't as hyped up for this . Saccharine Trust playedthe best set I've ever seen em play (having see nmade to be seen in small clubs like Tobacco Roa dwith their hard Chicago blues . The blues werethem 4 times) . . . what a bitchin' guitarist!!! Iwhere the liquor flows freely and the womens jus tlove their stop/go hanky jerky whatchamacali tlook real fine . Check the place out! Well onour hsound . black Flag played a very similar set toof that . I hope everyone caught Government Issu elast time . I didn't enjoy them as much but they'r eat Flynns . I still got a soft snot in my hear tstill great. One of the true greats . . . they reall yfor these ole' Dders, and they didn't let me downput out on stage! Along a similar vein I caughteven when they were Navin' massive PA problem sPrank Sinatra at the Sunrise Musical Theatre . Ithe first ni ght . Stabb is a great fontman wh owas impressed to say the least . . . the man's gotrefuses to be taken seriously, injecting lots o fstyle, charisma, soul and .plenty,ofcool . Most o fsubtle humour into the whole affair . His magicmarkertattos were too much! I'll go see thes ethe songs he sang were ballads and often dealt wit hthe seedy side of life ; drinking, gambling, depressionthrough love gone bad, etcc . . . The ancien twere fair but hardly snectacular . I did find itguys anytime! The rob also made it to Flynns an dhinster made no concessions to current musicalkind of ir,terestine that they did a Bad Brain strends cause he doesn't have to . Like some ol dcover . I guess the Bad Brains legacy still run sMississippi blues cat that won't die, you kee ndeer in NYC (and with good reason too) . Als odoin g what you've done for years . . . singing abou tmakin' it from New York was A gnostic Front wh oyour life's experiences and believe me, Frank' shad the misfortune to hit town the day that Flynn sgot alot of em. A great show but I was still bum -shut down . Alas a substitute gig was arranged a tmed . . no'Strangers in the Night" and no encore . .Jack's warehouse in Pomnano which was immediatl ywhat a lame audience!!!Good thing that Corrosionbroken un by a full squad of con cars, full o fof Conformity didn't open for Frank cause the yan gry youn g men swingin big angry sticks at awouldn't have stood a chance . I must say I didn' tmean u gly crowd of 50 had ass punk rockers . Ilike their set at Flynns very much . For starter ssurgestel that we all lock hands and sing 'Giv ethe P .A . was so fuckin loud that it almost hur tPeace a Chance' (or 'we Are the World' at least )(and believe me my hearing ain't what it used t obut things never happened . . . . oh well anotherbe) . Plus all their songs sounded identical . . . Idon't know maybe it was an off night but what Isaw didn't impress me I wasn't expecting muc hwhen Decry came to town, even though I though tthey had a pretty good album . I hadn't figured o nbeing blown away by their sheer awesomeness an dpower . It was almost like seeing Minor Threat forthe first time . . . well maybe not but believe me ,if these guys could leave this jaded ole' soulleft with his mouth hangin' open . . . if you kno wwhat I mean . Catch these guys next time around !Also worth seeing is Trus West . Granted their las trecord sucked, but live the band's a whole differentkind o f animal . They got a real tough but melodicguitar sound . . . . sorta like a more discipline dTelevision . Great choice of covers too . . . 'Lucife rSam", "Happening Ten Years Ago", and "1969' . My,nly complaint is that they did an almost identical;ee when I saw them in San Francisco the previou ssummer. Regardless I dug em just the same . . . .What else? Oh yeah . . . New Years at Flynns wit hBedlam and Adrenalin 0 .D . . . . let me see if I canremember . Actually the main thing I recall i sgoing into the bathroom to puke so that I coul dkeep on drinking . I don't know why New Years make sus do things like that . I guess since it's th eparty with the biggest hype of the year, we ten dt - fnrce ourselves to have a good time regardles sI thought Bedlam should've been called Boredo mand A .O .D . were alright but not as crazy and wil das I had thought they'd be . The big show of th eseason however was Suicidal Tendencies who sol dout the club . Besides the fact that they looke dridiculous (I mean flannel shirts buttoned up allthe way to the top are real practical in the subtropicalheat) they were real mediocre •nd weretotally lacking in any kind of snontanity . So insteadof talking about dumb p-rock shows let m eran awhile about the blues . First off ':as a fre egig by James Cotton at the Metrozoo . I only sawone set (he nlayed 3) but from what I saw I en -

Page 27early night . New club in town is the cell, wh ogave us a double bill of Scream and the Subhumans .I love Scream and really got off on their selectio nof covers ; 'Helter Skelter" and a medley of "Magi cCarpet Ride" and "Who Do You Love" . They sounde dgreat, the only problem being Fete who sat throughmost of the set instead of jumpin around like h eusually does . Ap parently his throat was fucked s omaybe he needed to take it easy . The Subhumans wer ealri ght but lets face it, Scream's a tough act t ofollow . . . . Caught GIHLSCSCCL DEEP PUFLE at th eSnorthole . Big dissanointment on both accourts .Firstly, the departure of Kelly shows n irlschoo lseriously lackin' . Their new material is also rath -r wim py and seems to he jestsne .d to gai- the mAmerican airplay . Regardless they were still wort hchecking out, but fell short of the orgasmi cheights they used to be capable of . Deer, Purpl esucked shit . I mean sure, "Hi ghway Star" sounde dcool but their new doggy material reeks of Foreignerismsand when they kicked into a 10 minut edrum solo while the lazer lights manned out adrawing of Mozart's face overhead I knew it wa stime to leave . Now I remember why I avoid aren aconcerts . Last glrs I'm gonna mention concern2 Georgia bands, Love Tractor and the Night Iorters. Let inc say that I have a true aversion t omost Georgia bands (same for Hoboken bands) bu tI'll try to he as objective as humanly possible .I was only able to withstand about 4 songs o fLove Tractor . . . they looked bored and sounded eve nmore so . Maybe it's the fashionable art schoollook . . . . I don't know. I had heard good thing sabout the Ni ght Porters, that they were harde rand a helluva lot less self-concious than theother Atlanta/Athens bands . =ranted, they wererock n' roll but for me they came off as apoor man's True West, just not the aorta thin gI get, off on. I like em mean & sleazy . el lfolks that's it for now see ya around town .Since we decided we didn't feel like doin' alocal report column this time here's a fe wimpressions of a few Fla . bands that we'vecau ght and dug live :1 .) DHI S . Meer gettin' better each time out .They're #1 in the power/muscle dent . down here. they're real HEAVY man :"GAWD: This joint smell's lik eBrooklyn"- THE MO B2.) F- They only play about twice a year . Caught emup north . . Bumfuck, Fla . Ken Decter is a pro nhetof our times . F is amazing: The Most fun an dunpretentious band in the state .3.) CHARLIE PICKETT & THE EGGS- A final week -end show after the tour . Fuckin' ace as usualtheydid lots of the songs real different whic hwas cool . Too bad the band quit after the lastshow (Charlie's lookin' for new guys) . . watc hfor the LP on Twintone anyway .4.) PSYCHO DAISIES- The Eggs minus Charlie butplus guitar whiz Johnny Salton . They've beenpracticin' & it shows . Great songs : I kindaliked em better than Charlie cause I didn't hav eto listen to "Shake Some Action" or "If this isLove" again for the 999th time .5.) MORBID OPERA- Last show wasn't that hot du eto F .A . problems but they'll rebound for the nex tgig . Look for their LP soon .Well that's it for my favorite Florida bends a tthe moment . Next time we'll do a scene report &give you all the pertinent newz that's fit t onrint (like 'the true newz behind the Gay Cowboy sbreaku p") . So till then . . . so long gan g .Last. Minute Flash : HUSKER DU at Ft . Lad . Fireman' sHall . First off let me say that R&R was made fo rbars rot halls . Second the heat was almost unbearableinside (there were no ins & outs) . Other tha nthat it was a very well rut together show (thank sRichard) . The Huskers were good but to be honest ,I enjoy em more on record . The band's subtle natureseems lost live as they ont for more of agrind em out ap p roach . Aahhh what the fluck . . itwas fun anyway .

Page 28Imagine yourself in a society wherethree or more sexes relate in a ninfinite number of ways, and repressionis in the form of unbridled freedom o fmeaningless information, and evil andgood struggle inside and out .What do you do? ?LISTENMgdolls -.carry a big stick --Speak Softly Ei12" epCulturcide LPC.I.A. RECORD Scall X0713+861-0723 or write 6'o w .ieth5t )Houston, Tx 77008 USA

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