Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on Tuesday ...

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Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on Tuesday ...

ong>Minutesong> ong>ofong> ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> ong>Meetingong>ong>heldong> on Tuesday, December 9 th , 2008, 10:00 hrs.at Chaophya Park Hotel & ResortsPresent:Mr. Luzi A. MatzigMr. Kusa PanyarachunM.L. Hathaijanok KritakaraMr. Danai WansomMr. Ken ScottMr. Heiko WilmsMr. James ReedMr. Jamlong RatanapanMs. Patsupa LelanapaparnMr. Chalongchai HiranyalekhaMs. Supaporn ChinpasnanMs. Rochana MaiyarojMs. Ben MontgomeryMrs. Joan SarasinExcused:Mr. Nino E. JotikasthiraMr. Bob JamesMr. Vincent TabuteauMr. Bert Van WalbeekMr. Pichai ChunganuwadMs. Ornuma TisapramotekulMs. Paveena NiemwongseMr. Apichai SakulsureeyadejChairman, ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> & Chairman, Marketing ong>Committeeong>Vice Chairman & Hon. TreasurerHon. Secretary & Chairman, Programme ong>Committeeong>Chairman, Industry Development ong>Committeeong>Chairman, P.R. ong>Committeeong>ong>Committeeong>ong>Committeeong>ong>Committeeong>Assistant Director – The Americas Market Division, TATDirector, Sales Management, THAIConvention/Incentive Sales Promotion, THAIManager – Membership Service, PATA HQAssistant Director – Membership, PATA HQSecretariatChairman, Membership ong>Committeeong>Co-Chairman, Education ong>Committeeong>Chairman, Green Projects ong>Committeeong>Co-Chairman, Education ong>Committeeong>ong>Committeeong>Associate Director – Membership Services, PATA HQManager – Communications, PATA HQAdvisor, TTCLuzi Matzig, Chairman, opened ong>theong> meeting at 1010 hrs.1. ong>Minutesong> ong>ofong> ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> ong>Meetingong> ong>heldong> on November 19 th , 2008The ong>Minutesong> were reviewed and approved with ong>theong> following action –Membership ong>Committeeong> –The PATA Secretariat to forward ong>theong> Membership Invoice for Mono Travel to Luzi Matzig for him to follow up.P.R. ong>Committeeong> –Ken Scott, Chairman, P.R. ong>Committeeong>, requested ong>theong> PATA Secretariat to contact ong>theong> travel industry associationsto forward to ong>theong>ir members all future e-Newsletter to ong>theong>ir members.

2The PATA Secretariat to forward to Heiko ong>theong> list ong>ofong> email addresses ong>ofong> ong>theong> 2 nd Contact Person and YTP memberong>ofong> our member organizations.Khun Ben Montgomery, PATA HQ, informed ong>theong> meeting that ong>theong>y have already sent ong>theong> e-Newsletter to allPATA members worldwide.The PATA Secretariat to follow up with Brian Sinclair-Thompson for ong>theong> membership list ong>ofong> BAR.Education ong>Committeeong> –Luzi requested that ong>theong> PATA Secretariat should check ong>theong> cost ong>ofong> ong>theong> EDIT Scholarship Programme so that ong>theong>Education ong>Committeeong> can prepare a project for one student to be submitted for consideration by ong>theong> ong>Executiveong>ong>Committeeong>.Joan informed ong>theong> meeting that it is planned to ong>ofong>fer 5 sponsorships for mid-management staff ong>ofong> our memberorganizations as well as 2 sponsorships for university students at ong>theong> “Quality or Quantity” Seminar.2. ong>Committeeong> ReportsEducation ong>Committeeong>“Quality or Quantity” Seminar, January 23 rd , 2009In ong>theong> absence ong>ofong> Bert van Walbeek Joan reported that Bert has requested that ong>theong> “Quality or Quantity” Seminar bepostponed until ong>theong> end ong>ofong> February 2009 as he has not been able to send out invitations to international speakers whowill be sponsored by ong>theong> TAT.The meeting decided that we will have our AGM Luncheon ong>Meetingong> with a guest speaker on January 21 st , 2009.Membership ong>Committeeong>In ong>theong> absence ong>ofong> Nino Jotikasthira, Chairman, Membership ong>Committeeong>, Joan reported to ong>theong> meeting that we haveended ong>theong> year with a total ong>ofong> 97 member organizations with only one organisation with pending membership fees –Mono Travel and Luzi will follow up on this matter.The meeting decided that due to ong>theong> economic downturn which is expected in 2009 worldwide, we will inform ourmembers that we will not increase our memberships.We will also ong>ofong>fer any organisation which pays ong>theong>ir 2009 Membership Fees by March 2009 that ong>theong>ir staff will beable to apply for five free registrations for ong>theong> “Quality or Quantity” Seminar to be ong>heldong> in late February 2009.The meeting discussed how we will approach potential members from new sectors ong>ofong> ong>theong> travel industry i.e. diveshops, Chambers ong>ofong> Commerce, Dot Coms & BAR. The meeting noted that we need to ong>ofong>fer ong>theong>m value for moneyfor ong>theong>ir membership fees so we have to inform ong>theong>m about ong>theong> training programmes we organise throughout ong>theong> year.Heiko stated that it is important that we sell ong>theong> idea ong>ofong> environment programmes for ong>theong>se potential new membersfrom ong>theong> dive shops. He referred to ong>theong> protection ong>ofong> reefs through ong>theong> use ong>ofong> old aircrafts.The meeting requested Heiko will invite a prominent member ong>ofong> ong>theong> dive shops group to be a guest speaker a ong>theong>January AGM and Luncheon ong>Meetingong>. TAT will provide us with copies ong>ofong> ong>theong>ir Dive Shops brochure to bedistributed at this Luncheon ong>Meetingong>.The meeting also invited TAT to present ong>theong>ir plans for 2009 at this Luncheon ong>Meetingong> as this information will be ong>ofong>interest to our members and guests.

3Joan informed ong>theong> meeting that our Quarterly Luncheon ong>Meetingong> are ong>heldong> on ong>theong> 3 rd Wednesday ong>ofong> ong>theong> month so wewill schedule ong>theong> AGM Luncheon ong>Meetingong> on January 21 st , 2009. When we issue an invitation to a guest speaker for2009 we will give ong>theong>m an approximate date ong>ofong> ong>theong> 3 rd Wednesday ong>ofong> ong>theong> month in January, March, June, September,December 2009.P.R. ong>Committeeong>Ken Scott, Chairman, P.R. ong>Committeeong>, informed ong>theong> meeting that he will be sending out a circular to our membersasking ong>theong>m to submit ong>theong>ir product news for ong>theong> January/February e-Newsletter.The meeting once again congratulated ong>theong> TAT for ong>theong>ir prompt and timely press releases on ong>theong> recent politicalsituation. These press releases were very useful to our members to be sent out to ong>theong>ir clients.Industry Development ong>Committeeong>Danai Wansom, Chairman, Industry Development ong>Committeeong>, was requested to organise a meeting with ong>theong> incomingMinister ong>ofong> Tourism & Sports once this person is appointed.The meeting also requested him to contact Dr. Sasithara Pichaichannarong, Deputy Permanent Secretary, to organise ameeting to discuss ong>theong> special fund which ong>theong> government will be making available to ong>theong> local travel industry as thiswell be ong>ofong> utmost importance to our members and ong>theong> rest ong>ofong> ong>theong> travel industry ong>ofong> Thailand.Marketing ong>Committeeong>Joint PATA/SKAL Xmas Luncheon ong>Meetingong>, December 9 th , 2008 at Chaophya Park Hotel & Resorts – Joan reportedto ong>theong> meeting that we have a record number ong>ofong> participants from PATA & SKAL – 130. Our members have beenextremely generous with door prizes and gifts for ong>theong> Silent Auction.The meeting approved that Joan could conduct an online e-auction in ong>theong> event she has travel packages which are notauctioned at ong>theong> luncheon today. All ong>theong>se funds will be donated to ong>theong> Joint PATA/SKAL AIDS Babies Fund.Financial Report for January/December 2008Khun Kusa Panyarachun, Vice President & Hon. Treasurer reviewed ong>theong> Financial Report for January-December2008.The meeting requested that ong>theong> PATA Secretariat should workout ong>theong> cost to sponsor one candidate for ong>theong> EDITScholarship, Hawaii. Luzi suggested that we should prepare a campaign to encourage our members to pay ong>theong>ir 2009Membership Fees by March 2009 in order to be entitled to submit one candidate for any scholarships we mayapprove.Joan informed ong>theong> meeting that ong>theong> Education ong>Committeeong> has also proposed that we make available 5 sponsorships toour members to apply for 5 free registrations to attend ong>theong> “Quality or Quantity” Seminar to be ong>heldong> in late February,2009, as well as all oong>theong>r training seminars to be organised in 2009.Jim Reed suggested that as we all have a lean year ahead ong>ofong> us in 2009 ong>theong> Thailand Chapter should not plan to spendany money abroad so we should very carefully consider ong>theong> EDIT Scholarship.Khun Chalongchai, THAI and Khun Jamlong, TAT reported to ong>theong> meeting on ong>theong>ir Action Plans.

43. Any Oong>theong>r BusinessPATA Thailand Chapter WebsiteLuzi requested that ong>theong> PATA Secretariat and Heiko should prepare for ong>theong> Thailand Website a chart ong>ofong> all availableads and buttons. It was approved that each ad and button will be valid for one year after it is posted in ong>theong> website.PATA Gold AwardLuzi suggested that over ong>theong> past few years ong>theong> PATA Thailand Chapter has organised many events so we shouldapply for ong>theong> Chapter Award.There being no furong>theong>r business ong>theong> meeting adjourned at 1200 hrs.

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