Civil and Environmental Engineering - CEMR - West Virginia ...

Civil and Environmental Engineering - CEMR - West Virginia ...

Civil and EnvironmentalEngineeringDr. David MartinelliChairmanDepartment of Civil and Environmental EngineeringWest Virginia University

What is civil engineering?• Designing and operating new systems andfacilities to meet the needs of a givenpopulation.• Modifying existing systems to improve thequality of life.• Managing the construction of new facilities at avariety of locations throughout the world.

Civil engineering disciplines• Environmental• Geotechnical• Hydrotechnical• Structural• Transportation

Environmental engineering- Provides safe and potable public water suppliesTypical water treatment plant

Environmental engineering- …andwaste watersUltrafiltration unitdesigned to treatwaste waters thatcontain largevolumes of oils

Environmental engineering- …andwaste watersright:Oily waste waterleft:After treatment

Environmental engineering- Controls water, soil, and atmospheric pollutionEngineercollecting watersamples from alocal water bodyto perform waterquality analysis

Geotechnical engineering- Prevent and control erosionPoor engineeringcaused thisroadside shoulderto collapse andgive way toerosion.

Geotechnical engineering- Prevent and control erosionBefore After

Hydrotechnical engineering-Responsible for the conservation of potable waterquality & usageDams are usedto conservewater, provideelectricity,controlflooding, andfor recreational purposes.

Hydrotechnical engineering- Designs structures and techniques to controlflooding & excess waterFlood control isessential tominimize loss oflife and propertywhen floodingoccurs.

Structural engineering- Plan and design safe and economical structuresRoller coaster in Cincinnati, Ohio

Structural engineering- Plan and design safe and economical structuresRailroad bridge incentralPennsylvania

Structural engineering- Oversee constructionStarting with plandesigns forDiamondbackStadium inArizona...

Structural engineering- Oversee construction…structural engineers oversee allphases of construction until...

Structural engineering- Oversee construction…the stadium is completed.

Transportation engineering- Plan & designs avenues of transportation forLANDProper planning & design of roadways is essential foreasy business and recreational travel.

Transportation engineering- Plan & designs avenues of transportation for AIRA well-designed air transportation system eliminatesdelays in business deliveries as well as recreationaltraveling.

Transportation engineering- Minimizes traffic problems…that keep traffic problems to a minimum.

Comments from Recent Graduates:“Why I like Civil Engineering”• I work on projects thatmake a difference• I work on projects ofvisibility & permanence• I work with a diversity ofprofessionals• A balance of desk andfield experiences

Comments from Recent Graduates:“Why I like Civil Engineering”• A broad field with manyprofessional options• A stable profession• Opportunities to entermanagement• Opportunities to start myown firm

2006 CEMR Postings per Type by Major1431854135442TOTAL10415SE403424IH4526514SM4724221PNGE6036123MinE2051182859ME156901947IE2811017BIOM1751002154EE142851146CS154941347CPE1901311346CEE116651437ChE6336522AETOTALPermanentCo-opsInternsMajor

Employers of Recent CEGraduates• ATK ConsultingEngineers• Cherry Hill Construction• Turner Construction• Kiehwit Construction• Halliburton• Michael BakerEnginering• West Virginia DOT• USDOT• Whiting-TurnerContracting•Allegheny Power•Columbia Gas Transmission•Exxon Mobile•Thrasher Engineering•Potesta Associates•Pennsylvania DOT•Maryland DOT•Chesapeake Energy•URS Corporation•Gannett Fleming Conslulting

CEE Curriculum at WVU• Level-1 courses in thefour basic areas• Opportunities tospecialize• Comprehensivedesign experiences

CEE Faculty at WVU• All hold PhDs• 3 of 6 CollegeOutstanding Teachers• 2 of 6 OutstandingResearchers• WV Teacher of theYear• Chi Epsilon NationalTeacher of the Year

Extra-Curricular Opportunities• Undergraduateresearch• Summer internships

Extra-Curricular Opportunities• Concrete canoecompetition• Steel bridgecompetition• Environmentalcompetition• National meetings


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