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Sanitary Tanks

Sanitary Tanks


I N T R O D U C T I O NHow To Select Your High-Performance TankTank Resin Selection Guide — Typical Properties and Applications 1Material General Chemical Stress-Crack 2 Maximum Service Brittleness Impact Can Be Welded Food-Grade ColorRESIN Resistance Resistance Temperature Temperature Resistance 3 (Hot Gas) AcceptabilityNATURAL, UNPIGMENTED NATURAL, UNPIGMENTEDHDPEHigh DensityPolyethyleneVery GoodGood140°F60°C-94°F-70°CGoodYesYes 4Naturaland BlackWhiteXLPECross-LinkedHigh DensityPolyethyleneVery GoodExcellent140°F60°C-180°F-118°CExcellentNoNoYellowPPPolypropyleneVery GoodExcellent220°F104°C32°F0°CFairYesYes 4Off-WhitePVDFPolyvinylideneFluorideExcellentExcellent230°F110°C-40°F-40°CFairYesYes 4Off-WhiteTank Resin Selection Guide — (continued)Material ADVANTAGES AND APPLICATIONS DO NOT USE WITH:RESINHDPEHigh DensityPolyethylene•Hard, smooth finish•Good temperatureresistance•Less expensive than stainlesssteel or fiberglass•Storing caustics•Metal finishing•Storing organic andinorganic acids•Water treatment•Dispensing lab andphoto chemicals•Plating•BrineStrong oxidizing agents,aromatic hydrocarbons,halogenated-aliphatic hydrocarbons,liquefied petroleum gas, solventsXLPECross-LinkedHigh DensityPolyethylene•Suitable for many corrosivesnot handled by FRP•Storing corrosives, includingsulfuric, hydrochloricand hydrofluoric acids•Storing sodium hypochlorite(See statementon page 38)•Storing organic andinorganic chemicals andcompounds•Chemical processing•Storing boiler treatmentchemicals•Water and wastewatertreatmentStrong oxidizing agents,aromatic hydrocarbons,halogenated-aliphatic hydrocarbons,liquefied petroleum gas, solventsPPPolypropylene•Good resistance to manyorganic chemicals•Less expensive thancomparable stainlesssteel tanks•Weldable PP fittingsavailable•Plating and pickling lines•Sanitary process tanks•Etch tanks for processingsilicone wafersStrong oxidizing agents;aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons,sub-freezing temperaturesPVDFPolyvinylideneFluoride•Superior resistance toinorganic acids, strongoxidizing agents andhalogenated compounds•High-purity; does notcontaminate process fluids•PVDF Schedule 80 threadedfittings available•Etch tanks for processingsilicone wafers•Ultra-pure water storage(not potable)•Precious metal recovery•Storing and processinghalogenated compounds(i.e., bromine)•Storing bleach andsulfuric acid for pulpand paper processing•Industrial battery casings•Insecticide manufacturingKetones, esters and hot,concentrated caustics; nascentchlorine gas and concentratedcaustic soda2NOTES:1 At low temperatures, protect all tanks from impact. Below 40°F/4°C, specify XLPE Tanks.2 Cross-linked, high-density polyethylene is recommended for use with stress-cracking agents.3 Brittleness temperature per ASTM test D-746. The impact resistance of most rotomolded tanks declines at freezing temperatures.Cross-linked, high-density polyethylene tanks are well suited for cold storage.4 The resins used in Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics linear low- and high-density polyethylene and polypropylene tanks comply with 21 CFRRegulation 177.1520.Polyethylene meets all food-grade requirements; however, this product is restricted to contacting food only of the types identified in21 CFR 176.170 Table 1, under categories 1, IV-B, VII-B, VIII, and under conditions of use B through H described in Table 2 of 21 CFR 176.170. Saint-Gobainrotomolded polypropylene complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 3.1 regulation. The resin used in PVDF tanks complies with 21 CFR 177.2510.5 Open-top tanks do not contain UV stabilizer; black is recommended for certain applications. Bulk tanks are UV-stabilized and may be used outdoors.

O P E N - T O P T A N K SGeneral Guide to Open-Top TanksPlastic Tanks For High-Purity StorageSaint-Gobain Performance Plasticshigh-performance tanks are the best andtoughest in the industry. Exacting CADbaseddesigns, the highest quality virginresins and tough construction provideexcellent solutions for general purposeapplications. The tanks are translucentand feature molded-in graduations.Each tank comes with a matching coverthe same thickness as the wall. Theopen-top unit covers fit like a shoe box;bolted or welded covers are availableupon request.Closed-dome tanks are availablefor applications requiring a completelyclosed vessel. The 6" threadedpolypropylene covers prevent evaporationand spills.Our open-top tanks are rated for usewith 1.8 specific gravity media. If afiberglass casing is used, the rating goesup to 2.2.Casings provide structuralsupport and prevent bulging at the bottomof the tank. They should be usedwith rectangular units with any dimensiongreater than 18 inches. Casings arealso required for use with media havinga specific gravity greater than 1.8 or foruse at prolonged elevated temperatures.Our stands, mixers, and casings havebeen pre-engineered for compatibility.Simply choose your tank size and thesize codes of the accessories will match.Fabrication is available for allSaint-Gobain Performance Plasticstanks. Modifications can be made to thecovers or the sides. Contact customerservice for quotations. Welded andmechanical fittings can be installed,as well as a full line of accessories.Materials OverviewHigh DensityPolyethylene (HDPE):• FDA 21 CFR 177.1520• Hard, Smooth Finish• Very Good Chemical Resistance• Good Stress-Crack Resistance• Max Service Temp—140°F• Translucent WhitePolypropylene (PP):Cross-LinkedPolyethylene (XLPE):• Not FDA• Cannot be welded• Better Chemical Resistance to HDPE• Excellent Stress-Crack Resistance• Max Service Temp—140°F• Yellow (Bulk Tanks—Gray)PolyvinylideneFluoride (PVDF):Structural DesignsCylindrical tanks feature a stepped-flangedesign that adds rigidity and strengthwhile helping to contain drips. Tanks over30 gallons feature a slightly raised bottomthat channels liquids to tank walls andfittings. Spoked bottoms reinforce largertanks over 55 gallons and providenear-total drainage.• FDA 21 CFR 177.1520• USP Class VI, Non-cytotoxic• Hard, Smooth Finish• Very Good Chemical Resistance• Excellent Stress-Crack Resistance• Max Service Temp—220°F• White• FDA 21 CFR 177.2510• High-Purity Material/Low Extractables• Larger sizes require casings• Inherent UV Resistance• Excellent Chemical Resistance• Max Service Temp—230°F• Off-WhiteSTEPPED-FLANGEUP TO 30 GALLONRAISED BOTTOMMaximum service temperature listings refer to temperatures that should not be exceeded for thematerials utilized in the specific product line. Many factors including media, specific gravity ofmedia, external stresses, product geometry, environment, and others affect suitability of material.55 AND 80 GALLONSPOKED BOTTOM100 GALLON AND ABOVESPOKED BOTTOM3

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