2010 ANNUAL REPORT - West Texas A&M University


2010 ANNUAL REPORT - West Texas A&M University



West Texas A&M University is always searching for the right paths that lead to the best in

educational experiences for our students. In 2010, we made great strides in that arena with the

continued expansion of our campus and our curriculum. Providing our students with exciting

opportunities along with a learning environment that is both challenging and innovative is our

promise and our continued mission.

Our Centennial year proved to be an exciting time that saw Buffs celebrating all over the

world. Elegance was in abundance the evening of the Centennial Gala in February, where

guests dined, danced and enjoyed a highly entertaining program. The Founders Day

Birthday party on campus was an uproarious time for students, faculty and staff with

the climactic opening of the WT time capsule. Centennial Homecoming was our biggest

Homecoming celebration ever, with the most successful reunion attendance that WT has

seen to date. As our historical hundred-year celebration has come to an end, we look

ahead to our next 100 to be the best time at WT yet.

Enrollment numbers for 2011 are looking great. The number of students

attending WT continues to increase and enrollment for graduate schools,

returning students and transfer students is on the rise. As the incredible

number of opportunities that we offer our students continues to expand

so will our student population.

There were many exciting developments on our campus this past year. Buffalo

Sports Park is near completion and will soon be open for baseball and softball

season. The Palo Duro Research Facility is now open and occupied by our

world-class team of researchers, where research on air quality along with many

more impactive studies are being conducted. Hudspeth Hall was demolished

last spring, and the University’s newest residence hall, Centennial Hall is

scheduled for completion in 2011. A renovation of Mary Moody Northen Hall

is currently under way that will provide WT students with the best there is

to offer in modern day facilities. In that same vein, renovation of the

Ag/Science building is almost complete, making it the new home of the

emergent engineering department at WT.

As the cultural hub of the Panhandle, WT was host to many enlightening and

informative events in 2010 including guest speakers like award-winning author

Somali Mam and Apollo 13 legends Gene Kranz and James Lovell. Guest artists

and speakers across every medium made 2010 a year of insight at WT, and 2011

will be no different.

WT athletics enjoyed many successes in 2010 with the Buffs ending the football

season with an 8-4 record and a Super Region IV playoff berth. Lady Buff volleyball

went 14-0 in the Lone Star Conference (LSC) and heads into the 2011 season with 83

consecutive wins over LSC teams. Our Buff and Lady Buff basketball teams also are

both in the midst of successful seasons. Upon it’s completion, Buffalo Sports Park will

revolutionize outdoor sports at WT in 2011, and will be a valuable asset to our campus

and community.

2010 was a challenging year at West Texas A&M, and we will have more obstacles ahead

of us in 2011. In spite of whatever it is that may lay before us, WTAMU will stand strong

against this adversity, and we will persevere. As we move into the future, WT will continue

to grow, propelled by our momentum, enthusiasm and support. We must hold fast to the

convictions that have carried us though the last 100 years and believe in our core mission

of education. Our commitment to the pursuit of excellence will carry us through each

test, and 2011 will undoubtedly be another year of landmark achievement at WTAMU.



Student athletes are an incredibly important part of West Texas

A&M University. Their talents and abilities create an invaluable

outlet and source of pride for sports fans across the Panhandle, and

those same abilities also are providing them with the opportunity of

a first-class education.

One organization at WTAMU that is a vital supporter of athletics

is the Buffalo Club. Their assistance is instrumental in providing

the necessary resources that allow our student athletes to achieve

success in the classroom and on the court or playing field.

Scholarships, recruiting expenses, books, team travel, equipment,

facilities and athletic training are many of the areas that the

Buffalo Club helps to fund.

“Our basketball program requires a lot of support, including

financial support,” said Krista Gerlich, WTAMU head women’s

basketball coach. “We are competing against other universities and

divisions to recruit the best student athletes we can. In order to

compete with those other schools, we have to be able to provide an

education, and it’s critical that we have the financial support that

gives us the chance to offer the maximum amount of scholarships

that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) allows.”

Gerlich said she is a supporter of the Buffalo Club because it is

an organization that makes athletics at WT possible. “The Buffalo

Club is where the majority of our athletic scholarships come from,”

Gerlich said. “In order to secure the athletes that we want to play

for WT, we have to have funding to pay for those scholarships, and

that’s why I strongly support the Buffalo Club.”

The Buffalo Club supports 15 athletic teams at WT, and with donor

assistance, will provide $800,000 in scholarship funding for 2011. As

the sole athletic fund-raising organization at WT, the Buffalo Club

relies on the support of donors throughout the community to help

to provide our student athletes with a premier higher education


“The Buffalo Club provides the scholarships that enable our

coaches to recruit the best student athletes, which in turn allows

us to win championships with these athletes that will graduate

from WT,” said Michael McBroom, WTAMU director of athletics.

“Without the support of the Buffalo Club, we would not have one of

the top NCAA Division II athletics programs in the United States.”

Thanks to the generosity of Buffalo Club donors, WT has enjoyed

several championship seasons in a variety of arenas, and many

student athletes have been given educational opportunities that

would not have existed otherwise.

“Not only are these students going to win championships, but they

are going to go on to be doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers,”

said Gerlich. “That’s what really makes being a member of the

Buffalo Club worth it to me.”

For more information on the Buffalo Club contact Joe Ray Halsey at

806-651-4434 or visit gobuffsgo.com.

First United Bank


Help Dreams Come True

Brittaney McGinnis dreams of being a lawyer

someday, and First United Bank is giving her the

chance to realize that dream through an endowed

scholarship established at West Texas A&M University.

In fact, McGinnis isn’t the only student benefiting

from a scholarship funded by the bank. She and

eight other students in various disciplines have been

awarded First United Bank Scholarships to help them

earn degrees and live out their dreams.

“Receiving the First United Bank Scholarship has

been a true blessing in my life,” McGinnis, a junior

economics major from Amarillo, said. “It’s given

me the reassurance that my hard work isn’t going

unnoticed and gives me the extra drive and initiative

needed to do well in my classes in order to not only

show my appreciation toward First United Bank but

also to fight for my dream of being accepted into law


And helping make dreams come true is just what

First United Bank had in mind when it established

the nine individual scholarship awards in spring 2010.

The scholarships were awarded for the first time in

fall 2010 with two annual awards each in the College

of Business and the Department of Agriculture and

one in the Department of Education along with four

annual Universitywide awards. Each scholarship

provides a minimum of $4,000 per year or $2,000 per

semester, and each recipient is eligible to receive

the scholarship award through completion of his/her

bachelor’s degree.

“When our bank established the endowment to fund

these scholarships, we realized that we would be

creating a lasting legacy for WTAMU students in

both their higher education and in their continuing

lives,” Michael Bain, president of First United Bank,

said. “We are honored to be able to exercise our civic

duty by giving back to the University, its students and

programs and the region.

“These scholarships will certainly make a difference

by enhancing the direction of the ‘leaders of

tomorrow’ in West Texas and the Panhandle area. We

are looking forward to watching that direction evolve

in the future.”

First United Bank has been a longtime supporter of

the University and is an Old Main Society member

at the platinum level. In 2005 the bank pledged a

sizeable gift to change the name of the University’s

Event Center to the First United Bank Center.

Plus, the bank’s board of directors also have made

individual gifts that helped in scholarship funding

and campus renovations and construction. And

WTAMU students are definitely reaping the awards

from First United Bank’s generosity.

“I feel honored to be one of the first recipients of

the First United Bank Scholarship,” Kalan Steinle,

a junior agribusiness major from Dimmitt, said. “I

commute to WT two to three times a week so this

scholarship not only provides money for tuition and

books, but also frees up more of my own money for

fuel and food. This scholarship shows how people in

the Panhandle area care about the future of students

seeking higher education and about the future of

our nation.”

The nine recipients of First United Bank scholarships

are listed by hometown, classification and major.


Lacey Acker, senior education major

Brett Burnett, junior pre-engineering major

Abigail Kirk, senior finance major

Brittaney McGinnis, junior economics major

Brandy Self, senior pre-engineering major


Ashton Cates, junior agriculture major


Kalan Steinle, junior agribusiness major


Lance Ratliff, junior finance major


Brittany Williams, junior education major

To find out more about how helping students turn dreams

into reality through an endowed scholarship, contact the

University’s Office of Development at 806.651.2070.



NAME: Kristi Benedict

SCHOLARSHIP: Dr. Evelyn Milam President’s Honor Scholarship

AGE: 19

yEAR: Sophomore

MAJOR: Equine Industry and Business


Where do you call home?

I was born and raised in Dexter, N.M. It’s a rural farm town with around 2,000 people just outside of Roswell.

What brought you to West Texas A&M University?

One of the main reasons I was attracted to WT was the Equestrian Team. There are not many universities that

have such a successful program, and I wanted the chance to be a part of that. Also, having a program that

specifically emphasizes the equine industry was another major reason I wanted to attend WT. Many colleges

provide the business portion or the animal science portion. However, it is rare to find such a specific program

for equine related careers. I knew I always wanted horses to be a part of my life but after discovering my

major, I decided I wanted to make horses a part of both my personal and occupational endeavors.

What is your typical day like?

A typical day will start with a riding practice from 8:30-9:30 a.m. and then class at 10 a.m. Most days I’ll have

time for a quick lunch break, and then I have another class at 1 p.m. with a study hall from 2:30-4:30 p.m. As

a member of the Equestrian Team, we are required to attend two workouts a week, so I workout from 5-6 p.m.

Lastly, I will go feed and care for my own personal horse, and the rest of the evening will be devoted to any

homework, studying and preparation for the next day.

What is your favorite thing about the University?

My absolute favorite aspect of this University is that it is small enough that I have the opportunity to get to

know my professors and advisers personally. It is wonderful to be a part of a university where you can walk

down the hall, see a professor, be able to address them by name and say hello with them saying the same

back. The entire time I have been taking classes here I have always felt I could come to each and every one of

my professors’ offices and talk to them about any problems or concerns. Knowing that there are people who

genuinely care about your success is an amazing feeling and is worth its weight in gold. Having that support

and personal motivation, a person can accomplish anything.

Why is the Dr. Evelyn Milam Scholarship important to you?

I have always valued a college education and do know it takes a significant amount of financial resources to

attain. It would be difficult for me to find the money needed so it was important to find another way to support

my educational goals.




Dr. Shiquan Tao

The Ross W. Wilson Chair in Chemistry



Dr. Karyn friske

The T. Boone Pickens Professorship of Business

Dr. Darlene Pulliam

The James and Mogie McCray Professorship of Business

Dr. Nick gerlich

The Gene Edwards Professorship of Banking

Dr. Anne Macy

The Gene Edwards Professorship of Finance

Dr. Musa Jafar

The Phil Gensler Professorship of Computer Information Systems



Dr. Nancy Cartwright

John G. O’Brien Distinguished Chair in Education


Dr. Yvette Castillo

The Helen Piehl Professor of Education

Recipient to be named

The Geneva Schaeffer Professor of Education and

Social Sciences

Dr. Dave Rausch

The Teel Bivins Professor of Political Science

Dr. James Calvi

The Teel Bivins Professor of American Politics



Recipient to be named

The yvonne J. Franklin Endowed Chair in Music


Dr. Jeffery Doty

Wendy and Stanley Marsh 3 Professorship for Shakespeare Studies

Dr. De’Arno De’Armond

The J. Pat Hickman Professorship of Marketing

Dr. Andrew li

The Don Williams Professorship of Management

Dr. Jonathan Shaffer

The T. Boone Pickens Professorship of Management

Jean Walker

Dr. Jerry D. Miller Professorship for Entrepreneurial Studies

Dr. Mark Keith

Stanley Schaeffer Professorship in Business Ethics

Engineering Program Sees


Exciting things are happening in the Department

of Engineering and Computer Science at West

Texas A&M University with the expansion of the

engineering program, renovation of a building and

increased demand for WTAMU students.

WTAMU’s engineering program was created in direct

response to community need. The University launched

the program in 2003 with mechanical engineering

and in July 2010, the Texas Higher Education

Coordinating Board approved WTAMU’s request for

the addition of a Bachelor of Science degree with a

major in civil engineering. Classes began in the fall,

and the growing programs in both mechanical and

civil engineering underscore a need for additional

space to accommodate increased enrollment numbers.

Plus, University officials plan to expand the program

to eventually include environmental and electrical

engineering as well.

That need for additional space soon will be remedied

by renovations to the old Ag/Nursing Building.

Phase I work is under way to revamp the first floor

of the 40,000 square foot facility into a state-ofthe-art

building that will house laboratories, ITV

classrooms for distance learning, smart classrooms

and design studios as well as classrooms and faculty

offices. Naming opportunities are available and

when completed, the facility will more than meet the

department’s immediate need for additional space

while providing plenty of room for future growth.

Although the WTAMU program is less than 10 years

old, it’s a strong one that has proven itself more

than competitive on the national scale. It’s been

ABET accredited since 2006, and students have a

first-time pass rate of more than 86 percent on the

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. Employment

of WTAMU engineering graduates stands at 98

percent in the first six months after graduation, and

opportunities for those graduates continue to expand.

In fact, national and international companies are

looking at WTAMU students to fill job vacancies.

Halliburton Energy Services just added WTAMU to

its approved list for college recruiting and will appear

on Halliburton recruiting calendars nationwide.

Halliburton is just one on a growing list of companies

that have found WTAMU engineering students well

prepared for a variety of positions in the engineering

field. This is just one of many indicators reflecting the

success of the program and why University officials

are excited about what’s in store for the Department

of Engineering and Computer Science.

At West Texas A&M University, we know the passion

that each of our faculty and staff have for the

University is an essential driving force in moving

WTAMU into its second century of educational

excellence. Each person working here makes an

amazing impact on campus and in August 2010, they

were given the opportunity to make that impact even


“I am WT,” the West Texas A&M University Faculty

and Staff Annual Program is a unique opportunity that

enables faculty and staff to give back to the University.

By giving, they have the chance to invest in whatever it

is that makes them WT.

The program is not like any other internal giving

campaign that WT has seen. The most unique feature

is that employees are allowed to choose the exact area

of the University that their gift benefits. Supporting

scholarships, a specific college or specific area on

campus are just a few of the options. With this

personalized element of the program, givers have the

chance to invest in what is the most important to them

at WT.

“When I give to WT, I know that my gift will make

higher education possible for a deserving student,”

said Royal Brantley, professor of theatre and

Faculty and Staff Program co-chair. “In

a small way, my gift allows the greater

gift of knowledge to be given and

as an educator, I know that the

gift of knowledge will last a


As a growing University,

WT administrators are

constantly working to

maintain the highest

quality educational

experience possible

for students, and that


at Home

always costs money. As we move into our exciting

second century, support from the WT family has never

been more crucial.

In 1974 the state funded 74 percent of the total WT

budget. In 2010, state funding accounts for only 37

percent. This incredible decrease in state funding

through the years has made the money that the

University receives from donors imperative. As the

University awards approximately $3.5 million per year

in scholarships alone, each gift, no matter the size, can

help make a difference.

“After tuition, fees and locally generated funds,

that leaves about six or seven percent of the budget

that we’ve got to raise ourselves,” said Karl Kimsey,

employer relations coordinator and Faculty and Staff

Program co-chair. “That’s what ‘I am WT’ is all about–

it gives us an opportunity to invest in West Texas

A&M. Our participation will give more students an

opportunity to have that wonderful WT experience,

then take that out into the world.”

More than 60 percent (493) of faculty and staff are

participating in the annual giving program and the

number of contributions continues to grow.

Building an even better WT is within

reach, and the faculty and staff

have stepped up to this call to

action. By extending giving

opportunities to virtually

any area of the University,

the power of the gift

reaches both the recipient

and the donor, and each

contribution echoes the

voice of individuals

across campus, and

proudly states,

“I am WT.”


Dr. Amjad Abdullat and

Dr. Maaytah Taghreed

Dr. Don Albrecht and

Ms. Roxie R. Pranglin

Mrs. Joyce K. Attebury

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bagley

Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Bain

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Barnes

Dr. Enid M. Bates

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Beckley

Mrs. L. Louise Box

Dr. and Mrs. James V. Calvi

Mr. Bill J. Chudej

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Clemons

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Cornett

Mr. and Mrs. Hassan Dana

Mrs. Pattilou P. Dawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Edwards

Mr. Paul Engler

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fletcher

Mr. and Mrs. Van Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Garcia

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gerald

Dr. Thomas S. Gerald, Jr.


Kathy Cornett, president

Michael Bain, treasurer

Charles Graham, secretary

Laura Street, president elect

Eddie Scott, immediate past president

Jim Allison

Gary Barnes

Patty Bryant

Dr. Bill Byrd

Terry Caviness

Bill Chudej

Paul Engler

Gary Fletcher

Dan Garcia

Mrs. Eleanor Glazener

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Graham

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Hallmark

Ms. Tadhi Hayes

Dr. and Mrs. Eddie W. Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Hodges

Dr. and Mrs. Harry R. Hueston II

Mr. and Mrs. Wes Knapp

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Landess

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Lewis

Dr. and Mrs. Russell D. Lowery-Hart

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Marmaduke

Dr. Jerry D. Miller

Dr. LaVelle Mills and

Reverend Larry D. Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Miner

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Moore

Dr. James K. Owens and

Ms. Carolyn A. Balzar

Dr. Sue Park and Mr. Denny R. Park

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Parkey

Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Patterson

Mr. Leland G. Persefield, Jr. and

Dr. Robert Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Arlie L. Petty

Bob Garrett

Don Hodges

Wales Madden, Jr.

Jerry Miller, Ph.D.

Sharon Miner

Dr. J. Patrick O’Brien, president, WTAMU

Helen Piehl, member at large

Dyke Rogers

Stanley Schaeffer

Les Simpson

Lorie Vincent

Neal Weaver, Ph.D., executive director

Roger Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Pool

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Prescott II

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Quackenbush

Ms. Phoebe O. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. J. Pat Richmond

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Rogers

Mr. Edward R. Scott, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Shelton III

Ms. Denese Skinner

Mr. and Mrs. Les Simpson

Mr. Dan Smith

Dr. Angela N. Spaulding and

Mr. Larry R. Spaulding

Dr. and Mrs. Bobby A. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Street

Dr. Heidi Taylor and Mr. James Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. David Terry

Dr. Neil W. Terry and

Dr. Anne Marie Macy-Terry

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Vincent

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Watts

Dr. and Mrs. Neal Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wilder, Jr.

Mays Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lardie

Mr. and Mrs. Wales Madden, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. J. Patrick O’Brien

Ms. Helen M. Piehl

Stanley and Geneva Schaeffer

Mr. and Mrs. Don Sanders

$10,000 and above

A2 Cattle Feeding, Inc.

Ag Development Association

Amarillo Area Foundation

Amarillo Economic Development


Amarillo Heart Group, LLP

Amarillo National Bank

Atmos Energy

Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

The Mary E. Bivins Foundation

BSA Health System

Canyon McDonald’s, LLC

Cattle Town Feeders, LTD.

Canyon Economic Development


Dale and Joan Coleman Charitable


The M. S. Doss Foundation, Inc.

Education Credit Union

Robert E. Farley Estate

First United Bank of Lubbock

FirstBank Southwest

Estate of William James Foran

Mr. B. J. Gililland

Mrs. Eleanor Glazener

GMR Works - Kaledoscope

Happy State Bank Amarillo, Texas

Happy State Bank Happy, Texas

Harrington Regional Medical

Center, Inc.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Fred and Louise Joachim



Dr. Martin H. Kuhlman

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton D. Liles

Mr. and Mrs. Wales Madden, Jr.

Dr. Travis McBride

Ms. Shirley C. Nichols

Mr. John G. O’Brien

Occupational Networks of Texas, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Parker

Mrs. Helen M. Piehl

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Raffkind

Geneva and Stanley Schaeffer

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Semmelbeck


The Stan and Gerry Sigman


Rep. and Mrs. John T. Smithee

Spicer Gripp Memorial youth

Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stewart

Suddenlink Communications

Dr. Neil W. Terry and

Dr. Anne Macy Terry

The Texas A&M Foundation

Texas Ford Dealers

The Ware Foundation

The Robert A. Welch Foundation

Western Builders

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wilder, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Williams

Ed Wright Cattle Co., Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wright

WTAMU Rodeo Club

Xcel Energy-Energy Services, Inc.


ARAMARK Services

Arkion Life Sciences

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Austin

Dr. and Mrs. Bryan F. Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Bain

Barnhill Sports Medicine

Dr. Enid M. Bates

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Beckley

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Birdsong

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy R. Campbell

Everett Culp Farms, Inc.

Feldman’s Wrong Way Diner

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Foran

First Christian Church Amarillo,


Glazer’s Wholesale Drug Co., Inc.

Hastings Entertainment, Inc.

Herff Jones, Inc.

Holiday Inn Express-Canyon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Josserand

Stella M. Kemble Trust

Charles G. Koch Charitable


Mr. Steven J. Kragthorpe

H. E. and Inez B. McCarley

Foundation Trust

Mr. Michael J. Miller

Pak-A-Sak, Inc.

The Ryan Palmer Foundation

The David D. and Nona S. Payne

Foundation, Inc.

Potter-Randall County Medical


Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Russell

Mr. and Mrs. David Schaeffer

State Farm Mutual Automobile

Insurance Company

United Supermarkets, Inc.

WT Women

WTAMU Continuing Education



Academy Sports and Outdoors

Amarillo Retired Teachers


American Quarter Horse


Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Barnes

The Big Texan Steak Ranch, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Bivins

Mrs. L. Louise Box


SEPT. 1 2009–Aug. 31, 2010

Mr. Daniel G. Bradley

Britkare Home Medical, LTD.

Brown, Graham and Co, CPA

Buck’s Sporting Goods

Mrs. Courtney A. Burgoon

Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Cantrell

Carpet Tech, LTD.

Ms. Sharon Clifton

Collegiate Station at Canyon

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Crump

Edward Jones

Mr. Paul F. Engler

J. Pat Evans Research Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fletcher

Mr. and Mrs. Van Ford

Great Western Distributing Co.


Mr. Robert R. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jarnagin

Jenkins Doors and Windows, Inc.

Jimmy Fincher Body Shop

Ms. Maribeth Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kuhlman

Mr. David M. Laney

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lardie

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lowe

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marsh 3

Mr. and Mrs. Brent A. May

Mayfield, Crutcher and Sharpee, LLP

McCoy, Myers and Associates

Dr. Jerry D. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Emory J. Minium

Dr. and Mrs. Vaughn C. Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. J. Patrick O’Brien

Panhandle-Plains Land Bank


Panhandle Steel Buildings, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Parkey

Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Arlie L. Petty

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Prescott II

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Railsback

Mr. and Mrs. J. Pat Richmond

Roberts Ditching

Mr. Rodney B. Ruthart

Mr. Edward R. Scott, Jr.

Sir Speedy

Stevens 5-Star Car and Truck Center


Taco Villa, LTD


Texas Panhandle Broadcasters

The United Methodist Church

Nashville, TN

The E. Paul and Helen Buck

Waggoner Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Benjamin T. Ware

Wells Fargo Bank - Amarillo

Wendy’s-LDF Food Group, Inc.

Western Equipment, LLC

The Honorable Ana Estevez and

Mr. Roger Williams

XF Enterprises, Inc.


Dr. Amjad Abdullat and

Dr. Taghreed Maaytah

Dr. Don D. Albrecht and

Mrs. Roxie R. Pranglin

Amarillo College

Amarillo Gear Company

The Amarillo Globe-News

The Amarillo Symphony

Mrs. Joyce K. Attebury

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bagley

Bailey County Electric Coop

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bain

Mr. William C. Bandy

Mr. James C. Barrett

Better Business Bureau of the Texas


Mr. and Mrs. David A. Brandon

Budweiser Distributing Co.

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Burgoon

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Burgoon

Dr. John H. Butler

Dr. and Mrs. Bill F. Byrd

CA Matching Gifts Program

Dr. and Mrs. James V. Calvi

Canyon Rotary Club

Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Castro, Jr.

Catchings Prescriptions, Inc.

Che-Ming Chuang

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Christian

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Harley J. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Clemons

Dr. N. Andy Cole

Mrs. Mary S. Coleman

Ms. Susan L. Coleman

Collins Family Partnership

Comac Fixtures, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Cook

Cornell and Company

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Cornett

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Crown

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Culp

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cummins

Dr. Sam J. Cunningham

D&S Pharmacies

Mr. and Mrs. Hassan Dana

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davis

Ms. Melva M. Davis

Mrs. Pattilou P. Dawkins

Deaf Smith Electric Cooperative

Dean Foods Southwest Dairies

Document Shredding and Storage,


Mr. Kyle Dudley

Dr. David A. Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Edwards

Mr. Vincent M. Eggers

Ms. Linda J. Elliott

The Paul F. and Virginia J. Engler


Mr. Donald L. Evans

ExxonMobil Foundation

Mr. Kirk Farris

Mr. Gary D. Fenelli

Ms. Nell G. Findley

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fiola

First United Bank of Dimmitt

Ms. Anita J. Fowlks

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Freeman

Frontier Capital Group, LTD.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan D. Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Garrett

Mr. and Mrs. Raby Garrett

Mr. and Mrs. Shirley L. Garrison

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gerald

Dr. Thomas S. Gerald, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Gombeski

Graham Data Supplies, LTD.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Graham

Greenbelt Electric CO-OP, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Grogan

Mr. Dan J. Hagood

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Hallmark

Dr. and Mrs. Hollis H. Hands

Mr. V. H. Harman

Mr. C. Michael Harrington

The Don and Sybil Harrington


Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hartline

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hayes

Mr. Jim D. Hays

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Hayward

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hayward

Dr. and Mrs. Eddie W. Henderson

Mr. Daniel Higgins

Mr. Wallace W. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hollis, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Harry R. Hueston II

Interstate Bank - Perryton

John Notestine Architect

Johnson Controls, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry P. Jones

Mr. Michael W. Jones

Keeling Cattle Feeders

Kendrick Oil Co., Inc.

Mr. Robert E. Keys

Mr. and Mrs. Thom G. Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. Travis B. LaDuke

Lamb County Electric Cooperative

Mrs. Claudette L. Landess

Lea County Electric Cooperative

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Lewis

Ching yi Liang

Lighthouse Electric Cooperative

Dr. and Mrs. Russell D. Lowery-Hart

Lubbock Audio Visual, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lyles

Lyntegar Electric CO-OP, Inc.

Lyons Realty-Amarillo

Mr. and Mrs. Dean MacFarlan

Mr. Wales Madden III

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Marmaduke

Ms. Natalie Marquis

Mr. and Mrs. Brady T. Marr

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mayfield

The Mays Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McBroom II

McCormick Company

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Mills

Rev. Larry Mills and Dr. LaVelle


Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Miner

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Moore

Morris Communications Company,


Mr. and Mrs. John H. Muthersbough

Mrs. Helen E. Neal

Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Niegos

No Man’s Land Beef Jerky, Inc.

North Plains Electric Cooperative

Dr. Lisa A. O’Brien

Dr. James K. Owens and Ms.

Carolyn A. Balzar

Mr. Douglas C. Owens

Palo Duro Creek Women’s Golf


Dr. Sue Park and Mr. Denny R. Park

Dr. Bonnie B. Pendleton and Mr.

Michael W. Pendleton

Mr. and Mrs. Ruben S. Perez

Mr. Leland G. Persefield, Jr. and Dr.

Robert Hansen

Plains Dairy Products

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Pool

Mr. John W. Pristash, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William M.


Rabern Rentals

Mr. E.W. Ray

Retica Systems, Inc.

Ms. Phoebe O. Reynolds

Reynolds Engineering

Associates, Inc.


Rita Blanca Electric Cooperative

Roco Agape Charitable Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Rogers

Mr. and Ms. William C. Rogers

Ron Best Tile

Dr. Steven B. Rossi

Sam’s Club Foundation

Mr. William W. Schwehr

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Sharp

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Shelton III

Ms. Denese Skinner

Mr. Charles M. Smith

South Plains Electric Cooperative

Southwest Meat Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Stair

State Farm Companies Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Steed

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Steele

Dr. and Mrs. Bobby A. Stewart

Dr. Eula M. Stovall

Ms. Allene J. Stovall

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Street

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Swindell

Swisher Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Dr. Heidi Taylor and

Mr. James Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Terry

Terry and Associates, LLC.

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Teters

Texas Plains Federal Credit Union

Underwood Law Firm

Valmed Home Health Solutions,


Valmed Pharmacy Solutions, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Vaughan

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Vincent

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Waldrip

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus E. Walker

Dr. and Mrs. Cap E. Wall

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Walls

Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Warrick

WestEast Design Group, LLC

Western Valve

Ms. Nancy B. Wilcox

Mr. Jerry Lee Wilson

Ms. Kathryn F. Wilson

Winget Pump, Inc.

Wolflin Mortgage Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Womack

Mr. Donald W. Wong

Mr. Earl A. Wood

Mrs. Barbara R. Wooldridge

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll W. Wright

Mrs. Patsy N. Wright

WTAMU College of Agriculture,

Science and Engineering

WTAMU College of Business

WTAMU College of Education and

Social Sciences

WTAMU Sybil B. Harrington

College of Fine Arts and


WTAMU Distance Education

Chuo Ching Wu

Xcel Energy Corporate Foundation


AGAPE Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Alexander

Amarillo Advertising Federation

Apex Technical Services, Inc.

Mr. Thomas J. Ash

Heath Asher Farms

AT&T Services

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Behrens

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Bennett

Mr. Robert N. Beville III

Mr. Cliff Bickerstaff

Mr. Don W. Boedeker

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron N. Bourland

Mrs. Patsy L. Bowes

Mr. Christopher S. Bowling

Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors,


The Bridgeworks Group, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Bright

Brock Veterinary Clinic, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim B. Brown

Mr. M. Keith Brown

Brown Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Dr. Sharon K. Burnett and Mr. Mike


Mr. Glynn Burrell

Ms. Emily Burrow

Mr. and Mrs. Troy L. Burrus

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy N. Bynum

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Byrnes

Mr. and Mrs. Rocky M. Cain

Ms. Ashley J. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Billy O. Campsey

Chase Tower

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Chisum

Choice Outdoor

Mr. William J. Chudej

Mr. Jeffery J. Clayton

Mr. and Mrs. James Cleveland

Brad and Mary Cluck

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Cobb

Mr. Bernard H. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Felix G. Collard III

Mr. and Mrs. Harland D. Collins

Ms. Karen M. Cooley

Dr. and Mrs. James L. Cornette

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin B. Cornette

Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Cox

Mr. James F. Davenport

Mr. Billie B. David

Mr. and Mrs. Blane Davidson

Mr. and Mrs. Jon S. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Davis

Mr. Matthew D. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Dillehay

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Dixon

Mr. Scott D. Doores

Mr. and Mrs. Marlan Downey

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Downing

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Ebenkamp

Mr. Richard D. Eddleman

Mr. James D. Elza

Enviro-Ag Engineering, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Erwin

Mr. and Mrs. Ed A. Fancher

Mr. and Mrs. John Faulkner

Mr. Jimmy B. Fincher

First Financial Bank Hereford,


First United Bank-Amarillo

Mr. Brian G. Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Harmon R. Fulton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Sha D. Gearn

Gillespie Wilson Scholarship


Golden Spread Coin Club

Golden Spread Electric Coop, Inc.

Mr. Byron N. Gossett

Mr. and Mrs. Justin K. Grimsley

Mrs. Tana L. Gunter

Mrs. Lynnette Guy

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Hamm

Hand Family Chiropractic

Mr. and Mrs. Don F. Handley

Harold’s Farmers Market, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie B. Harris

Dr. Gregory E. Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy E. Haymes

Mr. James D. Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny R. Henry, Sr.

Herring Bank

Mrs. Angela K. Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Gene G. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hinders

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Hiner

Mr. Edward S. Holmesly

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hubbard

Ms. Lois K. Hull

Mr. Patrick C. Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Jackson

Mrs. Irene James

Ms. Linda Jaynes-Spangler

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Johnson

Mr. William L. Johnson

Dr. W. M. Jones, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Edward P. Kahler II

Ms. Patricia Kaweck

Dr. and Mrs. Gary D. Kelley

Dr. and Mrs. Russell R. Kershen

Kershen Chiropractic

Ms. Laura M. Hankins

Dr. and Mrs. Adolphus A. Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Kidd

Dr. and Mrs. Flavius C. Killebrew

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kimmins

Mr. Judd Kinne

Kirkland Feedyard, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lackey

Mrs. A. W. Lair

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lanier

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Lankford

Mr. Thomas J. Lasater

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Latham

Mrs. Leigh A. Latham

Lavin Associates, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Lee


Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ling

Dr. and Mrs. Russell C. Long

Mr. Steve Looper

Mr. and Mrs. Lanny K. Lovejoy

Mr. Glenn E. Lyles

Dr. Jessica S. Mallard and Mr.

Chuck Mallard

The March of Dimes

Mr. and Mrs. Sipriano P. Mata

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Mayfield

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Meadows

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Meason

Merrill Lynch and Co. Foundation,


Mr. and Mrs. T. Merrill

Midland High School Band Boosters

Muleshoe Livestock Auction, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Miller

Mr. Michael E. Miller

Ms. Susan B. Milligan

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Mills

Mr. Don Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Delton L. Moore

Mr. Thomas C. Moore

Mr. Dennis W. Moriarty

MTS Transportation, Inc.

Mrs. Kim Mullane

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar R. Musser

Mr. Thomas L. Musser

Mr. Ronald D. Nickum

Mr. and Mrs. Terry C. O’Neal

O’Brady Group, LTD.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryson A. Oeschger

Mr. Terry C. O’Neal

Dr. and Mrs. Joel Osborn

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie E. Owens

Palo Duro Village Cooperative

Mr. Eric Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Ben B. Parker

PASO, Inc.

Mr. Lloyd O. Peery, Jr.

Pepsi-Cola Adverstising and

Marketing, Inc.

Permian Band Boosters

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Peters

Dr. and Mrs. Peter L. Petersen

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pinkerton

Mr. and Mrs. Rhett M. Plank

Ms. Penny R. Pollart

Dr. and Mrs. Ellis B. Posey

Ms. Patty A. Price

Mr. Richard D. Pruett

Dr. Darlene A. Pulliam

Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Ramaekers

Mrs. Janie M. Ray

RBC Foundation - USA

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Rehders

Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Robinson

Mr. Rodney M. Robinson

Rosa’s Cafe - Bobby Cox

Companies, Inc.

SAGE-Students Assisting in Good


Mr. Bradford L. Schreck

Mr. and Mrs. Jess C. Sellars

Dr. and Mrs. Wade L. Shaffer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Shaw

Mr. Brian D. Shores

Ms. Karen Shoupe

Sims Parge Moya Architects, LLC

Mr. Robert J. Sine

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Skaggs

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Smith

Mr. Danny Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Sonen, Jr.

Sports, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Spurlock

Dr. Winston D. Stahlecker

Mr. Kenneth L. Starcher

Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Sherron S. Stephens

Mr. Jim D. Stoker

Mr. Jerry D. Stout

Mrs. Pamela K. Stribling

Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Sweet

Texas Golden Spread Allstars

Textron Matching Gift Program

Tiernan Aeration, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Brad K. Tooley

Ms. Mary B. Troth

Troth Family Living Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Turner

Unifeed Hi-Pro

United Way Campaign-Sabre


Mr. and Mrs. John L. Upshaw, Jr.

US Marines

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Vanpelt

Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Watts

Dr. and Mrs. Neal Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Webb

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Jackie L. Welch

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Wichita Community Foundation

Dr. Bradley L. Williams

Mr. Jackson D. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. Winters

Mrs. Kimberly G. Witcher

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Woodard

Mr. and Mrs. Rick D. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Wright

WT Mixed League

WTAMU Enterprise Center

WTAMU Intercollegiate Athletic


WTAMU Office of Residential


Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Wyre

yellowhouse Machinery, Inc.


Mr. and Mrs. Temple H. Abney

Dr. and Mrs. Malouf Abraham, Jr.

Aetna Giving Campaign

Mr. John R. Akerman

Mrs. Doris Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Allen N. Alford

Mrs. Fredia Allen

Dr. Lal-Khan Almas

Amarillo Area Phi Delta Alumni


Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. William V. Anderson

Mr. Donald L. Anderson

Mr. Mark S. Andrews

Dr. Susan M. Tariq and

Dr. Syed T. Anwar

Apex Surveying and Mapping, Inc.

Association For the Tutoring


Mrs. June O. Azua

B. Lash Group

Mr. Robert P. Balliett

Mr. and Mrs. William Bandy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Banks

Mr. Wesley Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Batenhorst

Mr. James W. Bennett

Gayle H. and Peter Bickers


Mr. and Mrs. Steve Black

Mr. Earl Blair

Mr. and Mrs. Randy C. Bloodworth

Bobcat Car Wash

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Z. Bogard

Mrs. Kathy W. Boozer

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. Royal R. Brantley

Brauer Farms

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery C. Brittain

Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Brodbeck

Mr. J. W. Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell R. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bruckner, Jr.

Dr. Gwen D. Brunson

Ms. Ruth Bryant

Ms. Cindy Bulloch

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bunch

Mr. and Mrs. Noel K. Bunyan

Burlington Northern Foundation

Mr. Thomas Burnett

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Butler

Mr. J. Chad Byrd

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Royce L. Campbell

Dr. Joe Ella Cansler and

Mr. Allen Z. Cansler

Canyon Economic Development


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P. Carroll

Mr. John W. Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Carthel

Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Caviness

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Cavrich

Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Chamblin

Ms. Clare E. Chandler

Mr. and Mrs. yiu Ping M. Cheung

Chicken Express

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Childers

Mr. and Mrs. Tom T. Christian

Mr. Kyle K. Christian

Mr. and Mrs. Buford D. Clemmer

Coldwell Banker

Collegiate Shoot Out

Condray Design Group, Inc.

Mr. Brandon L. Conrad

Consumers Fuel Assn., Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Cooper

Mr. Alan J. Cox

Mrs. Diana R. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Craddock

Mr. Eric Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Crow

Ms. Ginger C. Crump

Mr. Daryl Curtis

Mr. John H. Dale

Ms. Pam A. Dale

Data Flow

Mrs. Ruegena Davidson

Dr. Freddie J. Davis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Rick D. Davis

Mrs. Jessie A. Davis

Mr. R. P. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Donavon Dellinger

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. DeOtte, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Deshields

Ms. Myrna Dickey

Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Dillingham

Dissinger Insurance Services, LLC

Mrs. Rhonda L. Dittfurth

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Donnell

Double “M” Chevron, Canyon

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Downing

Mr. Eldon Dudley

Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Dunson

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Duvall

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Easley

Ms. Janice J. Edwards

Mr. Mark W. Ellerman

Mr. and Mrs. Herman A. Ellithorp

The Eng Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Fields

Mr. Trevor Fields

Mrs. Florence Flanagan

Ms. Linda C. Flowers

Mr. Joed Forbus

Ms. Nell Foust

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Frick

Ms. Jan Garrett

Dr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Garrison

Ms. Jo Carol Gassaway

Mr. Leonard Gerhardt

Mr. Gary G. Gibson

Mr. James E. Gibson

Ms. Joanna B. Gisch

Mr. Bryan T. Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Gore

Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Grimes

Mr. and Mrs. Jayson Grimsley

Mr. C. William Guckert III

Dr. and Mrs. Norman T. Guffy

Ms. Kay L. Hagar

Dr. and Mrs. Harry H. Haines

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hairford

Mr. and Mrs. Bill K. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Steve L. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Troy D. Hammons

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Handly

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Hankins

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie D. Hankins

Dr. and Mrs. Rickey L. Harman

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Harp

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Harris

Hass Monument Service

Mr. Robert F. Hastings

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Haterius

Mrs. Mary T. Haun

Mr. John Haun

Dr. Theron C. Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hedrick

Mr. Jerry W. Heller

Ms. Polly S. Herrington

Mr. Charles W. Hesse

Hester, McGlasson and Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hicks

Mr. Tommy L. Higgins

Mrs. Marylyn L. Higgins

Hillside Christian Church- Amarillo

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hinders

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Hix

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Hlavaty

Hockey Express, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Hodge

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie G. Holcomb

Mr. Fred Holcomb

Mr. Wendell Holland

Ms. Nancy A. Holt

Homecrest Properties, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny R. Hornstra

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Howell

Mr. Walter G. Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Hughes

IBM International Foundation

Irwin Investments

Mr. and Mrs. Kenny D. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. James

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy G. Jinks

Ms. Karla Johnson

Mr. Clyde Johnson

Mr. Ronnie D. Johnson

Mr. Maynard K. Johnson

Ms. Beverly J. Johnson

Mr. Donald E. Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Jones

Mr. David M. Jones

Mr. Bill Jones

Mr. V. J. Jordan, Jr.

Mrs. Jane F. Juett

Ms. Brandee M. Keener

Mr. Carl L. Kemp

Mrs. Shawna J. Kennedy-Witthar

and Mr. Larry Witthar

Kenson Construction Co., Inc.

Kenson Livestock


Kids Incorporated

Kile and Co., PC

Mr. and Mrs. Lorel G. King

Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Kirk

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kirkpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Kitsman

Mr. Donald Knox

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin H. Kuhlman

Mr. and Mrs. Orland G. Lacer

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Ladd

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Lancaster

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Lancaster

Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Langehennig

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lawrence

Mr. Benny O. Lawrence

Mr. Rick Leach

Mr. Don Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lefevre

Mr. Glenn Lester

Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Lowrance

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Lubker

Mr. Greggory D. Lusk

Mr. Robert B. Lyons

Mr. Joe L. Magee

Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Malcolm

Mr. Ronnie Mankin

Mr. Fred L. Marsh

Dr. Elizabeth A. Matos-Serrano and

Dr. Gregorio Matos-Serrano

Mr. Jonathan M. Mayer

Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. McCartt

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. McCarty

Mr. Billy J. McClanahan

Mr. Terry G. McCormick

Mr. Roy D. McDowell

Mr. Jeffrey L. McDowell

McKendree University

McKenna, Long and Aldridge, LLP

Mr. Robert H. McLain

Mr. Curtis B. McPherson

Meek and Stovall

Mr. and Mrs. Freeman H. Melton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Melugin

Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Messamore

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Metcalf

Dr. Mark A. Miller

Mr. Todd N. Mills

Mr. Jimmy D. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron W. Monroe

Mr. and Mrs. Billy B. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Morehead

The Morrison Company

Mrs. Lacy C. Mueggenborg

Mr. John F. Muelschen

Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Myatt

Dr. Ike Nail

Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Nelson

Mr. Scott Nelson

Mr. Mark Nichols

Odessa Band and Orchestra Booster

Oklahoma Panhandle State


Dr. and Mrs. Kerry D. Ormson

Panhandle-Plains Student Loan


Lorry Parker

Mr. Robert E. Parrish

Mr. and Mrs. Billy M. Patterson

Ms. Vicki L. Patterson

Ms. Margaret K. Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Payne

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Pepper

Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt L. Phifer

Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Rick S. Piersall

Mr. Donald E. Pinnell

Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Pitner

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie C. Podzemny, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike L. Podzemny

Mr. Jim Pollard

Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Pool

Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Precure


Mr. Jack D. Quackenbush

Mr. Richard L. Ragsdale

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Rausch, Jr.

Mr. Paul E. Read

Mr. Vance Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie R. Reeves

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Reeves

Region 1 - University

Interscholastic League

Mr. Newton J. Richardson

Mr. Joel W. Richardson

Ms. Sue E. Ridlehuber

Mr. and Mrs. Harvest D. Riedt

Ms. Eveline Rivers

Mrs. Rosemary A. Roach

Robert E. Lee High School Band


Mr. Allen J. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rockhold

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Rohrbach

Ms. Louise C. Ross

Royal Glass of Amarillo, LTD.

Mr. and Mrs. Kim Rundell

Diane and Brian Sanderson

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin L. Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy V. Schrib

Scottco Mechanical Contractors,


Mr. and Mrs. James Seybert

Mr. and Mrs. William V. Shadrick

Mr. Marc C. Shellum

Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Shelly

Sheplers, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Sims

Mr. W. J. Sleeper, Jr.

Mr. Craig Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Russell P. Sparling

Dr. James S. Spurlock

Mr. and Mrs. Benny D. Stallings

Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Stevens

Ms. Babs A. Streit

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A.


Casey Swanson

Sysco West Texas

Ms. Deborah J. Tardy

Tascosa High School Activity Fund

Ms. Catherine M. Teague

Templeton, Smithee, Hayes,

Heinrich and Russell, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Cloyce M. Terrell

Texas Nurses Association District

Number 2

Texas Society Daughters of the

American Revolution

Texas Panhandle Heritage

Foundation, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Thomason

Dr. and Mrs. Barry B. Thompson

Mr. William F. Tirey

Dr. Linda A. Topliff and

Dr. Donald R. Topliff

Mrs. Evelyn J. Trice

Ms. Holly J. Troth

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Trotter

Tulia Vet Supply, LLC

Mortimer and Tiffany Turner

Mr. Michael D. Unruh

Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Vanderpool

Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Vars

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Venneman

Mr. Colt B. Vernon

Mr. Lawrence J. Walker

Ms. Cynthia L. Wander

Mr. Timothy R. Warden

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Wartes

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory y. Weeter

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wells

Wells Fargo and Co. Canyon, Texas

West Texas Football Clinic

Rev. and Mrs. Dewey D. Wheat, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. White

Mr. and Mrs. Pat J. White

Whitehouse Group, Inc.

Whiting Oil and Gas Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Whitten

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Wieck

Mrs. Alice R. Wiles

Mr. Joe Williams

Mr. Paul H. Williamson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Winget

Mr. M. T. Winings

Mr. John Wise

Bill and Dorothy Wolfe

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Woltz

Mrs. Jerry A. Woods

Ms. Gina Woodward

Mr. Paul Wooldridge

Mr. Zachariah Z. Workman

WTAMU International Student’s


Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Wygle

Mr. Guy P. yates

Mr. and Mrs. Joe young


Ms. A. Ann Alexander

Ms. Bobbie J. Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Allen

Dr. Kate Allen

Dr. Jan Swan and Mr. Charles R.


Mr. Thomas R. Allison

Mr. Travis Allison

Mrs. Dalia A. Almager-Bryan

Amarillo Business Foundation

Amarillo Executive Women

Amarillo Metals Company, Inc.

Amarillo Music Teachers Assn.

Amarillo Women’s Network

American State Bank

The Amgen Foundation

Dr. Amy C. Andersen and Mr. Louis

F. Andersen

Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Anderson

Mr. Gary L. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Andrew

Dr. and Mrs. Branch T. Archer III

Ms. Heather R. Archer

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Arend

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Arrant

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell B. Ashby

AT&T Foundation Matching Gifts


Mr. and Mrs. Ryon Atwood

Austin Community Foundation

Ms. Arlene Avery

B and W Aerial Spray, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Babcock

Dr. and Mrs. Steve Bachman

Mr. Steve Baggerly

Mr. and Mrs. Wiley N. Bailey

Mrs. C. Jane Bailey

Mrs. Noreen R. Bales

Ms. Virginia L. Bali

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ballengee

Mr. D. C. Barlow

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Barlow

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Barman

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie R. Barnes

Mr. Travis K. Barney

Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Barnhill

Mr. Steve Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Waldo R. Baxter

Mr. Douglas N. Beasley

Mr. Phil Behrens

Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Bell

Ms. Wendi R. Bellar

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt D. Benfer

Mrs. Lou J. Berger

Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Besselman

Mr. Kody S. Bessent

Mr. Steve Bethke

Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Bim

Dr. Sheila G. Birth and Mr. James

I. Birth

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Bitting

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Black

Ms. Pamela K. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Blankenship

Mr. Robert M. Blanton

Dr. and Mrs. Wilbert E. Bledsoe

Boatright Kelly and Co.

Bobby Duby Motors

Mr. Donald R. Bode

Ms. Shelly W. Borchardt

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Boswell

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Bowerman

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Boyce, Jr.

Mr. Beaumont S. Boyce

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bradford

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bradley

Mr. Phillip A. Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Bragg

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Brasher

Mr. and Mrs. Lester L. Bratcher

Ms. Martha Brewington

Dr. Amy G. Brewton and

Mr. Matt Brewton

Mr. Randol K. Bright

Mr. Brad W. Britten

Ms. Jennifer L. Brock

Mr. Shannon Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Broome

Mr. and Mrs. Bret W. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Brown

Mr. Jeffrey B. Brown

Dr. B. Leigh Browning

The Bruckner Family

Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Bruegel

Mr. Steven Bryan

Mrs. Jo N. Bryans

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bryant

Mr. William R. Bryant

Ms. Cathy Bryce

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Buckner

Buckner and Cross, PC

Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Bullock

Mr. and Mrs. Shannon T. Burdett

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Burk

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Burkert

Mr. Shy B. Burney

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn G. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Burrow

Jimmy and Rhenda Burson

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg R. Bynum

Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Byrd

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Byrd

Ms. Jo Ann Byrd

Mrs. Genevieve Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Callaway

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Campbell

Canadian Eyecare Clinic

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Cantrell

Dr. K. D. Cantrell

Ms. Alyson R. Cantu

The Canyon Chamber of Commerce

Canyon Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Carlisle, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery D. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Carlson

Mrs. Maxine L. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Casbeer

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan E. Cassidy

Catholic Student Center at


Mr. Marc P. Ceja

Mrs. Diane R. Chalk

Mr. and Mrs. Galen Chandler

Ms. Christine Chang

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Chappell

Dr. and Mrs. Chunyat y. Chen

Mrs. Maymie E. Chenoweth

Chevron Humankind Matching Gift


Mr. James B. Childers

Circle N Appliance

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Clapp

Mr. and Mrs. Dick T. Clardy, Jr.

Dr. Elizabeth M. Clark and

Dr. Paul H. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie R. Clark

Dr. Barry G. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Codi Cleavinger

Mr. Geoffrey T. Clifford

COBA Select Sires

Mrs. Talara D. Coen

Mr. David A. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Collins

Mr. Rifle Collinsworth

Mr. Wesley T. Condray

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jack Connell

Mr. Robert W. Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Winfield B. Cooper

Mr. Charles C. Cooper

Mr. E. B. Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Corley

Mr. Terry L. Cornett

Mr. and Mrs. Dorse W. Couch

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Craddock

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Craig

Mr. Terry L. Crain

Mr. J. M. Criswell

Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Croslin

Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Cross

Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Cross

Mr. Stephen F. Cross

Mr. Larry W. Croy

Mrs. Caryn G. Crutchfield

Mr. Donald R. Cumpton

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Curtis

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Curtis

Cynergy Resources

D and J Materials, LLC

Mrs. R. Marcelete Dana

Dr. M. Elizabeth Darrough

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Daughters II

Dr. James M. Davenport

Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Davis

Mr. Matthew P. Davis

Ms. Jan Z. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Dean

Mr. Rodney A. DeMoss

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis K. Denton

Mr. Robert L. Devin

Dr. and Mrs. Pablo R. Diaz-Esquivel

Mr. Eric C. Diaz

Mrs. Patricia C. DiCuffa

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Dietrich

Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Dietz

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Diller

Director’s Choice, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Dixon

Mr. Steven A. Dolezal

Col. and Mrs. Aaron G. Dorough

Mrs. Bernice A. Doshier

Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Doucette

Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson R. Doughten

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Doughtie, Jr.

Ms. Kristina D. Drumheller

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Drummond

Dr. and Mrs. Ted A. DuBois

Mr. Timothy E. Dubrule

Mr. H. R. Duncan

Mr. Bill Duncan

Ms. Patty Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dupuis

Mr. Rowie V. Durden

Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Eades

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Eck

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald B. Edwards

Mr. David M. Eggleston

Mrs. Mary L. Ellis

Mrs. Laurel S. Emmett

Mr. and Mrs. Kyler B. Estes

Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Evans

Mr. Billy G. Evans

Ms. Carolyn M. Fanelli

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Farren

Mr. and Mrs. Max R. Faulkner

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Feuerstein

Mr. Garner D. Fielding

Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. Fierro

First Interstate Management


Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Fisher

Ms. Angelica Flammer

Mrs. Grace M. Flatt

Ms. Suzann M. Fletcher

Mr. Paul Flowers

Ms. Barbara L. Fowler

Mr. John L. Fowlkes

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Barry G. Francis

Mr. Sean L. Frederiksen

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Freeman

Mrs. Mildred E. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Friemel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Frost

Frying Pan Cattle

Dr. Nona D. Fulton

Ms. Serena M. Gabel

Mr. Darrell Gaines

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Garland

Mr. Dub Garlington

Dr. Gary T. Garner

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos E. Garner

Mr. Derrell Garner

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Garrett

Ms. Lynn A. Garrett

Mr. George Garrett

Ms. Susan Garrison

GE Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton O. Geisinger

Mr. Paul Geist

Gelb Consulting Group, Inc.

Mr. Jason G. Ghormley

Mr. Joe B. Giddens

Mrs. Marian K. Giesecke

Mr. and Mrs. Shannon L. Gillespie

Mr. and Mrs. Woody F. Gilliland

Global Animal Products, Inc.

Mr. James Goldston

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gollehon

Roya Gore

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Gower

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Graham

Brooke Granger

Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Green

Ms. Mary Lou Green

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Greener

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Greenfield

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Grindle

Mr. Wade A. Grubbs

Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Guinn

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hackney

Mr. and Mrs. Homer A. Haile

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Halencak

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hall

Mrs. Nancy Hinds Hall

Mr. Ron Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Halsey

Mr. Phil R. Hampton

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Handley

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Hanlon

Mr. Michael Hansard

Dr. Gertrude L. Hanson and Mr.

Michael D. Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hanson

Mr. Vincent Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hargis

Mr. and Mrs. Dexter L. Harmon

Ms. Zenobia V. Harris

Mr. Donald J. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Jim B. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hartin, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hartman

Harvey’s Precision Body Shop, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis A. Hawkins, Jr.

Mary Hawkins Trust

Mr. Weldon J. Hayes

Mr. Benjamin A. Hayes

Dr. Tina S. Haynes and Mr. Bryan


Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Haynes

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert C. Hayter

Ms. Elaine Hazelwood

Ms. Vicki R. Heck

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie D. Henderson

Ms. Lisa G. Hennen

Mr. Bob G. Henry

Hereford Frame and Automotive

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Herrington

Mr. Jon Herron

Mrs. Zenith Hickey

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hicks

Mrs. Doris J. Hill

Mrs. Jessie Hill

Mr. Gary D. Hillers

Mr. Royce J. Hillman

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Hinders

Dr. Nancy K. Hinders and Mr. Neal

E. Hinders

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Hinders

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Hindman

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hoard

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Hoeme

Ms. yvonne Hoevers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hogue

Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Horn

Mr. John C. Hornstra

Honorable Ernest L. Houdashell

Mr. George W. Howard IV

Mr. Douglas A. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Howell

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hubbert

Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Hudgins

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Huey

Ms. Sharrise Hulsey

Ms. Lucy A. Hunsaker

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy W. Hutson

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Hutton

Interstate Bank -Amarillo

Ms. Marilyn D. Irish

Mr. Shawn D. Irish

Mr. Robert A. Isbell

Mr. Hisashi Ito

J. Craig Riddle Company

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. J. Parker Jameson

Jaramillo Properties, Ltd.

Mr. Billy E. Jeffries

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Jenkins

Mr. Michael A. Jenkins

Dr. Carol A. Jessup

Mr. Clark D. Johnson

Ms. Laurie Johnson

Steve Johnson Design and


Dr. and Mrs. Marshall W. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Josselet

Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Josserand

Mr. Charles L. Joyner, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Juett

Dr. and Mrs. Carter E. Karr

Ms. Carole Karr

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Keeling

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Keig

Mr. Jon E. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Kenady

Mrs. Belanie G. Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Kesinger

Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Kibbey III

Mr. and Mrs. Merle L. Kilpatrick

Ms. Mary Kinder

Kinder Morgan Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. King

Mr. Timothy R. King

Ms. Shirley Klaus

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Knapp

Mr. and Mrs. Dustin B. Knowles

Mrs. Karan Koch

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Koger

KPAN Radio Station

Mr. Timothy R. Kraich

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Kreger, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Kriewald

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kuhlman

Mr. and Mrs. Derrell R. Kunkel

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt M. Landis

Mr. John H. Landon

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie L. Larson

Ms. Susan G. Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Jess B. Latham III

Ms. Billie T. Latham

Mr. and Mrs. Murrell G. Latimer

Mr. and Mrs. Bob G. Law

Mr. and Mrs. Cliffton O. Lawson

Mr. Ron E. Leach

Mr. Tony J. Leathers

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy R. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Lee

Mr. William R. Lee, Sr.

Mr. Glenn R. Lester

Mr. Stanley Levell

Mr. and Mrs. Greg T. Lewellen

Ms. Kristine Lewis

Mr. Patrick Lindsey

Lindsey Cattle Co, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Shitao Ling

Mr. and Mrs. Randal R. Locke

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Lockett, Jr.

Mrs. Susan L. Loe-Dennis

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Linn Lofton

Dr. and Mrs. Guy H. Loneragan

Dr. and Mrs. John Q. Long, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Clay C. Long

Ms. Florence J. Long

Pat Long

Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Lopez

Dr. Brian A. Lotven

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Lovelady

Ms. Gina L. Lowe

Dr. Melody A. Loya

Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Lusk

Dr. and Mrs. David G. Lust

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Lyons

Mr. Dustin L. Mackie

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Maddox

Mr. Wilton E. Manley

Mrs. Jannette M. Marek

Mr. and Mrs. James Martin

Mr. Shanon S. Martin

Ms. Zelda Martinez


Mr. and Mrs. James T. Matthews

Maxwells Pumpkin Farm, LLC

Ms. Norma L. Mayben

Mr. and Mrs. George O. Mayer

Mc6 Cattle Feeders

Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. McBeth

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. McClain

Mr. Anthony W. McClain

Mr. Robert L. McClary

Mrs. Dianne B. McClish

Mr. Jack McCormick

Mrs. Mogie R. McCray

Ms. Mary Ruth McCulley

Mr. Mike McDonald

Ms. Raenell McDonough

Mr. and Mrs. Bryce J. McGregor

Mcintosh Living Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. McKee

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mckee

Mr. and Mrs. David McKibben

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLeod

Maj. and Mrs. Philip E. McMillen Ret.

Mrs. Mary T. McMinn

Mr. Curtis J. McNaney

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. McNeese

Mr. Mark G. McNulty

Mr. and Mrs. Gale McRae

Mr. and Mrs. Melton B. McRee

Mr. and Mrs. William F. McWhirter

Medi-Drive Pharmacy

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Meek

Mr. Marcus Melton

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry A. Mercer

Ms. Mary R. Merchant

Ms. Amy L. Merydith

Mr. Glen R. Metcalf

Mrs. Becky L. Millen

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Lane A. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Will C. Miller

Ms. Dana L. Miller

Gene Miller

Mr. Justin R. Miller

Mr. Daniel A. Miller

Mr. Barry M. Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Minter

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Mitchell

MKD Financial Services, LP

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore H.


Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mooring

Mr. and Mrs. Morris G. Moreland

Mr. and Mrs. S. Tom Morris

Morrison Family Revocable Trust

Ms. Ruby Mounce

Ms. Kim Muller

Dr. Christopher Munn

Mr. Joseph A. Musser

Ms. Earlene Myatt

Mr. and Mrs. Cody E. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elwin Myers

Dr. and Mrs. Garry L. Nall

Dr. Mark S. Nelson

Mr. Don Neufeld

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie B. Newbill

Ms. Leona Newsom

Mr. and Mrs. Rickey C. Nix

Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Norman

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Notestine

Mr. Wesley T. O’Brien

Ms. Christine O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Odell

Mr. Tommy Oehrlein

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Oeschger

Mr. Kenneth P. O’Gorman

Mr. Michael D. Ohm

Oliver Saddle Shop

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Oney

Mr. Mark O’Reilly

Mr. Robert Orr

Mr. Lance E. Ortiz

Ms. Lacie A. Osbourne

Outreach Sunday School St. Lukes UMC

Panhandle Independent School


Ms. Shavawn E. Parduhn

Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Parker

Parsley’s Sheet Metal and Roofing

Co., Inc.

Dr. Denise Parr-Scanlin and Mr.

Paul R. Scanlin

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Paullus, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Paup

Mr. and Mrs. D’Ray Peeples

Mr. and Mrs. Rex R. Peeples

Dr. Bonnie B. Pendleton and Mr.

Michael W. Pendleton

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Pendleton

Ms. Annette M. Perdue

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Peterson

Mr. Phillip P. Petrakos

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C.


Ms. Plug Piehl

Mr. H. Floyce Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Pierson

Pinnell Cattle Company

Ms. Becky Pinson

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Pipkin

Mr. Louis Pitcock III

Mr. Aubrey C. Pitts

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Plummer

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart O. Poling

Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Popejoy

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Justin E. Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Price

Dr. J. Keith Price

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Prinsen

Mr. P. J. Pronger and

Ms. Kay Brizzolara

PSUMC Chancel Choir

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pylant

Ms. Kendra Quackenbush

R.T. Feeds, LLC

Dr. Loralu Raburn and Dr. Michael

J. Westmoreland

The Raffkind Revocable Trust

Mr. Brian W. Rahlfs

Mr. Michael L. Raillard

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Railsback

Dr. Mythili Ramakrishnan and

Dr. Kollengode R. Ramakrishnan

Mr. Clint Ramsey

Mr. Nathan A. Randolph

Record Music Shop

Ms. Lois L. Reeves

Mr. Frank G. Reeves

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Renick

Mrs. Elosia M. Reyna

Mr. George R. Rhodes

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Rhoten

Mr. and Mrs. Randal W. Riall

Mrs. Lois Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Richard, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Richardson

Mr. Jarrett R. Ricketson

Mr. and Mrs. Don Riffe

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Ritter

Mrs. Mary J. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl B. Robertson

Dr. and Mrs. Clay A. Robinson

Mr. Bradley M. Robinson

Mr. Rene Rodriguez

Mrs. Doris M. Rogers

Ms. Gay R. Roper

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Roughan

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Rousser, Jr.

Mrs. Kathleen Rowntree

Ms. Lea Roy

Dr. Clara N. Russell and

Mr. O. L. Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Russell

Mrs. O. T. Ryan

Michael G. Rybiski

Mr. Harold K. Sacane, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Sadler

Dr. Watt T. Salmon

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sanders

Ms. Shannon L. Sanders

Mr. Danny Sanders

Mrs. Isabel Sanditen

Mr. and Mrs. Jose F. Saucedo

Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Sawyer

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Schaeffer

Mr. James J. Schenck

Mr. Kenneth G. Schlabs

Ms. Paula S. Schlegel

Mr. Ivan L. Schmid

Mr. Gus Schram III

Christine J. Schuhart Irrev. Trust

Ms. Barbara Scott

Ms. Sammie J. Scott

Seaboard Foods, LP

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Seabourn

Mr. and Mrs. Baljit Sehbi

Mr. James C. Self

Honorable and Mrs. Kel Seliger

Mrs. Mary E. Settle

Ms. Teresa L. Sewell

Mr. Randall Shaffer

Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Sharp

Mr. Adam Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Terry S. Shelton

Mr. James G. Shelton

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Sheneman

Ms. Imogene Shirey

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Sicola

Mr. Dwayne T. Simons

Mr. Rodney L. Skelton

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan S. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Donnie J. Smith

Mr. David W. Smith

Mr. Mike Smith

Mrs. Rosemary D. Smith

Mr. James B. Smith

Ms. Janice L. Snyder

Sociology Social Work Club of


Dr. Kent K. Sorajja

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Sowder

Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Sparks

Shelly M. Spollen

Ms. Carol L. Sprague

Mr. and Mrs. Darren Stallwitz

Stallwitz Studio

Col. Richard D. Stamler Ret.

Mr. Russell D. Steagall

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Steinbock

Mr. Ronald L. Steinle

Ms. Sunni D. Stephenson

Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. S. Van Stewart

Mr. Christian D. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Stogner

Mr. and Mrs. Joe G. Story

Street Toyota Scion

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Stuart

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Sublett

Mr. and Mrs. Randy M. Sublette

Mr. Paul H. Sweetgall

Mr. Douglas W. Tanner

Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Tardy

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Wilford B. Taylor III

Mr. Bradley D. Taylor

Mr. Keith E. Taylor

Teams Of Tomorrow - Amarillo

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Teetor

Mr. Curtis B. Tempel

Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Teweleit

Texas Cattle Feeders Association

Texas Panhandle Builders


Ms. Pamela J. Thomas

Mr. James D. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Thompson

Mr. Clarence E. Thompson

Mr. Robert J. Thorpe

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Timmons

Mr. Charles C. Tisdale, Jr.

Mr. Blane A. Tolleson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew N. Tonne

Toot’n Totum Food Stores

Carter Townsend

Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Tufford

Dr. Patricia J. Tyrer

UHS of Delaware, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Underwood, Jr.

United Methodist Church

University Research Alliance

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Upchurch

Mr. Gregory A. Urbanczyk

Mr. Ken Valliant

Ms. Marilyn Van Petten

Dr. Robert A. Vartabedian and

Dr. Laurel C. Vartabedian

Ms. Gina Vaughan

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd W. Vaughn

Ms. Mary J. Vincent

Ms. Helene E. Wagstaff

Ms. Laura Jean Waight

LTC and Mrs. Dolton G. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Ladd L. Walker

Marc Waller

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Walvoord

Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Francis Weipert

Wells Fargo Foundation

Ms. Linda Werner

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. West

Mrs. Donna R. West

Ms. Lori A. Westermann

Whitney Russell Printers

Ann and Terry Widick

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Wiegand

Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Wilder

Mr. Guy M. Wilkins

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Williams

Ms. Sara J. Williams

Ms. Lila Williams

Mr. Stephen A. Willingham

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Willis

Mr. and Mrs. Jeppie S. Wilson, Jr.

Mr. Donald L. Wilson

Mrs. Jolette Wine

Mr. and Mrs. David Wingo

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Winn

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Wisian

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Witcher

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Woodall

Ms. Jo Woodman

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Woods

Mr. S. V. Woodward

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Wooldridge

Ms. Juanita Wooten

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Worosello

WTAMU Office of Provost and Vice

President of Academic Affairs

Sondie yarger

Ms. Sally J. yates

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy F. young

Ms. Nicollette yuirah

Up to $99

Ms. Stephanie Abernathy

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Adams

Mrs. Betty J. Adams

Mrs. Courtney M. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Terry P. Aderholt

Mrs. Lila G. Adkins

Dr. and Mrs. Victor T. Adkisson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E.


Ms. Malia B. Albin

Ms. Sandra K. Alewine

Mrs. Deanah I. Alexander

Ms. Christin N. Alford

Timmi Allen

Ms. Sylvia Allen

Mr. Jeffrey L. Allen

Ms. Tiffany A. Allen

Dr. John J. Alpar

Mrs. April D. Altom-McDaniel and

Mr. Lyndell J. McDaniel

Mrs. Toni M. Amadon

Amarillo Country Club

Amarillo Tri-State Exposition

Mr. Thomas R. Amason

Ms. Jeanne Amrhein

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Anderson

Arlin Anderson

Mr. Brian R. Archuleta

Mrs. Julie G. Arias

Arredondo Chapter - NSDAR

Ms. Sammie L. Artho

Mr. Anthony A. Arvello

Mr. and Mrs. Ty Askew

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Atchison

Ms. Martha L. Atchley

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Ator

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Atwood

Ault and Associates

Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Austin

Mr. and Mrs. Hilrey L. Aven

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Awe

Ms. Karen L. Baack

Dr. Norma J. Backs

Mr. Glenn F. Backus

Mr. Austin L. Bagley

Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Bagwell

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Bagwell

Ms. Shawna Bagwell

Mrs. Martha Bailey

Mr. Sidney E. Baird

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Baker

Dr. John T. Baker

Mrs. Janice L. Baker

Mrs. Bonnie Baker

Ms. Velma J. Baker

Mr. Kevin Baker

Mr. William R. Banks III

Ms. Carla J. Banks

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Barefield, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby W. Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Brett B. Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Barker

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Barnard

Mrs. Renna Beth Barnard

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Barnes

Ms. Ann Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Kary Barnett

Ms. Evelyn M. Barnett

Ms. Maria Barraza

Mr. and Mrs. Clint Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Barrett

Barrington Amarillo, LLC

Ms. Hortencia Barron

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Bartley

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Barton

Mrs. Lynn Barton

Mr. and Mrs. Lavester B. Bassett

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Batchelor

Mr. Charles W. Baumgardner

Ms. Marion E. Bayle

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bayless

Mrs. Maxine Bayless

Ms. Joan Baylor

Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Bazaldua

Mr. Jose A. Bazaldua II

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Bearden

William and Jean Beaty

Mr. Jacob D. Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Si Beerwinkle

Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Behnke

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Bell

Mrs. Kandi S. Bell

Miss Kristi E. Benedict

Mrs. Lorene L. Benham

Mrs. Melissa A. Bennett

Mr. Devin C. Benton

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Berry

Mr. Gerald W. Berry

Mr. Travis L. Berry

Ms. Marlene K. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Bertish

Ms. Christina L. Bertolino and Mr.

Michael Schmucker

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Best

Mr. and Mrs. Ron L. Bettis

Mrs. Gwendolene y. Betzen

Mr. and Mrs. Ted A. Biar

Mrs. Beulah E. Bible

Mr. James B. Bidwell

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Biggs

Mr. Gary D. Bigham

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Bingham

Mr. and Mrs. Dayle A. Binnion

Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Birdwell, Jr.

Mrs. Kimberly L. Birkenfeld

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny W. Bivins

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bjork

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Black

Ms. Amber D. Black

Ms. Theetta I. Black

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Blackwell

Mr. and Mrs. James Blackwell

Mrs. Marvin Blair

Mr. and Mrs. William L.


Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Blanscet

Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Blaut

Ray and Rita Blevins

Mrs. Merlene Board

Mr. and Mrs. Bill G. Boatright

Mr. Larry D. Bobbitt

Mrs. Gladys W. Boedeker

Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Bogan

Mr. Michael Boit

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bolin

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Bolstad

Mr. Patrick M. Bolwahnn

Mr. Robert D. Bordeaux

Ms. Tarynn Borders

Heike Bowen

Mr. Alexander M. Bowen

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Bowers

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bowers

Mrs. Raetanna Bowers

Mrs. Leslie R. Boyd

Mrs. Carolyn H. Boyd

Ms. Louise Boyles

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell G. Bozarth

Ms. Patricia Braafladt

Mrs. Alice A. Bradshaw

Dr. and Mrs. Chris Brady

Ms. Jayne D. Brainard

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Branch

Ms. Jennifer Brandon

Mrs. Mary Ellen Brandt

Brandt Engineers Group, LTD.

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bransgrove

Mrs. Charlotte E. Brantley

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Brasington

Mr. and Mrs. James Bray

Mr. Scott Bressler

Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Bretthauer

Ms. Stephanie N. Bretz

Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Brewer

Mrs. Mary H. Brian

Mr. and Mrs. George Briant

Mr. and Mrs. William Bridenbaugh,


Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bridge, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Britten

Ms. Patricia L. Britten

Ms. Sarah E. Britton

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Brock

Ms. Bettie B. Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Brodin

Mrs. Jane C. Bromley

Ms. Shannon C. Brorman

Dr. and Mrs. John S. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey E. Brown, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Brown

Mr. Donnie K. Brown

Ms. Jessica H. Brown

Ms. Kendra K. Brown

Ms. Emily Browning

Mr. and Mrs. Cory W. Bruce

Ms. Kelly B. Brummett

Mrs. Courtney A. Bryan

Msgt. David W. Bryan

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bryant, Jr.

Mr. Richard W. Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Rolland R. Buhrkuhl

Mr. Glen Bullock

Mrs. Lou Bulman

Mrs. Velma R. Burkham

Ms. Cheree A. Burleson

Mr. Don Burney

Mr. Marvin E. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Burris

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Burrow

Mrs. Carolyn Bursey-Miller

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bustos

Ms. Sherra Buxkemper

Ms. Dettie Byrd

Mr. Lynn R. Caddell

Ms. Debbie Cairns

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Caldwell

Mr. Thomas A. Caldwell

Mr. S. O. Callahan IV

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Cambridge

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Campbell

Ms. Valerie Campbell

Lela Campfield

Mr. and Mrs. Julio Campos

Mr. Larry L. Canada

Mr. and Mrs. Esmael Cantu

Dr. Robin Capt

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Carlson

Mrs. Betty J. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Carmen

Dr. Billy B. Carmichael

Mr. Justin Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Carr

Mr. Vernon Carr

Mr. and Mrs. John Carriere

Ms. Donna G. Carroll

Mr. Waylon R. Carroll

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Carson

Ms. Ann Carson

Carthel Farm

Dr. and Mrs. T. Gwynn Carver

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence C. Casey

Ms. LaRue B. Cash

Morgan Cassady

Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Castleberry

Mr. Greg Castro

Mr. Dillard M. Cates

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Caviness

Mr. and Mrs. Anyelo Cervantes

Ms. Junie Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Waylon Chamblee

Mr. and Mrs. Cody W. Chandler

Ms. Lynn Chandler

Chandler Insurance Agency

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Palko

Mr. Ronnie Cheek

Chicago Title Insurance, Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Childress

Mr. Ronald E. Childress

Ms. Deborah A. Chittenden

Dr. and Mrs. Joe D. Chitwood

Mrs. Kathryn A. Chitwood

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Chopin

Ms. Nancy Chown

Ms. Ginger T. Chrostowski

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Winston C. Clark

Ms. Amanda B. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Clem

Ms. Susan Clem

Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Clements

Mrs. Misty R. Clements

Mr. James A. Clepper

Mr. Paul A. Clifton

Mr. and Mrs. Ross B. Clopton

Mr. and Mrs. Glen D. Clugy

Ms. Shayla K. Clugy

Ms. Katherine E. Clutterbuck-Nor

Ms. Cathrine Coberly

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Coe

Coffman Industries

Col. Richard Henry Lee Chapter/

Colonial Dames

Mr. and Mrs. Kearney Cole

Mr. Thomas W. Cole

Dr. and Mrs. Jay M. Coleman

Mr. Bruce E. Collingsworth

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Collins

Frances M. Collins

Mr. Randall R. Collins

Ms. Elizabeth L. Collins

Mr. Rifle Collinsworth

Mr. Marshall C. Coleman

Ms. Aimee E. Arrant

Dr. and Mrs. Randel L. Combs

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Comp

Mrs. Deborah Condel

Mr. Kevin W. Conger

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Conner

Mr. Mitchell D. Contreras

Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Cook

Mr. Richard C. Cook

Mr. R. A. Cook

Ms. Mary N. Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cooke, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Benny R. Cooper

Mr. Charles E. Cooper

Ms. Carey H. Cooper

Mrs. Anne M. Corn

Mr. and Mrs. Marc D. Cornell

Mr. and Mrs. Zebulun A. Corvin

Ms. Janice A. Cosmic

Ms. Virginia I. Cotton

County Line Animal Hospital

Mr. and Mrs. Byron M. Courtney

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Couturier

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lanyon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cowan

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin O. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Cox

J. B. Cox

Mr. Ty C. Cox

Mrs. Marcella Crabtree

Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Tim J. Crawford

Mrs. Carol Crawford

Robin L. Crites

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Cross

Mrs. Tammy L. Crozier

Ms. Andrea V. Cruz

Mr. George L. Cuellar III

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Cummings

Mr. and Mrs. Zach C. Cummings

Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Cunningham

Mr. Kenneth D. Custer

Mr. Stephen D. Cutberth

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Czerwien

Mrs. Amy K. Dalke

Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Daniel

Mr. Leslie Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dann

Ms. Loretta F. Darden

DAR/Wolf Creek Chapter

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Davis

Mr. and Mrs. James Davis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Davis

Ms. Tiffany N. Chmielewski

Mrs. Brenda K. Davis

Mr. Joe B. Davis

Mr. Steven M. Davis

Ms. Billie D. Davis

Mr. John Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Ed L. Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Robbin Dawson

Mr. Ken Dawson

Ms. Tammy Day

Ms. Kim Day

Ms. Lawana F. Day

Dr. Maritza De la Trinidad

Mrs. Roberta L. Dean

Mrs. Margaret M. Dean

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Dear

Dr. and Mrs. DeArno D. DeArmond

Rev. and Mrs. James K. Deckard

Ms. Shannon Degenhart

Ms. Mary G. DeHoyos

Ms. Frances C. Dement

Ms. Susan G. Denney

Mr. Ronald L. Dennis

Ms. Peggy O. Dennis

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan M. Denny

Mrs. Tonya L. Denny

Mrs. Tonya D. Detten

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Devito

Dr. and Mrs. Charlie E. Deyhle, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Diaz

Mr. Eric Diaz

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Dickson

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Dickson

Ms. Cheryle L. Dill

Mrs. Laura M. Dirickson

Mr. Michael A. Dixon

Ms. Monna Doak

Ms. Vandy M. Dodson

Mrs. John Doores

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick D. Dorsett

Mr. David G. Doshier

Mr. Charlie Dou

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Douglas

Mr. Dee Jon Douglass

Ms. Jeanette Douglass

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Dowd, Jr.

Mrs. Kay S. Dozier

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Drake

Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Drake

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Driver

Mr. A. Z. Drones

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Drummond

Ms. Marigayle Dudley

Dr. and Mrs. Barry L. Duman

Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Duncan, Jr.

Ms. Debbie Duncan

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony K. Dunnam

Mr. and Mrs. Gail D. Dupree

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Durham

Ms. Karen C. Durham

Mrs. Cheryl L. Dutton

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Dyess

Ms. Raylene M. Dysert

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Eades

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Easley-


Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Eason

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eberle

Dorothy Echols

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt D. Ecker

Mr. Roman M. Eckols

Mr. M. Scott Edwards, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ehlers

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Eidam

Mr. Michael E. Eilert

Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Eimon

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Elder

Mr. and Mrs. Darren K. Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Elliott

Mrs. Lindsay J. Elliott

Ms. Renee Elliott

W. Travis Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elms

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Elsloo

Mr. Steve Ely

Ms. Hope English

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Erwin

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Esch

Ms. A. Lynnelle Eschberger

Ms. Tonya Ethridge

Charles Evans

Mr. Mike Everett

Mrs. Mary Sue Ezziddine

Dr. Louis Fairchild

Mrs. Traci L. Fancher

Ms. Renae Fangman

Mrs. Ramona G. Fannon

Mr. Patrick K. Farmer

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Farrar

Zane Farris

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Faylor

Mr. Heath W. Fennell

Rev. and Mrs. Cecil Ferguson

Ms. Marcia Ferguson

Mrs. Janna L. Ferrari

Mr. James D. Ferry

Mr. Fidelis J. Fetsch, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Dallas D. Fillingim

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Finch

Mrs. Robbie J. Finley

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Kile

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Finney

Mr. Matthew Finney

First Methodist Church of

Garden City

Mr. and Mrs. Zearl D. Fiskin

Ms. Alice Flanagan

Ms. Judith G. Flanders

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Bart W. Fletcher

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Floyd

Mrs. Phyllis A. Floyd

Mr. and Mrs. Stan E. Fogg

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk J. Folkner

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Foote

Cindy and Bernie Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Ford

Ms. Carrie Ford

Mr. Kelvin L. Ford

Ms. Connie L. Fordham

Noah M. Forsberg

Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Fort

Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett W. Foster

Ms. Ami Foster

Ms. Vera M. Fourroux

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Fowler

Ms. Carole J. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Franks

Mrs. Jennifer K. Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Freeman

Ms. Cydney Friemel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Frigo

Mr. Scott S. Frish

Mr. Heston I. Fry

Mr. Richard S. Fuhrmann

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Fuller

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Fulton

Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Funk

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Furgason

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Fyfe, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gaertner III

Mrs. Summar R. Gallier

Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Garcia

Mrs. Deana Gardiner

Mr. Stanton Garrett

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Garris

Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Garrison

Mrs. Marimyn Garrison

Ms. Marina Garza

Mrs. Charli R. Gause

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gerard

Mr. and Mrs. Dickie G. Geries

Dr. James E. Gibbs

Mr. and Mrs. Antez Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Gilbert

Mrs. Connie F. Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gill

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Gilliland

Mr. C. Shawn Gillispie

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gipson

Ms. Helen E. Glaser

Ms. Maureen Glasgo

Mr. James A. Glasscock

Mr. Erik M. Glen

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Hector Gonzales

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gonzales

Mary Gonzales

Ms. Ana Gonzalez

Ms. Betsy Goodell

Mrs. Joanne C. Gosselin

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Gough

Mr. Andrew T. Gowell

Ms. Patricia M. Grabber

Grafe Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Graham

Mr. Wade E. Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Graves

Mr. B. Clay Graves

Mr. and Mrs. Brad T. Green

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Green

Mr. Percy O. Green

Mr. and Mrs. David Greenhaw

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gregory

Mr. and Mrs. David Gresens

Dr. Jamie M. Griffis

Ms. Vickie R. Groneman

Mrs. Patricia F. Groom

Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Gross

Mr. Thomas Gruffydd-Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gruhlkey

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gruhlkey

Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Guevara

Mr. Gary L. Gumfory

Mrs. Eldon Gurley

Mr. and Mrs. Judas Guzman

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hairford

Mrs. Dorothy N. Haley

Dr. and Mrs. David C. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Hall

Mr. Shane Hall

Mrs. Lana S. Hall

Mrs. Anita Hammit

Mrs. Fraya P. Hammons

Mr. and Mrs. Jake P. Hancock

Ms. Mary Lou Hancock

Ms. Marjorie Hands

Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Hanks

Mr. Jonathan D. Harber

Ms. Tonia R. Harber-Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hardin

Mr. Lawrence R. Harkleroad

Ms. C. Charisse Harland

Mr. and Mrs. Sammie J. Harris, Sr.

Mr. Rocky Harris

Ms. Sue Harrison

Mr. Tony Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd J. Hartman

Mr. Homer F. Harvey

Mr. Roger G. Harvey

Ms. BreeAnne N. Harwerth

Mr. and Mrs. Ray N. Hauser

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Haworth

Ms. Alana Hayes

Ms. Karen J. Haynes

Mr. Ryan L. Hazelwood

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle F. Headley

Mrs. Barbara A. Heath

Ms. Betsey Heavner

Mr. Ryan B. Henderson

Mr. Nolon Henson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Herbert

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Hernandez

Mr. Greg Hernandez

Mr. Douglas A. Hes

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hetzel

Mrs. Margaret H. Heyde

Ms. Brenda Hickam

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hickman

Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Hiland

Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Hill

Ms. Mary Hazel Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie R. Hillin

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hinchliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Hinders

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Hiner

Ms. Daisy Hinojosa

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hinson

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Hirt

Ms. Montana V. Hisel Cochran

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Hix

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hoard

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hochstein

Mrs. Diane R. Hoelscher

Mrs. Deborah A. Hoffpauir

Mrs. Shirley L. Holeman

Ms. Cheryl Holiwell

Mr. C. Scott Hollabaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Phinis C. Hollie

Mr. Terrance Holmes

Ms. Jamey R. Holmes

Mr. and Mrs. Vince L. Homer

Ms. Laura Hooker

Mr. Magnus Hopfer and

Ms. Jan Hope

Ms. Kimberly Hopkins

Ms. Connie Hopson

Mrs. Charlotte Houchin

Houlette Petroleum Company

Houston, Vlosich and Short DDS, Inc.

Mr. Dustin S. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Howell

Camille Hoy

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hubert

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Huddleston

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Skip Huebner

Mr. and Mrs. Cory D. Huey

Mr. John Huffaer

Mr. Dean M. Hughes IV

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton B. Hukill

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hulsey

Mr. Lynn Hulsey

Mr. and Mrs. David Humphreys

Mr. David Huneke

Hunton and Williams

Ms. Joyce J. Hutsell

Mr. David L. Hutson

Mrs. Elaine M. Hyer

Mr. Victor Ignatiev

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ingham

Mrs. Amelia L. Irlbeck

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Irwin

Ms. Jean Irwin

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Isaacs

Ms. Debra K. Jackson

Mr. Don H. Jackson

Mr. Paul A. Jacob

Dr. Martin M. Jacobsen

Mrs. Lucy K. Jalbert

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff James

Ms. Deborah J. James

Mr. Robin C. James

Ms. Meredith M. Jameson

Mrs. Kasi L. Janssen

Ms. Mary J. Jarvis

Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Jeffers

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Jenkins

Mr. Darren W. Jenks

Ms. Charline Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jobsky

Mr. and Mrs. John Johansen

Mr. and Mrs. Ken C. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Kent E. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Reggie W. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Johnson

Mrs. Betty B. Johnson

Mr. Philip Johnson

Mrs. Olla C. Johnson

Ms. Rachel C. Johnson

Johnston Motors Inc.

Mrs. Cindy E. Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones

Mr. David C. Jones

Ms. L. Gayle Jones

Mrs. Alisha Jones-Pera

Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Josserand

Dr. Bill Jowell

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kalinec

Mr. John R. Kantor

Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Karcher

Mr. and Mrs. Bill W. Karnes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Karrh

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk D. Kear

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy N. Keefer

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Keeling

Mr. Bryan R. Keene

Mrs. Pamela S. Keisling

Ms. Karolyn Keith

Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. Kelley

Ms. Jane A. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kemmerling

Mr. and Mrs. Giles Kemp

Dr. William J. Kemp, Jr.

Mrs. Joanna M. Kendall

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Kendrick, Jr.

Mrs. Merrie E. Kendrick

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton N. Kennon

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kenny

Mr. Nouchone Keophimphone

Mr. Paul N. Kerr

Dr. and Mrs. Terry L. Kieth

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kimmins

Mr. and Mrs. John King

Ms. Mary Jane King

Mrs. Susan K. Kirby

Ms. Jerri-Ann Kirk

Mrs. Marcia Milam Kiser

Mr. Steven L. Knadle

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Knighton

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Knowles

Ms. Jodi Koumalats

Ms. Kara K. Kovaly

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin O. Kramer

Mr. and Mrs. Dustin L. Hume

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Krause

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Kreger

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Krempasky

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney A. Kuchar, Jr.

Mrs. Alice Kuehler

Mrs. Claire R. Kuehn

Mrs. Valerie J. Kuhnert

Dr. and Mrs. Ken E. Kuykendall

Mrs. Carol M. Kyle

Ms. Tina M. Lacey

Ms. Bonnie Lafleur

Dr. Shuchun P. Lai

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Landers

Ms. Patricia Landreth

Mr. Clint A. Langford

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie D. Langwell

Mr. Trenton R. Lankford

Ms. Shelly D. Lanners

Mr. Bret J. Lardie

Mr. Richard D. Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Larsson

Corrie A. Lasak

Ms. Lorean Latham

Mr. Robert A. Lauffer II

Ms. Jennifer E. Laurich

Mrs. Beth E. Lauterbach

Mr. and Mrs. Brett A. Law

Mrs. June T. Leach

Ms. Andria D. Leavitt

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Lebas

Mr. Hugh G. LeClair

Mr. Tucker D. Lee

Ms. Carla Lee

Ms. Sandra K. Lee

Mrs. Kathy G. Lehnick

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Leland

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Leland

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn R. Lemon

Mrs. Velma R. Lemons

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lenhart

Mr. Richard Lethen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Leveridge

Ms. Patricia Lynn Levin

Mr. Oscar F. Liggin IV

Ms. Rebecca H. Linke

Ms. Courtney Linn

Ms. Donna Littlejohn

Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Livingston

Llano Estacado Chapter NSDAR

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Lombard

Mr. and Mrs. Raymon Hill

Ms. Vivian Long

Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Lopez

Mr. Michael R. Lopez

Mrs. Melissa Lopez

Ms. Heidi M. Lovell

Miss Vanessa Loya

Ms. Cathy Lozano

Mr. Eshmael Lucero

Ms. Ashlee Lucus

Ms. Chari R. Lueb

Ms. Ruth M. Lutrick

Mr. and Mrs. Al Luttrell

Mr. Howard Wayne Lyles

Ms. Judith A. Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin R. Lynn

Mr. Michael M. Mack

Mrs. Helen R. Mackie

Mr. and Mrs. Madsourivong

Ms. Pamela Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Presley D. Maloy

Ms. Tina Manasco

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Manchee

Ms. Sandra Manges

Mrs. Willie Mae Mangold

Mrs. Bouaphanh Manhkong

Mr. and Mrs. Lyndol Mansfield

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Manz

Mr. and Mrs. Armando Marin

Mr. Todd A. Marnell

Ms. Maria Marquez

Mr. and Mrs. David Marsala

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Martin

Mrs. Shannon M. Martin

Mr. W. Denver Martin

Dr. Roy B. Martin

Dr. Rex E. Martin

Mrs. Olivia Martinez

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Mashburn

Mrs. Donna J. Mason

Mrs. Ina L. Matchett

Mr. and Mrs. Kade L. Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Maxson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Mayfield

Mr. Kevin S. McAlpin

Ms. Rosalea McAnally

Mrs. Maura McAndrews

Mr. Stanley V. McCabe

Ms. Barbara J. McCain

Mr. and Mrs. Allen McCalister

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. McCartney

Mr. Joe W. McCarty

Ms. Kim McClinton

Mr. Walter D. McClure

Mr. and Mrs. Danney V. McCort

Mr. and Mrs. Quintin McCoy

Mrs. Shelly B. McCracken

Taylor McCuller

Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. McDaniel

Mrs. Gussie C. McDermett

Mr. and Mrs. Terry G. McDonald

Mr. Douglas S. McDonough

Mr. and Mrs. James L. McElroy

McElroy, Quirk, and Burch

Mr. Craig McGee

Mr. and Mrs. Trevor G. McGill

Ms. Marla A. McGill

Mr. John T. McGimsey

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence M. McGrath

Mr. Matthew L. McGraw

Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. McKay

Mr. and Mrs. David McKelvey

Mr. and Mrs. John McKinley

Mr. Don E. McKinley

Ms. Bailey McKinney

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff McKnight

Mrs. Jessie L. McKone

Ms. Megan Mclain

Mr. and Mrs. Roger McLaren

Mr. Richard A. McLemore

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. McMahan

Mr. and Mrs. James G. McManigal

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. McMillon

Mr. and Mrs. William McNeiland

Mr. and Mrs. William D.


Mrs. Cindy G. Medina

Ms. Anne Medlock

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Meek

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Megel

Mr. Edward L. Melin

Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel J.


Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Merrill

Mr. and Mrs. Lint S. Merritt

Mr. and Mrs. Jessica Merritt

Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Messenger, Jr.

Mr. Rick J. Messer

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Metcalf

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Mettham

Rev. and Mrs. Mark Metzger

Sue Meyer

Midwest Aircraft Services, Inc.

Ms. Robin D. Mikalunas

Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Milam III

Mrs. Mary Milam

Mr. Johnny L. Milburn

Mrs. Eva Millan

Mrs. Verna T. Millard

Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Miller

Ms. Angela A. Miller

Mrs. Catherine M. Miller

Ms. Joyce M. Miller

Dr. Terence Milligan

Mrs. Mettie M. Milligan

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg O. Mills

Mr. James F. Minder

Mrs. Nancy R. Mires

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky W. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitchell

Ms. Jessica S. Mitchell

Mrs. Mollie B. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Tony D. Mobley

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Mobrice

Mrs. Zona A. Moe

Dr. Candice M. Monson and Mr.

Chris Stewart Monson

Mrs. Beatrice I. Montemayor

Mrs. Rita Monterrosa

Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Montgomery

Miss Amber P. Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Moody

Ms. Sue Mooney

Mr. and Mrs. Doyle W. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle B. Moore

Mr. Dustin Moore

Ms. Christine L. Moore

Mrs. Lillis Moore

Ms. Jane B. Moore

Mr. Monty M. Moore

Mr. Florentino Z. Morales

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Jason G. Morgan

Mrs. Carlana M. Morphis

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton L. Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Morris III

Mr. Gene Vaughn Morrison

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Morrow, Jr.

Mr. John T. Morrow

Mortar Board Honor Society

Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Moseley

Ms. Marsha L. Moss

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin F. Moudy

Mr. Ronnie J. Mounce

Ms. Carla Moya

Mr. Darrell L. Moyer

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Muir

Aaron Mullane

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Mullen

Ms. Florence Mullins

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mundell

Mrs. Joyce E. Mundell

Mr. Charles R. Munger

Ms. Velma Murillo

Mr. and Mrs. Murray L. Murphy

Mr.and Mrs. Michael J. Murphy

Mrs. Gwendolyn R. Murphy

Mr. David P. Murray

Mr. Al R. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Naas

Mrs. Peggy L. Nail

Mr. and Mrs. Herschel L. Neal, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Neighbors

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Nelson

Mr. Kelly G. Nelson

Ms. Janie L. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Newkirk

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Newsom

Mr. and Mrs. Dustin L. Nials

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Nichols

Mrs. Sherry F. Nichols

Mr. Brett Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Nicholson

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Niemiec

Ms. Lois Nix

Dr. Susan J. Nix

Mr. and Mrs. Butch Noble

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Noel

Mr. Edward Nolan

Ms. Pamela Norman

Mr. Douglas R. North

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Notestine

Mr. and Mrs. Bary Nusz

Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. Nusz

Ms. Patricia L. Oakley

Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Ochoa

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle L. Odom

Mrs. Marvae Odom

Mr. Floyd L. Offill

Mr. and Mrs. Danny G. Ogle

Mr. Jeremy G. Oldham

Col. and Mrs. George S. Oliver

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Oliver

Mr. Martin Oliver

Mr. Royce O’Neal

Mr. Elizar Ontiveros

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis O’Rear

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Osburn

Dr. Enyonam Osei-Hwere

Elvia J. Pablo

Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Padilla

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Pallares

Ms. Monica Pando

Ms. Pamela J. Pandolfi

Panhandle Colony Magna Charta

Dames and Barons

Panhandle-Plains Historical Society

Mr. and Mrs. Bob W. Paris

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Parker

Mr. Aaron W. Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parkhill

Mr. and Mrs. E. Bruce Parks

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan K. Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson

Dr. Byron E. Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Peckham

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Peifer

Mark Peil

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Peil

Ms. Linda L. Peirce

Ms. Charlia D. Pence

Ms. Susan J. Penn

Mr. Gilberto A. Perez

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Perkins

Mr. James N. Perkins

Mr. Donald R. Perry

Mr. Sequoyah Perry

Mrs. Kimberly S. Peters

Mrs. Mandy J. Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Petersen

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Peterson

Pat Pettijohn

Ms. yvonne Pfeiffer-Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall A. Pharr

Ms. Jocelyn E. Phillips

Ms. Jan E. Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Pickens

Ms. Vera Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pierson

Mr. and Mrs. Gayland Pitman

Mr. and Mrs. Cory D. Pittman

Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Pittman

Mr. R. Duane Pittman

Mr. Sean R. Plake

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Plequette

Mr. Perry B. Pletcher

Ms. Janice Pletcher

Mr. and Mrs. Clement G. Pond, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pontius

Miss Debra R. Pontius

Mr. and Mrs. Harold O. Pool, Jr.

Mrs. Pohyin Pool

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Poreda

Mr. and Mrs. Dan A. Porter

Mrs. Tommie L. Porter

Dr. and Mrs. Dug G. Porterfield

Miss Lynsi R. Porterfield

Ms. Tracee A. Post

Potter-Randall Appraisal District

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Pounds

Mrs. Rose L. Powell

Mr. William D. Powell, Jr.

Mr. Ramon O. Presas III

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Prescott II

Dr. and Mrs. William T. Price

Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Price III

Mrs. Jean Price

Mr. George T. Priolo

Mr. Billie R. Proctor, Jr.

Ms. Lacey L. Proffit

Ms. Toni Proper

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Pruitt

Mrs. Sharon Puckett

Mrs. Jobeth Puckett

Mr. Neil Quattlebaum

Ms. Julie Quinonez

Mr. Joe B. Raburn

Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Raef

Mr. and Mrs. Rhett R. Ragsdale

Mrs. Penny L. Rahlfs

Dr. and Mrs. Fazlur Rahman

Ms. Dawn M. Ramaekers

Ms. Sarah Ramey

Mr. Lester A. Ramsey

Mr. Albert M. Randall

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rankins

Mr. Joshua L. Ratcliff

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Rathjen

Mr. Dy Ratsavong

Mr. Boat Ratsavong

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rattan

Dr. Janet B. Ray

Mr. Randy S. Ray

Mr. Jesus D. Raygosa

Mr. Michael D. Reagan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Red

Mr. and Mrs. Blackie D. Reding

Dr. and Mrs. Holley W. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Reed

Mrs. Dorothy L. Reed

Mr. James D. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Reeves

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Reimund

Mrs. Angeline M. Reinart

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Renetzky

Ms. LaNelle E. Revel

Mr. Efrem J. Reyes

Mr. and Mrs. Rickie G. Reyher

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Reyna

Ms. Darla Rhoden

Mr. Jimmy Rhoderick

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rhodes

Ms. Suzanne Rhynes

Mrs. Mary R. Rice

Ms. Andrea K. Rice

Mr. Bobby E. Richardson

Ms. Marilyn Richie

Ms. Suzanne Richmond

Mr. and Mrs. Zane M. Ricketts

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rickwartz

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Rickwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Rider

Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Rikel

Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Riley, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Aurelio Rivas

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rivas

Frances E. Rivers

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Roach

Ms. Margaret T. Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Roberson

Mr. and Mrs. Archie A. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Roberts

Ms. Linda Roberts

Mr. J. Tanner Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Robinson

Ms. Rosemary Robinson

Mr. Roger W. Robinson

Ms. Lilia O. Robles

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Roblez

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Rogers

Dr. Keri L. Rogers

Mrs. Velma L. Rojas

Ms. Suzanne C. Roman

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rook

Mr. and Mrs. Norris E. Root

Ms. Tabitha A. Rosales

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky D. Rowland

Ms. Annette M. Ruddy

Dr. and Mrs. Forrest D. Ruegger

Mr. and Mrs. Terri Russell

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Ryberg

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Ryder

Mrs. Michelle J. Safewright

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sanchez

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Sanders

Mary L. Sanders

Mr. William J. Sanders, Jr.

Mrs. Lois D. Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Sandleback

Robin H. Sandler

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Sandoval

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Santiago

Dr. Eric Sappenfield

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schacher

Mrs. Judith A. Schacht

Mrs. Martha J. Schantz

Mr. Stacy K. Scheller

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schenck

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Schilling

Ms. Mary D. Schneider

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Scholler

Mr. Russell H. Schoper II

Mrs. Bobby S. Schultz

Ms. Paula K. Schwertner

Ms. Carlyn K. Scott

Mr. Miller B. Scott

Mr. Mark K. Scroggins

Mr. Orlando Segarra

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Seitz

Mr. and Mrs. Garland D. Sell

Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Sellers

Ms. Julie Sentell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Serna

Ms. Terry Sessums

Dr. Stephen E. Severn

Mr. J. L. Seymour

Mr. and Mrs. James Sharpe IV

Ms. Lee A. Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Sheffield

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Shehan

Mr. Patrick L. Shehan

Mr. and Mrs. Tate Shelton

Mr. Thomas G. Shelton

Shemen Dental Group, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry M. Shepic

Mr. John M. Sherrer

Sean Shipman

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Shipp

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shirey

Mr. David R. Shockley

Ms. Marilyn B. Shuman

Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Shy

Mrs. Angela D. Sides

Sides Farms

Mrs. Jo Siegmund

Mr. and Mrs. Samane Sikalasinh

Mrs. Leona M. Sikes

Mr. Robert E. Simmons, Jr.

Mrs. Shawna Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Simons

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Simpson

Ms. Cheryll R. Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Sinclair

Mr. Randy L. Singer

Mr. and Mrs. Gene S. Skaggs

Warren Skaggs

Miss Bailee I. Skeen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Skinner, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Slater

Mrs. Barbara D. Slatton

Mrs. Charlotte F. Slay

Mr. and Mrs. Bob R. Sloan

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Smith

Mrs. Tonya L. Smith

Mr. Zane A. Smith

Mrs. Margaret A. Smith

Mrs. Avis M. Smith

Mrs. Cynthia Smith

Ms. Shelley E. Smith

Ms. Sonja R. Smith

Ms. Mary K. Snell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Snider

Ms. Brittany N. Snider

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. SoRelle

Mr. and Mrs. David Soto

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Souder

Mrs. Thone Sovilay

Mr. Phengsy Sovilay

Spay/Nueter Solution for Cats

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Spear

Mr. Charles D. Spears

Ms. Cara G. Speer

Dr. Anthony Spencer

Ms. Andrea Spencer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sporcic

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Spruiell

Ms. Shelley S. St. Clair

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Stagner

Mr. and Mrs. Gleaves L. Stallard

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Stallwitz

Mrs. Shannon L. Standley

Mrs. Jennifer C. Stanley

Mr. Jesse C. Stanley II

Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Stanton

Ms. Leona M. Stark

Miss Tanya M. Starkey

Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Stedman

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Steele

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin B.


Mr. and Mrs. Benny M. Steinman

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Stephens

Mrs. Aundera G. Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stephenson

Mrs. Marcia L. Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Norman K. Stewart

Mr. Clay Stewart

Mr. Robert M. Stockwell

Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Stotts

Ms. Melissa G. Stoughton

Mr. Warren Stricker

Mr. and Mrs. Eual D. Strickland

Ms. Diane Strickling

Ms. Brenda K. Stringer

Mr. Tim Stucky

Dr. Jean A. Stuntz

Mr. Joel Sturgeon

Ms. Martha L. Suffield

Mr. Shad D. Sullivan

Ms. Kimberly Summers

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight M. Sumner

Mrs. Darla J. Sutton

Mr. and Mrs. Warren K. Swarb

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Sweny

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Swinford

Mr. Ronnie Syhabouth

Mr. Somvang Syphokham

T. E. Grant Construction, LTD.

Mrs. Frances L. Tackett

Ms. Stephanie K. Talbott

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Tavenner

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Kim E. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Taylor

Kathy Taylor

Mrs. Cynthia W. Taylor

TDCJ Fundraiser

Mrs. Marilyn F. Teague

Mr. and Mrs. Gene H. Teters

Texas Carpenters and Millwrights

Training Trust Fund

Mrs. Edie Tharp

Anna Thibodo

Mr. Shawn O. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson

Mr. Ralph J. Thompson, Jr.

Ms. Debbie N. Thompson

Mr. James D. Thompson

Mr. Tommie A. Thornburg

Helen Thorsheim

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Thurman

Ms. Terri J. Ticer

Clementine Tinnes

Ms. Bennie Tinnin

Mr. Robert H. Tollison, Jr.

Dr. Janet L. Townsend and

Dr. William D. Townsend

Trinity Church International

Mr. Bruce Trotter

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tucker III

Mr. Delmer R. Tuggle

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Turner

Mr. Damion Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Adam T. Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. Trent K. Tyson

Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Ufford

Mr. and Mrs. Jason W. Underwood

Ms. Ann E. Underwood

Ms. Sally A. Underwood

USDA - Amimal and Plant

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Valdez

Mrs. Linda A. Van Camp

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Van Pelt

Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Vasquez

Mr. Srinivas K. Veeragoni

Ms. Angie Vences

Mr. and Mrs. Lance E. Venhaus

Ms. Lacy M. Venhaus

Mrs. Jodi L. Verner

Ms. Donna Vernon

Ms. Katrina G. Vernon

Ms. Silvia Villarreal

Mrs. Jean Vinson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Virant

Dr. Bryan E. Vizzini

Mr. Sean E. Vokes

Pany Vongoudom

Mr. and Mrs. Harlon D. Voyles

Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Vrubel

Ms. Katherine E. Vukich

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Waggoner

Mr. and Mrs. Donney H. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Nancy Wallace

Mr. Eric C. Wallace

Patricia A. Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Waller

Ms. Sandra J. Waller

Mr. and Mrs. Milt K. Walters

Aaron Wampler

Dr. and Mrs. George S. Wanamaker

Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Wands

Ms. Dan D. Wang

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Warren

Ms. Linda D. Washington

Mrs. Karen K. Watkins

Dr. Lloyd I. Watkins

Col. and Mrs. Don R. Watson Ret.

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Watson

Mr. Don D. Watts

Ms. Tasa A. Watts

Ms. Kathy Wayne

Wayne Hedrick Properties

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Weakley

Ms. Donna M. Weathers

Ms. Kendall Webb

Mr. Flint D. Weed

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Welch

Ms. Suzanne Wendt

Mr. Jack West

Mrs. Jan C. Weston

Ms. Jean A. Westphal

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Whaley

Mrs. Renee D. Whitaker

Dr. and Mrs. Dan A. White

Mr. Erik White

Mr. and Mrs. Danny J. Whitecotton

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney L. Whiteley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. Bret R. Whitten

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Whitten

Mrs. Sherri K. Wieberg

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Wieck

Ms. Katherine N. Wieck

Mrs. Ann E. Wieck

Ms. Shannon K. Wilburn

Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. Wilkinson

Mrs. Janet S. Wilkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Willey

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Williams

Mary Williams

Mrs. Billie R. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Willis

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth O. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Wilson III

Ms. Dixie Wilson

Ms. Sherri Wilson

Ms. Hazel Wilson

Ms. Mary J. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Monte C. Winders

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Winge

Ms. Elizabeth J. Wingert

Kary A. Wingo

Mr. Steve Winslow

Wishing Well Arabian Acres, The


Mr. and Mrs. Ted E. With

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Withers

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Withrow

Ms. Corrine V. Womack

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Womble

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Craig K. Woods

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Woody

Mrs. Regina R. Wootten

Mr. and Mrs. Chester D. Wootton

Mr. and Mrs. Jody G. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Wright

Ms. Nancy C. Wright

Mr. James C. Wright

WTAMU Department of Political

Science and Criminal Justice

Mr. Robert Wyatt

Connie yager

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Arthur L. york

Mrs. Georgette G. york

Mr. and Mrs. Lee young

Ms. Kristie young

Mr. Charles E. youngblood

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Zagorski

Mrs. Beverly J. Zearley

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Zeig

Ms. Anne M. Zoffuto

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Zulfer









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