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The following functions are availableon your SpeedZone Comp:• SPEED – Current Speed• AVSPD – Average speed• MXSPD – Maximum Speed• ODO – Odometer (total distance)• TRIP – Trip Distance• ATM – Automatic Start/Timer• TIMER – Stopwatch With Lap-timer• INT – Interval Timer• DIST – Distance Countdown• Digital 12/24 Hour Clock• Analog Clock2This computer also features:• Five function LCD Display• Easy Calibration Mode• Heavy-duty abrasion resistantpick-up wire.• Water-resistant housing• 1 Year WarrantyWhat is included in your SpeedZoneComp package:1. SpeedZone Computer (1)2. SpeedZone CR-2032 LithiumBattery (1)3. SpeedZone Battery Door (1)4. Mounting bracket (1)5. Speed Sensor Wire (1)6. Magnet with screw (1)7. Adhesive backed magnet8. Cable tie wraps (4)9. Mounting bracket sizing straps (3)

423976185BATTERY INSTALLATIONAND REPLACEMENTBefore using your SpeedZone CompComputer you will need to install thebattery. Turn the computer over sothe display is facing downward. Usea coin to unthread the battery capfrom the computer. Install the battery(model CR2032, Specialized P/N481-3004) with the positive pole (+)facing upward. Carefully thread thebattery cap back onto the case witha coin. (See Figure 3) If, after batteryreplacement, the LCD display is blankor shows incomplete digits, turn thecomputer over and press the “AC”button on the bottom of the case withthe tip of a pen or a paper clip. Thiswill clear all the data and re-start the3

computer. If youneed to replacethe battery,make a note ofyour odometerreading andCR2032 battery wheel circumferencesettingsFIGURE 3.before removingit. You can then re-enter the datawhen you restart the computer.MOUNTINGTHE SPEEDZONE COMPThe SpeedZone Comp wheel sensorcan mount on the right or the left sideof the fork blade. Use the cable tiewraps provided to position the sensor.Do not tighten until the final placementof the sensor magnet is correct.4SensorBrakeCableCableTieWrapsFIGURE 4.SENSORPLACEMENT1/32-1/16 in.1-2 mmSensorSensorMagnetFrontWheelFIGURE 5.MAGNETPLACEMENT(See figure 4). Wheel magnets havebeen provided for both traditionalround spokes and bladed (flat) aerodynamicspokes.

For wheels with round spokes:Attach the magnet to a spoke acrossfrom the transmitter with the magnetscrew. The clearance between themagnet and the transmitter should beapproximately 1/32”-1/16” (1-2mm).Tighten the magnet and transmitter.Do not over-tighten the magnet screw.(See figure 5).For wheels with bladed spokes:Use some isopropyl (rubbing) alcoholor a mild detergent to thoroughlyclean the spoke that you plan to attachthe magnet to. Remove the backingfrom the adhesive tape and firmlypress the magnet onto spoke. The tapeuses a special pressure sensitive adhesive.To ensure a strong bond, pleasewait at least 12 hours for the adhesiveto cure before riding your bicycle.Your SpeedZone Comp comes preconfiguredwith a strap to fit standardroad and mountain bike handlebars.Attach the mount to the handlebarusing the Philips head screw provided.Tighten so that the bracket cannotrotate on the handlebar. There areseveral sizing shims provided to fitdifferent diameter bars. If you areFIGURE 6. STRAP INSTALLATION5

using the new 31.8mm diameter bars,you will need to purchase the 31.8mmHandlebar Mount Kit (SpecializedP/N 4812-3100) from yourSpecialized dealer. To install the31.8mm diameter strap onto yourSpeedZone Comp, remove the twoPhilips head screws from the bottomof the computer and push out theretaining pin with a small screwdriveror a straightened paperclip. (See figure6) Use caution not to lose the pinonce you have removed it. Install theother mounting strap and reinsert thepin and screws. To test for properinstallation of the magnet, transmitterand computer, activate the computerby pushing the ‘MODE’ (right side)button. Pick up the front of the bicycleand spin the front wheel. The “wheel6option” indicator will flash. If it doesnot flash, check the sensor and magnetalignment. Realign as necessaryuntil the “wheel option” indicatorflashes while spinning the wheel.OPERATION ANDPROGRAMMINGWhen your SpeedZone Comp hasnot detected any speed input for 30minutes, it will enter sleep-mode inorder to conserve battery power.During sleep mode only the analogand digital clocks are displayed. Thecomputer will wake up as soon aswheel speed is detected. Additionally,you can wake it up by pushing the“MODE”, “SET” or “TOP” buttononce. In order to operate your computerit must be placed in various

“modes” (i.e. odometer mode, distancemode). The computer can becycled through these modes by pressingthe “MODE” button located on theright-hand side of the housing. Thereare nine cycling modes available:1) Speed Mode, 2) Average SpeedMode, 3) Maximum Speed Mode,4) Odometer Mode, 5) Trip DistanceMode, 6) Auto-timer Mode,7) Stopwatch Mode, 8) Interval TimerMode and 9) Distance CountdownMode. Once you familiarize yourselfwith the mode selection operationyou will find it very easy to navigate.The following flowchart outlines themode/side-mode sequence.Once a particular mode has beenentered, its values can be reset oradjusted by pressing and holding the“SET ” button for three seconds. Someoperations may require that you usea combination of the “MODE” and“SET” and “TOP” buttons.1. Setting the Display LanguageYour SpeedZone Comp can displayinformation on the dot-matrix displayarea in six different languages:English (ENGL), German (GER), French(FR), Italian (ITA), Dutch (NED), andSpanish (ESP). To select your language,depress hold the “MODE”, “SET” and“TOP” buttons simultaneously for threeseconds. The selected language willbe displayed. Use the “MODE” buttonto scroll through the languages. Whenthe selected language is displayed(default language is English), press the7

speed and distance data in kilometerswill have to multiply the value of thenumbers on the face of the bezelby two. For example, if the Speedneedle is pointing to the 20 on thebezel, your actual speed is 40Km/h.3. Setting the ProgrammableOdometerThis mode is useful if you havereplaced the battery and would liketo retain the mileage you have alreadyridden. To access the Programmableodometer mode, first advance to theOdometer Mode by pressing “MODE”button until ODO appears on the lefthandside of the screen. Note: if yourdisplay says TRIP, press the “SET”button once to change to ODO.Hold down the “SET” button for threeKm/hFIGURE 7. ODOMETER SCREENseconds (If you have selected Englishlanguage, the Km/h indicator willflash. If the Km/h setting is correctpress the “SET” button once) and afive-digit number will appear. You arenow in the programmable odometermode. To enter a mileage into theodometer, press the “MODE” buttonuntil the flashing digit is correct.9

(Note: The “MODE” button may beheld to scroll to the correct digit.) Pressthe “SET” button to select the next digitto the right. Repeat this process untilall five digits are entered as yourexisting mileage. (See figure 7)4. Wheel Circumference SelectionTo set the circumference for the typeof tires you are using, you can useSpecialized’s “Easy Calibration Mode”or measure your actual tire circumferenceby the rollout method. Twodifferent tire diameters may beentered by using the computer’s“Second Wheel Option.”10Easy Calibration ModeYour SpeedZone Comp has beenpreprogrammed with the following14 Specialized tire sizes:26 X 1.0 26 X 2.226 X 1.25 650c X 2026 X 1.5 700c X 2026 X 1.9 700c X 2326 X 1.95 700c X 2626 X 2.0 700c X 3226 X 2.1 700c X 38When using Easy Calibration Mode,the SpeedZone Comp will displaythe tire size on its LCD display screen.(See figure 8) The Easy CalibrationMode is accessed by entering theSpeed (SPEED) mode and holdingdown the “SET” button for three seconds.The display will now show the

wheel #2 tire size and tap the “SET”button to exit Easy Calibration Mode.Km/hFIGURE 8. EASY CALIBRATION MODEcurrently selected tire size for wheeloption #1. To scroll through the preprogrammedtire sizes tap both the“MODE” and “SET” buttons simultaneously.When you reach the desiredtire size press the “SET” button onceto select it and enter Easy CalibrationMode for wheel option #2. Followthe same procedure to program theRoll Out MethodThe roll out method will provide themost accurate computer calibrationand can take into account variablessuch as inflation pressure, rim widthand rider weight.1. Extend a tape measure out to3000mm (120 inches) and lockit in place.2. With your tire inflated to itsproper pressure, place the valveat the 6:00 position (at the bottom)directly over the start of themeasuring tape.3. Roll the wheel one completerevolution until the valve stem isagain at the 6:00 position. Read11

12StemWheelCircumferenceFIGURE 9. ROLL OUT ILLUSTRATIONthe tape directly under the valveand note the distance in millimeters.(To convert inches to millimeters,multiply inches by 25.4). Usethis number to replace the default(default values are 2073 for wheelone, and 2134 for wheel two)when programming your computer.(See figure 9).You may also use the followingquick-reference chart:Generic Tire Size ChartThis chart is for non-Specialized tires26 X 1.75 214026 X 2.0 207426 X 2.1 2090650C X 20 1945700C X 26 2124700C X 38 2170Programming the circumferenceTo enter the tire circumference number,select the Speed (SPEED) modeand hold down the “SET” button forthree seconds. The display will nowshow the currently selected tire sizefor wheel option #1. (See figure 10).If necessary scroll through the preprogrammedtire sizes by tapping both

the “MODE” and “SET” buttonssimultaneously until the display showsMM and four-digit number. This numberrepresents your tire circumferencein millimeters. Press the “MODE” buttonuntil the flashing digit is correct.(Note: The “MODE” button may beheld to scroll to the correct digit.)Press the “SET” button to select thenext digit to the right. Repeat theprocess until all four digits areentered as your tire circumference.Press the “SET” button once to selectit and enter the circumference forwheel option #2. Follow the sameprocedure to program the wheel #2tire size and tap the “SET” button toexit circumference programming mode.Km/hFIGURE 10. CIRCUMFERENCEPROGRAMMING SCREEN5. Setting the ClockYour SpeedZone Comp features twoclock displays, one analog and onedigital. The hands of the analog clockwill be set automatically to correspondto the digital one. To access the “clockmode” from any other mode, pressand hold the “MODE” button for three13

seconds. To set the clock, press the“SET” button for three seconds. Thedisplay will flash either twelve (12:) ortwenty four (24:). Select between 12:or 24: mode by pressing the “MODE”button. Press the “SET” button to confirmyour selection. The hour digit willnow begin flashing. Press the “MODE”button to adjust the hour digits.AM/PM is selected by scrolling thehour digit. Press the “SET” button toaccept the hour selection. The minuteswill flash and can be adjusted bypressing the “MODE” button. (Holdthe “MODE” button to scroll throughthe digits quickly) Press the “SET”button to set the minutes and returnto clock mode (See figure 11).Km/hFIGURE 11. CLOCK MODENote: The minute hand of the analogclock has twelve segments and canonly display time in five-minute increments.The hand will not jump to thenext segment until the digital clockreaches whole five-minute intervals.(e.g., 12:05, 12:10, 12:15 etc.)14

6. Timer SelectionThe SpeedZone Comp has twotimers; Automatic Timer Mode (ATM)and Timer Mode (TIMER). The ATMselection allows you to keep trackof your actual riding time. The timeronly operates when the wheel isrotating and cannot be turned onor off manually.Note: The average speed(AVSPD) calculation is based uponthe ATM time.The TIMER selection is just like aconventional stopwatch. The timer isactivated manually and records thetime whether the wheel is rotating ornot. Tapping the “TOP” button startsand stops the stopwatch and holdingthe “SET” button for three seconds willreset to stopwatch. The TIMER includesa 12-memory lap time feature.To record a lap time, press the “SET”button once while the stopwatch isrunning. Each time the “SET” buttonis depressed the SpeedZone Compwill record the lap time. After theTIMER has been stopped (by pressingthe “TOP” button) the previous twelvelap times can be reviewed by pressing“SET” button. Additionally, the computerwill display the total time whenLPTOT is shown.7. Interval Timer (INT)Your SpeedZone Comp is equippedwith an Interval Timer. This featureallows you to customize your trainingby integrating a programmablerepeating countdown timer into yourworkout. To enter the interval timer15

mode, press the “MODE” button until“INT” appears Dot Matrix DisplayArea of the screen. You are now ininterval timer mode. To set the intervaltimer, hold the “SET” button for threeseconds. The hour digit will beginflashing. Press the “MODE” Buttonuntil the desired number appears.(Hold down the “Mode” button toscroll quickly) Press the “SET” buttononce to set this number and advanceto minutes. Repeat this process untilminutes and seconds are set to thedesired settings. Press the “SET” buttonto exit programming mode. Oncethe time interval timer is programmed,press the “TOP” button to start/stopthe countdown. (See figure 12).Note: The shortest interval that canbe set is 5 seconds.16Km/hFIGURE 12. INTERVAL TIMER SCREEN8. Distance Countdown (DIST )Your SpeedZone Comp is equippedwith Distance Countdown feature. Thisallows you to set an alarm when theselected mileage is reached. To enterthe Distance Countdown mode, pressthe “MODE” button until “DIST ”appears on the left-hand side of thescreen. To set the Distance Countdown,

hold the “SET” button for three seconds.The hour digit will begin flashing.Press the “MODE” Button until thedesired number appears. (Hold downthe “Mode” button to scroll quickly)Press the “SET” button once to setthis number and advance to minutes.Repeat this process until minutes andseconds are set to the desired settings.Press the “SET” button to exitprogramming mode. Once the timeinterval timer is programmed, pressthe “TOP” button to stop and startthe Distance Countdown.Note: The shortest distance that canbe set is .01 miles/km.COMPUTER FUNCTIONSSpeedometer (SPEED)Your current speed is always shownby the long needle on the LCD screen.Each needle represents one M/h whenmiles is selected and two Km/h whenkilometers is selected. The speed is alsoshown on the Digital Display Areaup to 99.9 M/h (99.9 Km/h) witha resolution of 0.1 M/h (0.1 Km/h)Average Speed (AVSPD)Average Speed is always shown bythe flashing long needle on the LCDscreen. The average speed is basedupon the ATM time. The resolution ofthe average speed data on the DigitalDisplay Area is shown in 0.1M/h orKm/h increments. (See figure 13) TheAverage Speed is also shown on the17

Km/hFIGURE 13. AVERAGE SPEED SCREEN(unless the current speed equalsthe Maximum Speed). The maximumspeed is retained in memory andupdated when a higher speed ismaintained for three seconds. Themaximum speed can be reset bypressing the “SET” button for threeseconds. (See figure 14) TheMaximum Speed is also shown onDigital Display Area up to 99.9 M/h(99.9 Km/h) with a resolution of 0.1M/h (0.1 Km/h)Maximum Speed (MXSPD)The maximum speed is shown bya short “Needle-Tip” that will usuallybe above the current speed needle18Km/hFIGURE 14. MAXIMUM SPEED SCREEN

the Digital Display Area up to 99.9M/h (99.9 Km/h) with a resolution of0.1 M/h (0.1 Km/h)Auto Start/Stop Timer (ATM)In ATM mode the timer functionrecords the actual time spent riding.It operates only when there is speedinput and is displayed In the DigitalDisplay Area of the screenTimer Mode (TIMER)In TIMER mode the stopwatch functionwill operate when the “TOP” button ispressed. The stopwatch will record thetotal time after the button is pressedregardless of whether there is speedinput or not.Interval Timer (INT)The interval timer is displayed onthe lower line of the screen when(INT) appears on the left. The timerindicates the end of an interval withone short beep per second for thelast 4 seconds of the interval. This isfollowed by a long beep, indicatingthe beginning of a new interval.Trip Distance (TRIP)Trip distance mode will record up to999.99 miles or kilometers and thenroll to zero. The trip distance SET canbe reset by pressing the “SET” buttonfor three seconds. The resolution is0.01 miles (0.01 Kilometers). The tripdistance is shown on the lower lineif the screen. (See figure 15)19

Odometer (ODO)The odometer will record the totaldistance traveled up to 99,999 milesor kilometers and then roll to zero.The odometer can be reset bypressing the “SET” button for threeseconds. The total distance is shownon the lower line if the screen.(See figure 16)20Km/hFIGURE 15. TRIP DISTANCE SCREENKm/hFIGURE 16. ODOMETER SCREENProgrammable OdometerThe odometer digits are programmable.This is convenient for transferringyour hard-earned mileage that isusually lost when changing batteriesor computers.

ClockYour SpeedZone Comp is equippedwith a digital clock, which can beaccessed from any other mode bypressing the “MODE” button for threeseconds. The clock can be set tooperate in either 12 or 24-hour mode.TROUBLESHOOTING• Display is blank:Change the battery or press theAC button on the bottom of the case• Display shows partial digits:Press the AC button on the bottomof the case.• Speed/distance not recording:Check sensor/magnet alignment.Make sure that the sensor is nomore than 1/16” (2mm) fromthe magnet.• Entire screen is dark:Did you leave the bike parkedin the hot direct sun when it wasparked? If so, move the bike tothe shade. The data will be OK.• Computer moves on handlebar:Tighten mount or add sizing strapsto improve fit on handlebar.21

IMPORTANT!• Pay attention to traffic and roadconditions at all times. Your firstobligation is to be attentive andto ride safely.• Keep your computer in goodshape and use it safely.• Do not expose it to direct sunlightexcept when you are riding.• Do not disassemble yourSpeedZone. There are no userserviceable parts inside.• Make sure the magnet and thetransmitter are well aligned. Checkthem regularly.• Keep the computer and all of itscomponents tightly attached, andcheck them regularly. If any of thecomponents come loose, it couldbecome tangled in your spokesand cause an accident.• See your authorized Specializeddealer if you have any troubleinstalling or maintaining yourcomputer.• Clean the unit with a mild detergentand a soft dry cloth. Never use anykind of solvent or alcohol.• The SpeedZone Comp computeris intended for use on bicyclesonly and should not be used onmotorized vehicle.22

SPECIFICATIONSCurrent Speed0.0 to 99.9 MPH0.0 to 99.9 Km/HAverage Speed (AVS)0.0 to 199.9 MPH0.0 to 199.9 Km/HMaximum Speed (MXS)0.0 to 199.9 MPHto 199.9 Km/HTrip Distance (TRIP)0 to 999.99 miles or KmOdometer (ODO)0 to 99,999 miles or KmStopwatch (TM)0 to 9hrs, 59min, 59sec.recycling typeAutomatic Timer (ATM)0 to 9hrs, 59min, 59sec.recycling typeInterval Timer (INT)5 seconds to 9hrs, 59 min, 59 sec.Distance Countdown (DIST ).01 to 999.99 Miles.01 to 999.99 KilometersOperating Temperature40°F to 104°F (4°C to 40°C)23

The following replacement partsare available from your Specializeddealer or by visiting the SpecializedS-store at www.specialized.comDescription / Part#• Standard Wheel Magnet /480-3003• CR-2032 SpeedZone Battery /480-3004• Second mounting kit / 4812-4020• Adhesive Backed Wheel Magnet /4800-3002• 31.8mm Handlebar Mount Kit /4812-3100ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTYSpecialized Bicycle Components Inc.warrants the Original Purchaser of thisSpecialized SpeedZone Comp cyclocomputerthat the product is free fromdefects of material and workmanshipunder normal use and service for aperiod of one (1) year from the dateof the original purchase. If within one(1) year from the date of that originalpurchase, this product is found to bedefective in material or workmanshipunder normal use or service,Specialized Bicycle Components Inc.will, at its sole option, repair orreplace the product without charge;provided that the Original Purchaserreturns the product, securely packaged,postage prepaid to:24

Specialized Bicycle Components Inc.1137 South, 3800 WestSalt Lake City, UT 84104, USAAttn: SpeedZone Comp WarrantyBe sure to include a letter indicatingthe specific reasons for returning theproduct and proof of date of purchase.THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO,AND IS VOID AS TO, DEFECTS OR PHYSICALDAMAGE RESULTING FROM ABUSE,NEGLECT, IMPROPER REPAIR, IMPROPER FIT,ALTERATIONS, MODIFICATIONS OR USECONTRARY TO THAT INTENDED BY THEMANUFACTURER. EXCEPT TO THE EXTENTPROHIBITED BY APPLICABLE LAW, ANYIMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITYOR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE ORPURPOSE IS LIMITED IN DURATION OF THISLIMITED WARRANTY. SPECIALIZED BICYCLESPORTONENTS, INC. SHALL NOT BE LIABLEFOR ANY ACCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES ARISING FROM ANY BREACHOF ANY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTYON THIS PRODUCT. THIS WARRANTY ISEXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHERWARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, ANDALL OTHER REMEDIES, GUARANTIES ORLIABILITIES ARISING BY LAW OR OTHERWISE.Note: This warranty does not pertainto batteries.No person or representative is authorizedto assume any liability on behalfof Specialized Bicycle Components,Inc. in connection with the sale of thisproduct. Some states do not allow theexclusion or limitation of incidental orconsequential damages or limitationson how long an implied warrantylasts, so the above limitation or exclusionmay not apply to you. This warrantygives you specific legal rights,25

and you may also have other rightswhich vary from state to state.SpeedZone is a registered trademark ofSpecialized Bicycle Components Inc.© 2001 Specialized Bicycle Components Inc.WWW.SPECIALIZED.COM26

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