Women's 2012 Spring/Summer Catalog - Third Eye Threads

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Women's 2012 Spring/Summer Catalog - Third Eye Threads

Third Eye Threads ManifestoOPEN TO GRACEALWAYS DO YOUR BESTATTITUDE IS GRATITUDEbe greenHave Fun!PURSUE EXCELLENCEgive cosmic hugsKeep Your Wordbe playful, be powerful, be beautifulDon’t Waste Time-Grab Your ChancesLive IN THE NOWHave RespectThink Yes, not noMake a Differencelove all as oneLIFE TAKES ACTION!live your dreamWhen It’s Not Fun, Move Onturn off your tvbe a citizen of the worldHave Fun, Work Hard &the Money Will Comethanks to pattabhi jois,astanga yoga founderfor inspiring chad tolive his yogajune 1999, mysore indiabe free, be abundant, be obstacle free*Inspired by amma, neem karoli baba, john friend, ben harper, jack johnson, chad satlow,charlie trotter, Richard Branson, and othersbe of service to othersLive Life to the FullestChallenge Yourselfif you want love, be loveHONOR YOUR TEACHERSValue Family And FriendsChase Your Dreams & GoalsCalculate the Risks and take themdiscipline is remembering what you wanthave diamonds on the insideeat more vegetablesLIVE FROM YOUR HEARTlive your yogaHave No Regretslaugh every dayBe fabulousBe LoyalBe BoldPrepare Wellhave faith in YourselfHave a Positive Outlook on LifeThird Eye Initiative: for every shirtsold we will donate a vintage shirtto someone in need.© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 2

ABOUT USThird Eye Threads, a vintage-inspired, eco-friendly yogaand activewear line, is guided by the desire to createclothes that delight and honor the spirit, and express theplayful soul. Each divine energy (empowered) designencourages you toBe Playful, Be Powerful, Be BeautifulThird Eye Threads is a grassroots effort founded by clothingdesigner Chad Satlow in 2001. Chad Satlow is an RYT 500,Certified Anusara ® Yoga Instructor, and yoga studio ownersince 2000. He has studied extensively with the world’s topyoga and philosophy instructors. It’s his desire to sharethese teachings through his clothing and yoga instruction.The line includes socially responsible and eco-friendlyproducts made, designed and organically produced inthe United States. “I founded Third Eye Threads out of mylove for clothing that expresses what I’m about. Simplyput, I wish to do my part in saving the planet by producingspiritually inspired American made products, whenpossible, that employ eco-friendly printing on organic orrecycled fabrics and materials.”Third Eye Threads incorporates yogic symbols that encourage everyone to embrace their inner yogi. “A yogi isn’t just someonepracticing yoga — it applies to everyone that chooses to align with grace and lives from the heart,” says Satlow. The late‘60’s and early ‘70’s vintage style characteristic of Third Eye Threads serves as a reminder ofthe era that believed everyone can make change and impact the planet. Third Eye Threadsclothing serves as an outward symbol of the wearer’s desire to tap into their inner light andspread their joyful expression to the world, thereby creating positive change.chad and sister ali withtheir cousin joseph goldstein,co-founder insightmeditation society, 1976.Third eye threads international photo shoot representingusa, hong kong, germany, taiwan, and japanGanesh is the Third Eye Threads identifying trademark. He is the Indian patron saint oflearning, good luck and good fortune. He also represents the overcoming of obstacles andadversity in life. Ganesh is on every piece of our clothing to infuse them with freedom, goodfortune and good luck. Third Eye Threads is currently worn by many of the world’s best yogateachers including: Sharath Jois, Erich Schiffman, Desiree Rumbaugh, Noah Maze, AmyIppoliti, Sean Corn, Lilias Folan, Jai Uttal, Eddie Modestini, Nicki Doane, and Sianna Sherman.EACH ITEM IS MADE IN BARRINGTON ILLINOIS, USA, BY YOGIS WITH LOVE.at third eye threads, evenour dogs meditate!Bhodhi satlow, above© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 3

All Stylesshown areavailable inboth Quan Yin(QYU) andGreen Tara(GT) DesignsBURNOUT TANKSS-L: Bark, Coal, Emerald,Ocean, MagentaW3CO-GTS-BLW3EM-GTS-PUW3OC-GTS-BLUW3MA-QYS-BLBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Snow, Bark, Coal,Ocean, EmeraldW31SN-QYS-PUW31BA-QYS-BLW31CO-QYS-BLW31EM-GTS-BLBURNOUT V-NECKSS-XL: Snow, Emerald, Ocean,Merlot, MagentaW34SN-GTS-BLUW34EM-GTS-BLW34OC-QYS-BLUW34ME-QYS-BLW34MA-GTS-BLGreen tara (GT)PICTURED TOP LEFT: W31OC-QY-BLUBurnout Crew (Ocean)PICTURED ABOVE: W3BA-QY-BLBurnout Tank (Bark)Goddess collection Wear this shirtto inspire your pursuit along the path ofCAP SLEEVE TEESS-XXL: Snow,Latte, CoalW10SN-GTS-BLW10SN-GTS-PUW10LA-QYS-BLW10CO-QYS-BLQuan Yin (QY)spiritual awakening.Oversized “Goddess” prints that inspirefeelings of peace and grace. Theseprints are rich and vibrant.LONG SLEEVE BURNOUTS-XL: Snow, BarkW55SN-GTS-PU W55BA-QYS-BL© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 4

THIRD EYE YOGA WRAPS-L: Snow, NightPiece dyed, satingarment washed forsuper soft handapplied appliqué.W69SN-GPATCHBW69NI-GPATCHB(Front View)W69NI-GB-PIW69NI-GB-PUW69SN-FCB Third Eye Yoga Wrap (Snow)the indRa throw-overwrap Super soft with aworn in feel. 100% cottonlong-sleeve slubthrow over wrap.the third eye yoga wrap Wear toyoga class, Savasana, and then to lunchor dinner. Luxurious Pima Cotton. Thisversatile piece goes with everything!(Front View)Piece dyed, satingarment washed forsuper soft hand. Resilientfabric. Pre-washed.INDRA THROW OVER WRAPS-XL: Raspberry, EggplantW60EG-GB-REW60RA-GB-PU© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 6

ORGANIC SCOOP NECKS-XL: Sky, Cocoa, CoalW73SK-GF-REW73COC-GF-ORW73CO-GF-PISPARKLY GANESHW73CO-GF-SIORGANIC TUNICS-XL: Sky, Nightorganic shirts 100%organic cotton isgrown usingmethods andmaterials that have alow impact on theenvironment.W75SK-GF-REOPAQUE BURNOUTS-XL: Light Sky, Ruby, NightW30LS-GF-LVW30RU-GF-PIW30NI-GF-PUSPARKLY GANESHW30NI-GF-SIopaque burnoutsOpaque Burnouts. Richand vibrant colorfulgarment dyed 100%cotton slub outs.Durable and comfortablefor yoga practiceand with jeans.W3CO-GF-SI Burnout Tank (Coal)ganesh (G)ganesh is the Indian patron saint oflearning, good luck and good fortune. Healso represents the overcoming of obstaclesand adversity in life. Ganesh is onevery piece of our clothes to infuse themwith freedom, good fortune, and goodluck! Third Eye Threads has always gotyour back!W30NI-FGF-PUW30NI-FGF-REfatty ganesh (FG)© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 8

BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Coal, Magenta,Emerald, Bark, OceanW3MA-SSOF-BLW3EM-SSOF-BLW3BA-SSOF-BLW3OC-SSOF-BLwomen’sburnouttank topsOne of a kind,made in USA.Super soft with avintage, worn-infeel.BURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Ocean, MagentaW31OC-SSOF-BLW31MA-SSOF-BLBLENDED V-NECKSS-XL: MagnetaW13MA-SSOF-BLLONG SLEEVE BURNOUTSS-XL: Snow, BarkCAP SLEEVE TEESS-XXL: Snow, CoalW55SN-SSOF-BL W55BA-SSOF-BL W10SN-SSOF-BL W10CO-SSOF-BLshakti snake om (SSO)oval ganesh (oG)W3CO-SSOF-BL Burnout Tank (Coal)shakti snake om - Shakti translatesto empowerment, primordial cosmicenergy. In some yogic teachings it isrepresented by a snake. Om is thevibration of the universe. Combine thetwo and you have the Shakti Snake.oval ganesh - Very popular, vintageversion of our logo.BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Bark, Ocean, Coal,MagentaBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Bark, Ocean, CoalW3BA-OGF-BLW31BA-OGF-BLW3OC-OGF-BL W3CO-OGF-BL W3MA-OGF-BLW31OC-OGF-BL W31CO-OGF-BL© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 9

BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Bark, Emerald,Ocean, MagentaW3BA-SGF-BLW3EM-SGF-BLW3OC-SGF-BLW3MA-SGF-BLBURNOUT V-NECKSS-XL: Snow, Ocean,Magenta, MerlotW34OC-SGF-BLW34MA-SGF-BLBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Bark, Coal, Emerald,MagentaW31BA-SGB-BLW31CO-SGB-BL W31EM-SGB-BL W31MA-SGB-BLCAP SLEEVE BLENDED TEES-XXL: Latte, CoalW10LA-SGB-BLW10CO-SGB-BLL/S BURNOUT HOODIES-XL: Snow, Grey, MerlotW64SN-SGF-PURW34SN-SGF-BL V-Neck Burnout (Snow)super ganesh (sG)super ganesh Everybody loves angels. So our trademarkGanesh with Angel wings is called the Super Ganesh. This designis just beautiful! The wings are luscious and the look pure vintage.© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 10

BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Bark, Ocean, MagentaW3OC-TETF-BLW3MA-TETF-BLCAP SLEEVE TEESS-XXL: CoalW10CO-TETF-BLBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Snow, Bark, OceanW31SN-TETF-BLW31BA-TETF -BLW31OC-TETF-BLBURNOUT TANKSS-L: Snow, AquaW3BA-TETF-BL Burnout Tank (Bark)W3SN-BEFW3AQ-BEFLogowear (TET)Third Eye Threads Logo At Third eyethreads, we walk the walk. Did you read ourmanifesto? You should consider getting oneas well.BURNOUT TUNICSS-L: SnowW32SN-BEFBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: SnowW31SN-BEFbe the change (BE)BE THE CHANGE "Be the change you wishto see in the world" — Gandhi Quotecombined with a picture of Chad inHandstand. Outrageous!Chad Satlow third eye threadsfounder and sister Ali, certifiedAnusara yoga Instructors© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 11

Crown Chakra – represents our spiritual awakening.A succulent lotus blossom symbolizes the beauty thatis within us and all around us. By going inwardthrough yoga and meditation, we are able toexperience our radiant, inner light. Wear this chakrato let your white light shine!Third Eye Chakra – located between the eye brows,symbolizes enlightenment, higher consciousness, andwisdom. Wearing this shirt will expand yourconsciousness and raise your vibration.Chakras Translate to ‘wheels of energy’. The seven major chakras at the midline ofthe body connect our physical organs and systems with our emotions, family, beliefs.and possibly past lives. They are spiritual centers of energy in the human body.Wear our Super Hero Chakras shirts to balance and supercharge yourself.Let your inner rock star shine!Throat Chakra – is represented by the symbolOhm. Wearing this shirt will help you speak yourtruth and improve your communication.BURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Snow, Bark, CoalW31SN-FCBW31BA-FCBW31CO-FCBHeart Chakra – The color of heart chakra is greennot red as is often thought. It is the opening of ourhearts that this chakra represents. Wear this shirt toopen your heart and feel the love!Solar Plexus Chakra – represents self-esteem andpersonal power! Also where we get a gut instinctsfrom. Wearing this chakra will empower you.Follow your gut, and shine like the Sun!BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Snow, Bark, CoalW3SN-FCFW3BA-FCFW3CO-FCFSacral Chakra – located below the belly button,this chakra represents our creativity and sexualenergy. This is the energy that creates planets,and solar systems creates all. Wearing this shirt willstimulate creativity and sensuality.THIRD EYE YOGA WRAPS-L: SnowW69SN-FCBLONG SLEEVE BURNOUTS-XL: SnowW55SN-FCSGBack ViewL/S BURNOUT HOODIES-XL: SnowRoot Chakra – at the base of our spine is a redsquare of energy the connects us to earth energy.Strong root energy creates stability, and groundingin our lives. Wear this shirt to feel centered and findmental clarity.W55SN-FCSG FullSet of Chakras on sleeve,super ganesh backW64SN-FCB© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 12

BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Snow, Bark, OceanW3SN-CCFW3SN-TECFW3BA-TECFW3OC-TECFPictured above: Jana, Lane, Chad, Kim, SueThird Eye Threads crew 2009 Bhakti FestBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Snow, Pink, Aqua,OceanW31SN-TECFW31PI-CCFW31AQ-TECFW31OC-TECFCAP SLEEVE TEESS-XXL: Snow, PinkW10SN-CCFW10SN-TECFW10PI-TECFW10PI-CCFW31SN-CCF Crown ChakraBurnout (Snow)Crown Chakra – represents our spiritualawakening. A succulent lotus blossom symbolizesthe beauty that is within us and all around us. Bygoing inward through yoga and meditation, weare able to experience our radiant, inner light.Wear this chakra to let your white light shine!BURNOUT LONG SLEEVES-XL: SnowW55SN-CCFW55SN-TECFBURNOUT V-NECKSS-XL: SnowW34SN-CCBBURNOUT TUNICSS-L: SnowW32SN-TECFcrown chakra (CC)Third Eye Chakra – located between theeye brows, symbolizes enlightenment, higherconsciousness, and wisdom. Wearing this shirtwill expand your consciousness and raise yourvibration.Third Eye Chakra (TEC)© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 13

BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Snow, BarkW3SN-TCFW3SN-HCFW3BA-HCFBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-L: Aqua, Emerald, OceanW3AQ-TCFW3EM-HCFW3OC-TCFBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Snow, PinkW31SN-TCFW31SN-HCFW31PI-HCFW34AQ-TCF (AQUA)heart Chakra (HC)Heart Chakra – The color of heart chakra isgreen not red as is often thought. It is theopening of our hearts that this chakrarepresents. Wear this shirt to open yourheart and feel love.BURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Aqua, Bark, OceanW31AQ-TCFW31BA-HCFW31OC-TCFLONG SLEEVE BURNOUTSS-XL: SnowW55SN-HCFthroat chakra (TC)Throat Chakra – is represented by thesymbol Ohm. Wearing this shirt will helpyou speak your truth and improve yourcommunication.CAP SLEEVE TEESS-XXL: Snow, Pink, Light SkyW10SN-HCFW10SN-TCFW10PI-HCFW10LS-TCF© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 14

BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Snow, BarkW3SN-SPCFW3SN-SCFW3SN-RCFW3BA-SCFW3BA-RCFBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XXL: Snow, Pink, BarkW31SN-SPCFW31SN-SCFW31PI-RCFW31BA-RCFNote: RootChakra alsoavailable in Snow(SN) and Coal(CO)W3SN-SPCF (SNOW)Solar Plexus Chakra – represents self-esteemand personal power! Also where we get agut instincts from. Wearing this chakra willempower you. Follow your gut, and shinelike the Sun!solar plexus chakra (SPC)Sacral Chakra – located below the bellybutton, this chakra represents our creativityand sexual energy. This is the energy thatcreates planets, and solar systems creates all.Wearing this shirt will stimulate creativity andsensuality.sacral Chakra (sC)Root Chakra – at the base of our spine is ared square of energy that connects us toearth energy. Strong root energy createsstability, and grounding in our lives. Wear thisshirt to feel centered and find mental clarity.CAP SLEEVE TEESS-XXL: Snow, LatteBURNOUT V-NECKSS-XL: SnowW10SN-SPCFW34SN-SCBW10SN-SCFW34SN-RCBW10SN-RCFW10LA-RCFroot Chakra (rC)© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 15

BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Aqua, Snow, Bark,Ocean, Magenta, CoalW3SN-NS-BLUW3BA-NS-BLW3OC-NS-BLW3MA-NS-BLW3CO-NS-BLBURNOUT V-NECKSS-XL: Snow, Ocean,Magenta, NavyW34SN-NS-BLU W34OC-NS-BLU W34MA-NS-BL W34NA-NS-BLBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Snow,Ocean, MagentaW31SN-NB-BLU W31OC-NB-BLU W31MA-NB-BLL/S BURNOUT HOODIES-XL: SnowW64SN-NS-BLUnatrajasana (n)Available in Blue (BL)Gold (GO) andBlack (BL)W3AQ-NS-BL Burnout Tank (Aqua)natrajasana – also known as thedancing Shiva, reminds us that life is a bigdance. Surrounded by the fire of life,Shiva maintains balance. He dances tothe pulsation of the universe.LONG SLEEVE BURNOUTSS-XL: Snow, BarkCAP SLEEVE TEESS-XXL: Pink, Light Sky, CoalW55SN-NB-BLUW10PI-NB-PUW55BA-NB-BLW10LS-NB-BLUBLENDED V-NECKS-XXL: Ash, MagentaW10CO-NB-BLW13ASH-NS-BLW13MA-NS-BL© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 16

W31SN-PEAS-OR W31SN-PEAS-PU W31SN-PEAS-RE W31BA-PEAS-BL W31OC-PEAS-BLUBURNOUT V-NECKSS-XL: Snow, Ocean,MagentaBURNOUT CREWSS-XL: Snow, Bark,Ocean, CoalBURNOUT TANKSS-L: Aqua, Bark, Ocean,CoalW3AQ-PEAS-PUW3BA-PEAS-BLW3OC-PEAS-BLUW3CO-PEAS-BLW31CO-PEAS-BLW34SN-PEAS-REW34OC-PEAS-PUW34MA-PEAS-PUW57SN-PEAS-PURPeace w/ Ganesh (pea)Available in red (RED)purple/blue (pu) &orange (o)peace filled om with ganeshBURNOUT THERMALS-XL: CoalW57CO-PEAS-BLL/S BURNOUT HOODIES-XL: Snow, MerlotW64SN-PEAS-PURW64ME-PEAS-BLLONG SLEEVE BURNOUTSS-XL: Snow, CoalW55SN-PEAS-PUR W55CO-PEAS-BLSplit fountain Oms filled with thepower of Ganesh. Power to thePeaceful!© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 17

BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Snow, BarkNote: All fourHanuman designsoffered in snowand barkW3SN-HHFW3SN-HTFW3BA-HTFW3BA-HPFBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Snow, BarkW31SN-HTFW31SN-HPFW31SN-HAFW31SN-HHFBURNOUT TUNICS-L: Snow, BarkW31BA-HTFW31BA-HPFW31BA-HHFW32SN-HTFW32BA-HTFW31BA-HAF (Burnout Crew, bark)LONG SLEEVE BURNOUTSS-XL: Snow, BarkCAP SLEEVE TEESS-XXL: SnowW55SN-HTF W55BA-HTF W55SN-HAFW10SN-HPF W10SN-HTFHanuman Before Superman or Batmanthere was Hanuman! He is the first super heromonkey. He is the son of the wind. He is afavorite of Yogis because of his loyalty anddesire to be of service to others. Wear this shirtto let your own super powers be unleashed!Desire Rumbaughpictured wearingthe HanumanTittibhanasana CapSleeve Tee (Snow)hanumantittibhanasana (Ht)hanumanparsvakonasana (HP)hanumanhanumanasana (HH)hanuman anjalimudra (Ha)© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 18

BURNOUT TANKSS-L: Bark, Aqua, Coal,Magenta, OceanW3BA-OOS-BLW3AQ-OOS-PUW3CO-OOS-BLW3MA-OOS-BLBURNOUT CREW NECKSS-XL: Pink,Ocean, BarkW31PI-OOS-REW31OC-OOS-PUW31BA-OOB-BLL/S BURNOUT HOODIES-XL: SnowW64SN-OOS-PURBURNOUT V-NECKSS-XL: SnowW34SN-OOS-PURW34SN-OOS-RECAP SLEEVE TEESS-XXL: SnowW10SN-OOS-PURLONG SLEEVE BURNOUTSS-XL: Snow, Bark, CoalW55SN-OOS-PURW3OC-OOS-BL Burnout Tank (Ocean)Outrageous OM (OO)OUTRAGEOUS Om SacredIndian symbol representingthe vibration of the universe.It is the most powerful ofIndian Mantras!Om symbol Traditional OmOPAQUE BURNOUTSS-XXL: Pink, Ruby, NightW30PI-OMF-REW30RU-OMF-PIW30NI-OMF-PUW30NI-OMF-REOM Symbol (OM)© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 19

OUTRAGEOUS OM HOODIEXS-XL: CoalW66CO-OOB-BLW67CO-OOB-BLW66CO-OOB-PUW67CO-OOB-PUW66CO-OOB-PIW67CO-OOB-PI(Hoodie Front View)SHAKTI SNAKE OM HOODIEXS-XL: CoalW66CO-SSOB-PUW67CO-SSOB-PUW66CO-SSOB-REW67CO-SSOB-REBuying Third Eye Threads help save theplanet! Eco-friendly printing, organiccotton and recycled productswhenever possible. Our Products inspireand educate people to be beautiful,playful and powerful.new! Save the Planet hoodieSweatshirts made from recycled waterbottles, organic cotton and super fineW66CR-FCB (winter weight)W67CR-FCB (summer weight)SILVER GANESH HOODIEXS-XL: Coalcotton. “I wear my hoodie every dayin Chicago (3 seasons). They are snugly,warm, and breathable. This will beyour new favorite hoodie.— Chad Satlow, Founder Third EyeThreadsThe flocked Oms are laser cut andhand applied. Buying one feels6W66CO-FG-SILW67CO-FG-SIL(Back View)good on and reminds you of yourdesire to do a little good everyday!HOODIE IS AVAILABLEIN 2 WEIGHTS: A WINTER WEIGHT (W66)AND A SUMMER WEIGHT (W67)All styles are available in a winterweight and a summer weight.(When ordering, use W66 for winter weight and W67ECOFRIENDLYfor summer weight)© SPRING/summer 2011 thirdEyeThreads.com 847-713-2423 page 20

ContactChad Satlow, CEOcell: 773-818-9642email: chad@thirdeyethreads.comTo book Chad for a workshop, teacher training,or therapy training contactsarahariel74@yahoo.com340 Andrew AveEncinitas, CA 92024For wholesale inquiries email:sales@thirdeyethreads.com

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