Recreational Sphere
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Recreational Sphere

Introduction• Why dd did we choose this subject?‣ Link between development and nature‣ Mass tourism?‣ Nordic value• Sources

Situation of Lapland• Territory• Population• Strategic placement• Nature‣ Forestry‣ Reindeers husbandry• Tourism industry

Situation of Lapland

Strategy of Lapland Tourism 2003-2006• Policies Pl of the development work :‣ Marketing and distribution channels‣ Products and product development‣ Infrastructure and land use‣ Accessibility and traffic‣ Co-operation and co-ordination between thedifferent actors related to the tourism in Lapland‣ Manpower and know how

Mass Tourism Development inLapland„…we all had a wonderful time…it lived to all ourexpectations…and the real Santa had theirletters when we went to see him in Lapland“„…the trip was fantastic and every activitythoroughly enjoyable…“Source: „Tourists“, Magic of Lapland 2007)

Mass Tourism Development inLapland

Mass Tourism Development inLaplandSource: Lapiin Liitto 2007

Mass Tourism Development inLaplandSource: Lapin Liitto 2007

Mass Tourism Development inLapland• Case Pyhä-Luosto• Upgrading infrastructure• Keep the « unique » image of nature resort?

Impact of mass tourism• Economic impacts‣ Employment‣ Income‣ Regional/local development

Impact of mass tourism• Ecological and environmental impactSource: Presentation of Pekka Nyman in Puhä-Luosta, 04.10.07.

Impact of mass tourism• Socio-culturalcultural impacts‣ Different cultural characteristics and traditions‣ Use of Samis traditional culture and identity‣ “authentic rural life”

Impact of mass tourism‣ ‘Old tourism’‣ mass tourism‣ passive and package‣ ordinary and familiar‣ ’built’‣ no environmentalresponsibility‣ ‘New tourism’‣ individual tourism‣ active and flexible‣ new and different and‣ ’real’‣ environmentalresponsibilitySource: Presentation ofJarkko Saarinen 08.10.07.

Conclusion• Tourism strategies put emphasis ontourist centres•Ecological point of view‣needs planning

Lapland as a tourist destination i is“an exotic land of action and storiesthat gives power of life to the tourist”

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