Dear Colleague,RFID Journal LIVE! is the world’s largest and most comprehensive conference and exhibition focused onradio frequency identification (RFID) technologies and their many business and consumer applications.This year’s event will be held in San Diego, Calif., and will feature more than 50 end-user case studies,200 leading technology companies, 75 hours of education and more networking opportunities than ever.LIVE! 2015 is your best opportunity to find the right RFID solution for your needs, as well as meetindustry experts and learn from companies like yours that are solving business issues via RFID. Plus, youwill have the opportunity to hear from this year’s RFID Journal Awards winners, experience livedemonstrations, attend in-depth training and so much more. The conference program will include postconferenceworkshops covering several important topics, and a new co-located IOT event. We have alsocreated a customized RFID Connect mobile application that will allow you to view the program andexhibit hall, get event news on the go, schedule meetings and make the conference even moreengaging and productive.I have no doubt that you will find the solutions that can resolve your business issues or help you improveyour operations. For maximum savings use promo code CAAP. This brochure is just a sneak preview ofwhat lies ahead at this year’s event.Sincerely, Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID JournalRFID Connect Mobile AppAs a LIVE! attendee, you can network with other business professionals before the event, search for vendors andproduct solutions, view the agenda, make introductions with speakers, set up meetings and organize yourcalendar, using the RFID Connect website. All of your activity will be synched up with our RFID Connect mobileapp. Set up a meeting, and it will be stored on your phone. Make a list of exhibitors to visit, and you will see themon your personalized floor plan. This great tool will make sure you get the most out of the event.www.rfidjournalevents.com/live/for-attendees/mobile-app2

FEATUREDKeynote SpeakersRADM David F. Baucom, Director, Strategy,Policy & Logistics, US TRANSPORTATION COMMANDDEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE IN-TRANSITVISIBILITY–A LAYERED APPROACHBruce Hellen, Director of Business Practices,INTERSTATE BATTERIESINTERSTATE BATTERIES IMPROVES PRODUCTINVENTORY MANAGEMENT VIA RFIDSpecial Event FeaturesINTERNET OF THINGS CONFERENCE 2015 APR. 15-17The Internet of Things promises to change the way companies interact withtheir customers. New devices connected to the Internet will bring greaterinteractivity and a wealth of new data about customer activity. The Internet ofThings Conference will focus on how companies are using a variety oftechnologies, including ZigBee radios, Wi-Fi and machine-to-machinesoftware, to connect things to the Internet, and how they are achieving realbusiness benefits from doing so.IEEE RFID 2015 APR. 15-17Sponsor: IEEE TECHNICAL COMMITTEE ON RFID (CRFID)The latest scientific and technological research results will be presented forattendees at the IEEE RFID 2015 conference. Meet and learn from thescientists and engineers at the head of the RFID research world. Pick theirbrains and learn from their efforts. The talks, papers and posters you will findat the conference are selected by a thorough peer-review process performedby domestic and international experts in the field.FAST-TRACK RFID DEPLOYMENT TRAININGTRAINING In partnership with RFID4UThis advanced, one-day fast-track course, featuring the latest equipment andrelevant RFID deployment scenarios, provides a solid foundation to design,install, configure, monitor and troubleshoot an RFID deployment and prepareparticipants for the RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate exam. Theexam will be delivered onsite at RFID Journal LIVE! 2015, so you can gettrained and certified during the event.FAST-TRACK RFID APPLICATIONS DEVELOPERS TRAININGThis instructor-led course, offered as part of RFID4U's Fast -Track series,teaches software application developers how to build the next generation ofrich, interactive RFID applications for passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFIDreaders and peripherals.AWARDS9TH ANNUAL RFID JOURNAL AWARDS SHOWCASING THE BEST OF THE RFIDINDUSTRYThe RFID Journal Awards recognize companies that have distinguishedthemselves by their successful use of RFID, or by their introduction of avaluable new RFID product or service. Hear presentations by those who havedeployed award-winning solutions.AIM PAVILIONAIM, theassociation forautomaticidentification andmobility, will host apavilion consistingof companiesoffering bar-code,RFID and otherauto-IDtechnologies.BRAZIL PAVILIONNew this year, meet some of the leading RFIDtechnology providers from Brazil.FRANCE PAVILIONVisit some of the leading French RFID technologyproviders—all conveniently located on the showfloor.KOREA PAVILIONFor the seventh year, RFID Journal LIVE! will host apavilion of the leading Korean RFID companies.3

LEARN FROM IN-DEPTHPRE- AND POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPSRFID Journal LIVE! pre- and post-conference seminars and workshops provide in-depth information regarding specificaspects of RFID, automatic identification and related technologies. Attendees can choose to participate in one of thesesessions prior to the opening of or after the closing of the main conference program. Preconference seminars are availablethrough an All-Access, Conference + Preconference or Preconference + Exhibit-Only passes. Post-conference workshopsare available through an All-Access pass, or may be included as an add-on to any other pass.ALL PRECOFERENCE SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS BEGIN WITH AN OPTIONAL RFID BASICS SESSION, WHICH EXPLAINS RFID TERMS AND CONCEPTS.PRECONFERENCESEMINARS INCLUDE:RFID JOURNAL UNIVERSITYRFID Journal University is designed to providethose new to radio frequency identificationwith the foundational knowledgenecessary to begin understanding how RFIDcan be applied to solve specific businessproblems, so that you can choose the rightoption for a specific application and selectthe proper vendors to achieve a successfuloutcome.TOPICS INCLUDE:› The Physics Behind RFID› Legislation and Standardization› Live Demo: RFID in the Real World› Real-World Considerations› Building an RFID Business CaseRFID FOR IT PROFESSIONALSFor companies to get the most value from anRFID investment, it’s essential to have a robustsoftware architecture for capturing dataand turning it into information that can beused by business applications—in a way thatprovides for changing technology and businessrequirements. This seminar will explainhow to build a complete software architecture,including the structure of RFID-basedvisibility data that enterprise applicationsconsume, the data-capture software that createsthis information, and the various architectureand product choices that an ITarchitect faces in building and deploying asuccessful system.4TOPICS INCLUDE:› RFID Visibility Data for Business Applications› RFID Data-Capture Software› Putting It Together: Architecture, ProductSelection and IT Governance› RFID Tag-Data Standards› RFID Data-Capture Standards: LLRP and ALERFID IN ENERGY,MINING AND CONSTRUCIONWhether you seek a solution to locate yourassets, track inventory, improve workersafety or deal with another issue, you will findthe right option at the RFID in Energy, Miningand Construction preconference seminar.Hear from companies like yours about howthey are using RFID today, as well as the benefitsthey are achieving. You will learn fromwhat they did right, and avoid the mistakesthey made. RFID Journal LIVE! preconferenceseminars provide in-depth information regardingspecific aspects of EPC and RFIDtechnologies. Attendees can choose to participatein one of these sessions prior to theopening of the main conference program.Preconference seminars are availablethrough an All-Access, Conference + Preconferenceor Preconference + Exhibit-Only Pass.TOPICS INCLUDE:› RFID Reduces Wait Times on TransBay TransitCenter Construction Project› Achieving Cost Reductions in the Global Oil andGas Supply Chain› Improving Productivity and Documentation ViaRFID at Dominion East Ohio› Monitoring Radioactive Materials Via RFID› Using RFID to Improve Refinery MaintenanceITEM-LEVEL RETAILAND APPAREL WORKSHOPRetailers worldwide are employing RFID totrack individual items, improving inventoryaccuracy and enabling them to have productson shelves when customers want to buythem. In this workshop, you will hear wherethe benefits are and how to achieve them—plus, you'll get an update on the GS1 US ItemLevel RFID Initiative, which is helping to developstandard ways of deploying the technologyand best practices.TOPICS INCLUDE:› Key Considerations for RFID Pilots andDeployments› The John Lewis Success Story: From Pilot toDeployment› Supplier Use Cases: Where the Benefits ofItem-Level RFID Are› Retailer Use Cases: Where the Benefits ofItem-Level RFID Are› Core Store OperationsRFID FOR WAREHOUSEAND INVENTORY MANAGEMENTLearn how to benefit from deploying radio frequencyidentification within your warehouse,by managing your inventory and coordinatingyour supply chain. Hear real-world casestudies explaining the tangible business benefitsof how RFID can help your organizationto improve visibility regarding product movementsand related transactions, as well as increaseefficiencies, lower labor costs,optimize inventory levels, track assets, anddifferentiate your logistic service, in order togain a competitive advantage.

TOPICS INCLUDE:› Linking RFID to Inventory-Management BestPractices› Targeting the Correct RFID Technology for theRight Project› Key Steps in Building an Inventory-ManagementRFID Solution: Build Your Own RFID Portal› Designing Your RFID Solution› Building Your RFID Business CaseINNOVATIVE MARKETING WITHNFC AND RFIDGlobal brands are now focusing on generatingpersonalized marketing campaigns usingthe latest Near Field Communication (NFC)and radio frequency identification (RFID) innovationsto produce truly unique marketingexperiences for their customers. This preconferenceseminar will explore the current usesof both technologies, and provide examplesof how they can be employed as part of experientialcampaigns, as well as to speed upconnections and simplify access.TOPICS INCLUDE:› Museum Visitors Become Designers With NFC› Improving Sales With NFC› Jewelry Shines Brighter With NFC› Music Festival Uses NFC to Improve Guest Experience› Reaching Out to a New Audience With NFC› Charity Uses RFID to Create Buzz at Event› Ad Agency Uses RFID to Improve MarketingStrategies› Building Trade Show Booth Traffic and SalesLeads With RFID› Connecting Businesses and Consumers ViaMobile RFID› Building Brand Loyalty With RFIDRFID-ENABLEDSMART PRODUCTSFrom appliances and luxury consumer goodsto medical devices and home energy managementsystems, RFID technology is beingused for a variety of applications. In this preconferenceseminar, hear about the currentstate of RFID technology and learn how companiesare adding smart functionality tohousehold appliances, thermostats, automobiles,office equipment, health-care devicesand building infrastructure.TOPICS INCLUDE:› Coffee Maker Uses RFID to Improve BrewingProcess› Clarisonic Customizes User Experience With RFID› RFID-Enabled Implants Gives Physicians andPatients Improved Visibility› Smart Cup Stimulates Beverage Sales at Resort› Endoscope Tester Reduces Risk With RFIDPOST-CONFERENCESEMINARS INCLUDE:Master Class:BENCHMARKING UHF RFIDHARDWAREPresented in partnership with RFID4UFor any successful RFID deployment, aproven approach involves conducting a siteand workflow analysis, based on the principalsof RF physics and good system design.After these steps are undertaken properly,the correct hardware and software must bechosen before planning a pilot or a rollout.This workshop will provide an introduction todeveloping a set of common benchmarks forcomparing the performance of UHF RFIDreaders and tags based on specific applicationsof the technology. After a quickoverview, the presenter will go over the top-10 recommendations for the benchmarking.TOPICS INCLUDE:› Introduction and Overview› Benchmarking UHF RFID Tags› Open Discussions and Closing RemarksMaster Class:NFC APPLICATION DEVELOPERSPresented in partnership with RFID4UNear Field Communication (NFC) is a hottechnology being used by savvy marketers toengage customers in a variety of ways. Somesports arenas have created NFC apps to developcustomer loyalty, event organizershave employed NFC phone apps to engageaudiences, and marketers have utilized thetechnology to create buzz at events, from theOlympics to free concerts.TOPICS INCLUDE:› Introduction to NFC Terms and Concepts› NFC Standards and Applications› NFC Lab Demo› Developing NFC ApplicationsRFID IN MANUFACTURINGTECHNICAL WORKSHOPBy integrating RFID technology into a new orexisting manufacturing or packaging line,companies can better track work-in-process,meet customer tagging requirements andimprove the visibility and traceability of finishedgoods. This post-conference workshopwill address the critical issues that manufacturersneed to be aware of as they deployRFID on their production lines.TOPICS INCLUDE:› Planning Your Manufacturing Line Deployment› Choosing the Right RFID Equipment› Creating the Proper IT Infrastructure forSerialization› Integrating RFID With PLCs and ManufacturingSystems› Testing and Quality ControlRFID STRATEGIC WORKSHOPThis workshop is designed for senior executivesof companies that have already deployed—orcurrently seek to deploy—RFIDsystems. It will focus on helping businessesformulate an RFID strategy that will lead togreater competitive advantage and shareholdervalue.TOPICS INCLUDE:› An Overview of RFID Today› Taking a Strategic Approach to RFID› A Step-By-Step Approach to Developing aStrategic RFID Plan› RFID and Change Management5

CONFERENCE AGENDA: INDUSTRY TRACKSMANUFACTURINGRFID Boosts Productivity at Daimler Truck FactoryStaff at the Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) facilityin Saltillo, Mexico, used to drive around the distributionyard, manually writing down trailer ID numbers on paper.Since employing an RFID system, the firm has achieved 99 percent trailer locationaccuracy, enabling yard workers to quickly locate a trailer with neededcomponents. Learn how Daimler has been able to reduce its number of yardtrucks, and how the system also provides management with real-time reportingabout trailer arrivals and trailer movement and worker productivity.Speaker: Roderick Flores, IT Project Manager - Vehicle Electronics Operationsand Corporate Support, Daimler Trucks North America LLCRFID Helps Madshus Deliver Customized PerformanceMadshus, a leading Nordic ski company, is embeddingNFC RFID inlays in its skis. The “empower” technology improvesquality control, helps Madshus build products tomeet specific construction specs, delivers an improved ski-selection experienceat retail, and gives consumers a better on-snow experience. Madshus storesdata collected during production of each set of skis on its server. Customers canaccess data about each set prior to making a purchase. After selecting the bestskis for their given profile, customers can interact with their products on-the-flythrough their mobile phone using the Madshus empower app.Speaker: Chris McCullough, Global Brands Manager, K2 Outdoor, K2 SportsFactory Improves Efficiency on the Assembly Line With RFIDAn industrial equipment manufacturer has increased its efficiency in how it replenisheswelding material, as well as how it carries out processes at its assemblystations by installing a Wi-Fi-based real-time location system (RTLS). Thefirm has reported a 10 percent increase in welding efficiency by implementingthe kitting process, as well as a 40 percent improvement in kit-replenishmenttime by implementing the wireless triggers. The system provides a view intowork-in-process, reducing the cycle time required to assemble a single productby approximately 5 percent. Learn how the system has resulted in a decreasein overtime work undertaken by employees at the welding station.Speaker: To be confirmedTracking Gunpowder Safely and AccuratelyATK New River Energetics manufactures gun powder forsportsmen and federal and state law enforcement. Findout how the company benefits from using passive UHFRFID technology to track containers of explosive materials through mixing,warehousing and logistics, and how it has increased productivity while maintainingsafety and improving pedigree. Learn how the firm worked throughthe challenges of building an infrastructure for data collection; labeling andtagging explosive products; tracking goods through creation, transfer andstorage into 1940s-built bunkers; and consumption into finished product.Speaker: Barry Thomas, Continuous Improvement Mgr., ATK New River Energetics3D Printing and RFID: A New Industrial RevolutionAs technology advances in capability and quality, traditionalmanufacturers are turning to 3D printing or additivemanufacturing (AM), for prototyping, final production andother applications. This is important to the RFID industry, because it can fundamentallychange how products are manufactured. This evolution will bringboth new manufacturing techniques and RFID technology to smaller firms thattraditionally would have viewed either option as out of reach. Learn how RFID iscurrently being used as a complementary technology to enhance 3D printing,and how it can expand the horizons of the RFID industry in the future.Speaker: Michael Ochi, Associate Engineer/Consultant, QAD Inc.RETAIL/APPARELMarks & Spencer Broadens and Deepens Its RFID UseMarks & Spencer (M&S), one of the United Kingdom's leadingretailers, with some 760 stores, deployed an RFID solutionin 2004 to track some clothing items at several locations.From 2012 to 2014, the retailer expanded the rollout to 380of its largest U.K. stores and more than 95% of its apparel and homeware.Since then, M&S has been busy trialing new uses of RFID across the entirescope of its operations. Hear where it plans to use RFID next and learn howRFID will be used to reduce cost, make processes more efficient, improve accuracyand ultimately enhance top-line and bottom-line performance.Speaker: Richard Jenkins, Head of RFID Strategic Devel., Marks & SpencerLuxottica Improves Returns Traceability, Profitability With NFCLuxottica Group, a world leader in premium, luxury andsports eyewear, is using NFC technology to manage unsoldglasses that are returned from customers in 27 countries.The project enables the company's after-sales department to trace the crediting,quality control, refurbishing and packaging activities of almost 2 millionpairs of glasses annually. An NFC tag applied to each item enables the firm toread directly from a tablet, identify the glasses and record all subsequent activities.Learn how Luxottica automated identification and traceability, which waspreviously carried out by paper forms and complex reporting activities.Speaker: Gian Stefano Fantini, Global After Sales Executive, Luxottica GroupRitani Uses RFID to Engage Shoppers, Increase SalesJewelry company Ritani is using RFID to enable retailersthat sell its jewelry to automatically display informationabout merchandise that customers asked to see, and alsoallows those shoppers to share the items' images after making a purchase.Store management can collect data regarding sales-floor behavior, includingwhich items have been viewed, the percentage that were purchased and employees'sales rates. The technology provides shoppers at brick-and-mortarstores with the advantages of online shopping—easy access to data about aproduct and the ability to scroll to similar items before making a purchase.Speaker: Simon Tam, CTO, RitaniMoods of Norway Increases Sales Via RFIDScandinavian clothing company Moods of Norway (MoN)has equipped 13 of its stores with RFID technology to bettermanage its inventory. This deployment follows a six-monthpilot that boosted sales of men's shirts and suits by doubledigits. During the pilot, the system not only provided 98 to 99 percent inventoryaccuracy, but also reduced the amount of time employees spent performingmanual inventory checks. MoN has expanded the program to includemen's suits and now plans to tag all children's, sports, women's and men'sclothing, as well as footwear, for the spring and summer 2015 seasons.Speaker: Hans Petter Hübert, Supply Chain Manager, Moods of NorwayBrascol Uses RFID to Improve Inventory ControlBrascol, a leading wholesaler and distributor of babies' andchildren's clothing in Brasil, has deployed a passive UHFRFID solution to optimize control of its inventory, increaseoperational savings and provide an improved service experienceto customers. It has tagged all 30,000 items sold in its São Paulo location.Special stations allow retailers to inventory all the items in their cart and totalthe cost of those items before checking out. Learn how the firm has used thetechnology to successfully reduce the average checkout time for customers byone-third, while reducing the number of employees needed for the task.Speaker: Antonio Almeida, Superintendent, Brascol6

DEFENSE/AEROSPACEAutomatic Identification Technology Improves the Departmentof Defense’s Supply ChainThis presentation will delve deeply into various AIT initiativesemployed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). The presenterswill share the details of various RFID uses cases, includingthe use of passive RFID to track parachutes, and to monitorand inventory equipment moving onto and off of maritime prepositioningships. In addition, learn how the DOD has migrated active RFID to the ISO18000-7 standard.Speakers: Andrew Monday, Chief, Logistics Enabling Support Division; DavidBlackford, Logistics Enabling Support Division, US Transportation CommandRFID Strategies and Best Practices for End Users in the Aerospaceand Defense IndustryCompanies in the aerospace and defense sector are being askedto tag shipments to the U.S. Department of Defense, as well assome aerospace manufacturers. RFID can deliver internal benefits,but businesses need to develop a coherent strategy for deploying the technologyacross the enterprise in a way that will deliver benefits in multiple areas oftheir operations. This session will offer best practices for developing an RFID strategythat delivers near- and long-term benefits. It will also address some of the keydeployment challenges that need to be addressed.Speaker: Paul Prince, Executive Editor, RFID JournalAvionic Company Tags Parts for Aircraft Manufacturer, EnablingVisibility and Greater EfficienciesA supplier of avionic (electronic) and mechanical parts for the aerospace industryis applying high-memory RFID labels to two of the parts it manufactures forthe aerospace industry, with the goal of enabling the parts' records to betracked directly on the tag, from birth through use by airlines, as well as repair.The factories are employing handheld and desktop readers, and are also usingsoftware to enable the reading and writing of tags, as well as to store a library ofparts on each reader, used to expedite the writing process. Learn how the firmplans to expand the use of the technology in the future.Speaker: To be confirmedTurkish Airlines Overhauls MRO Practices With RFIDTurkish Airlines has implemented both active and passiveRFID, in conjunction with a new cloud-based architectureand data-sharing standards, to achieve real-time visibilityinto the locations and movements of workers and equipment. The system reducedIT costs, enhanced data-exchange and communications capabilitiesamong business units and delivered accurate traceability and manageability ofthe entities and resources involved in MRO processes. Learn how the companydesigned the right architecture, chose the proper technology and implementedthe correct standards to achieve these goals.Speaker: Orkun Hasekioglu, Ph.D., R&D Projects Manager, Turkish AirlinesAircraft Services Company Gains Efficiency With RFIDA third-party provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services hasdeployed an RFID system to manage work-in-progress for the parts it servicesfor its customers, which include aircraft manufacturers. The system identifiescomponents when they are received and tracks them through numerous repairstations to the dispatch area from which those parts are shipped back to customer.By reading the tags at each station, the firm attains a real-time view intothe progress of each MRO service being provided for every component, andcan thus identify delays. The system has helped the firm reduce turnaroundtimes, and has provided data needed to further improve efficiency.Speaker: To be confirmedHEALTH CARE/PHARMACEUTICALOdette Cancer Center Advances Throughput With RFIDThe Odette Cancer Centre, part of the SunnybrookHealth Sciences Centre, is employing passive high-frequencyRFID tags and readers to inform visiting patientshow long they must wait prior to receiving chemotherapy treatment orother services, and to reduce the length of that wait. Patients carry an RFIDenabledID card that lets them identify themselves as soon as they arrive, enablingthe center to track their movements throughout the facility and benotified when they leave. Learn how the technology makes what could be astressful visit as quick, efficient and comfortable for patients as possible.Speaker: Philomena Sousa, Oncology Sys. Mgr., Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr.Improving Safety, Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency atLong Beach Memorial Medical CenterLong Beach Memorial Medical Center is using an automatedRFID-enabled kit and tray replenishment solution.The 420-bed facility is now able to inventory more than 150 items within seconds,providing details regarding what is missing, expired and soon to expireamong medication kits, trays, tackle boxes, fanny packs and duffel bags. Hearhow RFID is driving greater patient safety and cost savings, and learn how theRFID system has brought in revenue by improving charge capture.Speaker: Tu Tran, Pharmacist, Clinical Specialist, Long Beach MemorialMedical CenterGeisinger Health System Expands RTLS to Track Patients, StaffGeisinger Health System has expanded its use of a realtimelocating system (RTLS) beyond tracking assets totracking patient and staff interactions. The use of RFID isnot new to the facility, which also utilizes the technology to help personnelmore easily locate equipment, as well as reduce logistics and inventory costs.Hear how the firm is currently performing patient and staff tagging projects,and how RTLS helps it obtain valuable data, analytics and other important information.Learn how the information can also be used to leverage the sameprocess in workflow analysis at some of its out-patient clinics.Speaker: Seth Hostetler, Lead Process Engineer, Geisinger Health SystemRFID Provides Mission-Critical Monitoring for Health ResearchWith a large population of animals and $300 million inongoing biomedical research projects, NorthwesternUniversity's Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM),a service and teaching unit, needed a way to ensure that the animals werereceiving the best possible care, while also protecting the integrity of theresearch. Learn how RFID has decreased staff requirements, lowered risk ofcontamination, improved animal welfare, safeguarded funding andestablished a new standard of animal care at research facilities.Speaker: Steven Knable, Director, Northwestern University, Center forComparative MedicineCalculating the Likely Return on Investment from a Real-TimeLocation SystemAn RFID-based real-time location system (RTLS) increasesasset-utilization rates and cuts expenditures on replacementequipment. It can also result in an immediate reduction inrental equipment. In this session, we explain how RFID Journal’s RTLS ROICalculator helps hospitals and clinics estimate the savings they will likelyachieve and calculate the return on investment based on expectedimprovements in asset-utilization rates. The session also covers some of theother soft benefits that can be achieved with an RTLS.Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID JournalCONFERENCE AGENDA: INDUSTRY TRACKSAGENDA SUBJECT TO CHANGE7

CONFERENCE AGENDA: TECHNOLOGY TRACKSINNOVATIONRFID Powers College Football Hall of FameThe College Football Hall of Fame is using a UHF RFID system topersonalize each visitor’s experience at exhibits locatedthroughout the facility. RFID-tagged "credentials" are used todeliver content tailored specifically for each guest. The systemalso enables visitors to share content with friends via socialmedia. Learn how the system provides data that enables the Hall tounderstand the movements of fans throughout the facility and determinewhich exhibits are popular, and when and where bottlenecks occur.Speaker: John V. Christie, EVP and Chief Operating Officer,Atlanta Hall Management, Inc., College Football Hall of FameRetailers Test Light-Based Indoor-Positioning TechnologySeveral retailers are testing indoor-positioning technology known as light-fieldcommunication (LFC). It consists of software on a silicon chip installed in anLED lamp. The lamp transmits a unique ID in the form of a pulse (imperceptibleto humans). An application running on a smartphone decodes the light pulsesperceived by the phone’s camera, to identify the phone’s location. Learn howthis new method for capturing shoppers’ attention can also share detailsrelated to specific locations around that person. For example, the systemcould indicate where to find products displayed within a supermarket, orwhere a company’s conference booth is located in relation to a user’s phone.Speaker: To be confirmedInternet of Things Technologies Drive InnovationThere has been a lot of media attention focused on GoogleGlass, the Apple Watch and other cool consumer gizmos. Butindustrial companies and other firms that sell to other businessesare also deploying IoT technologies in new and innovativeways to capture information about the real world in which they dobusiness, to automate tasks, or deliver added value to customers. This sessionwill show how some companies have used IoT technologies and explain thestrategies savvy companies are adopting. It will also cover the key technologiesthat are being used to add value to products and improve operations.Moderator: Mary Catherine O’Connor, Editor, IoT JournalDowntown Stores Use BLE to Improve Customer ServiceMerchants in two Canadian cities have deployed Bluetooth LowEnergy (BLE) beacons in conjunction with the HotSpot Parkingapp, which enables shoppers to view notifications about theirparking payment status. If the meter payment is due to expire,the app sends an alert indicating the need for additional payment, which thecustomer can then approve to avoid a parking violation fine. This assures thatthe shopper will not prematurely leave the store to pay a meter. Learn how thisfunction has helped increase sales, and how retailers are using the app to personalizeoffers to participating shoppers.Speaker: Philip Curley, Chief Executive Officer, HotSpot Parking Inc.Hotel Turns to Mobile Panic Alarm Solution to Improve SecurityThe St. Regis New York, one of New York City's most luxurioushotel properties, has provided its staff with a highly reliableWi-Fi-based duress solution for any staff member required toenter an occupied guest room. Leveraging the existing Wi-Fiinfrastructure, the devices are carried on their person, enabling staff membersto discreetly report an alarm and their location. Given the hotel's upscaleimage, it was critical that any solution be effective, but not disturb nearbyguests. Learn how the project was implemented, as well as the human-resourceimplications of the staff safety and security project.Speaker: Harry Falik, Director of Security, The St. Regis New YorkTECHNOLOGY AND INFRASTRUCTUREHow to Choose the Right RFID Technology for Your NeedsThere are many different types of RFID technology, includingactive RFID, passive RFID and battery-assisted tags. Differentsystems perform differently, depending on the frequenciesthey use and other factors. Some systems are suitable for trackingobjects at short-range, others at long-range. In addition, RFID is oftencombined with sensors and with other technologies, such as infrared and GPS.Learn how to determine which technology is right for your application, the keyconsideration to take into account and additional factors that need to be consideredto ensure the solution delivers the expected return on investment.Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID JournalSolution-Provider Session: How RFID Solutions Drive NewBusiness BenefitsRFID hardware has become more reliable over the past fewa Fujitsu companyyears, enabling companies to take advantage of RFID datain new and powerful ways. Software solutions are enablingfirms to reengineer processes and deliver more value. Inthis session, our panel of experts will explain howbusinesses are leveraging these new capabilities.Panelist: Monty K. Cook, VP of Sales & Business Development, GlobeRanger,Inc.; Darryn Prince, RFID Business Unit Head, Microelectronics Technology, Inc.(MTI)Bridging the Infrastructure Gap With RFIDNot all buildings, facilities and field locations are connected tothe Internet. The RFID Application Development Lab (RAD-Lab) at SAIT Polytechnic took a project lacking connectivityand developed application-specific RFID readers to bridgethe gap. Implementing and supporting an RFID system in which infrastructureis non-ideal has led to new expertise in a growing variety of deployments. Learnhow RFID is being used at RADLab to overcome the challenges of developingnew technologies and implementing off-the-beaten-path RFID applications.Speaker: Glen Kathler, Applied Research Chair—RFID Application Development,Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)IT Service Provider Gains Visibility Into Warehouse LogisticsEssintial Enterprise Solutions, a national provider of enterpriseinfrastructure services and support solutions fordistributed technologies, has deployed an RFID solutionto improve inventory control throughout its logistics processes. Parts at thecompany's central stocking warehouse were tracked manually through its enterpriseresource planning system. Now, Essintial uses RFID to track all partswithin the warehouse, including consigned inventory from customers, and defectiveand repaired parts. Learn how RFID has increased accuracy and visibilityfor the firm, while also lowering labor costs and improving efficiency.Speaker: Anita Weissman, Project Executive, Essintial Enterprise SolutionsBuilding a Flexible RFID Data InfrastructureMany businesses enter into an RFID implementationplan hoping to realize significant cost savings, aswell as supply chain visibility and efficiency gains.But achieving those goals may be difficult, as there are many application-development,integration and deployment challenges that need to be addressed.Developing an RFID infrastructure can be complicated andtime-consuming. This session will provide the practical knowledge you needto move ahead with a realistic delivery plan for a solution that will meet all ofyour goals.Speaker: Ken Traub, President, Ken Traub Consulting LLC8

SUPPLY CHAIN/LOGISTICSDiamond Wholesaler Uses RFID to Manage High-Value InventoryIGC Brand Services, a diamond jewelry wholesaler, is usingRFID to document the locations of more than 10,000 diamondsand pieces of jewelry with a value in excess of $5 million.Shipments from the factory, which depend on theaccuracy of the firm's inventory counts, must be sorted and placed into currentstock. Packages arrive filled with product being returned from consignment.Damaged goods, which must be accounted for, are sold for scrap. Learnhow RFID has enabled the firm to maintain accurate records, without slowingdown processes, and stay ahead in a highly competitive industry.Speaker: Bill Casey, Inventory Manager, IGC Brand ServicesUTA Automates Predictive Maintenance With RFIDUtah Transit Authority (UTA) provides public transportationin the Salt Lake City area. Historically, UTA manuallytracked its component inventory using spreadsheets.The process was error-prone and didn’t provide the data needed for predictivemaintenance. UTA is now using an RFID-based solution to track its light railtrains and major components. Light rail trains pass through an RFID portal thatautomatically identifies the components installed on the trains and records theasset information. This information is used to model useful life, and is the foundationof UTA’s predictive maintenance program.Speaker: Kyle Stockley, Transit Asset Administrator, Utah Transit AuthorityDIRECTV Uses RFID to Cut Inventory TimesBroadcast satellite company DIRECTV is using RFID to track200,000 pieces of equipment at three broadcast centers,which has redued inventory-tracking times and improved inventoryaccuracy from 75 percent to 97 percent. The systemalso enables the collection of data that the company uses to track asset life cyclesand perform other business analytics. The project's next phase will involvetagging and tracking assets at the company's laboratory in El Segundo, andthen at about 190 remote locations—13 of which are broadcast centers, the restsignal-collection or uplink centers—located throughout the United States.Speaker: Adam Seskin, Dir., Broadcast Engineering Asset Management, DIRECTVImproving Inventory Control With RFID at USCA UHF solution has enabled the University of SouthernCalifornia (USC) to boost the accuracy of inventory datarelated to more than 60,000 pieces of on- and off-campushousing furnishings. Previously, collected data on these items required exhaustivemanual inventory counts using temporary workers. In addition totracking inventory, the RFID system provides data on the lifespan of specificfurniture. Learn how USC decreased the amount of labor time required to conductinventory checks and order replacement items, and how the system enablesthe university to order goods shortly before they wear out.Speaker: Leo R. Boese, Special Projects Mgr., University of Southern CaliforniaTracking Returnable Assets Via RFIDA distributor of live plants and related products is using RFID to identify andtrack returnable assets. The technology is being utilized throughout the integratedsupply chain from the producer, including production delivery, auctionflowers and ornamental plants, as well as distribution, customer delivery andthe assets' return. It’s also being used after a customer has made deliveries nationwide,thereby ensuring security, reliability and agility in that customer'soperations. Learn how the firm moves 1 million units weekly within the complex,with the help of the RFID portals and collectors. Find out how RFID technologyis being used to move beyond simplely logistics fulfillment.Speaker: To be confirmedVISIBILITY/TRACEABILITYRFID Speeds Vehicles Through AssemblyTroy Design and Manufacture (TDM), a subsidiary ofFord Motor Co., deployed an RFID-based solution toreduce the amount of time employees spend manuallytracking work-in-progress (WIP) on paper. Three years after installing thesystem at a plant that converts various vehicles from Ford Motor Co. into PoliceInterceptor models, TDM found the solution saves five to seven secondsfrom each workstation process compared with the amount of time required toscan bar codes. As a result, the firm has exceeded production targets.Speaker: Lee Murray, Director of Technology, Troy Design & Manufacturing Co.,a subsidiary of Ford Motor Co.Using RFID to Track the Movements of High-Value MaterialsThe Department of Transportation (DOT) in one U.S. state is tracking asphaltfilleddump trucks from a weigh station to a construction site, located about anhour's drive away. The agency is utilizing an RFID solution that includes 900MHz active tags attached to trucks, as well as readers installed at the weighstation and attached to a paver—a vehicle that applies hot-mix asphalt to anew road surface—on the construction site. Asphalt costs approximately $115per ton. Hear how the DOT is using radio frequency identification to track atotal of 50,000 tons of asphalt, laid along a 10-mile-long section of a six-laneroadway under construction.Speaker: To be confirmedTracking Radioactive Materials In-TransitRadioactive sources are used in the oil and gas industry tocharacterize wells, providing critical data to exploit geologicalformations in pursuit of oil caches. The PacificNorthwest National Laboratory has developed a system that monitors, recordsand reports the status of mobile radioactive sources using sensor-based, activeRFID technology. Learn how real-time status is communicated from theMaster Control Unit through a telematics device to the cloud, providing situationalawareness to the base of operations center.Speakers: Brion J. Burghard, Senior Research Scientist; Kurt Silvers, ProgramManager, Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryManaging Livestock With Active RFIDThe consolidation of dairy farms is resulting in largerherd sizes. As a result, farmers often have difficulty identifyingeach individual cow and tracking its health record.GEA Farm Technologies is providing farmers with a system that allows them totrack the location and behavior of dairy cows, to enable farmers to better managetheir herds. Learn how ultra-wideband (UWB) real-time location system(RTLS) tags are being used to pinpoint the precise location and activity ofevery individual animal, including its health and movement history, deliveringan analysis of each individual animal in real time.Speaker: Keld Florczak, Innovation Manager, GEA Farm Technologies GmbHCleaning Up With RFIDGovernments at every level are looking to reduce waste, increase recycling andreduce the impact of human consumption on the environment—all while cuttingcosts. One municipality in the United States has found a way. It is employingwheeled carts equipped with radio frequency identification tags for thecollection of waste, organic waste and recyclable materials. In this session, hearhow the carts are tracked, enabling the compilation of key statistics required tooptimize the waste-management program for both the city and the district. Inaddition, learn how the region was able to minimize transportation and laborexpenses in the shipping and residential placement of the carts.Speaker: To be confirmedCONFERENCE AGENDA: TECHNOLOGY TRACKSAGENDA SUBJECT TO CHANGE9

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