SAFESITE® Multi-Threat Detection System - Scene7

SAFESITE® Multi-Threat Detection System - Scene7

SAFESITE ® Multi-Threat Detection System

The SAFESITE Multi-Threat Detection Systemsimultaneously monitors and wirelessly communicatessix potential threats: CWAs, VOCs, TICs, gamma5radiation, combustible gas and oxygen deficiency.The SAFESITE System combines state-of-the-art detection technology withadvanced wireless communication capabilities to provide superior preventativeand counter-measure solutions for:5 Homeland Security5 Emergency Response5 Public Events5 Building Protection5 Mass Transportation CentersSAFESITE ® System components consist ofthe SAFEMTX Multi-Threat Detector, theSAFECOM Command Center and theSAFECONNECT Belt-Bridge with Siriuswireless interface. The system can beinstalled permanently (wired or wireless)for continual monitoring or deployed asa portable system.The SAFEMTX Multi-Threat Detectorutilizes multi-sensing technologiesto detect up to six potential threats;helping first responders, law enforcement5 Perimeter Monitoring5 Hazardous Response5 Port Surveillance5 Confined Space Monitoringand government agents reduce the riskof exposure and facilitate consequencemanagement.The SAFEMTX Detector also offers GPSlocation technology, pumped flow, horn,beacon, interchangeable smart sensorsfor maximum flexibility, a display lock-outpanel which hides the display duringmonitoring, and internal diagnostics toidentify signal strength during systemdeployment. Power options allow forlithium ion or alkaline batteries, as well asAC Power and 12 VDC vehicle connection.Threat Technology BenefitChemicalwarfareagentsSurfaceacousticwave (SAW)Low false positives andfalse alarms, differentiatesnerve & blister agentsGammaradiationVolatileorganiccompoundsToxicindustrialchemicalsOxygendeficiency/enrichmentCombustiblegasCadmiumzinc telluride(CZT)Photoionization(PID)ElectrochemicalElectrochemicalCatalyticbeadSensitive with adjustablethreshold and 2 ranges.(0-100 mR/hr, 0.1 mR/hrresolution & 0-1000 mR/hr,1 mR/hr resolution)10.6 eV lamp providesppm readings for broadbandtoxics and VOC detectionDetects for many specific toxicgases such as chlorine,ammonia, hydrogen cyanideand hydrogen chlorideOxygen monitoring forconfined spaceWide range detectionfor hydrocarbonsSAFEMTX Multi-Threat DetectorState-of-the-artLCD displayprovides all sixthreat readings,LEDs indicate detectorstatus,and keypad allowsfor alarm acknowledge,sensorcalibration, and | 1.800.MSA.2222

SAFECITYThe SAFECOM Command Centerreceives mission-critical information fromthe SAFEMTX Detectors and permits thiscrucial and wide-ranging data to beconverted quickly into practicalinformation for rapid decision-makingthrough an uncomplicatedgraphical user interface.The SAFECOM CommandCenter can manage up tofour systems with 16SAFEMTX Detectors per system,integrating SAFEMTX data, including:• Gas readings• Relative CWAthreat level• Radiationdose rate• Alarm status• GPS location• Battery run time• RF signalstrength• Fault conditions• SAFEMTX min,max, andaverage valuesThrough the SAFECOM Command Center,alarms are identified with both visual andaudible alarms. Alarms can then beacknowledged and silenced, detectors canbe enabled and disabled, event logs andevent log history can be viewed, plus unitscan be customized to suit the specificdeployment scenario.The SAFECOM Command Centermaps SAFEMTX Detectors throughGPS technology, specific addressinputs or “click-and-dragging” iconsonto images.The SAFECOM Command Center is also aTCP/IP hub, allowing all information to beplaced on a network for remote viewing.Wireless TechnologyThe SAFESITE ® System provides up to twomiles of wireless communication betweenany SAFEMTX Detector,SAFECONNECT Belt-Bridgeand SAFECOMCommand Center.SAFECONFIGSoftware works withthe SAFECOMCommand Center orSAFECONNECT Belt-Bridge, enablingconfiguration of any SAFEMTX Detectoras a repeater. This added capabilitymaximizes deployment range andensures maximum signal strength andreliable deployment without the need tomove units.Components Work TogetherThe Sirius Wireless Interface features an IR linkwhich gathers the information from the Sirius MultigasDetector (PID, CO, H 2 S, O 2 and combustible gases)and then sends the information to the SAFECONNECTBelt-Bridge via Bluetooth technology.The SAFECONNECT Belt-Bridge converts the signal infrom the Sirius Wireless Interface and transmits theinformation plus GPS location back to the SAFECOMCommand Center via a 1 watt, spread spectrum,frequency hopping, 900 MHz radio..The SAFECOM Command Center receives the 900 MHz signalfrom the SAFECONNECT Belt-Bridge and converts it to practicalinformation for rapid decision making. The SAFESITE System candisplay simultaneous information from the SAFEMTX Detectorsand the Sirius Multigas Detector for complete | 1.800.MSA.2222

6413572PC Connection123456Threat Readings – scrolling readings of up to 16 MTXDetectors per channel. Unit is identified by large iconto the left of the readings. In alarm condition, displaysnaps to unit in alarm.MTX Icons – identify number of units enabled incurrent network. Users may view specific unitreading by double-clicking on icon.Map – option for map view or uploaded image view.Signal Strength – communication status fromSAFEMTX Detector to SAFECOM Command Center.Power – status of battery life of SAFEMTX Detecors.System Status – alerts user to alarm, warning or faultwithin a particular system.7Action Buttons – allow user to select address,cycle units, acknowledge alarms and enable ordisable units from the system.TrainingMSA also offers factory or field training sessions for the SAFESITE System.Training includes:• Sensing technology• Deployment recommendations• GPS features and usePlease contact your local MSA rep for more | 1.800.MSA.2222

SAFEPAC Perimeter Area Command KitSAFESITE ® SAFEPAC Perimeter Area Command Kitprovides a basic kit for quick deployment and monitoring ofan event or a location. The kit includes two Pelican caseswith an internal battery charger, 4 SAFEMTX Multi-ThreatDetectors, 1 SAFECOM Command Center, all necessaryPC interface software, and 4 extra batteries. A laptop PC isalso available as an option, or an existing PC can be used.1Case —Weather-resistant caseprovides safe storage of systemcomponents2Internal battery charger —Allows charging of systembatteries while in storage.Charges 4 back-up lithium-ionbatteries1463SAFEMTX Detectors —Store up to 4 customerspecifiedunits and powerthem through AC connection524SAFECOM Command Center —Storage for SAFECOMCommand Center pluslaptop PC5Calibration kit —Storage for calibrationkits in SAFECOM box(kit is optional)6Storage compartments —Storage for all power cords,adapters, manuals, calibrationcylinders and other relevantequipment3

SAFEMTX Multi-Threat Detector SpecificationsOperating Temperature -20˚ to +50˚C (-4˚ to +122˚F)Operating Humidity 0-95% RH, non-condensingDimensions12"W x 12.5"H x 7.75"DWeight11 lbs.Power110 VAC or 12 VDCRadio900 mHz, 1W, spread spectrum, frequency-hoppingBattery TypeLithium-ion or alkalineBattery Run-TimeLithium-ion with SAW 7 hoursLithium-ion without SAW 24 hoursGamma Radiation Detector SpecificationsCZT0-100 mRem/hr. - 0.1 mRem/hr. resolutionCZT0-1000 mRem/hr. - 1.0 mRem/hr. resolutionCWA Sensor SpecificationsTechnologySurface Acoustic Wave MicrosensorSensor Analysis Time 30 secondsWarm-up Time

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