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inspiring denmark inspiring denmark - Danish Design Association

INVITATIONINSPIRING DENMARKSeoul, 13-16 May 2012Official Danish Business Delegation to KoreaHeaded by Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince Couple of DenmarkaJoin the Danish business delegationheaded by HRH The Crown Princeand HRH The Crown Princess ofDenmark to Korea from 13-16 May2012. During the visit, TRH willparticipate in a series of businessand cultural events with the purposeof promoting Denmark and theDanish business community inKorea. The promotional activitiesscheduled for the visit offer a uniqueopportunity for Danish companieswithin architecture, design and lifestyle,cleantech, smart cities, lifescience, defence and food, foodtechnology and food safety to increasetheir profile with respect toboth existing and potential partnersin Korea.

INSPIRING DENMARK · Seoul, 13-16 May 2012THE BACKGROUNDThe official visit of TRH theCrown Prince Couple takes placeat a time of keen interest in Denmarkand Danish products andknow-how. It follows in the wakeof the very successful State Visit toDenmark of Korean President LeeMyung-bak in May 2011 duringwhich a bilateral Strategic Partnershipand a Green Growth Alliancewere established as a clear sign ofthe increasing mutual interest inforging closer ties. Denmark hasthe solutions and the know-howto deal with many of the most importantchallenges that Korea isfacing and to satisfy the demandsof the increasingly sophisticatedKorean consumers.KOREAKorea is the 15 th largest economyin the world and a true growtheconomy. Korea has proven to beone of the most resilient economiesto the current global economicslowdown and maintains asteady economic growth prospectfor 2012 and beyond. The Koreanbusiness community has establisheditself as a global frontrunnerin sectors such as shipbuildingand the automotive, constructionand electronics industries and hasnow set equally ambitious targetsfor future growth areas such as e.g.clean technology, biotechnologyand design.Partnering with a Korean companynot only targets the Koreanmarket but the wider global marketson which the Korean businesscommunity is well established.Furthermore the 50 million sophisticatedKorean consumershave a purchasing power that isclose to the level in Denmark andan increasing demand for highendproducts and services that areDanish strongholds, i.e. healthcare,foodstuffs and lifestyle itemsto mention a few.With the implementation of theEU-Korea Free Trade Agreement(FTA) in July 2011 - the most farreachingfree trade agreementever entered into by the EU - possibilitieson the Korean market forDanish exporters have never beenbetter.THE BUSINESS DELEGATIONThrough participation in theDanish business delegation toKorea, you are offered a rare opportunityto access businessexecutives and high-level decisionmakers from private and publicspheres and to present your companyas a relevant and valuablebusiness partner to Korean counterparts.In addition, you benefitfrom the massive media exposureand attention that follows fromthe official visit to Korea by TRHthe Crown Prince Couple.The business delegation is open toall Danish companies and institutionswith an interest in Korea. Anumber of dedicated tracks havebeen selected within the visit andrelated seminars and events willfocus on the following sectors:· Architecture & industrial design· Fashion, design andlifestyle products· Clean energy· Smart cities· Life science· Defence technology· Food Processing andTechnology· Food and GastronomyTo allow your company maximumflexibility, the programmeoffers a basic package to whichcan be added a choice of optionalelements depending on your priorexperience with the Korean marketand the specific needs of yourcompany.Related cultural events will alsobe used to brand Denmark andincrease media coverage of all thevisit related activities under theheading ‘Inspiring Denmark’The official Danish businessdelegation is organised by theConfederation of Danish Industry,the Danish Agriculture &Food Council, the Royal DanishEmbassy in Seoul in cooperationwith Export Promotion Denmark.THE CONCEPTBasic package· Company presentation in theofficial catalogue and on adedicated website introducingyour company to relevantKorean stakeholders.2

INSPIRING DENMARK · Seoul, 13-16 May 2012· Targeted direct mailing ofofficial catalogue with coverletter from the Royal DanishEmbassy to potentialKorean partners.· Welcome briefing in Seoul.· Participation in the ‘InspiringDenmark’ sector relatedactivities consisting of:- Participation in a sectorspecific seminar on 14 Maywithin the areas of architecture,cleantech, smartcities, life science, defencetechnology, food, foodtechnology and food safetyor the Shinsegae DepartmentStore Pop-up Shop (forfood retailers and fashion,design & lifestyle companies)or Product Display- Business lunch on March 14to which the Danish companiesand seminar participantsare invited. The companiesnot participating in seminarswill have the opportunity toinvite a limited numberof guests after agreement withthe Embassy and dependingon number of seats available.- Business dinner (preparedby a Danish chef) with entertainmentto which eachcompany has 5 seats (extraseats at an additional cost).TENTATIVE PROGRAMMESunday 13 th May 2012Arrival in SeoulVisit to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), optional/ add-onWelcome Briefing for the Danish business delegationMonday 14 th May 2012“Inspiring Denmark” ConferenceSector seminars and sector activities∙ “Clean Energy” sector seminar∙ “Smart Cities” sector seminar∙ “Life Science” sector seminar∙ “Life Style” event∙ “Defence” sector seminar∙ “Food Processing and Technology”∙ “Food and Gastronomy”∙ Product DisplayBusiness lunchOfficial DinnerTuesday 15 th May 2012Opening of Pop-up shop in Shinsegae Department StoreIndividual follow-upB2B meetings, prearranged by the embassy of Denmark (add-on)Site Visits, organized by the embassy of Denmark (add-on)De-briefing meeting for the Danish delegationCompanies whose products falloutside the scope of the sectorspecific seminars and the ShinsegaeDepartment Store pop-upshop may instead choose to havetheir products displayed in the of-3

INSPIRING DENMARK · Seoul, 13-16 May 2012ficial business lounge as part of thebasic package. Companies whowish to participate in both sectorspecific seminar and the ShinsegaeDepartment Store pop-up shopmay do so at an additional cost (see‘individual options’ for details).ADDITIONALINDIVIDUAL OPTIONSIndividual options as describedbelow will be organized basedon interest from members of thebusiness delegation:Visit to the DemilitarizedZone (DMZ)Members of the business delegationcan accompany T.R.H. theCrown Prince Couple on a specialvisit to the demilitarized zone(DMZ) separating the KoreanPeninsula. You will visit the onlyplace along the DMZ where militaryforces from both sides standface to face and get a unique insightinto the situation on the peninsula.The special DMZ tour for theT.R.H. the Crown Prince Coupleon 13 May includes briefings andsite visits by American and Danishofficers monitoring the cease-fire.Company Seminars/PresentationsMembers of the business delegationmay wish to hold individualcompany seminars or other eventsto reach targeted local participantsand ensure maximum impact oftheir visit. With this option youcan make your own programmeand define the focus of the event tosuit your needs and requirements.The Embassy will identify andinvite participants, arrange translationand manage all other practicalitiesin relation to the event.Companies that express interestin such an option will be contacteddirectly by the embassy for a quotation.Pre-arranged B2B meetings/sitevisitsThe Embassy can assist in arrangingindividual B2B meetingsbetween your company andpotential Korean partners regardlessof sector focus as well asorganize site visits. Companiesthat express interest in individualB2B meetings or site visits will becontacted directly by the embassy.Product DisplayYou may wish to have a small companypresentation and/or productdisplay in the business loungelinked to the venue where the sectorseminars, lunch and dinnerevents are held on 14 May. Twostanding company banners will besupplied as a supplement to this.If you wish to make use of this opportunityplease indicate it on theapplication form.Pop-Up Shop in ShinsegaeDepartment StoreFashion, design and lifestyle relatedcompanies as well as foodexporters can show and sell theirproducts for minimum 1 weekin a pop-up shop in the exclusiveShinsegae Department Store inone of Seoul’s most affluent districts.The opening of the pop-upshop is planned to take place onTuesday 15 th May in the presenceof TRH the Crown PrinceCouple and is expected to attractmassive media interest andprovide a unique opportunityto initiate or further promoteyour company’s opportunities inKorea.Danish companies whose productsare already sold in Korea willbe able to participate through asupplier agreement to be made betweenShinsegae and the importingKorean company or local Danishsubsidiary. Companies whoseproducts are not sold in Korea willbe suggested a temporary Koreanimporting agent that will handleall imports and customs handlingissues for the duration of the popupshop. The retail price will bebased on a calculation including10% VAT, a commission to Shinsegaewhich averages 25% (dependingon product) and commissionto the importing agent which willbe in the range of 25-50% dependingon the product.REGISTRATIONPlease register here and completethe online registration form nolater than 1 February 2012.FLIGHT & ACCOMODATIONThe travel agency BCD, Groups,Meetings & Events, has bookedseats on Finnair to Seoul and hasalso reserved hotel rooms for the4

INSPIRING DENMARK · Seoul, 13-16 May 2012BUSINESS PROGRAMArchitecture,Designand lifestyleCleanEnergySmartCitiesLifeScienceDefenceTechnologyFoodProcessingandTechnologyDesign Food&andLifestyleGastronomydelegation in advance. When youhave registered for the event, youwill receive an order form forbooking flights and accommodation.Architecture, Designand lifestyleArchitecture, design and lifestyleis of immense interest in Korea.Successful industrial design is partof the explanation for the increasingglobal popularity of Koreanbrands within e.g. the automotiveand electronics industry. Whetherfor the globally oriented Koreanindustry or construction sector,sourcing solutions and partneringwith foreign architects and designteams has become key to theKorean business communities’ability to maintain a global competitiveedge.Furthermore, the 50 millionKorean consumers have a sophisticatedtaste and a high propensityto consume and are increasinglydiversifying their spending habitsto include high-end imported articlesranging not only clothing andaccessories, but also interior designitems and lifestyle productsto fit their high purchasing power.Clean ENERGYClean energy is one of the mainfocus areas during the visit toKorea. As initiators of the GlobalGreen Growth Alliance Korea andDenmark has pledged themselvesto pursuing innovative and moreefficient energy solutions andmaking them globally available.As a first moving country, Danishcleantech companies have a lot tooffer Korea in terms of know-howand documented solutions. Opportunitiesare especially attractivein the sectors of windpowerand district heating. But overalltools and solutions for energy-efficienttechnology is demanded,as the Korean industry requiresenormous amounts of energy andis heavily dependent on the steadyflow of imported fuels. Danishtechnology and know-how canhelp Korea overcome its energyefficiency challenges and offersmajor business opportunities forDanish cleantech companies.SMART CITIESCities comprise complex urbansystems involving energy productionand consumption, transportation,water management anddifferent types of social interaction,to mention but a few. Managing,maintaining and developingthese systems pose various challengesfor everyone involved. Thisis particularly the case as cities becomemore populated, denser andbigger.Korea and Denmark have a lotin common; approximately 83%of the Korean population lives incities, and in Denmark the numberis 87%. For both countries, sustainabilityis no longer a choice: itis a must. As urbanization continuesto increase and the demand forenergy-efficient and sustainablesolutions for building smarter andmore efficient becomes a key priority.The Smart Cities Seminartherefore aims at bringing Koreanand Danish companies and decisionmakers together in order toexpand the frontier of smart andsustainable city planning.5

LIFE SCIENCEThe Korean Government has chosenthe bio-tech sector as one ofthe main business and researchpriorities for the future. As a consequenceof the political focus, theindustry has developed a solidfoundation in areas of education,research and commercialization.The sector is supported by Koreashighly advanced IT-sector and governmentinitiatives such a taxfreezones and research grants.The sector shows highly promisinggrowth rates at 20% yearly andis expected to maintain pace asproducts and solutions are introducedto the world market. Thefast development presents excitingbusiness opportunities for Danishcompanies offering know-how oralready commercialized products.6DEFENCE TECHNOLOGYThe Korean government has activelysupported its defence industryfor the last 40 years andencouraged military research andproduct development. The resultis a healthy amount of companiesproducing defence equipmentand technology. Throughthe last years Korean companieshave secured major contracts forproducing fighter jets and XK-2battle tanks to both Turkey andIndonesia and therefore having asignificant impact on the nationaleconomy. With large productionscapabilities already in place inKorea, Danish companies mayfind interesting opportunities inoffering advanced software-, communication-,surveillance- andmonitoring technology.Food PROCESSING ANDtechnologyThe sector program will consistof 2 sessions, morning and afternoon,separated by an officialbusiness lunch. The morning activityis targeted a sector seminarfor customers, authorities andmedia with local and Danish keynote speakers, and short companypresentations. At the seminareach company has approximately20 minutes to present solutionswithin automation, efficiency, andnew technology within food production.The afternoon programis focused on building relationswith potential and existing customers,and consists of arrangedB2B meetings. Individual tableswith company signs will be set up.Option of arranging a site visiton the 15 th of May to a slaughterhousenear Seoul to promoteDanish technology along the entireproduction chain to customersand authorities is available.This will be decided upon requestfrom participating companies, andwithholds an additional cost.The primary target group in Seoulincludes the largest slaughterhouses and food production companies,relevant authorities andmedia.Food AND GASTRONOMYThe sector activities will be basedon a morning session including apresentation of Danish food safetyin a European context with localand Danish key note speakers,meetings arrangements, a gastroevent including product presentationswith a well-known Danishchef, and press coverage.Contact meetings based on companyprofiles and requests willbe arranged during the day, andtables with company signs areavailable for smaller product promotion,brochures or similar materials,followed by product presentations.The target group in Seoul includesfood producing companies, retailers,distributors, food service andrelevant media.

INSPIRING DENMARK · Seoul, 13-16 May 2012FEESPrice for Participation(The prices are contingent on a minimum of 50 participating companies and a subsidy fromthe Danish Trade Council)Basic package (compulsory), covering 2 company representatives:- Architecture, Design, Life style DKK 21.805- Clean tech DKK 21.805- Smart Cities DKK 21.805- Life Science DKK 21.805- Defence Technology DKK 21.805- Food Processing and Technology DKK 21.805- Food and Gastronomy DKK 25.635- Pop-up shop in Shinsegae department store DKK 15.195Extra Company RepresentativesIf your company wishes to participate with more than two persons, an additional amount of DKK 3,600 willbe charged per each additional person. This also covers one extra seat at lunch and one extra seat at dinner.Additional packages such as individual seminars, pre-arranged B2Bmeetings,site visits and product displays can be purchased at an additional cost:Individual Seminar:Please contact the embassy directly for prices and further planningPre-arranged B2B contact meetings:Please contact the embassy directly for prices and further planningSector specific site tours:Please contact the embassy directly for prices and further planningVisit to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)Price covering 2 persons DKK 915,-Product display in business lounge:6 sqm. space with 2 banners and 1 coctail table DKK 3.695Pop-up Shop in Shinsegae Department store DKK 6.865Additional seats at the official dinner:Price per extra seat DKK 6355 seats in total are included in the basic priceNB! extra seats are sold on a first come first served basis and are subject to availabilit.Please register here7

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT:Confederation of Danish IndustrySundkrogskaj 20 · DK-2100 Copenhagen · Tel.: +45 3377 3017 · · Jen Holst-Nielsen· jhn@di.dkDanish Agriculture & Food CouncilAxelborg, 3 Axeltorv · DK-1609 Copenhagen V · Tel.: +45 3339 4000 · · Mette Gammicchia · mjg@lf.dkThe Danish Export AssociationGlarmestervej 20A · DK-8600 Silkeborg · Tel.: +45 8681 3888 · · Halldor Halldorsson · halldor.halldorsson@dk-export.dkRoyal Danish EmbassyNamsong Building, 5 th , 260-199 Itaewon-Dong · Yongsan-Gu · Seoul, 140-200 · Tel.: +82 2 795 4187 · ·Thierry Hoppe · thihop@um.dkExport Promotion Denmark83 Vester Voldgade, 2 nd floor · DK-1552 Copenhagen V · Tel.: +45 3332 1711 · · Michael Stahlschmidt ·

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