Agenda User Meeting - UrbanSim
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Agenda User Meeting - UrbanSim

Zurich, 12 May 2010Revision: 5UrbanSim User Meeting 17.5.-18.5.2010 in ZurichAgendaCLA J1 Tannenstrasse 3, 8092 Zürich, next to the main building ETHZ (Monday)HIT F22 Value Lab, ETH Hönggerberg, Wolfgang-Pauli-Str. 27,8093 Zürich (Tuesday)Monday, 17 May 2010Time Content (Speaker) Room10:00 Welcome + introductions(K.W. Axhausen, ETHZ)10:15 Towards a Model of Business Dynamics: PreliminaryAnalysis of Establishment Panel Data(Tierra Bills, Andrea Broaddus, Paul Waddell, UCB)11:00 Break11:15 Endogeneity and Sampling of Alternatives in SpatialChoice Models(C. Angelo Guevara, MIT; presented by Paul Waddell, UCB)12:00 Applying UrbanSim to the Greater Paris Region in thecontext of the SustainCity project: Preliminary results ofthe first run(Navid Khademi, ENSC; Hakim Ouaras, THEMA)12:45 Lunch14:00 Simulating residential location choice at differentgeographical levels with UrbanSim(Marko Kryvobokov, Dominique Bouf, Nicolas Ovtracht,Pierre-Yves Peguy, Alain Bonnafous, LET)14:45 The integrated transportation and energy activity-basedmodel (iTEAM) envisions to enhance sustainability andwell-being through the evaluation of "green policies"(Bruno Santos, FCTUC)15:30 BreakCLA J1CLA J1CLA J1CLA J1CLA J1CLA J11

UrbanSim User Meeting 17.5.-18.5.2010 in Zurich: Agenda ____________________________________ 12 May 201015:45 Applying UrbanSim to the Greater Paris Region in thecontext of the Sustain City project: A road map for futureinnovations(Nicolas Coulombel, Seghir Zerguini, André de PALMA,ENSC ; Nathalie Picard, THEMA)16:30 Residential and job location: Firm and worker points ofview(Nathalie Picard, THEMA ; André de Palma, ENSC ;Delphine Drouet, Mamy Traoré, THEMA)17:15 Discussion(Paul Waddell, UCB)CLA J1CLA J1CLA J117:30 EndTuesday 18 May 2010Time Content (Speaker) Room09:30 Interactive design and visualization of urban spacesusing geometrical and behavioural modelling(Carlos Vanegas, Purdue University)10:30 Value Lab and Research Projects of the Chair ofInformation Architecture ETHZ(Gerhard Schmitt and Antje Kunze, ETHZ)HIT F22HIT F2211:30 Break11:45 Discussion "developers idea"(Christof Zöllig, ETHZ)12:15 Outlook and discussion(Paul Waddell, UCB)HIT F22HIT F2212:45 Close13:30 Transfer per bus to the centreOrganisation:Registration:Prof. K.W. Axhausen, ETHZ ( P. Waddell, UCB ( Monday 17. May 19:00Restaurant Kreis 6,Scheuchzerstrasse 65, 8006 Zürich, 044 362 80 06

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