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-CRYSTAL POWELLGlANNl ELLEFSENammQaGlANNl ELLEFSENA.J. MILLERSIC IPDITORWILLIAM ATHEYPHOTOSRoyce aacobsCover/KarenXtAoskoveitsDISTRIBUTIONWike HarreIsonmate CroxfordWRITERSHelea Wolf* RoyceJacobs- John mrgachTrevorWillioms.Scott Farley *DavidMcCleIlan- JebBranin-JJ. CoombeGary SaweIson*JAWDBrian McNamara wAndrea Packere JeanneIvrrrsulSLUG is publiehad by the 5th of en& month.The wrHlm la contributed bv free-lance wrilenr. Illw WfitInQ is me opinton of (he witers and is notn.cauaniv .- that of BLUCSLUG is noc lwek IIresponslbk tcr A-We= or advarilsen. If youdon'l agree mth what Is sald ... WRITE. Allsubmlsslons must be mved no later @an(he25th of the month. We IN not to edtl any of theIelng that is sent. We ~;ank everyone ior ywrwntlnued support.SLUG STASLUG is rinted by thefifth of tk month, thedeadline is the 28th ofthe month1PLANETSLUGPhone (801) 487.9221Fa1 (801) 487.13592120 South 700 EastSuite H--200S.L.C., UT 841 06-1 884E-mail us at...Slugmag@aol.comDON'T GETSCREWED,,,MAKE YOUR VOICEHEARDPBS, (Public Broadcasting System)NPR (National Public Radio), and thearts are facing major cutbacks infunding. Despite the efforts of eachstation to reduce spending costs andstreamline their services, the governmentofficials believe that the fundingcurrently going to these programs is toolarge a portion of funding for somethingwhich is seen as "unworthwhile".Currently, taxes from the general publicfor PBS equal $1.12 per person per year,and the National Endowment for theArts equal6 $64 a year in total. AJanuary 1995 CNNIUBA Tohayl~ailu~poll indicated that 76% of Americanswish to keep funding for PBS, third onlyto national defense and law enforcementas the most valuableprograms for.federal funding.Each year, the Senate andHouse Appropriationscornmitees each have 13subcommiterk withjurisdiction over manyprograms and agencies.Each subcom mitee passesit$ own appropriation bill.The goal each year is to haveeach bill signed by thebeginning of the fiscal year,which is October 1. In theinstance of the Corporationof Public Broadcasting, thebill determines the fundingfor the next t hw years.When this issue comes up in1996, the funding will bedetermined for fiscal years1996-1990. The only waythat our representatives canbe aware of the base ofsupport for PBS and fundingfor these types of programs is bymaking our voices heard. Put your nameon the list (see below) This list will beforwarded to the President of the UnitedStates. Vice Preeident of the UnitedStates, and RepresentativeNewtGingrich, who is the instigator ofthe action to cJt funding to theseworthwhile programs. Forward this to 'everyone you know, and help us to keepthese programs alive.Thank you.GET ON THE LISTWE WILL FORWARD IT FOR YOU!... write or callSLUG Maaazine2120 south 700 eaetsuite h-200s.1.c. ut. 04106-18941.001.407.92211.001.407.1359 (fax)e-mail

Interview...with theUmpireMr. Pink'sDad...The Big PinkWell for New Year's Eve, instead ofdriving around with all of the drunk idiotson the road, I decided to spend the eveningrappin with my Dad, Papa Pink, or as helikes to be called "Big PinYBetween the noddingoff and the Brandy refills, it was prettyexciting as far as a date with your Dad goes.-ME: So Dad..BP: Big Pi & me Big Pink, your Motherused to ... what magazine$ it you write for,SLUT?ME: SLUG Dad, SLUGBP: Slug is German for "hit"ME Anyway, wh?f:$hd .. of Year did You.have? . .>BP: The kind that make y& wish you couldstill get it upME: So, did you make anylutions?BP: Fake the queer revolution?!!MEr Did you*^ any soal motkies thk+ ~aril'ME: New Years resolutions, did yoany New Years resolutions?BP: Oh,..yea, I made a few. Lbt me seegoing to stop giving my kids any mon What was cool tI@ year?ME: Thanks alotBP: And I will stop fantasizing aKathy LeeI... ,ME: Doing what?BP: Me!ME: W t would Regis do? .BP: At my age, he can hold,^helps.ME: What else?"7BP: You will stop a&g me que$iond' ABP: Prank calls to Blue Boutique, $ta stop. . M& No...~dy.ME:1You?BP: People will die.BP: Oh for a long time now:..twi ?'day ME: YQU are psychic! "'ME: Who do you talk to?BP: I will have one more good erection beforeBP: Doesn't matter. more! t about I, boy? I . ME: Dad, you have only one thing on yourME: I promise to stop paying yqex ... or mind.teach my dog to make change? BP: You'll take all the sei'svtf out of yorir ,BP: Where did you get that wth... . article, right? --'ME: I learned it from you D&&ght?!! ME: Of course II ,BP: You watch too much TVu . tME: And? , Happy New Year Dad. ''* 6BP: There's nothing on ex4t that fat whore -Mr. Pink,Carnie, and those Red Pepper Chili guys indresses kissing each othmJayouwoman I usedBP: Have sex, or sleep w-+?ME: BothBP: Bo &...Sophia Loren, Julie, the blackWw\an on Sportscenter _'What about Madohna?BP: I wouldn't let that ugly Pitch kiss thePresidmME: Kiss the president? 'Be Ya know the ~resideni.~. b@k Nixon(galis hi crotch) 1,hF!:Have sex witii? ,. , 'Claudb Schiffer, or $h&I9r or whatever .that babe's name is: ' "' AMrS1eep with? - *.,. ...BP: Sjlwartzl , , , , :ME: Your cit?!BP: Only person I trust. . ,,ME: Alaw Mo+sette? -. .BP: wo's thafl .-. . .A:., - -' :!.gLbGreen Day video is on the TV,guy .. ."ga?BP: T , &He guy on TV, when he sings, helooks we he's getting buggered.I

Hackin' Up The HitsYeah, I know: v q original--everyoneelse did it lhstmonth, why am I doing itnow? Hey, this ain't exactly Details. magazinehere, we have no obligation to be on the cuttingedge (we really do need some fashionspreads, though-right, G?). Besides, wewriter-types think that the world hinges onour every word, unaware that no one reallycares what the hell we think and that we'rejust filling up the spaces between pictures.Remember, kids: opinions are like Hootie &The Blowfish CD's--everybody's got one andthey all stink. My Top 20 of 1995:Foo Fighters, FOb Fighters : This thingrocks start to finish and there's not a badsong on it-which is it lot more than I can sayabout anything Niana did post-Nevermind(I can see the letters pouring in now). DaveGrohl wrote, played and sang everything onFw Fighters, which is.amazing, consideringthat most drummers are lean on even basicmotor skills.Yo La Tengo,Electr-o-Pura : At the top ofthe list that I faxed to Grid magazine's poll(anything for free t-shirt) and, like everyother Y6T alb&, it sot leiis expos& thanwomen's hai-l&&dson SPN. Robitussenrock for now people.Scarce, Deadsexy : I reviewed anadvance copy of this in June, right about thetime,guitarist Chick Graning was hospitalizedfor a severe brain hernmorhagemyreviews tend to do fhat. A&M then pushedthe release date back to this coming February,thus giving me a second chance' to tell youwhat a killer album this is-great songs, rawguitars, rawer vocals, and now, probably areally cool head-scar ala Kimberly on Melrose&ce. What more do yorcwant? Get it!Mr. Bungle, Disco Volante : A TacoSupreme effort to aliem'te even those hundredor so sick08 who bought the last Mr.Bungle CP in '91. Lead bizarristMikePatton's squad appearantly smoked afew wheelbarrows of crack, hit the recordbutton, and charged it a! to Warner Bms.Combine thqt with zero-Faith No More buzzto coast on this time (FNM's newest, King ForA Day, sunk quicker than Baywatch Nights ),and you've got this year's noisiqt corporateloss leader.Southern CultureOn The Skids, Dirt TrackDate : Geffen releasedthis ? The first time Iheard Dirt Track Date Iswore it was an ancientCreedence Clearwaterbootleg. Of course, the 8shots OF Jagermiesterdidn't help-or maybethey did, who knows? Imissed the show andnow I'll never hear thelend of it from Atheyonce I come out of ihecloset as a SCOTS fan,Les Straitjackets,report that "~ueer"bas a favorite track at E-crazed Joe Waldholta's weekend raves--tryto get that image out3pf your brain!Radiohead, The qnds : Whoever the pinheadat Cdpitol was who decided that "FakePlastic Trees" (a song so mellow, even Yannifans nodded OH) shoul4 be the first single offThe Bends needs his assmthreaded.Someone finally smelledlthe ether later in theyear and issued "Just," pesibly the best songand video of '95. For being,skinny whiteEnglish guys, Radiohead bow how to pileon the guitars-it's almost anough to makeme forgive the UK for shit lke Bush andMensw&r, but I'm going to+ a 1ittIemore convincing ...the best places tohad to be left off due to legal th*ts fromStevie Wonder. Answer of the yept4: "Ifthere's nothing new in rock n' roll, why bother?":"Because they giye you lo&+ ofmoney1'-yeah!CElastica, Elastica : OK, let's jusbhake itthree. Stimboy sez he prefers Blur t&asisbecause "Blur writes bad Madness sangs,Oasis writes bad Small Faces songs: tpchoice is clear." Elastica's US debut isk$ockfulla loaned lick from Wire (they've g6t thelawsdt to prove it), but who cares when itsounds this cool? Also one of the best liveshows of the year-for skinny white Englishgirls, that is.The Amps, Pacer : Full-figured all-American girl Kim Deal's side project (orsideside project, depending on the status ofthe Breeders these days) The Amps are a littlevague on details-is it a opewoman show?Were aliens in the studid.hw is flashbackto the Pixie's heyday, wi€h gore than g littleglue-sniffing vertigo throvh in and NOscreaming fat guys.Royal Tnur, Thank You : Any album thatmakes you feel like you need a shower afteronly one listening has to be good. SingerJulie Herramma gives a close approximationof Ax1 Rose gargling glass, while the bandserves up a Southern Boogie-via-Lower Eastside meatloaf (that's small "mu). I'm willingto bet that RT lives for the day when that guyyells out "Freebird" at a show-they'd delivera rendition that could sterilize the BibleBelt (and isn't about time someone did that?).The Presidents Of The United States OfAmerica, The Presidents Of The United StatesOf America : After typing out thetitle, theremay not be mom to say anything about theCD itself! The bio blurb goes: "3 guys, 5strings, one nation under God." Whateverthisis just flat-out, loopy rock and there reallyaren't enough songs about dune buggies inthe world these days.Eve's Plum, Cherry Alive : Speaking ofpower pop, Eve's Plum gets ragged on forbeing Blondie With Balls-well, someone'sgot to do it! Cherry Alive is thier secondalbum of sweet n' sour chainsaw pop, but theone to look for is last year's live EP I Want ItAll, featuring the ultimate speed-punk versionof that dim classic "I Will Survive"-suck on that, Drips. 'Eleven, Thunk! : Eleven may forever beknown as Jack Irons' Band Between The ChiliPeppers And PearSJam. Too bad, becauseThunk! (or either of-thier previous 2 GDs) @better than anything Eddie & The LQSm , .have wheezed out in years. Unforturiately,,Eleven is on Hollywood Records, who ratherspend thier advertising $ on no-hit wonderslike Gwen Mars, or exhuming FreddyMercury one more time .PJ Harvey, To Bring You My h e : oliveOyYs revenge.Vim, Vim : Hate to sound like that otherhack, but you suck for missing this show.Vim played SK on December 1st to an audienceof about eight, counting bartenders vdthe opening band. Vim , the CD, is layeredwith thick bass chording, space gtriters,tamburs and diimbek (?), and D..Cawley'ssoaring Chrissie Hynde-does-Cranberriesvoice. It's also hard to come by since it's anindependent (i.e. self) releasi?, so try this:Vim, PO Box 301, Redwood Estates, CA95044; emaik me,it's worth the effort*

Joan Osborne, Relish : Anoth& amazing live show, but this one(Zepyhr) was packed to the walls. Relish only hints at the sheerpower Joan Osbome lets loose onstage-yeah, I'm the one whocoined the term "Led Joplin" for her. The album (released in March)was barely noticed until September, when Mercury finally. gotaround to m*g "One Of Us" a pri~rity single. As usual, the firstsingleis the most annoying thiicg on the ahole album: "What if Godwas one of &"-he'd take this fucking song out of rotation and puton "Right Hand Mand," "Spider Web," or "Let's Just Get Naked"and cancel -VH-l !Plus, a couple of compilations:Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits (various): LizPhair/Material Issue cranking out The Bamna Splits, Matthew Sweetswingin' to Scooby Doo, Where Are You? , Butthole Surfers performingunnatural acts on Underdog, Sublime giving a dub/& makeover to aHong Kmg Phooey -where the hell is The Tick ?! And'Ruisted Willie (various): That's right-Willie Nelson covers!Done old and new school by L7 w/ Waylon Jennings (!),Supersuckets, Best Kissers In The Wor1d;Steel Pole Bathtub, JohnnyCash, Rev. Horton Heat, and Kelley "FedEx-when you redly needit by tomorrow" Deal w/ Krii Kristofferson. Cool stuff, but alsoproof-positive that the Tribute Album well is running a little drywho'snext? William Shatner? .-Helm Wolf

f . . ..2.. -. ,'The.Bar & Grill is a private clubforfnepbers.'' > .,. ,., ..% . -. .

Expression"Once again, Utah's politiciansare attempting toestablish laws that are misguided bytheir very nature, andunnecessary. Senator Charles H.Stewart, Utah County, has drafted abill that will establish an age limit forpersons to receive tattoos. This draft, ifapproved. will be reviewed and votedupon during the 19% LegislativeSession, which begins this month.Mic Radford, owner of SouthernThunder Tattoos, after hearing of thisbill, phoned the Senator directly.Stewart informed Radford that, insummary, his bill will make it a felonyfor a tattoo artist to provide services toanyone under the age of 19. Radfordand the owners of Utah's other tattoostudios have since been in contact; all'have expressed opposition to regulationof the tattoo profession.According to the office ofLegislative Research & GeneralCounsel, as of Jan. 4 the bill had justundergone its first draft. The text nowmust be approved by the Senator,returned to Legislative Research, whowill request a final approval from theSenator, and assigned a number beforebeing introduced this LegislativeSession. Given the current status of thebill, the Senator could still makechanges if he wishes. "Regardless ofany changes the Senator may make,I'm opposed to any regulation of thetattoo industry" says Radford. 'Thereare important issues at stake that Ibelieve preclude any laws whatsoever"Senator Stewart is a physician byprofession. When Radford pressed himabout the basis of the bill, the Senatorindicated that he has removed tattooson people who didn't want them anymore.Therefore, this bill intends toregulate an individual's regret foractions taken previously. Is it thegovernment's responsibility toestablish laws based on the emotionsof the general population?Radford says no."Tattoo artists areproviding a requested sewice, andshould not be charged criminallybecause a customer later regrets his orher actions" he says. Receiving atattoo is a personal, cosmetic choice,not unlike ear piercing, hair styling,liposuction, or breast implants. "If aperson receives a hair cut &nd bates itthree weeks later, we don't arrest thehair stylist" says Radford. "If awoman, after five years, doesn't likethe look of her breast implants, thedoctor who oerformed the surgerv -. isnot arrested" So, a tattoo artist shouldnot be charged with a felony when acustomer later wishes they had notreceived a tattoo.This bill, unlike otherage-restrictive laws, is not respondingto health issues for tattoo customers.Alcohol is restricted to persons overthe age of 21 in part because, before acertain age of human development,alcohol can damage the body. Drugsare illegal because of side effects andsubstances within them that areunhealthy. However, tattooing is safeand does not threaten the medicalhealth of the individual when Health ,Department guidelines are followed."Senator Stewart did not say he isproposing this bill because of healthproblems caused by tattoos" saysRadford. "He only related cases wherehe has removed tattoos that are nolonger wanted"Nor is this proposed legislation aneffort to protect individuals fromharm. Drunk driving laws are in placeto protect other motorists from theintoxicated individual. Drugs arerestricted because they can cause anindividual to harm himself or thosearound him. Having a tattoo, however,does not pose a threat to the safety ofthe customer or anyone else."I can understand laws that addressthe health or safety of the population"says Radford, "but neither issue is aproblem within the tattoo industry, noris either issue the basis for this draftedbill"Without concerns of health or safety,is regulation necessary within a professionthat is demonstrating a sense ofresponsibility and regulating itself?Utah's tanoo studios are professionaland sensitive to age-related issues. Atleast two studios, including SouthernThunder, currently do not tattoominors. Radford has tattooed minors inthe past, but only with parentalconsent. "The parent had to sign therelease form when making the appointmentand be prep1 while their childreceived the tattoo"Artists are aware of the issues pertainingto age and tattoos, some ofwhich are basic common sense. "Iwould never tattoo anyone under theage of 16 simply because they are stillgrowing and that tattoo will change asthey grow" Radford says. With tattooartists already taking such responsibilityfor their work and sening reasonableguidelines, "it's unnecessary toimpose regulation on an industry thatis taking appropriate steps to regulateitself' Radford says.Furthermore, there are laws currentlyin place allowing legal recourse forminors. The parents of a minor mayfile criminal charges under existingchild abuse laws. So. one mightconclude that the child abuse-laws,coupled with the self-imposed policieson the part of Utah's tattoo artists.eliminate the need for SenatorStewart's drafted bill.According to Radford, theSenator indicated he is concernedbecause tattoos are permanent. "Everyone of my customers, whether 17 or70 years old, is aware of this" Radfordsays. The fact that tattoos arepermanent is not an industry secret."However, I will argue that people arefree to make a number of other choicesthat are just as permanentA teenage girl can choose to havesex. and face very penyentconsequences if she gets pregnant."How many 16 and 17-year-old kidsare 'permanently' killed each year onbullet bikes, but we don't arrest themotorcycle salesman,and charge himwith a felony" says Radford. "You canget married at age 16, but we don'tarrest the person who performed themarriage ceremony should the couplechange their mind later and file fordivorce"Radford delves deeper, illuminatingthe threat posed by the first lawrestricting personal choice. "Look atwhat has happened to Utah tobaccolaws," he says. Smoking regulationshave become increasingly restrictive,as recently as the 1995 LegislativeSession. "It starts with one law" saysRadford. "Once the first law isestablished, it is much easier to createmore laws, slowly chipping away at anentire industry"Such long term erosion could nowbe facing the tattoo profession. "If thisball gets rolling with the Legislature,they could eventually eliminate ourability to receive tattoos and expressourselves in a manner we feel is attractiveand demonstrates our individuality"says Radford. This bill is imposinga moral judgment, taking away thefreedom for individuals to choose howto adorn themselves.And it may not stop with the tattooindustry. "Next there will be laws regulatingwhat color you can dye yourhair, what styles of clothes you canwear, further eliminating our freedomto choose how we want to look"Radford says. "With all the health andsafety issues facing society today;medical care, rampant violent crime,an overloaded justice system, andovercrowded prisons, it's unrealisticand misguided for government toassume the responsibility of regulatingbow people choose to adorn themselves"The readers of SLUG, who havealways been leaders in the area of personalstyle and expression, are aboutto have their liberties violated andtheir freedom restricted - again.Radford urges SLUG readers to lookat the issues discussed in this articleand recognize that the nature of thisbill is a moral one; an individual'sdecisions about his or her appearanceare not the responsibility of the governmentor the tattoo artist."We need to react to this situationand inform our legislators that weoppose this bill and the regulation ofthe tattoo industry, starting withSenator Stewart" Radford urges. Thenames, addresses, and phone numbersof Utah representatives are publicdomain:Senator Charles H. Stewart447 West 4 150 Northhovo, Utah 84606Home: 22 1-0748Office: 375-4100"I encourage SLUG readers to startcalling Senator Stewart and their localrepresentatives,i says Radford. 11intend to continue fighting this b,ill,contacting every state official as thisprogresses towards the floor of theLegislature." Information for contactingall state representatives is availableby calling Southern Thunder Tattoos at485-8282."Senator Stewart indicated to methat he wishes to send a message to thetattoo profession," Radford says."With the current problems we're facingbecause of an oversized government,I believe the Senator's effortswould be bener directed at placingresponsibility for these personal issuesback onto the individual. their family,and their personalenvironment."-Andrea PackerED: As well wrillcn as thisarticle is, I have one more thing tosay. I have NO tatioos. Not yet atleast, and Mic probabb believes Inever will. Not important. What isimportant, is that this has little to dowith the ad of tattooing, and much todo about choice. Your choice. Don'tbe fooM The price oj'apaihy ismuch too high. uyou don't openyour mouth, who will open it for you?

I ' "'The Hut-.',. y-.-.. 5 "1-us to anyone, right? Wrong! Roomrates at the user friendly Positively 4@' Street are on average $50-100 higher,rooms of equal size at Downbw~~h4usiic. -And what glorious rooms they arel Ihaven't Been all tbt Positively 4th St. hasto a*, but the handful of r+ that I didget 20 see smelled likd cat pbl wereof the rules that they incur (ancl.they only~ hof us o in ~ i ~ nthe w lutury ~ of ~ tcfam~ed and ma*' Poor use of Tacel allow 1 guest per band Bingo!owning a secluded piece of prctperty orwere extremely difficult to get gear in and You +k around, you get fukd. &k*hd space w~ to hu*ourampllIi-. . out of andhad inadequate power supp~es Wicked bocehce if you'don't belie*,,,cation devica * dhath up tpNQ to mention'the bullshit Fat goo$ @IT - -It's a rehedd studio, not a '!come downbus, brhgbg~-tb life the prirnal fest~ngsrig& ou'tside the front door with all t& and che& 6ut my band je@le&. Sotht pervade our brains as songs, $9dealers and vagrants droaling all o v ~ what is the manaiement 6f Downtownforced to pay exarbi?&nt fees to in YQ"' m" eyen wants to there at . music requir6d to prsy-lde for yo? since itme ccf wo places to lopd bands:to Be P ~ for-drugsb! v ~ cost$ Sb much ~ and the ~ lease states ~ thatPoai~vdy d& Street or Dom&Wn- mugged pr have your car fucked with? I'll bands am practidly held accountable for- adfit that faint smell of rotbg semen,. If.the_re is another place tha;P&ts out -. -all possible situations, as wen as holding-.&mrsal space to bands in the Saltpis and vomit re-d me of going to hefty deposits? Not too fueking mu&.*.-'wlley t)ren call me hequse I am nofawarebahd practicebach in New Jews or even Heak,=ele&-icity, a h&onal soqa,3.of it.-What I am awaluref is that botha few places that my friends and I'uuouJd, , machig, ahd toil& paper. bne out of fourof' theseeplaces are money grubbing stinkpmctice at in Brooklyn, but hell, every- ain't baddTBeing ? paying custo&ler,at :.bksS&t could give two &hits aboutthing smeUs like that tt-t9re..,About a half '"Dowrrtoyn &f&c for almost d,'&L@s, local music, pr The needs of 1~caLmile away on 8th South and b ties the Lu$nyt Wbeen fighting for 24 hpr~p~Tciart~~Z~~at~~con;d~~ntl~-unde~ %o spcond option for local bands not w*Wg . access sinceday ,me iind bas b&-i@piwt-$adu;rtrat it ~y$tiwest Fgner of Piqeer.' b wear gas mash and clin;b-flights of edly shot d& by whdsyiy 'i&mi to be'I && lies a cofidemned,di&@ase infested, &bs through;hu~ to g+k~rac-' managing at thje tQne for kqexcusk inred brkk building $hat appears ta be justtice, Down~'~s~c.This is the'place ' the,w~kl& It is& !ust the Ir?anag&$ifs.- PKaiw for somiocalwhere my bd,-tii&ut calls home and it fablt eWIer. Fha* brought up m*obbyied put it out dpjL.miseq. Human Shitis the base of my dealings with titost of the le& afahia-lisd hours o$ ope ratio^. .' hnd used needlei (w9rks)'Ym the alleys of 9- l&al b;rr;ds that I cba&der W s , groba- with' o,fier bands that &em to be jwtpsFositivel~ 4th Stree~ $&me*i~ siivkal of . bly + bcause we ke each at&-& the hwtrated'wijh the fact that they a& pay-'*dt Lake's well es@&&$&a bandS ernus - tiG taeamg and pLa- o'L"-' : ing a I?tdmoney for an incomplete &-:,~d- a wyj;~bis tk $lace.Management has been the Achhwkr&l of - 6ice.yet they do very tittle about-tRe&.b~-& jt*$luxuf2 all&whg 24 hour ai:cess to"wntO~ Mw'c accmd% tO se*aldi~ tion &d.coi~t&ue b pi~t .trp with h;tvjng,is the only reason I can' - gruntled%an+ who w ~dd bddpay '.limited acce&& a,space that we are .pay=p ~ up t with such atro- higher prices and lie iq fhe-s$$a'gf;,$f . .ing for. Don't be a .p*..Get you fucking.cious mnditiarr and juY tough it wt and Posifively 4th Street than pu%$with all of heads out of your Iaq m;sician:sppay. The 24 h6~system is enfOked by a the idiotic rule% a-ne hds af opera- . and help-fne do scpethihg aboM it. It '^=ria of +@tal c-wtiofi l ~(ls that rep- ti~fi~ and general i n ~ m ' ~ such ~ to#;zve ~ to ~ brhgpou d d&m aqd(atate hallways. I bpoke to the inconvenience that Downto- is famous amps home after a show just k~ have to.wha is 6nlqr avaflable od Tuesday nigh& for. The walls are thin and the fluorescent reload it in and then unload it6-9 pmr& he me..sevem[lighti* Qves me a headache i~ timel again when Downtm dwides to be open., mom bf &err avatlaue and explained sound like my mother..i) 'And I say "decides" becape anyone whoi how tliy!)gkm work. But after spendingbut the am prew 'lean and there shows up right at the opening time is wellB+soF.fwgw Po~velY 4& itbig dive~ity to the size and shape d'f the aware that you will be sitting in your qr,.seems:,*at an md evesyone can get moms available so it's not c.&pletely krri- ! foj-fifteen minutes until someone Fomes tocmta tsbbildinp by jmtutanding mu4d ble findhg sbmelhing within yow,bafld's unlock the dosts. They are ctosed on every:a* PlSing fm "Ute dildi~it apen. Getting budget. Sametimes tke cob machiak majw holiday, every winte~solstice d-,to blwaes is as kasy as getti% a . works. Sometimes there's toilefpaper. every go&dm time I need to 'm downISometimes there's a lock qn the door. there and pick up my four'track and recordY&~ n&m&r wall pnd ,fccorddinpg to kverd mwicjam WPO - there's just a &PFY littk PoS~-~~ this great newsong idea, It is bullshit and:Pth SWet home, the management changesnote! M@ of the time, however:the,ftORt %;or codes ~f will and it is up to Downtown Music is closed. Hours of ope+the musicians to call in and g& new atim are-from 3pm to midnight: Nine&ess code at random. Now I don? have hours a day. This sucks* As ppo*g.&'tell you all how important 24 hour . tome& 1 require 24 hour Y day access to mjr'access is* a musiciw. We live our lives roam and equipmgnt as long as my rentisnot by b 9 to.s butaround the and paid. There is absolutely no need £or a-being able to pra~tie, record, or @t plain buirding mger be in @e buit&ng atu~oa~your ban#s gear: after a show at a11 times, Why? Because in the lease agree-,"2:~ am on any given day in the place that ment is clearly states that the~igpd,~ar- ..'9ou are paying for would seem bl&ntly 'ties are held responsjbie for any -: andall . :- - .I-_lb .ctactions, damage and/or theft that canoctq on said premises. That leaty. that.pusigned is also full qf rules if +]$.one ever .cared to glanee through it. Bands are.&~pomiblefor iqsuring fikir 09 eqdpment.You a5 also held responsible for,your pests and any damage or ighition 'it is unnecessary. We pay for a $emice inadequate. 24 hour access @ a roomthat you are paying for should be the bareminimum that is cwidezed acacceptablaWe'll only get it if eyeryone sticks together,abides by the.simple q&s+of the game, .and bitches aboi it. Constantly. Every day.,Every time you pay rent,-evkq W e yousee a manager in the halls, every time yo@see a band after practice. ..tnvTIL rr's FD(ED !!!!, ~'


Well, for the second year in arow, On Thanksgiving-Eve I was atSpanky's Cinema Bar witnessingwonderful live music. This is kind ofturning into a tradition for me.Thanksgiving rolls around and TheCinema Bar brings in some killer bandand I leave the house to start my holidayseason off. right. ' This year The CinemaBar played host to Sky Cries Mary. Thiswas their third or fourth time town:And once again, it was incredible.1t's-hard to describe the kind ofmusic Sky Cries Mary creates, If youhave never heard or witness them live.It's an eclectic mix of bits and samples ofeverything you've ever heard, or willhear. No really. You laugh and scoff andthink my description may be a bit toopseudo-philosophical, but it's true. If Ihad to describe it, which I'm not toocomfortable doing, I would have to sayIt's a techno-dance, new-age jazz, teeth- .gnashing feedback popping, lyricaladventure that will take your ears andyour mind on a visionary ride. AnisaRomero, lead and back-up vocals soundslike what I expect heaven to sound like.Not only is this woman beautiful, butshe totally takes me away when she goesto work. Sky Cries Mary bring withthem a light show like one I haven't seensince, oh let me see ... I would have to goback to Jefferson Aeroplane when theywould perform White Rabbit, in the latesixties. I mean this stuff is mindblowing!!!I mean, how can you describe aband from Seattle that has seven fulltime members in it? Sky Cries Mary ismade up of Roderick Romero-Vocals &words, Roderick's sister, theaforementioned Anisa Romero, MichealCozzi-Guitar, Bennett Ireland-Drums &Percussion, Juano-Bass, Gordon Raphael-Vox Organ, Synthesizer & a bunch ofother way cool, very expensive instruments,and last but certainly not least,Todd Robbins a.k.a. DJ Fallout-Samples,turntables & decks.Anyway, the master mindbehind Sky Cries Mary is RoderickRomero. He was shooting pool withChris Noveselic, and in between shots,he would answer my questions I tossedout to him.Slug: This time you are on tour withHoovercraft and Sweet 75. I was t;?lkingto Michael Cozzi earlier and he said thatall three bands are just amazing, somethingvery, very cool to see live.Roderick Romero: Yea, it's really awesome.It's been like the best tour we'veever had. Everyone is playing newmusic and new songs. It's just dot offun.Slug: Tell me the history of the band.Did you and your sister start the band?RR: I started the band back in 1988 as atheater project and then it evolved fromthat into an actual band when Anisajoined the group in 1990. Ben Irelandwas on drums and Gordon on keyboardsand Michael and Juano came a little bitlater. DJ Fallout was there in band in thebeginning.Slug: So what do you mean it startedout as a theater project?RR: I had written this three part, two actplay. I had written the music for it witha couple of friends, Ken and John fromThe Posies, before The Posies wereformed. And I had written this musicwith them for the theater, for the play Ihad written. We recorded that music,then I went to graduate school in Paris.And while I was there I gave this recordstore some cassette copies to see if theywould sell them. It evolved from there.I had this demo and this record company,which owned a record store, liked itso much they signed me for three years.So I did these record's for this label out ofFrance.Slug: What do you have out on WorldDomination?RR: We have two full-lengths, ThisTimeless Turning and A Return To TheInner Experience. Then we also have anEP out on World Domination called Exitat the Axis. We have written 13 newsongs, too.Slug: Are you going back into the studio?RR: Yea, probably in February.

Slug: Has World Domination treated youpretty well?RR: Yea, they have really doneeveqrtlung we have wanted them to do,for sure.Slug: Your music is so varied. Tell meabout your concept of music.RR: My basic concept is there is no rulesto music. There is no boundaries,whatever we vhite, we accept it a$ asong. All seven members must agree torecord a song. And if all seven do agree,we feel it's a good song because all of ushave totally different musical taste. Asfar as musical taste goes, within the bandthere is no overlapping. We like'everything from ~raz& music toThe Stooges.Slug: Does your live show vary from therecorded sound at all?RR: We are a little harder edge, I believe.That's what happens when your pushingsound through speakers live, lik; *at.And we are &ways reacting to how thecrowd is. Like if the crowd is really withit, then it's like an absolute mayhem and'it's a great freak-out, ya know? I don'twant anyone to come out our show andwalk out and think, 'OH, that was justO.K.' sWell, if you were there thatnight, than you know the crowd wasdefinitely turned on to them. I don't,know where you were standing but frommy v~tage point people were dancingand literally losing themselves in theexperience.My guess is that Sky Cries Marywill be coming back to the Wasatch frontsometime in 1996. Probably mid-to-latein the year. I would suggest you keepyour would suggest you keep your eyesopened and watch for their showGuaranteed, it's not like anything you'veever experienced before.-All Local Peopler Teleph~~e Numbers, NpwA Results From 10b7s of Members7Leave Your Ad Free, Call 972-3939UTAH'S FINEST SINGLES11-900-407-6444 1 r$1.99/MIN18 +7Phoneline 977-9508w v?a 'qF,w L l yF &&..;i>+q 4T-shirtse ~iife"r~'k Incense 81Stickers & Patches l CandlesDupne's Dianmd News Badsta)e Pars Video')M-F 11-7 Sat 10-61401 $0. 9th [a. 111m11014Salt Lake City, UTUnholy Unions: Toy Story anc lering Highis. Computer animated characters are inseried &to LheToy StoryA buddy film lor Lhe temporarily short; Toy meets Toy. Toy loses Toy.Toy gets Toy back. Only briefly interesting to adults because it'scomplelely eompuler animatd. like Lhe sword wielding Usterine bottlewmmercials. (Pixar produced ah), only a lot longer. Too long formyone who isn't slap hwpy in love with computers and the brave newcgber centuq Bill is leading us laward.yam's R~W:If you're 7, real fumy and exciting!If you're an adult. you'd better be,mth that 7 pa^ old.. 8-fGj-0L

MONEYFORSMARTPEOPLE'BY CLARK STACEY 1LWelcome to the inauguration ofwhat I hope will be a regular columnin these pages. Many SLUGreaders, 1 expect, often ask themselves,"How can I keep abreastof political issues affecting me,while parlaying this informationinto CASH MONEY to maintaina CD collection of Stimboy proportions?+This is a perfectly reasonablequestion, and one thatthe local media has been irre- 'sponsibly remiss in failing toaddress. The problem stemsfrom the fact that before this columnappeared, there was nomeans of determining odds forpolitical developm6nts in theBeehive State, whether for interofficepools, individual wagers,or sanctioned casino gambling.We will be covering two or threepolitical issues or figures aboutwhich reliable odds can bedetermined per month, then givingyou the inside track on makingbookand lining your walletwith the fruits of our piercingsocial analysis."Why," you mightask, "should a SLUG columnistbe relied upon to make complexassessments of probability worthrisking my money on?" I couldbelabor the extraordinary curriculumvitae that makes me ideally suited for this responsibility,but I would prefer to win yourconfidence with a demonstrationof my foresight. For this reason,we will begin by looking at alocal drama that is unfolding as Iwrite. I am composing this columnon December sixteenth, butby the time this reaches you inmid-January I am confident thatthe principals involved will haveplayed their cards and I willhave won your endorsement.Since we have a lot of ground tocover, then, let us 'proceed directlyto ...Issue #l:The Enid and Joe ShowI'm sure we're all tired of theparticulars of this matter, butlet's summarize them just tomake sure we're all reading fromthe same page. .In a move thatcame as no surprise to Log CabinClub members in the know, JoeWaldholtz, who many readerswill remember as BaronHarkomen in David Lynch'sDune, married Enid Green, whomany readers will remember asthe cybernetic exploding headdisguise worn by ArnoldSchwartzenegger in Total Recall.After losing a seriously cheapand sleazy campaign againstKaren Shepherd in '92, Enidresurfaced in '94 with the cash toboth capture a House seat andinstall herself in Washington instyle; renting a dizzyingly expen-%ive house and indulging herselfin gourmet meals, fine hotels andfat young boys. Her deep lustfor power and ideological mal-'leability won her a seat on thepowerful Rules Committee, andshe was widely considered to sit-, teth on the right hand of Newtand to have a long politicalcareer in front of her. Schoolchildren throughout the statewere puzzled as to why anyonewould spend $3.5 million to wina job that only paid around$130,000 per year, but most votershate math and their crieswent unheeded. Flash forwardabout a year and severalbounced checks, odd phohe calls,and resigning staffers later, andwe find people asking Enid somevery sticky questions. She refersthese questions to Joe, whowrites them down and hidesthem in the basement. Eventuallythe stench around the legislatinglovebirds is so pronoqnced that itattracts the attention of theFederal Elections Commission,the Justice Department and a fewnational newspapers, and peoplelike Stan Huckaby, their FECaccountant, start refusing to meetthem in public places. Joe vanishesin a puff of bad checks, andlocal talk radio wags have a few ,chuckles with the predictable fatguy-fugitivejokes. There werewhispers in Washington thatEnid knew precisely where herhusband was; that she'd called ina few Avenging Angels fromhome to beat him to death withhis own ball gag and leave himsubmerged to his waist in theEast River with the sign of thetroglodyte stamped on his scalp.By now the national presssmells blood in the water, andEnid keeps a low profile andrehearses her press conferencewhile her attorneys rack up billablehours. Conspicuous in hissilence is Rush Limbaugh, whomany readers will remember asthe fat kid in the video forTwisted Sister's "I Wanna. Rock."Other conservative pundits, sensingan opportunity to make asacrifice to Mammon, either panthe Enid saga or roundly condemnher. By now even thehandful of people who botheredto vote in the '94 elections couldperceive that Enid had made herselfa big shit sandwich, and theytuned in to a marathon pressconference carried nationally byCNN to find out who she feltwould have to eat it. Enidexplained her pathological needfor authority, contempt for herconstituents and mounting list ofpossible federal criminal chargesby claiming that the dog ate herhomework, her husband was awerewolf, and Philis Schlaflywas oh so right, if only she'd listened.So what we have here isyour basic fat-girl-cheats-tobecome-prom-queensaga, withsome novel financial twists and acreepy metaphor for the '94Republican sweep. Enid'soptions seem to be fairly limited,but here are our picks. Thinklong and hard before you blowyour gambling budget on a longshot.Line: 2-1 Turnout: Amid-January resignation.This one is a no-brainer. Enidis seriously strapped for cash,and she has actually reached 50rare a depth of public revulsionthat she can't even buy a Utahelection. There is no point in finishingout her term, and the justicedepartment will probablyback off if she is no longer inoffice. Citing concern for hermutant spacemonster of a baby,she will resign in mid to lateJanuary, hoping to retain enoughcredibility to land a sweet lobbyingjob.Line: 5-1 Turnout: A herecomes-the-subpoena-kidpanicresignation.Don't underestimate Enid'spower of self-delusion. Shemight just tell herself that thepolls back home are biased bythe media and that she stillenjoys a groundswell of supportfrom people conditioned byward theater to be convinced byher press conference performance.Enid's attorneys, however,are on the lookout for theJustice Department's paper server,and are ready to file resignationpapers at a moment's noticeand bundle their client into theback of a hollow Coke machine.Working against this possibilityis the fact that Enid will have ahard time finding high-payingwork on the hill if she waits toolong to resign.Line: 12-1 Turnout: Enid's pressconference becomes a roadshow.At the back of Enid's mindduring her 5-hour, multi-hankywhine-a-thon was the possibilitythat if it played well, she mighttry it out on a grand jury, theHouse Ethics Committee, andvarious other federal courtvenues. If she tries to finish outher term, this will almost certainlyhappen. Not too likely, consideringthe reviews that cameback from the dress rehearsal.Line: 18-1 Turnout: Enid finishesher term.A very long shot, simplybecause she and Joe were tooincompetent to hide their financialgimcrackery very well.Democrats won't let the JusticeDepartment drop the ball on thisone, but I mention it for the benefitof those of you who are bettingwith other people's money.Issue #2: Jim Hansen vs. TheWorldPerhaps one of thestrangest consequences of the '94Republican sweep was the discoverythat Utah has a fifth congressionalrepresentative. Hisname is Jim Hansen, thoughmany readers will remember himas Hoggle, the loveable buttreacherous troll creature whodiscovers friendship inLabyrinth. He was unearthed inthe basement of the House ofRepresentatives by some congressionalfreshmen looking forthe mail room. Records show

that he has consistently wonreelection over two decadesdespite the fad that House leadershipalways just assumed thathe was a really old page. Theyfelt obligated to give him a committeeassignment last year, littlesuspecting that this would awakenthe dormant statesman andinitiate a flurry of tlumb bills.Foremost among these wasHB1745, a proposal to constrainUtah's contribution to theNational Wilderness PreservationSystem to 1.7 million acres anddefine "wilderness" as "mines,dams, condos and strip mallswith woodsy names." Co-sponsoredby Enid Waldholtz and%ired by Orrin "Scourge ofthe Biker Gangs" Hatch's SB884,this bill met with the immediateik of everyone who wished theyhad known they could voteagainst this guy, including RobertRedford, who attacked Hansen'splan in the pages of the Tribune.Hansen commissioned a studyon public support for wildernessfrom Utah State University, anagri-business college whose studieson wildemess support mightbe compared in ment and motivationto Tobacco Institute studieson nicotine addiction.Hansen's bill was shot down, butthe veteran cave fish had developeda taste for legislating bythis point a ~~d wasn't going to besilenced so quickly. He snuck hiswilderness bill onto an unrelatedbill as a committee attachment ina move even members of his ownparty admitted was devious.Clinton has tacitly agreed to vetoany permutations of HB1745 thathe catches sneaking around hisoffice, and there is some debateas to whether Hansen has thesupport to override. That's thestory so far, and here are theodds on future developments.fine: 3-1 Turnout: Poor Grendelhas an accident; so mpy you all. . .Newt has enough to worryabout without some witheredhick from southern Utah makingnational headlimes with his planto-pave the earth. Clinton willveto anything Hansen sneaks hiswilderness designations on to,and congressional Republicansaren't going to stick their necksout for someone they were sendingfor donuts last year. Anoverride won't even be attempt-'

1 Tha Crnsr hlanagarieby Jeb BraninHowzit?No CRASS MENAGERIE lastmonth due only in part to computerproblems (of which there weremany, including a damaged harddrive1 lost everything!!! Themoral of the story is-Back up,Bozo!) mostly I just didn't get mybutt in gear and get this thing rollingon time. So anyway, let me ask yousome questions (If I get some goodanswers I will print parts of them ina future "Howzlt?"). As you lookback on 1995 would you say thatmusic wise it was a good year or abad one or merely another one?What are some positive and negativetrends you see in the unde2roundmusic scene? Do you believe that1995 was the year metal finallydied? If not, what do you think thefuture holds for metal? Was 95 theyear punk got so big that it lost it'scredibility? If not, what do youthink the future holds for punk afterit's current popularity wanes? Andlastly what were your ten favoritealbums of the year? Write me. Afew select people answering thesequestions will receive a free CD,tape, poster, or something else cool.Be sure to Include your address onthe letter, not just the envelope (Ithrow them away!) and be sure tosend your responses to me at356 N. 550 E. 23-3Ephra~m, UT 84627, not to SLUG.If you send a S.A.S.E. I will alsosend you a copy of my newsletter(parts of whlch are used for this column).Bands & AlbumsINTERNAL BLEEDING are oneof the hardest working bands in theunderground. They have alwaysslaved away promoting themselvesand even after they've gotten signedto a label with connections to amajor, they have confinued to domost of their own promotion-I findthat very admirable. Their latestrelease is Voracious Contempt and itis their first full length endeavor.The album shows the band adoptinga more technical edge, with a newfoundprofessionalism in theirarrangements. The vocals are moresubterranean than on the last EPwhich gives the CD that sick ,andtwisted feel even though it is a bitclich6. The only fault with thewhole release is the pathetic mixingof Scott Bums who once again scarsan otherwise fine release by buryingthe guitars and bringing the drumsso far out front that they overpowereverything else. How this guybecame a legend in the Death sceneis completely beyond me.(Pavement 17W703A ButterfieldRd. Oakbrook Terrace, IL m181)Remember back when C.O.C.where one of the most raging hardcorepunk bands on the planet? Wellthose days are long gone but youcan relive them with the Bud Mongo7" by the Norwegian noise mastersTI)RBONEGRO. They have capturedthat grating crunch thatC.O.C. had on their first record andrevved it up. Don't let the bands 'offensive name put you off, theirlyrics are intelligent and present avery accurate (and dismal) picture ofsociety. When Sean from Bovinesent this record he enclosed a notethat said, "Howdy Jeb .... thoughtyou could use a bit of good old'punk rock." Damn straight I could,and this, my friends, is the genuinearticle. ($4 ppd. to Bovine POB2134 Madison, WI 53701)As I write this Halloween is abouttwo weeks away. This year, to celebrate,1 am going to lock myself in alightless room and play the newDawning album by MINDROTover and over. This is the darkestand most haunting album I haveheard all year. Track three "Burden"is especially chilling with its tormentingquestion "Do you reallylead a good life?" and the constant,echoing answer "No." This albumcrawls deep inside your mind andplants seeds of despair that grow andswell in time to the rhythmic pulsationsof the music. You don't "listen"to this album, you "experience"it. (Relapse POB 25 1 Millersville,PA 1755 1)Hey you fans of avantegarde, Canadian post punk experimentationala NOMEANSNO orHISSANOL you better prepareyourselves for the album of yourwildest dreams. The band isSHOWBUSINESS GIANTS (consistingof members of both afore-mentioned bands andD.0.A.) and always been my policy that perfecthename of the album is Let's Have tion is acceptable. There is also aA Talk With The Dead. The music green vinyl spilt 10 available thatruns the gamut from bizarre to has D.O.A. teaming up with labelwacky to totally zany. mates SHOW BUSINESS .Sometimes they sound like a lounge GIANTS. Godhead Records is fastact and other times they sound like becoming one of my favorite labels.theDEAD KENNEDYS having anepileptic seizure. You ain't neverheard anything like it-I promise.(EssentialNoiseNirginIEMUCaroline)Many have questionedIRON MAIDEN'S ability tomaintain their quality after thedeparture of Dickinson and the s6riousdecline in their commercial successon these shores. Well doubtersandskeptics will now have to eatcrow, because the new album The XFactor is finally available and it isthe most melodic and epic opus theband have ever produced! BlazeBailey's vocals are tremendouslyclean and despite lacking the distinctiveedge of Dickinson, Bailey has abroader range that welds seemlesslyonto MAIDEN's iron framework.Fans of this'band, old and new,would be foolish not to grab thisrelease. (CMC 106 W. Horton St.Zebylon, NC 27597)ZEN1 GEVA are one ofthose bands that literally amaze mewith their power. How do theycome up with those sounds? Theirpummeling music combines metal,industrial, hardcore, and stylings thatare definitely their very own, topropagate musical mayhem. Thenew album is Freedom Bondageand will firmly establish ZG as oneof the heaviest and most talentedbands working. If you are lookingfor something that will crush youbut avoids all the clich6s. then this isfor you. (Alternative Tentacles POB419092, SF, CA 94141-9092)Many people wonderedabout the fate of the legendaryD.O.A. after the death of theirdrummer Ken Jensen. I don't thinkanyone would have been surprised ifthe band had thrown in the toweland called it a career. Instead theythrew themselves into projects tohonor Ken and then began work ontheir new album The Black Spof.There is something unifying abouttragedy and that is evident in thisCD. It is easily the bands best worksince the War On 45 EP (whichremains one of the most notablereleases in punk history). The bandhas recaptured an energy and vervethat has been absent for years. Thisalbum is simply flawless, and it hasThey hate some of ;he coolest bandson the planet and their releases arealways top notch - with onenotable exception. ACRIMONY isthe labels pet band and for mymoney they are by far the worst actGodhead carries. Just listen to thenew Acid Elephant EP and you'llsee what 1 mean.ACRIMONY play completedrivel that is so derivative as tobe almost funny. It is one thing topromote pot smoking but it is anotherto release albums so bad thatbeing high is the only state of mindin which they can be tolerated.(Godhead 594 Broadway Suite 405,NY, NY 10012)I thought thatMOURNING SIGN'S first EP wasdam good, hut it in no way preparedme for this amazing debut fulllength. This quartet have seemlesslymerged the splendor of atmosphericdeath metal with the frantic speedand intensity of grindcore. Theresult is a mature and richly complexalbum that will rip you apartwith its brutish strength, In otherwords, the best of both worlds!!!This is simply fabulous. I could goon and on about how much I likethis album but I won't waste anymore of your time since you are in ahurryto get to the store and buy it.(Godhead - )The new EP from TER-MINAL SECT is called The GunWorship and has many distinctions,not the least'of which is being thelongest running EP I have everseen-It clocks in at over 77 minutes.Primarily the CD consists ofremixes from the thehumansconditionedalbum, but there are threenew tracks for those who don't wantto spend money on a simple "remix"album. Reltwisting the dials forT.S. are En Ensch (KMFDM), JohnBergin (TRUST OBEY). COIN OFTHE REALM, and Chris Moriarity(CONTROLLED BLEEDING).The enveloping ambiance of thealbum is peppered with bursts ofharsh vocalizations. The contrast isboth emofive and creepy. (None OfThe Above 2530 Middle CountryRd. Centereach, NY 11720)The debut KISS THECLOWN album has no title, so I amofficially giving it one. Hmmmm,

let me think ..... How about WeKicked Jeb's Bult or maybe TheReaUy Cool Album That JebListens To Every Day. No wait,I've got it ... Jeb Loves This AlbumSo You Should Too. Yep, that is thenew title. I'll call Rotten Recordstomorrow and let them know thatsubsequent pressings of this CDshould carry the new name. Youthink I'm kidding, don't you? I'mnot. I'll kiss the clown every damnday, if that is what it takes. Thisband have the melodic power of myall time favorite band THESTENCH. To this they add a whinyvocalist that reminds me of MR.MIRAINGA because he shouldannoy me but he is too cool and tooinfectious. (Rotten Records POB21 57 Monclair, CA 9 1763-0657), AT TEE GATES hgvealways been one of the most intenseand inventive death acts around butthey have outdone their own impossiblyhigh standards on the newalbum Slaughter ojthe Soul. Thisis the bands first effort after signinga new contract with Earache andthey have done the legacy of thatgreat label proud with this album. Itis highly technical with an impressiveflair for virtuosity but at notime do AT THE GATES let thatinterfere with the viciousness andheaviness of the album. There arethose that have dismissed deathmetal as an art form that has doneall that it can do within its own narrowconfines, this album proves otherwise.(Earache 295 Lafayette St.#915 NY, NY 10012)MALFORMED EARTHBORN isan experimental-elecfronic-industrialside project that includes membersof BR.WAL TRUTH andNAPALM DEATH. With credentialslike that I figured I was goingto love this. I don't. In fact I can'tstand a lot of it. Once in awhile theband will come up with somethingreally sinister and haunting that willgab my attention (e.g. "EmbracingPain") but for the most part I findthe project unfocused and derivative(not only within the framework ofexperimental music en masse buteven with the confines of the albumitself). (Release POB 251Millersville, PA 1755 1)Burning Inside is the titleof the new album by MY OWNVICTIM. It took a couple of listensfor the full power of this album toreally register but now that it has, Iam completely sold. Starting with afoundation firmly &rounded in hard-core, M.O.V. then build up theirsound with heavy groove and a fewselect touches of metal, The resultis a sounil that is not only weightyand pounding but catchy as hell.The vocalist is as intense as any ofhis peers but the production is occasionallyunkind, robbing him ofimpact by burying him in the m~x.In fact the production as a whole israther subdued for such an over thetop band. I suggest you compensateby playing this sucka real loud!(Century Media - 1453-A 14th St.#324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)Waggletone Records is anamazingly diverse label putting out7%~ that run the musical gambit.Shall I tell you about a few of them?Of course I shall. Probably the mostinteresting is a red vinyl spilt 7"wi9 SEDUCER and ANTISEEN.SEDUCER are a long standingspeed metal act who have beenthrashing around ip the undergroundfor_over.a decade. Their contributiontho this record is definitely thebCt tune I have ever heard fromthese guys. The ANTISEEN side ofthe record is a tribute to some professionalwrestler (like I care) andthat dick, the very dead Ian, fromSCREWDRIVER (nazils shouldn'tdrive). ANTISEEN crank some ofthe heaviest and most ferocioushardcore going but their sense ofhumor (?) is a little too harsh for mytastes. -' FLIP 'NBOOGERS (what a great name!!!)are an experimental band who screwaround with all sorts ofeffects andloops. This is completely weird. Ifyou want tdcheck out a one-of-akindband and a oneof-a-kindrecord this is worth your while. -- The JEFF BRIGHT ANDTHE SUNSHINE BOYS 7" showshow willing Waggletone is to strayfrom any given formula as a label.This band play acoustic post-folkmusic with plenty of quirks andtwists to give it a truly unique feel.If you get tired of noise all the timeand are looking for something moresubdued and mellow, check this out.(Waggletone 150 Main St. West,Valdese, NC 26690)There is doom, there isambient doom, and themthere isSKEPTICISM. Their debut albumis called Stonnerowfleet and it ispacked with almost an hour of thesome of the slowest, most haunting,and emotional doom metal I haveever experienced. Hailing fromFinland, this band 's music graduallypermeates your mind like a slowmoving mist winding its waythrough the forests of their-home- . attention from the listener. The bestland. It sort of reminds me of 'I part of all is the fact that it is soMORDOR but not as oppressiyely unique. Nobody does it like .dark and sinister. in fact, the$ ire I NOMEANSNO. They are an enigmomemof hope and even hint$ ia - they must be because they arejoy present on Stortijcrowfll'6t. {so good 0 t h would ~(Red Stream POB 342 Camp Hill,;; qipping them off if they coiild fibrePA 17001-0342) 'atem out. (Alternative Tentacles - )After the collapse of their. I wait with baited breatheprevious label, it didn't take lie a kid on Christmas eve forOPPRESSOR long to find new digs euy new album by D.R.I. and 1 amat Megalithic Records. The first rarq disappointed. Their latest isrelease from this collaboration is the ca116 uU SpeedAhed and it finds.kuropean Oppression Live album the & R O ~ WE- Nwhich contains five live cuts from CIL&turning just a little bit totheir twenty-one show European their r&. This album has moretour with MALEVOLENT CRE- under-1%-minute blasts of thrash-ATION, VADER, and others. The core thannost of the later catalog.album also has two new songs (one But in no ";ayYare the band trying toof them being a MOTLEY CRU* cash in on gjI glories (I say this(SLUG'S house band) cover) and the even thou&hey rem& ':Who Amseven songs from the 1993 As Blwd 1") &cause \ere are tons of theFlows EP. In other words you get a longer, m6rf&veloped tunes aslot of bang for your buck. For those well. In othewrds this albumunfamiliar with the mightygives YOU the %of both yorIds. IOPPRESSOR they are one of the believe that sioQP,RL left Metalmost deranged bands crawling about Blade and SWorking exclutheunderground. Their death metal sively on Rotten &cords that theyis a Combination of technical virtu- have had a massi$jenaissance ofosity and low tuned horror. Their passion and ~f youflawless delivery sets them apart haven't given them chance lately,from most of their peers. This is a do it now. (Rotten Rcords )band to keep an eye on. And whilewe are on the subject of Megalithic From The Soapboxbands be sure to check out theMEDUSA OBLONGATA CD. ThisY'know the RpublicMsband has had some interesting are pretty disgusting gewlly butdemos over the past year but this the ones from my home Me ofCD puts all the pieces together and Utah seem intent on sinkiy to newshould once and far all rid them of lows. Sen. Hatch continuahisthe constant comparisons to never ending impersonatio~f aPANTERA. They have a furious Nazi with his constitutionalmendhardcoreinfluence that incorporates ment to ban flag burning (ittemsjust a hint of industrial to keep he loves the object more thwhethings on edge and in your face. principle it stands for) and EiyThe bands best selling point is their Weirdholtz proves once-and-ft-allintensity which is unrelenting. I that congressional seats can bealso admire their total DIYbought, while Bob Bennet striq forethics.(Megalithic 116 E. Pleasant . cultural homogenization. It isSt. Suite 200 Milwaukee, WI, embarrassing. They are even ww53212) than the local republicans who ca'tThere is currently a great find the money to build housing frresurgence of Canadian music that is the homeless but will readily renotaking the underground by storm. vate building space to lock up the'Bands that have been on automatic abundant supply of hookers. Seem2have suddenly kicked it into gear they find themselves tempt ed...and bands like NOMEANSNO that Stop the state, I hna get off.have always been great have gotteneven better. As evidence of this Ipoint to the latest album The.Worldhood ojthe World (As Such). . .The band take their rhythm centeredpunk to new heights of power and. pop sensibility. There is absolutely .no way that you can listen to thisalbum and not get your butt of thecouch and boogie. Th6ir sound'is soincredibly infectious that it demands

m CDILP OUT IN FEB: Send $9 check. money order or cashto: Axhandle Records 1827 McRllisler St. SF CA, 94115.@$#.$ *.dIN STORES JAN; ~lCDIC1~~.tKf~~

As usual this interviewany planned effort ortook place over the phonenything. It was just a songprevious to Son Volt's Zephyrhat we all took a shine to atClub date. Why I continue to gethat moment. It happenedthese phoners can only beretty quick.explained by my introvertednature. I wouldn't dare talk toSLUG: How long didany of these people in person.he album take to record? DBThe obvious hope of any onehree weeks. SLUG: Haveinterviewing a band is to talk toou toured in Texas yet? DB:the leader/songwriter dude.Ve started out in Texas.Sometimes that person is moretarted in Houston and wentintroverted than is the person ~p to Austin and then Dallas.doing the interview. Such is the;LUG: Did you meet Jimmiecase with Son Volt. The record)ale Gilmore, Buddy Miller,company publicist told me thatI lutch Hancack, any of thatJay Farrar is not the best person,roup? D& No I think someto talk to.d Jimrnie Dale's bandI spoke to Dave Boquist, themembers, I might have metmulti-instrumentalist, who plays~ne of them. My brother wasguitar, banjo, fiddle and lap steellso touring with them forfor Son Volt. The winter flu hadwhile. Joe Henry touredhit me hard. The combination ofvith Jimmie Dale. Kellyfever and medication made meWis did come up and do abarely coherent. I almost called tcluet with us.cancel the interview, but TraceWillis and Farrar duetwas one of my top albums in '953gether on Red Hot &and I sincerely wanted to talk tolothered.. .The Indie Rock GuideDave Boquist. I'm sure heVTO Dating. "Rex's Blues" hasthought he was speaking to a spacereceivea much praise as the best song onalien. My brain was not functioning at My brother and I have played together the compilation.)even a fraction of it's -al normal for quite a few years off and on. Dave Boquist was notcapacity during this conversation. SLUG: Have you always been comfortable being 1umI)ed in with TexasDB: I couldn't find a phone much playing, kind of, underground country? countryquieter than this one. It's not too quiet is DB: I've always played with people that musicians. As he said, "I think we are ait? have had that influence. I guess I've had little more of a rock band. It's nice when,SLUG: It's good enough. that influence as well. I've also played in you know we had Doug Sahm come upDB: I'm at a place called Tommy's I rock bands too. There is that and do a song in LA. We aren't reallythink. Tommy's Joint. J-0-Y-N-T. fid of combination of things which I like. paying attention to what we are. We'rea deli kind of place. (He was obviously SLUG: Some people call Son just dohg it." (Sahm islooking around inspecting the joint as he Volt a roots rock band. Do you have another guy who doesn't pay muchsaid this.) Deli bar, actually pretty nice. anything to say about that? attention to musical style. It's kind ofSLUG: I guess I should find out how DB: I don't like any labels. What does fitting that he sat in with Son Volt.)you hooked up with Son Volt. You're that mean? SLUG: Have you worked out any newfrom Minneapolis, right? DB: Yeah. The SLUG: "Mystify Me" is the only cover songs while you're on the road?guys in Uncle Tupelo, before they broke on the album. DO you have any idea DB: We haven't worked on any moreup, had been friends with the Jayhawks, why that song was selected? original songs. We're doing a couple ofI guess they still are friends. I played DB: Well, yeah. When we were getting newwith the Jayhawks a little bit back in '85. together to rehearse for the record, covers. We're doing one off Bob Dylan'sAnyway, I've got a lot of musician during breaks and stuff we all put on Planet Waves record called "Going,friends up there. I met Jay when Uncle music that we liked. And that was one of Going, Gone." We're doing an old DelTupelo came through Minneapolis on the albums, Ron Wood's album, that we Reeves song, a hck driving song called,their last tour. The other thing is my put on and we liked. Jay happened to "Looking At The World Through Abrother was playing in a band. My bring his copy of that album to the Windshield."brother Jim (Boquist, Son Volt bassist) recording sessions so we could all listen. Well whatever. Hope you werewas playing in Joe Henry's band. They We were all in the addience hhen they passedwere opening up for Uncle Tupelo at listening to that record and that song through. Next up Golden Smog?that show and a few others on the tour. sort of popped out one that might bepdssible to cover. I don't think there was

that barely made it for '95 releases. I dem9-@um: 22 bands and j ~ as t~~~t~tthesesangs.oue~frn~ :. maiystulgs*~omeahd. %@Angela at IvkWied . - .rf ban$diw on this aike ~ace.f~turned me on to this. I, waq way . '%ap,j~@~+s~ e a g e ~ M zst&& beoa~se I had seen these :- m a . hd.@W~@@ ED&F Uwei.i L~w-~ow good th3 were ' b.ands that pu'M4 W e a due1 hi t@esaibe their mhic as Qve . ab6ttt who theya&k Lp~antbpy,Yes folks, it's that time of the year@phrase Andrew .Wood Das Klown, The Rakes and q~y perwhenwe break new years resolutions ' mi&) makes me feel &nal fave-Byring Grooves. It's out.and reflect back on 1995 and wonder good. b's fiippy music far the *Ws8 ofl the PagkBoy Wl. m e Wd9t ,what the hell happened. I mean, as It's music for the h& &now.-1rs Raw 0rder it in for ydu, w w qfar as music gaes, it wasn't a articularlybanner yean I thought Pistuff yokwon't bit ashamed to play in know whem to ' &&,twas ,front $your par&& NOW take a big Conmte B$Q&just me feeling this way But hot-,' 'old hit dtd let take you ~oidEetttrg rB1:damn if the January issue of.%%$ away, (l've gp-e, have you got TI-&.is pmb'ebly the k t exampie of adidn't confirttt all my fW., Th~y IiS't- yours?) .tdta& pmplete mum released thised their 20 Best A M oi'95 d Alice In Chains, Wf-lltled: dq$6$.Nothingg.h touch it. Everythe more 1 pad,-the more I ,a&&. Now,$ know most of you &q-- song is strqng the ordi?x of the .It really seemod like they wee , ing at this entry. Youdon't fesl W ,ynge happesl&to b &a. Ws ,trolling the aystal, dear d,q& of is quite vto smff t~ whtA.LC , "just dbry cohesive, solid release. .W~llard Bay just to come up with a? well, @$ a a. J~hW-tre's vois is thoughq, playfultop 5 kt, let alone a tap 2OCliat. Ayestuff Like and powera whe~it needs @becloser look revealed that @,was, in Sudge Factory, madCreeps and fhe and tlie musi@ inely co dent,fact, the top 18 albums 0@1995 and 2 -wm epular c6rporate-grunge- and solid. And by the way Jo a ew,leftovers from 1994. 0nme warm altemativepick/~aikqting-push; aftetlyap read this1 please call SLUGentry happened to be ~ &d am's lack 'Grind is ure &lice In &dns. 'OK, HQ and let me l(n.& when you wantof direction, Vitalogy &d the other so what 8 hyne stay!ey pqed most me a nport for d w You,$ow ,one was TLC with themtrpisingly , of his demons with the Mad &asan moveh and be your GirGtayltiOu6e.:-good, ~razySe~~~ool! YC%I don't ig? Not only do I tliink this &ase = m*. t:ea&-*I quest;have to be a rocket sde*St to figure tolds up with any pasfU.~., I tl$& - is f& y3-ming me bb$ &e%out it was such a bayf~ear ~OT music ~an'trell and the boys are-& top of it- Thwsday night a f t e ~ ~ 8nd e ~ '; dthat nobody could, in &reality, com- Besides that, the youth of Utah Wends.~ (We si5rt With Wab$ .pile a true 20 best Bst 04 albums that should fully embrace A.LC.'s sam: , becaw*It' SO fitting.)XdwQ . .really were releas& during 1995. So, pled voice phra$e as their running me ~Idleg The)oy$&ek 15 .here IS my f'eeblaopinion, for what motto, 'Your Weapon is GuW , songs:^ in mher 35 ~ &~3~it's worth, a Top10 list of my favorite Natalie Mereliant ZIgerlilly: .* ' YOU CD &press pw &d ?F1995 releases a&I &.fro 1191. So, in .Poppy? Yes. $@&w? %a. B~ttg qon't e& think~boutwmhrgb~~reality, it's my Xop 11 Wt. You may than anphhg & she ker di&with -air. J?C& (~~isham's~o&5s$kp1g~r-~or may not agree with me and as those 9,999 other Maniacs on a than w&r and it's no secret he's gotalways, here at Club SLUG we really whole? a resounding Yes! OK so sow of my favorite vocal &ids.don't give a rat's ass!!!some of you people who are still liv-, You tell me when was the last timeing in the over indulgent 81)'s don't you saw a cool pufik5and with a(Not in anypa,ficular order-) agree with me on this, but 'Carnival' keyboard player??? If this band canis still a well crafted sqng and an keep up with the hellacious scheduleMonster Magnet, Dopes to Infinity: incredible piece of work. Natalie of touring, expect big things from70's sfyle hard-rock, very heavy and shines on her own. If it wasn't for them-in '96. Bound to be the nextspacey, v&h 90's -010gicaUy-her, the rest of the 10,000 Maniacs darlings of Epitaph!advancd production. Very dean and would never have made it to the level Nine Spine Stickleback, Prospector:crisp sorpltl'mgwith some neaf-o of popularity they enjoyed. ligerlilly Yea, you try saying that name 10samples. The song structureS and is awesome and ~t should be in your times fast, right in a mw! One of theeguitar solos are enough to take you colledion. Coolest local bands and a great first -back t~ the early 70's if your water Faith No More, ~ing'For a Day Fool effort. If this wasn't on yourbong hn't quite doing the trick. For a Lifetime:Christrhas list, take some of thatPJ H&ey. To Bring You My Love: This album just totally kicks ass. Christmas cash and buy yowself aThe @Ry guitar riff on, Meet Ze That's all I can say. No wonder Mike real present. Original, intricate andMom, is about as hard as you can Patton is called The Man With a very thoughtful, not t~ mention it'llget. 'To me it sounds like sometiung Thousand Voices. This guy is voeally . keep you warm as +e winter windscrayling out of the guger and sneak- all over the place. He will lull you beg6 lo howl.inghp behind you to kjck your ass. with love songs, he will take you .Pgy Jean, so frail yet sa strong. This back to the disco era, (Star A.D.3 He Well, there you have it. Hopefully inaqum gets an A+ for diversification will rip your head off. Faith No More 1- the Gods of Music win smile$ sooooo stm on this album, now down upon us all and give us manyMad Season, Above I don't care if ,' if SLC could 03~ have experienced plentiful blessings, etfpeciallyafkrLayne Staley sounds like Ethel them live in 'b5.the dry season we all just wentMerman, I love this man!!! ThisCD Rikk Agnew's Smashthrough.literally breathes with emotion and Demoa-Vol. 11:Goodnite mughBoyz and riotGrrrlz,Intense reflection. Staley bares alI Made up of various L.A. and o:c., sleep well, and may your dom Thewithout regret or apologies and has (Orange County, for those of p Screaming Itees, plays like he hasassembled a great band that turns his who are illiterate to the tetminology been bom again. He's all over hisdlsmal life into a musical feast. Mike of California,) hard-core and punk drum set with a .raw vitality that isMcCready from Pearl Jam, sounds qer~und bands. Rikk Agnew oozing with talent. And oh ... by theyoung & fresh and Barrett Martin, was one of the original members of way, did I tell ya l lied this albumbitchin band to see live, too. The Adolescents and ChtlsM Death, really, M y qlot?Elbo Finn,Thimble and the Wheel: He's been around a long time and hasAnother local bands debut. A CD5 ,compiled an impressive compilatiom-Royce

p l bored A romail cW$&r catalog,*4"-4. 4,-./-l5Xi-#q~New York, NY. 10012.

Pijamas De GatoThe Hitchhiking Party Girl AndHer Appetite For DysfunctionVoodoo DogThe rumor is that a loanshark financed the recording. Allsupporters of local music hadbetter buy a copy unless theywant to see the Pijamas unable toplay due to broken fingers. TheCD booklet is done up as thecover to a true crime magazine. Itdoesn't really cost 50e. In caseyou are an out-of-town readerthe CD is available from PGD oris that PDG? Don't call PolyGram Distribution Dallas at 214-387-2797 unless you want theband signed to a major label.Write to Pijamas De Gato at 900East 550 South, Suite 8, Salt LakeCity, UT 84102. Net surfers cansend E-mail One finalpiece of local gossip and I'llattempt to do the music justice. ,I'm not expecting to see the CDor the band written up in "ldalalternative weekly" The PrivateEye. Soine kind of "bad blood"and a $5 debt although, I hearthat JS wants HW to write for hispaper. Pay attention GE he iswilling to pay actual money!Strangely enough one of PE'sdarlings (I love her too, don'tmisunderstand) appears as aguest vocalist. Will the RattleKings win a trip to Austin?While waiting for the judges'decision have a listen to theinimitable Msss Lara Jones,"Area 51" duet with Pijamasvocalist/guitarist Bill Frost. Nowthat I've mentioned "Area 51,"the track local radio has playedfor some months, and a standoutsong of sci-fi/garage/hillbillywhat else is of interest?Two songs precede thenumber. One must rememberthat we are dealing with a"power" trio. "Dig Yr Scene" isthrash-blues. What makes itthrash-blues one might be askingoneself? Some guy namedElwood contributes blues harmonicato bring things totallyinto the past ala the Shadows OfKnight. A tongue-in-cheek tributeto local "scenes" everywhere.If there is a mistake to the totalpackage it has to be the missinglyric sheet. Sarcastic peeks intopop culture and social cornmentavappear to be the basis of theband's songwriting philosophy."Area 51" is the easiest so here ,are a few quoted lyrics from thetune. "The government won'thelp us now, all that's left ismutilated cow, and our trailerjust don't feel like a home, willyou still ldve me when spacebov's grown?" Now add those 1l$cs to the closing guitar lifteddirectly from the Allman's"Midnight Rambler" and whatdoes one have?The treated vocals of"Lowball & Sugarfoot" make itimpossible to catch all the words.I think it concerns a "cops" televisionshow and a string of modemclichb strung together."Hazelnut," "Can't Shoot.Straight," "Wrong Turn" and"Zamboni Snafu" are all worthyof a few listens. The standouts,besides the hit, are "PollyProzac" and "Van Down By TheRiver." "Polly Prozac" is yourtypical, everyday Ramones tributewith an astounding heavymetal guitar break. "Polly likesgirls just a little too much fordad/so he kicked her out of thehouse at the age of 25/Polly1s allnow with half a life."I've loved Golden Earring formany years. "Van Down By TheRiver" reprises their best with'afew lyric changes. There has tobe a Blue Cheer record in the collectionsas well. The best lyricofthe entire disc now makes itsappearance. "Tony Robbins, ZigZiglar, Steven R. Covey, Charles JGivens, they just want to be justlike old Mat, 'cause I'll tell youwhere I'm livin, in a van downby the river." Have you guysbeen working as telephone solici-- tors for TSI? I fell off the wagonlaughing in a fit of motivation.The title track closes thisinvestigation into three twistedminds with soundbites stolenfrom two sources. A segmentfrom Spanish radio is followedby the extended rantings of"Mike," one of the local Biblethumping, mark-of-the-beast,doom-sayer, survivalists. Onecha~el contains "Mike" and theother has ambient guitar. Some.have professed to me that theydon't like Pijamas much. Forinnocent entertainment theirdebut is hard to beat. Genius,pure genius. .-Riley PuckettHonest EngineCombustionCypher ProductionsWhen you were all children,and your friend told yousomething that was far fetched,or that you didn't believe, you'dsay "No way" or you simplycalled them a liar. There wasonly one response to the falseaccusation that would get you offthe hook. Your buddy wouldlook you h~ the eye and say"Honest Injun" No matter whatthe subject, you now had tobelieve whatever they told you.Honest Engine had to be politicallycorrect, and go with thetrain/auto thing. Too bad. To thepoint. In the same way that yourchildhood comeback would levelyou with security, so does honestEngine's debut CD. The bandbrags of talent throughout therecord, especially the bass/guitarfills. And when the question isasked about the songs? HonestEngine delivers with fierce intensity.Ten songs on the record,mostly hard driven rock withdare I say it a funk rythm section.No, not Chili Peepers butmore heavy and more subtlerythm changs. They go fromballbuster power chords to the200 am blowjob riff very well.Most of you won't get that. Ohwell. U.R.V.R. starts with a quotefrom my favorite movie..."^^matter where you go, there youare" The other thing I like aboutCombustion, is that HonestEngine is very raw and focusedon energy when you see themlive. On the record you get thesaqe vibe without them havingto rely on the energy cliche.Don't get me wrong, the recordis energetic, but there is morethere, better songs, there's deeperthought than that. I'll stick myneck out and say "One Believer"is the best song i n the record,but like I said this record is goodas a whole. Buy two, and giveone to someone you like, thatway you won't ask for itback ...y ou'll be a good guy.As opposed to being an "Injungiver"-Kyle DeMiloif yo11 wart 11s1.0 review yollrcc! ... Irere's Irowit ti'oris. yo11sell(! 11s tlrect! ... air(! wereview it. g:ot'

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then remarked, "I can't read this without my gone before we arrived? Courtney apparentlyglasses, Can I go downstairs and make a changed her mind about prints after a discuscopyon your fax machine? I'll look at it sion we had in the car. She said she was maklater.""Yeah,.... sure," Courtney mumbled as ing a rubber hand from a cast she'd made of.her eyes dropped out of an icy stare. When I Kurt's hand. She told us shcwas going to usecame back up, Courtney was kneeling on the. it to slap people in the face and say, "There,floor looking in a phonebook. A telephone that's from Kurt!"was on the floor next to her. odd you WHATEVER!?wait downstairs Tom?" she snapped. A few 1 mentiofied I'd worked with hand casts andminutes earlier she was friend1 y,... now she it was amazing how you could evenseemed irritated! Later I drove Courtney and duplicate fingerprints. Courtney apearedher friend Kat Bjelland to the Carnation prop- strangely discouraged. I never heard anyerty. Eric Erlandson was supposed to go with more about printing the items found at theus, but Courtney went in another room with Carnation property. Had this been part of ahim and talked to him in private. Then Eric scheme to try to convince me Kurt had beenleft alone in his vai. As he was leaving I to the Carnation property after leaving thecommented, "I thought Eric was going with rehab in Los Angeles? Conv'ersation in theus." Courtney replied, "He'll meet us there." car indicated Courtney was still thinkingDuring the drive to Carnation, Courtney more about her career than about Kurt.' began talking about the "son of a bitch who Courtney also talked to narcotics Detectivegave the story to the Associated Press saying Terry on my car phone. I later learned she'dshe had overdosed on April 2nd. She became been talking to Terry quite a lot during theagitated as she grumbled, "I'm going to find time Kurt was missing. Detective Terry wasout who the hell it was and sue that moth- even mentioned in the missing person'serf ... er for libel. I can prove I was at the hotel. report as having additional informationPeople saw me there. It was a total lie." 'You about Kurt. Remember Terry's name. It willtold me YOU planted that story," I reminded come up again later. While Courtney was outCourtney. "Huh,... Oh ,..." she responded, and of the car at one time, I heard Paul Harvey. turned to look out the window. On the way, comment on the radio about a rumor that aCourtney wanted to stop twice for snacks. suicide pact existed between Courtney andWe also missed the turn off, getting lost tern- Kurt. This was typical of the type of planted --- p ~anahavingtrdkit direchwfR,rnm s~rieTI'dliSarh(30urtnejGriginat~a nearby farmer. This seemed a little strange on her own and then blame others for leak-Continued From Last Issuewhen I later discovered one of the houses on ing information to the press. I wondered ifI noticed Courtney looking over her the property had just been built. Courtney there was a connection between her fakeshoulder qWendy and I talked. She seemed ' must have been out there several times while "overdose." Saturday night and her possibleto be concerned about our conversation. As the house was under construction and it was- deliberate overdose and arrest ~hursda~she walked back towards us Wendy began n't all that difficult to find. Were these ddays morning. Had she expected Kurt to diewalking away. Courtney put her arms in our trip deliberate? When we arrived at Saturday night? Had she expected us to findaround Wendy and kissed her. Then I noticed the Carnation property, I noticed the two his body Thursday morning? Had she triedCourtney whisper something in Wendy's ear. houses on the property reflected Kurt and to make this look like a suicide pact? Back atThe rest of the time I was at the house,Wendy Courtney's individual personalities. One is the house, I told Courtney I'd like to talktoseemed cool towards me, almost evasive. an old weathered cabin with furniture and . . Cali and Dylan together. Courtney told me,Courtney took me upstairs where we sat on. .bedding. The other is a brand new mansion, "Cali went to rehab in El Paso, " ~r Georgia, ...her bed and talked. Since she wouldn't even vacant and unfurnished. We went into the no, he's in L.A. with friends." Courtneylet her close friend and attorney, Rosemary old cabin first. Courtney and Kat went shouted to Eric, "Call Cali and tell him to getCard, seethe suicide note, I had to come up upstairs to the loft while I stayed downstairs back up here on the next plane."with a way to get a copy for myself for closer to l&k around. ,Men they came back down- Dylan arrived at the house while 1 was in theexamination. "I heard you read the note on stairs, Courtney reached into her coat pocket kitchen. Courtney took him into her bedroomTV the other day," I told her. "I was confused and pulled out a cloth pouch. "Look Tom. for about twenty minutes. When they cameabout something. It sounded like the note . Kurt was here," she said, as she opened the down it was obvious Dylan had just gotten asaid, "I'm lying here on the bed ..." If Kurt pouch revealing a syringe inside. NO WAY! I heroin fix. I took Dylan into the kitchen towas.lying on the bed when he wrote the note, thought to myself. This didn't look like some- talk. As I began questioning him, I noticedwhy was the bed was so neat when I came in thing Kurt.would use to keep a syringe in. his response was canned as if he'd just beenhere the other night? It didn't look like any- And ivhy would he have left it here? I felt prepared andphearsed. He also kept nodonehad been on this bed." "No, Tom I was Courtney probably bought the pouch with ding off from the heroin. There was no senselying on the bed," Courtney answered and her. A few minutes later we found five dead in continuing. I left the house and asked Ericrepeated, "I was lying on the bed recording rats in the toilet. They'd been there for quite' to call my hotel when Cali got there. Afterthe message to Kurt's fans.""Are you sure some time. It was obvious no one had used' several hours, I called and spoke to Eric. Hethat's what you said, " I asked. "I got the this cabin recently! In the new house we told me that after I left, Courtney had himimpression it was Kurt saying HE was lying found a sleeping bag, some cigarette butts, call Cali and tell him he didn't have to comeon the bed." "No. Here, I'll show you," she and some soda cans scattered about. to Seattle. Eric said, "I don't know what'ssaid, and reached over to retrieve a folded Courtney wanted to take these items back going here!" Saturday, April 16th, Benpaper from under a pillow. Handing me the with us. She said she wanted to get them fin- Klugman had flown to Seattle to work withnote, Courtney pointed out, "It's d~ a copy. gerprinted. What's the bid deal here? I won- me. Ben and I went back to &e LakeThe polic~vetheariginal5studidthe && also ~ he.vershbwe~upT Was=gTt n hzetotalkto Courtney. Thenote as if looking for the phrase in question, the Carnation property. Had he come and lady answering the door told me Courtney

as upstairs sleeping. I asked her if Wendywas there. She said Wendy was downstairs. Iasked the lady to let Wendy know.1 was thereand to ask her if we could talk. The lady left,returning in a couple of minutes to tell me,"Wqdy says she has nothing to talk to youabout!'The electrical supervisor who hadbeen at the scene of Kurt's death, met withBen Klugman and I at my hotel room. Hedescribed the position of the body and theshotgun. He also told us, 'Kurt's $air lookedlike it had been combed by a hairdresser. Itwas all spread out nice and even." I realizedthis could just be one man's perception ofwhat he thought he saw while under stress,but I wanted to see the police photographs tosee what he was talking about. I faxed offseveral documents, including a copy of th&"suicide note," to two document examinersin Los Angeles. The document examinerstold me, based on the photocopies they hadexamined, it was their @inion Courtneywrote the letter left on the stairs, not Cali. .This wasn't IogicaL Courtney was still inBeverly Hills when this note showed up onthe stairs. If the document examiners weright,this woud indicate a conspiracy ofsome type. But, I found their conclusionshard to believe. I went to the police stationand met with Sgt. Cameron. I discussed withhim:. Possible motives, ...More money from a suicide than from adivorce.,. ,Kurt's record sales woyld probably take offCourtney's career would probably take offNumerous inconsistencies and contradictionsin logic ...The missing credit card and cohtinuedactivity on the card after Kurt's dea th...Courtney specifically told to Dylan checkthe greenhouse, and he didn't do it ...The Letter on the stairs from Cali seemedphony and didn't make sense...Document examiners said Courtney wrotethe letter on the stairs ...Doubts about Kurt's handwriting on thenote, especially the bottom pohio

Police reports indicated Kurt has two otherVersateller cards in his wallet, along with$120 in cash which was on the floor and $63in cash, which was found in Kurt's coat pocket.Studying the reports further, I discoveredmisleading information had been given to meAND the press.,As mentioned earlier, the entrance door tothe greenhouse had a push and Mist lock.'Anyone could have locked it and pulled itshut as they left.The stool Sgt. Cameron said was wedgedagainst the entrance doors, was actually justsitting in front of the unlocked balcony doorson the other side of the room. These doorsdin't allow access since there's no stairway tothat balcony.Kurt was NOT barricaded in the room asthe police had indicated to me and as themedia had reported.Kurts's driver's license had been removed'and placed in front of his wallet for a photo-mvh BY AN OFFICER on the scene. KurtZ~ID NOT leave his license out so his bodycould be identified as reported in the medialThe first officers on the scene had taken 23Polaroids. The police DID have ph8tographsthey could have shown me!The cancelled credit card was NOT inKurt's pcwsession.There was no attempt in thsse qmikh-------explain the missing credit card. And yet, ...the case was now closed!! I had to wonder,WHY ALL THE DECEPTION? WHAT'SGOING ON HERE? June 4th. NarcotiaDetevtive Terry was murdered. He's the firstSeattle police officer to be murdered in theline of duty in nine years. I've read the newsreports and although it is quite a coincidence,it doesn't appear Detective Terry's murder isconnected to the Cobain case. But, I'd like toknow more. June 15th. Kristen Pfaff died ofan alledged drug overdose, while in herbathtub, on the evening before she was toleave Seattle to go home to Minneapolis. Herbody was found on the 16th. In a recent interview,Courtney said she had to go drag Ericaway from' Kristen's body. I 'm very suspiciousof the circumstances of Kristen's death.Evidence will show Kurt was planning toleave Courtney and Seattle shortly after hereturned from the rehab in Los Angeles.Kristen was also leaving Seattle, getting awayfrom Courtney. Was this a conincidence? ... orwas it murder?June 17th. The origsllal socalled "suicide" note from Kurt'p death wasreturned to Courtney. The police alsoretumed the note from Rome at this time.Courtney had given the Rome note to thepolice for handwriting comparison. I find itinteresting that the police would return thelast pieces of physical evidence in Kurt'sdeath the day after Kristen Pfaff died! As myinvestgation continued from Beverly Hills, Itried to get Cali back in for additayes----tioning. He was living in Los Angeles at thetime, so it would have been convenient forhim to come to my office. Every time I startedto focus on Cali, Courtney would give meanother time consuming job unrelated to thiscase. Courtney eventually tried to get me tosign a confidentiality agreement. I told her tosend me a copy and I'd look at it. But, Iadded, "I!m not going to sign anything thatcould interfere with my investigati~n."Courtney also said she wanted Cali andRenee Naverette to sign a confidentialityagreement. She said, "Everyone who worksfor me has to sign it." Why NOW I wondered.She's known Cali for years! The Dec.15,1994 issue of Rolling Stone featured aninterview with Courtney by David Fricke.This was one of the most interesting interviewsI've read so far. It describesCourtneyl's mindset and meals what I considerto be a psychopathic personality.Throuehout this interview, Courtney seems .-preoc&pied with convincing every6ne howsuicidal Kurt was. Shk tells a stow aboutKurt bringing a gun to the hospi&l roomwhen Frances was bom and she heroicallygrabbed the gun from him and said, "I'll gofirst, I can't have you do it first. I'll go first."This whole story is difficult to believe. I findit interesting that Courtney was so absorbedin promoting the irhage of Kurt's suicidal_tendexlCi-*&wwasborn, that she displayed no concernwhatsoever for the fact that Frances wouldhave to grow up hearing this honor storyonce it got published. I don't think this willbe the best thing for this little girl's selfesteem. I realize my own writing may beread by Frances some day. I don't like thatidea, but I feel I have to say these thii nowin an attempt to protect her in the future.Questions about the Seattle "suicide" notehave recently been raised through leak.4 I'veinitiated. I firmly believe the note left at thescene in Seattle was not a " suicide'' note, butactually a note of retirement written to Kurt'sfans. The words at the bottom, "Which willbe so much happier without me," appear tohave been added to the note. Courtney now- says Kurt wrote her ano$er note also. Sheclaims she found it on her bed under a pillow.I know this is NOT TRUE becauseThursday morning, well after the time ofKurt's death, I looked under the pillows. Ialso looked under the bed and between themattresses. That's where I found a package ofRonpnal that I later told Courtney about.Dylan and I were looking everywhere fordrugs and drug paraphernalia that mightindicate whether or not Kurt had been in thehov recently. Even more important, however,is what this "new note" says. Courtneyadmits it's not suicidal. She quoted from the"new note" in the Dec. 15th 1994 issue ofRolling Stone. "You know I lave you, I loveEranW-dme...I'll be there, I'll protect you. I don'tknow where I'm goiqg I justcan't be here anymore." This seems to confirmwhat my investigation has revealed, thatKurt was simply leaving Seattle and wantedto be left alone. Courtney claims she told Sgt.Cameron about this other note. If so, I haveto wonder why Sgt. Cameron never mentionedthis other note in any police reportsand why it was never mentioned to the press.I also have to wonder why Courtney bevertald me about this other note during theseven month period following Kurt's death. Icontinued doing other work for her. Sheacted as if she wanted me to continue investigatingthis case but she obviously hadn't toldme everything. Now we have two notes leftby Kurt. Neither one is suicidal! Both notessimply confinn Kurt wanted out of the musicbusiness and he was leaving Seattle to get. away from it all. So, ... what about the notefrom the alleged suicide attempt in Rome? .Courtney claims there's a line in the Romenote that alludes to suicide. She says theRome note mostly just 'ashes her, but sheclaims, "It says one thing very definetly suicidal."Then Courtney quotes a line from theRome note written by Kurt, "Dr. Bakersays I would have to choose behieen life anddeath. I'm choosing death." If this statementreally IS on the Rome note, what does itmean?f+seerm tom* DxtortuaSSimIy -telling Kurt that if he doesn't get off drugs,he'd eventually die from using them. Tothink that the Doctor was telling Kurtthat suicide was an option for him is absurd!Kurt's response probably meant that he wasgoing to do what he wanted, even if usingdrugs would qenhrally kill him. This wouldbe a typical response from a heroin addict.Keep in mihd, this incident in Rome wasnever called a suicide attempt, by anyone,until after Kurt died in Seattle. The doctor inRome even said he believed the overdosewas an accident. Dr. Galleta says, "The lastimak I have of him, which in light of thetragedy now seems pathetic, is of a youngman playing with the little girl. He did notseem like a young man who wanted to end itall." But there's another problem here. Wemay never know the entire contents of the socalled Rome "suicide" note. We may never beable to determine what Kurt actually meant,or if he even wrote the statement attributedto him by Courtney, because this originalnote has been destroyed. When he returnedthe note from Rome to her, Courtney claimsSgt. Cameron told her, "This will never doyou any good. I'd get rid of this if I wereyou." So, ... she burned it!CONTINUEDNEXT ISSUE

--Ilhe. mNotewould be to rip people ,offly %king & ,. ,of what I used to be, full of love aqd,joy,@k and pretending as If @t Mfhg 140% .,. 'kissing every parson she meets I.To Boddah fun: 50rheMnied I fee1.b~ @@%ou~el': - - ' bscabse everyone is godd anifwill doSpeaking from the tongue of an siperi- have i p'%ith-[n time 6l&k *re 1 Glf .i her noharm. And that terrifies mp,t&enced simpleton who obviously would out in stqi l've tried'$@ty$~n~uwith- -the pdnt to whek I can barely fun;:,I,rather be an emasculated, infantile in my power to appr&?a& k (and I do, - ' tion; I can't stand the thought ofcomplain-ee. This note should be pretty . ~od.+bejie~sne I do, but it's not Frances becoming the miserable; self- -easy to understand. All the warnings : enough&!-appmciate the fact that I destructive, death rocker that: I've"from the punk rock 101~courses over " a~ w a w andentertained a become. I have it good, vewgobil, and' 'the years, since my first Introduction'l b ~ gbe t one of I'm grateful, but since thaags of seven,,to the, shall we say, ethics involved nawieebt$ only appreoiate things I've become hateful toward$ all humanswith indepmdence and the.embrace- when tih~~one.I'm too eensltive. in general. Only because it eeems soment of your community has proven to I ~ d t~@&g*& o numb irl order to easy for people to ge% aloqj and haye .'be very true. I haven't felt the excite- - ' regatn tb$ i+tb$e@em I once had as empathy. Only because i iovi and feelment of listening to as well as creating. ;child On our hat 3 tours, l've had a 6orry for people too much I along with reading and writing much beter appreciation for all the Thank you all from the pit of my burnfortoo many years now. I feel-guilty people l'vb known personally and a@ ing, nauseous stomach for your l&tterrbeyond worde about these things. For 'fans-of our music, but I still can't get and concern during the past years. I'm'example when we're backstage and the over the frustrqtbn, the guilt,and too much of an erratic, moody, baby!lights go'out and the manic- mar of empathy I have for everyone. There'6 I don't'have the passion anymore, andthe crowd begins; it doeen? affe~t me ' good in altus and I thinM simply love so remember, it& better to burn outthe way in which it did for Freddy people tob much, so much that it than to fade away.Peace, Love$mpathy.Mercury, who seemed to love, reliih In makes me feel too fucklng ead. The sad 'Kurt Cobainthe love and adoration from the crowd tittle, sensitive, unappreciative, Pisees, Frances and Courtney. I'll be at yourwhich is something I totally admire and * Jmue man, Why don't you juet enjoy it? altar. please keep going Courtney, forenvy. The fact is, I can't fool you, any 1 don't hbw! I have a goddes of a wife Fiances. For her life, which will be soone of you. It simply isn't fair to you or who sweat6 ambition and empathy and' much happier without, The worst crime I can think ofI Sa.daught'er who reminds he too much I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!',

BloodletEclecticVictory RecordsI saw COC once, hell, I'veeven seen AT WAR andNUCLEAR ASSAULT. Theywere the shows vou somehowjust ended up at withoutactually planning on it. Thebass and drums from tliemwould pound down on yourchest, knocking the wind out- uf youw~e~ouggaggjdowna smoke. The moshersbumped your beer and youthought to yourself it wasn'ta bad little show. Outside ofthat I never paid much attentionto the 'new' metal phase;fun to watch but not all thafto listen to at home. BLOOD-LET hits me the same way.It's a genre you really have .tobe into to appreciate. If theboys ended up knocking onthe doors of SLC,-"Hey we'regonna play" I'll probably endup there and watch the longhairsbob their heads 'andwave their fists, but that -would be the extent of myassociation with the band.It's heavy, covered in machovocals, no flash just straightforward guitar attack, and :.has the standard vocabularyof 'seven- tongued devils''molten tears' 'rage,' and 'infinitelost souls' Well done forwhat it is, but still for heavymetal elites.+AND-.IFor once the advance actuallygives a proper idea as to +emusic. Is this the one to makethe Bad Religion cover boysof Sassy? Can they capturethe interest of pre-teens whoignored the Circle Jerks andAll even as they snapped up"product" by the third generation?Ric Ocasek producedwith the band. All songs werewritten by Greg ~rafflr; andBrih Baker, who has filIedtlie vacant guitar slot. Bakerwas formerly in Minor, Threat. Stranger Than Fictionraised t$eir profile slightly. Ifthe tour with Pearl Jam had- actually happened that record----might have broken themthrough. The career retrospectiveEpitaph released hiilpedeven more. rve seen eightyear-oldspicking it up.Anyone thinking punk rockhas burned itself out needsThe.Gray Rate. Melodic guitars,harmonies, speed, songs,,anthems are all included."The Gray Race," "A Walk,""Parallel," "Pity The Dead,"and that's only the first side."Spirit ShineNsontinues theonslaught ?n~jk&&a: f: don'tknow, mdybe they are too $Idto capture the imaginations ofpu$'s new generation. Ithought the Circle Jerks hadthe best punk rock record of'95 and we all saw where .they ended up. The labelgroup appearkd mare interestedin breaking Joan .Osboume than promotingOddities, Abnwlities andCuriosities. Greg Hetson mustbe happier h Bad Religion. IhaveWo in&ths tcienEa3rthe'cass,g~mo.*.&lyric o . CDMthing more impressive is from the early '8& altemagoing .to- appear in the mean- tive band, Gene Lovespe. Tke ,Gray Ruce is sched- Jezebel. Aston has been oruled for elease on February . his own since 1990 and this is27. Hopefully a &~b tour will his first recording for Triple Xfo11~. , Records. Aston brought in--Chis Head Mick Rossi on guitar andGeza X to produce it. (Ifthose two names mean an\thing to you, then I knowhow old you are ... You oldfart!) As always, Astonisvocals are haunting.Musically,this recording has more of afolk/acoustic feel to it. Thevibe is very relaxed and thetempo is slowed dawn, con-~ack 0' Fire siderably. Personally I thinkBeware The Soulless Cool Astonis vocals go great with1+2 ~ecords , this type of music. His voiceIt seems that we have hit a. brings a bit of nielancholyfadof bands that do nothing type longing to the songs andbut covers. In a way it has its &nough distkce to give thehumorous perks, but some- album an edgy creepiness. Ifhow always leaving me you liked Gene Loves Jezebeltioning whether anyone ,really and you like slower songs, Ihas anything new to say. think you will like, Why Me,_JACKQ!JEF&~anoth~ W'Rtim*~. 43ut -er entire record of covers. you will have to giveit time,Respite my mistrust of cover itis one ~lat'definitel~ grows%bands, I will say they've on you. And by the way, itispulleg it off we!. They give a good album for lovers. Sotheir covers a- miyy blues feel; gfab your favorite partner,not so mu&'like.§PENCER, . light some candles and .but more swampp4ike-i little ; irrcerise, and wat& thenightknowriband from the eight- dbsipate, right before youries, ~,msE. The vocals . very eyes. 'are mufflkd and turned. down -RDJa bit, as if the various singers.use their voices as just motherbstrument. Their selectionsof pieces to cover rangefrpm TyE WHO, THE,CRAMPS, THE BARKAYS,and even Wire's 12 X U. Its afun piece to diink to, just lkt& to th& version of WINEWIN6 $VINE, but if you're atechnical.freak you's best stay Brian Jonestom Massacreaway; they're sloppy: But if Methadronewe refused sloppiness in TangibleJAsphodal Recordsmusic, wh& would the delta Now that every band in exisbluesbe? , . tence has discovered psyche-:', -JWD delic rock in one form or. aanother the Brian JonestownMichael ht'onMassacre have releasedWhy Me Why This. Why Now '~ethadrone as a textbook:$&g#g-$k- .-:- . example of trancelpsychedel-*-.. ---+,.. , ,, . *ournay ic without any electronic syn--eniber-ichakl st on thesizers or samples involved.

Think of the concept! Theplayers shift frompiece topiece. The only stable elementis Anton Newcombe whocontributes multi-instnunentallyto all 14 tracks. As thetitle suggests the musicdroneson and on and on. The averagesong length wouldappear to be around seven oreight minutes. The worldinfluence is ever presentexcept actual guitars are usedwith effects in place to imitatesitars, bagpipes and the like.The vocals complement thetrance one falls into by aboutthe third or fourth track. If allthat ambientrance/dub/psychedelicnonsense has you soenthralled that you just can'twait for My Bloody Valentineor Portishead to release thenext "dose" have a sessiqnwith the Brian JonestownMassacre.-Smurf Boy 'Ibomd .,-...ButterfliesBored RoomNG RecordsYet another bunch of collegeeducated youth arm themselveswith the typical guitarsand somehow manage torelease an album. Whatever. Iguess it's better than workingat Wallmart. The noise quotientis exceptionally highwhich brings a sneer to mylips. The Seattle element islow which again brings asneer to my lips. Interspersedwith the noise are some lovelylittle melodies. Again thesneer appears. Somehow I'mreminded of Pond, a bandthat fashion has passed byActually the underlyingtheme of this hand's music isexceptionally relevant.Somehow I get the impressionthat this all-bov band issupported and fin6ced by .girls. I do believe the album'stitle says more about the cur-The Gamma Menrent state of affairs than manyLess Is Morehave to date noticed. The1+2 Records boys can't get jobs becauseI guess it's perfectly alright to they have a penis and theycome out and say that a band are white. How many of you'sucks,' and THE GAMMA reading this rag (includingMEN do. Not because they the publisher) owe yourcan't play, but they are a bla- livelihood to a girl? A fadtantrip off of the late seven- nating state of affairs to saytiesand some early eighties ' the least. The girls stay atpunk. They might be one up home paying the rent whileon the RAMONES (they the boys go on tour promothowfour not three chords), ;' ing the record of the boysbut The RamoneS were doing work in service sector whileit first. If you hear it and like the girls go on tour. Indiethe sound of it (which is label rock as usual kicks someokay) don't buy it. Get your major butt. The publicist is norecord store to ship in some doubt supporting a boy on45 GRAVE, GENERATION-X, the road so buy the recordTHE DAMNED or BUZ- and watch for them to pull ypZCOCKS and save your dig- in the van at the Cinema Barnity. in 96.+AND--Chis HeadLenny KravitzCimrsVirginCircus was released aboutthree months ago. As far as Ican tell, the radio stations inthis area arenlt exactly goingballistic over ~. (Eve got noclue what MTV is doing. Idonit have cable and Ihaven't seen MTV in almostfour years.) This album ischock full of talent and reallykiller songs. In case youdonit how, Kravitz is verytalented. On most of thesongs he plays all the instruments.He can play thedrums as fluently as he can akick-ass guitar solo. And theway he records his albumswill take you back to our' yesteryear. From what Iiveread he doesnit use any digitalmeans for the production' of his songs. By doing this hetotally gets the groove andfeel of an early to mid-70'srecording. One of myfavorite songs on the album isBeyond the 7th Sky. lb steala line from Musicianis MacRandall, Lenny gets this cav-,emous Zepplinesque drumsound that you thought wasonly privy to Bonham. 1think the whole album isstrong and Kravitz really isan underrated musician and asong writer. If you donitbelieve me just tum on anyradio station and listen to theshit that passes for musictoday and every day. Checkout 'Rock & Roll is Dead' andThin Ice', as well. Afterlisting to this, I think you willrealize rock & roll is alive andkicking.-RDJBeyondReassemblePavement MusicYet another potential soundtrackfor DOOM players. Seethe review for BLOODLET,it's interchangeable, and ifyou're into this kinda thingalso check out MEATHOOKSEED.+ANDDan ZanesCool Down TimePrivate MusicDan Zanes used to beBoston's Del Fuegos. His latestis released on the labelYanni keeps in the black. Noneed to go into how much Ihate ~&i, go ask your motherhow wet he makes her.Cool Down Time is a funky,swamp, "roots" rock kind ofdisc made for those into TomWaits, Shane MacGowan andthe whole Texas singer-songwriterihing. He's obviouslysomewhat eccentric, he'slocked in the time-warp generationseparating theboomers from the slackersand he has released a disc ofmusic true "Triple A" radiowould pick up on if suchexisted in the barren wastelandof the Salt Lake Citydial. The cliche is that "TriphA is for the educated, moneyedboomer who lacks theintelligence or pompous attitudeto tune in to NPR.The last vestige of the middleclass? Rather than go intoextensive analysis of themusic how about we paint apicture? In an actual city barsexist where a couple can enter 4ytofindalivebandanddoacombination of"dirty dancing" and thewaltz. Grab the ass,grind/two-step, separate one,two three, four and boogalo.Back together for a long kiss,grind/shimmy-shake one,two, three, four. The openingContinued on Page 32

. isong addresses the questionany "immord" person alivetoday bas considered -should I get tested?-Smurf BoyPigfaceFeels Like Heaven. ..SoundsLike ShitlInvisible RecordsMartin Atkins and the mutatedfreaks of Pigface are at itagain. This time in the formof dance mixes, exten.ded versionsand slag9eed slagadelicmixes. This album is mostlymade up of songs thatappeared on 1994's Pigface,Notes From the Undergroundalbuni. of the songsinclude4 on Feels LikeHeav-.. have been re-mixed,some by0 or three times, to-show a different side ofNotes ... Highly industrial,(Can I still use that word asan adjetive?) And highlyinfecpous, this is a really coolcollection of songs. I tried toget some information fromInvisible as to what and whybut, they never returned mycall, in true punk rock fashion.Any who, If you likehard-core Pigface/dancemusic check this mutha out,you're going to dig it!-RDJ. A

Irish band withguys." My bw .k#usually asspP+,a$; A$g$i@ a +.. :.Stxeet hooker, k-it the el& Anew ways to torture inanimateobjects. that have given, . mei splitting headache I. .. ppane treapent. Into the ,well-ventilated outdoors Iheaded gripping the CD firm-1y.wit.h vicegrips as I fired ,up the torch. *Wat@bg the ,'"'where aluminum mdWg I felf Tom ' ,. . scre*,rriuctE-& listening ,4 to;$& disc led m& ta do. Is -:-: &*the best Qnb& has toThwEaP , @@? Hey! I?$ a %deal atDefini&ly wbrth a listen. Ethe "big boxes."HALO of Hies bassist, Tim Much of the experience can a fire to ward off the chill ontrack be Uwed to Uehh& to a , a "red bqn" d&,~~i~ur-s~rlgs~- i? &ild e&erherttbg with a in and.t$at viokvis still . Home 33the~'Ru& .and hardcore showcenf&hg &I+& fhe NY amabuf these 3 &ern~ew -$~n&&ier~&ave%eh.bwri- %. , -$., - *i :.% . -&Continued on4Page 36

' . 1' I~&de~s,+t> - . ..pes terg *t-shirts * \

they can play 80's hardcorelike they invented the shit.This has got a real glossy productionand bad lyrics. Alland all not bad for a listen toif you like that new kind ofresurgence of crossover thanthis is a record to add toyou're collection. The cover ofthis record rocks, a kid with ateapot through his cheek. Nonew ground is being brokenhere but then again it never islately However in a pot fullof shit this might float.-Sausage KingPalace MusicViva Last BluesDrag Cityme year is 1996. REM aren'tshiny and happy anymore. .Pretend all you want, in realityyou;.life is depressing.Look at yourself, look at yourhouse, look at your clothes,look at your stupid job. Youare a pathetic example of ahuman being. ~oes-your liferesemble that of those you seeon TV? As much as you try tobelieve that Trent will be themusic you hear as the worldends, (read the Weekly WorldNews today?) the actual realityis that the survivors will sitaround the campfire withacoustic instruments. Theinstruments aren't allacoustic. They aren't even ktune. The Palace Brothersused to be thought of ascountry. Palace Music is not acountry band. It isn't folk.Lo-fi? Not that either. WillOldham's voice creaks, cracksand croaks out his words.Jason Loewenstein is thedrummer of choice, LiamHayes plays piano and organ.Jed Oldham is on bass, slideand background vocals.Bryan Rich is the lead guitarist.Sure when they all plugin, as they do for "WorkHard/Play Harp," it soundslike your typical noise-rock.For the most part Viva LastBlues comes across more likethe voice of the homeless -perhaps a group of travelingminstrels? The bleak natureof Oldham's singing and thebacking music beg for label- 'ing the entire disc as one ofthe most deprebing of theentire year. "The Brute Choir"is a sad lament for sure, but Ican't believe Oldham isdepressed as he sings aboutfucking a valley girl in "TheMountain Low." The word"fuckl' becomes a one word(tone poem when it appears ina Palace Music song. Bleepingit out would destroy both' "The Mountain Low" and"Tonight's Decision (AndHereafter)." "Mew Partner" isas happy as it gets. A songabout a new songwritingpartner. "Cat's Blues" revealsthe band as capable of kickingout a boogie. Viva LastBlues is a highly impressivealbum. Steve Albini is creditedwith recording it. Th&goodness there wasn't anyproduction because as is noneis needed. For me '95 endedon a high note when the FolkImplosion tricked an entirenation into discovering LouBarlow. Here's hopingOldham and his Palace Musicbuddies can do somethingsimilar in '96.-Chia HeadSkeleton CrewPre Historic ...DigIntersoundThis record blows like yourmomma .... It's bad and it ain'tgot no teeth. This is one ofthose new fangled CD's thathas that multi media shit onthe front of it that of coursedoesn't work on the good oldget excited about doesn'teven work. But thal's O.K. themusic doesn't work either.-Sausage KingSimon & The Bar SinistersLook At Me I'm CoolUpstart RecordsOf more than passing interestis the opening song on LookAt Me I'm Cool. "Strike OutKing" bears a striking resemblanceto a tune with thesame title on the FranticFlattops debut long player.The Flattops attribute thetune to Paul Roman. SimonChardiet takes full credit onhis. The lyrics are changed,but the subject is exactly thesame. Both spngs are rockabilly.Simon thrashes thingsup more than the Flattops.(He's throwing his hands inthe air. I can see him. "I don'twant any rockabilly SHIT inSLUG".) Don't worry boss,"Surf The Wild Gowanus" isa surf instnunental. What wehave hear is a band nottrapped by genre."Speed, Weed & Whiskey" iscountry and western. Is it theBeat Farmers in disguise?Kind of, but not quite. EricAmbel produced the thingand we are deep in theunderground. "Dirty Mean"is blues-based swamp-rockand it is the only song on theentire disc longer than atouch over 3 minutes."Thinking With The WrongHead" is big beat rockabilly,"Look At Me I'm Cool!!!" isgarage punk and"Chapter Eleven" is theRolling Stones. The styles areall mixed up yet the albumholds together like Supergluebonding the index finger tothe thumb after a nosepicking session.-Smurf BoyDeadguyFixation On A Co WorkerVictory RecordsCool Title. Good Layout.Heavy sound Sick of it Allrip off band. Just kiddingActually it's not a bad littleout fit that has potential.I wish they could use a littlebit more dissonant soundingstuff. But I guess that angrysinger makes up for it.This record has an incredibleproduction on both theguitars and the bass but thedrums get lost in the mix.Which is too bad because youcan tell this is a tight bandand some good drums wouldfuckin niake this record great.Check out the cheesy metalguitar in 'pins and needles'ala Slayer. If you like to havemusic to stab babies with thisis the record for you.-Sausage Kingc;ontlnuea on rage 38


Spacemen 3Taking Drugs To Make MusicTo Take Drugs ToBomp Recordsspacemen 3 have been undergroundd~lings for a numberof years. They've seen anabundance of recordingsreleased in the last severalyears by the band or an offshootthereof. Taking Drugs.. .is subtitled "TheNorthhampton Demos." It isbasically a CD of a demo tapewhich resulted in the band -being signed to nr/GlassRecords. Portions of therecording we* released on arecord of the same title in1990. Spacemen 3 personnelat the time were Pete "SonicBoom" Kember (guitars,vocals, feedback), Jason Pierce(guitar, vocals), Pete"Bassman" Bah (bass) andNatty Brooker (percussion).Velvet Underground referencesare never ending 'as thedisc spins round and kund.Thewhite noise guitar fails todrown out the pop pretensionsthe band was capableof.. .if they so desired. Afterall, Pat Fish of the JazzButcher had a hand in gettingthem signed. Several alternatetakes are included with earlyversions of songs that wouldappear on lateralbums alongwith a couple of covers. For ademo recorded in three dayscompletely lacking in overdubsTaking Drugs.. .stands onits own as one of the betterSpacemen 3 recordings."Stoner" music at its best.The HumpersLive Forever Or Die TyingEpitaphCan I just tell you how muchI hate this band. I hate thisband like I hate when I findmy dog blowing the neighborkids. Cause I know somebodyis gonna do it everytime Iturn around. Put out badfuckin music, that is. Justgive me one good record onEpitaph come on guys stop.putting out this three chordkiddie tqnes. Punk didn'twork the first time.-Sausage KingSWALESSwalesWhat's His NameBar/NoneHere's a band that mighthave made their biggestmistake with the CD cover.It's a simple black and whiteof a pregnant female seated infront of an American flag. Iwas thinking punk rock allthe way. In fact the CD nearlyescaped my attention alltogetheq because of the cover.Now think all the way backto the early '80s and a fewbands that are mostlyforgotten:The Kings forexample. Roes anyoneremember the powerful . ,beauty of "Switchin' ToGlide" on the radio?How about the Jags firstalbum? "One More Mistake"opens the album with powerpop- actual power-pop - notthe '90s imitation version. Thelyries describe the usualboy/girl relationship. "Sothey head inside and makeone more mistake." It makesme nostalgic for a time dimlyremembered. The time whenthere was only an AM radioin @ car. Top 40 playedexciting music. Not that thetune islu3tro: at all nor does itsound anything like the past.It's simply a great job of bothwritingand playing. Nothingelse on the album can matchit. The rest isn't simply filler.There are tons of guests joiningthe Swales. It's a fullyeffort that be& forrepeating just to catch thedepth of the instrumentation.No punk rock, squeal, guitarpyrotechnics or any gimmicksat all. Just plain old-fashionedrock 'n' roll. ~eartland's rock'n' roll with a few nods to thecountry. Supreme songwritingand hook filled songs theart of which are lost ontoday's audience. The recordof the month that actuallyappeared in the mailbox lastmonth.The Dogmatics ,1981-86Vagrant Records -This is a really good recordfor a punk record, of course itis compiled from stuff from81-86 so it came out in theAmerican punk movement.This band is from Bostonmaking music before theywould let Juliana Hatfieldinto a club. The only realDownside with this record isthat it is dated and probablytrying to cash in on the alterna-explosion.God I hatewhen I get a complete set ofsongs by a band that won'tever record again. At least Idon't have to look for anymore records huh?-Sausage KingBeyondReassemblepavemeit MusicYet another potential soundtrackfor DOOM players. Seethe review for BLOODLET,it's interchangeable, and ifyou're into this kinda thingalso check out MEATHOOKSEED.+ANDLagwagonHossFat Wreck ChordsThis has the best cover I'veseen in a long time. Nothingbeats Hoss from Bonanza.This record sure fuckin don'tbeat anything but itself in adark closet. The music is notbad but this guys voice iskillin me smalls. It's thattinny kind of wKdg voicethat kills you every time. DagNasty did it well this bandjust does it. I hate when goodmusic becomes popular andthen the whole world tries tocopy the pasts formulas forsuccess. I suppose if you likekiddie core you'll love thisrecord look for my copy inthe used bin.-Sausage KineContinued on Page 40- I-

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The RationalsTemptation 'Bout To Get MeTotal Energy RecordA live recording from '68 thatcan only be viewed as a historicaldocument. TheRationals were a midasMichigan band whichachieved some regional fameearly in their careers. Theirorientation was the "pop''single and they released anumber of them prior to theonset of "album" rock. On thedate captured via a squndboard tape The Rationalsattempt to change their styleto compete with more up andcoming bands. They are openingfor The MC5. Taken incontext Temptation 'Bout ToGet Me is a "true" trip back intime to 1968. Only two originalRational's songs are present.The remainder areextended jamming cover versionsof R&B standards."Fever," "I Put A Spell OnYou" and "Wang DangDoodle" are garaged up andas raw as anyone could everdesire. Of possibly moreinterest than the actual musicare the announcements concludingthe disc. Buddy Guyis supposedly going to open .for the Moody Blues at theGrande Ballmom in twoweeks. The MC5 are about torecord their first record andthe disc closes with Rob-er calling out to his"brothers and sisters" asWayne Kramer tunes up.Tab Benoit.Standing On The Bank .Justice Records. The swamp guy who (accord-fig to the last press materialsI received) would rather notacknowledge his roots evenas he pictures the above ,water images of them on thecoverof his latest CD. Anextraordinaryguitar slingerwho lost it sdmewhat on hissophomore release returnswith the third in the series.He's a familiar site here inSalt Lake City at the ZephyrClub. The outsf-towners andlocal clueless wanher into theplace after dodging illegalswith their parcels of lowgrade "chiva" and "coca" toview him without the slightestinkling as to who he is.He% worked hard to dropthat Acadian accent fromthevocals. I always found theslight hint to Louisiana to beone of the most engaging ele-' ments of a Benoit disc.Listening to this one I'm wonkdering if he has finallyacknowledged the upbringingbecause of the cover, the titlesong and the one precedingit, "Downtown," a tune aboutNew Orleans? As I've alreadyreported Willie Nelson is currentlya member of the Justiceroster. He joins Benoit on guitarand vocals for a cover ofhis own song, "Rainy DayBlues." Willie always was agreat songwriter' a fact the -present h& relegated to theback pages. Is it possible thatBenoit is coming into his ownas a mature player? From thesound of Standing On TheBank I'd say the answer is aresounding yes! He's alreadyproved that he has the chops.On the latest the chops take aback seat to actual feeling inthe playing!'-Eating SmegWalt MinkEl PmductoAtlanticYou all remember Walt MinkI'm sure. They releasedBareback Ride a few years agoand followed it up with ashow at the Bar & Grill. Therelease, the band's second,was on Caroline. Surprise ofsurprises. I never expected tosee Walt Mink make the leap60 the majors but they have.Atlantic didn't receive manypositive words from me lastmonth due to,the poorquality of the advancecassettes they sent. I stillbelieve that an advancecassette is about as valuableaS a Canadiai dime insertedin a public library copymachine.What the hell the major labelis going to do with these guysescapes me. They're a geekrock band with a hero onguitar who sings like Alvinthe Chipmunk or something.El Producto moves right alongthrough the hard/progressiverock psych to acaustic folkpsych to Plant/Page worldbeat psych. Flip the thingover and find "Little Sister"which is some kind ofthrash/h&d-core psych. Asusual the combination ofadvahce cassetteI $3headphones and $15Walkman make the listeningexperience akin to snorkelingI in the murky waters of theJordan River. The power oftlie trio shines through.Instead of ushg his fearfultalents to jam on and on intothe night. John Kimbroughcontinues his search for theperfect lick by keeping thesongs short. The songs rangefm swiding dervishes topeeling skin from bone powerto pretty folk. If this is whatpeople call retro rock orprogressive rock (both termsapplied to Walt Mink in thepast) I'll take it over a wholestack of "God damned hippie - -bands" or Queewryche,Rush, Into Another bootlegtapes any time. Viit the"chain" store on January 23,the scheduled release date,and make the "clerk" open acopy. Listen for fr& and ifyou like' buy at theindependents.William S. Burroughs & GilVan SantThe Elms Of LettersTi Kerr RecordsIt is extremely relaxing to sitback and find comfort in thevoice and words ofWilliam S. Burroughs. He'sbeen doing these spokenword recordings for longerthan a lot of people readingthis paper have be& alive.On this release he seems to bemore interested in the syllablethan complete words. .Hisspeech is broken, as the titleto the first piece,"Burroughs Break," mightsuggest. Gil Van Sant'sbacking music is your usualhipster' blues/jazz. The CDcould stand on its own as aninstrumentalrecording - minus track - ifBurrough's words wereremoved. For my bucks thebest piece is "Millions OfImages" where Burroughsdescribes the images ofhimself filling his mind. Heshits out the words. Theclosest he gets to telling astory is "The Hipster Be-BopJunkie." Of course the story isonly three sentences long."The hipster be-bop junkiesnever shoived at 103rd Street.They all look like junk.There's a junkie gesture.. .."The hes are repeated overand over with various vocaltreatments added while VanSant gets a little dub thinggeg. The EP length isperfect for investigating themodem world of an old beat.Kind of an introduction toW&am S. Burroughs that.might cause someone tosearch out more of the oldvinyl works or full-lengthCDs.-Riley PuckettuContinued on Page 42

FLUFIHE CL4SSIC YEARS CD,LP,CASTHE SMEARSLIKE HELL CDIAndrew VachssBatman: The UltimateEvilSaturdayJanuary20th6:00pmto8:00pmNight Flight comics Cottonwood Mall80 1 -272-8343C-J L YOUR MUSIC Iwith custom postcards!CHUNEBIG HAT, NO CA77LE CD IiCARLOS!AMY ARMAGEDDON CDPITCHBLENDE GYGAX!CD $12, LPiCASS $8.50, 10" $5. 7 $3.50 postpaid4901-906 MORENA BLVD. SAN DIEGO, CA 92117-3432DIRECT TO STORES 619.483.9292[(DlPromote Record Releases & New Bands reat atIfor Recording &Sound Studios Perfect For Trade Shows & Promotions FeatureMusical Accessories & Instruments CD & Cassette Covers AlsoAvailable Call Now For Information & Free Sample Kit!Modern Postcard

XTCA Testimonial DinnerThirstyIEarOh God, not another tributealbum and this time it's XTC.I absolutely loved their firstfour or five albums. After thatit was somewhat hit or miss.The vast majority of the tributefeatures songs from theirlater works. At least some ofthose paying tribute haveseen far more success thanaXTC ever did. Space Hog ison the verge of breakthroughstatus. (Don't they sound likeBowie, Japan or Roxy Music?)If indeed they manage to gainmajor attention maybe someonewill pick up on "SensesWorking Overtime." TheCrash Test Dummies do agood job with "All You PrettyGirls." A nice pleasing popreading. "Making Plans ForNigel" always stood in mymind as one of XTC's greatestsongs. The Rembrandts don'truin it, I prefer the original.Sarah Mclachlan covering"Dear God" is a masterpiece.As famous as she is maybethe song will become a "hit"again. Stunning, and thelyrics certainly apply to thestate of the world more thanever. Reuben Blades and "TheMan Who Sailed Around HisSoul"? P. Hux does aninspired version of "AnotherSatellite" which is reminiscentof Bowie joining up withThomas Dolby. Those lovableboys in They Might Be Giantschose to cover XTC's psychedelicalter ego Dukes OfStratosphere. "25 O'Clock" isnice and dated sounding.Terry & the Lovemen dig upthe obscure "The GoodThings." Now fhat is Britishpop! Finally Joe Jackson (he'sstill around?) goes all the wayback to the first full-lengthand a song titled "Statue OfLiberty." Old Joe is lookingmighty sharp. Kind of thebest thing I've heard fromhim since "Is She ReallyGoing Out With Him." Thecloser has me all nostalgic for'some new wave. Hell, I mightpull out some XTC vinyl andlisten to it.-Bob Gelduffer.Wayne Horvitz and PigpenMiss AnnCaveman HughscoreFeaturing HughHopperlElaineDifalcomenry FranzonilFred ChalenorTim Kerr RecordsAnd now boys and girls it'stime to explore another sideof Tim/Kerr. You all knowthe label from their DandyWarhols, Oblivian Seekersand Jack O'Fire releases I'msure. On this release there's aman playing the saxophonethat wails! Joining him are theusual guitars, bass anddrums. The opener and titlecut rocks pretty damn hardbefore Howit2 and his friendsdecide to take a jaunt to theouter limits. We're talk&jazz, actual on the edge,improvisational music thatisn't sweet and pleasant likeKemy G, the Rippingtons orJazzmasters. You.can't nod offinto some nice friendlydaydream and use the musicas a background for foldingthe laundry or talking on thecellular phone. Concentrationis required to catch all the'nuances of what these cats areup to. The sax leads all theway, listen to him cooking on"Stupid," as the organ goesoff in total abandonment."Ballad" sounds likesomething from the late '70sECM catalog, "Grind followsimmediately with more thanenough color to shake up allthose in love with mutedgrays and off-white. OK,"Miss Ann" is a Eric Dolphycomposition and"Triggerfingers" was writtenby John Zom. If those two areway too far out for "Jazz"fans search out Miss Ann.The disc isn't so experimentalas to draw screams, say likeColtrane's Om, but there ismore than enough of agleaming glint to it for thoseinterested in Crayons strayingfrequently out-of-bounds -coloring outside the lines.Where in the annals of SLUGMagazine does CavemanHughscore fit?Hugn rIopper was with SoftMachine and Robert Wyatt.He joins some out-theseAmericans to record anexperimental rock CD. Thereis a girl trading off on FenderRhodes and accordion evenas she sings.. . at times.Two guys play double speedbass and then there is a trashcan lid dnunmer. Have youever tossed and turned in themidst of a nightmare only towake up feeling restless withskin itching and nerves so ajangle that you somehow feelseconds ticking by as hours?Have you ever kicked heroin,Xanex, or felt the need formore methedrine than moneycould buy?Cold sweats,"I'll kill you if you speak"anger, ants inside your bodyattempting to eat their wayout? Ever tried to sit on aknife blade without beingcut? Noise and dissonance aresoo good. For your typical"rqck" references thinkResidents, Zappa, Beefheart,Camper Von something andAllan Ginsberg. Rememberwhen Phillip Glass andLaurie Anderson played theSalt Lake Arts Festival?Fucking great music here.More than enough to makeme forget allabout major. label connections and indierock/pop all together.-Jazzbo RollinsShoeGazerlbo Boxing Brown BearsT.O.N. RecordsWell that other SLUGhack, the Sausage guy has allthe cool expressions. Kickinglike this, rockin like that ... howabout "Busier than a onelegged man at an ass kickincontest"? Yes, that is how Iwill choose to describe mynewly found cool bandShoeGazer. Much energy,very cool guitars and songsabout sin, life, death and sex.Four of my five favoritesubjects. The fifth of coursedeals with a little white ball.This band delivers like theMailman on a fast break,rocks harder than nipples in' ten degree temperature, andoutlasts that little bunny likeJohn Holrnes on crank.-Mr. Pink

1Ie Threat I'The Counter Culture ConnectionGRATffUL MAD f if DYEZiPPoS 4 L~GHTE RS - IMPORT€ Df OSACCO $ CiGARf T T f S - UMiQUfHOVE LTifS - f AMTASY $ nAyTHoLoGiCALCfRAnRiC STATUARY - VALE'S ORiGlMALfoRMULA - roBACCo PiPESIkiCfklSf $ BURtlf RS - Jf Wf LRY $ AAoRfI1057 East 2100 SouthS.L.C. Utah 84106

Pumpkins, led Zeppelin, The a=y.. qPretenders, even theg-&> haveGpteful Dead. . %-alittle 7'(The main comparison) of thPI on 7Irthe audienoes is a crash pour first CD,'Their name between Jane's Addiction and bo it'e bemCocteau Twins - that's the evolvivrg," D.:nergy,r latest thing going around," added:spirituality, Chelsea said. .1.'Although Vim'srvitality, .and that's Vim originates from Santa Aen1vexactly what they Cruz and apparently do very well ' desmhed as being 'acid 7mnanated at their Salt on local college radio. 50 why rock," it has other facetoLake concert on haven't we heard of them twfore? beeides the psychedelia thatDecember 1st. Too bad you allone. h+ie on a first listen. . 1it- Those 20 or people A.wn' t they what aft6~tive is Their music iewho were there and were sober all about? complex - it has environmentamenough to remember itVim says that their n~usic tones as well as folk-like Vim to the kllesto is developing a Middle L. - .3-,.z~b> Eastern 1 The song ugaiaw is about mothtVim ie composed of flavor to it. %$;h:,-j$& earth, and the song 'lorillew isD, Cawley, bassistlvoCalist and 'It's kind of a natura! - - like a peasant fairy tale.chief songwriter, Rick Huyett, thing," Rick said.,"We've been Because one of Vim's goalsguitarist, Richard Leiva, drums moving more in* a Middle is to allow their listener's to feeland their newest member Eastern direction and hence %he the music, the only way toCheliea, percussionist. Some addition of the dumbeak and experience Vim is to experiencec--ipeople consider Vim to be$- '.%tambura whioh'she (Chelsea) them in pure form - in a live ,-alternative in the original sense plays on-&ager performance. &&of the word. They've beenhe Smashing

A IIARBby John Forgach -en rule" in mind. I would alsorather save the crappy reviewsfor the releases that redlydeserve it, not because I don'tcare for the style of music. So,if MTV style, feel-good rockand roll is your cup of tea, thentake a sip of MACHINE PISH,courtesy of the GalacticCowboys.Terminal Sect's firstrelease, THEHUMANSCONDITIONED. - - THEGUN WORSHIP EP alsocontains three newtracks. I wonder how thefound space on the CD fothree new songs with only seventy minutes to play with?HOSTILITYBrickCentury MediThe band Hostility hails fromthe wheat fields of Kansas.Though they don't have thecruel streets of a big city toinspire them, the band claimsthat there is plenty to hate inthe Midwest. I think the guysare just harboring resentmentto fact that there wasn't anynudity in "The W i d of Oz",which as we all know tookplace partially in their homestate. The band reminds me alittle of Pantera. Most of thesongs on the album chug onwith moderate tempo, anddetuned heaviness. Of coursethere is the exception on tracksix, when the band sneaks in aballad. The song is a tribute totheir late father, so I guess I'mgoing to have to cut them abreak. If you found coal inyour stocking this Christmas,instead of a copy of Hostility'sBRICK, then you just may haveto go out and get one foryourself.GALACTIC COWBOYSMachine FishMetal BladeThe Galactic Cowboy's,MACHINE FISH, could be bestdescribed as a rock album. Yes,I could go on for the better partof this page'whining abouthow it's not heavy enough, or,that there's not enough of theobligatory references to Satan -but I'm not going to. I'm try-MERAUDERMaster KillerCentury MediaNew York City has producedanother heavy, gang experienced,metal band. The bandwill probably be compared tobands like Biohazard, thoughthere is one big differencebetween Merauder and all ofthe other band's with similarsQles and histories. Merauderhappens to actually be good.No, scratch that. They are oneof the better "metal" bands I'veheard in a while. MASTERKILLER, the band's first fulllengthrelease, has laid a solidfoundation for Merauder tobuild upon. UASTER KILLERis pure, power metal. This isone band to look out for.PARADISE LOSTDraconian Z'ZmesMusic For NationsI made it through song three.I just didn't have the strengthto go on. I didn't want tochanq losing the will to live alltogether by listening to more.Oh, gee .... am I being negative?Let me try this then. Maybeyou'll like it....but I doubt it.SACRED REICHHeal .Metal BladeSacred Reich's, HEAL, is theband's fourth full-lengthrelease in their nine year history.The album is packed withall of the intensity and thoughtprovoking lyrical messages thatyou would expect from aSacred Reich release. The sixthtrack, "Jason's Idea", even hasa miked bong hit to intro thesong. Inventive guys. Manybands have used drugs toinspire their artistry, but theseguys have incorporated actualdrug use into their songs.Neato. This band has beenaround for a long time. Theirfirst album, IGNORANCEcame out in 1987.. Sacred Reichwas one of the few bands atthat time, that helped pull theass of metal out of the firewhen it was really starting tosuck.TERMINAL SECTThe Gun Worship EPNone Of The AboveTerminal Sect's latest industrialoffering, THE GUN WOR-SHIP EP, gets this month'saward for value. Didn't knowit existed now did you? Therelease is packed with over seventyminutes of music, and featuresremixes by: EnEsch(KMFDM), JohnBergin(Trust Obey), CrisMoriarty(Controlled Bleeding),and Coin of the Realm. I'massuming the remixes are ofsongs which appeared onTHOUGHT INDUSTRYOuter Space Is Just A MartiniAwayMetal BladeI will admit, when I firstreceived Thought Industry'slatest, OUTER SPACE IS JUSTA MARTINI AWAY, I was sureI wouldn't like it. It tookweeks for me to even take theCD out of its case. Before listeningI thought it would beanother crappy, artsy attemptat trying to come up withsomething new, that would endup falling pathetically short.When I finally committedmyself to listening to thealbum, I put the CD in theplayer, and found myselfenjoying what I heard. At onepoint, I even caught myselfstrapping on my......(Oh youpeople a& sick!) strapping onmy air guitar. This release ismost definitely different. It's avery well put together album.Thought Industry combinesplenty of aggression and intensity with finesse. The band'sstyle is hard to label.Something I'm so fond ofdoing. Metal Blade, the band'shome, describes TholightIndustry as "hardcore - newwave". Thought Industry havebeen found on tour with bandsas diverse as Prong and Slayer,to Hole, KMFDM, and theAfghan Whigs.-ForgachI

- Friday, January 5..Sun'Mawns @Ashbury Pub 'Honest Engine @Bar& Grill+bet% @Cinema Bar&16kwash@~ead Goat?#erle Saunders @ ZephyrSaturday, January 6Loretta @Ashbury Pub ,'ihi Pin& ~ldwer ~akh @Bar& Grill,.Torture King . Exher @Cinema'0ar-hdubbo @~ead Goat,Mefie Saundere @ Zephyranday, January 7Acoustic Goat @Dad GoatFigure Head @Zephyr-Monday, January 8Blpe Devils Blues Rewe @Dead GoatFabulous Thunderbiie @Zephyra ,Tuesday, January 9Kirety McDonald @Ashbury PubGc Figuh @Bar& GrillQlSol @Cinema Bar,Eybwitnese @Dead Goat?hat Daddy @ZephyrWednesday, January 10Accidental Tribe @Ashbuy PubLadies Night @Bar& GrillPodunk-@Cinema Bar .Daddy Don't @Dead GoatFloyds Funk Revival @ZephyrThureday, January 11T);e Weed @Ashbury Pub123peed @Bar& GrillThirsty Allc?j-@Cinetna BarVolunteer King @Dead GoatFriday, Jahuary 12The Pinch @~shbury fibHeadshake, PiJamae DeGato @Bar & GrillSwget Loretta @Cinema BarYellow Wood Junction @Dead Goatat Paw, Jerry Joseph @ZephyrSaturday,, January 13Juniors Farm @Ashbury fibMy Friend Moses. One Eye @Bar & GrillUtah After Dark Party OCinGma erHarpoon @Dead GoatFat P&, Jery Joseph @ZephyrSunday, January 14 .9 SpIHe Stickleback @Cinema BarAchetic Goat @Dead GoatCops & Robbers @ZephyrMonday, January 15Mark Hummel and the Blues Survivorsmead GoatW.C. Cdark @ZephyrTuesday, January 16Sweet Loretta @Ashbuy PubGwen Mae, Sugarhouse @Bar& GrillNero's Rome, Dick Nixon @Cinema BarAccidental Tribe @Dead GoatFigurehead @ZephyrWedncrsdqy, January 17Tailgatorz @Ashbury PubLadies Night @ Bar & GrillPachino, Skabe On Strike @Cinema BarGoose @ Dead GoatFlower Patch @ZephyrThursday. January 18Blue Heeler @Ashbury PubSam &The Hunchback @Bar& GrillPagan Love Gods, Dead Kats @Cinema BarFender Benders @Dead GoatFriday, January 19Jerry Joseph OAshbuty PubElbo Finn, Insipid Brown @Bar& GrillMono Media ~rehente @Cinema BarMr. Jones and the Previ~us @Dead GoatSalsa Brava @ZephyrSaturday. January 20House of Cards @Ashbury PubJosh Clayton Felt, Dishwalla, Marmalade Hill@ Bar & GrillDecomposers @Cinema BarInsatiable @Dead GoatBox set @ZephyrSunday, January 215XSW Competition @Cinema BarSXSW Competition @Dead GoatSXSW Bar Crawl @ZephyrMonday, January 22Blue Devils Blues Revue @Dead GoatElbow Finn @ZephyrTuesday, January 23May Amanda Fairchild @Ashbury PubAbstra k @ Bar & GrillAcoustic Goat @Dead GoatMike Riley @ZephyrWednesday, January 24Tree Frogs @Ashbury PubLadies Night @Bar& GrillAlligator Gun, Tree, Roadww @Cinema Barsnake and the Fat Man @Dead GoatMike Riley @&phyrThursday, January 25Figurehead @Ashbury PubKing Trance @Bar& GrillThirsty Alley @Cinema BarThe Pinch @Dead GoatStrangers @ZephyrFriday. January 26d!Backwash, Fat Paw @Ashbury PubWish @Bar & GrillRiver Bed Jed @Cinema BarSpittin Lint @Dead GoatColobo. Rubber Neck @ ZephyrSaturday. January 27SLUG PARTYHonest Engine, Headshake, Pijamas Degato@Bar & GrillBackwashOFat Paw @Ashbury Pub,Ether @Cinema BarCrossroadsQDead GoatColobo, Rubber Neck @ZephyrSunday. January 20Accidental Tribe @Cinema Bar.Acoustic Goat @Dead GoatMonday, January 29Zach Lee @Ashbury PubMens Wear O Cinema BarMlke'Schermer @Dead GoatTuesday. January 30Nine Spine 5tickleback @Bar & GrillDope, Decomposers @Cinema BarVertigo @Dead GoatWednesday, January 31My Dog Vodka @Ashbury PubLadies Night @Bar & GrillPavement @Cinema BarJuniors Farm @Dead GoatCommitted @ZephyrIF YOU WANTYOUR FREELISTING IN THE'41LY CALENDAR,t 'ALL LAURA ATVj3.7273 IF YOURlSTlNG IS NO1 IN"'E CALENDAR,BECAUSE YOUDIDN'T CALL HER, srn- -.JT--..-F-r..rW...-'.."7'S. :.-~----; >,8. .*, ../ ..< '., ;;,;:. --.. ,' ' . c,; .,:- , . t i - ."&&-.I' d:. - a'-,;.s- -,.., "-8 . - =.** ,.,,+ -. .?c&+g-", .",C . .


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