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www.janome.comMemory Craft 11000

Memory Craft 11000A new dimension in sewing & embroidery

Moveable i-height ScreenWhen the screen goes up,the show beginsThe only moveable screen in the industryWhat could be better than the largest, high-resolution screen on anembroidery machine? How about one that adjusts to the height that’s mostcomfortable for you?The new i-height screen is the widest display available. At more than7 1/2" when measured diagonally, it’s the size of many portable DVD screens.But it will show you something even better than movies. With 640 x 480 fullresolution, it displays designs with crystal clarity in up to 65,536 colors.That’s accurate enough for vivid photo images. (And the Memory Craft11000 lets you add your own photos as screensavers.)Because you adjust the screen to the height that’s best for you, you canfind the optimal eyeline for viewing the screen. You avoid neck strain andcan sew comfortably for hours.When the screen is fully up, the Memory Craft 11000 has the largestwork area of any embroidery machine, more than 9" to the right of theneedle. Move it all the way down and the included case top fits neatly overthe machine. Any way you look at it, the i-height touch screen makeseverything you sew and embroider something to see.A picture is worth athousand wordsIcons are great, if you can rememberwhat they mean. Most of us preferpictures and that’s what the MemoryCraft 11000 uses for navigation keys:simple, recognizable pictures. You spendless time scratching your head and moretime sewing.

Simple setupTo get ready for embroidery, press thelever to release the arm and swing it intoplace. The arm is extremely stable andyou can embroider easily throughmultiple layers of fabric.Robotic PrecisionThe robots that assemble high tech electronic devices move with aquickness and precision that even the most skilled humans can’t beginto match. Back in the 1990s, Janome pioneered the home embroiderymarket with the revolutionary Memory Craft 8000. The X-Y movement of theMemory Craft 8000 became the impetus for Janome to develop desktop robots.The robots have now returned the favor.Janome is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial desktop robots. Ourknowledge and expertise was crucial in the utilization of a special carriage armsystem called the Rolling Linear Motion Guide for moving the embroidery hoopon the Memory Craft 11000. Not only does it allow a much larger field ofmovement (and therefore much larger hoops), it also has a precision unmatched inany machine we’ve ever made. In fact, we believe it to be the most preciseembroidery machine on the market today.The elegance of this system lies in the fact that while being the mostsophisticated on the market, it doesn’t require you to attach a bulky embroiderymechanism to the end of your machine. You still have the built-in convenience ofJanome’s patented quick conversion from sewing to embroideryExtremely wide side-to-sideThe Memory Craft 11000’s embroidery mechanism takes full advantage of themachine’s extra-large work space. It can move the hoop nearly 8" from side-to-side,giving you the widest embroidery capability on the market.Even larger back to frontThe Rolling Linear Motion Guide allows the hoop to move more than11" back to front. That’s nearly the size of this page!

The Most WorkArea Ever...The Memory Craft 11000 may be the mostcompact of the leading embroidery machines, butit also has the most sewing, quilting andembroidery room — more than 9" to the right ofthe needle when the screen is in the up position.That’s sleek and efficient styling.This extra room allows the Memory Craft11000 to have the widest embroidery hoop on themarket. And it’s also great for those big quiltingprojects where you’re pushing a lot of fabric pastthe needle.The powerful motors and precise feedingsystem handle multiple layers of material. So goahead and make a thick winter coat, a slipcoverfor the couch, or that king size quilt. The MemoryCraft 11000 has the power and the room tohandle it....In The MostCompact SizeIn Embroidery Mode, the Memory Craft11000 is just 18 1 /2" (469 mm) across, making itthe most compact of the leading embroiderymachines. Competing models require bulkyembroidery attachments that can add another halffoot to the length of the machine. But not theMemory Craft 11000. The embroidery arm isbuilt in. The design is just as functional in SewingMode. If your table space and sewing time are ata premium, the Memory Craft 11000 was madefor you.

Jumping Through HoopsOptional Macro Hoop8"x 11"(200 x 280 mm)The Memory Craft 11000’s embroidery mechanismtakes full advantage of the machine’s extra-large work space. Itcan move the hoop nearly 8" from side-to-side, giving you thewidest embroidery capability on the market.You can go way beyond square with the optional MacroHoop. While taking full advantage of the machine’s extra wideembroidery capacity, this monster hoop can handle designsthat are more than 11" tall. And the Memory Craft 11000 hasdozens of built-in designs created especially for this hoop.Why It’s Hip to be SquareWe found that while embroidery hoops come in allkinds of shapes, the designs most embroiderers want to makeare square. Quilters especially like square designs since quiltOptional Free Arm Hoop2"x 2" (50 x 50 mm)squares are, well, square. So we designed the Memory Craft11000 to have 8" of embroidery arm movement from side toside just so we could give you the largest embroidery field in asquare. The 8" square that is so common in quilting can nowbe embroidered in a single hooping. The machine also comeswith a 5" x 4" hoop, perfect for many standard designs.Square Hoop8"x 8"(200 x 200 mm)Standard Hoop5"x 4"(126 x 110 mm)

Simple, Precise LayoutAfter you’ve selected your hoop size,simply drag the individual embroiderydesigns into place with the handy,included stylus. Zoom in to make sureyour designs are in exactly the right spotand use the arrow keys for fineadjustments.Powerful Built-In EditingOf course, because it’s a Memory Craft and because Janome alwayspacks power right into the machine, you don't need a computer to createsophisticated embroidery layouts on your Memory Craft 11000. Theediting tools are so streamlined, you’ll be ready to stitch out completeprojects in minutes. The function keys are pictures of what they do, soyou don’t have to memorize a confusing set of icons. You see your designlayout exactly as it will appear in the hoop. And then you have the optionof zooming in for a close, closer, closest look or even seeing what yourdesign will look like in three dimensions.Memory BanksJust like when you’re using yourcomputer, you’ll want to save yourwork as you go. It’s easy on theMemory Craft 11000. Name and saveyour layouts to the built-in MemoryBanks. The folder system makes iteasy to organize your projects andfind them later. It’s just as easy tosave to external devices such as aUSB memory key, ATA PC Card, oryour computer.Easy On-Screen ManipulationIt’s so easy to bring in designs, lettering,and decorative stitches to createembroidery layouts. Cut, copy, paste, flip,rotate, rescale, and more. You see yourdesigns displayed in whichever color youchoose. The function keys are userfriendlypictures, so you always knowwhat to do. The Memory Craft 11000’sediting features are so easy to use, you’llbe creating beautiful embroidery rightout of the box.The editing tools are everything an advanced user could want. Butthey’re easy enough for a beginner to use right away. Start day dreaming.Because if you can think it up, you can quickly have it embroidered out.Close Closer Closest 3D!Zoom In For A Closer LookThe new Zoom feature lets you take a magnified look at your design to make sure everything is in exactly theright place. Press Zoom once for a larger view with editing tools to the side. Press Zoom again and yourdesign layout fills the wide screen for the closest possible view.

Convenient FeaturesTo Speed Up Your ProjectsFull IntensityLighting SystemFrom threading the needle at the beginning of your project toWhen you turn on your machine, eight pure white LEDs illuminate yourautomatically cutting the thread when you’re done, this machine haswork area. Every stitch is easy to see so you can work more accurately anddozens of features designed to save you time and increase your sewingwithout eye strain. You can also easily customize your lightingflexibility. The Start/Stop button allows you to sew without using the footconfiguration through the machine’s Set Up menu.pedal. The independent bobbin winding motor lets you wind your nextbobbin while you’re sewing. The Knee Lift lets you raise the presser footwithout taking your hands off your fabric. Sewing Applications gives youquick access to your favorite sewing functions. The innovative “HelpMovies" show you exactly how to use those functions. In fact, there’ssimply not room on this page to describe all the time-saving,convenience-building features the Memory Craft 11000 offers.For that, you need to test stitch a new Memory Craft 11000 foryourself at your authorized Janome Dealer. You need to enter the newdimension in sewing and embroidery!Knee LiftMore Built-InSewing CreativityChoose from 307 quilting, utility,heirloom, and decorative stitches. EachAof them can be customized for lengthand width and saved in memory.BStart/Stop ButtonAutomatic Needle ThreaderA. Independent Bobbin WinderB. Programmable Thread Cutter52 Decorative StitchesAs EmbroideryNow, for the first time ever, you canbring decorative stitches into theembroidery editing area and makethem curve, repeat, and do just aboutanything else you can imagine.Help Movies MenuHelp Movies DemoSewing Applications

It took well over a centuryto create this machineThe Memory Craft 11000 is an amazing machine. It should be, since we’ve beenworking towards it for more than 100 years. Almost two decades ago we launchedthe embroidery revolution with the Memory Craft 8000, and years before that weintroduced the world’s first programmable computerized home sewing machine.Ever since we got our start around the time of Abraham Lincoln, we’ve beenlooking for ways to make sewing machines better. Today’s Janome machines arefaster, quieter, and easier to use than anything our founders could have imagined. Butlike them, we’ve never forgotten that above all our customers want reliable machinesthat make beautiful, precise stitches.When you buy a Memory Craft 11000 from Janome you’re getting all theadvantages of our heritage. And that’s something you can’t get from any other brand.Janome machines stand the test of time.Sewing with Janome can be habit formingMeet 4 generations of Janome Tradition. Great Grandmother Rita Flanagan, Grandmother Dee Dadik,Mother Renee Hagan, Twin Daughters Claire and Emma Hagan – Janome sewers one and all. Theyknow that when they sew with Janome, they’re sewing with more than a century of heritage.InnovativeMacro Hoop shownat Actual Size!8" x 11" (200 x 280 mm)1860187719602005A.J. Clark and William Barker begin making their own reliableWilliam Grout joins the company and develops theThe New Home Sewing MachineJanome introduces a New Dimension in Sewing andsewing machine with a long name: The New England Single Threadsmoothest running sewing machine they've everCompany is purchased by Janome SewingEmbroidery with the amazing Memory Craft 11000 — aHand Sewing Machine. Soon they are selling them faster than theyproduced. It's called the New Home.Machine Co., Ltd.machine so advanced, yet so easy to use. It carries thecan make them. The New Home Sewing Machine Company is born.Janome tradition of reliability and precision into the future.

307 Built-in StitchesTime SavingConvenienceFeaturesProgrammablethread cutterIndependentbobbin winderMoveablei-height ScreenUtilityDecorativeEasier navigationFull IntensityLighting SystemButtonholesBuilt-InCreativityQuiltingNeedle threaderRobotic PrecisionPowerfulOn-BoardEditingHeirloomPictographExtra WideWork AreaSuperiorDataTransferCompact SizeKnee liftSatin52 Decorative Stitches With Embroidery Editing CapabilitySymbolsSpecificationsSize: W 18 1 /2"x H 13"x D 9" (W469 x H324 x D230 mm)Work space: W 9"x H 4" (W234 x H 110 mm)Weight: 32 lbs (14.3 kg)Conventional sewing speed: 60-860 spmEmbroidery sewing speed: 60-800 spm7.5" (193 mm) LCD touch screen640 x 480 screen resolution, 65,536 colorsMaximum embroidery size: 8" x 11" (200 x 280 mm) with optional Macro HoopStandard Hoop Sizes: Standard 5"x 4" (126 x 110 mm); Square 8"x 8" (200 x 200 mm)122 built-in embroidery designs10 monogram fonts with European letters, 2 & 3 letter plus borderEmbroidery editing: Enlarge/Reduce, Rotate, Turn-over, Drag & Drop,Re-editing, Zoom, Arc, User Color ChoiceCompatible memory devices: ATA Card, USB memory key, optional CD-Rom driveTwo USB ports (Host & Slave)Folder System: no limit within memory capacity307 built-in stitches, including 13 one-step buttonholes3 monogramming fontsStitch editing: Memory, Cancellation, Turn-over, ElongateMaximum zigzag width: 1/2" (7 mm)Maximum stitch length: 1/4" (5 mm) forward; 1/4" (5 mm) reverse10 on-screen languagesStretch stitch adjustmentBuilt-in auto needle threaderAutomatic thread cutterEight white LED lampsIndependent bobbin winding motor7-piece feed dog with auto dropSpeed controlNeedle Up/DownExtra-high presser foot liftHorizontal full rotary hookComputer controlled automatic tensionSnap-on feetHorizontal spool pinKnee liftElectronic foot controllerHard resin coverInstruction book, Instruction DVD & Handbook DVDMC11K Tools software (PC Folder Tool & Screen Saver Tool)USB cableStylusOptional AccessoriesDigitizerPro softwareCustomizer 11000 softwarePC Design Card/CDFree Arm Hoop 2"x 2" (50 x 50 mm)Macro Hoop 8"x 11" (200 x 280 mm)Spool stand unitStraight stitch needle plate with straight stitch footClothsetter tableExternal CD-ROM drive

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