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ipv6 deployment today

At Hexago, our extensive knowledge, experienceand commitment to IPv6 have madeus a worldwide market leader. So we understandyour need for true mobility, enhancedsecurity, effective quality of service and fixedmobile convergence.We are focused and agile enough to deliverit to you quickly. We simplify IPv6 deploymentby applying the hands-on experience we’vegained from our customers around the world.Our migration strategies and solutions helpyou rise above the IPv4 cloud, and see clearto the new IPv6 universe.Pointing you to the futureRight now, there's a real need for companies and organizationsin all kinds of industries – from defense andgovernment to ISP and telecom, research and education,and of course, business – to migrate to IPv6. But thetechnical and economic realities of a full-scale networkequipment switch from IPv4 to IPv6 are not economicallypractical. Hexago offers cost-effective solutions thatenable IPv6 deployment over your current network withoutdisrupting your IPv4 services. This gives you the freedomto develop new IPv6 services and customers beforemaking the commitment to upgrade your infrastructure.Focused peer-to-peer interactionsHexago Gateway6 is a tunnel broker that automatesthe negotiation of IPv6 tunnels over IPv4 networks, aswell as IPv4 tunnels over IPv6 networks. It's the mostcost-effective, rapid deployment solution for IPv6 on themarket today. It contains enhanced IPv6 features such asIP addressing, security, mobility and auto-configurationthat are required for next-generation wireline and wirelessnetworks. By leveraging your existing networkinfrastructure and providing best-practice migrationstrategies, Gateway6 offers an automated, low-thresholdpath to IPv6 deployment. The result? A smooth, incrementaltransition to a more secure, higher quality,feature-rich platform – and isn't that exactly the point?

HO MEA PPLIC A TIONSER VE RH exago Ga te wa y6ENTER PR IS EKey features:• IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels• DSTM (IPv4 in IPv6 tunnels)• NAT Traversal• Delegation of IPv6 or IPv4 Prefixes• DNS Registration and reverse delegation• Mobility• AAA: Authentication, Authorization & Accounting with Radius• Wide OS support for the Gateway6 Client• MonitoringMO B ILIT YGateway6 Users:• ISP and Telecom• Defense and Government• Research and Education• EnterpriseAPPLIC A TIONSE RV ERH exago Ga te wa y6HO METhe Gateway6 solution has two main components:• Gateway6 Client running on the host or the router needing IPv6 connectivity• A Gateway6 server at the edge of the IPv6 networkA tunnel is negotiated between the node and the Gateway6. We currentlysupport the Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP TM ) and will support other industrystandards in the future.ENTER PR IS EIPv4Dual-stackIPv6Dual-stack mobile

IPv6 in IPv4 tunnelsThe Gateway6 automates the configuration of IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels as specified inRFC 2893. Because this standard is available on all IPv6-enabled hosts and routerson the market, the Gateway6 provides IPv6 connectivity to any existing device.DSTM (IPv4 in IPv6 tunnels)The Gateway6 supports IPv4 in IPv6 tunnels as per the IETF's DSTM specification.It allows the deployment of IPv4 services to dual-stack hosts behind an IPv6-onlynetwork and facilitates the deployment of next-generation networks.NAT traversalThe Gateway6 supports IPv6 in UDP IPv4 tunnels, allowing it to establish IPv6connectivity even when an IPv4 Network Address Translation (NAT) device isin the path. This technology works through all NAT devices including symmetricand cone devices, as well as nested NAT devices. The NAT is discoveredautomatically and requires no user intervention.Delegation of IPv6 or IPv4 prefixesThe Gateway6 delegates prefixes of any length (for example, IPv6 /48 or /64,IPv4 /24 or /26) to devices acting as a router. The Gateway6 Client automaticallyconfigures router advertisements or DHCP, thus providing connectivity to allhosts within a network.DNS registration and reverse delegationAddresses assigned by the Gateway6 are automatically registered in a DNSserver. Using this feature, individual hosts can be referenced using a namerather than their address.MobilityThe Gateway6 Client maintains a stable address and prefix even when theunderlying address changes. Therefore, devices running the Gateway6 Clientcan move across different networks and remain reachable by the samepermanent address. Applications that require stable IP addresses, such asmulti-media and VoIP, can now be deployed at low cost using the Gateway6.AAAThe Gateway6 authenticates the users, enabling providers to control who hasaccess to the tunneling service. The Gateway6 also facilitates usage tracking foreach user. For example, user session times and bandwidth usage can be recordedand integrated with a billing system. This feature provides the basis for a newservice offering.Wide OS support for Gateway6 ClientThe Gateway6 Client is lightweight and has a small footprint that uses basicoperating system services. The Gateway6 Client is available in Windows, MacOSX,Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris and has been ported to VxWorksand other embedded operating systems. The Gateway6 Client has also beenported to home routers and PDAs.MonitoringThe Gateway6 offers extensive monitoring capabilities through SNMP. It allowsadministrators to easily keep track of the number of connected users, bandwidthusage, system load, number of available tunnels, state of the routing table, etc.The Gateway6 supports industry standard MIBs, as well as Hexago's MIB fortunnel broker specific data.Gateway6 standards complianceRFCs 1981, 2460, 2461, 2462, 2463,2464, 2893, 3053, 3513IPv6-ready logo certifiedMoonv6 tested

Partial Customer List:– France Telecom– AT&T– KDDI– WIDE project– Teleglobe– Spawar– US Department of Defense'sDefense InformationSystems Agency (DISA)– General Dynamics– BAE– CERDEC-Army– Boeing– Panasonic– Surfnet– Ukerna– AARNet– RenaterTestimonials:“The efforts to execute a real-world IPv6 end-2-end application by KDDIand Hexago across the Moonv6 network pilot and a public WiFi Hotspotis a milestone in the efforts to deploy and support the adoption of IPv6in North America.”Jim Bound Chair of the NAV6TF Technical Directorate [www.nav6tf.org]“Among the many IPv6 transition and tunneling tools, Teleglobe chosethe Hexago Gateway6 because of the AAA (Authentication, Authorization,Accounting) attributes inherent to the TSP (Tunnel Setup Protocol) whichHexago developed and incorporated into an IETF draft. The other decisiveattribute considered is the extensive NAT traversal capability which allowsall users to trial and provides initial deployment of IPv6 peer-to-peer,end-to-end connectivity to the end-user periphery of networks.”Yves Poppe Teleglobe [www.teleglobe.com]Hexago Inc.1470 Peel St., Suite 910Montreal, Quebec H3A 1T1 CanadaTel: +1.514.906.4786Fax: +1.514.904.0468www.hexago.com info@hexago.comHexago, HexOS, TSP, Ubiquitous IP and Gateway6 aretrademarks of Hexago, Inc. Copyright © 2002-2006,Hexago, Inc. All rights reserved.All other trademarks are respective to their owners.

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