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November/December 2005 Access Magazine • www.londonpubliclibrary.ca PAGE 2isney on Ice SMresentsonsterifficook Clubeading is rewarding,specially at Londonublic Library!ondon Public Library,long with Disney Once SM , wants to helpncourage children toit the books throughhe Monsteriffic Booklub.hildren through thege of 12 may pick upheir free reading clubookmark at any London Publicibrary location and explore theonders of reading. This incentiveased program helps make readingxciting, fun and rewarding forhildren who turn the pages ofooks.he program runs four weeksrom Nov. 22 to Dec. 17.hildren are given credit for oneook read each week for foureeks. For the first three bookshe child reads, a special stamps placed on the bookmark.fter reading their fourth book,hildren are rewarded with aoucher for one FREE ticketo the Disney On Ice SM presentsisney/Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.Modeled after CBC Radio’sCanada Reads program,Western Reads invites thecommunity at large to readalong with celebrity paneliststo debate and discuss themerits of five works ofCanadian fiction.The celebrity readers includefive members of Western’scommunity paired withteammates from London andarea. Teams were chosen inan effort to bring togetherthe University and the localcommunity.The 2005 Panel includes:• Dr. Paul Davenport,Western’s President & JaniceZolf, Entertainment Editor,The A Channelfor either the January 11 or 12performance at 7 pm) at the JohnLabatt Centre. Children receivethe best available, non-VIP seatsat the time of redemption, andtickets for additional adjacentseats may be purchased at thattime.Reading club bookmarks areavailable beginning Tuesday,Nov. 22 at every London PublicLibrary location. Enrolmentis limited, so be sure to getthe Monsteriffic Book Clubbookmark early!Disney on Ice SM presents Disney/Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. plays theJohn Labatt Centre fromJanuary 11-15, 2006.• Dean Catherine Ross, Facultyof Information and MediaStudies & James Reaney ofThe London Free Press• Jim Etherington, alumni rep& Joni Baechler, representingthe City of London• Sandy Clark, student rep &Delilah Deane Cummings,London Public Library• Claire Callaghan, King’sCollege Librarian & MikeSmith, local restaurant owner(Joe Kool’s, The Runt Club)Books are being announcedin late October, and thereading begins! Check www.westernreads.ca for details.Library and Thames Valley Children’s Centrelaunch first of a kind serviceLondonPublicLibraryandThamesValleyChildren’sCentre havelaunched “Libraries for All”.This initiative is the first in Canadato offer those who cannot speak orwho are difficult to understand away to fully access library services.At every library location in London,those with communicationdisorders or who have difficultyspeaking due to illness, accidentor stroke, can request a“communication board”. There areAlphabet Boards for people whocan spell a message by pointingto letters and numbers. The WordBoard is designed for people whocan read and can point to wordsand phrases about library servicessuch as “Can you get my librarycard out for me?” or “Where isthe meeting room?” There is also aPicture Board for people who canrecognize and point to pictures suchas “I would like a book on tape”.Library patrons request theseboards by pointing to one ofthe “Libraries for All” signs, orpresenting a “Libraries for All”bookmark.“It’s all about communityparticipation,” says StacyMcDougall who, with TracyShepherd, spearheadedLibraries for All. Both are speechlanguage pathologists withNew! Books and Tape KitsTVCC’s internationally acclaimedAugmentative CommunicationService. “Someone who hasn’t hadaccess to library materials can nowgo to the library and independentlyask for what they want.”“The program makes the libraryaccessible in a whole new way,”adds Tracy. While automateddoors, elevators, ramps and othertools of accessibility help thosewith physical disabilities, thecommunication boards help peopleovercome communication barriers.The program will also benefit thosewho speak little English.“Library staff in every locationhave been trained to work withthose requesting the boards tomeet their needs,” says LindaLudke, Jalna children’s librarian.In fact, the training is now part ofgeneral orientation for new libraryemployees.“One of our core values is equitableaccess and Libraries for All just fitsImproving your English language skills?Like to listen to a story while you read along in the book?Looking for ways to encourage your family’s reading habits?With the assistance of a generous financial donation, LondonPublic Library has purchased a large number of book-and-tapekits, containing unabridged audiobooks on cassettes togetherwith the full printed book.These kits are available at all LPL locations. How can you findthem?On the shelf...The kits are shelved in the “literacy collections” in branch librarylocations, and in the Central Library’s 2nd floor Access Centre.Please ask staff for assistance if you can’t find them!In the Library Catalogue...Using “Title Search”, enter “fiction on cassette with book” or “classics on cassette with book” to get a listing.You can limit your search by branch location, and you may also place holds on these materials.Again using “Title Search”, enter an individual title, for example The Great Gatsby. Kits are identified with theword “kit” after the title; for example “The Great Gatsby [kit].”And, as always, please ask for assistance. London Public Library staff are here to help!Ray Ellis with TVCC receptionist Avril.perfectly with our goal to developa more welcoming, accessibleenvironment,” says Linda.“We have barrier free facilities,adaptive technology, collections toaccommodate various disabilities,and now a way to help people withcommunication difficulties use thelibrary.” “Often, those who havedifficulty speaking need a helperto accompany them to publicplaces,” says Ray Ellis, a TVCCgraduate who uses an augmentativecommunication device to expresshimself. Ray provided hands-onexperience during training withthe librarians, giving them practiceinteracting with someone likehimself using the boards. WithLibraries for All, “any person willbe able to go to the library on theirown,” says Ray.Those interested in learningmore about the program can logon to www.tvcc.on.ca or www.londonpubliclibrary.ca or callDeirdre Farrell, TVCC, at 685-8700ext. 53458.

November/December 2005 Access Magazine • www.londonpubliclibrary.ca PAGE 3Library honours supporters past and present during Public LibraryLondon’s former Central Library, Art Gallery and Museum at325 Queens Ave. is named the Elsie Perrin Williams Memorial.Since it was the hub of the Library activities (as well as museum andart gallery operations) for over 60 years, it is only fitting to honourthe quiet philanthropist she was by naming the third floor art andmusic area after her. Elsie Perin Williams portrait will also be placedin the Lonodn Room later this year.here was someone from each of the five donor levels to help unveil the Donor Wall in the Central Libraryudson’s Bay Passageway October 19. Left to right: Howie Thompson, IBM; Wolf Performance Hall donorucille Wolfe, John Nicholson, Malhotra Nicholson Architects; Mike Negad,Tepperman’s; Library CEOnne Becker, Landon donor Velma Howie, Landon donorTed Goodden, retired Landon supervisor Gordonrice; Reading Garden donor Dwight Bender, Susanna Hubbard Krimmer (donor & LPL Director of Publicervices) , Bill Irwin (donor & LPL Director of Public Affairs).86 London communitymembers, organizations andbusinesses were honouredOctober 19 as London PublicLibrary unveiled its wall inrecognition of major donors inthe Central Library Hudson’sBay Company Passageway.Collectively they have given morethan $6,000,000 to particularlocations, and/or to variouscollections and programs. Theirdonations may have come inone large amount, or may haveaccumulated over several years.There are five recognition levels,each named for a notedCanadian writer:Mordecai Richler Society($250,000+);Margaret Laurence Society($100,000-$249,000);Marshall McLuhan Society($50,000-$99,999);John McRae Society($25,000-$49,999);Susanna Moodie Society($5,000-$24,999).London Room Librarian Arthur McClelland, Councillor Judy Bryant, andLibrary CEO Anne Becker unveil the signage to hang in the 3rd floor areanow named for Elsie Perrin Williams.Did you know....you can tell us exactly where you want your donation to go...Through our Lasting Treasure Appeal, you can direct your gift to• any LPL location - branches, Central Library areas like the Access Centre or Media Literacy• any collection (like the Caring Community Collection described on page 10, children’s, young adult)• any program (including A Book for Every Child®, the R.E.A.D. literacy program)If you don’t have a preference or a favourite area, we’ll direct it to the highest priority needs asdetermined by Library staff.What’s more, you may direct your United Way contributions to London Public LibrarySupport the Lasting Treasure Appeal 2005 -a little goes a long way!!My gift is: $I prefer to pay by: cheque (payable to London Public Library) cash VISA Master Cardaccount#/ / / /expiry datesignature my credit card deductions of $ for monthsNameAddressPostal CodePhoneAll donorswill be publiclyacknowledged. Check here ifyou wish to remainanonymousPlease direct my gift to enhance: Highest priority needs Collections Library location OtherA charitable tax receipt will be issued for gifts of $10 and more. Drop off at anyLondon Public Library location, or mail to LTA, London Public Library, 251 Dundas St.,London, ON N6A 6H9.Charitable registration # 11902 4065 RR0001 2005.09

Your ExecutiveCo-PresidentsMary Oliver & SusanTraillPast PresidentHilary Bates NearyVice-PresidentGrant McKillopSecretaryConnie SullivanTreasurerDoug BlakeMembershipJoan SheffieldNewsletter EditorAnne Van GlistBooksale Co-ordinatorDon MenardBooksale VolunteerCo-ordinatorEdna Mae WalshLibrary Board LiaisonDr. Svetlana MacDonaldDirector, Corporate Relations,Outreach & Facilities, LPLMargaret MitchellRegistered Charitable #:89347 2886 RR0001• 3rd floor251 Dundas St.London, ON. N6A 6H9• 519-661-2448• www.londonpubliclibrary.caYes, I want to join the Friends of the London Public Library!NameJoan and Barry Attridge havedevoted countless hours to sortingand boxing books in preparationfor the annual sale. Their normalschedule sees two mornings aweek sorting materials. They alsotake responsibility for the pricingof “special” books.In addition, Joan and Barry arekey organizers throughout the saleitself. They supervise and assistthe work of all the volunteers whoset up the tables before the sale,and they monitor, move and tidythe tables throughout the sale.Finally, they have played animportant role in providingcontinuity in the administrationof the sale. They take note ofwhat is working and what needschanging during the sale, anduse those observations to make_______________________________________________________________________________________Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Postal Code Telephone E-mailAnnual Memberships-Please check the category that applies to you:Individual $10 Corporate $250 Membership Fee $Student $5 Family $20 Donation $Senior $5 Total enclosed $November/December 2005 Access Magazine • www.londonpubliclibrary.ca PAGE 4Speaking with Friends: Bill Richardson Comes to TownBill Richardson (left) with Friend John SmallbridgeAttridges named 2005 Friends of the Yearand implement suggestions forimproving the sale each year. Thecontinued success of the sale yearafter year is a reflection of theireffort.Joan and Barry have announcedthat they will be giving up theirsorting duties after the completionof this year’s sale. They have madean extraordinary contribution oftheir personal time, energy andresources to the Library communitythrough their contributions overthe past ten years and Friends ofthe Library are pleased honour andacknowledge their work.The Friend of the Year award wasestablished several years ago to“recognize individuals or groupswho have demonstrated greatfriendship and support to theLondon Public Library”.Hours:Monday to Thursday -12:30 - 8:30 pmFriday - 12:30 - 5:30 pmSaturday - 9:30 am - 4:30 pmOn September 26, Bill Richardsonjoined 90 Londoners in the WolfPerformance Hall as part of theSpeaking with Friends Languageand Literacy lecture series hostedby Friends of the London PublicLibrary.Friend John Smallbridge gavea wonderful introduction toRichardson who then startedthe evening by introducing theaudience to a pious, one-handedtrapper. The trapper’s account wasnarrated through Richardson’sown experiences described in hisbook Scorned and Beloved: Deadof Winter Meetings with CanadianEccentrics.Throughout the evening,Richardson’s concise and artfuluse of the English languagepermeated his poems and wittybits of oddities. One memorablepoem viewed the world throughthe eyes of an illiterate woman whowas, regardless, literate in manyother ways. Closing the eveningRichardson answered questions anddiscussed his present and futurecareer - one which involves wearinga black apron and catering ratherthan speaking at social functions!All proceeds from the event wenttoward the R.E.A.D. program whichpairs volunteers with reluctantschool aged readers.Last year,6,006 children receivedan important gift.• Honour a friend, relative orteacher by making a donation inhis or her name• Adopt A Bookfor Every Child®as your family’s or organization’scharitable projectThey each got a bookof their very own.Some arestill waiting.YOU can help!Support LondonPublic Library’sHow A Book for Every Child® works ~Donate new books for children of all ages - from babies to teens.Financial donations are most welcome too - and donations of $10 or more qualify for acharitable tax receipt. Friends of the Library pick up book donations from branch librariesand area bookstores. They are then distributed through35 agencies serving children and families in London.Payment by: cheque (payable to: Friends of the London Public Library) MasterCard NOTE: Most London area bookstores giveyou 20% off the purchase price of any newbook when you donate it at the store.

November/December 2005 Access Magazine • www.londonpubliclibrary.ca PAGE 6azz for the People:he Joe Edmonds Quintet:30-9 pm, Nov. 23, Wolferformance Hallazz for the People presents Joedmonds and his Quintet. Joedmonds-saxophone, Ron Walkerrumpet,Grant Graham-piano,Kevinuir-bass and Sandy MacKayrums.erners Law 101-9 pm, Thursdays, Stevenson &unt Roomree public lectures presented byerners LLP. Space is limited. Toegister call 672-6402, x 7777ov. 17 - Accidents Happen:crash course on what to do.egister by Nov. 3ov. 24 - Long Term Disability: Aood night’s sleep or a rude awakning?Register by Nov. 10.Tour of the Universe:n illustrated talk by Terenceickinson, astronomy author:30-9 pm, Nov. 24, Wolferformance Hallstronomy author and editor TernceDickinson begins with thetars and constellations seen onclear night from his backyard inural eastern Ontario, then revealsn ever enlarging steps the grandeurf the universe as seen througharge telescopes and from satellitesnd space probes.erence Dickinson, editor ofkyNews, is the author of 14 asronomybooks--including Canada’sest-selling stargazing guide,ightWatch. Pick up free ticketsrom any Library location or fromcKittrick’s Photo/Video. Seatingor ticket holders is guaranteed until:15 pm.o-sponsor: Royal Astronomicalociety of Canada, London Centrereate Your Own Publication (adult)-4 pm, Nov. 26, Stevenson & Huntne day workshop acquaintsarticipants with tools and thenowledge needed to create a pubication.Register with $60 fee viapectrum online at www.london.car call 661-5575. Co-sponsor: Cityf Londonon Ellis: One Man’s Journey-9 pm, Dec. 6, Wolf Performanceallormer Toronto Maple Leaf hockeylayer and Stanley Cup winneron Ellis describes his battle withepression. Reception follows. Freeickets available starting Nov. 15, athe Welcome Desk, Central Librarynd at all branch locations.Genealogy - Finding Your IrishAncestors1:30-3 pm, Dec. 10, Tonda RoomDr. David R. Elliott‘s presentationon Irish genealogy suggests whatto do before you go to Ireland andpresents a survey of the major Irisharchives and practical ways of conductingyour research in Ireland.Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 200511-3:45 pm, Dec. 10, Stevenson &HuntFeaturing 3 episodes, an opportunityto buy collectibles and to wina door prize, group discussions,and book signing by Nikki Stafford,Canadian author of Bite Me!:an unofficial guide to the world ofBuffy the Vampire Slayer.Jazz for the People:After Four & More7:30-9 pm, Dec. 14, WolfPerformance HallJenny Nauta-piano, vocals, RonNauta-organ, vocals, Tim Hummelltrumpet,Ken Foster-saxophone,TeresaWallis-vocals, Fred Blumasguitar,Larry Ernewein-bass guitar,Dave Williams-keyboard,vocals.SPRIET FAMILYCHILDREN’S LIBRARY661-5100 x5189Central Community Playgroup9:30-11:30 am, Mondays to Dec. 19Caregivers & children (birth-6 yrs)participate in interactive earlylearning activities. Presented byOntario Early Years Centre, LondonNorth Centre.I’m Home (10-12)7-8:30 pm, Tuesdays, Nov. 1-29A program to help prepare childrento stay home alone safely. Parentsmust attend the first and lastsessions. Financial assistance maybe available. Cost: $28.Mon poupon me parle (birth-6with caregiver)1:30-3 pm Tuesdays Nov. 1-Dec. 20Venez découvrir et partager à traversle jeu ce qu’il y a dans le coeuret l’esprit de votre poupon. Thèmesabordés: massage, attachementparental, visite d’experts, etc.Join is for our infant parent supportgroup. Older siblings welcome.Early Dismissal Movie2-3:30 pm, Nov. 2Drop in after school and catch a funflick. Call to see what’s playing.Silly Storytime (family, under 3with caregiver)10:30-11:15 am, Nov. 12Join us for funny stories, songs,and a craft.Korean Storytime (3-5 withcaregiver)3-3:45 pm, Nov. 12Join us for a dual language storytime!Enjoy crafts, Korean songsand a free Korean alphabet sheet.Parents are welcome to inquireabout free Korean lessons!Come Play with Me (adult)7-8 pm, Nov. 23Learn how play helps childrendevelop communication skills forlife. Presented by SpeechPathologist Judy Ball from tykeTalk.Toy Storytime (family, under 3with caregiver)10:30-11:15 am, Nov. 26Join us for stories about toys,songs, and a craft.COMPUTER COURSES AT THE CENTRAL LIBRARY“Hands On” courses, meaning each participant has access toa computer.Intro to Computer Basics, Part 1- $7Learn the fundamentals of using a computer.Intro to Computer Basics, Part 2- $7Find out more about the basics.Intro to Computer Basics, Part 3- $7Learn file & folder management, text editing & printing basicsIntro to Internet, Part 1- $7Learn about basic internet tools.Intro to Internet, Part 2- $7Learn what happens when you “right-mouse click”!Intro to Internet, Part 3- $7Explore advanced searches, mail lists, FTP & newsgroups.Microsoft Excel, Part 1- $7Learn to enter and analyze data, produce charts and graphs.Microsoft Excel, Part 2 - $7Discover all the bells & whistles of Excel.Microsoft Excel, Part 3 - $7Discover all the bells & whistles of Excel.Microsoft PowerPoint, Part 1- $7Learn how to make visual presentations & slide-shows.Microsoft PowerPoint, Part 2- $7Customize your computer presentation for maximum impact.Microsoft PowerPoint, Part 3- $7Add animation, charts, graphs, tables, and hyperlinks.Microsoft Word, Part 1- $7Learn basic word-processing skills.Microsoft Word, Part 2- $7Learn advanced techniques.Microsoft Word, Part 3- $7Learn advanced techniques.Register now!Call 661-5120 orvisit Outreach Office6:30-8:30, Nov. 72-4, Nov. 266:30-8:30, Nov. 142-4, Dec. 36:30-8:30, Nov. 212-4, Dec. 102-4, Nov. 92-4, Nov. 166:30-8:30, Dec. 52-4, Nov. 236:30-8:30, Dec. 126:30-8:30, Nov. 96:30-8:30, Dec. 16:30-8:30,Nov. 166:30-8:30, Dec. 86:30-8:30,Nov. 23 or6:30-8:30, Dec. 156:30-8:30, Nov. 106:30-8:30, Nov. 296:30-8:30, Nov. 176:30-8:30, Dec. 66:30-8:30, Nov. 246:30-8:30, Dec. 1310-noon, Nov. 910-noon, Nov. 2610-noon, Nov. 1610-noon, Dec. 310-noon, Nov. 2310-noon, Dec. 10Notes reComputerCourses• Participants willbenefit more fromthese classes ifthey have someexperience withKeyboarding andusing a mouse. Booksome free practicetime on a Librarycomputer.• Take a MouseTutorial throughour website, Info bySubject, Computers,General Computing,under Internetresources, web forbeginners onlinetutorial from TorontoPublic Library:http://vrl.tpl.toronto.on.ca/tutorial/index.html• Please note thatadvance registrationand payment isrequired.• No refunds.Talk with Me (adult)7-8 pm, Nov. 30Learn how parents can help childrendevelop speech and language skills.Presented by Speech PathologistJudy Ball from tykeTalk.PD Day Movie1:30-3:30 pm, Dec. 2Enjoy a movie on the big screen.Call to find out what’s playing.Roots and Shoots (6-13)2-3 pm, Dec. 3Do you want to help make theworld a better place? Learn aboutJane Goodall’s “Roots and Shoots”organization and how to become amember. Parents welcomeChristmas Storytime (family,under 3 with caregiver)10:30-11:15 am, Dec. 10Join us for a festive celebration.Enjoy stories, songs, a craft andlight refreshments.An Old Fashioned Christmas(family)2-4 pm, Dec. 17Enjoy refreshments, crafts and aspecial re-telling of “A ChristmasCarol” by Scrooge himself.Happy Hanukkah! (family)10:15-11 am, Dec. 19Join us for stories, crafts & refreshments.Register by phone or inperson starting Dec. 12.Holiday Bingo (7+)2-3:30 pm, Dec. 29Try your luck and win prizes. Registerby phone or in person startingDec. 19Happy New Year! (family)11:30-12:15 pm, Dec. 31Start your new year off with stories,music, crafts and a countdownPuppet Show: Tales of Great Loveand Great Loss (family)2-3 pm, Jan. 4Enjoy The Snow Maiden and Ming’sJourney (two Chinese folk-tales)presented by London puppetrycompany, Puppetwerx. Free ticketsavailable beginning Dec. 12.Come Scrap with Us! (10+)2-4 pm, Jan. 5Basic supplies and techniques youneed to start scrapbooking greatpages of your own. Register byphone or in person starting Dec. 23with $5 fee.

November/December 2005 Access Magazine • www.londonpubliclibrary.ca PAGE 7CHERRYHILL439-6456herryhill Community Playgroupbirth-6):30-11:30 am, Tuesdaysnteractive early learning activities.resented by Ontario Early Yearsentre, London North-Centre,34-3644.ouples Apart . . . Parents Forever-9 pm, 1st Thursday /monthree information and supportbout issues relating to separatingamilies. To register, call the Familyaw Information Centre, 660-3001.ixed Media Painters (all ages):30-3:30 pm Tuesdays to June 27ainters of any media andxperience are invited. Bring yourwn materials. Limited space.titch ‘n Time:30-11:30 am, 1st & 3rdednesday/month, to Dec. 14ring your hand needlework formorning of sharing. Drop- in.imited space available.herryhill Book Club-9 pm, 2nd Wednesday/month toec. 7ew members welcome!SL Conversational Circles:30-8 pm, Tuesdays, to Dec. 20ractice speaking English:lang, idioms, expressions andronunciation. Register withelina, 432-1133, or at the start ofach program. Co-sponsor: Crossultural Learner Centre.rt Exhibit: Trees and Other ThingsQuilt/Fabric Artov. 2-Nov. 29uilt and fabric art by Nyla Gorham.fficial opening 1 - 4 pm, Nov. 5.vailable for viewing when room isot in use.Travel Program2-3 pm, Thursdays, to Nov. 24Free tickets available at the branchone week prior to program.Nov. 3 - Croatia with MarilynSweetlandNov. 10 - Yunnan with JaneVincent-HavelkaNov. 17 - Italy: The Hill Towns ofTuscany, the Italian Riviera (film, 52 m)Nov. 24 Germany & Austria:Munich, Berlin, Vienna & Salzburg(film, 80 m)Prenatal Classes6:45-8:45 pm, Thursdays,Nov. 17-Dec. 15Register early in your pregnancy.For information on the prenatalclasses and how to register pleasecall Middlesex London Health Unitat 663-5317 x. 2262 or go to www.healthunit.com/clinicsclasses.Just Beginnings (1st time moms& babies under 6 months)1:30-3 pm, Fridays, Nov. 16-Dec. 7For first time moms with babiesunder 6 months. Call 663-5317Ex. 2378 to register. Co-sponsor:Middlesex-London Health Unit.Cost: $10 payable at registration.Osteoporosis Program11:30 am-1:30 pm, Dec. 2Take a step toward better bonehealth. Have a heel ultra-soundscreening test and hear a presentationon Speaking of Bones, Risks,Management, the Role of Calciumand Vitamin D. A light lunch will beprovided. Register by phone or inperson starting Nov. 16Holiday Open House2-4 pm, Dec. 15Join us for some holiday cheer.CROUCH673-0111Literacy London9-11:30 am, Fridays, Nov. 4-Dec. 16Literacy London Inc. offers a parttime,one to one, small group adultliteracy program. To upgrade yourskills or to volunteer, call Irene at452-2660 x 262.Crouch Library Artists1-4 pm, Fridays, Nov. 4-Dec. 16Join our group of independentartists! Bring our own supplies andpaint. All levels welcome.Saturday Cinema2:30-4 pm, Nov. 5, Dec. 3Join us for a great new movie!Crouch Preschool (birth-5 years)9:30-11:15 am & 1:15-3 pm,Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdaysto Dec. 15Join us for fun interactive learningactivities, stories and snack.Co-sponsors: Ontario Early YearsCentre, London Fanshawe, CrouchNeighbourhood Resource Centre.Mystery Book Club7-8 pm, Nov. 3 - The No.1 Ladies’Detective Agency by AlexanderMcCall SmithPick up books one month priorprogram. Limited enrollment.After School Homework Club(Gr. 4-8)4-5:30 pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays,to Dec. 15Need help with Math, Science,Social Studies or Language Arts?Call Lisa, Investing in Children at433-8996 x 229 starting Sept. 6 toregister or for more information.Crouch Book Club7-8 pm, Nov. 17Pick up book selections one monthprior to the program. Limitedenrollment. I don’t know how shedoes it: the life of Kate Reddy,working mother by Allison Pearson.Crouch Bake Sale for LastingTreasure Appeal11-1 pm Wed. Dec. 14Cookies, cupcakes and everythingsweet, come join us at Crouchfor some holiday treats! Enjoyhomemade goodies while helping tosupport your Library.Crouch Community Holiday OpenHouse6:30-8:30 pm, Dec. 15Join us for a fun filled holidaycelebration for the whole family.Crouch’s Annual Tree TrimmingParty2:30-3:30 pm, Dec. 17O Christmas Tree, O ChristmasTree, how lovely are your branches.Help us make our tree lovely, dropby and create cool ornaments forour tree and yours. We will celebrateafter with hot chocolate andcookies.Holiday Film FestivalDec. 20-Dec. 23Join us each afternoon for ourfavourite holiday classics!EAST LONDON451-7600Card Afternoons1:30-3:30 pm, 2nd& 4thTuesdays/month to Dec. 27Join in an afternoon of cards andcamaraderie! Co-sponsored withthe East London Community Centre.Cost $2. No registration required.East London Library Artists2-4 pm, 1st Tuesday/month,to Dec. 6We provide the space and tables,your bring your supplies. A greatopportunity to meet other artistsand enjoy guest speakers. Call formore details.Homework Club3:30-5:30 pm, Tuesdays,Wednesdays, Thursdays to Dec. 15Our new nine-station computer lab,complete with printing, is availableto students. Volunteer is on site toassist with questions and providecomputer help. Copy cards can bepurchased. No registration required.After School Homework Club(9-13; Gr. 4-8 )4-5:30 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays,Thursdays, to Dec. 15Investing in Children’s After SchoolHomework Club offers a quiet,supervised location and skilledvolunteers available to assist withtheir school work. For informationcall Lisa Baxter, 433-8996x229East London Book Club7-8 pm, 1st Wednesday/monthNov. - Flesh & Blood by JosephKellermanDec. - All the Pretty Horses byCormac McCarthyGood books! Good discussions!Good company! Call or visit formore information: 451-7600.Knitters Helping Knitters7-8:45 pm, 2nd Wednesday/monthto Dec. 14Get together with other knitters- and sometimes special guests - toshare knitting interests. All levelswelcome, from beginner to expert.September 24 was a great day for East London with the official opening of the new Branch Library &Community Centre and London Y facilities. Make a point of visiting: 2016 Dundas St. E.!

November/December 2005 Access Magazine • www.londonpubliclibrary.ca PAGE 8Scrapbooking Nights6:30-8:30 pm 1st Thursday/month,to Dec. 1Interested in gathering with friendsfor a crop night? The libraryprovides the space and you bringyour supplies. Guest presenters willbe announced as planned.Crafters Helping Crafters2-4 pm, 2nd Friday/month to Dec. 9(except Nov. 11)Get together with other crafters toshare your interest whether it bepaper toll, knitting, scrapbooking,crocheting, or cross stitching! Alllevels welcome, from beginner toexpert. Guest presenters too!Film Afternoons2-4 pm, 1st Saturday/month toDec. 3We provide the popcorn, you bringyour beverage. Call for titles.Gardening Series10-noon 3rd Saturday/monthMaster Gardeners give presentationsand answer your questions.Nov. 19 - Planning and CatalogueOrderingEast London Investment Club7-8:45 pm Nov. 15RRSPs, The BasicsWendy McLean returns to talkabout researching and comparingproducts, purchasing and how tofind a trusted advisor.Homeschoolers: Celebrating Bookswith Our Children1:30-3 pm, last Wednesday/ monthA forum for sharing books andpoetry. NEW! Book Club for olderreaders. For info call 457-7090or go to www.geocities.com/adifferentdrum1984/index.htmlSleigh Bells Ring! HolidayStorytime (2-6)10:30-11 am, Dec. 15Register by phone or in personstarting Dec. 8Shake a bell and enjoy holidaysongs and stories! We’ll share applecider after Storytime.GLANWORTH681-6797Saturday Crafts10:30-11:30 am SaturdaysSpecial Christmas crafts are featuredDecember 3, 10 and 17.Craft sessions start again Jan. 7.JALNA685-6465E-Resumes2-3 pm, Wednesdays & SaturdaysLearn how to submit your resumeby e-mail in the format preferred byemployers. To register, call 685-2761 or in person starting Nov. 1.Book Club (adult)7-8 pm, 2nd ThursdayJoin us for informal bookdiscussions.Just Beginnings (mom & baby)1:30-3 pm, Tuesdays,Nov.18-Dec. 9For first time moms with babiesunder 6 months. Call 663-5317x2378 to register with $10 fee. Cosponsor:Middlesex-London HealthUnit.Interviewing and NetworkingTechniques that Get Jobs!6-8:30 pm, Nov. 29Learn how to sell your skillseffectively and shine at your nextjob interview. To register, startingNov. 1, call Job Search Strategies at432-8807. Funded by the Governmentof Canada.Ho! Ho! Ho! (3-6)10-10:30 am, Dec. 16Enjoy some holiday stories andmeet a special guest! Register byphone or in person starting Dec. 2LAMBETH652-2951Christmas Surprise (5-9)9:30-11:30 am, Dec. 10Drop in and make a special ornamentto take home.Creation Station (family)1:30-4:30 pm Thu. Dec. 29Drop in to create your own craftwith the materials provided---orbring your own recyclable item as astarter piece, if you like.Free Family Movie (7-12)2-3:30 pm, Jan. 4Start off the new year with a freemovie at the library! Call to findout the title: 652-2951I Spy at the Library (6-12)1:30-4:30 pm, Jan. 5Drop-in any time between 1 and4:30 and try our scavenger hunt.Find everything on the list and win asmall prize.Wortley villagers and special guestsdeclared themselves well pleased with the longawaited, highly anticipated, newly refurbishedLandon Branch Library opened September 17.See cover pic- Landon’s mini booksale!LANDON439-6240Landon Knitting Circle1:30-3:30 pm, ThursdaysDrop in to learn to knit or improveyour skills. Share patterns, ideasand stories.Landon Book Discussion Group7-8:30 pm, 2nd Tuesday/monthLocal author Jean McKay leads aninformative and lively discussionof current literature. Nov. 8 - ClaraCallan by Richard WrightArt exhibit: “Pathos Series”by Morag Webster- LesargeNov. 1-Nov. 26A collection of images all ofwhich display emotions and wereproduced in reaction to Morag’sobservation of the “body beautiful”media focus. Opening reception:3-6 pm, Nov. 5The Coves Backyard HabitatExhibitNov. 1-Nov. 30The Friends of the Coves SubwatershedInc. is pleased toannounce the arrival of a BackyardHabitat Program to the Covesneighbourhoods. EnvironmentCanada, the City of London, LondonCommunity Foundation, ReForestLondon 150 and Upper ThamesRiver Conservation Authority havegenerously offered their support tohelp us improve the health of theCoves Environmentally SignificantArea (ESA) and Subwatershed.Poetry London: Pre-ReadingWorkshops6:30-7:15 pm, Nov. 2, Nov. 30Cornelia Hoogland, poet andplaywright, leads discussions ofPoetry London guest poets, andinvites participants to read theirown poems in a supportive atmosphere.One or two participants arethen chosen to open the readingprogram with their own work.We offer pre-school storytimesfor children of all ages,from birth to 5 years .UpcomingStorytime registration dates• Beacock - Nov 9 • Byron - Nov 4 • Cherryhill - Nov 9• Spriet Family Children’s Library - drop-in - no registration required• Crouch - Nov 1 • Jalna - Nov 3 • Masonville - Newcomers - Nov. 9 previousparticipants - Nov 11 • Sherwood - Nov 2 • Westmount - call for details

November/December 2005 Access Magazine • www.londonpubliclibrary.ca PAGE 9oetry London 2005-2006 Readingeries:30-8:30 pm, Wednesdaysov. 2 – Gil Adamson andouvankham Thammavongsaov. 30 – Alison Pick and Susanownean. 25 – Russell Thornton andancy Holmesar. 1 – Patrick Lane and Lynnarriganar. 29 – Ross Leckie and Peterangerpril 19 – Marty Gervais, Mary Annulhern, Carlinda D’Alimonte andulie Berryuthor Reading: John Dwyer:30-8:30 pm, Nov. 9n the Year of the Veteran, weroudly present Londoner Johnwyer reading from his recentlyublished book The Tree and theridge. Dwyer is a Second Worldar airman whose wartime yearsorm the basis of this short, powerulbook. Book sale and signingollows.ust Beginning:30-3 pm, Wednesdays,ov. 16-30 or Thursdays, Jan 15-Feb 5or mothers of babies up to oneear old. An informal setting (babieselcome) in which to share parentngexperiences and concerns withther mothers and a public healthurse. To register please call theealth Unit, 663-5317 x 3600.oan Barfoot and “Luck”:30-8:30 pm, Nov. 16oan Barfoot reads from her newovel Luck, the story of Nora, anrtist, wakes up one morning toiscover that her husband, lying beideher, has died in the night. Theward-winning author of 9 previousovels, including Critical Injuries,hich was longlisted for the 2002an Booker Prize.rt Exhibit: Printer’s Paletteec. 1- 31n exhibit of the most recent workf the Beal Senior printmakers.hristmas in Wortley Villageec. 3rop by for a variety of holidayvents for all ages throughout theay! Complete schedule availabletarting Nov. 15.MASONVILLE660-4646Masonville Book Club: PrizeBooks: Which and Why?7:30-8:30 pm, 4th Tuesday /monthNov. 22- Memory Book by HowardEngelDec. 27- No meetingArt Exhibit: Paintings of Londonand AreaNov. 1-24Opening Reception: 2-4 pm, Nov. 6See the results of this summer’sGallery Painting Group paintingtrips all over London and in surroundingcommunities. Call aheadto ensure the gallery is available forviewing.Just Beginnings (birth - 6 monthswith caregiver)1:30-3 pm, Tuesdays, Nov. 8-29For first time moms with babiesunder 6 months. Pre-register byphone with $10 fee : 663-5317x2378 to register. Co-sponsor:Middlesex-London Health Unit.Parenting Workshops6:45-8:45 pm, WednesdaysWorkshops for parents of 5 to12 year olds, facilitated by aPublic Health Nurse. Co-sponsor:Middlesex-London Health Unit.To register call 663-5317, ext2378. Cost: $5/session, payableat registration. Fee can be waivedupon request.• Why They Do The Things They DoNov. 9Understanding your child’sbehaviour.• Let’s TalkNov. 16Communicating with and encouragingyour child.• Effective DisciplineNov. 23“Ask Me”Technology Tutorvolunteers areavailable at mostlocations to helpwith questionsabout Word, Excel,PowerPoint,e-mail or computerbasics.Call your location tofind out when theyare available.Child’s Hand / Footprint of Clay(birth-5 years with caregiver)10-10:30 am, Nov. 24Clay creations will be fired andglazed, and come with a string forhanging, ready for pick up 2 weekslater. Cost: $10 payable at registrationwhich starts in person Nov. 3Art Exhibit: Magic of ColoursNov. 26-Dec. 22Opening Reception: 2-4 pm, Nov.26Collected works by Jarmila Skubnikand Helen Weiner on a variety ofthemes in watercolour and acrylic.Please call ahead to ensure the galleryis available for viewing.O’ Christmas Tree (all)2-4 pm, Dec. 17Join us as we celebrate the holidayseason! Create decorations for ourChristmas tree while enjoying festivemusic and holiday treats!Movie Mania!2:30-4 pm, Jan. 3, 4 and 5Bring your pillow and treats andenjoy a newly released movie onour big screen. Call to find out title.NORTHRIDGE439-4331Craft (3 - 5 years with caregiver)9:30-11:30 am, Wednesdays,Nov. 2-Dec. 14POND MILLS685-1333Resumé/Job Search Assessment11-noon, TuesdaysVisit with Nelson Melgar of LUSOfor an assessment of your resumeand job search techniques to helpwith your job or career prospects.Ontario Early Years Play Group(birth-6 years with caregiver)1:30-3:30 pm, Wednesdays,to Dec. 14Parents, caregivers and childrenparticipate in interactive earlylearning activities. Presented byOEYC, London (Fanshawe).Pre-Natal Classes6:45-8:45 pm, Tuesdays, Nov. 1-29Learn what to expect during pregnancyand childbirth and learn howto care for your new baby. Registerearly in your pregnancy. Forinformation on the prenatal classesand how to register call MiddlesexLondon Health Unit, 663-5317x 2262 or go to www.healthunit.com/clinicsclasses.htmJust Beginnings1:30-3 pm, Thursdays,Nov. 17-Dec. 8For first time moms with babiesunder 6 months. Pre-reigister bycalling 663-5317 x 2383. Co-sponsor:Middlesex-London Health Unit.SHERWOOD473-9965Tuesday Afternoon BookDiscussion (adult)2:15-3:15 pm, 1st Tuesday/monthRead each book in advance and joina lively informal discussion.Nov. 8 - Life of Pi by Yann MartelDec. 6 - Bridget Jones’s Diary byHelen Fielding.Jan. 3 - One for the Money by JanetEvanovich.Thursday Evening Book Discussion(adult)7-8 pm, 1st Thursday/month\\Readeach book in advance and join alively, informal discussion.Nov.10 - Life of Pi by Yann MartelDec. 8 - Family Matters by RohintonMistryJan. 5 - Baker Towers by JenniferHaigh“Frosty” Doorhanger Craft. (5 -7)2-2:45 pm, Dec. 29Register by phone or in personstarting Dec. 22.Winter is fun, so come in and havemore fun making this cute doorhanger!Listen to a story too.Friday Film Fest (family, G rated)2-3:45 pm, Fridays, Dec. 30 & Jan. 6Beat the cold and come on in for amovie that is sure to be super fun!Call for titles!Pick up tickets starting Dec. 16 for1st Friday & Dec. 3 for Jan. 6.Snowy Storytime! (3-5 s)10-10:45 am, Jan. 4Register by phone or in personstarting Dec. 28Warm up your winter with somesnowy tales and a snowy craft!Wednesday Afternoon Chick Flick(10+)2-4 pm, Jan. 4A movie is just the thing to watchwhen it’s cold outside! Pick uptickets starting Dec. 28.Winter Wonderland Craft (8-14)2:15-3:15 pm, Jan. 5It’s winter, let’s celebrate it with aseasonal craft and story. Bring afavourite book to share. Register byphone or in person starting Dec. 29WESTMOUNT473-4708Free Computer Classes @Westmount• 2-3 pm, 2nd Saturday/month:e-mail@Westmount• 9:30-11 am 3rd Saturday/monthto Dec. 17: Googling to the MaxLearn how to get the most out ofGoogle and negotiate around itsweaknesses• 7-9 pm, 2nd Wednesday/month:PAF Users Group - Learn about theGenealogical Program (PersonalAncestral File) and Companion 2.0.Information: Wayne Vizniowski at(519) 660-0451.Surfing for Adults2-3 pm, 1st & 3rd Wednesda/monthDrop in for some basic instructionon surfing the Internet, and usingthe library catalogue and electronicdatabases.Nov. 2: E-mailNov. 16: Using the Internet Smarterand FasterDec. 7: Really Cool WebsitesDec. 21: Novelist and LibraryDatabasesOntario Early Years CentrePlaygroup (birth-6 years)10-11:30 am, Saturdays, to Dec. 17Parents, caregivers and childrenparticipate in interactive earlylearning activities. Presented byOEYC, London West, 473-2825.London and Middlesex CountyBranch OGS Meetings7:30-9 pm 1st Tuesday/ monthAll are welcome to attend.Library Orientation Tours11-noon, 2nd Saturday/monthLearn about the Library as agateway to hundreds of magazines,thousands of online books,employment information, theInternet, DVDs and videos, literacymaterials, and much more. Drop in.Evening Book Club7-8 pm, 2nd Tuesday/monthNew members are always welcome.Township History Book Group7-9 pm 2nd Tuesday/monthResidents of the formerWestminster Township and theWestminster Historical Society areworking on a new book about theirformer township.United Empire Loyalists7-9 pm, Nov. 8The Canadian Militia in the War of1812 - a talk by Bob Tordiff

November/December 2005 Access Magazine • www.londonpubliclibrary.ca PAGE 10PL Storytime andEYC Playgroup:30-noon, ThursdaysWestmountnd Ontario Early Years CentreOEYC)-London West, offer atorytime/playgroup combo! Dropn for Books for Babies (birth to 24ths) from 9:30-10 am, Preschooltorytime (2-5 yrs) at 10:30 and/orhe OEYC Playgroup running from0 -noon. No registration required.onversational Circles:30-8:30 pm, Thursdays to Dec. 15ractice your English in aelaxed, friendly atmosphereslang, idioms, expressions,nd pronunciation. Call Melina at32-1133 to register, or register inerson at the start of each session.o-sponsor: Cross Cultural Learnerentre.ook Discussion Groups@Youribrary0-11 am, 3rd Friday/monthew members are always welcome.lease call 473-4708 for details.ookcrossing.com0-11 am, last Saturday/monthver wondered what bookcrossing.om is all about? Come out andearn more!ear of the Veteran Film Series-5 pm, 2nd & 4th Saturdayee classic World War II films.ov. 12 - Beach bum on Pacific Isandis convinced to become a Navyookout. Cary Grant, Leslie Caron.omedy. 1964. 115 m.ov. 26 - British-American andther troops battle a Nazi infantryor water supply in the Saraha Desrt.Humphrey Bogart, Rex Ingram.rama. 1943. 97 m.ec. 10 - American flyers in Britainose their morale. Said to be one ofhe best WWII films. Gregory Peck,ean Jagger. Drama. 1949. 132 m.tudyzone @ yourlibraryn PD days, and during schoololidays, our study room and othertudy space for students doingroup projects and research will beade available, on a first come, firsterved basis.I’m Home (10-12 years)7-8:30 pm, Thursdays, Nov. 3-Dec. 1A program to help prepare childrento stay home alone safely. Parentsmust attend the first and lastsessions. Financial assistance maybe available. Cost: $28 payable atregistration. Pre-register in person.Southwestern Ontario WarMemorials2-4 pm, Nov. 5Enjoy a slide talk depciting how forover 150 years residents of SouthwesternOntario have been erectingmemorials to commemorate battles,individual accomplishments, and tohonour their war dead.Novelist and NetLibrary @yourlibrary2-3 pm, Nov. 8Find out all about Novelist, asearchable database of fiction forall ages.London 150: A Film Series7-9 pm, WednesdaysCome celebrate London’s 150thanniversary as a city.Nov. 2: Guy: A Royal Canadian;Memories of the L & PSNov. 16- Let’s Go To the Grand! ADocumentary in Three ActsNov. 30 - Discovery TourIn this informative video MaggieWhalley takes us on an architecturaltour of downtown London.Dec. 14 - Vagabonds & Visionaries:The London StoryConsumer Information on theInternet2-3 pm, Nov. 22Thinking about buying a new car,fridge, television or any other typeof appliance? Learn about findingup-to-date consumer and productinformation on the Internet.Classic Crime Theatre2-4 pm, Fridays, Dec. 2-Dec. 23Join Nick and Nora Charles (WilliamPowell and Myrna Loy), Asta andNick Jr. for murder and adventure.Winter Wonderland (6 - 12 years)2-3 pm, Dec. 10Join us for a wintry celebrationincluding games, crafts, and storiesthat will warm your toes.Register in person or by phone.virtualgreetings @ yourlibrary2-3 pm, Dec. 13Why not send virtual greeting cardsand cut down on the time andmoney it takes to send your holidaygreetings to family and friends? Itis free and easy to do.Hot Apple Cider and Cookies2-4 pm, Dec. 23Tired of shopping? Looking for aplace to hang out instead of themalls? Join library staff for hotapple cider and cookies.Movies and Munchies (5 - 9 years)2-2:45 pm Thursdays, Dec. 29 &Jan. 5Get out of the cold and into someheartwarming stories. Bring snacksif you wish - but peanut-free onlyplease.Board seeks Historic SitesCommittee MemberThe London Public Library Boardwishes to fill a vacancy on itsHistoric Sites Committee.The Historic Sites Committeeresearches and promotesLondon’s heritage to its peopleand to visitors; identifies andcommemorates sites that haveplayed a significant rolein the City’s history that wouldotherwise not be recognized;makes information about themavailable through Librarycollections and programs.Interested candidatesshould apply in writing to theChair, London Public Library Board,251 Dundas Street, London, ONN6A 6H9before November 21, 2005.For more information please callMary Marshall at 661-5132.Computer booking system availablein most locations NOW!You can now book one of theLibrary’s computers online - in theLibrary, and soon from your homeor office as well.Now, when you sit at any Librarycomputer, (and soon, by loggingon to our homepagewww.londonpubliclibrary.ca),you’ll have the option of booking acomputer session at the location ofyour choice. Follow the easy stepby step instructions provided.You will need a current Librarycard in good standingto access and book computers.In partnership with The ChildAbuse Prevention Council ofLondon and Middlesex, LondonPublic Library is pleased toannounce the launch of theCaring Community Collection.which was created with generousfinancial assistance from theOntario Trillium Foundationand the Middlesex LondonHealth Unit.Located in the Central Library,the Caring CommunityCollection comprises awide variety of print andaudiovisual materials designedto raise awareness and provideinformation on such topics aschild maltreatment, childhoodtrauma, sexual abuse survivorissues, and provision of supportfor victims and survivors.Child abuse and maltreatmentoccur in all levels of society.The effects are felt in allareas of life. Victims,survivors, family membersand professionalsbenefit throughinformationand educationabout thiswide-rangingsocial issue.Library staff are happy to help youfind out the status of your account,and to demonstrate the bookingprocedure. Staff will also continueto book computers by phone and inperson in the Library.Please note that thenumber ofcomputersavailableforself-bookingvaries fromlocation tolocation.New collection hits Central Library shelvesThe Caring CommunityCollection are found in anumber of subject areas at theCentral Library. Books, videosand DVDs are designated assuch in the Library Catalogue.For a list of all the resources,search the catalogue bykeyword: “Caring CommunityCollection”. Specific title orauthor searches can also bemade.The core collection can befound in Business/SocialSciences on the 2nd floor.Books and other resourcesfor children, or for caregiversto use with children, can befound in the Spriet FamilyChildren’s Library. Materialscan be identified by theunique logo on the spine.(see below).Tips for BuyingBooks for ChildrenGeneral...• Ask bookstore staff, Library staffand teachers for suggestions - theyare knowledgeable about new titlesand modern classics.• Remember many recipients maynot yet be avid readers - favouritesfrom your childhood may not beappreciated - yet!Babies to kindergarten-aged• sturdy cardboard covers & pages• picture books depicting familiarobjects and experiences, or thatname things: animals, ABCs,numbers• rhyming songs & verses• simple, short stories with words,phrases or themes repeating• pictures with bright colours• books with pop up/moving partsPrimary school-aged (6-8 years)• picture books with strongstorylines & characters• fiction and information books• books divided into short chapters• illustrated poetry booksJunior grades (9-13 years)• fiction and information books• stories about places and heroes• hobbies & special interest books• series booksFor teens (14+ years)• books written at an adultreading level, but in subject areasthat would appeal to young peopleWhy not honour your child’steachers, (or anyone else wholoves to read) by donating anew book in their name toA Book for EveryChild®.Gift cards are available at allLibrary locations.

November/December 2005 Access Magazine • www.londonpubliclibrary.ca PAGE 11LIBRARY RESOURCESLPL has books, magazines,newspapers, videos, audio cassettes, compactdiscs, DVDs, sheet music, encyclopedias,dictionaries, directories, information files andelectronic and print reference materials.French and other language collections arealso available.The London Room houses local historyand genealogical resources for the city andsurrounding area.Children’s resourcesStaff at all locations are committedto helping choose enjoyable andage-appropriate materials for children,includingnewborns!There are manyparentingresources andprograms as well.In addition, eachlocation regularly offersstorytime sessions forbabies, toddlers and 3 to5 year-olds and many otherchildren’s programs.ONLINE COMPUTER CATALOGUEThe Library’s computer catalogue is availableonline at www.londonpubliclibrary.ca From the“Your Library Account” area of the Library’scatalogue (http://catalogue.londonpubliclibrary.ca/patroninfo), you can renew materials, placeyour own holds, review the status of holdsyou have placed, see what materials you haveborrowed and their due dates, check the amountof fines owing.ELECTRONIC MESSAGESLPL uses electronic messaging (by e-mail or bytelephone), to say:• that material placed on hold has arrived at therequested location• that you have overdue materialsCalls are made between 10 am and 9 pm,Monday through Saturday (except holidays).If there’s no answer, or the line is busy, thesystem will call back several times. It will alsoleave a message on an answering machine.BORROWING SERVICESRenewalsMaterials may be renewed• in person, at any Library• on-line through your Library account in ourcatalogue:www.londonpubliclibrary.ca• limit of 3 renewals• DVDs, 7-day materials & items with holdscannot be renewedReturnsYou may return materials to any LondonPublic Library-not just the one from whichthey were borrowed. Even when we’reclosed, material return chutes are openfor your use. We ask that fragilematerials not be put through returnchutes. Please check to makesure that video or CD cases arenot empty!Interlibrary LoanYou can borrow materials frommany other library systemsthrough the Library’sInterlibrary Loan service.Visiting Library ServiceAnyone unable to use standard library facilitiesmay request home delivery by calling661-6444. Visiting Library Service also overseesL A T E C H A R G E SHOW TO GET A LIBRARY CARD -JOIN YOUR LIBRARY!Library cards are free to citizens of London,and to members of county libraries in Elgin,Middlesex & Oxford, except Woodstock &Tillsonburg.Cards are issued on presentation of personalidentification and proof of London or countyresidency, as detailed above.Non-residents may obtain a Library card for a feeof $25/year. Visitor’s cards cost $5/month, to amaximum of $25.Report loss of a Library card immediately, just asyou would a credit card. The Replacement Cardfee is $5 for adults and $3 for children andseniors.COMMUNITY OUTREACH• Meeting room rentalsCentral Library ~ 661-5120 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri)Branches ~ call location for rates andavailability.• Distribution of community programinformation (Charitable organizations)Drop materials off at the Welcome Desk,Central Library during regular hours forLondon Public Library has a policy of collecting late charges on overdue materials toencourage prompt return. This revenue is added to the Library’s operating budget.Overdue materials are charged on a calendar day basis, including Sunday, at all locations.(An electronic message will be left about overdue items 6 days after the due date.)per item/per day max. per itemAdult MaterialsDVDs & bestsellers $ 2 $10All other materials 30¢ $ 9Children’s MaterialsDVDs & bestsellers $ 1 $6All other materials 15¢ $6Senior Citizens (65+)DVDs & bestsellers $ 2 $10All other materials 15¢ $ 6*limit of 3 DVDsEMPLOYMENT RESOURCE CENTRES(ERCs)Through a partnership between HumanResources & Skills Development Canadaand LPL, free services to anyone looking foremployment are available at EmploymentResource Centres.ERCs are open whenever the facility at whichthey are located is open, and staff can help youget started in using the resources. However, ifyou would like one-on-one help from ERC staff,call ahead to find out when they are available:Beacock 453-8804Central 661-5834Crouch 673-4473Jalna 685-2761Pond Mills 681-1558Westmount 473-4712BORROWING PERIODSBooks and paperbacks21 daysBestsellers14 daysAudio cassettes21 daysVideo cassettes7 daysDVDs*7 daysCompact discs21 daysHigh-demand materials7 daysMagazines (branches only) 21 daysInformation file material (central) 7 daysInformation file material (branches) 21 daysCOMPUTER WORKSTATIONSPlease note: Not all locationsoffer all types of workstations.Your valid London Public Libraryborrower’s card is neededto use or book the followingworkstations for up to 2hours per day, system-wide.All computers which provideaccess to the Internet that arelocated in children’s areasare filtered.• Catalogue & ElectronicDatabases - Search LondonPublic Library’s catalogue, homepage, and a number of electronicdatabases.• E-mail/Job Bank - Restricted to30 minutes of use per person, perday. On these express computers,you can search HRDC’s JobBank or use Web-based e-mail. Forneeds greater than 30 minutes or tosearch the Internet, access or bookInternet Plus workstations.• CD-ROM-Loaded with CD-ROMresources for children.• Internet Plus-Search theLibrary’s Catalogue, online data-bases,the Internet, and use e-mail and Microsoftoffice application software (Word,PowerPoint, Excel). Most Internet Plusworkstations also offer a number ofinteractive CD-ROMs for children.• Large Print-Large print software(Zoomtext ) magnifies print and imageson screen. Search the catalogue,online databases, Internet, use e-mail& Microsoft office software. Priority ofuse is given to those with special accessneeds.• London Life CommunityAccess Centre, Central Library-Several workstations with adaptivetechnology for users with specialvisual, learning or physical needs.Access Centre staff can provide youwith more information.• Research-Reserved for staffassistedsearching. Discuss yourresearch needs with library staff.

Here’s how to reach us...• Library Information:661-4600• TTY:432-8835• Mail:251 Dundas St.London, ON N6A 6H9• Internet:www.londonpubliclibrary.caLondon PublicLibrary BoardFred Tranquilli, ChairJeff Schlemmer, Vice ChairGeorge Kerhoulas, Past ChairRoger CaranciPatricia CoderrePeter GrifffthSvetlana MacDonaldWendy ThorpeDavid WinningerOur VisionAs “One Library With Many Doors,”London Public Library providesservices essential to enriching life inour diverse community.Our MissionLondon Public Library providesequitable access to the world ofinformation and creative expression.Produced by theDevelopment &Communications Dept.Executive Editor:Bill Irwin, 661-6403Editor:Lynda Kirkham, 661-5121Graphic Design:Betty Lueddeke,661-5100x5118ISSN 0710-0132Volume 15, Number 6MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayNovember/December 2005 Access Magazine • www.londonpubliclibrary.ca PAGE 12Central & Children’s9 am-9 pm9 am-9 pm9 am-9 pm9 am-9 pm9 am-6 pm9 am-5 pm1 pm-5 pmBeacock, Byron, Cherryhill,Crouch, East London, Jalna,Landon, Masonville, Pond Mills,Sherwood, WestmountTuesday9 am-9 pmWednesday9 am-9 pmThursday9 am-9 pmFriday9 am-6 pmSaturday9 am-5 pmTuesdaySaturdayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayGlanworth7-9 pm10 am-noonCarson, Lambeth,& Northridge1-5 pm & 6-9 pm9-noon & 1-5 pm1-5 pm & 6-9 pm9 -noon & 1-5 pm9 -noon & 1-5 pmACCESSIBILITYhours/locationsRamped or level access to library materials is available at all locationsexcept Glanworth.Aids, equipment, materials & services are available for those whosehearing, sight or mobility are reduced. Call 661-4600 for completeinformation.Beacock ..................... 451-81401280 Huron St. N5Y 4M2Byron .......................... 471-40001295 Commissioners W. N6K 1C9Carson ........................ 438-4287465 Quebec St. N5W 3Y4Central Library &Spriet Family Children’s Library251 Dundas St. N6A 6H9General info: ................... 661-4600Program registration:Children ....... 661-5100, x5189Adults ....................... 661-5120Cherryhill ................... 439-6456301 Oxford W. N6H 1S6Crouch ....................... 673-0111550 Hamilton Rd. N5Z 1S4East London .............. 451-76002016 Dundas St. N5V 1R1**Glanworth ............... 681-67972950 Glanworth Dr. N6N 1N6**Limited accessibility-no rampJalna .......................... 685-64651119 Jalna Blvd. N6E 3B3Lambeth ..................... 652-29517112 Beattie S@t. N6P 1A2Landon ....................... 439-6240167 Wortley Rd. N6C 3P6Masonville ................. 660-464630 North Centre Rd. N5X 3W1Northridge ................. 439-43311444 Glenora Dr. N5X 1V2Pond Mills .................. 685-13331166 Commissioners E. N5Z 4W8Sherwood .................. 473-99651225 Wonderland N. N6G 2V9Westmount ................ 473-47083200 Wonderland S. N6L 1A6Note: All London Public LibrarSunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayCLOSEDCLOSED182519Central OPENCLOSED26OPENCLOSED2027OPENOPEN2128OPENOPEN2229OPENOPEN2330OPEN9 am-1 pmOPEN9 am-1 pm2431CLOSEDJan. 1CLOSED23Regular hoursat all locationsHoliday Hours at your Library...

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