BT Inf inity - BT Northern Ireland

BT Inf inity - BT Northern Ireland

See inside - for your handy guide to our fastest ever fibre optic broadband!BT Inf inity

We hope you’re enjoyingthe broadband servicethat makes your lifeeasier – BT Infinity.This booklet will talk you through all thegreat features and explain how you can makethe most of each and every one of them.Remember, this isn’t just any broadband. Itssuperfast fibre optic broadband delivered,serviced and supported by a name you knowand trust: BT.

With BT Infinity you’re already experiencingour NEW BT Home Hub wireless router,with leading edge ‘N’ technology for anunbeatable wireless range 1 .But that’s just the beginning.BT Infinity also lets you:• Go mobile with your broadband inand out of the home with BT Fon 2 .• Have complete peace of mindwith McAfee Family Protection 3 .• Enjoy BT Vision with over 5,000 hoursof on demand TV, films, music and sport 4 .• Contact us 24/7 with Freephone callsto our expert broadband helpdeskfrom UK landlines.Have a read through and see what you think.

BT Infinity.Our best everwireless connection.With wireless broadband comes freedom– freedom to email in the kitchen, tweet inthe garden and watch, game, chill out withyour favourite tunes or chat wherever andwhenever, in and around your home.Wherever suits you suits us just fine too,because our unique Home Hub offers youNorthern Ireland’s most reliable wirelessconnection, which automatically looks for thebest wireless channel. This means less deadspots and dropouts to spoil your fun. BT Infinityis the only broadband provider to offer you thislatest Smart Wireless technologyyouwon’t get it with any other provider!More importantly, this means that no matterhow many of you are online, whether you’recurled up on the sofa or stretched out in thegarden, you can surf ‘til your heart’s content.And whichever part of your home you’re in,your unbeatable connection is protected withenough security to keep your network safeand sound.

Sign up to BT FON:Wi-fi on the go.While it’s not unusual for a broadband serviceto provide you with wireless access at home,BT Infinity gives you FREE unlimited, Wi-firight across Northern Ireland and beyond withBT FON 2 – our ever-growing Wi-fi sharingcommunity.Catch up with your emails at cafés, updateyour Facebook status at the train station or, ifthe mood takes you, tweet in the park. There’seven an app for your smartphone, so you cango online when you haven’t got your laptophandy- without worrying about usage limits!BT Fon lets you connect for FREE to more thanthree million BT Wi-fi hotspots throughout theUK and across the world.

You demand the best connection:Well, you’ve cometo the right place.BT Infinity delivers a consistently fast speed.You’ve probably noticed the difference whenyou’re gaming online, watching YouTubevideos, downloading stuff from iTunes orstreaming TV catch-ups. Or maybe you haven’tnoticed, because you’re too busy enjoying yournew smoother experience- especially in theevenings and at the weekend!BT Infinity is the key to a totally transformedInternet experience, where downloads,uploads, chat and play can all happen at once.Plus, we’re happy to report, that over 80% ofcustomers who have BT Infinity would never goback to their old broadband 5 .

With BT NetProtect and McAfee Family Protection:You’re in safe hands.Whether you’re out in the garden checkingyour bank statement, in a café sending emails,or the kids are surfing you’ll want to know thatyour Internet connection is looking out foryou. And with us, it is. BT Infinity offers severallevels of security to keep your connectionfirmly closed and your data protected withBT NetProtect Plus, and McAfee FamilyProtection 3 .BT NetProtect Plus gives you:• Anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall tostop online intruders in their tracks.• Network Manager with an additional layerof security for up to seven computers.• SiteAdvisor which tests websites forspyware, spam and scams before you visitthem.• Identity theft protection and anti-phishingto ensure your identity stays with itsrightful owner.With McAfee® Family Protection you can:• Limit where each family member goes onthe internet and for how long• Get email alerts to let you know if anyonehas gone over those limits• Keep an eye on what your children aredoing on the Internet• Manage how they use social networks• Filter YouTube videosYou can also check if your children’s languageis appropriate on social networking sites, blogsand forums, and you can set up alerts if theypost private information online.Downloadfree security

Digital TV.Our Vision of the future.When you’re with BT, one good thing alwaysleads to another. For example, as well asdelivering the Internet to your PC and otheronline devices, BT Infinity can also bringentertainment to your TV with BT Vision ouron demand digital TV service 4 . BT Vision letsyou watch whatever you want, precisely whenyou want to, from a choice of thousands ofprogrammes.Enjoy all your favourite Freeview channels andpause or record up to 80 hours of TV, whichmeans you won’t miss the best shows fromthe previous week. There is also loads of ondemand entertainment ready at the press of abutton – from box sets of UK and US TV serieslike Glee and The Shield.You’ll also find the latest documentaries,drama and lifestyle shows from both sides ofthe Atlantic, and all the top music programmesand childrens’ shows for kids of all ages. If thatwasn’t enough, you can even watch the latestblockbusters on pay-per-view and add SkySports channels for a small additional monthlycharge.

Make yourself at home.If you haven’t already, here’s the place to goto set up and learn how to make the most ofall your great BT Infinity features, such as yourown homepage, email, security and Desktop Help(If your engineer hasn’t already)A tool to help you optimise your speeds,diagnose and fix problems, connectdevices and set up home networks(doesn’t work with Macs) more about emailIncluding set-up and what to do if youforget your password or email more about BTAll you need to manage youraccount in one handy

Let’s keep in touch.BT Infinity is our most reliable connection ever.However, should you have any questions orneed a bit of assistance, we’re always here tohelp with free broadband support, day andnight, at no additional cost.You can also contact us online via MyBT – yourown personal section of our website where youcan safely access your account, get tips andadvice on our forums and hear about all ourlatest offers and deals.For supportvideos

Get the show on the road!Now that you and your family know more aboutthe fantastic features and benefits of NorthernIreland’s most complete broadband, wethought we’d point you in the direction of somecool websites to help you enjoy the Interneteven more!Zylomfamily gaming fun online offers on a huge range of products your pictures, videos, whatever you love video sharing site Advisorunbiased reviews of restaurants, lodging andmore parents for parents with a twist and low-cost Internet phone calls and webchat iPlayeronline streaming of BBC programming Brainentertaining and educational online games

T&Cs1. Our Home Hub uses ‘n’ technology and Smart Wireless. It continually monitors yourwireless channels, avoiding interference from non wifi devices, selecting the strongestchannel. This provides the UK’s most reliable wireless connection. You’ll need a wirelessdevice and for the best results, ‘n’ technology. Your home environment may affect therange of your connection.2. Wi-fi minutes: BT Total Broadband residential customers only. Opt in required.Unlimited access available in range of BT Openzone Hotspots or active FON accesspoints. Wireless enabled equipment required. Conditions and Fair Use Policy applies.See for details.3. Security: You need to activate the service yourself. It may not work with somecomputer systems. See for details.4. BT Vision: To get BT Vision you’ll need BT Total Broadband or BT Infinity with a12-month minimum term, a fast-enough line, a BT Home Hub (included if you haven’talready been given one) and a Vision+ box. You’ll get a free Vision+ box with a new/renewed BT Total Broadband or BT Infinity 12-month minimum term contract, but if youstop your service in the first year we’ll charge you up to £199. Freeview requires asuitable rooftop aerial and coverage ( You need to pay by Direct Debit.A £40 activation fee and on demand charges are payable. Terms apply.5. Based on February 2012 BT survey completed by 2211 Infinity customers in NorthernIreland. 81% said they would not consider switching back to standard broadband. 86%said they would recommend the service to friends and family.6. Digital Vault: You need to activate the service yourself. This service will be stoppedand your back-up files deleted if you don’t use it for 90 days. Terms apply.Calls to 0871 numbers will cost no more than 10.2ppm plus 13.1p set-up fee; calls to070 numbers no more than 51ppm, with a maximum set-up charge of 51p see

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