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(1) SLUGVol.18Issue # 226Oct., 2007

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THE FURSBryan Mink –guitar, vocalsRob Turner – bassKeaton McDonald –drumsMike Gonzales – guitarLeif the Lucky – drumsThe Furs have been ushering in the neo-psychedelic movement to the Utah scenefor a year and a half now. Like a trip back in time, The Furs carry with them thesounds of the 1960s in the purest sense. For descendants of the baby boomer era,it’s just proof that history does repeat itself. The Furs just repeat it with their ownstyle.“Music should be made for all time,” said guitarist and vocalist Bryan Mink, “[Wewant to] make good music, and I don’t mean good music for a neo-psych band; Imean good music for any band. A good song should be able to hold its weight inany time period. We’ll still make music that is a little more for the eccentric listeneror, of course, with obvious influences of the day. That’s just because we’re from thistime period and we also can do whatever we want.”It’s clear that the60s have had a hugeimpact on the band:Mink listed Neil Young, TheRolling Stones, Velvet Undergroundand The Beatles as some ofhis influences, but isn’t willing to leave outthe 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.The Furs recently lost a founding member of the band, but were able toenlist someone new. “Naturally, it’s been a little unstable. They’ve been replaced, butit takes time to get the sound good again.” Mink did confirm that things were beginningto feel comfortable again, saying, “I don’t expect any more member changes,but I don’t really care either way. The members decide their level of involvement; ifthey don’t want to play I can’t do anything about it.”The member shuffle has pushed the group’s new album from its hopeful Octoberrelease into what, for now, looks like January. Discussions are already underway fora tour with local band, The Come Down. So mark your calendar for this month’sLocalized at the Urban Lounge and see The Furs before they take their leave of SaltLake City.(9) SLUG

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fri 19 the rubes cd release partythe urban loungea private club for members241 SOuth 500 calendarfri 5 Ulysses, spearit, the gammassat 6 sleeping in the aviary,fri 19 the rubes cd releaseparty, Andele, tolchock triomon 8 Magik Markers, etherorchestra, grizzly prospectertues 9 Hippie Gernade,(san fran funk band)thurs 11 laughter, send noflowers, cathexesfri 12 SLUGsat 13 Ken Andrews (failure, on,)charlotte Martin, first wavehellotues 16 Captured by Robots,DUBYA tourthurs 18 SLAJOsat 20 Starmy, Red Benniessun 21 The Ian Moore band, matthopper, high beamswed 24 Caribou, born ruffianssat 27 IAMXmon 29 Hurtwed 31 HALLOWEEN BASH, Wolfs!!!Vile Blue Shades, prizes galore!if you are a local bandand have a show bookedplease call mike sartainimmediately thanks(14) SLUG

Rune Glifberg. Photo: Chris SwainstonSHOWDOWN AT So-Jo:BOMB THE BEEHIVEBY: PETER PANHANDLERpeterpanhandler@slugmag.comOn the weekend of September 20 through the 23 there were twoprofessional skateboard events in town. One of them, the AST Dew Tour,had all the biggest stars, managers, videogames, pro-model hybrid cars,annoying announcers and, most of all, mega cash and a national televisionspotlight. During this event, Shawn White had a bitch fit and I don’t knowif it was because he lost the vert event or because he doesn’t have a Pro-Activ endorsement. Ryan Sheckler was also making teenage girls’ heartsmelt with his Beatlemania atmosphere. I don’t blame the kid, I just hatehim; and no he is not the next Tony Hawk, mostly because Tony inventedhis own tricks and wasn’t a bitch like Sheckler.South Jordan Skate Park hosted some serious skating on September 21.Known as the Bomb the Beehive contest, this event was coordinated byBrian Baade and, in my opinion, was a huge success. It was also the firstof its kind in the Salt Lake Valley and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Sinceputting on such an event is no easy task, I commend Brian and all of thesponsors who helped out like, vitaminwater,, Milosport, SouthJordan Parks and Recreation and Gardenburger. There was also a ton oflocal volunteers who helped make this thing happen as well as Analog,Bones Wheels and VOX kicking down some products for a giveaway.As far as the skating goes at South Jordan, there was no shortage ofprofessional and local talent battling it out for the two thousand dollarsin cash prizes. Locals Austin Namba, Isaiah Beh, Levi Faust and TysonBowerbank all received some cash money for their efforts. Also ex-vertpro and now Utah resident Brian Pennington killed the bowl and keptheads turning. I know the World Cup of Skating judges, Tom Curran, MattMilligan, Owen Nieder and President of the World Cup, Mr. Don Bostick,were more than impressed by the amount of local talent. Professionalson hand for the contest were: Rune Glifberg, Benji Galloway, RodneyJones, Juian Ethridge, Chad Fernandez, Gumbie, Fabrizio Santos andPete Eldridge.Other highlights of the contest were announcer Dave Duncan, Darwin,being the first guy in a wheelchair shredding the bowl– and TonyMagnusson taking a taxi from downtown SLC to the event. I don’t know iftaking the cab had anything to do with him being a corporate big wig or ifit is just because he only has three fingers on one of his hands, making ithard to use a phone. I can’t wait until next year’s contest. Oh yeah, if youwant to see the footage of this contest, just check YouTube or some othershit because there were plenty of dudes there with cameras.(15) SLUG

(16) SLUGAndy Pitts ... Last callPhotos: Bob PlumbIntro: Mike MurdockBack in 1999, Andy Pitts helped build an indoor skatepark with me and my family. The more I look back onthis scenario, the more ridiculous it becomes. He did allthe ramp plans, designed the layout, did the majority ofthe construction and was there every night until it wasdone. If anyone remembers Connection, you know howgoddamned big that place was and how much wood itwas made of — a feat by itself, but the part of this storythat really blows my mind is the fact that he built the entirething completely for free. He never asked for a singledime; all he wanted was a key to the front door so he andhis homies could have a dope place to skate in the winter.Wait ... what?That’s Andy in a nutshell: cool as fuck and just down toskate. We still owe you big for that one.Andy’s one of my best friends and over the last eightyears of skating, road trips, drunken nights of anarchy,stories, insanity, sleeping in cars, filming, sleeping in frontof the Arizona jail and breaking many, many boards andcomputers, I’ve come to learn that he has more weirdquirks and phobias than anyone I’ve ever met. So, in thisfarewell article, I’d like to leave you with a list of somestrange facts about Andy that make him so rad.1. He doesn’t eat. He derives all of his nutrients from beer,cookies and coffee.2. Never touch his neck. I karate chopped him once (noteven hard) and it took him 20 minutes to calm down.3. Ever seen E.T.? He has. He grew up in the middle ofnowhere in South Dakota where he was frequently visitedby aliens. After all of his fucked-up stories about burnedrabbits and UFOs, I think I actually believe him.4. Has a completely insane phobia of ... I don’t think Ishould spill the beans on this one just yet. Even seeingthe word in print is enough to send him into fits of coldsweats. Seriously though, he once punched a nurse to getaway from a ...5. Maple syrup and/or apple juice will make him vomit.6. Probably the best skateboarder ever, which is weirdbecause of fact #1.7. He can build anything, and I’m not just talking aboutawesome skate shit, but he actually built a working fluxcapacitor that goes back to the future.8. He can drink your great-uncle Steve right under thetable … well, with beer, not liquor. The funny part aboutthis is after a long night of drinking three times more thanthe drunkest guy at the bar, he just stays drunk the nextday instead of getting any sort of hangover.I realize this list could honestly go up to about 20-something but let’s just call it good for now...I’ll just go ahead and speak for everyone and say thanksfor everything and GOOD LUCK IN PHILLY!!!!!!48484848484848484848484848484848484848484848

Andy Pitts is a namesynonymous with theSalt Lake skate scene.His legacy will live onlong after his exit, in theform of battered concreteledge remnantsand other miscellanyfound in industrial parkinglots and downtownskate ghost towns.–Ashley Jane BloxhamPitt’s cooks up a back smith for the kids, on this home made pole jam.(17) SLUG

(18) SLUGWhen you carry around your own fire hydrant you gotta land stuff pretty quick. Back side flip third try.

Andy may have some idea of the respectthis community has for him … Ifhe does, I don’t think he cares. It is notthat he doesn’t care about us, it’s thatrespect has never been his motivation.–Kris NelsonTake ‘em to college with a gap to back tail.(19) SLUG

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ProductReviewsPhoto: Chris SwainstonAnalog ClothingSumner 2 Denim PantsAnalogclothing.comOne of the best-kept secrets in the skateboarding circuit is not so secretanymore. The Sumner 2 Denim Pants are incredibly comfortable and designedto last a lot longer than your other jeans. With a wider thigh to prevent crotchblowouts and two-way stretch, these denim make you feel like you’re wearingnothing at all. And on top of those fancy features there is a really fancy hiddenpocket inside the front pocket that holds miscellaneous things safely, securelyand stealthily. Analog is definitely on the up-and-coming with a whole newroster of skaters, including Arto Saari, Omar Salazar, Stefan Janoski and DylanRieder. Comfortable jeans with really interesting artwork on their shirts shouldbe all you need to know about their vesture. Only at select skateshops as of rightnow; if you have the chance to purchase some of their gear it will definitely putyou on the cusp of being the next big thing. –Adam DorobialaRicta WheelsAppleyard Crystal All StarRicta.comI’ll have to admit when I first put this wheel on I was a little sketched. With a78D durometer core and 82B durometer riding surface these wheels are muchsofter then I’m used to. However, all my doubt was quickly erased once I startedskating. Even at 51mm these wheels are fast. I narrowly escaped the slobberyjowls of a young boxer pup named Mogli as he chased me full speed throughthe Technique parking lot before a skate park session. Once at the park thesewheels took me by surprise. They’re the soft wheels with the hard wheel feel.Slashing through the bowls I could feel every little bump and change in theconcrete and the 82B softness really gave you that extra grip you want whenripping through hard turns; don’t fear the softness because these wheels willslide through anything you push them through. Tail slides, blunt slides, powerslides, everything goes. The only down fall is the flat spot factor. After onlya couple power blunts at the park I had developed a small flat spot, slightlynoticeable on smooth skate park concrete but unaccounted for on the streets.–Chris SwainstonSanta Cruz SkateboardsPowerply DeckSantacruzskateboards.comBefore I even set this board up, I was instantly hyped. Made from crisp Canadianmaple this Santa Cruz board looked amazing. At 8.12 inches it’s the ideal widthand with a virtually identical nose and tail. Looks can be deceiving, but not thistime; it’s the perfect shape. Once I put this board on I was instantly skatingbetter. It is one of those boards your feet just connect with like they are attachedto it. No matter what stance I was skating this board popped, flipped, and slidperfect. The concave and nose/tail steepness is right where I like it, the paintsnot too sticky and not too slippery. It has definitely been one of the best decksI’ve had this year. –Chris Swainston(23) SLUG

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ART CITYTATTOOTravis, John, Jason, JedCreating Your Perfect TattooRESPECTED IN UTAH ANDSURROUNDNG STATES FOR OVER 12 YEARS.(801)270.82823925 So. State St., SLC, UT.Clean; Private; Professional and Courteous StaffWalk-ins Or by Appointment, Tue-Sat, Noon-9pm(29) SLUG

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Nobrow: Art, Coffeeand Communityby Ricky Vigilrobohobox@hotmail.comAs I sat and spoke with Joe Evans innobrow Coffee and Tea, he kept hiseyes on the front door. Whenever acustomer would walk in, Joe wouldspring to his feet, often greeting theshop’s denizens by name and knowingjust what they meant when they askedfor “the usual.” He answered ringingphones, recommended drinks tofirst-time visitors and checked up onlonely looking customers with emptycups. It was clear that everyonein the place felt comfortable. Youknow how in Cheers whenever oneof the main characters would walkin and be greeted by everyone witha cheerfully collective “CLIFF!” or“NORM!”? nobrow’s kind of likethat, but instead of a dinky old barpopulated by postal employees andbartenders with fake hair, you’ve gottattooed folks carrying sketchpadssurrounded by huge paintings hungon red and brown brick walls. Joe hasbeen working in various coffee shopsfor over ten years, and in that time,he has figured out just what it takesto cultivate a space where peoplecan be comfortable enough to bethemselves, drink some coffee andappreciate some amazing works ofart.Joe Evans officially opened nobrowin October 2006, inspired by his daysworking in a coffee shop at the SaltLake Arts Center to fully integratean art gallery within the aestheticof a coffee shop. “I’m way betterat consuming, understanding andappreciating art than creating it. Isaw myself with an opportunity togo beyond what most coffee shopsdo and be able to operate as botha coffee shop and an art gallery.”Almost immediately, the local artcommunity jumped at the chanceto be a part of the environment thatnobrow was creating.People who may never go to a galleryopening or any other sort of artexhibition are exposed to art at nobrowin a way that they never would be atStarbucks. The artists featured atnobrow are being exposed to all kindsof new audiences simply becausetheir work is on display in a placethat isn’t traditionally considered anoutlet for displaying art. Whether theAverage Joe who walks into nobrowlooking for a cup o’ joe likes it or not,he’s going to see some killer art. Andif that Average Joe walks into nobrowat the right time, he’ll even get tohear some killer music. The musicfeatured at nobrow goes far beyondthe cliché of overly sensitive collegestudents strumming acoustic guitarsand singing tenderly about flowersand sunshine. Joe makes sure thatthe musical performances at nobrowfeature musicians who are actuallygood. “A lot of musicians realize thatI’m a fan,” Joe says, “Not some guywho’s trying to make a buck off ofthem.”Being located on the bustling localbusiness mecca of 300 South,nobrow is part of group of newlyemerging local businesses that seemto be picking up where Sugarhouseleft off. Since we all know whathappened there, Joe has becomevocal about forming some sort ofbusiness alliance to make sure thattheir voices are heard. “I look atwhat happened in Sugarhouse and Ithink that the businesses didn’t bandtogether early enough. I think if SaltLake businesses band together andget to know our city council, we canhave a really strong voice and wecan really get a lot out of it.” With anelection coming up and a new citycouncil coming into existence, thisseems like the perfect time for SaltLake’s small businesses to maketheir voices heard.As if running a successful coffeeshop/art gallery and lobbying forlocal downtown businesses to bandtogether wasn’t enough, Joe has alsostarted a new brand for local artistscalled IFLT. Joe’s motivation behindIFLT is not only to create somethingEmily & Joe Evans are nobrow.Photo: Cat Palmerof quality to be consumed by theSalt Lake art community, but alsoto get artists the kind of recognitionthey deserve. “Artists need tobecome known and respected, butalso commercially consumable andable to make a living by doing whatthey’re passionate about.” IFLT’s firstproduct will be a limited edition t-shirt,complete with hand-made packagingand a short artist bio. Future plansinclude producing a limited editionEP by local act The SoundtrackScene.nobrow will be celebrating their oneyear anniversary on October 19,during Gallery Stroll. The celebrationwill feature the debut of TheSoundtrack Scene, and new art bySri Wipple, Trent Call and CeinWatson. Stop by and say hi to Joeand his wife Emily Evans (who Joestates is the only reason he remainssane enough to do all that he does).nobrow Coffee and Tea is located at315 East and 300 South .(31) SLUG

(32) SLUGBy Erik Lopezerik@slugmag.comHidden inside the Oquirrh Mountains and tucked awayin the Summit County library lies the ugly step-cousin ofofficial Utah history—ghostly folklore. With Halloweenonly a stone’s throw away, I started to uncover the storiesand tales that color our great state. These stories are almosttoo bizarre NOT to be true. The first story is about agravedigger who “digs” corpses, the next is about Utah’sown version of the Loch Ness monster and the last involvesa small town in northeastern Utah that has been plagued bya religious curse for nearly 50 years.Acts of Anatomy: TheStory of Utah’s First GraveDiggerIn the early months of 1862, three outlaws were on the runfrom the law for attacking Governor John W. Dawson andfor stealing a cash box from the Overland Mail Company.The three wanted men, Lot Huntington, John P. Smithand Moroni Clawson, were headed to California when thelegendary Mormon bodyguard Porter Rockwell caughtup with them. Resisting arrest, Huntington was killedwhile Smith and Clawson were taken into custody withoutincident. The death of Huntington and the subsequentarrest and deaths of Smith and Clawson a few weeks laterbegins the bizarre and sordid tale of John Baptiste, the firstgravedigger of Salt Lake City.John Baptiste was hired as Salt Lake’s gravedigger threeyears prior to the 1862 incident, but Baptiste’s previousbackground is clouded and muddled. Utah Census recordsin 1860 list him as being born in Ireland while other recordsplace his birth somewhere around 1814 in Italy. Still othersources claim he was French and came to America fromAustralia. Whatever the truth is, after both Smith andClawson died, the city buried them while they waited forrelatives to come from out of state and claim the bodies.Clawson’s family claimed his body a few days later andplanned to bury him in a family plot in Draper. When theyopened the coffin to transfer the body, what they discoveredshocked them: Clawson’s body was stripped naked!Immediately, an investigation was put into order, headed bySalt Lake policemen Henry Heath. The first person Heathtalked to was the most obvious suspect: the gravediggerwho buried Clawson, John Baptiste. Baptiste lived with hiswife in a home on Third Avenue. When Heath knocked onthe door, Baptiste’s wife answered, invited him in and gavethe permission needed to search the house. Unsurprisingly,Heath found piles of clothing, jewelry, and other possessionsin the house from deceased residents of the communityburied in years previous. Heath immediately confrontedBaptiste with the evidence and he begged for his life.Word of Baptiste’s crime and subsequent arrest spread likewildfire and the townsfolk were up in arms with anger anddisgust. Baptiste was forced to identify the graves he hadlooted. The authorities guessed that he had been lootinggraves for two years, but they were never certain. It wasestimated that he had desecrated around 300 graves.Baptiste’s punishment for crimes against the communitywas not death or dismemberment—as requested by thecommunity—but banishment as recommended by the LDSpresident and prophet, Brigham Young. Baptiste wasbanished to Antelope Island, an island in the middle ofthe Great Salt Lake, where he was subsequently shackledwith a ball and chain on his leg, branded with the words“Branded for Robbing The Dead” on his forehead and hisears cut off. From here, the story gets murky. Some reportssay he made a raft out of the log cabin he was stayingin, killed a two-year-old heifer for food and clothing andescaped the island. Others say he perished in the watersaround the lake. To this day, John Baptiste still haunts thewaters around Antelope Island, as recent eyewitnessesreport that they have seen a man shackled roaming theouter edges of the island and have heard the groans andmoans of a man in agony.The Utah NessieOn July 27, 1868, Joseph C. Rich, a Mormon colonizerof the Bear Lake region, submitted a story to the DeseretNews describing how he first came to hear about amonster in the lake and subsequent eyewitness accountsfrom settlers in the area. His story recounted the storiesNative Americans had told early Mormon settlers abouta serpent-like monster in the lake. The monster had 18-foot-long legs and it could come on shore and shoot waterupwards from its mouth. The monster was claimed to eatIndians while they swam in the lake.The first reported sighting from a settler had the monsterlooking like a drowned man, but on closer inspection, ithad distorted its body in the water. It had ears bunched tothe side of its head that were the size of large pint cups.

Furthermore it was reported that it could travel fasterthan a locomotive in the water. Later reports describedthe monster as looking like an otter with light brown fur,but having flippers that resembled the oars of a rowboat.The most astonishing report came from a scoutmaster in1946:On June 19, a family went to Bear Lake for some rest andrelaxation. When they got to the lake, they decided to gofor a swim. As they entered the water, a large commotionstirred the water around them, and large waves disturbedthe tranquility of the lake. The monster then heaved hisbody, about as big as a few cars with a mouth just as huge,out of the water and proceeded onto the shoreline. Thewater in the lake receded until there wasn’t much waterleft. The monster opened its mouth, bellowed, and wasabout to make an aggressive move on the family whenthe family dog started barking, distracting the monsterand driving him back into the lake.Speculation surrounding the monster has it pegged as anancient and elusive prehistoric species like Mesozoic sealizards that survived in Lake Bonneville. The plausibilityof this argument rests on the fact that Bear Lake, LakeBonneville and the Great Salt Lake were all one big bodyof water at one time in the form of a giant glacial lake.As the glacial mass started to melt, it formed the threeseparate bodies of water. The sea lizards had lived inLake Bonneville. When the salinity of Bonneville wastoo much for the sea lizards to handle they migrated toBear Lake. Others speculate that it was a fabricationmade up by Joseph Rich. One reason for this is that afterthe settlement of the white man, the monster has neverswallowed anyone, but hysteria still ran wild as farmersand other settlers at the time claimed to have seen themonster everywhere ... even in backyards! Whateverthe truth is, the last reported sighting of the Bear Lakemonster occurred in 2002, when Bear Lake businessowner Brian Hirschi reported a sighting in June.The Accursed ShareThe last tale to be told involves a small town in DuchesneCounty called Myton. According to legend, Myton hasbeen under a curse until recently. The story begins withthe selection for the county seat in the nascent and buddingDuchesne County around 1910. The race for county seatwas between Duchesne, Myton and Roosevelt. Rooseveltand Myton were thought to be the forerunners in therace with strong interest held that Myton would edge outLDS-majority Roosevelt. Myton had obvious advantagesover Roosevelt—all the mail for the Uintah Basin wasfunneled through Myton and Myton was located near theonly bridge over the Duchesne river, hence all market andtrading routes through the Basin went through Myton,making it the powerhouse center for the hustle and bustleof commerce.Before the vote took place, the LDS stake president forthe region, William Smart, visited Myton to meet withthe non-Mormon town council to ask about putting vestedLDS business interests in the town. The townsfolk andbusiness people, proud of their economic advantages thatthey had built from the ground up, their strong, immigrant,non-LDS population and their certainty that they wouldget the county seat, adamantly refused Smart’s offer. It ishere that the story takes its turn. Dismayed and angry thathe couldn’t get LDS interests into the town, Smart “dustedoff his feet” on the town and uttered his famous words,“The day [will] come when nothing but jackrabbits and tumble weeds [will] be seen onMyton’s main street.” In LDS theology, thedusting off of the feet is a ritual in whichhigh priesthood holders wash their feet offas a testimony or curse against those thatreject them. From then on, Myton went intoa steady decline: it lost the county seat raceto underdog Duchesne, it had two massivefires that wiped out all the buildings in thetown and its population dwindled from astrong 3,000 to its currently dismal 500 people.Other versions of the story have LDS stake presidentSmart angry that the faithful churchgoers of the town weregiving too much “support” to the local saloons. Anotherclaims that LDS leaders were shouted down and toldto leave over a planned proposal to build an LDS stakecenter, after which Smart told the gathered townsfolkthat they would move their stake center to Roosevelt andthat “the day would come when they would see weedsgrowing in the cracks of the sidewalks, rabbits wouldplay in the streets, and many of their busy streets wouldturn into swamps.” The curse was removed quietly in asecret ordinance by LDS leaders in the early 1990s. Sincethen, Myton has seen a slow and steady resurgence in itseconomics, social and political power.Special thanks goes to the Utah Historical Society forthe generous and patient help in finding these stories inthe course of my research. The Utah Historical Societyis located in the Rio Grande building at 300 Rio Grandewhere you will not only find other folklore, but you mayeven run into the White Lady, the Society’s very ownghost! To find out more about the interesting nooks andcrannies of Utah’s history that go under-appreciated andoverlooked, check out: SLUG

Wolves in theThrone Room(34) SLUGMadrigal of the WolfBy Conor Dowtomservo@gmail.comWith raw production, blazingguitars, shrieking vocals andblasting drums, black metalhas always purported anextreme display of individualism,making every effort toreject all things politicallycorrect and socially acceptable.Like everything however,human beings haveturned those sparks of individualisticexpression intohackneyed, formulaic practices,which have becomelittle more than parodiesof themselves. It takes anoverwhelming dose of praxisfor this cycle to be broken.The somewhat reclusivemembers of Wolves in theThrone Room who hailfrom Olympia, Washingtonand are some of the few individualswho strive to breakthese patterns. Not only dothey defy most typical blackmetal forms of tradition, butalso black metal cultureas a whole. “We have nointention of contributinganything to traditionalblack metal. The orthodoxthinking involved in theconstruction of traditionalblack metal is repugnantand stifling” Rick (no lastname given) states.With their new album TwoHunters, released in lateSeptember, and their firstnational tour underway,waves are being madeas their ideologies areexpressed unto many for the first time. “Our liveperformances are concerned with transcendingthe ubiquitous confines of the here and now, leavingboth band and crowd shaken free, in howeversmall degree, from the smothering edifice of ourmodern culture.” Although many audience membersmay only be attending the show for loudmusic, there are also those who will be there totruly listen, “we endeavor to rouse those in attendancefrom the psychic torpor society demandsof its constituents.”While metal can be seen as a blatant assertion ofmasculinity, some bands attempt to balance thisout with the inclusion of female vocal elements.Rick explains, “our lives are full of powerfulwomen and naturally these experiences findtheir way into our music. We seek to honor theglorious nature of womanhood in our music aswe do all the primal forces around us.” Wolves’sfirst album includes the talents of Jamie Meyers(Hammers of Misfortune), and the recentrelease of Two Hunters showcases the talentsof Jessica Kinney (Eyvind Kang, Asva) whooffers her femininity to two of the four tracks onthe album. “Jessica is focused professional witha powerful talent.” Rick continues, “She quicklyinternalized our lyrics and ideas about hercontribution and effortlessly surpassed our expectationswith a performance more meaningfulthan we’d hoped for.” The band yields a strongreverence for femininity not only in their beliefs,but also when creating their music. “We haveworked to make all representations of womenin our music and art true to the feminine spiritas we have experienced it and find the prurientmanner in which women are portrayed in theculture at large and metal specifically utterlysickening,” Rick affirms.To many fans, black metal is simply a styleof music, or a means to individualize themamong the herd. However it has developedclichéd traditions and tired theatrics that havevery little value beneath the surfaces of corpsepaint and wrist spikes. I asked Rick abouta previous statement I had read in regardsto Two Hunters being “atribute to the genre,” in lightof their bold defiance to what blackmetal has become. “Our tribute is moreto the radical and innovative spirit conjuredwhen the bands at the genesis of black metalcreated something new and engaging with theirmusic rather than to the sounds or appearancesthat spirit manifested as. Tribute by rote mimicryis a hollow gesture.” It could be said that theseroots and this spirit which was evoked when themedium of black metal was created was notonly inspirational, but completely essential. Whatonce was vapid for many have been made newagain with a “cleansing fire” and by seeking outthese roots, the pallid representations of whatblack metal stems from can be interpreted in anew light. “Our influences for Two Hunters weremuch the same as for Diadem of 12 Stars, aswell as the new material we’re currently writing.Life, death, horror, awe. There are never anyunadulterated veins of influence in what we doas everything is a collaborative venture, thethree of us continually working and reworkingeverything until any recognizable individuationin the work is obliterated.”But is human expression, art or even blackmetal just another form of deep rootednarcissism? Rick explains, “The intrinsic andelemental human experiences reflected inblack metal resonate with us and will alwaysbe fertile and valid inspirations for art in anymedium.” Exhibiting these intense feelingsof misanthropy may call for conjugationwith an extreme medium. For many, this iswhy extreme metal continues to be such anabundant catharsis. Rick summarizes, “it willalways be important for humans to reflectupon the world and puzzle at their place in it;whether it be rapture in the presence naturesglories or the revulsion and disgust felt whenfaced with misery and death. To expressthese considerations is life itself.”Wolves in the Throne Room play at TheBroken Record on October 26th, 2007.

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Hallowed Halls: A Night ofDark Elegant FashionBy Kelly Ashkettlekellyashkettle@yahoo.comLast fall, fashion designer HeatherMathiesen and filmmaker StephenSimmons collaborated to produce AnOctober Evening, an arts event designed toshowcase their creative endeavors as well asthose of like-minded peers. “Stephen and Iare both very inspired by the October seasonand wanted to capture what we felt was sointriguing about it,” says Mathiesen, “I firstdecided I wanted to make an event afterbeing on many fashion show committeesand in many fashion shows. I was tired ofbeing a participant and wanted to see what itwas like in the ‘big chair.’”The ‘big chair’ seemed to agree with her; thefirst An October Evening was so successfulthat it completely sold out the RegencyTheater. This year, Mathiesen and Simmonsare hosting their second annual An OctoberEvening on a grander scale. It will be held atthe 1,000 capacity Masonic Temple, and aportion of each ticket price will be donatedto charities that benefit children with healthconditions.“An October Evening is more of a formal artevent than a festival,” says Mathiesen, “Thisis not necessarily a Halloween event, but adark elegant evening that we hope will havea similar feeling to an old 1920s film.”Attendees of An October Evening 2007are encouraged to wear costumes for achance to win the “Autume basket.” Afterthey pass between the two sphinxes thatguard the Masonic Temple’s doors, a stiltwalker will greet them and usher them intothe main auditorium. There, the evening willbe introduced by an elaborate multi-mediaperformance that makes use of fancifulcostumes on an ornate set in front of a greenscreen.“I want to create a story around the clothes,”Mathiesen says. “I don’t just want to createclothes for people to wear; I want to createa whole entire fantasy world. When you seethese clothes in the show and you wear themlater, I want you to feel like ‘Oh yeah, I’m partof that fantasy.’”The introduction will be followed by a fastpacedfashion show, in which 11 localdesigners will showcase models walkingacross a red carpet. The fashion showswill be interspersed with four original shortfilms, including the work of Simmons’ SKSProductions.An October Evening will also feature a showby hypnotist Brian Swan, and a musicalperformance by an alchemic and ritualisticband from Portland called The Red King,whose performance offers a multi-sensoryexperience in itself. (Read an interview withThe Red King at intermission will provide an opportunityto visit the banquet hall to partake offree refreshments and view the works oflocal artists, including photographer JeffCarlisle.Mathiesen’s own Blue Medusa Fashion willheadline the fashion performances. Hercurrent line is titled “I Am So Hallow,” whichshe has described as “electric-pink MarieAntoinette on acid, a juxtaposition of queenand punk.”She explains: “My fashion shows alwaysincorporate a story. As a part of a show I wantto create more than clothes; I want to createan entire artistic concept. I love theatricsand feel like a show should leave peopleentertained.”Other fashion designers include theproprietresses of two local clothing stores,Arsenic Fashions and Obscura Clothing.Arsenic’s Donna Rhodes will display hertrademark Victorian-inspired attire, whileObscura’s Mia Espinosa will presentthe debut of her first original line, a men’scollection which she describes as “Mozartmeets punk.” Some of the other designersare students at Salt Lake Community College,who were recommended by their teachers.One, Krista Nielson, was the national finalistfor a Steve Madden shoe contest.Mathiesen notes that Utah can be a greatplace for fashion designers. “They’re actuallyable to create something from the groundup instead of getting involved in somethingthat’s already established,” she observes. “Ifyou’re going to get into the fashion world inNew York, it’s going to be very hard to startwith something that you want to do and makeit huge. Here, you have a lot of independentpeople who are working together to createsomething.”Simmons feels the same way about film.“Everyone’s always moving out to New Yorkor L.A. to go do something, when they couldactually just create and do something here inUtah,” he says.Mathiesen is quick to point out that manydesigners who do choose to stay in Utah dohave what it takes to make it elsewhere if theychose. “A lot of the people who are involvedin this show have gotten national attention,”she says.“I look forward to Utah’s growth and want tobe a part of it,” she adds. “I see that there aremore and more things going on every daythat get me excited [about] where our cityand state are headed.”An October Evening will take place onOctober 19 at 7p.m. Tickets are nine dollarsin advance and can be bought at Obscuraand Arsenic Fashions.(39) SLUG

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NIGGER WETBACK CHINKRacial Slurs PromotingAnti-Racist IdeasBy Josh“Nigger,” “wetback” and “chink” are not usuallywords used to promote anti-racist ideas, butMiles Gregley, Rafael Agustin and AllanAxibal have taken these racial slurs andturned them into a foundation for an extremelysuccessful, anti-racist play. Nigger WetbackChink: The Race Play, written by three men whowere tired of being typecast and discriminatedagainst because of the color of their skin, hasbeen on the road for the past two and a halfyears. It is finally coming to Kingsbury Hall inSalt Lake, but not without controversy.Nigger Wetback Chink was originally invitedto attend Kingsbury Hall about nine monthsago after Greg Geilmann, the director ofKingsbury Hall, saw it in Los Angeles. “One ofthe things we really liked about the companywas that they are not only performers,” explainedSheri Jardine, an affiliate of Kingsbury Hall,“but they are also dedicated to education andoutreach in the areas where they perform, to talkabout the [racism and stereotype] issues the playraises.” Not only has the company been bookedfor two performance dates, but also for a week ofoutreach and educational activities. Following thescheduled performance dates in Salt Lake, thetrio has booked at three other Utah venues inPark City, Utah State University and Weber StateUniversity.Last May, the group performed at the NationalConference of Race and Ethnicity in HigherEducation, a conference that was attended by anumber of students, faculty and staff from theUniversity of Utah. “We encouraged them to gosee the show, knowing we were bringing it here,and several did,” said Jardine. “Some of thosewho saw the show really hated it, and some liked it.”Once the cogs for the event started rolling, KingsburyHall invited those who had already attended theshow, along with other U of U influences to discussany issues they may have with the play, and tofurther plan specific activities that would takeplace during the lastweek of October.“Manyconcernswere voiced,includingconcernabout thetitle, andconcernsthat thisplay, byusing humor toaddress seriousissues, wasnot the bestvehicleto steerthis debate,” Jardine explained. While it may seemridiculous that there is controversy surrounding aplay that is fundamentally anti-racist, the points raisedby students were not irrational. “There is a concern thatthe majority students will not understand the historicalcontext of racism or these particular racial slurs, theywill not understand how hurtful they are, and thereforethe show will create a sort of environment wherethe students of color will feel that they are beinglaughed at.”What the cast has to say about their show isreassuring to those who voiced concern aboutthe use of nigger, wetback and chink in the title.“These are words that we’ve dealt with, we talkabout these words and how they take place inour [culture],” said Rafael Agustin, one of thewriters/performers of the play. “We’ve been calledthese words and we have the right to confrontthese words. We’re not going to have a show called‘Ethnic Friends’ and expect people to understandwhat kind of material we’re working with.”“I think that in Utah people feel that we are toonice here for something as ugly as racism orracial slurs,” commented Jardine, “the truth is,people are called these words here, people feelhatred and discrimination here, people aretreated differently in ways large and smallbecause of their race here. I hope that it canstart a discussion that opens people’s mindsto the fact that we can’t and shouldn’t justignore it anymore. We need to face the factthat racism abounds, even here in nice littleUtah, if we are ever going to get to a pointwhere we can make it better.”The message of the play is also very positive,written by three men who were tired of beingtype cast and discriminated against becauseof the color of their skin. With their show,Gregley, Agustin and Axibal hope to pushpast the racial stereotypes and prejudicesthat still, whether people like to admit it ornot, continue to exist. “On a very basiclevel,” Agustin continued, “I hope that peopleunderstandthat we have more similarities thandifferences, and that [we shouldcelebrate] those differences.”Miles Gregley, who was performingas a stand-up comedian beforewriting the show, has his ownexperiences in getting raceorientedroles. “I just didn’t want tobe type cast in the future, and itseemed like I was already on thatroad, being a young, black male, Iwas [getting auditions] for the thug,or the drug dealer. I just wanted to domy own thing.”As it stands, the show is stillscheduled to play in Salt Lake,despite the controversy thatsurrounds it. “The [University ofUtah] has done nothing to try anddiscourage us from doing the show.The concerns have been voiced bysome groups and individuals, andI know there is talk of organizing aprotest, but we have not been askedin any official capacity not to do theshow,” Jardine said. Only time will tell.And what about the next step for NiggerWetback Chink? “We’d love to go toBroadway,” Gregley expressed, “butthere’s just something about liveperforming that’s special. [We’ve]been talking to HBO, to Showtimeto Comedy Central, but the vision isdifferent. It’s important for people tobe out of their comfort zone, and to[see the show] with other people.Hopefully we can get to that nextlevel of performing on a broaderstage, it really just depends on whatyou think success looks like.” Gregleyexplained that he feels the show hasalready been successful enough,considering how it started as a smallproject between three friends.Nigger Wetback Chink: The RaceShow will be at Kingsbury HallNovember 2 and 3 and as Jardinesays, “Whether people love the showor hate it, the discussion itself willhave a lot of inherent value for ourcampus and for our city.”(41) SLUG

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The Inversion TrawlerFiled By Oom/Boo#4 Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City sits in a large semiariddesert valley almost completelysurrounded by mountains. The WasatchRange wraps around the north, east,and south sides of the valley, while thenear barren Oquirrh Mountains formthe western wall. Evaporating in thenorthwestern corner is the Great SaltLake—a vast expanse of shallow, saltywater—an inland sea in which only brineshrimp can live and whose particularfragrance is not something to be sniffedat (literally). The city is laid out on a grid.All addresses radiate out from a centralpoint – the Base Meridian Stone at thesoutheast corner of the Mormon TempleSquare. Most streets are numberedrather than named, giving each addressmore of a latitude/longitude coordinatefeel. Traveling south from TempleSquare you’d first cross South Temple,then 1st South, 2nd South, 3rd South,and so on. North would take you acrossNorth Temple, 1st North, 2nd North, etc.West: West Temple, 1st West, 2nd West… East, however, is a slight variation.What would be East Temple (and oncewas) has become Main Street and 1stEast is now State Street. It then picks upagain with 2nd East, 3rd East, etc. Fewstreets actually have names and fewstreets curve.Many neighborhoods around town,in an attempt to achieve a particularand marketable identity, have adoptednames. On the west side of Capitol Hillis the Marmalade District—so calledbecause of all the fruit trees that used tocover the area. It’s an old neighborhoodand boasts some of the earliest homesstill standing in Salt Lake City. This iswhere Boo and I live. Capitol Hill itselfis generally covered in plump Victorianhouses and retro apartment complexes.Behind the Capitol, bombastic housescreep ever further up the mountainside.To the east, beyond City Creek Canyon,are the Avenues. The Avenues are laid outusing a slightly offset coordinate systemnot particularly related to the valley floorgrid. Huge houses with huge porches,fixer-uppers for the more artisticallyminded; wine-drinking outdoorsy types;multi-culturally aware animal lovers andother spiritual minorities and charminglyvintage sidewalks in need of repair.Further east along the foothills andspilling onto the University of Utahcampus is the Federal Heights area. Allbig money and well groomed delusionsof taste—lots of doctors and the stuffyset that seems lacking in imaginationand life force. The east bench or“cream shelf” spreads up the foothillsfrom 13th east and heads south. Youcan add at least $100,000 to the priceof any property if it lies on the east sideof 13th East. Funnily, 13th East closelyfollows the Wasatch Fault Line. Theeast side will literally just keep going up(geologically at least), while the westslips down towards the wrong-side-ofthe-tracks.Then there is the trendy and more artsy9th & 9th area, which surrounds theintersection of 9th South and 9th East.Its coffee shop culture, art house films,young up-and-comers, dog walkers,subdued hipsters, lawns giving wayto desert-dream xeriscaping and rockgardens. From about 5th East to 13thEast and from South Temple to 7thSouth is an area which has never struckanybody’s imagination enough to benamed. Residents affectionately referto this area as “The Void.” Housesrange from simple prairie cottages togargantuan Victoriana; bisected cityblocks with almost hidden streets linedwith bungalows and ex-polygamistenclaves; mature trees and motoristfriendly shopping centers. Within thisvoid there seems to exist Salt Lake City’sown homegrown “Bermuda Triangle”—or more correctly, “amorphous blob ofstrange goings-on.” This is the placeof weird death, theatrical suicides, andsensational homicides; disappearancesand reappearances; mismanagedromance; halfway houses going all theway; wall-to-wall poltergeist activity—asequestered cornucopia of evolutionarydead-ends. It is a concentration of allthat is askew… the place glows withobsessive compulsive disorder.It is also the home of Bunny-cat. Thefront portion of this animal is definitelyfeline. The rear, however, is that ofa rabbit. The front walks, the backhops. Many a housewife intending tofeed carrots to the cute white bunnywandering through the yard has fledscreaming when little Peter Cottontailfaces them and meows.Real estate prices in this area aregenerally lower than elsewhere in thecity, and it takes a special breed ofweirdo to feel at home here. We havemany friends who do.(44) SLUG

GallerystrollGallery StrollBy Mariah Mann MellusMariah@slugmag.comThe Salt Lake Gallery Stroll startedas an underground event, offeringan after hours chance to viewexhibits and mingle with artistand gallery owners. Twenty yearslater, its reaches include but arenot limited to, breaking downbarriers and classes, providing afamily friendly environment to viewart, revitalizing Salt Lake streetsand businesses. I hope our newlyelected officials realize how muchthe art community has done forpromoting local business andgetting people downtown. Since it’scalled a stroll, not a mad dash, mayI offer a bit of advice and suggestyou plot the exhibits you want tosee. Map out a route based onwho closes first and one night onlyshows, and lastly but equally asimportant, where will the best latenight/after party be?On Friday October 19th begin thestroll at the new Artspace buildingat 500 West and 230 South. CatPalmer is scheduled to show atthe Utah Arts Festival Gallery buther collaborator Ty Norager. Ty isactually in Iraq fighting Bush’s warand trying to stay alive. As manysoldiers have confessed, in thebeginning the reasons seemedclear for joining the fight but as themonths drag on and the peopleyou are supposed to be liberatingare trying to kill you, it makes yourreason for being there less andless compelling. In the mist of allthis chaos, I’m sure any distractionwould be welcome and a differentview on the mundane imperative.For Ty, his mental salvation isthe perspective found throughthe camera lens. Whether, yousupport the war or not most want tosupport our troops. I am thrilled tosee what Ty’s raw unedited look atwhat our government claims to be“business as usual.” Cat Palmer willbe showing some of her anti-warphotographs and interjecting herstyle and creativity on some of Ty’spieces to give it all a finished touch.If you can’t make it during theGallery Stroll, the show will hangOctober 19th through November13th. You can also call for hours at322-2428.Within walking distance of Artspaceis the adorable and unpretentiouseatery, the Tin Angel Café, locatedat 365 West 400 South. This café isa wonderful stop on the stroll to restthose dogs, grab a bite to eat, andreceive some of Salt Lake City’sfriendliest service EVER! The nameof the café implies a tough yetgentle feel and that’s exactly whatyou get from artist Daisy Johnson’sbody of work entitled “FallenAngel.” Daisy is a photographer,painter, conceptual designer andthe director of the Jlife Salon. Inher day she has seen many womenand men trying to achieve angelicqualities but in this collection sheexplores angels discovering theirhuman qualities. Johnson relates,“The moment we let go of ouraspirations for the divine we canembrace our humanness, thentrue power, beauty and indeed ourexperience of divinity can begin.”Amen, Sister! If that’s true thenI’m a goddess. Check out FallenAngel all month at the Tin Angel.For more information about DaisyJohnson check her out at or visit the JlifeSalon, 69 Gallivan Ave.When you are ready to crank itup a notch, head to Red LightBooks, on the corner of 300 Southand 200 East. This bookstore hasedgy art, books, music and tonsof crazy miscellaneous things,which make it a perfect fit for ourvery own Bob Moss. Not to beconfused with Bob Ross, the PBSpainter who painted “happy littletrees.” A beatnik at heart, youmight remember Bob as the banjoman but that’s all changing as heis finally receiving the recognitionhe deserves as an amazing artist.His work was recently showcasedin a book entitled Beatsville wherehe graces the pages with the likesof Mark Ryden, Shag, Coop, ThePizz, Sunny Buick and Tim Biskupto name a few. Red Light is knownto stay open until (if not a little after)10p.m. so make it down for somelive music, local art and a wonderfulend to the month’s Gallery Stroll.Go pedestrian, support local art,STROLL.(45) SLUG

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CD Reviews(48) SLUGThe Action DesignInto A SoundPop Smear RecordsStreet: 09.11The Action Design = Tsunami Bomb+ The Vincent Black Shadow +Shiny Toy Guns + The SoundsI was a little surprised by this band’ssound. The Action Design is muchmore poppy than Agent M’s last band,Tsunami Bomb. “Eyes On Me” soundsvery much like a Shiny Toy Guns’ songwhile “City Committee” sounds like itcould have been on the Vincent BlackShadow album—two bands that bothseem to have been influenced byAgent M’s previous project. Althoughit is a little strange to hear Agent M’ssmooth voice over pulsing beats asopposed to the fast-paced punk rock,it is a far cry from being unbearable.The six tracks found on this album areall well rounded and enjoyable; theyjust aren’t what you might expect.–Jeanette MosesAmplified HeatHow Do You Like the SoundOf ThatArclightStreet 10.02Amplified Heat = Skynyrd + aharder ZZ Top + cookie monstervocalsHow do I like the sound of that? Well,it’s not bad. It is essentially classicrock that’s trying a little too hard tocapture the elusive sound championedby the 13 th Floor Elevatorsor the Stooges. Most of the time itcomes close, but this Texas bandnever really hits the mark (though asa standard hard-rock swamp boogierecord, it’s quite good). Highlightsinclude a song called “Rambler”that pairs a 60s garage sound with aHendrix-esque guitar solo. Anotherstellar song, the rockabilly-infused instrumental“Amplified Boogie,” showsthe wide range of musical chops thatHeat really has. What bothers meis that every other song on the disksounds just like one of these two. I getthe feeling that they are probably incrediblelive, and some of that energyspills onto the record, but in all, it is abit too much “Black Sabbath meetsthe swamp”—and why the hell would Ilike the sound of that? –James BennettAthletic AutomationA Journey through Roman’sEmpireSkin GraftStreet 09.18Athletic Automation = The BlackKeys + BoredomsOh, that fateful day when your singerdoesn’t show up to practice. Do youchuck him and call your choirboycousin to fill in for the tour? Hell, no.Like several once anomalistic bands,duo Athletic Automation figures it’sbest to fill the vocal gap with enoughinstrumental madness to make thelistener forget the otherwise lopsidedness.And madness it is! The group(Patrick Crump on drums and bass,Stephen Mattos on guitars andkeyboards) bangs out each track witha fierce, masculine, boundless energy(they sport ’70s basketball socks,jerseys and headbands to accentuatetheir aesthetic), the kind of attackthat leaves audiences reeling andall the ladies in the area pregnant.Except for two lulls (the band lets upfor a moment around track three, “TheGladiator’s Sandal Fight” and duringthe 16-minute closer, “The Smaller BallGame”), explosive crash cymbals andscreeching feedback, pointed guitarnoodling and loose song structures fillevery track. This pervasive war-zoneand experimentalism is a bit challengingwhen taken all at once, but likethe free jazz of the late 60s, AthleticAutomation grows on you a little morewith each listen. –Dave MaddenCanarticBouncing Radar Beams Offthe MoonDank DiskStreet: 09.18Canartic = Bob Marley + Trenchmouth+ BlockheadThis album is some righteous electronicdub action reggae. The albumbegins with a bunch of electronicsamples of blips, bubbles and randomvoices, then immediately sets it sightson trying to make everything relaxedand groovy. All eight tracks are slowpaced and include sensual guitarsolos flowing over the top. I don’t reallysee how the sexually powered guitarsolo goes with the mellow-soundingmusic, but it works in its own specialway, I suppose. The main problem withthis album is that all the songs soundexactly the same; all with the sameslowed, mellow vibe. I think this albumwould have worked much better if theif the multi-musician DJs Jon Coatsand Randall Peterson had blendedall eight of these tracks into one full,drawn-out song. The groove getsgoing and then the song stops just tohave another song start that soundsexactly the same. One highlight of thisalbum is the random electronics thatare blended into this Rastafarian business.–Jon RobertsonClockcleanerBabylon RulesLoad RecordsStreet: 10.02Clockcleaner = Bauhaus + The VSS+ ISIS + The StarvationsA departure from more straightforwardnoise familiar to the Load Recordssound, Clockcleaner’s dark, droningsound is nonetheless as groundbreakingas any other record put out by theProvidence avant-garde label. Clockcleaner’ssophomore release is reminiscentof some of the other darkersoundingearly indie pioneers such asSubpoena the Past, Slaves or TheVanishing while nodding toward oldschooldark rockers Birthday Partyor Bauhaus. What differentiates thisrecord from its predecessors is thefusion of reverb-soaked garage withstoner metal and dark psychedelic—leaving the listener pulled somewherebetween Alice Cooper, Sunn O))),and Vangelis. However, the fusion ispulled together so ingeniously that theresult is not a compilation or series ofdifferent sounds, but an amalgamationof unique ideas and pioneeringsounds.–Ryan PowersDan KaufmanForce of LightTzadikStreet: 09.25Dan Kaufman = godspeed you!black emperor + Masada + PaulCelanForce of Light, three years in themaking, is Dan Kaufman’s deeplypersonal tribute to the life and work ofrenowned poet and Holocaust survivorPaul Celan. Performed by his bandBarbez, Kaufman’s compositions aresweeping, cinematic post-rock epics,similar in vein to godspeed you!black emperor and Do Make SayThink, but with a distinct Yiddish andEastern European flair. While at firstglance it may seem like this is nothingnew, closer listens reveal this to be awork of considerable intensity. Guitarsand clarinets intertwine melodieswith theremins and violins. Against abackdrop of guitar, clarinet, thereminand violin, the isolation, displacement,fear, and rage of Celan’s words arehighlighted to powerful effect. This isa strong, hypnotic work, a must forfans of moody post-rock and anotherworthy entry in John Zorn’s RadicalJewish Culture series. –Jona GerlachEugene BlacknellWe Can’t Take Life ForGrantedUbiquityStreet 09.11Eugene Blackwell = BB King +Marvin Gaye + San FranciscoBefore listening to this record, I hadnever heard of Eugene Blackwell, despitehis almost cult status among collectorsof California soul and R&B. Herecorded boatloads of material overa 20-year period, but never releaseda full-length LP. This compilationfeatures a wide variety of Blackwell’swork. There is early stuff by EugeneBlackwell and the Savonics, someinstrumental funk recorded under thename Eugene Blackwell and theNew Breed, and other unreleasedtracks dug up by Blackwell’s son. Thefinal product is a healthy mix of funk,soul, R&B and blues. It is unbelievablethat Blackwell only ever releasedsingles during his life, because, as thiscross-section of his career proves, hecould have been a huge star in anynumber of music genres. But I guesshe already is a star, and this recordmakes his life’s work available to allthose who would seek after it. –JamesBennettGorefestRise to RuinCandlelightStreet: 09.25Gorefest = Vader + Mindloss +EraseI didn’t even know Gorefest was stillaround; apparently they had a comebackalbum a couple years ago. I rememberlistening to their older albumsand not being to enthralled by them.Gorefest’s singer sounds exactly likePeter from Vader. One would almostthink from the brand of Gorefest’sdeath metal that they would be Polish,but they are actually Dutch. There aresome great riffs on Rise to Ruin and atruly killer vocal attack on the record’sfirst song, “Revolt”—it grabs you andmakes you want to scream “Rise,revolt!” There is a simplicity to Gorefest’sbrutality; the album doesn’t havea large quantity of leads or soloing;not disparaging their chops; they justwanted more of a pummeling effectthan a blow-your-mind-with-intricatesoloseffect. Did I mention that theband sounds almost exactly like Vaderyet? It isn’t really a bad thing, but if

(50) SLUGMilano. A few years back, S.O.D. sortof had a falling-out between Scott Ianand Milano; rumor has it that it wasbecause in Anthrax’s VH1’s Behindthe Music special, the band left outformer member Danny Lilker. ButM.O.D. is enough to please the fansof always-outspoken Millano. Thenagain, there are plenty more M.O.D.albums than there ever were of S.O.D.albums because said band wasmainly a side-project. Red, White andScrewed continues the same politicaland social commentary Milano alwaysuses from record to record with songslike “Jose Can You See,” containingthe lyric, “There is a Taco Bell next tothe Alamo” and other charged songssuch as “Bullshit Politics,” “SpeakingTruth to Power,” as well as the record’stitle track. M.O.D. have always beena hybrid of sorts, blending speedythrash with hardcore in its breakdownsand Milano’s gruff screams. There isalso Mr. Milano’s not-so-subtle humorin songs like “Balls on Bread,” “AlphabetCity Stomp” and “Hardcore Harry.”The Milano mosh may be gone in thewind with S.O.D., but his band is stillmoshing along as they always werein all their brutality and strife. –BryerWhartonModeselektorHappy Birthday!BPiTCH ControlModeselektor = Jab Micah Och El +Kraftwerk + Aphex TwinStreet Date: 10.09Admittedly a fan of minimal electro, Iwas immediately won over by Modeselektor’sdistinctly reserved style ofephereal dance jams. Think a shit-tonof analog performing as a symphonyorchestra, subsequently run down bya team of assassins, leaving only aquartet of percussive electronics tocarry on, and maybe you can imaginethe weight each beat and rhythm playsin Happy Birthday. Additionally, guestspots from TTC, Paul St. Hillaire,Thom Yorke and Maximo Park allowthe group to expand the listeningpalette by highlighting Modeselektor’scontrasting style. At times the fracturedbeats and wide soundscapesare reminiscent of Aphex Twin,while at other times the overdrivenkeyboards bring Justice to mind. Inthe end, pigeonholing the group’ssound becomes an impossible task,and while distinctly electro, the orchestralmagnitude of Modeselektor’scompositions will undoubtedly crossmore musical niches and sub-genresthan any other electro group to date.–Ryan PowersMonoGone: A Collection of EPs2000-2007Temporary Residence LimitedStreet: 09.11Mono = Mono + The best stuffPelican and Red Sparowes haveever doneAh, Mono. For my money, the absolutebest from a genre that is about asoverdone as black metal (there’s akick in the ribs for ya!) This isn’t exactlya collection of anything that I wouldcall “mandatory,” but it’s a great listen,nonetheless. Ten tracks from variousEPs, splits, and compilations, “Gone”seems to be an exorcism of sorts forMono … you know, make the older,sort-of-hard-to-find-stuff available tothe people that have jumped on theinstrumental/post-rock bandwagonover the last year so they can moveon to bigger and better things. If youlike older Mogwai, this is right upyour alley and if you think Pelican hasjumped the shark, this is right up youralley. –loveyoudeadMother and theAddictsScience Fiction IllustratedChemikal UndergroundStreet: 09.18Mother and the Addicts = TalkingHeads + GrindermanTake a little bit of indie, add in awhole heaping pile of dancy grooves,and top it off with a creamy dose ofreally creative dark-yet-not-too-darklyrics, and you’ve got Science FictionIllustrated, the sophomore releaseof Mother and the Addicts. Thegreat thing about this album is thatno particular feature is ever over-pronounced,and everything just meldstogether incredibly well. Tracks suchas “Watch the Lines” have more of apronounced dancehall style than onessuch as “Going Native,” which seemsto stem from more punk-like roots, butall of them borrow from the other. Thiscreates a very cohesive feeling for allof the tracks, creating an album (anda great one at that) rather than just acollection of songs. –Ross SolomonOverkillImmortalisBodog MusicStreet: 10.09Overkill = Metallica + Anthrax +MegadethThere is a certain consistency thatthe thrash metal world has come tolove and count on and that name isOverkill. These fellows have beenaround since 1980 and been puttingout records all along the way, nevertaking a break, which is somethingto be said since thrash, like all metal,took a big hit in the early 90s whengrunge reared its head. The band hascome quite a ways since their horrificallyunder-produced albums in the80s, as classic as they may be, suchas the great Under the Influence andThe Years of Decay. I truly never reallygot into the band with fervor until theband’s 1999 classic Necroshine. Theyhave never really let up or changedtheir style throughout their career andtheir latest Immortalis displays thatfact. Purveying amongst the packand being pretty much the leader ofthe East Coast thrash scene, Overkillhave returned to satisfy fans andnewcomers alike with this new record.Unmistakable is frontman BobbyBlitz’s vocal attack. High and snarling,it sort of takes some getting usedto, but once you’re hooked, you’rehooked. Don’t forget the band is hometo one of metal’s best bassists, D.D.Verni. Immortalis pretty much containseverything all the Overkill recordssince Necroshine have had, fast guitarattacks with a hell of a lot of grooveand great bass-lines. Blitz changes uphis vocals slightly on this new offering,adding more of his type of clean singing,which has a sort of bluesy feel.If you worship thrash metal, then youalready have a place in your heart forOverkill and I don’t need to tell you topick this new offering up. But if you’retired of the offerings of the supposednew school of metal like Lamb of Godor As I Lay Dying, then get a taste ofthe old school with Overkill, somethingI’m sure they will never abandon.–Bryer WhartonPatrick WatsonClose to ParadiseSecret City RecordsStreet: 09.25Patrick Watson = Coldplay + DevendraBanhartLovely lollygag-a-pop. If I could putWatson’s Close to Paradise in twowords, that’d be it. However, SLUGmakes me do a minimum of 70 orso, so I guess I’ll expand on thosetwo words a bit. Imagine a pair-adice;now imagine something closeto a pair-a-dice—let’s say, thosefuzzy dice stupid folk hang from theirrear-view mirrors—and pretend thatevery dot on those die make heartfeltpop sounds. Okay, now roll themdice! You hear that? That’s the soundof constructed-variable pop music.Sometimes the track comes up snakeeyes, sometimes yo-eleven or midnight.Mr. Watson is undoubtedly usingthe aforementioned guys at the crapstable; however, he always comes outon top because when he’s ahead, heputs chips in his pocket instead ofgagging on the free casino lollypops.–SpantherPrintsPrintsTemporary Residence Ltd.Street Date: 10.15Prints= Pinback+ Talking HeadsKenseth Thibideau from Pinbackdecided it was time to go on a newmusical adventure and merged hismusical genius with the vocal talent ofZac Nelson (Who’s Your FavoriteSon God) to produce this new ultimatesuper group. At first there wereonly a few tracks that stood out asgems, but with repeated listening, the‘CD slowly starts to grow on you. TooMuch Water and Meditation still stickout in my mind as the best songs onthe band’s premiere LP. Although thisCD is really good, I must say that unlessyou’re in the mood for somethingthat mellows you out, it is definitely ahard record to get into. But when youfeel like kicking back and listening tosome dreamy sounds and imaginativelyrics, this is what you will want to popinto the old musical-making device. Sitback and enjoy. –Adam DorobialaSäh06/06PhratryStreet: 09.18Säh = Drrive Like Jehu + ExplosionsIn The SkySäh’s third album, 06/06, has two ofthe best instrumental songs I haveever heard. This first track, “InsideYou There’s a Part of Me ScaredShitless” and the second track, “TheStuff Dreams are Made of,” are someseriously cool songs, each of themclocking in somewhere over 10 minutes.This is how instrumental musicis supposed to be written. These threedudes are bodacious. The album’sback three songs are also good but,they have random vocals in the background.They aren’t horrible vocals,I just thought that it took away fromthe intensity of the music and someof the mystery of these sweet, sweetjams. Säh consists of three membersand depending on the song, there areeither two guitar players or one of theguitar players hopping off the axe andjumping on a second set of drums.So either way, you’ve got dual guitaraction or some double drums and thatjust can’t be beat. The one drawbackof the album is the recording quality;although everything is audible, it hasa low volume and I think could usea good mixdown. But that’s whatunderground is all about, baby. All inall, I am glad that I have discoveredSäh’s music. This is one band thatdefinitely drops the bombs on yamoms; hard rockin’ yet atmospheric.–Jon RobertsonSandro PerriTiny MirrorsConstellationStreet: 09.24Sandro Perri = John Cale + SeuJorgeI may be wrong, but I have a suspicionthat Sandro Perri is from … the future!In the year 2525, the Polmo Polpomember and his crew of archaeologists(all Constellation Records regulars)discovered the only remainingbits of earthling music—a Nick Drakerecord, some bossa-nova and Hawaiianluau guitar chord charts. Fusingthe fragments, the group returnedto 2007 and released Tiny Mirrors.All jokes aside, this is an odd recordwhose excessive bottle-neck

slides and sleepy vocals cross the lineof annoyance, then come back aroundto interesting via subtle touches. First,the production is skewed in a wonderfulway, drums panned wide and inthe foreground, the band sounding asif they’re in the room with the listener.Unusual instruments such as trombone,bass clarinet and euphoniumfind favor with guitar and various keys(“Family Tree”), and electronics mixwith modal jazz on the same guitarsolo (“Double Suicide”). Perri’s liltingand sometimes lustful delivery is thecherry on top, uniting this contrary detritusand freeing the music of its historicalinfluences. Together, the groupforms a unique, timeless personalityand vision, free from the potentialkitsch and cliché that should exist withtheir formula. –Dave MaddenSoul ControlInvolutionRivalry RecordsStreet: 09.11Soul Control = I Rise + Quicksand+ UnbrokenSoul Patrol embodies the self-improvingstyle of previous hardcore bandslike 108, Shelter, and the Bad Brainsin a more modern formula. This newwave of bands playing styles similar tothe more thoughtful bands of old andis a nice switch from the youth crewrevival and the spazzy metalcore thatare growing monotonous in hardcore.Soul Control takes time and care inplaying their songs; much of the paceof Involution is slower than the typicalhardcore record coming out thesedays and it’s fitting for the self-reflexivestyle of Matt Amore’s lyrics. SoulControl will be more than at homesharing space with bands like I Riseand Lion of Judah on a bill. Manyof the guitar tones are reminiscentof Quicksand, while the vocalsare Unbroken-esque. This is a finerelease for the thinking man set ratherthan the meathead crowd. The oldestquote in the book is “flex your head;”Soul Control is taking that to heart andhas followed that mantra by puttingout a great record. –Peter FryerSunburned Hand of theManFire EscapeSmalltown SupersoundStreet: 10.15Sunburned Hand of the Man = FourTet + Spoils of War + Gang GangDanceSound-making is all the rage asguitars have become so “1994” in thecurrent vernacular of electronic music.Poised to take over psychedelia as itdid dance music, sound is the newBeatles and if sound is the newBeatles, this is the new White Album.What is so rad about this albumisn’t so much its tight arrangementsand hit-yourself-in-the-donger epicescapades but the story behind itsconception. Kieran Hebden, a.k.a.Four Tet, is a huge SHOTM fan and assuch, asked them if he could make aSHOTM record. They agreed and he“envisioned, produced, mixed and edited”the wiley motherfucker and whatyou see is what you get. Fire Escapeis huge on deep, bellowing sound,the urgent time-stretched underbellyof the beat and jazzy noise. While itstill retains hints of “Hebden sound,”it’s a completely unwieldy animal of arecord (in the nature sense). 2007 isthe new summer of love. –Erik LopezTangorodrimUnholy and UnlimitedSouthern LordStreet: 09.25Tangorodrim = Darkthrone + Mayhem+ Impaled NazareneBlack metal from Israel … cool. Thisis about as raw and grim as blackmetal gets; six songs of scathinghatred coming from one of the mosttumultuous places in the world at themoment. What better environmentto breed sonic hatred—and that isjust what Tangorodrim have done.Unholy and Unlimited is the band’sfourth album; while it carries forth theembodiment of what other black metalbands before them have brought frontand center, it carries its own sense ofself-satisfaction. Be it the lo-fi productiongiving it a cult feel or just the scarygrimness of the thing, it is a beast tobe reckoned with. I hadn’t heard ofthe band before, but thanks to thetrusty Southern Lord label, we all getsomething that might not have beenavailable to us in the States prior. Onecan’t help but noticing the punk-rockundertone of the album, a sensibilitythat Impaled Nazarene has utilized onsome of their albums but Tangorodrimdo it in a different way, in a sense abit rawer. The guitar tone is highlyreminiscent of Discharge, just with anincrease in volume. While I can’t helpbut feel like I’ve heard something reallysimilar to this album before, it stillnestles its way into my darkened heart.Fans of raw black metal would do wellto welcome it too. –Bryer WhartonVashti BunyanSome Things Just Stick InYour Mind—Singles andDemos 1964–1967Dichristina/SpinneyStreet 10.16Vashti Bunyan = Dusty Springfield+ Nico + a female Mick JaggerThis double CD is a veritable “AlCapone’s vault” of hard-to-find VashtiBunyan material. But where GeraldoRivera found Mr. Capone’s vault to beempty, listeners of this collection willfind it stuffed to the gills with songsfrom early singles and demo reels.And honestly, it is unfathomably good.It is hard to imagine why this fragileand cryptic British songstress hadsuch a hard time getting her music tothe public—every record companyshould have been vying for her acousticpop songs. And while she was oftenthought of more as folk singer thana pop artist, it becomes obvious afterlistening to this collection that the twostyles are actually the same. That isthe genius of Ms. Bunyan—composingsongs about love, attachment andfreedom that transcend conventionalmusic categorization. Her inability tobe pigeonholed led to record labelsnever releasing songs that she recordedfor them. Her disappointment led toa 30-year hiatus in her music career.This collection of early work, a largeportion of which is just Bunyan and aguitar, helps to reestablish her placein Brit-pop history. And with rumors ofnew material in the works, this couldprove to be a hell of a year for her fans.–James BennettVreidI KrigCandlelight USAStreet: 09.28Vreid = Windir – ValfarI would be an absolute bastard toreview a Vreid album and not mentionValfar, lead man of Windir, which iswhere this band came from after Valfar’stragic death. What we have hereis a brand of Viking-tinged melodicblack metal not unlike Windir; however,there’s definitely something missing.This is their third album and improvementshave been made, but most ofthe songs only tease a listener withgreat moments. Below the surface,there isn’t much there to support thestructure for the epic, memorablesongs they are capable of writing. Theonly one that comes close is the titletrack, weighing in at almost nine minutesand certainly proving my point.I’m not at all discommending thisband, but I am encouraging new metallisteners to pay their respects and puton Windir’s 1184 when the opportunityarises. –Conor DowThe WeakerthansReunion TourEpitaph/Anti-Street 09.25The Weakerthans = the Decemberists+ Ted Leo and the Pharmacists+ long Manitoba wintersThis fourth studio release fromWinnipeg’s finest group of poeticrevolutionaries comes a full five yearsafter their last record, ReconstructionSite. And where I thought that ReconstructionSite was good, Reunion Touris much more the record that I knewthey could make. As a band, they arein perfect form. This album revisitsmany of the same themes as theirpast recordings—empty buildings,missed interactions and songs narratedby a cat—and adds to this somemore recognizably Canadian themes,like the sport of curling and Bigfoot.Several of the 11 new tracks have beenmainstays in the band’s live sets for anumber of years now, and this quicklybecomes clear. The songs have beenworked on so completely that theyare as perfectly formed and as wellworn as a band could ever want themto be. The final result is a subtle rockmasterpiece. There are elements ofalt-country, a twinge or two of punkrock, and enough straightforwardfolk lyricism and storytelling to pushthis record to bigger and broaderaudiences. It is uncommonly fantastic.It’s hard to believe how much JohnK. Sampson has evolved as a songwritersince his days playing bass withPropagandhi. He has become a truepoet and a Canadian treasure, andI’ll be surprised if he’s not celebratedthe world over once this disc hits thestreets. –James Bennett(51) SLUG

(52) SLUGAyinThe Persistent DivideCD BabyStreet: 03.23Ayin = Linkin Park + IncubusFor a debut album, The PersistentDivide delivers in ways that most newbands just can’t. High production valuesand a close attention to detail areapparent in every facet of this album.Past that, Ayin’s CD just doesn’t holdup against many of today’s full lengthrecords. Even for the experimental,prog-rock genre, I consistently felt thatthe lyrics were trite and overdrawn, almostall seeming to deal with the typicaltopics of love, drugs and demons.Even the overall sound of the albumgrew tiresome as the tracks went on,with no particular song outshiningthe others. As the final piano key wasstruck, I still felt as if I had heard it allbefore. —Ross SolomonThe Electric Pubesmc.EP; The Electric PubesEPSelf-ReleasedStreet: 2007The Electric Pubes = hooking a Europeanpower outlet to your dongerThe Electric Pubes EP is presentedin high-quality homemade printerpaper CD sleeves. Sure, these guysclearly didn’t put a lot of money intotheir creation, but for what they lackin cold cash, they certainly make upin energy, creativity, and ridiculouslymassive balls. All 10 of the trackswill most certainly elicit shaking ofthe booty, in addition to at least onehearty chuckle per song. I’m notkidding: these guys have some of themost hilarious samples I have heard inelectronic music—ever. Funny or not,though, these guys definitely knowwhat they’re doing. All of the tracksare put together incredibly well, andthe entire EP is an absolute pleasureto listen to from beginning to end. Doyourself a favor and go buy this album.—Ross SolomonGod’s RevolverLittle Black Horse, WhereLocalAre You Going With YourDead Rider?Exigent RecordsStreet: 09.11God’s Revolver = Priestess + Goatsnake+ Blue CheerSkeptical. That’s the only word todescribe how I felt before I listenedto this CD. I’ve seen GR live plentyof times, and they’re a great, hardrockin’ good-time-havin’ live band, soI wasn’t sure if it would translate well toCD. The sigh of relief I breathed uponallowing this circular piece of plastic tospin in its little holder must have beenheard in California. Not only does themusic translate well, but I think it doesa better job of showcasing the band’stalents and songwriting than anydive bar I’ve ever seen them in. Thatsays a lot, because I absolutely lovedive bars. And whiskey. And drinkingwhiskey in dive bars. And watching GRplay in dive bars while I drink whiskey.Enough about me … buy the recordand get yourself a fifth of Jack. You’llmake me proud. –loveyoudeadGoing SecondUntitledSelf ReleasedStreet: 07.03Going Second = Saves the Day +Academy IsIf you’re a teenage girl, or just enjoythe occasional cry (I know I do), thisalbum isn’t too bad. Lyrics like, “Oneday, I swear I’ll find my way, one dayI swear, I’ll find you” snugly wrap oneup in a warm and fuzzy feeling, like acomfortably form fitting yet inexcusablyunfashionable American Eaglet-shirt. Sometimes it’s nice to be embracedby the collective consciousness,finding solace in the universallyrelatable break-up template. GoingSecond is the perfect soundtrack forsuch an introspective sojourn, theiremo jock aesthetics easing one’s postrelationship woes. –Makena WalshIncendiantIncendiantJordan River EntertainmentStreet: 07.15Insentient = Morbid Angel + Immolation+ DeathIncendiant have a progressive vibe onthis album and every song is inherentlydifferent. Incendiant’s songwritingability is uncanny. From albumopener “Night of a Thousand Kives,”pulverizing as it grooves, or the justplain brutal blasting of “Collapse ofthe Light.” Nary a song on the roughly30 minute blasterpiece sounds thesame as the one before it. I honestlyhaven’t heard a death metal album thisyear that is as remotely interesting asthis debut. The record’s productionis clear, yet raw, allowing every noteand chord’s worth of Alejandro’s(Yaotl Mictlan, Ibex Throne) guitarsto be heard as well as his hate-filledvocals to resonate in the brutalitypleasure center of every metalheadsbrain. Clif’s (The Obliterate Plague)drumming has come a long way fromwhen I saw Incendiant play back in‘05, and further establishes his drummingefforts as some of the best in thestate. I hope to Satan that Incendiantwill continue their efforts because witha debut this amazing it can only getbetter. –Bryer WhartonMedeaWe Alone Define Our DistanceExigent RecordsStreet: 09.11Medea = Gaza (lite) + Birdeater +well, you get the idea…OK, I’ll admit that what Medea is goingfor here is better than what I’ve heardfrom a lot of other locals, but at thesame time, stop-and-go deathmetalcoreis getting kind of … well …played out. I think it’s somewhatnifty that they throw in hand clapsof all things during “Get Rich or TryDying,” but then I realize that so manybands like this are trying so hard tobe inventive that they ultimately endup becoming cookie-cutter. There’snothing wrong with picking a styleand exploiting it- hell, I have yet tomeet someone under 18 in Utah thatdoesn’t absolutely worship Gaza, butwhen your band pigeonholes itself likeMedea does here, I have a hard timegiving props. -loveyoudeadMicrotiaDistance is OvalExigent RecordsStreet: 09.11Microtia = The New Transit Direction+ Dulce Sky + FugaziMusically, Microtia are headed in adirection that, although it has beendone to death, is still relatively pleasingto the ears. The entire CD is prettyeffect-heavy, which makes me curiousas to whether these guys can pull offthe ambient/noise effects scatteredthroughout “Distance is Oval” in a livesetting. The (over)use of tremolo onthe guitars at points is a bit distracting,but it does eventually find its place onthe record. And you have to be quitepatient to arrive at eventually. At theend of the day, however, this recordgets a failing grade from me due to thevocals. I’m not feeling the vocals, man.They kill the nifty post-rock trip theseguys should be striving for. Or maybemy copy just came with some badacid. Fuck. -loveyoudeadNolens VolensFuck Imogen HeapBillygoat DatabaseStreet: 08.03Nolens Volens = VCR Quintet +Tigerbeat6 + nonnonIn my last review I made intimations ofAndrew being the love child of discoand kid606. In this latest releaseAndrew has grown up and produced atighter but not altogether better recordthan previous releases. That isn’t tosay that this is worse … it’s just different.From the moment it gets going,engines are revved and right out ofthe garage Andrew is pounding beatsfaster than a pre-teen popping Adderall.Each track is punctuated with asteady racing beat that is overlaid withwhat feels like the sick tumult of drinking‘tussin laced washing machineswoops straight out of the bottle. Thebeats are big, the glitches are vibrantand in your face and it all points to aschizophrenic kid who wears brightcolors, playing in the street. If youwant to know what Andrew’s one manADD-dance music is all about– justgo to his Myspace page and see thisone line: andrew and a computer anda mixer and some speakers.” Anotherbrilliant release. –Erik LopezSinthesisMovement 4:6Raincloud RecordsStreet: 10.31Sinthesis = Deep Puddle Dynamics+ Red Hot Chili PeppersThe vibrant underground hip-hopscenes of the east and west coastshave slowly permeated into the NorthAmerican interior; sadly, Utah has yetto learn from its Midwestern contemporarieshow to foster an inclusivehip-hop community. Sinthesis iscapable of changing this fact, bridgingthe desert divide that isolates Zion,and foreshadowing a body of Utah rapgroups comfortable enough with theirSalt City roots to not front emulatedgangsterocity. Sinthesis doesn’tsimply pander “positive tip” politics;rather, they provide a pensive rapsound scape. Emcee Phaust’s lyricsare spit in a raspy smoker’s baritoneand naturally intertwined with Phingaz’funky fresh acoustic guitar loops.Sampling precisely, Phingaz provideskinetics like the album’s name, whichwhen combined with Phaust’s darkpoetics and Phorest’s pant wettingcrooning evokes a reflective rainy day.Cute rap phonetics aside, Movement4:6 is a delightful cohesion of Africanpolyrhythms, group choruses, classicalsymphonics and jazz epiphany.(Liquid Joes: 10.31) –Makena Walsh

Game ReviewsBig Brain AcademyNintendoDS06-05-06PuzzleThe DarknessStarbreeze/2K GamesXbox 36006-25First Person ShooterWii SportsNintendo11-19-06SportsWiiI already know what you’re thinking. Yes, my brainis ridiculously large. Yes, the Nintendo DoubleScreen (DS) did eventually burst into flames tryingto gauge the awesome power within my mind—butbefore the poor little machine combusted fromexertion I managed to have a pretty good timetoying with Nintendo’s Big Brain Academy. Thisgame tests your minds in five areas; think, analyze,memorize, compute and identify. Each categoryhas several different games that you try to finishas accurately and as quickly as possible. Basedon this you get a score rating your brain and thedevice offers you some possible jobs you may befitted for. With a top score of four jillion the machinesaid I should write reviews for SLUG magazine,pretty smart machine, eh?The real fun of course is comparing your brain withyour friend’s brains in an arena outside of alcoholabsorbing abilities and limerick improvisation. Eachof the five divisions are tested with a handful ofdifferent mini-games that will have you doing everythingfrom counting on your fingers and toes, todrawing lines hoping to guide cartoon charactersfrom point A to point B. Sounds easy, right? Wellactually the learning curve is pretty well designed.The first time you really don’t know what the hell isgoing on (there’s a practice mode, but as my fatheralways told me, “Practice is for winners, don’tbother.”), but as you get familiar with the games itbecome more a test of concentration and hand-eyecoordination.This may not be a game you spend hours andhours playing, but this game is really fun for thefirst few hours and, like many portable games, isgreat for friends or whomever to pick up and havea good time. Plus kids like it and keeps their stupidlittle mouths shut for a few minutes, and if theirmothers start complaining about how games rotthe human mind you can assure them that this isan education buffet sure to turn their dullard of akid into, well, a SLUG writer.4 out of 5 mothers don’t like meLife must be tough in the world of first personshooter video games. Sure you can get shotabout ten times every five minutes and still live,but obstacles as enormous as beer bottles canblock your path and force you to reroute. Shooting20 or so bad guys at a time is commonplace, butsomething like turning around or jumping is sometimesimpossible. The Darkness, although severelysuffering from some of these same problems thathaunt most fps games, does deliver a fairly uniqueexperience in this very crowded genre.I was really excited about this game, a mixture of amodern shooter and horror twisted together insidea good old-fashioned mob story wrapper. As goodas the action is, and as sweet as the graphicsare, the Darkness has an unfinished feeling thatmade completing the game more of a chore thana satisfying accomplishment. Most of the gameis in a city with a few chapters spent in hell. You’llalso spend a fair amount of time watching lamecut-scenes during load times, which can also belike hell. In the city you travel by subway and you’llnotice that the same 15 people are always in thesubway station and in the same spot. Consideringhow much time you spend in the subway stationthis only adds to the unfinished feeling that hauntsthe Darkness.Although the demonic powers granted to you duringthe game are fun to play around with, the actionseems a bit too sparse as the story wears on. Morethan half of the game is open-ended, howeversome of the missions you complete are only availableduring one part of the game, which is fine unlessyou’re expected to find hidden items in theseplaces. Although the Darkness has it’s moments, itfails to deliver the action of a great shooter, or thespook of a decent horror game; it seems the Darknesstries too hard to be a little of both.3 out of 5 devoured heartsWhile Sony and Microsoft have been cramming asmuch graphical and memory power as scientificallypossible into their new consoles Nintendodecided that they didn’t care that much aboutmaking anything look or act very realistic. Insteadthey have spent their time trying to make ananti-console to sell to everyone else in the world. Ifinally bought one myself! Wii Sports is the gamethat everyone who bought the Wii got as well. It’sbeen a while since a console has shipped with anincluded game if you don’t count all of the ‘bundle’packages out there, so I wasn’t expecting muchfrom Wii Sports.To my surprise Wii Sports has become the gameof my house, fully displacing my carefully placedcouches and coffee-table to make way for thefrenzied pendulums that were once the arms ofmy friends and family. In fact, helmets are nowrequired to enter my front room after the incident,which left more than a little blood on one of the Wiimotes(Wii remote). Favorites in the danger zoneat my house are tennis, bowling and golf. AlthoughI’m already sick of the golf course we’ve had agreat time with this very simple and forgiving game.Golf does, however, show the few flaws with theconsole more than the other games, probablybecause of the hesitancy of some people to reallyswing the Wii-mote in the house. The problem isthe lack of precision in motion sensitive controls,but with a little practice it’s not a huge problem.What amazed me was the amount of sweat Iworked up playing the tennis game. If you’re aspaz like me you’ll find yourself running aroundthe room and swinging the Wii-mote like a samuraiswinging his sword on a boat of pirates (becausesamurais hate pirates, right?). I’m pretty sure mydownstairs neighbors will begin shooting throughtheir ceiling soon to at least slow my hoping aroundto a soggy crawl but hey, I’m having fun, and that’sthe important thing, right?4 out of 5 lego people(53) SLUG

(54) SLUG

Fuck TheInformer by TheNumbers.By Mike Brownmikebrown@slugmag.comFuck The Informer is a band thatI like. But they don’t like SLUGand said that they didn’t wantany of their music reviewed in themag. So I told them that I wasdoing a survey, just like a sneakytelemarketer. I guess that makesme an informer, ha! Fuck me! I’llleave their names out as well sinceno one cares anyway.Fuck The Informer recently put outan album and went on tour theold fashioned way where you do ityourself. First, you sell everythingyou own to buy a van, then you geta national AA meeting schedulethat corresponds with yourdestinations for the drummer, andfinally, you ask the bass player’sparole officer if it’s cool if he leavesthe state for a couple weeks.Surprisingly they made it homefrom tour without killing each otherand with nothing catching onfire. The latter of the two actuallyshocked me.I wanted to know what tour andcutting an album was like, andsince they hate SLUG, I thoughtit would be funny to put themin the Mag. They are one of mypersonal favorite bands not somuch for the music but more forthe fact that you can throw thingsat them during their show and theywill keep playing (They actuallyplay better when you throw thingsat them). To me, that’s a sign of agreat band; a band you can reallyset your watch to.Question #1: What is the combined amount of criminal charges amongst all theband members? “Six plus three plus…wait, does juvie count? Juvie doesn’t matterso we’ll stick with nine. “Question #2: What’s the band’s combined total number of blackouts while recordingthe album and being on tour? “One to ten, granted you can’t remember. Tour couldcount as one big blackout.”Question #3: How many times did you guys get robbed while recording the albumand while on tour? “Once at gunpoint and with machetes during practice, someonetook base amps out of the tour van; basically we get robbed at every show we play.”Question #4: How many times have you used your instruments as weapons, duringpractice or otherwise? “At least three times with the guitar, two times with the bass,four times with a drum cymbal. It’s hard to say, I’d guess around 15.”Question #5: How many times has the Plug been pulled on you guys? “Once inMissoula, four or five times around town. As far as the bar wanting us to actually stopplaying? Countless.”Question #6: How many practices have ended up in a fistfight? “Just a couple”Question #7: How many bass players have you guys gone through? “I’ve fuckedmy fair share, oh wait, you mean for the band? Lets see … eight including you.”Question #8: How many ounces of weed did you guys need to go through in orderto get the album recorded? “Around three, may be two.”Question #9: How many bands have refused to play with you guys? “Ask Jimmythe Tooth. I’d say at least 30.”Question # 10: How many t-shirts did you sell on tour? “Maybe 10.”Question # 11: How many cool people did you meet on tour? “Just one, NickGarrols. The guy knowingly got fired from his job just so he could get us drunk.”There you have it. Fourteen simplequestions to determine whether ornot you like the band. If you geta chance to see these guys liveI suggest you do it before theyare kicked out of every bar in thecountry, which for now seems tobe their goal.On a separate note that hasnothing to do with this article,peace out Andy Pitts! I knowyou don’t like public displays ofgratuity so I won’t give you any.I mostly just want SLUG readersto know that Pitts has been downsince The Leviathan Issue #3,and that Leviathan Issue #8 is stillavailable and Pitts is still down!So let me make it very clear thatthis isn’t a music review, and itisn’t an interview either. It’s asurvey. An annonymous surveydone with some of the guys in theband. Every question has to dowith a number and based off ofthe numbers you, the reader, willdecide if you want to buy their newalbum or not.Question #12: How many text messages were sent out while on tour? “At least abillion.”Question #13: What’s the combined total of STD’s the band has? “That’s totallyunknown and potentially infinite.”Question #14: How many members of the band wear underwear every day? “Justone.”(55) SLUG

(56) SLUGFriday, October 5Black Seas of Infinity, Night Terror –Red Light BooksLarusso, Allred, Take the Fall, Mesa Drive – Solid GroundNodes of Ranvier, Life in your Way, Oh Sleeper – NVOHe Is Us, Akelles, God’s Revolver – Broken RecordDJ Danny Boy – Star BarEric Bell – AlchemyLet It Ride – TowerSeparation of Self, Project Independent, Drown Out theStars, Massacre at the Wake, Vinia – VegasDerek Dyer Photo Exhibit – UAA GalleryThe Shining – TowerLord Mandrake, The Hotness – KilbyUlysses. Spearit, The Gammas – UrbanHeavy Weight Dub Champion – Monk’sComcast on Demand, Darling You Should Be Ashamed– AvalonFlash Cabbage – Pat’s BBQLorrie’s Birthday Bash: Saddle Tramps, Utah CountySwillers – Bar DeluxeThree Reasons, Screaming Condors, Funk $ Gonzo –Liquid Joe’sCasket Salesman, Sound of Urchin, Erratic Erotica, Askthe Dust – Burt’sSaturday, October 6The Spill Canvas, Daphne Loves Derby, Play Radio Play– NVOHell Within, Suicide Holiday, Cryptobiotic, Riots of Eighty– VegasKaren Bayard – AlchemyThe Shining – TowerDowntown Arts and Culture – Pioneer ParkShanna and Kevin’s Reception – The Sherlock’sSleeping in the Aviary – UrbanDown Town Brown – AddictedDivision Day, Speaker Speaker – KilbyLet It Ride – TowerWalk for the Forest – Sugarhouse ParkJeremiah Maxey – Pat’s BBQSleeping in the Aviary – UrbanChris Cornell, Earl Greyhound – DepotPink Lightnin’, Mathmatics Etc, Aye Aye, Blackhole –SlowtrainThe Brownbums, Emme Packer, Lionel Williams – SolidGroundDivision Day – KilbyBomb the Music Industry, Fews and Twos, GreenPeanuts, Ian Accord, Fuck Yes!!!– Burt’sSunday, October 7Peelander Z, Tough Tittie – Burt’sLet It Ride – TowerCongratulations Eric and Char Sager on your baby!– HospitalSwans of Never, The Yearbook, Ole Bravo – KilbyMonday, October 8Burton World Tour – GatewayLet It Ride – TowerAcumen Nation, Redemption, Phono – VegasMonty Are I, Amber Pacific – AvalonMagik Markers, Ether Orchestra, Grizzly Prospector –UrbanFake Problems, Nothington, Black Eyed Susans, ThreeReasons – KilbyToo Slim & the Taildraggers – Pat’s BBQJohnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, Fews and Two– Burt’sTuesday, October 9Toots & the Maytals – SuedeEscape the Fate, Bless the Fall– AvalonHippie Gernade – UrbanAdema, Eleventh Hour – VegasLet It Ride – TowerGod’s Revolver, Towers FromPennsylvania – AddictedSpeed of Life – Huka BarHearsay, Diggers & Wackers,Bullwinkles Penis – Burt’sWednesday, October 10She Wants Revenge – AvalonShe Wants Revenge After Party– Area 51Let It Ride – TowerMinipop – KilbyHappy Birthday FletcherBooth! – Saints and SinnersOld Bull, Los Duggans, TheUtah County Swillers – Burt’sThursday, October 11Atmosphere, Grayskul, MacLethal, Luckyiam – In the VenueLet It Ride – TowerShaun of the Dead – TowerSmall Press Forum – SamWeller’sSwagger – Piper DownLaughter, Send No Flowers,Cathexes – UrbanThe Secret Handshake, FamilyForce 5!, Jonezetta, Love YouLong Time – AvalonGroundation – SuedeMonorchist, Murdervan – BarDeluxeStick to Your Guns, CatherineElysis, Dark Haven, Light thisCity – NVOThe Dewayn Brothers,Blackeyed Susan, Token Betty,Kate Ledeuce – Burt’sFriday, October 12Last Response, Our DarkHorse, Themes – Broken RecordJoy in Tomorrow, The Lionelle, The Wide Awakes, ByTonight – Solid GroundDJ Jalal – Star BarDaniel Wilson – AlchemyBlues 66 – Pat’s BBQTolchock Trio, Giant Mirrors – AddictedPoint Juncture, WA, Vicious Starfish – KilbySeven Sunny Days – SuedeKettlefish – Monk’sDark Haven, The October Tree, Drown Out the Stars,Balance of Power,It Never Ends – VegasJerry Joseph Electric Band – Bar DeluxeDirty Copper, Kevin Burdik, Jake Jacobsen, SpencerNielson – Liquid Joe’sShackleton, The Wolfs – Burt’sSLUG Localized: Cavedoll, The Furs, David Williams– UrbanUnderoath, Everytime I Die, Poison the Well, Maylene andthe Sons of Disaster – In the VenueTripod – Red Light BooksSaturday, October 13The Saviors, Top Dead Celebrity – Burt’sKen Andrews, Charlotte Martin, First Wave Hello – UrbanIdes O’ Soul – Pat’s BBQHarvest Cooking – Pioneer ParkSoggy Bone – Tony’sShaun of the Dead – TowerDark Arts Festival Ghoul and Goblin Masquerade Ball– VegasThe Flying Dutchman – Capitol TheaterJosh Stone & Friends – AlchemyLast Serenade, Avondale, The Strpt, The Settling – AvalonJerry Joseph Electric Band – Bar DeluxeJohn Vanderslice, Bishop Allen – KilbySunday, October 14The Draft, Dead to Me, The Gaslight Anthem, Dead CityLights – Burt’sFin Rigguns – Monk’sCount Bass D – UprokWhite Rabbits – KilbyFrench Quarter, Foot Ox, Alas Alak Alaska – SlowtrainMonday, October 15Shout Out Louds – UrbanLucero, Bobby Bare Jr – Club SoundThe Flying Dutchman – Capitol TheaterCup n’ String – Solid GroundPat Monahan, The Voice that Drives Train, CharlotteSometimes – DepotE.C Scott – Pat’s BBQ3 Amigos – AlchemyMorrissey – Thanksgiving PointFuneral Dress, Resilience, Krum Bums, The Ghouls, ThePhenomenauts – AvalonLuca, Dream Balloons, Jonasgold, A CassandraUtterance – KilbyInterpol, Liars – In the VenueBlind Joe and his Band, The Boomsticks, Patsy Ohio,Kate Ledeuce – Burt’sTuesday, October 16SMD, DxAxFx, All Systems Fail – Red Light BooksDavy Rothbart and Peter Rothbart – Downtown LibraryEuro Rock Tour – SuedeSubrosa, Heavenly Soulija, Slickrock Gypsis – VegasCaptured by Robots, Dubya Tour – UrbanC’Era Una Volta Il West – BroadwaySuper Brick, Fuck the Informer – Monk’sSteel Train, Kings for Queens, Socratic, Larusso – KilbyBriertone, Lost Ocean, Lets Become Actors, Atherton –Solid GroundGringo Star, War on Terra, Sackcloth & Ashes – Burt’sWednesday, October 17Dynamite Walls, Silent Envy, Last Response – Burt’sThe Flying Dutchman – Capitol TheaterDeSole, Oslo, We Dance Alone – Solid GroundDer Maschine and the Rocky Horror Picture Show – VegasBella Morte, This Means You, Domiana – Area 51

Laura Gibson, Johanna Kunin, MuseeMecanique, Band of Annuals, Tiger Fire –KilbyThursday, October 18Suffokate, Your Own Destroyer – NVOA Perfect Victim – VegasBronwen Beecher & Friends – AlchemySLAJO – UrbanPagan Love Gods – Piper DownSolid Country Gold. 18 Wheels of Justice– Bar DeluxeHudson Falcons, The Front, The First Wave– Burt’sFriday, October 19Rick Welter – Pat’s BBQNew works by Cat Palmer – ArtspaceCD Release: The Rubes, Andele, TolchockTrio – UrbanPhosphorescent, TJ Petracca – KilbyPagan Dead, Quinta Essentia, DesolateRealm, Til She Bleeds – VegasAn October Evening – Masonic TempleThe Flying Dutchman – Capitol TheaterJohn Draper – AlchemyMemphis May Fire, The Hottness, AmberAlert – AddictedGallery Stroll – Downtown SLCDeadbeats – Monk’snobrow 1 Year Anniversary: New works byTrent Call, Sri Whipple,Cien Watson – nobrowGallery Stroll: Art by Lance Saunders– SlowtrainBlackhole, Skullfuzz, The Grimmway,Accidente – Broken RecordAmerican Relay, Utah County Swillers– Bar DeluxeDJ Pumbaa – Star BarSay Anything, Hellogoodbye – In the VenueSongwriter Showcase 4 – Solid GroundWednesday 13, Antiproduct, TrashlightVision – Burt’sSaturday, October 20Cabaret De Morte: Blue Lotus, MidnightMirage, Pink Lightnin’ – Kamikaze’sJason Webley – Burt’sCongrats Jessa and James! – BountifulOpal Hill Drive, Super So Far, Poetica –VegasPumpkin Festival – Pioneer ParkStarmy, Red Bennies – UrbanSierco Pirate – AlchemySpencer Nielsen, Kevin Burdick – Tony’sPinback, Frightened Rabbit – DepotPsycho – TowerThe Winter Sounds, Patter Stars, Tell theGrass, The Middle End – KilbySlippery Kittens Halloween Show, Left ForDead – Bar DeluxeSunday, October 21Los Straightjackets, Hillbilly Fever – Burt’sThe Ian Moore Band, Matt Hopper, HighBeams – UrbanYellowcar, Mury, Lovedrug – AvalonPsycho –TowerThe Flying Dutchman – Capitol TheaterMonday, October 22The Sfotlightes, OK Ikumi – KilbyWeedeater, Skullfuzz, XUR, Top DeadCelebrity – Burt’sTuesday, October 23Jadnez, Badgrass – Monk’sDashboard Confessional, Augustana– In the VenueTartufi, Theta Naught, Hospital Tapes – KilbyNumbskull, Melon Robotics, Skarekro –VegasVamos A Matar, Companeros – BroadwayHeathen Ass Worship – Burt’sWednesday, October 24Royal Abbey, ECS, The Grimpths – Burt’sCaribou, Born Ruffians – UrbanThe Rocky Horror Picture Show and DerMaschine – VegasHenry Rollins – DepotThursday, October 25Michael and Kricket Mezmier – AvalonChiodos, Emery, Scary Kids Scaring Kids,The Devil Wears Prada – NVOAsk the Dust, Badgrass – Burt’s2 ½ White Guys – Piper DownStuporhero, Love like Fire, Lord Mandrake– KilbyDJ Fabuloso – Bar DeluxeHalfway House Emcees – UprokFriday, October 26Sarah Vowell – Capitol TheatreHelloween Party: Beyond this Flesh,Massacre at the Wake, Drown Out the Stars,Vinia – VegasZombie Prom: Wolves in the Throneroom,Eagle Twin, Her Candane – Broken RecordTiger Army, Street Dogs, The Static Age– In the VenuePublic Enemy – SuedeRocky Horror Picture Show – TowerStep Stevie Step, Electronica Me – AddictedCub Country, Utah Slim – Monk’sMongrol Phonic – Pat’s BBQDJ Jalal – Star BarDie Monster Die, Left For Dead – Bar DeluxeChitinous, The Tenants of Bakthazars Castle– Red Light BooksNegative Charge, Tough Tittie, OperationWrong – Burt’sSaturday, October 27DJ Matrix – Tony’sSkullfuzz – Red Light BooksNoyen – AlchemyAgent Ribbons – AddictedRocky Horror Picture Show – TowerHalloween Party, Katagory V, Noxx,Melodramus, Ashen Legacy – VegasHalloween Fetish Ball – Area 51IAMX –UrbanBring All the Troops Home Now: Rallyand March – Capitol BuildingHouse O’ Cards – Pat’s BBQSlightly Stoopid, Fishbone & TheSupervillians – DepotThunderfist – Bar DeluxeMenemoma – KilbyBrand New, Thrice, Me Without You – SaltairThree Bad Jacks, The Salt Town Greasers– Burt’sSunday, October 28Capillary Action, Nyte Dune – Monk’sMonday, October 29Storehouse – Pat’s BBQHurt – UrbanLucas Rossi – VegasShipwreck, Chris Koza – KilbyVictory Smokes, Vile Blue Shades, BlackVelvet Elvis – Burt’sTuesday, October 30Catheter, Wojczech, Gaza, All Systems Fail– Red Light BooksIn:Aviate – Solid GroundHalloween Eve Zombie Prom – Area 51To Homa Vaftike Kokkino – BroadwayLittle Brazil, 1090 Club, The Sweater Friends– KilbyMonster Party, Scenic Byways, DJ Snience– Monk’sTurdus Musicus – Burt’sWednesday, October 31Guerrilla Hardcore Punk Show and aHaunted House – Meet at RedlightMud Puddle and DJ – Star BarKid Karnival – AlchemyWolfs, Vile Blue Shades – UrbanHalloween Party – Area 51Redemption and the Rocky Horror PictureShow – VegasRocky Horror Picture Show – TowerAmber Alert, Last of the Blood Line– AddictedThursday, November 1Brighten, Allred, The Lionelle – Solid GroundWarsaw Poland Bros – Piper DownCobra Skulls – Burt’sFriday, November 2Regina Spektor – In the VenueSubrosa CD Release – Burt’sWe Shot the Moon, It’s Like Love, Take theFall – KilbyNigger, Wetback, Chink – Kingsbury Hall(57) SLUG

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451 South 400 51 Is a Private Club for MembersNew Wednesday Nights!Upstairs:DJ Radar and DJ DanceCommanderplay indie / rock / electroclash / new waveDownstairs:“Klub Karaoke” Provided by Spotlight EntertainmentCover: $3 before 10pm,$5 After, LADIES FREE Until 11pm!Drink SPECIALS: $2 Pints, $6 Pitchers, $4.50Jager BombsWed., Oct.10She Wants RevengeAfterpartyJoin She Wants Revenge at Area 51 for theofficial afterparty.Sat., Oct. 27Halloween Fetish BallInteractive demonstrations, performers, vendors, and more.Upstairs: Modern, Alternative, Dance with DJ JeremiahDown: DJ Evil K and DJ Viking spin industrial, gothic, 80sDress to your fetish.Cover: only $10Doors open early at 8pmTues., Oct. 30Halloween Eve Zombie PromPhoto booth, slow dances, and moreUpstairs: 80’s New Wave flashback with DJ RadarDown: industrial, gothic request with DJ B-ModuleCover: $5, ladies free before 11pm, couples 2-for-1Wed., Oct. 31Halloween PartyTHE party of the year! Area 51’s Halloween Party:Upstairs: DJ Radar and DJ Dance Commander spin indie, 80s,electroclash, and danceDownstairs: Karaoke presented by Spotlight Entertainment,DJ Evil K and DJ Viking spin industrial, gothic, darkwaveCostume contest: go to fordetails Prizes: Grand Prize $500 cash, $100’s in other cashand prizes, Sexiest costume sponsored by Blue Boutique,winner gets $500 Blue Boutique certificate!Cover: only $10Doors open early at 8pmWed., Oct. 17Bella Morte Concertw/ This Means You, Domiana Tickets $10Doors at 7pm(63) SLUG

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