Wages and Working Conditions in Norway - agri-migration


Wages and Working Conditions in Norway - agri-migration

ENGLISHWages and WorkingConditions in NorwayInformation to employees from the Czech Republic, Estonia,Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungarywww.fellesforbundet.no

Welcome as an employee in NorwayFellesforbundet (The United Federation of Trade Unions)wishes you welcome to Norway. The members of ourtrade union include employees in the building industry,the engineering industry, and agriculture. We havenegotiated nationwide wage agreements that determinepay levels and other benefits for all employees embracedby these agreements.This brochure will serve to provide you with informationon pay and working conditions in Norway. To achievethe best possible pay and working conditions while youare working in Norway, it is important that you join atrade union.Registration as an employeeAll employees working in Norway must be registered inthe Employee Register (the A-register). Your employer isresponsible for ensuring that you are registered, but it canbe a wise move to make sure that you have actually beenregistered by the employer.All foreign employees working on the Continental Shelfor on building and construction sites in Norway must beregistered with the Central Office – Foreign Tax Affairs(SFU).www.fellesforbundet.no1

Sundays and public holidays, 1 May and 17 MayIn Norway, Sundays and public holidays are statutoryholidays. 1 May and 17 May are public holidays and youhave the right to time off with full pay on these days.Holidays and holiday payWhen working in Norway you are entitled to an annualholiday of 21 working days provided you have workedfor the full holiday earning period. You are also entitledto holiday pay.Industrial injury insuranceAll employers having employees working in Norwaymust take out industrial injury insurance cover foremployees in respect of industrial injury andoccupational disease.Ban against accepting payment for arrangingemploymentIf you obtain employment in Norway through an agencyor a person, the agency or person may not acceptpayment from you for procuring work. Agencies orhiring services are not allowed to take payment fromemployees.www.fellesforbundet.no3

Rights and regulations which apply only if you areemployed in a Norwegian enterpriseEmployees from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia,Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary, whoon their own initiative wish to take up employment inNorway, must have a specific offer of full-timeemployment before applying for a resident's permit inNorway. Details of the information that must be given inthe application and the documentation required can beobtained from the employer or the websitehttp://www.udi.no.Remember, an employee may not start work before aresident's permit has been granted.WagesOne of the conditions for obtaining a resident's permit isthat you must receive a tariff wage or a wage level that isnormal in the industry concerned.The table below shows the minimum wage levels and theaverage wage levels (as at 1 sept. June 2005) 2004) for skilledworkers in two different industries.Minimum wage Average wageNOK € NOK €Engineering industry 111.59 110.59 14 13.28 148.28 143.65 17.24 18Building industry 126.00 125.00 16 15.00 166.80 153.70 18.45 21If you work in agriculture, it is a condition for obtaininga resident's permit that your receive a wage level of atwww.fellesforbundet.no4

least NOK 84.50 83.15 per hour for work of up to three months'duration. For work exceeding three months, you mustreceive at least NOK 104.50 100.15 per hour.You are entitled to a wage that must not be lower thanthe minimum wage level, but may well be higher.In Norway, you will receive a gross wage from whichincome tax is deducted. Income tax is paid in by theemployer before you receive your net wage.Pay slipsYou have the right to a pay slip. Pay slips shall giveinformation on gross wage, net wage and taxwithholding,so that you can check that tax has beendeducted.Unauthorized wage deductions are not permittedAn employer may not otherwise make deductions froman employee's wages and holiday pay unless this hasbeen agreed in writing between employer and employee.If you leave your employment before your notice expires,an employer may however make a deduction from yourwages for the expenses he has incurred in thisconnection.Termination of employmentIf you are employed in a Norwegian enterprise and youremployment is terminated, the Norwegian rules forwww.fellesforbundet.no5

termination of employment will apply. Termination ofemployment must be given in writing. The period ofnotice is usually one full calendar month after you havereceived notice of termination. If you are employed for atrial period and this is stated in writing, the period ofnotice is 14 days.www.fellesforbundet.no6

Contact FellesforbundetAs you can see from reading this brochure, you havemany statutory rights as an employee in Norway. If, inaddition, you are a member of a trade union, and a wageagreement applies to the enterprise where you work, youwill benefit from additional rights in Norwegian society.If you would like more information on the rights andobligations of employees, please contact Fellesforbundet.The addresses of our district offices are given on the backof this brochure.If you are employed at Snøhvit, Melkøya,Tjeldbergodden, Mongstad, Kårstø, Kollsnes, OrmenLange and StureIf you are employed by a foreign enterprise working inNorway, the Norwegian minimum wage regulations donot apply.However, following demands made by Fellesforbundet,the aforementioned minimum wage regulations, andcertain other regulations in our tariff agreements, aregenerally applied at the 7 above mentioned petroleumfacilities with effect from 1 December 2004.Contact Fellesforbundet if your require furtherinformation on the regulations that apply at these plants.www.fellesforbundet.no7

Addresses and telephone numbers ofFellesforbundet's district offices:Østfold, Sarpsborg, 69 10 23 40Akershus, Oslo, 23 06 32 90Oslo, Oslo, 23 06 15 84Hedmark, Hamar, 62 54 09 90Oppland, Gjøvik, 61 18 79 20Buskerud, Drammen, 32 25 59 80Vestfold, Tønsberg, 33 30 70 70Telemark, Porsgrunn 35 57 29 70Aust-Agder, Arendal 37 07 30 10Vest-Agder, Kristiansand S. 38 12 06 50Rogaland, Stavanger 51 50 02 00Hordaland, Bergen 55 30 91 50-70Sogn og Fjordane, Førde 57 82 09 88Møre og Romsdal, Molde 71 20 16 40Sør-Trøndelag, Trondheim 73 87 94 10Nord-Trøndelag, Steinkjer 74 13 56 00Nordland, Bodø 75 54 96 50Troms/Finnmark, Tromsø 77 60 35 30www.fellesforbundet.no8

Oct. 2005Fellesforbundet(The United Federation of Trade Unions)Lilletorget 10184 Oslophone: 23 06 31 00telefax: 23 06 31 01website: www.fellesforbundet.noe-mail: fellesforbundet@fellesforbundet.no

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