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Reference Guide - Ashford Hobby

Reference Guide

IntroductionParts List and Exploded ViewsThe parts list and exploded views for the Serpent710 are separate from the Instruction Manual. Theexploded views show all the parts for a particularassembly step, together with the Serpent partnumber. The parts list at the back of this bookletgive the name of the part. Along with all theSerpent 710 parts used in this car kit, the partlist also contains a list of all option parts for theSerpent 710, as well as a listing of general itemssuch as fasteners and promotional items.Serpent regularly updates the Serpent 710 partslist and makes it available ‘Downloads’ sectionof the 710 product page on myTSN. The Serpent710 product page can be accessed directly at thefollowing address:Be sure to check out the Serpent 710 product pageon myTSN frequently. All information about your710 can be found there: publications, news items,set-ups, FAQ’s, images, downloads, videos, andinteresting forums in several languages. myTSNprovides you with an enormous amount of interestingand often valuable information about theSerpent 710, information provided by Serpent,its factory and team drivers, and experiencedusers around the world. Often this information iseven available in several languages! If you’re nota member of yet, sign up today andexperience why Serpent excels not only on thetrack, but also on the Front Assembly 32. Rear Assembly & Differential Assembly 43. Shock Assembly 54. Bodymount Assembly 55. Radio Plate Assembly 66. Radio Plate Mounting 77. Gearbox Assembly 88 Centax Assembly 89. Final Assembly 910. Parts List 10PERFORMANCE THROUGH EVOLUTION2

3Front Assembly808344808214802213124880221980222180121916501255808340124980121880121212508022178022241019125080221512418012241207802172802164125780222680121580233280224012438022408022251250802128802242128812871344124080117080216113428021541342120780216980230980224813461257802164802169802156802248106580224680230913461282127080212080220380221180220512411667129780220612538022431650124012398022458022148022198022228022188012138022161281

4Rear Assembly801219802385802303837880238113731209132683788023831292125780143580143610651236123980834480121880834080122413441249802330802329802324802304802328134480121580231880233212551650128212781257802164802342128680232080232212338023161255125090213816608023391249802336124080231180232412428012558023098023228023231647802310909361802307124180230513468023121207802344125780234096118023951203802314802401134280231780230890135690135590936080231980230613421207Rear Differential set - #802380802380

* - OptionalShock Assembly9094419094069094419094021650909441909416 - Yel909414 - Ora*909415 - Whi*909417 - Red*909418 - Blu*909407909444643112019094411202909442909416 - Yel909414 - Ora*909415 - Whi*909417 - Red*909418 - Blu*9094056442909407909441909405Complete Shock absorber set - #9094409094419094049094419094031239Bodymount Assembly12398022011267802211802361 12418023011240124712405 Box 180, 2100 AD HeemstedeThe Netherlands, Europe.Tel: (31) 23 529 2068Fax: (31) 23 528 4950E-mail: info@serpent.comSerpent USA, Inc.West Park Center,2830 NW 79th Avenue,Miami, Florida 33122, USA.Tel: (305) 639 9665Fax: (305) 639 9658E-mail: - Version 1

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