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Exclusiv - Ahli United Bank

Exclusivfor private clients

Private Banking at Ahli United Bank (AUB) aims to help our clientsmanage their wealth effectively in order to maximise returns andminimise risk. We strive to provide personalized services to our clientsby understanding their financial requirements and providing worldclass,tailor made investment solutions. AUB presents a uniquecombination of local knowledge of the region with global experience.With nearly four decades of private banking experience behind us,we are able to provide our clients with financial solutions that benefitfrom continuing ongoing research in investment opportunities andare combined with one-to-one personalized service that promisescomplete confidentiality. AUB’s expertise and reputation inprivate banking is reflected in the fact that the Group was rankedBest Local Private Bank in the Middle East in 2006 by Euromoney.

Banking as Exclusive as you are

The DNA is a chemical molecule that carries the genes unique to a person.It is what differentiates you from others and makes you inimitable. It's the very reason whywe created Exclusiv – Private Banking with a difference. Our objective is to offer customizedwealth management solutions, replacing traditional 'one size fits all' approach. To achieve this,our analysts examine the complete range of products available, and carefully determinetheir risk structure. And finally select the best option that matches your financial goal.

[ Every man knows well enough thathe is a unique being, only once on thisearth; and by no extraordinary chancewill such a marvelously picturesquepiece of diversity in unity as he is, everbe put together a second time. ]Friedrich Nietzsche

Unique Solutions ForExclusive ClientsOur Asset Management teamoffers access to some of the world’sleading fund managers, thanks toour strategic alliances with globalproviders of customized financialsolutions.As an Exclusiv client, you maybe rest assured that you are dealingwith one of the leading financialgroups in the region.Ahli United Bank has 40years’ regional and internationalexperience, with subsidiaries andassociates around the globe.Our core private banking and assetmanagement services havesignificant diversified assets undermanagement on behalf of privateclients and multinational institutions,both conventionally and inaccordance with Islamic Sharia.The Group’s comprehensiverange of services includes offshorebanking, wealth management,private banking, investment banking,asset management, real estate fundmanagement, treasury, corporateand commercial banking, tradefinance, retail banking, andSharia-compliant financial services.Above all, Private Bankingclients will also benefit from a largerange of financial and non-financialprivileges available exclusivelyfor them.

[ Everyone has his own specificvocation or mission in life… Therein hecannot be replaced, nor can his life berepeated, thus, everyone's task isunique as his specific opportunity toimplement it. ]Viktor Frankl

Investment SolutionsWe are focused on offeringvery innovative, research-backedinvestment products across the riskreturn spectrum, with leveragedabove-average returns and portfolioprotection.Backed by the personalattention of a dedicated relationshipmanager, we offer customers thebenefit of access to some of theworld’s leading fund managers –Russell, Mellon Global InvestmentLimited, Henderson Global Investors,Mapletree, MAN investments andMFS Investment Management.They advise on and look after ourclient’s investment in conjunctionwith us. Our relationship with theseexceptional investment companiesmeans we can also provide a widerange of investments or productsthat would not otherwise be easilyaccessible to the individual investor.This gives a greater choice andflexibility in how money is investedto best suit any individual’s needs.At AUB (UK), we providea complete real estate fundmanagement service, ranging fromasset management, leveragedoffshore transactions, to financialaccounting and fund administration.Our experienced and dedicatedrelationship managers have wideknowledge of the complete rangeof investment products and portfoliooptions we have available and willrecommend the best suited toindividual circumstances andrequirements using an assetallocation scheme based on riskand customer profiling.

[ In order to be irreplaceable, onemust always be different. ]Coco Chanel

Trust & Off-ShoreCompaniesFor retirement requirementsor unlocking asset potential throughplanned distribution, we provide aprofessional approach to structuringfinancial assets. A Trust can helpour clients provide for those theycare about in the future, and saveon potentially expensive tax bills.Our own Trust company withinAhli United Bank (UK) PLC, AUBTrustees (Guernsey) Ltd., enablesour clients to establish trusts and/orcompanies for holding their variousinvestments, properties, and otherassets in a tax efficient way.The company has been set up inGuernsey for tax efficiency purpose,and is fully regulated and licensedwith the Guernsey FinancialServices Commission.The fee structure for our Trustservice is very competitive and ourfees are flexible and based onindividual requirements.

[ When I say "I", I mean a thingabsolutely unique, not to be confusedwith any other. ]Ugo Betti

Mortgage & Real EstateServicesWe focus on commercial andresidential properties in the UnitedKingdom (UK). Our investors includeboth corporate and individual clients.At AUB (UK) we provide arange of services that assist ourclients in acquiring and maintaininga property in the UK. Beginning withsourcing the right property andproviding convenient financingoptions to acquire or remortgage aproperty, we can also structureownership so that the client getsmaximum tax benefit.For overseas clients, we alsoprovide the service to pay forutilities while away from the UK.

[ I live to think for myself. I refuseto be a mindless sheep following thecrowd into cookie-cutter oblivion.Otherwise I'd just be a zombie withno heart or passion in life. ]Hervey Taylor IV

Islamic SolutionsBeing Sharia compliant is avery prestigious and importantcriteria for a wide range of clients.The role of our Sharia'a boardis to give moral, legal and religiousguidance and direction for all thefinancial and operational aspectsof Islamic Banking. At AUB, weare guided by a Sharia'a Board ofeminent scholars who help us toconform to the stringent Islamicstandards.We offer two Shari’ahcompliant financing products: Ijara,which is based on leasing principles,and Murabaha, which is based ontrading principles.We also provide a full rangeof structured products that includeSharia’a compliant products andservices. These services aremanaged strictly in accordance withIslamic principles and supervisedby a recognized panel of Sharia’aadvisers.

[ It still holds true that man ismost uniquely human when he turnsobstacles into opportunities. ]Eric Hoffer

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