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Features 2012Features 2012 7

Festivals & Awards 2012· 59 th Pula Film Festival – National Competition· 36 th Montreal World Film Festival – OfficialCompetition (1)· Freedom of Speech AwardKrsto Papić (1933) – Selected Filmography· Infection | Infekcija (2005) - fiction· When the Dead Start Singing | Kad mrtvi zapjevaju(1999) - fiction· Story From Croatia | Priča iz Hrvatske (1991) - fiction· My Uncle’s Legacy | Život sa stricem (1988) - fiction· The Secret of Nikola Tesla | Tajna Nikole Tesle (1980)- fiction· The Rat Savior | Izbavitelj (1976) - fiction· A Village Performance of Hamlet | Predstava Hamletau selu Mrduša Donja (1973) - fiction· Special Trains | Specijalni vlakovi (1972) - documentary· A Small Village Performance | Mala seoska priredba(1972) - documentary· May Our Voice Also Be Heard | Nek’ se čuje i naš glas(1971) - documentary· Handcuffs | Lisice (1969) – fiction· Halo, München | Halo, Munich (1968) - documentary· When My Boathook Stabs You | Kad te moja čakijaubode (1968) - documentaryFeatures 2012 9

MINORITY CO-PRODUCTIONned | cro | fra | uk09/2012 | 128’ | 35mm, hd | ColourHistorical drama | English | DutchGoltzius and the Pelican CompanyDirected by Peter GreenawayKasander FilmDelftsestraat 333013 ae Rotterdam, NetherlandsTel: +31 (0)10 43 33 043Fax: +31 (0)10 43 33 061info@kasanderfilm.nlwww.kasanderfilm.nlMP Film ProductionNova cesta 6010 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 3822 022Fax: +385 (0)1 4836 039igor@mainframeproduction.comIn 1600, the Dutch engraver and printer Goltzius tellsthe story of his adventures in the winter of 1590, whenhe travelled to Colmar in Alsace to raise finance fora new printing press. In a flashback we see how hetries to enlist the liberal-minded Margrave of Alsaceas a patron in the production of two grand illustratedbooks, a version of the Old Testament and a versionof Ovid’s Metamorphoses. To sweeten the possibilityof a deal, Goltzius, together with the male and femalemembers of his printing and theatrical company,stages six dramatizations of erotic stories from theBible, symbolizing the six sexual taboos of fornication,incest, adultery, paedophilia, prostitution and necrophilia– Adam and Eve, Lot and his Daughters, Davidand Bathsheba, Potiphar’s Wife, Samson and Delilah,and (from the New Testament) Salome and John theBaptist.The frank dramatizations of these erotic stories provokesurprise, shock and controversy at the court andamong the court ecclesiastics – a Roman Catholicpriest, a Calvinist minister and a Jewish Rabbi. Theerotic pleasures also tempt and entice the Margrave,his family and his court into a dangerous game ofsexual intrigue, resulting in the beheading of Goltzius’splaywright Boethius, who plays the role of John theBaptist. The ensuing scandal disgraces the Margrave,forcing him to pay for the printing press and agree tocommission the books, with a suggestion that Goltziusshould return to Alsace when he finishes the Old Testamentcommission, to begin work on the volume ofstories from Ovid, to be called Goltzius and Spranger.10 Features 2012

Cast F. Murray Abraham, Alba Rohrwacher, HalinaReijn, Giulio Berruti, Vincent Riotta, Ramsey Nasr, KateMoran, Vedran Živolić, Nada Abrus, Katja Zubčić, BorisBakal, Goran Bogdan, Enes Vejzović, Anne LouiseHassing, Pippo del BonoWritten by Peter GreenawayCinematography Reinier van BrummelenEditing Elmer LeupenArt Direction Ben Zuydwijk, Ivo HušnjakCostume Design Blanka Budak, Marrit van der BurgtMusic Marco RobinoSound Design Maarten van GentProduced by Kees Kasander, Igor A. Nola, MikeDowney, Sam Taylor, Suza Horvat & Catherine DussartProduction Company Kasander Film; in co-productionwith mp Film Production (Croatia), cdp (France),Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME) (uk)Supported by EurimagesDistribution Bankside FilmsFestivals & Awards2012· 32 nd Netherlands Film Festival· 7 th Rome Int. Film Festival – Out of Competition2013· 36 th Göteborg Int. Film Festival - VisionariesPeter Greenaway (1942) – SelectedFilmography· The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989) -fiction· The Pillow Book (1986) - fiction· A Zed and Two Noughts (1985) - fiction· The Draughtsman’s Contract (1982) - fictionPeter GreenawayFeatures 2012 11

MINORITY CO-PRODUCTIONslo | cro09/2012 | 100’ | dcpColour | Drama | ComedySlovenian | Debut feature—www.good-to-go-movie.comGood to Go | Srečen za umret | Sretan do krajaDirected by Matevž LuzarPakt MediaMasera-Spasićeva ulica 81000 Ljubljana, SloveniaTel: +386 (01) 300 84 90tina@paktmedia.comwww.patkmedia.comArs SeptimaSvačićev trg 1010 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 485 65 10Fax: +385 (0)1 485 65 10lidija@ars7.hrwww.ars7.hrGood to Go is a bittersweet comedy about a grumpyold man who decides to find happiness before he dies.Ivan is a retired music teacher in his late 70s who hasgrown weary of life. Tired of trying to keep up withhis disappointing family and the fast-changing worldaround him, he buys himself a plot in a graveyard witha beautiful view and checks into a retirement hometo wait for his death in peace. Once in the retirementhome, however, Ivan slowly rediscovers his zest for life.Main Cast Evgen Car, Milena Zupančič, VladimirVlaškalič, Ivo Ban, Janja Majzelj, Juta Kremžar, DareValič, Ivo Barišič, Dušan Jovanović, Jette Ostan VjerupWritten by Matevž LuzarCinematography Simon Tanšek, zfsEditing Miloš KalusekArt Direction Katja ŠoltesCostume Design Pai Šinigoj PremzlMusic Drago IvanušaSound Design Julij ZornikProduced by Diego ZancoProduction Company Pakt Media; in co-productionwith Ars Septima (Croatia)12 Features 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 15 th Festival of Slovenian Film, Portorož (5)Vesna Awards for· Best Script· Best Photography· Best Production Design· Best Sound Design· Audience Award for Best FilmMatevž Luzar (1981) – Selected Filmography· Good to Go | Srečen za umret (2012) - fiction· Wolfy | Vučko (2007) - short · Affair | Škandal(2007) - tv short· Almost Six Feet Too Deep | Prezgodaj dva metraspodaj (2006) - short· Birthrate | Nataliteta (2006) - tv short· Priest in Prison | pop (2005) - short documentaryMatevž LuzarFeatures 2012 13

cro | slo | bih07/2012 | 93’ | dcp | ColourDrama | BosnianHalima’s Path | Halimin putDirected by Arsen Anton OstojićArkadena ZagrebOporovečka 1210 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)98 275 158trn@post.htnet.hrarsen@post.comHalima’s Path tells the tragic but inspiring story of agood-natured Muslim woman called Halima who tries,without success, to identify the remains of her sonwho was killed in the Bosnian War and buried in oneof the many mass graves. She refuses to give bloodfor dna analysis, hiding the fact that her son wassecretly adopted and is not her biological son. Sherealizes that the only way to finally find her son’s remainsis to track down his biological mother, who hasnot been seen for over 20 years. Soon after findingher, however, a sequence of tragic events spirals outof control, with unexpected results.Main Cast Alma Prica, Olga Pakalović, Mijo Jurišić,Mustafa Nadarević, Izudin Bajrović, Miraj Grbić, DariaLorenci, Emina Muftić, Dejan AćimovićWritten by Feđa IsovićCinematography Slobodan TrninićEditing Dubravko SlunjskiArt Direction Ivo HušnjakCostume Design Branka TkalčecMusic Mate MatišićSound Design Damir KljučarićProduced by Slobodan Trninić, Arsen Anton OstojićProduction Company Arkadena Zagreb; in coproductionwith Croatian Radiotelevision (hrt), StudioArkadena (Slovenia), F.I.S.T., Radio-televizija FederacijeBosne i Herzegovine (rtvfbih) (Bosnia andHerzegovina)14Features 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 59 th Pula Film Festival – National Competition (3)· Golden Arena for Best Actress in a Supporting Role(Olga Pakalović)· Golden Gate of Pula Audience Award· Young Cinephiles Jury Award· 22 nd Festival of East European Cinema Cottbus –Competition (2)· Audience Award· Special Mention of International Jury· 16 th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (1) – OfficialCompetition EurAsia· Special Jury Prize· 35 th Cairo International Film Festival (1) -Human Rights Competition ProgramArsen Anton Ostojić (1965) – SelectedFilmography· No One’s Son | Ničiji sin (2008) - fiction· A Wonderful Night in Split | Ta divna splitska noć(2004) - fiction· Life Drawing (2001) – short fiction· The Bird Lover (1993) – short fiction· Decorations (1989) - documentaryArsen Anton OstojićFeatures 2012 15

Igor ŠeregiProduced by Ajay Rai, Kobi Azran, Elisabeth Feltes,Martina Štruncova, Ivan KelavaProduction Company Academy of Dramatic Art(adu), CroatiaExecutive Producers Renen Schorr, SimoneStewens, Nik Powell, Pavel Jech, Enes MidžićDelegate Producer Ivan KelavaMentor (to Delegate Producer) Damir Terešak, prof.Academy of Dramatic Art (adu), CroatiaFestivals & Awards 2012· 59 th Pula Film Festival – National Competition· 15 th Motovun Film Festival· 60 th San Sebastian International Film Festival –International Film Students MeetingIgor Šeregi is currently at ma studies of filmdirecting at Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.Boaz Debby is finishing film directing at SamSpiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem.Tomaš Kratochvil enrolled at the film and tvfaculty of the Academy of Performing Arts inPrague (famu) in 2010.Simon Dolensky studies directing at ifsInternationale Filmschule Köln.Michael Carson Lennox graduated fromNational Film and Television School (nfts), uk.Boaz DebbyTomaš KratochvilSimon DolenskyMichael CarsonLennoxFeatures 2012 17

07/2012 | 72’ | dcp | ColourDrama | Croatian Debut FeatureA Letter to My Dad | Pismo ćaćiDirected by Damir ČučićCroatian Film Association(HFS)Tuškanac 110 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 4848 771Fax: +385 (0)1 4848 764kristina.doric@hfs.hrwww.hfs.hrA Letter to My Dad is a film that is best describedas a fiction and documentary hybrid. It is based onreal events but is structured like a live-action featurefilm. The central theme is the relationship between aparticular father and son, or more precisely, their communicationissues. The characters are Mate (70) andhis son Milivoj (44). The film has three distinct sections:an intimate confession from the son, a portraitof the father and a confrontation between the fatherand son.Main Cast Milivoj Beader, Mate GulinWritten by Damir ČučićCinematography Boris PoljakEditing Hrvoje Mršić, Damir ČučićSound Design Martin SemenčićProduced by Vera Robić - ŠkaricaProduction company Croatian Film Association(hfs)18Features 2012

Festivals & Awards2012· 59 th Pula Film Festival - National Competition (5)· Grand Golden Arena for Best Film· Golden Arenas for:· Best Supporting Actor (Mate Gulin)· Best Editing (Damir Čučić, Hrvoje Mršić)· Best Sound (Martin Semenčić)· Breza Award for Best Debut Film· 15 th Motovun Film Festival - Out of Competition2013· 36 th Göteborg International Film Festival – DebuterDamir Čučić (1972) – Selected Filmography· A Letter to My Dad | Pismo ćaći (2012) – debutfeature· City Killer (2007) – experimental documentary· La petite mort (2006) – experimental documentary· La Strada (2004) – experimental documentary· Zaboravljeni | The Forgotten (2002) – experimentaldocumentary· Free Space (2000) – experimental documentary· Bića sa slika | Creatures From the Pictures (1999) –experimental documentaryDamir ČučićFeatures 2012 19

MINORITY CO-PRODUCTIONger | cro | ser07/2012 | 88’ | dcp | ColourDrama | Serbian, Albanian,Croatian | Debut FeatureMy Beautiful Country | Die Brücke am Ibar | Most na IbruDirected by Michaela KezeleWorld SalesGlobal Screen GmbHSonnenstr. 2180331 Munich, GermanyTel: +49 89 24 41 29 55 00Fax: +49 89 24 41 29 55 20info@globalscreen.dewww.globalscreen.deSperl Productions GmbHRambergstraße 580 799 München, GermanyTel: +49 89 33 06 61 0info@sperlproductions.deMaXima FilmBožidara Adžije 2210 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 364 7700Fax: +385 (0)1 364 7707info@maxima-film.hrwww.maxima-film.hrThe Kosovo War, 1999: Albanians are fighting Serbs,Serbs are fighting Albanians. Neighbours havebecome enemies. Friends kill each other. Danica, ayoung Serbian woman, lives with her two sons, Daniloand Vlado, in a small Serbian-Albanian village nextto the river Ibar. She is mourning her husband, whowas killed in the ongoing civil war. When Ramiz, aseriously-injured soldier, seeks shelter in her home,she is forced to make a decision. He is a member ofthe Kosovo Liberation Army (uck). Should she sellhim out to the Serbian militia – or try to save his life?Danica and Ramiz are practically neighbours, since helives on the Albanian side of the river near the hospitalwhere she gave birth to her children. Now they aresworn enemies. By helping him and giving him sheltershe puts her own life and the lives of her childrenin danger. The soldier and the widow fall in love buttheir fragile happiness is threatened by a jealousneighbour. For Danica, it soon becomes evident thatthere is no way to evade the effects of the war.Main Cast Zrinka Cvitešić, Mišel Matičević, AndrijaNikčević, Miloš Mesarović, Ema Simovic, DanicaRistovski, Ana Marković, Miloš Timotijević, SlavkoŠtimac, Velimir Bata ŽivojinovićWritten by Michaela KezeleCinematography Felix Novo de OliveiraEditing Andre Bendocchi-AlvesArt Direction Goran Joksimović JoksaCostume Design Ljiljana PetrovićMusic Gerd Baumann, Gregor HübnerSound Design Andre Bendocchi-AlvesProduced by Gabriela Sperl Co-produced by Damir Terešak, Piroska TolnaiVargaProduction Company Sperl Productions GmbH(Germany); in co-production with MaXima Film(Croatia) and Atalanta (Serbia)20 Features 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 30 th Munich Int. Film Festival - German Cinema NewTalent (3)· Special Mention of the Jury· The Berndhard Wicki Film Prize:· Best New Director· Outstanding Actor (Zrinka Cvitešić)· 36 th Montreal World Film Festival - First Films WorldCompetition· 34 th Biberacher Filmfestspiele – Debut Features· 26 th Braunschweig International Film Festival – NewGerman Films· 13 th Arras International Film Festival - CompétitionEuropéenne (1)· Audience Award· 12 th Film Festival Women´s WorldsMichaela Kezele (1975) – Filmography· My Beautiful Country | Die Brücke am Ibar (2012) -fiction· Milan (2007) - shortMichaela KezeleFeatures 2012 21

cro | slo | ser03/2012 | 97’ | dcp | ColourDrama, Romance | CroatianDebut Feature—www.nightboats.comNight Boats | Noćni brodoviDirected by Igor MirkovićStudio dimIlica 159/210 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 390 62 77Fax: +385 (0)1 390 62 78E-mail: marina@dim.hrdarija@dim.hrwww.dim.hrThe last one is the same as the first: unexpected, astonishingand awkward. There are hundreds of storiesof first love. Night Boats is a story of the last one. Helenaand Jakov thought their life was over until lovestroke them. And they take off from the bleak institution,like some teenagers running from home. Life suddenlychanges: they travel through road-less areas incar that has no reverse, they dump their cell phones ina river, they say to hell with everything and like fugitivesthey take on one last adventure. They haven’t slept forthree nights and three days, and thunder roars in thedistance.Main Cast Ana Karić, Radko Polič, Renata Ulmanski,Lana Barić, Bogdan DiklićWritten by Igor Mirković, Elvis BošnjakCinematography Silvestar KolbasEditing Ivana FumićArt Direction Željka BurićCostume Design Tatajana StrugarMusic Tamara ObrovacSound Design Dubravka PremarProduced by Darija Kulenović Gudan, Marina AndreeŠkopCo-produced by Ida Weiss, Biljana Prvanović, SrđanDragojevićProduction Company Studio dim; in co-productionwith Bela Film (Slovenia), Delirium Film (Serbia), CroatianRadiotelevision (hrt), Radiotelevision SloveniaSupported by Eurimages, media (Single ProjectDevelopment, i2i Audiovisual)22 Features 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 59 th Pula Film Festival – National Competition (1)· Golden Arena for Best Actress in a Leading Role(Ana Karić)· 28 th Festroia International Film Festival· 25 th Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy· 15 th Festival of Slovenian Film, Portorož· 1 st San Pedro International Film Festival (1)· Honorable Mention· 12 th Norrköping Film Festival Flimmer· 14 th Mumbai Intrenational Film Festival – “CelebrateAge” Competition (1)· Best Film· 18 th Kolkata Intrenational Film Festival – Cinema International· 1 st Cockatoo International Film Festival – DramaticCompetitionIgor Mirković (1965) – Selected Filmography· Bill Collector | Inkasator (2009) - short; segment ofomnibus Zagreb Stories· Solid Waste | Krupni otpad (2008) - short· Lucky Child | Sretno dijete (2003) – documentary· Who Wants to Be a President? | Novo novo vrijeme(2001, co-dir. Rajko Grlić) – documentary· Orbanići Unplugged (1998) - documentaryIgor MirkovićFeatures 2012 23

Festivals & Awards 2012· 59 th Pula Film Festival – National Competition (3)· Golden Arena for Best Screenplay· Golden Arena for Best Costume Design· Golden Arena for Best MusicVlatka Vorkapić (1969) – Selected Filmography· Gabriel (2011) – documentary· The Last Time | Zadnji put (2007) – shortdocumentary· Ana’s Poems | Anine pjesme (2003) – documentary· Strange People’s Super Power | Super snaga čudnihljudi (2002) – documentary· Driving Licence | Vozačka dozvola (1992) – shortVlatka VorkapićFeatures 2012 25

03/2012 | 91’ | dcp | Drama, CrimeCroatian—www.vegetariancannibal-movie.comVegetarian Cannibal | Ljudožder vegetarijanacDirected by Branko SchmidtTelefilmAntuna Vramca 410 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 481 8843Fax: +385 (0)1 481 8839telefilm@telefilm.hrDanko is a strict vegetarian but he leaves a trail ofhuman victims in his wake. He solicits bribes from patients,bullies his colleagues and covers up his medicalmistakes. Despite this, he is a serious contender forthe post of clinic chief. He also has friends in all theright places: when he makes a fatal error in the operatingtheatre, a crooked coroner and corrupt policeofficer conceal the evidence. Danko repays the debtby performing illegal abortions on women who workfor the local gangster boss as prostitutes.Fuelled by his ambition and protected by his complacentcolleagues, Danko falsifies test results and successfullydiscredits his main rival for the post of clinicchief. Now that he finally has what he wants, Dankotries to cut his ties with the criminal underworld. Buthis “friends” ask him for one more favour: an abortionfor a woman who is heavily pregnant: a step too far,even for an amoral antihero like Danko…Main Cast Rene Bitorajac, Nataša Janjić, LeonLučev, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Zrinka Cvitešić, DarijaLorenci, Mustafa NadarevićWritten by Branko Schmidt; based on a novel by IvoBalenovićCinematography Dragan Ruljančić, hfsEditing Vesna Lažeta, Hrvoje MršićArt Direction Ivana ŠkrabaloCostume Design Željka FranulovićProduced by Stanislav BabićCoproduced by Josip PopovacProduction Company Telefilm; in co-productionwith Croatian Radiotelevision (hrt)26Features 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 59 th Pula Film Festival – National Competition (6)· Golden Arenas for Best Director, Best Actor in aLeading Role, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction· Special Golden Arena for Best Make-Up· oktavijan Film Critics Award – Best Film· 34 th Moscow Int. Film Festival - Official Competition· 8 th Fantastic Fest (1)· Best Actor Award· 28 th Festroia International Film Festival (1)· Best Director Award· 19 th Filmfest Hamburg - Official Selection· 25 th Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy· 20 th Raindance Film Festival - Days in Europa· 22 nd Film Festival Cottbus - Programme “Specials”· 85 th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film- Official Submission for Nominations (Croatia)· 12 th Brussels Mediteranean Film Festival (1)· Best Actor (Rene Bitorajac)Branko Schmidt (1957) – SelectedFilmography· Metastases | Metastaze (2009) - fiction· Bad Blue Boys | Panj pun olova (2007) – documentary· The Melon Route | Put Lubenica (2006) - fiction· Queen of the Night | Kraljica noći (2001) – fiction· The Old Oak Blues | Srce nije u modi (1999) – fiction· Christmas in Vienna | Božić u Beču (1997) - fiction· Đuka Begović (1991) – fiction· Sokol Did Not Like Him | Sokol ga nije volio (1988) -fictionBranko SchmidtFeatures 2012 27

MINORITY CO-PRODUCTIONser | fra | cro09/2012 | 90’ | dcp, 35mm | ColourDrama | SerbianWhen Day Breaks | Kad svane danDirected by Goran PaskaljevićNova filmGospodar Jevremova 46a11 000 Beograd, SerbiaTel: +381 (0)11 262 4328Fax: +391 (0)11 303 5432novafilmbg@gmail.comArsam International SARL28 rue de Turin75008 Paris, FranceTel: / Fax: +33 (0)1 4281 5654ilanngirard@arsam.bizMaXima FilmBožidara Adžije 2210 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 364 7700Fax: +385 (0)1 364 7707info@maxima-film.hrwww.maxima-film.hrMisha Brankov is a retired music professor. Onemorning he receives a letter asking him to contact theJewish Museum in Belgrade. There, he learns thatduring excavations on the city sewers, an iron box wasfound on the site of an infamous World War ii concentrationcamp for Serbian Jews. Inside the box is anunfinished musical score called “When Day Breaks”,composed by camp inmate Isaac Weiss. Promptedby this discovery, Misha starts searching for the truthabout himself and his origins, and he uncovers thelittle-known truth about the Judenlager Semlin camp,one of the worst Nazi execution sites, in the heart ofcontemporary Belgrade. He becomes obsessed withthe idea of completing the unfinished composition,and performing it on the site of the former camp. Pursuingthis obsession will change not only his own life,but also the lives of all those around him.Main Cast Mustafa Nadarević, Meto Jovanovski,Predrag Ejdus, Mira Banjac, Nebojša Glogovac,Nada Šargin, Ana Stefanović, Zafir Hadžimanov, OlgaOdanovićWritten by Filip David, Goran PaskaljevićCinematography Milan SpasićEditing Kristina PoženelArt Direction Milenko JeremićCostume Design Marina Vukasović MedenicaMusic Vlatko StefanovskiSound Design Velibor Hajduković, Nebojša ZorićProduced by Goran PaskaljevićCo-produced by Ilann Girard, Damir TerešakProduction Company Nova film (Serbia),Intermedia Network (Serbia), Zepter International(Serbia), Maxima Film (Croatia), Arsam Film (France),Wanda Vision (Spain)Supported by Eurimages28 Features 2012

Festivals & Awards2012· 37 th Toronto Int. Film Festival – Masters Programme· 31 st Vancouver Int. Film Festival – Cinema of Our Time· 57 th Valadollid Int. Film Festival – Official Section· 14 th Bratislava Int. Film Festival – Tribute Programme· 53 rd Thessaloniki Int. Film Festival – Balkan Survey,Main Programme· 85 th Academy Awards for Best Foreign LanguageFilm - Official Submission for Nominations (Serbia)2013· 25 th Palm Springs Int. Film Festival – Awards Buzz:Best Foreign Language Films· 23 rd Washington Jewish Film Festival – Spotlight onMusic and Film· 26 th Göteborg International Film Festival· 37 th Hong Kong International Film Festival· 32 nd Istanbul International Film FestivalGoran Paskaljević (1947) – SelectedFilmography· Honeymoons | Medeni mesec (2009) - fiction· Midwinter Night’s Dream | San zimske noći (2004) -fiction· Cabaret Balkan | Bure baruta (1998) - fiction· Tango argentino (1992) - fiction· Time of Miracles | Vreme čuda (1989) - fiction· The Elusive Summer of ‘68 | Varljivo leto ‘68 (1984) -fiction· Special Treatment | Poseban tretman (1980) - fiction· The Days on Earth Are Flowing | Zemaljski dani teku(1979) - fiction· The Dog Who Loved Trains | Pas koji je voleo vozove(1977) - fiction· Beach Guard in Winter | Čuvar plaže u zimskomperiodu (1976) - fictionGoran PaskaljevićFeatures 2012 29

cro | slo | uk07/2012 | 110’ | dcp | OmnibusComedy, Drama, Romance | CroatianZagreb Stories 2 – Love | Zagrebačke priče 2 – LjubavDirected by Hana Veček, Radislav Jovanov Gonzo, Josip Visković, Sara Hribar, Aldo Tardozzi, Ivan SikavicaPropeler FilmVaršavska 310 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 4829 477Fax: +385 (0)1 4593 691info@propelerfilm.comwww.propelerfilm.comFollowing the great success of Zagreb Stories (2009),Propeler Film produced a new omnibus consisting ofsix new interesting stories about love and family inpresent-day Zagreb.Produced by Boris T. MatićProduction Company Propeler Film; in co-productionwith Restart (Slovenia), Alka Film (Croatia), Filmand Music Entertainment (F&ME) (uk)Sound Design Goran Kuretić, Ivan Zelić (Livadaprodukcija)Pears | KruškeDirected and written by Hana VečekA girl named Dome spends an eveningwith her father – the evening before herfather’s wedding to a much younger girl. Thissoon turns into a night full of emotions andalcohol.Cast Aleksandra Stojaković, Siniša PopovićCinematography Josip IvančićEditing Marin JuranićArt Direction Sven StilinovićMusic Matej Meštrović30 Features 2012

From One Day to AnotherOd danas do sutraDirected and written by Sara HribarA romantic drama about a young couple,which is, more or less successfully, copingwith the obligatory clichés about modernmarried life and the limits that society putson it.Cast Dijana Vidušin, Stjepan Perić, NikaTrenc SatoCinematography Vjekoslav SkledarEditing Marin JuranićArt Direction Tanja LackoCostume Design Lidija SertićSweetie | MucicaWritten and directed by Aldo TardozziToday is the day when Tvrtko must choosethe right path – the path to school.Cast Alex Rakoš, Hana Hegedušić, JankoRakoš, Inge Appelt, Nikša Butijer, EmaUrsula StojkovićCinematography Raul BrzićEditing Mato IlijićArt Direction Damir GabelicaCostume Design Zorana MeićMusic Luka ZimaSon | SinDirected by Ivan SikavicaCan a training session bring a father andhis son to their senses and rebuild the bondbetween them?Cast Goran Radaković, Matija ČigirWritten by Ivan SkorinCinematography Almmir FakićEditing Nina VelnićArt Direction Veronika RadmanCostume Design Neda FrankFeatures 2012 31

Somebody Can Throw a Cigarette Butt FromAbove | Može neko bacit čik odozgoDirected and written by Josip ViskovićJasna and Darko are expecting a child. They live withDarko’s father, who is an alcoholic.Cast Katja Crevar, Nikola MiljanovićCinematography Dragan ŠišaEditing Josip ViskovićArt Direction Veronika RadmanCostume Design Nevena ČaklovićMusic Matija HabijanecSquared | Na kvadratDirected by Radislav Jovanov GonzoTwo twenty-something girls, Mia and Sara, are movingto a new apartment. Will their love become lost amidall these boxes that surround them?Cast Judita Franković, Ivana RoščićWritten by Jasna ŽmakCinematography Marko BrdarArt Direction Veronika RadmanEditing Ana Štulina, Andrija Gvozdić MichlMusic Radislav Jovanov Gonzo, Jura Ferina, PavoMiholjević32 Features 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 59 th Pula Film Festival - National Competition· 10 th Zagreb Film Festival - Out of CompetitionAldo TardozziRadislav Jovanov GonzoHana VečekIvan SikavicaSara HribarJosip ViskovićFeatures 2012 33

Documentaries 2012

02/2012 | 70’ | Beta sp | Colour20 Days in Tibet | 20 dana na TibetuDirected by Silvestar KolbasSpiritus Movens ProductionRakušina 510 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 614 55 38zdenka@spiritus-movens.hrwww.spiritus-movens.hrThis film tells the story of a group of people fromZagreb who travel with Croatian, Nepalese andTibetan guides on a journey from Nepal to thebeautiful Tibetan highlands. The journey takesthem on a meandering route from Kathmandu viaLhasa to western Tibet, to make a pilgrimage, orkora, to the sacred mountain Kailash. This itineraryallows the travelers to adapt quickly to life in themountain ranges of Tibet, without succumbing toaltitude sickness. The travelers’ adventurous spiritsand enquiring minds allow them to step willingly intothis unfamiliar environment. Of the group, only thescriptwriter - Dubravka Manola - is familiar with thislandscape. She took part in a similar expedition tenyears earlier and has a strong spiritual connection withTibet. The purpose of this very special film is to createan authentic record of the travelers’preparations inthe Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, as well as theiradventures and experiences in Tibet.Written by Dubravka ManolaEditing Sven PavlinićCinematography Silvestar KolbasMusic Jakov KolbasSound Design Bojan Kondres, Žana LončarićProduced by Zdenka GoldProduction Company Spiritus Movens Production36Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 8 th ZagrebDox - Regional Competition· 1 st Zagreb Tourfilm Festival· 17 th International tv Festival BarSilvestar Kolbas (1956) - Selected Filmography· Self-portrait V2.1 | Autoportret V2.1 (2012) -experimental doc.· The War Reporter | Ratni reporter (2011) -documentary· All About Eva | Sve o Evi (2003) - documentarySilvestar KolbasDocumentaries 2012 37

10/2012 | 51’18’’ | DigiBetaColour | b/wBare Island | Goli otokDirected by Darko BavoljakArt De FactoJakićeva 410 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)95 2330 644art@defacto.hrwww.artdefacto.hrCroatian State Archives(HDA)Marulićev trg 2110 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 4801 999Fax: +385 (0)1 4829 000info@arhiv.hrwww.arhiv.hrBare Island tells the story of a prison camp onthe island of the same name in the CroatianAdriatic, during the 1949-1955 conflict betweenTito’s Yugoslavia and Stalin’s Soviet Union. The reenactmentof daily life in the prison camp, and insightsinto the methods used for the “political re-education”of so-called Cominform [pro-Stalin] supporters arebased on eyewitness testimony from ex-prisonerAlfred Pal. Bare Island reveals numerous unpublisheddocuments from the Yugoslav secret services, castingfresh light on how, and why, the conflict betweenTito and Stalin affected the prisoners. The filmexamines Bare Island from various angles and placesit in the political and ideological context of the time.Nowadays, the island is empty, barren and mute: a noman’sland abandoned by prisoners and prison guardsalike, and inhabited only by grazing sheep.Written by Darko Bavoljak, Petar VujačićCinematography Darko BavoljakEditing Višnja SkorinMusic Stanko JuzbašićSound Design Stanko JuzbašićProduced by Darko BavoljakProduction Company Art De Facto; in coproductionwith Croatian State Archives (hda)38Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 10 th Zagreb Film Festival – Main ProgrammeDocumentary FilmsDarko Bavoljak (1961) – Selected Filmography· Bare Island | Goli otok (2012) – documentary· Stupid Antonio Presents | Glupi Antonio predstavlja(2006) – documentary featureDarko BavoljakDocumentaries 2012 39

02/2012 | 55’ | Video | ColourBig Day | Veliki danDirected by Đuro GavranAcademy of Dramatic Art(ADU)Trg maršala Tita 510 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 4828 506Fax: +385 (0)1 4828 508web@adu.hrwww.adu.unizg.hrThe wedding is a special occasion in a life. Detailedand long preparations are needed for a traditionalwedding to happen. This movie will present whatyoung people are ready to accept, how much they payand when there is no place for compromise when itcomes to someone’s own wedding. As their desiresflourish, market develops and meets those needs.There are people who make wedding dreams cometrue. On ‘The Big Day’.Directed by Đuro GavranCinematography Pavel PosavecEditing Iva MrkićProduced by Isa ŽivanovićProduction Company Academy of Dramatic Art (adu)40Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 21 st Days of Croatian Film (2)· Grand Prix· Best Direction· 7 th DOKUart Documentary Film Festival (1)· Audience Award· 18 th Sarajevo Film Festival – Competition ProgrammeDocumentary Film· 8 th ZagrebDox International Documentary FilmFestival – Regional CompetitionĐuro Gavran (1982) – Selected FilmographyThe Verdict | Presuda (2013) – short documentaryBig Day | Veliki dan (2012) – documentaryCelts | Kelti (2011) – short documentaryBojan (2010) – short documentaryGlassballetdancer | Staklena balerina (2005) – shortexperimentalĐuro GavranDocumentaries 2012 41

02/2012 | 92’ | Digibeta Colour |Croatian—www.blockadedocumentary.netThe Blockade | BlokadaDirected by Igor BezinovićFactumNova Ves 1810 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 4854 Vladka Mačeka 110 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: | Fax: +385 (0) 1 557 38 60vanja@restarted.hrwww.restarted.hrThis feature documentary is a first-hand chronicleof Croatia’s biggest, longest and politically mostimportant student protest – the blockade of theZagreb Faculty of Philosophy in April and May 2009.The film starts with the initial meetings of a group ofstudents planning to occupy their faculty building fora day, to raise public awareness of the threat to freeuniversity education in Croatia. The film follows thestudents as they take over the building and attempt toestablish a dialogue with the authorities: professors,Croatian government officials and the media. Sincethe filmmaker was part of the student initiative, thefilm crew had unlimited access as documenters ofthe “independent initiative for free education”. TheBlockade is a comprehensive record of a momentwhen Zagreb’s students, for the first time since thestudent strikes of 1971, became key players in thepolitical life of Croatia and the surrounding region.Written and Directed by Igor BezinovićCinematography Đuro Gavran, Eva Kraljević, IgorBezinović, Haris BerbićEditing Hrvoslava Brkušić, Maida Srabović, MiroManojlovićProduced by Nenad Puhovski, Oliver SertićProduction Company Factum, Restart42 Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 8 th ZagrebDox - Official Program· 16 th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival -Between the Seas (1)· Honorable Mention of the Jury· 55 th dok Leipzig - International DocumentaryProgramme· 10 th DokuFest Prizren· 3 rd Underhillfilmfest - Special Mention of the Jury· 5 th Mediterranean Film Festival Split· 3 rd Makedox Film Festival - Spring Onion(Newcomers)· 5 th Cinema Politica, Montreal· 8 th Free Zone Film Festival· 21 st Croatian Film Days (2)· oktavijan Film Critics Award for Best Documentary· Audience AwardIgor Bezinović (1983) – Selected Filmography· Self-Governed Film | Samoupravni film (2012) -documentary· Naked Hours | Goli sati (2011) - short fiction· The Encounter | Susret (2010) - documentary· Non-Refundable | Nepovratno (2009) - documentary· In Fond Memory of tdz | tdz-u za uspomenu i dugosjećanje (2009) - documentary· Above Average | Natprosječan (2008) - documentaryIgor BezinovićDocumentaries 2012 43

02/2012 | 74’ | ColourBosanoga, an Entirely Accidental DeathBosanoga (sasvim slučajna smrt)Directed by Morana KomljenovićFade InNova Ves 1810 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 4667 815Fax: +385 (0)1 4667 815office@fadein.hrwww.fadein.hrNenad Vižin’s violent death was the catalyst for aunique phenomenon in the history of ex-Yugoslavia:300 citizens of Rijeka signed a petition asking thepolice and the communist party to take responsibility.The petitioners were submitted to accusations andprosecutions. Although the events surroundingthe death itself remain a mystery, it left its markon a whole generation in Rijeka and is still a partof the social fabric of the city. This film depicts themechanism of fear as an integral part of politicalsystems and portrays the unique artistic rebellion thatoccurred in Rijeka in the 1980s as a reaction to fearand powerlessness.Written by Morana KomljenovićCinematography Iva KraljevićEditing Iva KraljevićMusic Vlado Simčić - VavaProduced by Morana KomljenovićProduction Company Fade In44 Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 8 th ZagrebDox – Regional Competition (1)· Special Mention of the Jury· 10 th Liburnia Film Festival· 8 th Free Zone Film Festival· 21 st Days of Croatian Film (1)· Best Production Company AwardMorana Komljenović (1976) – SelectedFilmography· Naked Soul (2003) – student short· Grand Hotel Goli Island | Grand hotel Goli otok(2003) – short documentary· The Path of My Childhood | Put mojeg djetinjstva(2007) – short documentary· Firefly Children | Djeca krijesnice (2009, co-dir. ZoranCipek and Robert Knjaz) – short documentaryMorana KomljenovićDocumentaries 2012 45

07/2012 | 52’ | dcp, DigiBetaColourČedoDirected by Nikola StrašekFactumNova Ves 1810 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 4854Čedo is a documentary film about Čedo Šaraba, ahomeless man on the fringes of society; the likesof whom we see every day in our streets, parks andtrams, collecting plastic bottles and begging formoney. Čedo is 45 years old, an alcoholic and a drugaddict with no legal income. His mother is Croatianand his father is Montenegrin. At the age of 12 hestarted to drink and at 16 he was diagnosed withalcoholism. Although he is a Catholic, baptized byFranciscan monks, he and his mother were harassedin the 1990s because of their (Montenegrin) familyname. Čedo’s first name was not very popular either.The 1990s also saw him becoming addicted to heroin.Today, Čedo Šaraba and a few of his mates haveagreed to tell their life stories on camera, and Čedohas allowed the film crew to film in the apartment hepays for with his methadone therapy. This basementapartment is one of the iconic symbols of Zagreb’svulnerable demimonde.Written by Nikola StrašekCinematography Dragan ŠišaEditing Iva MrkićMusic Eddie James ‘Son’ House, Blind WilliesJohnsonProduced by Nenad PuhovskiProduction Company Factum46 Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 18 th Sarajevo Film Festival – Competition ProgrammeDocumentary Film· 10 th Zagreb Film Festival – Main ProgrammeDocumentary FilmsNikola Strašek (1978) – Filmography· Čedo (2012) – documentary· Ivo (2012) – short fiction· A Short Chronology of Decay | Kratki pregledraspadanja (2010) – short documentary· Vajt (2008) – short documentary· I’ll Kill You! | Ubil bum te! (2007) – short documentaryNikola StrašekDocumentaries 2012 47

2012 | 60’ | Colour | b&w | hdcamCroatianDr Andrija Štampar, VisionaryDr. Andrija Štampar, vizionarDirected by Mladen JuranAdriatic Art Media FilmLovćenska 9a10 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: + 385 (0)1 4615 308juranmladen@yahoo.comAndrija Štampar was Croatia’s leading authority inepidemiology and a pioneer of preventive medicine.A renowned scientist and professor at the Universityof Zagreb, he spent three years (1933-1936) in Chinaas a representative of the League of Nations, wherehe helped develop the country’s health service. DuringWorld War ii he was arrested by the Nazis and keptin custody in Graz in Austria. He was one of thefounders of the World Health Organization (who),and he promoted public health in Afghanistan, Egypt,Sudan and Ethiopia. Štampar wrote the introductorydeclaration of the Statute of the World HealthOrganization (WHO), served as its first president and,in 1948, chaired the first who General Assembly inGeneva. This is the story of a man who dedicated hislife to improving public health across the globe – aman whose legacy is still very much alive today.Written by Mladen Juran, Jadranka BožikovCinematography Igor JuranEditing Zoltan WagnerProduced by Mladen JuranProduction Company Adriatic Art Media Film; inco-production with Croatian Radiotelevision (hrt)48 Documentaries 2012

Mladen Juran (1942) - Selected Filmography· The Living Photographs | Živuće fotografije (1982,2006, 2008) – documentary trilogy· A Tribute To America (2008) - documentary· The Sunken Cemetery | Potonulo groblje (2002) -fiction· Transatlantic (1999) – fiction· Thirty Horses | Trideset konja (1987) - tv feature· The Tin Heart | Kositreno srce (1994) – tv featureMladen JuranDocumentaries 2012 49

02/2012 | 50’ | hdcam, DigiBetaColourFamily Meals | Nije ti život pjesma HavajaDirected by Dana BudisavljevićInternational SalesTaskovski Films Ltd.7 Granard Business CentreBunns Lane, London uk nw7 2dqTel: +39 347 62 7 3 390sales@taskovskifilms.comwww.taskovskifilms.comHulahopVlaška 72a10 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 390 7074info@hulahop.hrwww.hulahop.hrFive years after they last gathered, a birthdaycelebration brings together an estranged Croatianmiddle-class family. Over a series of breakfastsand lunches, long-buried family secrets rise to thesurface as they try to talk about the things thatreally matter to them. Over the course of the film,the family tackles their feelings about being raisedas hippies, homosexuality, illness, war, cooking, andthe mysterious Grandmother Poison. Budisavljević’sfilm delivers precise storytelling, rich in twists andturns, to paint a heartfelt portrait of a family facing thechallenges of turbulent times, spiced with love, tearsand a glass of wine.Written by Dana BudisavljevićCinematography Ana Opalić, Tamara Cesarec, EvaKraljevićEditing Marko Ferković, Dana BudisavljevićMusic Christian BiegaiSound Design Dubravka Premar, Gordan FučkarProduced by Olinka Vištica, Sophie De HijesProduction Company Hulahop50 Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 8 th ZagrebDox International Documentary FilmFestival – Regional Competition (2)· Special Mention· Audience Award· 21 st Days of Croatian Film· 11 th Dokufest International Documentary and ShortFilm Festival (1)· Best Balkan Newcomer Award· 28 th Festroia International Film Festival – Man andHis Environment· 50 th Gijón International Film Festival· 33 rd Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers’Film Festival – Documentary Program· 13 th Mediterranean Film Festival – OfficialCompetition Documentary Films· 18 th Sarajevo Film Festival – Competition ProgrammeDocumentary Film· 8 th Taiwan International Documentary FestivalDana Budisavljević (1975) - SelectedFilmographyDiana’s List | Dianina lista (2014; in development) –documentary featureFamily Meals | Nije ti život pjesma Havaja (2012) –documentaryStraight A’s | Sve 5! (2005) – documentaryDana BudisavljavićDocumentaries 2012 51

2012 | 54’30’’ | DigiBeta | ColourThe Fine Art of Mirroring, Youth Day 1987Directed by Toma BačićD’ArtIvana Kukuljevića 2110 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)98 815 25 May Yugoslavia demonstrated its power,among other things, with the celebration of YouthDay, where masses of people and athletes gatheredin Belgrade to commemorate the birth of PresidentTito. In 1987, it was Slovenia’s turn to organize thecelebrations with a poster and majestic theatreperformance by the Neue Slowenische Kunst, held onan artificial island on Bohinj Lake, built specially forthe occasion. A few weeks after the announcement,engineer Nikola Grujić sent a letter to the nationalnewspapers saying that the poster had been copiedfrom the Nazi’s. Amidst the subsequent media frenzy,the artists were arrested and questioned. In YouthDay 1987, Toma Bačić investigates the scandal andthe parallels between Tito’s regime, and the Nazi’s,and probes the power of art and its effects on culturalexpression.Written by Corinne Enquist, Toma BačićCinematography Viktor NenadićEditing Viktor NenadićMusic Jeanne FremauxSound Design Viktor NenadićProduced by Corinne EnquistProduction Company D’Art52 Documentaries 2012

Toma Bačić (1976) - Selected Filmography· The Fine Art of Mirroring, Youth Day 1987 (2012) -documentaryDocumentaries 2012 53

cro | ser02/2012 | 75’ | dcp | Colour b&wCroatian, Serbian, ItalianFrom Grain to Painting | Od zrna do slikeDirected by Branko IštvančićOlimp produkcijaZagrebačka 21110 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)99 3882 488Fax: +385 (0)1 3862 808office@olimp.hrwww.olimp.hrFrom Grain to Painting explores the cultural andartistic expression of Croatians in Serbia. The film focuseson the “straw-girls” Ana Milodanovic and JozefaSkenderovic, artists who found their medium of choicein straw, using it to create paintings, sculptures andapplied-art objects. The film depicts the connectionbetween the girls’ everyday lives, their nationality andtheir artistic expression. Through a series of interviewsand authentic footage of artists, historians and critics,the film celebrates a renaissance of an age-old craftwhich is slowly vanishing. The film also features IvoSkrabalo, the recently-deceased Croatian film critic,historian and director, who in 1971 produced his ownfilm on this subject, Slamarke divojke (Strawgirls),which became one of the best-known Croatian documentariesof all time.Written by Branko IštvančićCinematography Branko CahunEditing Branko IštvančićMusic Pere IštvančićProduced by Marijo VukadinProduction Company Olimp produkcija; in coproductionwith Croatian Radiotelevision (hrt) andAtalanta (Serbia)54 Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 8 th ZagrebDox – Regional Competition· Fibula Sisak Festival (1)· Audience AwardBranko Ištvančić – Selected Filmography· The Bridge at the End of the World | Most na krajusvijeta (2013, in production) - fiction· Album (2011) - documentary· Recycling | Recikliranje (2010) - short· The Ghost in the Swamp | Duh u močvari (2006) -fiction· Wellman | Bunarman (2003) – short documentary· The Cormorant Scarecrow | Plašitelj kormorana(1998) – short documentary· Saying Goodbye | Rastanak (1993) - shortdocumentaryBranko IštvančićDocumentaries 2012 55

06/2012 | 61’ | Video | ColourHills Village 21000 Split | Brda 21000 SplitDirected by Silvio MirošničenkoArtizana FilmVukovarska 22210 000 ZagrebTel: +385 (0)98 1644 Village 21000, a neighbourhood in the Dalmatiancity of Split, is an unusual place, and so are the peoplewho live there. In this film, we encounter a dentist andwriter; a tired ex-boxer who had a career in Germany,a hardcore punk band called Pas Maters, whosecharismatic front man and lead singer mysteriouslydisappeared; an old soccer fan whose last name isHajduk; an ex-hooligan diligently studying at nightschool; and many others. This film is a complexportrait of a noteworthy neighbourhood and its evenmore noteworthy inhabitants, whose shared religion isthe legendary Hajduk Split soccer team.Written by Željko Barišić, Silvio MirošničenkoCinematography Raul BrzićEditing Silvio MirošničenkoMusic Pere IštvančićProduced by Irena ŠkorićProduction Company Artizana Film56 Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 5 th Mediterranean Film Festival SplitSilvio Mirošničenko (1972) – SelectedFilmography· Punk mama (2006) - documentary· The Road of Fear | Na putu straha, (2005) -documentary· Railway Patrolman | Ophodar pruge, (2004) -documentary· The Barge Keeper | Čuvar tegljača, (2002) -documentary· Dreams From the Railway Station | Snovi na peronudjetinjstva, (2001) - documentarySilvio MirošničenkoDocumentaries 2012 57

03/2012 | 75’ | DigiBeta | ColourThe King | KraljDirected by Dejan AćimovićDA FilmBoškovićeva 1610 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 4816 610Fax: +385 (0)1 4816 is the story of Darko Kralj, a 40 year-old-manwho was seriously wounded in 1991, during the warin Croatia. When he was brought to hospital, he hadalready lost a lot of blood and the doctors did notexpect him to survive. He remained in a coma forseveral days, before finally waking up. Today, Darkois a sporting hero – a record-breaking European andworld champion shot-putter. Although he lost his leftleg in the war, his disability does not define him. Notonly is he a first-class athlete; at the 2008 Paralympicsin Beijing, he became the only sportsman in thehistory of sport to break a world record five times in arow!Directed by Dejan AćimovićWritten by Dejan AćimovićCinematography Dario HacekEditing Vladimir GojunExecutive Producer Tatjana AćimovićProducer Dejan AćimovićProduction Company DA Film58 Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards 2012· 14 th Thessaloniki International Documentary Film FilmFestival - Images of the 21st Century· 13 th Mediteran Film Festival, Široki Brijeg (1)· Audience Award· 6 th Vukovar Film Festival (1)· Best Documentary Film· 10 th Liburnia Film Festival (1)· Audience Award· 85 th Academy Awards for Best Documentary Film -Official Submission for Nominations (Croatia)Dejan Aćimović (1963) – Selected Filmography· Go for It! | Samo hrabro i na rezultat (2009) -documentary· I Have to Sleep, My Angel | Moram spavat’ anđele(2007) - fiction· Is It Clear My Friend? | Je li jasno prijatelju? (2000)- fictionDejan AćimovićDocumentaries 2012 59

cro | ita | slo2012 | 80’ | ColourOver the Line | Iza žiceDirected by Dorino MiniguttiFocus MediaPrilaz V. Brajkovića 210 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 6524 737Fax: +385 (0)1 6524 741focusmedia@focusmedia.hrwww.focusmedia.hrFrom the spring of 1942 until autumn in 1943, the Italianfascist regime established a concentration campfor civilians in Gonars, a small town near Palmanova innortheast Italy. During the 18 months of its existence,more than 400 prisoners died, including 71 infants. Theevents that took place at Gonars were documentedthrough the drawings of children and painters whowere incarcerated there. This film gives a voice tochild survivors of the camp, recording their eyewitnessaccounts and testimony after six decades. They recalltheir memories of physical and mental suffering; theconstant hunger, thirst and cold they endured andtheir loss of identity and human dignity. How did theirexperiences scar them and how do these people,victims of a ruined childhood, live today?Written by Dorino MiniguttiCinematography Buno BeltraminiEditing Sanjin StanićMusic Aleksandar IpavecSound Design Francesco MorosiniProduced by Irena Marković, Dorino Minigutti,Aleš Doktorič, Nadja VeluščekProduction Company Focus Media; in co-productionwith Immaginaria, Agherose (Italy), ZavodKinoatelje (Slovenia)60 Documentaries 2012

Dorino Minigutti (1961) – SelectedFilmography· The Cistern | La Cisterna (2009) documentary· Il cerchio del tempo (2002) – documentary· Il cerchio dell’altro (2000) – documentary· Il filo rosso (1998) - documentary· Paesaggi di voci e di figure (1993) - documentary· L’orizzonte possibile (1993) - documentaryDorino MiniguttiDocumentaries 2012 61

ger | cro | bulwdr | arte05/2012 | 75’ & 52’Colour | dcp | BulgarianSofia’s Last Ambulance | Poslednata lineika na Sofia| Posljednja ambulantna kola SofijeDirected by Ilian MetevInternational SalesFilms BoutiqueKöpenicker Strasse 18410997 Berlin, GermanyTel : +49 30 695 378 50Fax: +49 30 695 378 51info@filmsboutique.comwww.filmsboutique.comSutor Kolonko FilmproduktionMülheimer Freiheit 12651063 Cologne, GermanyTel: +49 (0)221 789 448 40Fax: +49 (0)221 789 448 39info@sutorkolonko.dewww.sutorkolonko.deNukleus filmDalmatinska 810 000 Zagreb, CroatiaTel: +385 (0)1 4848 868Fax: +385 (0)1 4848 868info@nukleus-film.hrwww.nukleus-film.hrIn a city where 13 ambulances struggle to serve 2 millionpeople, Krassi, Mila nad Plamen are our unlikelyheros: chain-smoking, filled with humour and relentlesslysaving lives against all odds. Yet, the srain ofa broken system is taking its toll. How long can theykeep on fixing society’s injured until thy loose theirempathy? The film uses an unorthodox creative formwhich dodges sensationalism. We are captivated bythe faces of our protagonists and the sound surroundingone of Sofia’s last ambulances.Written by Ilian MetevCinematography Ilian MetevEditing Ilian Metev, Betina IpSound Design Tom KirkProduced by Ingmar Trost, Siniša JuričićCo-produced by Ilian Metev, Dimitar GotchevProduction Companies Sutor Kolonko (Germany),Nukleus film (Croatia), in co-production with sia Productions(Bulgaria), wdr (Germany), arte (France); inassociation with Chaconna Films (Bulgaria), ImpactPartners (usa)62 Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards2012· 51 st Semaine de la Critique | Critics’ Week (1)· France 4 Visionary Award· 47 th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (1)· Grand Prix (Best Documentary Film)· 18 th Sarajevo Film Festival· 10 th Dokufest, Prizren (1)· Grand Prix in the Balkan Dox category· 13 th Mediteran Film Festival, Široki Brijeg (1)· Grand Prix· 55 th dok Leipzig (1) Silver Dove· 53 rd Festival dei Populi (1) Best Director Award· 36 th Montreal World Film Festival· 8 th Zurich Film Festival· 16 th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival· 10 th cph:dox Film Festival· 25 th idfa Int. Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam· 14 th Bratislava International Film Festival (1)· Best Documentary Film2013· MoMa Documentary FortnightIlian Metev (1981) - Selected Filmography· Goleshovo (2008) – documentaryIlian MetevDocumentaries 2012 63

cro | bra | den11/2012 | 60’ | b&w, Colour | dcpDocu-fictionCroatian, PortugueseWinter / Miracle | Zimsko čudoDirected by Gustavo Beck & Željka SukováUdruga UKUSŠetalište Joakima Rakovca 3151 000 Rijeka, CroatiaTel: +385 (0) 99 811 1811ukus@ukus.tvwww.ukus.tvIf You Hold A StoneRua Oliveira Rocha 38/302Jardim Botânico 22461-070Rio de Janeiro, BrasilTel: + 55 21 99790797A man travels to an unknown city looking for awoman. She escapes through dreams, putting intoquestion who she is. She is running away but lookingfor something too. She wants to be someone else.She wants to turn and return. There was a story abouta woman and a man who might have loved each other,but maybe they did not. They might have been real,and maybe they were not. They were searching forsomething that could have been important to them.He found it; she did not. He was confident, but jealous.She was insecure and frightened. She lied andcreated a whole world out of those lies.Cast Željka Suková, Tajči Čekada, Gustavo Beck,Loredana Presta, Ranko Luževac, Midi LidiWritten by Željka Suková, Gustavo BeckCinematography Aleš Suk, Lucas BarbiEditing Aleš SukCostume Design Tajči ČekadaMusic Schinichiro Koizumi, Zoran Medved & JosipMaršićSound Design Zoran MedvedProduced by Tine Fischer, Aleš Suk, Gustavo BeckProduction Company Udruga ukus; in co-productionwith If You Hold A Stone (Brasil)64 Documentaries 2012

Festivals & Awards2012· 10 th cph:dox - new:vision Competition2013· 36 th Göteborg Int. Film Festival – VisionariesŽeljka Suková (1977) – Selected Filmography· Winter / Miracle | Zimsko čudo (2012, co-dir. GustavoBeck) - docu-fiction· Marija’s Own | Marijine (2011) - docu-fictionGustavo Beck & Željka SukováDocumentaries 2012 65

Animation 201267

05/2012 | 75’Colour | hdFamily FilmInspector Martin and the Gang of SnailsInspektor Martin i banda puževaDirected by Igor LepčinAterKameniti stol 38,10 000 ZagrebTel: +385 1 4580 879,+385 91 4580 879Fax: +385 1 4550 412ater@aterstudio.comwww.aterstudio.comSuper-famous Inspector Martin loses a top-secretparcel when his plane crashes mysteriously in a small,picturesque and secluded meadow. As he searchesfor the parcel, Martin meets some crazy snails, acharming lady Mayor and his old playmate fromelementary school whom he now hates more thananyone in the world. One by one, Martin and the snailsfall into the hands of vicious Stanko, the valley’s mostruthless criminal. Stanko is very eager to find out whatis inside Martin’s secret parcel. After they have overcomeand imprisoned the vicious Stanko, InspectorMartin and the snails form a secret crime preventionunit on the secluded, picturesque meadow.Voices Božidar Alić, Ljubomir Kerekeš, Robert Ugrina,Kristijan Ugrina, Baby Dooks, Hrvoje Kečkeš,Branka Cvitković, Jadranka Đokić, Filip Šovagović,Siniša Popović, Miljenko Kokot, Zrinka Vrabec Mojzeš,Luka JaklićWritten by Igor LepčinAnimation Brajen Dragičević, Darko Tomičić, MirelaIvanković, Juliana Kučan, Dinko Kumanović, KristijanHorvat, Ivan Turčin, Elizabeta AbramovićCharacters and Layout Robert Bob SolanovićMusic Igor Lepčin, Tomislav Tondini, Goran KovačićProduced by Mario PulekProduction Company Ater68 Animated Films 2012

Igor Lepčin (1970) – Filmography· Inspector Martin and the Gang of Snails | InspektorMartin i banda puževa (2012) - debut animated featureAnimated Films 201269

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Index | DirectorsAAćimović, Dejan · 14, 24, 58, 59BBačić, Toma · 52, 53Bavoljak, Darko · 38, 39Beck, Gustavo · 64, 65Bezinović, Igor · 42, 43Budisavljević, Dana · 50, 51ČČučić, Damir · 4, 18, 19DDebby, Boaz · 16, 17Dolensky, Simon · 16, 17GGavran, Đuro · 40, 41, 42Greenaway, Peter · 5, 10, 11HHribar, Sara · 30, 31, 33IIštvančić, Branko · 54, 55JJovanov, Radislav Gonzo · 30, 32, 33Juran, Mladen · 48, 49KKezele, Michaela · 20, 21Kolbas, Silvestar · 22, 36, 37Komljenović, Morana · 44, 45Kratochvil,Tomaš · 16, 17LLennox, Michael · 16, 17Lepčin, Igor · 68, 69Luzar, Matevž · 12, 13MMetev, Ilian · 62, 63Minigutti, Dorino · 60, 61Mirković, Igor · 22, 23Mirošničenko, Silvio · 56, 57OOstojić, Arsen Anton · 4, 14, 15PPapić, Krsto · 8, 9Paskaljević, Goran · 28, 29SSchmidt, Branko · 4, 26, 27Sikavica, Ivan · 30, 31, 33Strašek, Nikola · 46, 47Sukova, Željka · 64, 65ŠŠeregi, Igor · 16, 17TTardozzi, Aldo · 30, 31, 33VVeček, Hana · 30, 33Visković, Josip · 30, 32, 33Vorkapić, Vlatka · 24, 2572

Index | Films (English Title)2020 Days in Tibet · 36BBare Island · 38Big Day · 40Blockade, The · 4, 42Bosanoga, an Entirely Accidental Death · 44ČČedo · 46DDr Andrija Štampar, Visionary · 48FFamily Meals · 4, 50Fine Art of Mirroring - Youth Day 1987, The· 52Flower Square · 8From Grain to Painting · 54GGoltzius and the Pelican Company · 10Good to Go · 12HHalima’s Path · 4, 14Hills Village 21000 Split · 56Hives · 16KKing, The · 4, 58LLetter to My Dad, A · 18MMy Beautiful Country · 20NNight Boats · 22OOver the Line · 60SSofia’s Last Ambulance · 5, 62Sonja and the Bull · 4, 24VVegetarian Cannibal · 4, 26WWhen Day Breaks · 28Winter / Miracle · 64ZZagreb Stories 2 – Love · 30IInspector Martin and the Gang of Snails · 6873

Index | Films (Original Title)2020 dana na Tibetu · 36BBlokada · 42Bosanoga (sasvim slučajna smrt) · 44Brda 21 000 Split · 56CCvjetni trg · 8ČČedo · 46DDie Brücke am Ibar · 20Dr. Andrija Štampar, vizionar · 48FFine Art of Mirroring, Youth Day 1987, The· 52GGoli otok · 38Goltzius and the Pelican Company · 10HHalimin put · 14IInspektor Martin i banda puževa · 68Iza žice · 60KKad svane dan · 28Košnice · 16Kralj · 58LJLjudožder vegetarijanac · 26MMost na Ibru · 20NNije ti život pjesma Havaja · 50Noćni brodovi · 22OOd zrna do slike · 54PPismo ćaći · 18Poslednata lineika na Sofia · 62Posljednja ambulantna kola Sofije · 62SSonja i bik · 24Srečen za umret · 12Sretan do kraja · 12VVeliki dan · 40ZZagrebačke priče 2 – Ljubav · 30Zimsko čudo · 6474

Index | Production CompaniesAAcademy of Dramatic Art (adu) · 16, 40Adriatic Art Media Film · 48Agherose (Italy) · 60Alka Film · 30Arkadena Zagreb · 14Ars Septima · 12Arsam International sarl (France) · 28Art De Facto · 38Arte (France) · 62Artizana Film · 56Atalanta (Serbia) · 20, 54Ater · 8, 68BBela Film (Slovenia) · 22C(cdp) Catherine Dussart Productions(France) · 11Chaconna Films (Bulgaria) · 62Croatian Film Association (hfs) · 18Croatian Radiotelevision (hrt) · 8, 14, 22, 24,26, 48, 54Croatian State Archives (hda) · 38DDA Film · 58Delirium Film (Serbia) · 22D’Art · 52FF.I.S.T. · 14Factum · 42, 46Fade In · 44Film and Music Entertainment (f&me) (uk) ·11, 30Films Boutique · 62Focus Media · 60GGlobal Screen GmbH · 20HHulahop · 50IIf You Hold A Stone (Brasil) · 64Immaginaria (Slovenia) · 60Impact Partners (usa) · 62Interfilm · 24KKasander Film (Netherlands) · 10MMaXima Film · 20, 28MP Film Production · 10NNova film (Serbia) · 28Nukleus film · 62OOlimp produkcija · 54Ozana film · 8PPakt Media (Slovenia) · 12Propeler Film · 30RRadio-televizija Federacije Bosne iHerzegovine (rtvfbih) · 14Restart · 42Restart (Slovenia) · 30Radiotelevision Slovenia · 22SSIA Productions (Bulgaria) · 62Sperl Productions GmbH (Germany) · 20Spiritus Movens Production · 36Studio Arkadena (Slovenia) · 14Studio dim · 22Sutor Kolonko (Germany) · 62TTaskovski Films Ltd. · 50Telefilm · 26UUdruga ukus · 64Wwdr (Germany) · 62ZZavod Kinoatelje (Slovenia) · 6075

Impressumpublisher Croatian Audiovisual Centreeditors Ivana Ivišić, Željko Luketićtext editing and proofreading Edel Brosnantranslation Ivana Ostojčić, Martina Rožićsupervisiors Petra Hofbauer, Mario Kozinacollaborator Marta Užarevićdesign Šesnić & Turkovićrun 400published byCroatian Audiovisual CentreDepartment of PromotionNova Ves 1810 000 Zagreb, Croatiatel +385 (0)1 6041 080fax +385 (0)1 4667 819email promotion@havc.hrwebsite www.havc.hrA cip catalogue record for this book isavailable from the National and UniversityLibrary in Zagreb under 830106isbn 978-953-7747-08-4

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