3 classes - Lycée Français de New York

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3 classes - Lycée Français de New York

Lycée Français de New YorkBienvenueWelcomeYves Thézé, ProviseurLe 8 septembre 20091

• Three main goals:LFNYMission Statement– Academic Excellence– Physical, psychological, and emotionalbalance– Responsible citizenship.2

• Dans une nouvelleécole / to a new school• Dans une nouvelleville / to a new city• Dans un nouveau pays/to a new country• 198 nouvelles familles198 new families3

Maximum number of students and wait list,as of August 2009Number of Wait liststudentPS 48 23MS 62 27GS 101 16Y1 /CP 108 9Y2 / CE1 109 9Y3/ CE2 90 16Y4 / CM1 112 5Y5/ CM2 101 55

Maximum number of students and wait listas of August 2009Number ofstudentsWait listY6 / 6e 94 5Y7 / 5e 91 4Y8 /4e 85 0Y9 / 3e 81 0Y10 / 2de 96 6Y11 / 1e 93 2Y12 / Tle 99 Filled to Capacity6

IntroductionMr. Yves Thézé, , Head of School• 38• 12• 5• 2001• 1• 2• Contact:YTheze@lfny.org+1 212 439 3831 (Secretary)7

• 1• 5• 12• 6• 3• 31Nicolas L’Hotellier LDirector of theSecondary School• Contact:NLHotellier@lfny.org+1 212 439 38228

Vannina BoussoufDirector of the Primary School• 15• 8• 3• 5• 2• Contact informationvboussouf@lfny.org+1 212 439 38239

Nadine Kaston, , Assistant Director forElementary Grades• 2• 16• 3• 1999• 2011• 2013nkaston@lfny.org+1 212 439 382410

Mrs. Amy ZuflachtAssistant Director for the Preschool• 9•3• 214•30•2• 169• Contact: 212-439-3825or azuflacht@lfny.org11

The goals of this meeting• To introduce you to our school• To know each other better• To answer your questions• To hear your comments12

Quel type d’établissementen 2009?What type of school in 2009?13

• A “traditional” French school?• A bilingual school?• An international school?• An American school?• A French school abroad?14

• Ouverture officielle: octobre 1935• official opening: October 1935• Fondateur du Lycée / Founder: Charles de Ferryde Fontnouvelle, Consul Général de France.• 3 classes: 10 e , 8 e et 6 e / 3 classes: 2 nd grade, 4 thgrade and 6 th grade.• au total: 24 élèves/ a total of 24 students.15

“unevision financièrere”Projet immobilier 2003/ real estate project 2003• Vision des membres du Board 1998 /foresight of Board Members 1998• Plusieurs options envisagées/ severalalternatives considered• Vente des immeubles et émissiond’obligations / sale of real estate holdingsand issuance of bonds• Création d’un fonds de réserves sur 30 ans/30 year reserve fund created.17

Quelques chiffres• Vente des immeubles :≈$ 60M• Emission d’obligations:$ 94M• Total: $154M“Dépenses”• Coût construction$ 54M• Coût terrain$ 20M• Coût frais$ 50M• Fonds de réserve /endowment fund $ 30M• Total $154M18

Summer ProjectsTOTAL: $471,602Some Examples:• S503 relocation of Department Heads includingMillwork/electrical• N320 ,N320A,N320B 2 new offices for cycle cocoordinators& Chinese teachers/moveable partitionto separate class• Smartboards 58 school wide (19 new)• Caulking joints of the stonefaçade/bridging/consultant19

The Board• 17 Trustees (12 parents) (5 nationalities)• Two co-presidents of APL: MmeRaphaelle Guerin and M. Pascal Becker –full list on the website• All volunteers• Personally responsible21

This new building: A Board’s s vision• Be sure we are within the context ofAmerican laws• Be sure the “good practice” guidelines arerespected• Ongoing need for the Board to renew itselfover time22

LFNY Board of Trustees• Is generally entrusted with the oversight of theSchool's activities.• Recruits the Head of School, who reports to theBoard• Prepares the School's Mission Statement that guidesSchool policies, which are implemented by theSchool's administration• Reviews and maintains bylaws and policiesconsistent with the School's mission and with theguidelines set by NYSAIS and the Board of Regents.• Oversees the financial operations of the Schoolincluding its capital assets, operating budgets,fundraising, and endowment.• Annual Board Presentation to Parents: October TDB23


The school status• A 501.3C non-for-profit organization• An accreditation by the French Ministry ofEducation• An accreditation with NYSAIS, with NYState Board of Regents• A school part of the network of Frenchschools abroad (125 countries, over 400schools)25

A non-forfor-profit organization• But no money from the French orAmerican governments• Tuition revenues don’t cover all expenses• Need to reimburse over the next 24 years• Need to create an Endowment Fund• Benchmarking with the other schools• All staff paid by LFNY26


TOTAL REVENUES$35,100,000$32,100,000 $30,900,000$28,300,000$26,700,000$22,500,000$14,000,000 $15,000,000 $16,000,000 $18,800,00000/01 01/02 02/03 03/04 04/05 05/06 06/07 07/08 08/09 09/1028

TOTAL EXPENSESAnnual Average Increase of 11%$20,700,000$24,000,000$25,000,000$27,200,000$28,754,000 $29,500,000$31,532,000$12,576,800 $14,331,800 $14,800,00000/01 01/02 02/03 03/04 04/05 05/06 06/07 07/08 08/09 09/1029

FUNDRAISING REVENUES$3,567,000$3,381,000$2,792,000$1,700,000$1,600,000 $1,700,000 $2,300,000$2,328,000$1,100,000$608,39400/01 01/02 02/03 03/04 04/05 05/06 06/07 07/08 08/09 09/1030

WE DO CAREFor our well-rounded students31

WE DO CARE• 235 employees, 70 teachers in the Primary and73 in the Secondary: 143 for 1369 students• Support network in the Primary and thesecondary– Two primary special education teachers, one primaryspeech pathologist, one school psychologist, onelearning specialist• Groups of needs: 4 classes = 5,6,7 groups• Secondary: four classes per level = 6 groups inEnglish• 3 dialog periods in the secondary• Award ceremonies and graduation ceremonies32

Well-rounded students at LFNY !!!• Voici les chiffres de nos participants en ligue, club théâtre ou comédiemusicale, classe terminale 09:• admis sans mention: 7 sur 47 soit 15%• admis avec mention: 40 sur 47 soit 85%• Results for our year 12 students involved in teams or extracurricular theaterclubs:• Passed without honors: 7 out of 47 or 15%• Passed with honors: 40 out of 47 or 85%• Pour les élèves qui n‘étaient pas en club ou ligue cette année:• admis sans mention: 16 sur 46 soit 35%• admis avec mention: 30 sur 46 soit 65%• Results for our year 12 students not involved in teams or extracurriculartheater clubs:• Passed without honors: 16 out of 46 or 35%• Passed with honors: 30 out of 46 or 65%33

Résultats au Bac / Bac resultsStatistiques des résultats au bac depuis 1978120%100%80%95%81%88%85%76% 79% 82% 82% 94% 95% 93% 90%93% 98% 96% 98% 100% 98% 98% 94% 91%98% 98%90%98% 96% 100% 98% 99% 100%99% 100%60%40%20%0%0%Statistiques des résultats au bac depuis 1978Moyenne depuis 1978: 93%34

120%100%80%60%40%20%0%Résultatsavec mention74%69% 71% 83%75%3535%17% 19% 25%33%18% 22%24% 34%44%44%30%37%45%41%53%59%55%47%Moyenne depuis 1978: 47%63%54% 57% 55%43%60%53%54%19871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009197819791980198119821983198419851986

College applications• 58 out of 94 applied to a US college = 62% (lastyear = 60%)• 47 out of 94 applied to a Canadian college = 50%(last year = 57%)• 40 out of 94 applied to a Preparatory Class orFrench University = 43% (last year = 38%).• 20 out of 94 applied to other internationaluniversities (Belgium, Burkina Faso, Czech Rep.,Denmark, Gap Year, Italy, Lebanon, Spain,Switzerland, U.K.) = 21% (last year =11%)36

Où ont-été acceptés nos élèves?Where were our students admitted?• 10 acceptés en Ivy League pour 32 demandes = 32% / 10out of 32 applicants were admitted to Ivy League schools =32% success rate.• 11 sur 33 acceptés dans 20 écoles classées comme lesmeilleures universités américaines = 33%. / 11 out of 33admitted to the top 20 US universities = 33% success rate.• 15 sur 18 acceptés en classes préparatoires = 83% , 15 out18 admitted to French Preparatory Classes = 83%.• 25 sur 39 acceptés à McGill = 64% success rate / 25 out of39 admitted to Mac Gill = 64% success rate.37

Où ont-ilsdécidé d’aller?Where did they choose to go• 46 des 58 demandeurs dans un collège américain / 46 of the 58applicants to an American College.• 18 des 47 demandeurs dans une université Canadienne / 26 outof the 53 applicants to a Canadian University.• 21 des 40 demandeurs dans une université ou classepréparatoire en France / 21 out of 40 applicants to a Frenchuniversity or “classe préparatoire”.• Overall Class of 2009:– 49%: US– 23%: France– 19%: Canada– 8%: other38

Le devenir des terminales…Where do our students go?90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0%98-9999-0000-0101-0202-0303-0404-0505-0606-0707-0808-09%US%Canada%France%Autres PaysMoyenneUS: 49 %Canada: 19%France: 23%Autres pays: 8%39

Répartitiondes élèvesselon la nationalité2009-20102010Breakdown according to nationality asof July 2009• Français: 30%• Français bi-nationaux: 29%• Américains: 25%• Autres: 16%1009080706050403020100FrançaisFrançais Bi-NationauxAméricainsAutres40

Enrollment over the past 10 years140013001200110010009008007006005004003002001000Maternelle Elémentaire College Lycee Total1999200020012002200320042005200620072008200941

The world is changingthe school must follow these changes• Mandarin: from year 3 to year 11• Public speaking: year 7• SmartBoards since 2007: 58 school wide (19new)• Hands on science: Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2• The new “BFA” Bac Franco-Américain in year1142

A school open to its environment• Camps or trips• Museum of Natural History: Y8 scienceclass• Community service• 47 nationalities43


Dans le fonctionnement du Lycée cela se traduit par:In the daily life of the Lycée, this translates into:• Une troupe de théâtre française/ a Frenchtheater troupe• Une troupe de Comédie Musicale/ a MusicalComedy troupe• Un Orchestre/ an Orchestra• 30 équipes sportives au secondaire / 30athletic teams at the Secondary level.45

Dans le fonctionnement du Lycée cela se traduit par:In the daily life of the Lycée, this translates into:Des évènements spécifiques: /specific events:• Maternelle/ pre-school:• parade d’Halloween/ Halloween parade• parade des GS/ Kindergarten parade• concert d’hiver/ winter concert• journée des “mamans” et “papas”/ Mother’s Day,Father’s day46

Des évènements spécifiques: /specific events:• Primaire / Primary:• journée des nations unies/ United Nations day• cross-country / cross country competition• Voyages/ school trips• concert d’hiver/ winter concert• graduation CM2/ CM2 graduation.47

Des évènements spécifiques: / specificevents:• Secondaire / Secondary:• festival de théâtre français/ French theater festival• comédie musicale/ Musical• graduation terminales/ Terminales graduation• cérémonie des prix/ awards ceremonies48

Reach for the sky!2009-2010CULTURAL CENTER PROGRAM49

New Structures• A.P.L.: Parents Association• Development and public relations office• Committees and sub-committees• Alumni51

Communication is essential• A frontier not a barrier• Documents sent home and on our website• Master calendar• Participation in parent/teacher conferences.• E-mails: ytheze@lfny.org• Class delegates• Cycle heads or department heads52

Values of our institution• Tolerance• Respect• Loyalty• Support• Pride53

As Dedicated Educators, we• Work as a• ShowTEAM,RESPECT,UE• Model• Promote• Possess• Give and expectLEADERSHIP,YCOMMUNICATION,EEVISION,ALOYALTY, andUESUPPORT one another.54

Welcome to you againA nouveau bienvenue• Nous sommes d’abord là pour vos enfantsYour children are our first priority• Nous vous remercions pour votre confianceWe thank you for trusting us with their care• Croyez en vos enfants, croyez en l’écoleBelieve in your children, believe in the school• Et l’année scolaire 2009-2010 sera synonymede réussites / and the school year 2009-2010will be a success.55

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