Product information UVAHAND 250 - Dr. Hönle AG
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Product information UVAHAND 250 - Dr. Hönle AG

UVAHAND 250Mobility and high intensitySystem-Features• high intensity• homogenous intensitydistributionAdvantages• multi-functional• excellent productionresults within seconds• reliable and long-living

UVAHAND 250 –mobility and high intensityUVAHAND 250 is a high-intensity handheld UV lamp. It iseasy to transport, ergonomically designed and ideal formobile use.Its high power output and intensive radiation ensure reliableproduction results within seconds. A homogeneous intensitydistribution is guaranteed by its optimised reflector surface.Flexible applications• fluorescent testing forquality control purposesin mechanical engineering,aircraft, textile andprinting industry• particle control in cleanrooms• authenticity testingUVAHAND 250 can easily be adapted for very different applications.The standard version is supplied with a metal halide lampand UVA spectrum (filter H1). With these features, UVA-HAND 250 is especially appropriate for curing of UV reactiveadhesives and compounds.The UVAHAND 250 BL version is equipped with a black lightfilter which transmits only UVA radiation. Visible light is filteredout to a large extent. Its high UV output guarantees reliableresults in fluorescent testing even without blackoutconditions.Fields of application• curing of UV reactive adhesives when joining glass,plastics and metals• curing of UV reactive compounds on electrical andelectronic components• production and repair of plastic parts with UV curingpolyester resinsPractical and safeCuring of adhesives withUVAHAND 250An hour counter is integrated in the ballast box for operationalmonitoring and control over lamp life.Spacers at the output window prevent the hand lamp fromoverheating when the lamp unit is deposited. Hence theyguarantee not only a high degree of safety, but also a longevityof the hand lamp which is even increased by the resisitivityof the lamp housing.High-strength aluminium and polycarbonate lamp housingmake UVAHAND 250 a very durable product. A strong carrycase is available for safe transportation.Technical DataLamp power250 WIntensity * )250 mW/cm 2 UVADimension of output window 150 x 85 mmWeight lamp unit1,5 kgWeight ballast box4,0 kg* ) measured with Hönle UV MeterCuring DryingBonding Potting Measuringaladin eleco-efd eltosch grafix hönle mitronic panacol raesch uv-technik speziallampenprintconceptDr. Hönle AG UV Technology, Lochhamer Schlag 1, 82166 Gräfelfing/München, GermanyPhone: +49 89 85608-0, Fax: +49 89 85608-148. www.hoenle.deOperating parameters depend on production characteristics and may differ from the foregoing information.We reserve the right to modify technical data. © Copyright Dr. Hönle AG. Updated 01/13.

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