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Wellington County - County of Wellington

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceTable of ContentsPageMessage from the Detachment Commander 2Facts and Figures 4Our Community 8Community/Stakeholder/Partner Consultations 122011-2013 Business Plan (Year 3) 13Safe Communities – A Secure Ontario 1

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceMessage from the Detachment CommanderAs the Wellington County OPP Detachment Commander, I am pleased to bring you the 2013Detachment Business Plan. It is aligned with our organization’s 2011-2013 Strategic Plan, while alsoresponding to unique local community safety concerns. This Business Plan communicates ourDetachment activities and public commitments for 2013, and marks the final year of the currentbusiness planning cycle.We are pleased to report that 2012 was another successful year for our detachment, culminating withnationally renowned Maclean’s Magazine recognizing Wellington County as the Safest Community inCanada. This achievement would not have been possible without the work of all our key communitystakeholders and citizens alike, who together, have defined their commitment and dedication to publicsafety. This accolade comes at a time when our community has applied to be accredited as a SafeCommunity with the World Health Organization. Wellington County is the first and only county inOntario to do so. This designation is a result of local strategic activities and community involvement,which have had a significant impact on reducing the rate of injuries wherever and however they occur.Property crimes, motor vehicle collisions and reducing victimization remain a top priority. In 2013, our efforts must continue to focuson proactive traffic and crime prevention strategies which, through an intelligence-led approach, target those hotspot areas in ourcommunity. Using this analytical approach, we are able to identify directed patrol strategies which put our members in the rightplaces at the right times to target specific public safety concerns. Analysis, whether of crime or traffic information, and the resultingintelligence, continues to better position us to strategically deploy our resources and maximize our impact.Concern over the high cost and sustainability of policing in Ontario continues. Our communities and our province are facingextraordinary challenges; in response the OPP is committed to a continuous improvement approach to the delivery of policingservices. While we recognize we cannot control every aspect of the increasingly complex policing environment, we have aresponsibility to identify opportunities, make adjustments and lay the groundwork for our future prosperity and public safety in bothWellington County and the province as a whole.Wellington County OPP Detachment members, both uniform and civilian, in concert with our Police Services Board, both upper andlower tier municipalities and through the continued mobilization of our local community policing committees, will collectively drive thepublic safety agenda.Safe Communities – A Secure Ontario 2

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceThe true measure of success will be reflected in our seven municipalities; through crime reduction, reduced victimization, and anoverall feeling of safety and public confidence in their police service. Safe communities are a foundation for economically prosperouscommunities. The evolving complexities of crime, in addition to the unpredictable nature and demands of major investigations,critical incidents and emergency response, require a significant and continued investment to ensure everyone’s safety.Our Wellington County OPP Detachment members have always risen to the challenge, as professional, accountable and dedicatedindividuals, and 2013 will be no different. Together, we will continue to ensure Wellington County is a special place to live, work andplay.Scott LawsonInspectorDetachment CommanderWellington County OPP DetachmentSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 3

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceFacts and FiguresSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 4

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceCRIMEDrug-related Table 2-12010 2011 2012 % ChangePossession 164 131 165 25.95%Trafficking 23 20 20 0.00%Importation & Production 11 5 12 140.00%Total Drugs 198 156 197 26.28%Source: Records Management System (RMS Niche), 04 February 2013Note: These annual counts are based on primary UCR offence level counts only,actual occurrences. The % change is based on last year over previous year.This data tells us:• Drug investigations are a continued priority for Wellington County.• There has been an increased emphasis during traffic stops onlooking beyond the plate to detect drug-related offences.Major Crimes Table 2-2Offence 2010 2011 2012 % Change01-Murder 2 0 1 -02-Sexual Assault 26 29 48 65.52%03-Robbery 12 4 5 25.00%04-Assault 203 208 231 11.06%05-Break & Enter 306 212 216 1.89%06-Auto Theft 130 102 79 -22.55%07-Theft Over 27 38 36 -5.26%08-Theft Under 740 613 683 11.42%09-Mischief 606 470 508 8.09%10-Impaired 167 179 184 2.79%Total 2,219 1,855 1,991 7.33%Source: Records Management System (RMS), 04 February 2013Note: These annual counts are based on primary UCR offence level counts, actualoccurrences. The % change is based on last year over previous year.2012 Intelligence-Led Policing – Crime Abatement StrategyTable 2-3Number of ChecksNumber of Charges379 11Source: Daily Activity Reporting (DAR), 04 February 2013Note: These counts are based on those entered into DAR Local Statistics Area underthe ILP-CAS statistics.This data tells us:• The crime abatement program does serve as a deterrent toensure charged individuals are compliant with their releaseconditions.Please note, the following offences are included accordingly:UCR Codes for Offences*01-Murder: 1110, 1120, 113002-Sexual Assault : 1310, 1320, 133003-Robbery: 161004-Assault: 1410, 1420, 1430, 148005-Break & Enter: 212006-Auto Theft: 213507-Theft Over: 2130, 2132, 213308-Theft Under: 2140, 2142, 214309-Mischief : 2170-0001/0002, 2172, 2174, 217610-Impaired: 9210, 9220, 9230, 9240, 9250For a more detailed explanation of Uniform Crime Reporting Codes see StatisticsCanada, Uniform Crime Reporting at: www.statcan.gc.caThis data tells us:• Wellington County continues to be a safe community. Detectingand apprehending impaired drivers has contributed to an increasein major crimes. Property crimes must continue to be a priority.Safe Communities – A Secure Ontario 6

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceTRAFFICMotor Vehicle Collisions (MVC) by Type Table 3-1(Includes Roadway, All-Terrain Vehicle and Motorized Snow Vehicle Collisions)2010 2011 2012 % ChangeFatal Motor Vehicle Collisions(MVCs)7 8 9 12.50%Personal Injury MVCs 282 327 309 -5.50%Property Damage MVCs 1,526 1,651 1,563 -5.33%Total MVCs 1,815 1,986 1,881 -5.29%Alcohol-related MVCs 42 57 65 14.04%Source: Ontario Provincial Police, Collision Reporting System (CRS), 04 February2013 Note: The % change is based on last year over previous year.This data tells us:• Overall collisions have been reduced; however traffic safety mustremain a priority.• Proactive traffic safety strategies to reduce Alcohol-relatedcollisions must remain a priority in Wellington County.Primary Causal Factors in Fatal MVCs on Roadways Table 3-22010 2011 2012 % Change# of Fatal MVCs where speed isa Factor2 2 3 50.00%# of Fatal MVCs where alcoholis a Factor2 0 2 -# of Fatalities where lack ofseatbelt use is a Factor2 1 1 0.00%# of Fatal MVCs wheredistracted driving is a Factor3 3 5 66.67%# of Fatal MVCs where wildlifeis a Factor0 0 0 -Total Fatal MVCs 6 7 9 28.57%Source: Ontario Provincial Police Collision Reporting System (CRS), 04 February2013 Note: The % change is based on last year over previous year.This data tells us:• Enforcement must continue to focus on the four main collisioncausal factors; aggressive driving, occupant restraint, impaireddriving and distracted driving.Fatalities in Detachment Area Table 3-32010 2011 2012 % ChangeRoadwayFatal Incidents 6 7 9 28.57%Persons Killed 6 7 10 42.86%Alcohol Related 2 0 2 -Marine 0 0 0 -Fatal Incidents 0 0 0 -Persons Killed 0 0 0 -Alcohol Related0 0 0 -Off-Road VehiclesFatal Incidents 0 0 0 -Persons Killed 0 0 0 -Alcohol Related 0 0 0 -Motorized Snow VehiclesFatal Incidents 1 1 0 -100.00%Persons Killed 1 1 0 -100.00%Alcohol Related 0 0 0 -Source: Ontario Provincial Police Collision Reporting System (CRS) 04 FEB 2013Note: Motorized Snow Vehicles statistics are reported seasonally from October 1 st toMarch 31 st each reporting period. The % change is based on last year over previousyear.This data tells us:• Continued strategic partnerships in the community must exist tocollectively target traffic safety.• There is more work to be done through proactive education andtargetted enforcement to reduce serious injuries and fatalities onour highways.Safe Communities – A Secure Ontario 7

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceOur CommunityWELLINGTON COUNTYWellington County shares its borders with 10 other Counties, Regions and/or single-tier municipalities. It is central to many largeurban centres and the Southern part of the County experiences increased traffic volumes as a result of daily commuters. During thesummer months the population swells due to the influx of cottagers who frequent the many conservation areas andrecreational/tourist attractions found along the Grand River. Wellington is also home to the Old Order Mennonite and Amishpopulations in the North and West portions of the County and this demographic continues to grow.The population of Wellington County is currently 86,672. This is a 1.4 percent increase since 2006. Wellington County consists ofseven towns and townships and a separate single‐tier municipality. In 2031, Wellington County’s population is expected to grow to122,000, an increase of 36%. In addition, 79.5% of the population of Wellington County is over the age of 15, indicative of an agingpopulation.The 2011 population statistics are as follows:.WELLINGTON COUNTY OPP DETACHMENTCRIME AND TRAFFIC TRENDSTown of Minto 8,334Township of Wellington North 11,477Township of Mapleton 9,989Township of Centre Wellington 26,693Town of Erin 10,770Township of Puslinch 7,029Township of Guelph/Eramosa 12,380• Overall calls for service have increased gradually over the last several years. In 2012, the detachment responded to 24,324calls for service, 7% higher than the 22,775 calls averaged over the previous three years.• In 2012, traffic enforcement was a priority for the officers in Wellington County. In total, collisions were down slightly from2011 numbers but personal injury and fatalities continue to be a concern. Of note, 65 of the collisions involved a driver whoSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 8

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial Policehad been consuming alcohol prior to the collision. Speed and intersection-related offences contribute to the majority of thecollisions in Wellington County.• Nine motor vehicle collisions (MVCs) resulted in the death of 10 people in 2012. However, personal injury collisions weredown over 5% from 2011.• In 2012, all reported crime, except auto theft, saw a slight increase over the 2011 statistics. Wellington County Detachmentmembers are proactive and committed to crime reduction. This is achieved through relentless follow-up, responding to timelyintelligence information, and through the development and implementation of crime prevention strategies.• Continued cooperation with neighbouring OPP Detachments and municipal police services is having a positive impact on theidentification and apprehension of criminals.• Domestic occurrences reported over the past three years continue to be constant with 424 occurring in 2012.OTHER TRENDS• Incidents involving mental health and apprehensions under the Mental Health Act (MHA) continue to increase in WellingtonCounty. Wait times at local hospitals have decreased over the years, yet MHA occurrences continue to have a negativeimpact on police resources. These wait times refer to availability for a spot at a psychiatric facility as opposed to waiting to beexamined by a physician.• With the proliferation of mobile phones 911 calls are an increasing concern as more than 98% are false; “pocket-dials” fromcell phones, children playing with phones, and inappropriate use are all contributors to this policing resource challenge.Response to these calls is creating an unnecessary burden on our police resources. In 2012, 2,683 callers dialled 911. Thisis more than a 100% increase since 2009, when 1,038 callers dialled 911.POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT• The cost of policing in Ontario is a significant concern for the citizens of Ontario. Wellington County Detachment will continueto review its operation and administrative functions to find and implement new strategic efficiencies in service delivery.• On December 1, 2010, Bill 126 was proclaimed. This Bill provides for the impoundment of motor vehicles for those driverscharged with; a blood alcohol concentration above 80 milligrams or failing to comply with a demand, driving while underprovincial suspensions, and driving without interlock device.• On November 29, 2010, the Ontario Government introduced the Implementation of Uninsured Vehicles Project. As acomponent of vehicle plate renewal, an online inquiry using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) will be sent to theInsurance Bureau of Canada requesting confirmation of mandatory automobile insurance coverage. Under this project, alicense plate validation sticker will not be issued if insurance coverage cannot be verified.• The exclusive patent has expired for Oxycontin. With the introduction of generic forms of this medication, there is adirect correlation on the abuse of prescription medications. Criminal activity involving break-and-enters targeting thisSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 9

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceCommunity/Stakeholder/Partner ConsultationsThe OPP's business planning process ensures compliance with Ontario's Adequacy Standards O. Reg. 3/99. This process andOntario’s Mobilization and Engagement Model of Community Policing facilitate community consultation in the identification of crime,traffic, and social order problems and solutions.Group(s) Concerns/Input Page Number1. Community Policing Committees Youth issues, traffic concerns, domestic violence and 13, 16-20crime prevention2. Police Services Board Crime prevention and traffic safety 13, 16-193. Board of Education Youth issues, internet safety and Active & Safe13, 19, 20Routes to School Committee4. Wellington/Guelph Drug Strategy Committee Drug prevention, enforcement, education 17, 19, 205. Crown Attorney’s Office Case Law, court testimony and trends 156. Wellington County Roads Road Safety 16-187. Mennonite Community Road and Farm Safety 16-188 Emergency Management Emergency Operation Centre, Joint training exercises 169. Victim Services Victims of Crime & Domestic Violence 13-14Safe Communities – A Secure Ontario 12

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial Police2011-2013 Business Plan (Year 3)Strategy – Crime prevention and reduced victimization in our communities.Public Safety Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesComplete training with detachment members onOntario’s Mobilization and Engagement Model ofCommunity Policing.Conduct community-based presentationsdemonstrating the local, practical application ofOntario’s Mobilization and Engagement Model ofCommunity Policing.Through crime analysis, identify directed patroland/or crime prevention strategies.o100% of detachmentmembers have a workingknowledge of the Model.o Annual WellingtonDetachment CommunityPolicing Conference.o A minimum of 10presentations on SafeCommunity Canada will becompleted throughout theCounty which will includepresentations to municipalcouncils.ooThrough analysis, directedpatrols will be conducted inthe local conservationareas by uniform membersand Street Crime Unitmembers.Analysis of crime trendsDetachmentCommanderDetachmentSergeantDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersCommunity PolicingCommittee LiaisonOfficersDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersCrime Analyst andStreet CrimeCrime PreventionSectionOPP AcademyRegional Manager,Crime Prevention andInvestigationCrime PreventionSectionRegional Manager,Crime Prevention andInvestigationCommunity PolicingCommitteesParachute - SafeCommunity CanadaCommitteeCrime PreventionSectionRegional Manager,Crime Prevention andInvestigationSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 13

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PolicePublic Safety Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesImplement Safeguard Ontario as a ‘targethardening’ process.oooand deployment strategieswill continue throughout2013.Implementing a fullprogram in 2013.Three members trained atCPTED Level One.Three small businessaudits will be completed in2013.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersCommunity ServiceOfficersCrime PreventionSectionRegional Manager,Crime Prevention andInvestigationAuxiliary programRe-visit unsolved property crimes at 90 days toidentify new information.ooContinue efforts to improveclearance rates forproperty crime in 2013.Follow-up after 90 days willresult in increasedcustomer satisfaction andmay provide newinformation.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersStreet Crime UnitRegional Manager,Crime Prevention andInvestigationStrategy – Investigative excellence through Intelligence-Led Policing.Public Safety Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesSupport the intelligence cycle with informationgathered at the frontline.oo300 Intelligence UCRcodes 8855s to besubmitted in 2013.2013 target: a minimum of300 street checks.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersProvincialConstablesProvincial OperationsIntelligence Bureau(POIB)Organized CrimeEnforcement Bureau(OCEB)Safe Communities – A Secure Ontario 14

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PolicePublic Safety Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesIdentify an Intelligence Liaison Officer and HateCrime Liaison Officer within the Detachment.Enhance quality of witness statements andsuspect interviews.oooooWellington County has aCrime Analyst.Learning opportunity andon the job development willbe provided to theseofficers.Wellington County has atrained Hate Crime LiaisonOfficer.Crime Unit will providetraining to front linepersonnel at shift briefings.A number of members willbe attending trainingrelated to basic interviewand interrogationtechniques/cognitivetraining, and searchwarrant writing workshops.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetective SergeantDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetective SergeantPOIBRegional Manager,Crime Prevention andInvestigationRegional IntelligenceCoordinatorRegional TrainingCoordinatorRegional CrimeOperationsCriminal InvestigationsBranchOPP AcademySafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 15

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PolicePublic Safety Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesMembers are trained and conducting highwayenforcement activity, "looking beyond the plate" toreduce criminal activity on our highways.ooooooo9.12% of the overall total.2013 will see us build onthis success.Participate in the Provincewide fall seat beltcampaign, includingconsistent year-roundenforcement.Strategic weekend andevening patrols on thewaterways to ensuremarine and public safety.Distracted driving targetedthrough educationalcampaigns andenforcement.Continuous identificationand apprehension of “BigFour” infractions.A minimum of threeofficers will be attendingtraining in HighwayCriminal Interdiction in2013.Continued development offront line officers in 2013.Officers will continue tolook “beyond the plate”.Our past efforts resulted ina significant increase in theseizure of contraband,currency and tobaccoseizures.DetachmentSergeantsWellington CountyTraffic UnitDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentSergeantsWellington CountyTraffic UnitCorporateCommunicationsBureau (CCB)OCEBHSDOPP AcademySafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 17

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PolicePublic Safety Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesThrough crime and traffic analysis, identifydirected patrol strategies.oooooDirected patrols at sixcollision proneintersections that wereidentified through a trafficstudy in 2012.Quarterly review ofCollision Reporting Systemcompleted.Strategic RIDE programswill be conductedthroughout the County.Fatal collision review forthe past 10 years toidentify causes andlocations of collisions.Detachment traffic safetyvideo.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentSergeantsWellington CountyTraffic UnitHSDRegional TrafficManagersStrategy – Develop and implement a coordinated approach to internal communications.Relationships Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesConduct regular shift briefings to identify areas offocus and maintain awareness of local issues.ooTwice daily shift briefings.Weekly conference callswith members of eachOperation Center.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersLocal MediaDetachmentSergeantsSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 18

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceRelationships Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesCommunity ServiceOfficersImplement a regular process to facilitate two-waycommunication between the DetachmentCommander and members, focused on businessplanning progress, trends and issues.oooooQuarterly NCO meetings.Inclusion and open doorpolicy at all rank levels.Quarterly meetings andcommand team ride-a-longswith platoon members.Teleconference withadministration staff.Inclusion of DetachmentNCO at monthly PoliceService Board meetings.Civilian StaffDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentSergeantsRegional HeadquartersWellington CountyPolice Service BoardStrategy – Focus external communications, including an awareness of the OPP’s mandate, to our communities andstakeholders.Relationships Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesUtilize local media to enhance public educationand highlight ongoing successes andachievements in all aspects of our core policeservices to Police Services Board(s) and thebroader community.ooooFive award nominationspresented, both internaland with Wellington CountyPolice Service Board.Targeted media releases.Annual Wellington CountyOPP report completed andprinted for communitymembers to view.Monthly PSB report whichDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachment MediaOfficersLocal MediaWellington CountyPolice Service BoardSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 19

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceRelationships Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesIdentify opportunities to leverage existing socialmedia to better inform and engage the communityand stakeholders.oois shared through CountyCouncil minutes.Wellington CountyCommunicationspartnership to develop andencourage jointinformation sharing.Utilize social mediathrough the SchoolResource Officers tomonitor local policingissues.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachment SchoolResource OfficersLocal MediaWellington CountyCommunicationsStrategy – Advocate for and support sustainable First Nations policing and safe communities.Relationships Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesSupport the deployment of officers to First Nationcommunities both locally and provincially.Support effective partnerships with local OPPDetachment that have First Nation policingpartners.ooo10 officers will be deployedto Pikangikum, Big TroutLake, Weagamow or FortHope.Detachment members willbe attending availableseminars/informationsessions on First Nations.Wellington County OPPprovides support to localOPP Detachments whenrequested through frontline officers andEmergency ResponseTeam members.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersAboriginal PolicingBureau (APB)EmergencyManagementCoordinator forWellington CountyRegional HeadquartersSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 20

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceStrategy – Support and enable continuous training, learning and development opportunities for our employees.Workforce Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesProvide civilian and uniform members withincreased opportunities to access and participateo 100% compliance forcompletion of PLDPs.in a variety of learning opportunities as identifiedin performance, learning and development plans(PLDP).o Second in Command willbe afforded actingopportunities as theybecome available.Provide members with a variety of leadership o Wellington Detachment willdevelopment opportunities including training,continue to supporttemporary assignments and secondments asdevelopmentalidentified in PLDPs.opportunities, stretchassignments and rotationalassignments to memberswith identified careergoals.Acquire Crisis Intervention Training. o The 2013 goal will be tohave one member perplatoon trained.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersCareer DevelopmentBureau (CDB)Career DevelopmentBureauWestern RegionHeadquartersCareer DevelopmentBureauSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 21

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceStrategy – Foster a culture of recognition and accountability through meaningful performance management.Workforce Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesEnsure all members have meaningful and currentPLDPs to enhance selection and successionplanning processes.Integrate PLDPs into local candidate selectionprocesses.oooEvery employee PLDP isused to track :Performancea) Identify keycommitments/responsibilities.b) Identify how thoseresponsibilities will beachieved.c) Document results.Learninga) Identify learning needsand career interests.b) Identify realistic activitiesto address needs.c) Document results.100% compliance asdemonstrated by theManagement InspectionProgram (MIP) andregional databases.Number of processeswhere PLDPs wereintegrated.Recognize members for outstanding performance o Continuous submission of233-10 internalrecognition.o Continual submission toRegion HQ for awards andrecognition.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentSergeantsDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersCDBCDBRegional HeadquartersWellington CountyPolice Service BoardSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 22

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceWorkforce Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesoWellington County Councilrecognition of members.DetachmentSergeantsStrategy – Promote a healthy workforce and healthy workplaces.Workforce Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesSupport, contribute and/or participate in thedelivery of an annual Wellness Day and ongoingwellness activities.Utilize the Monthly Accommodation Report totrack, monitor and support meaningful workassignments.oooooMembers will be given anumber of opportunitiesthrough the year to earntheir 2013 Fitness Pin.A Wellness Day to beconducted in May 2013.Number of members whohave viewed the mentalhealth DVD.Continue to providemeaningful workassignments to members.100% in monthly reportingcompliance.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersCDBWest RegionHeadquartersCDBWest RegionHeadquartersEncourage/support detachment members tovolunteer as peer support/Critical Incident StressResponse team members.oA number of membershave put their name in tobe considered for CISRteam liaisons.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersCareer DevelopmentBureauWest RegionHeadquartersDetachmentSergeantsSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 23

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceStrategy – Enhance information management with technology.Effectiveness Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesAudit data quality of Niche Records ManagementSystem (RMS) and Daily Activity Reporting (DAR)reports to enhance the application of data inevidence-based decision making across theorganization.oooIncreased data integritydemonstrated throughongoing audits.100% compliance withpolicy for entry andapproval timelines.Number of memberstrained in RMS in 2013.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentSergeantsCommunication andTechnology ServicesBureau (CTSB)Business and FinancialServices Bureau(BFSB)Strategy – Effective financial management and fiscal accountability.Effectiveness Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesMaximize workforce resources through theeffective management of standby, call-back andpaid duty approvals.Ensure all qualifying overtime is pre-approvedand, where necessary, scored correctly in theEmployee Pay Equivalency Report (EPER).ooooo100% compliance.Alignment of mandatoryannual training scheduleswith Wellington platoonresources.Review of all detachmentpositions for efficiency andstreamline of process.100% compliance.Continual audit of overtimeusage to identifyefficiencies.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersCivilian StaffDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersBFSBField Support BureauBFSBRegional HeadquartersEnsure accurate monthly reporting on expenditureforecasts.o+/- 1% of expenditureforecasts.DetachmentSergeantsDetachmentCommanderBFSBSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 24

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceEffectiveness Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesDetachmentManagersEnsure uniform and civilian staff and managersare afforded financial training.DetachmentFinancialAdministrationo Number trained. DetachmentCommanderOPP AcademyPresent in-meeting format, the OPP estimate, midyearand year-end reconciliation reports tomunicipalities/mayors/PSBs.oInformation provided to thePolice Service Board on aquarterly basis.DetachmentManagersDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersBFSBWellington CountyPolice Service BoardSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 25

Wellington County OPP Detachment 2013 Business PlanOntario Provincial PoliceStrategy – Embed environmental responsibility into our culture and our business practices.Effectiveness Activities Indicators Lead LinkagesWhere possible, reduce vehicle idling times,ensure routine and complete vehicle checks, andfollow the OPP vehicle maintenance policy.o100% compliance withvehicle maintenancepolicy.DetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersFleet, Supply andWeapons ServicesBureau (FSWSB)Implement sustainable "Green measures"practices for meetings and conferences (e.g. OPPGreen Fleet Best Practices, carpooling,video/teleconferencing, reduced printing andreduced consumption of paper and disposables).ooooCar pool when multiplepeople attending the samelocation for meeting ortraining.Teleconference utilized.Double sided printing.Wellington Countypartnerships to ensureGreen strategies.DetachmentSergeantsDetachmentCommanderDetachmentManagersDetachmentpersonnelOPP AcademyWest RegionHeadquartersWellington CountyPolice Service BoardSafe Communities – A Secure Ontario 26

Wellington CountyDETACHMENT470 Wellington Road 18Fergus, OntarioN1M 2W3Tel: (519) 846-5930Fax: (519) 846-5460www.opp.ca

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