4x9 (Page 1) - Morro Bay


4x9 (Page 1) - Morro Bay

On California’s scenic Highway 1 halfway

between San Francisco and Los Angeles

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Reconnect with the beauty of nature

and enjoy the tranquility of this

welcoming beach

and bayside



Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592

Discover Your Better Nature

in MorroBay

When you visit this picturesque seaside village with its

active fishing harbor, you’ll think you’ve traveled back in

time, back to a place you remember, but thought was lost

forever. A town where people slow down and live their lives

to full measure. Where you can meet and talk with those

who own the boats, shops, restaurants and galleries.

Morro Bay is for the young and the young at heart.

Morro Rock & The Harbor

History of Morro Bay

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Morro Bay Harbor is delineated by a fivemile

sand dune, which stretches from

beautiful Montaña de Oro (Mountain of

Gold) State Park to Morro Rock, encompassing

a large body of water completely

sheltered from the open ocean.

The vast, sheltered harbor of Morro Bay is just a few hundred

feet from the open ocean. The natural harbor provides

protection for boats of all sizes and is a popular destination for

yachtsmen from all over the West Coast. The waters in Morro

Bay are perfect for kayaking, canoeing, sailing, sport fishing,

whale watching, outdoor adventures and leisure activities.

Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592

Morro Rock & The Harbor

in MorroBay

The most prominent feature here is Morro Rock, the

immense, dome-shaped volcanic peak, at the northwest

boundary of Morro Bay’s harbor. It stands 578 feet high and

covers 50 acres at its base. It also provides a sanctuary for

birds, including the endangered peregrine falcon.

Learn more online at morrobay.org


Bathed in morning sunshine or

swaddled in curling fog, Morro Rock is

an unforgettable image. It is certainly one of

the most photographed, painted and drawn

geological artifacts in the world. Portuguese

explorer Juan Cabrillo recorded passing the Rock in 1542.

Many sources say the dome-like shape of the Rock reminded

him the turbaned head of a Moor, so he called it El Moro.

The Rock was still an island in 1872 when the town was

founded by Franklin Riley. Channels on both sides of the rock

led to the bay, and the four mile long estuary behind it. Both

entrances were considered treacherous and many captains

refused to enter the harbor. In the 1890s and early 1900s, the

Rock was quarried to build the breakwaters at Port Harford

(now Avila). It was during these operations that an accident

closed the north channel for the first time. Although several

attempts were made, it wasn’t until 1936

that rock was cemented into

place and a permanent connection

to land was


In 1968, the Rock was designated

State Historical Monument #821.

Historical information provided by

Nancy & Roger Castle of the Historical

Society of Morro Bay. They are authors of

“Images of America: Morro Bay” and “Then and Now:

Morro Bay” with Gary Ream and photographer Garry Johnson.

Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592


of MorroBay

When Franklin Riley and Captain Williams built the first

wharf, the embarcadero was little more than a strip of land

between the bay and the bluff. The road was so narrow in

some places that trucks could not turn around. At the highest

tides each month parts of the road were under water. Still, in

those early days of the town, the sea was the best avenue for

commerce. Schooners brought lumber in and took grain and

hides away.

The current look and features of our waterfront were mostly a

creation of the Navy Department. During

WWII a Navy training base was built

where the power plant is now. The

Navy improved the jetty to the

Rock, constructed most of the

Embarcadero and built the two

original ‘T’ piers.

After WWII, the widened and

improved Embarcadero and bay drew

a fishing industry to the town. Morro Bay

was an already established abalone processing

center on the central coast. By 1950 there were

more than 150 commercial fishing vessels

calling Morro Bay home


Historical evidence indicates oysters were a

favorite food of Morro Bay’s native Chumash

Indians. Native California oysters were found

here into the 1930s. As supplies of this delicacy

began to dwindle, commercial cultivation techniques

were developed. The mud flats of the back bay were ideal for

oyster farming. The first commercial oyster business, the

Morro Oyster Company, began about 1950. In 1953 it was sold

to the League family. By 1956 they had built a modern

processing plant and shipped canned oysters all over the

world. Today the company has again changed hands, but the

fertile back bay is still an ideal oyster bed.

Research the past at morrobay.org


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592



Every activity under the sun awaits you in Morro Bay. The

great coastal outdoors provide the ideal setting for boating,

surfing, kite surfing, paragliding, hiking, rock climbing, deepsea

fishing, whale watching, biking, tennis, golfing and more.

JHike the trails on Black Mountain above Morro Bay State

Park and take in the views of the Rock and the estuary. Looking

east, wonder at Cerro Cabrillo and Hollister Peak, two of

the Nine Sisters, ancient volcanic mountains of the area.

• Reserve an electric powered boat and buzz around the bay!

At the Helm Boat Rentals 805-771-9337

JPaddle a kayak to the sandspit for a picnic and hike.

Central Coast Outdoors/Kayak Shack 805-528-1080

Kayak Horizons 805-772-6444

Rock Kayak Co. 805-772-2906

DRent or buy all the gear you need to become

a surfer or kite surfer. Experience stand-up

paddle boarding in the bay.

TKD Surf Shop (Embarcadero) 805-772-1211

TKD Surf Shop (Main St.) 805-772-2431

Wavelengths 805-772-3904

• Try scuba diving along the Central Coast.

SLO Divers 805-550-6448

JGet reeled in to a sport-fishing, whale-watching adventure.

Central Coast Sportfishing 805-772-3474

Virg's Landing 805-772-1222

• Fly kites on the beach. Ride surreys around town for an

up-close look at the scenery.

Farmer's Kites, Surreys & More 805-772-0113

• Play a round of golf at our 18-hole championship seaside

resort course with stunning ocean views.

Morro Bay Golf Course 805-782-8060

Plan your adventure at morrobay.org


“Walking down

Embarcadero, we came

to an end and found a

pier where several sea

lions rested. The

location offered an up

close view for observing

these gentle creatures.

We never knew sea

lions have ears!”


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D • 1-800-231-0592



There are an abundance of eco activities in Morro Bay,

including wildlife spotting, birding, trekking, paragliding,

kayaking and nature walks. Several species of birds and coastal

creatures - such as whales, porpoises,

dolphins and orcas - can be seen seasonally in

and around the waters of Morro Bay.

Photographers flock here to capture images of

great herons, egrets, sandpipers, pelicans and

other shore birds. It’s a scenic paradise!

JThe exhibits at the State Park’s Natural History Museum

cover natural features, cultural history, Native American life,

geology and oceanography. Experience nature walks, exhibits,

lectures, puppet shows, docent led tours and special events.

Museum of Natural History 805-772-2694

• Learn all about the estuary and its inhabitants.

Morro Bay Estuary Nature Center 805-772-3834

DGet an up-close look at the wildlife and natural

wonders of the waterfront and the sandspit.

Central Coast Outdoors/Kayak Shack 805-528-1080

Kayak Horizons 805-772-6444

Lost Isle Adventure Tours 805-440-8170

Rock Kayak Co. 805-772-2906

Sub Sea Tours & Kayaks 805-772-9463

• Explore the lagoon and pristine saltwater marsh that

supports a thriving bird population at Morro Bay State Park.

See large numbers of heron in the Heron Rookery.

Morro Bay State Park 805-772-2560

• The 2,800 foot boardwalk leading to majestic Morro Rock is

great for walking or wheechairs and offers numerous photo

opportunities along the shore.

Harbor Walk Located at 2999 Embarcadero

• Walk along the shore 5 miles to Cayucos Pier or try riding

horseback on the beach. Build a sandcastle, explore tidepools

and take photos from the bluffs above North Point Beach.

Get close to nature at morrobay.org


“Always go to Morro

Bay to take a breather

from everyday life

events (live locally),

to take in the calm and

relax. The birds were

doing the same that

day...so calm, a perfect

way to help relax...”


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D • 1-800-231-0592



Morro Bay has a calming effect on visitors. The scenic vistas,

coastal breezes and warm hospitality are all here to help you

relax. Lounge in your hotel room or by the pool. Enjoy the

sights of the bay and the sea beyond. Treat yourself to long,

indulgent meals at fine restaurants, or just order room service

and relax. Do a bit of everything – or do nothing at all.

• Schedule a therapeutic massage at one of our local spas.

Front Street Spa 805-772-5038

Serenity by the Sea 805-772-7333

Spa by the Bay 805-234-6922

Touch & Go Massage 805-772-4888

JMeditate on nature as you leisurely kayak around the bay.

Central Coast Outdoors/Kayak Shack 805-528-1080

Kayak Horizons 805-772-6444

Rock Kayak Co. 805-772-2906

Sub Sea Tours & Kayaks 805-772-9463

DStroll to a neighborhood café. Surf the internet

or read the local paper while you sip your coffee.

Blue Bean Espresso Bar 805-275-1895

Mermaid Café 805-772-4872

Morro Bay Coffee Co. 805-772-8880

Coffee Cottage 805-772-4180

Rock Espresso Bar 805-772-3411

Sun-N-Buns Bakery 805-772-4117

Top Dog Coffee Bar 805-772-9225

• Go wine tasting and sample local, regional and international

wines and gourmet food.

Aron Hill Vineyards 805-772-8181

Elegant Image Limousine 805-772-5390

Morro Bay Wine Seller 805-772-8388

Wine Wrangler 866-238-6400

• Make reservations at one of the many restaurants

overlooking the water or take a dinner cruise.

Chablis Cruises/Big Rock Charters 805-772-2128

Onboard Nautical Events/Papagallo II 805-771-9916

Relaxing itineraries are at morrobay.org


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592



Bond with your family at the beach or while boating on the

bay. Go sightseeing and shopping for souvenirs and bring

home lasting memories from Morro Bay.

JEvery family vacation must include a visit to the beach.

Morro Dunes Natural Area

Morro Rock & Beach

Morro Strand State Beach

North Point Beach

• Visit the bookstore or library and search the stacks for

vacation reading, inspiration and local reference guides.

Coalesce Bookstore 805-772-2880

Morro Bay Public Library 805-772-6394

JThe parks in Morro Bay are perfect for family fun anytime.

Bayshore Bluffs Park

Centennial Park

Cloisters Park

Del Mar Park

Morro Bay State Park

Shasta Park

Tidelands Park

DA game of giant chess anyone? This large

chessboard at Centennial Park measures 16 ft.

square. Smaller chessboards are available, too.

Giant Chessboard 805-772-6278

• Play Bingo every Tuesday with the locals.

Morro Bay Community Center 805-772-6278

• Walk along the waterfront, boat on the bay, visit the

aquarium or one of the interactive nature museums.

Harbor Walk Located at 2999 Embarcadero

Museum of Natural History 805-772-2694

Morro Bay Aquarium 805-772-7647

Morro Bay Estuary Nature Center 805-772-3834

JEvents like the Harbor Festival are a big draw for families.

For more information on events, see pages 34-37.

Plan a family vacation at morrobay.org


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592



Whether they want to go on long walks or hikes or just sit in

the sun or play in the surf, your animal friend will love Morro

Bay. Dog-friendly hotels and restaurants make it easy to spend

all your time with your devoted companions.

JSnap on the leash and head over to the Harbor Walk

boardwalk leading to Morro Rock. Then turn back and continue

along the Embarcadero to Tidelands Park at the south

end, window-shopping and people-watching along the way.

• Take a detour down the lane between Tognazzini’s and their

dog-friendly restaurant on the pier, where dogs will find

refreshing water bowls while you dine on local seafood and

other fresh vittles. The pet-friendly patios and outdoor tables

at local restaurants are a treat (as long as dogs are leashed).

Dorn's Original Breakers Café 805-772-4415

Lolo’s Mexican Restaurant 805-772-5686

Mi Casa Restaurant 805-772-1272

Giovanni’s Fish Market 805-772-2123

Tognazzini's Dockside Too 805-772-8100

• A great place to roam and socialize is the new Jodi Giannini

Family Dog Park at Del Mar Park on Ironwood Avenue.

(Dogs must be healthy, sociable, current on all vaccinations,

licensed and under their owner's control at all times. Dogs

must be leashed when not in designated off-lead areas.)

• Enjoy a self-guided tour of the dog-friendly botanical garden,

located on Highway 1. Then give your dog some freedom to

run in the off-leash area, just up the street from the garden.

San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden 805-546-3501

• Hike the tree-lined trails on Black Mountain and pause at

the top for a breather and to snap photos from above Morro

Bay State Park and the estuary. It’s a fantastic vantage point

for watching the sun as it sets.

JWatch your furry friends frolic freely in the waves at North

Point Beach, between Atascadero Beach in Morro Bay and

Cayucos State Beach. This 1.3 acre natural area has bench

seating on the bluff above the tidepools and a sandy beach.

Fetch dog-friendly lodging at morrobay.org


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592



Breathe in the sea breezes and have your pick of the freshest

fish, fruit and local produce at two Farmers’ Markets in Morro

Bay. Select from seasonal berries and melons, grapes just

plucked from the vine, and other juicy, delectable fruit.

Vibrant veggies and beautiful bouquets of flowers will vie for

your attention. You’ll be lured by locally caught whole and cut

fresh fish, oysters, crab, and grass-fed beef. Tasty dried fruits,

nuts, raw local honey and homemade breads and desserts will

tempt you to load up on more food than you can eat!

JAmaze your senses at one of Morro Bay's Farmers' Markets.

Community Farmers’ Market in Old Town

Main Street and Harbor Street, Saturdays, 3pm - 6pm

Community Farmers’ Market in North Morro Bay

2650 North Main Street, Thursdays 3pm - 5pm

(In the Spencer’s Market parking lot)

• Local fisherman and fish markets sell fresh-caught seafood,

as well as imported exotics. You will be lured by a selection of

more than 1000 different types of fish.

Tognazzini's Fish Market 805-772-8100

Giovanni’s Fish Market 805-772-2123

DPluck from the Pacific the freshest catch

of the day by going on a charter

sport-fishing adventure.

Central Coast Sportfishing 805-772-3474

Virg's Landing 805-772-1222

• Live oysters are a delicacy and are high in

healthy Omega-3s.

Grassy Bar Oyster Company 805-471-9683

Morro Bay Oyster Company 805-234-7102

• High-quality, natural, pesticide-free, organic food is available

at local grocery stores.

Sunshine Health Foods on Morro Bay Blvd.

Spencer’s Fresh Market on North Main Street

Find abundant listings at morrobay.org


Public Art

in MorroBay

• Art Cans are the City’s sidewalk and park trash containers

which have been turned into works of art. A small passionate

group called Morro Bay Beautiful works with local artists, the

city and sponsors from Morro Bay to clean, repair and decorate

the Art Cans. Keep an eye out for one on a nearby street!

• The “Robbie Robinson” mural on the wall of Coldwell

Banker-Liberty Real Estate on Morro Bay Boulevard, depicts

the founder of Morro Bay's artist colony in the 1920s.

• The "Blue Heron" mini mural can be found in the 800 block

of Morro Bay Boulevard.

• The mural, "Rescue," on the wall of Tacos de Mexico on Main

Street, celebrates an actual rescue that took place in the waters

just outside of Morro Bay.

• The "Moon, Sky, Boats, Water"

mural at 960 Main Street shows a

south-facing view of the Morro

Bay Estuary with a full moon.

• The "Shore Birds" sculpture, at the corner of

Harbor Ave. and Front Street near the Embarcadero,

displays a pelican, heron and avocet.

• The "Breaching Humpback Whale" mural is located at The

Boatyard on the wall of Otter Rock Café at 885 Embarcadero.

• There is a lush landscape and "fishing village" theme at

Las Tunas Mini Park.

JMorro Bay’s most popular art fair,

Art in the Park, features 100 local and

regional fine art exhibitors. The event in

Morro Bay City Park at Harbor and

Morro Bay Blvd. happens three times a

year: Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th

Weekend and Labor Day Weekend.

Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592

Galleries & Shops

in MorroBay

• There are three distinct districts in Morro Bay: Old Town,

the Embarcadero, and North Morro Bay. Find watercolors,

oil paintings, drawings, handcrafted items, jewelry, clothing

and more on display in galleries, antique shops and boutiques

throughout Morro Bay.

For detailed listings, go to

morrobay.org or call

the Visitor Center

at 805-772-4467.


By the Bay Gallery

California Images


Dolphin Shirt Company

Fiona Bleu

Focus on Nature

Gallery Embarcadero

Grays Inn & Art Gallery


Seven Sisters Gallery

Shark's Grin

Silver Seahorse

Sole Mia

TKD Surf Shop

Under the Sea Gallery

Wavelengths Surf Shop

Old Town

Aloha Shirt Shop

Artistic Endeavors

Beads By The Bay

Brenda Sue’s Consignment

Coalesce Bookstore

Cotton Ball

Central Coast Music

Full Moon Studio & Gallery

Charles Collins Gallery

Gold Tree Jewelry

La Petite Boutique

Love Me 2 Times

Queen’s Closet

Rock Espresso Bar

Seawind Gallery

Serenity by the Sea

TKD Surf Shop

Top Dog Coffee Bar

AArt Center Morro Bay is one

of the largest and best Central

Coast venues for exhibiting

original fine art by local artists.

View exhibits and attend

opening receptions.

Art Center Morro Bay


Browse morrobay.org


Bayside Café


Beach House Bistro


Blue Skye Coastal Café


Bob’s Big Boy


Burger King


Carla's Country Kitchen


Chablis Cruises/Big Rock

Charters 805-772-2128

Coffee Pot Restaurant


DiStasio's on the Bay


Dorn's Original Breakers Café


Embarcadero Grill


Flying Dutchman


Foster’s Freeze


Frankie & Lola’s


Fred's Grill


Galley Restaurant


Giovanni’s Fish Market


Gourmet Grub



in MorroBay

American & Seafood

Great American

Fish Company 805-772-4407

Harbor Hut




Hungry Fisherman


Kitty’s Kitchen


Lil Hut




Morro Bay Oyster Company


Orchid at Inn at Morro Bay


Otter Rock Café


Outrigger Restaurant


Rose's Landing


Shawns on Main


Shine Café


Tognazzini's Dockside



Whales Tail


Windows on the Water


For detailed dining listings, go to

morrobay.org or call

the Visitor Center at



China Dragon


Golden China


Coffee & Bakeries

Blue Bean Espresso Bar


Coffee Cottage


Dolly’s Donuts


La Parisienne French Bakery


Mermaid Café


Morro Bay Coffee Co.


Rock Espresso Bar


Sun-N-Buns Bakery


Top Dog Coffee Bar


Italian & Pizza

Ciao Bella Trattoria


DiStasio's on the Bay






Nibble Nook



in MorroBay

Italian & Pizza

Pizza Port


Round Table




Japanese & Sushi



Tokyo Joe's Sushi







Mi Casa


Taco Bell


Taco Temple


Lolo's Mexican Restaurant



Jasmine Thai Cuisine


Thai Boat


Dining guide and more at morrobay.org

North Morro Bay

The Embarcadero

Old T



of MorroBay



There are a variety of places to stay in Old Town Morro Bay,

on the Embarcadero, and in North Morro Bay. Whether you're

looking for elegant rooms full of amenities, a cozy getaway or

"anywhere with a pool," you can find it here. Our world-class

hospitality will spoil you.

Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592


in MorroBay

“I found this wonderful

place off State Park Rd.

The smell of the forest

trees and the view of

the Rock called for a

picture-taking session.

It was a hazy day, my

favorite, and the water

lapping on the shore

made me want to stay



Rooms, suites, and more can be reserved online at our

website, morrobay.org, over the phone, or in person at the

property of your choosing. Spend a night, the weekend, or a

week or two and get aquainted with Morro Bay and the central

coast region of California.

Plan your stay at morrobay.org


“One of the joys of

visiting Morro Bay

are the sunrises and

the sunsets.

It is so peaceful just to

wake up when very few

people are around to

take in the quiet and

serenity of Morro Bay.”


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592

Hotels & Motels

in MorroBay

Anchor Inn


220 Beach Street

Anderson Inn



897 Embarcadero

Ascot Suites



260 Morro Bay Blvd.

Bay View Inn



225 Harbor Street

Bayfront Inn


1150 Embarcadero

Beach Bungalow

Inn & Suites


1050 Morro Avenue

Best Western El Rancho



2460 Main Street

Best Western

San Marcos Inn



250 Pacific Street

Best Western Tradewinds



225 Beach Street

Blue Sail Inn



851 Market Avenue

Breakers Motel



Morro Bay Blvd.

Days Inn


1095 Main Street

Econo Lodge North



1100 Main Street

El Morro

Masterpiece Motel



1206 Main Street

Embarcadero Inn


456 Embarcadero

Estero Inn


501 Embarcadero

Fireside Inn



730 Morro Street

Front Street Inn & Spa


1140 Front Street

Find the best values on rooms at morrobay.org


“Cute waterfront

Embarcadero of Morro

Bay, a great breakfast

spot and awesome views

from patio seating.

I like the ambiance of

Morro Bay... more than

just the Morro Rock and

the bay.”


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592

Hotels & Motels

in MorroBay

Grays Inn & Art Gallery


561 Embarcadero

Holland Inn


2630 N. Main Street

Inn at Morro Bay



60 State Park Road

La Serena Inn



990 Morro Avenue

Morro Bay Travel Lodge



1080 Market Street

Morro Crest Inn



670 Main Street

Morro Shore Inn & Suites



290 Atascadero Road

Motel 6



298 Atascadero Road

Pacific Cottage Motel


2830 Alder Avenue

Pacific Shores Inn



890 Morro Avenue

Pleasant Inn Motel



235 Harbor Street

Rodeway Inn



540 Main Street

Sea Air Inn


845 Morro Avenue

Sundown Inn



640 Main Street

Twin Dolphin Inn



590 Morro Avenue

Villager Motel



1098 Main Street

Bed &


Marina Street Inn



305 Marina Street

Book a room online at morrobay.org


Camping can be found at a number of beach locations in

Morro Bay. Some sites feature BBQ areas, horseshoe pits, RV

repair and conference facilities. You will find full hookups for

all sizes of trailers. Reservations are recommended.

Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592

Bay Pines RV Park

1501 Quintana Road

Camping & RVing

in MorroBay

Cypress Morro Bay

RV & Mobile Home Park

1121 Main Street

El Chorro Regional Park

Dairy Creek Road, SLO

Montaña de Oro State Park

Pecho Road, Los Osos

Morro Bay State Park

Main Street

Morro Dunes

Travel Trailer Park

1790 Embarcadero

Morro Strand RV Park and

State Beach

221 Atascadero Road

Tratel of Morro Bay

1680 Main Street

For detailed information on vacation rentals,

campgrounds and RV sites, visit morrobay.org.

Go surfing, fishing and swimming, then head back in time for

a BBQ. Fly kites, relax on the beach and have a picnic. Then as

the sun sets, sit by the campfire and roast marshmallows

under the stars!

Scope out the best spots at morrobay.org


Celebrating the Morro Bay waterfront is the focus of the

Harbor Festival, the largest local annual celebration for more

than 30 years. It includes a Wine and Sea Food Faire, a busy

program of live music events, booths manned by arts and

crafts vendors, plus educational and marine displays.

Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592


in MorroBay

There are several fun crowd-gathering events and lively

holiday celebrations throughout the year. Visit morrobay.org

for the most up-to-date calendar listings and details about the

fabulous food and fine artisans of our seasonal celebrations.

Experience each month of the year in Morro Bay!

See what’s happening at morrobay.org


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592

Events Calendar

for MorroBay


Christmas Street Faire

Lighted Boat Parade

Winter Bird Festival

Dollhouse & Miniature Show & Sale


Beer Fest & Chili Cook Off

City Wide Yard Sale

Blessing of the Fleet

Miracle Miles for Kids 10k Walk/Run

"Discover Your Better Nature" Parade

Morro Bay Kite Festival

Cruisin’ Morro Bay Car Show

Mermaid & Pirate Parade

Art in the Park


Morro Bay Music Festival

Art in the Park

Morro Bay 4th of July

Rock to Pier Run

Dahlia Days

Dollhouse & Miniature Show & Sale

Merchants Street Faire


Art in the Park

Avocado & Margarita Festival

Harbor Festival

Morro Photo Expo

Join in the fun at morrobay.org


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592


in MorroBay

Morro Bay is the perfect location for getting married, reuniting

with friends or family, or for gathering together for a group

meeting. It’s halfway between the cities of Los Angeles and

San Francisco and there are several easy entrances to Morro

Bay off of Highway 1. Several hotels and restaurants cater to

large gatherings. Festivals and events are an inspiration, so

check our calendar for the best time to get together.

JReserve a room, restaurant, hall or even book a boat for your

event, meeting or reunion.

Chablis Cruises/Big Rock Charters


Coalesce Bookstore & Wedding Chapel


Dorns Original Breakers Café


Embarcadero Grill 805-772-0700

Inn at Morro Bay 805-772-5651

La Serena Inn 805-772-5665

Morro Bay Community Center


Morro Bay Golf Course Restaurant


Morro Bay Veteran’s Hall


Onboard Nautical Events/Papagallo II 805-771-9916

Windows on the Water 805-772-0677

• Dance and socialize with the locals Wednesdays from

11am-2:30pm for the 39+ crowd.

Morro Bay Veteran's Hall 805-772-6278

• Listen to live music or give karaoke or open mic night a try.

Comedy Night is a big draw at the Bay Club Lounge.

Sip signature cocktails while making new friends.

Bay Club Lounge at the Inn at Morro Bay 805-772-5651

Fuel Dock 805-772-8478

Otter Rock Café 805-772-1420

The Buoy 805-772-7000

Gather information at morrobay.org


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592


near MorroBay

JHearst Castle, north of Morro Bay on Highway 1 in San

Simeon, is one of California’s most popular tourist attractions.

Tour William Randolph Hearst’s world-famous home and take

a fascinating foray into a chapter of our state’s colorful history.

Visit the on-site Imax theater to learn the truth behind the

legend in the fascinating documentary “Building the Dream.”

Tour the grand gardens and dream of bygone days

beside the famous Neptune pool.

• Drive further north to Big Sur and marvel at the rocky

shores, miles of open ocean vistas and thousand-foot cliffs

along the continuation of Morro Bay’s spectacular coastline.

There’s a great little stop called Ragged Point, where you can

have a bite, walk the gardens and ruminate on the spectacular

nature of our nature.

• Pasolivo (Willow Creek Olive Ranch) in Paso Robles

produces award-winning extra virgin olive oils, and boasts a

tasting room and the largest and newest olive press of its kind

on the Central Coast.

• See how farm-fresh lavender oil is distilled at Green Acres

Lavender Farm in Atascadero. Over 13,000 lavender plants

are on the farm and over 60,000 lavender plants are growing

around California in a cooperative alliance.

JThe amazing elephant seal rookery is home to thousanads

of these natural behemoths who migrate to an easily accessible

sandy beach. Observe mothers nurturing their cubs and see

the battles for dominance between two-ton alpha males.

JTake a wine-tasting tour in the heart of California’s awardwinning

wine country just northeast of Morro Bay. Paso

Robles and Templeton are known for bold, fruity reds, and

global gold and silver medal winning vineyards and tasting

rooms dot the landscape. If you appreciate fine wine, you will

savor the opportunity to not only raise a glass to famous

growers, but speak to them in person!

Explore the Central Coast at morrobay.org


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592


near MorroBay

JFollow Morro Bay’s harbor-defining sand bar 5.1 miles south

to the breathtaking Montaña de Oro (Mountain of Gold)

State Park. Walk on worn paths hundreds of feet above the

raw Pacific and watch beautiful rolling waves, uninterrupted

for 2,000 miles, break against the craggy shore in coves few

people have ever seen. Explore the tide pools, see starfish and

discover the very best of land and sea together. On Hwy. 1

South, take the South Bay Blvd. exit to Los Osos Valley Road

west to Pecho Road.

• The San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden and the Cal Poly

Botanical Gardens, both located on Highway 1 south of Morro

Bay, are devoted to the display of ecosystems of the world and

provide excellent hiking trails and views of the area.

JThe bustling downtown of San Luis Obispo is home to the

Old Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. Built in 1772 by

Chumash Indians, the mission offers a nostalgic experience.

• Located a few minutes north of San Luis Obispo, off

Highway 101, is Cuesta Grade and Cuesta Ridge. As one of

the highest passes in the county, it offers spectacular views of

San Luis Obispo's mountains and valleys.

• The Edna Valley wine country, located southeast of Morro

Bay, is known for its Pinot Noir and refined Chardonnays.

Wine-tasting excursions and comfortable tasting rooms are in

close proximity, allowing visitors a chance to sample varietals

with some of the most recognized vintners in the business.

JSweet Springs Nature Preserve is an Audubon Society

sanctuary with excellent views of Morro Bay and Morro Rock

from the South Bay. Here you can see Great Blue Herons,

Snowy Egrets, and numerous other shorebirds that inhabit the

Morro Bay National Estuary.

JThe Elfin Forest in Los Osos, near Santa Ysabel Street, is a

90-acre natural area adjacent to the Morro Bay Estuary.

A .8 mile boardwalk loop provides access for walkers and

wheelchair users, and protects the Forest's sensitive habitat.

Plan your itineraries at morrobay.org


“Traveling south on Highway 1 the

many earlier attractions delayed our

progress and we found ourselves overnighting

at Morro Bay. In the morning

the town gradually revealed its many

treasures and we remained captive late

into the afternoon!”


Photos courtesy of Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce

Morro Bay Historical Society

Kelly Hayes

Michael Baird

Marc Kurth

Keith Bergher

Paintings courtesy of Kathy Miller and Eileen Pritchard

Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D 1-800-231-0592


to MorroBay

Traveling SOUTH from San Francisco:

Take U.S. Highway 101 south to Atascadero. Take State

Highway 41 west, then head south on Highway 1. Exit at

Main Street in Morro Bay.

Traveling NORTH from Los Angeles:

Take U.S. Highway 101 north to San Luis Obispo, then head

north on Highway 1 to Morro Bay. Exit at Morro Bay Blvd.


around MorroBay

• Taxi Service

Avis Rent-A-Car 805-595-1464

Budget Rent-A-Car 805-544-0733

Enterprise Rent-A-Car 805-546-6270

Hertz Rent-A-Car 805-781-3380

• Limousine Service

Cal Limo 805-772-2200

Elegant Image 805-464-0900

• Bus Service

Silverado Charters & Tours 805-967-5007

Silver Bay Tours 805-772-3409

• Amtrak Train Service

San Luis Obispo Train Station 805-541-0505

• Airport

San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport 805-781-5205

• Ride along the Embarcadero, out to Morro Rock, over to our

State Park and up to North Morro Bay. The Trolley runs from

Memorial Day weekend through the 1st weekend in October.

MV Transportation 805-772-5514

Find your way to morrobay.org


“It is the end of a journey which had no original

final destination. It is Morro Bay, and it has a

calling. With the wind blowing, I find myself walking along

the water. Everyone is friendly, everyone is happy. Nature

has painted a beautiful picture for us no matter which

direction I turn... but this is real. And there's no missing

Morro Rock. Morro Bay is a whole new world to me, but

the rock is a new world in itself. It is so close, yet so far.

The many different animals take the time to come close

and say hello. The bird may have flown from his perch in

the distance, but he's never very far, and he can always

come back. Just like I hope to with Morro Bay.”


Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D • 1-800-231-0592

Frequently Asked Questions

about MorroBay

What is the weather like in Morro Bay?

The climate for Morro Bay is mild and frost-free.

How large is Morro Bay?

The area of Morro Bay is 43 sq. miles. As of the 2000 census,

the city population was 10,350.

What is the elevation of Morro Bay?

Morro Bay’s elevation is 100 feet above sea level.

What and where is Morro Rock?

Morro Rock is sometimes referred to as the Gibraltar of the

Pacific and is California Registered Historical Landmark #821.

It is located in the Pacific Ocean by Embarcadero Blvd.

How large is Morro Rock?

It is 581 feet (177 m) tall and covers 50 acres at its base.

How did Morro Rock get its name?

Morro Rock was named in 1542 by

Portuguese navigator Juan

Rodriguez Cabrillo who called

the rock “El Moro” because it

resembled the head of a Moor, a

people from North Africa known

for the turbans they wore.

Can you climb Morro Rock?

No, climbing on the rock is forbidden by law.

Notes & Comments

about MorroBay

What did YOU discover in Morro Bay?

Send us your comments at morrobay.org.

Morro Bay Visitor Center

845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D

Morro Bay, CA 93442

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