a Happy New Year 2010 - MTP - Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

a Happy New Year 2010 - MTP - Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

a Happy New Year 2010 - MTP - Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie


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POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINEpfmFA I R SM A R K E TOPINIONS4/2009 ISSN 0860-0023Międzynarodowe <strong>Targi</strong> PoznańskieWe wish youPoznań International Faira <strong>Happy</strong> <strong>New</strong> <strong>Year</strong> <strong>2010</strong>Many plansfor the new yearInterview with dr Andrzej Byrt,President of the Board of <strong>MTP</strong> [1]EU funds support Polishentrepreneurs [18-19]Trade fairs in the first quarter <strong>2010</strong>What’s worth knowing [2-17]Międzynarodowe <strong>Targi</strong> PoznańskiePoznań International Fair

Międzynarodowe <strong>Targi</strong> PoznańskiePoznań International Fairnew communicationplatformwww.mtp24.plPlatform availablearound the clockFor those planning to visit the fair or participate inany event taking place at the <strong>MTP</strong> premises, PoznańInternational Fair has launched an online visitor centreat www.mtp24.pl.QuickOne of the benefits of the new www.mtp24.pl platform is that itenables you to obtain your admission documents for a particularevent quicker. You can use the website to purchase an e-ticketor apply online to take part in a given fair by completingand printing out the registration survey which you need later topurchase a ticket at the ticket offices at the <strong>MTP</strong> grounds.EasyIn order to use the platform you are required to register a uniquepassword. That is all you need to have immediate access to all thefunctions offered by the platform in the future.ConvenientEach registered user may log in as many times as neededand apply for participation in any number of selectedevents. Users may also review their transaction records andprint out duplicates of any previously issued documents.Poznań International Fair Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań, tel. +48 61 869 20 00, fax +48 61 869 29 99, e-mail: info@mtp.plwww.mtp.pl

Many plans for the newInterview withdr Andrzej ByrtPresident of the Boardof the Poznań International Fairwe have all learnt from the previous great economiccrash six years ago, in 2003, when many trade fairsorganizers simply disappeared from the market.What was the attitude of the exhibitors ofPoznań International Fair to the economicdownturn?We wish youa <strong>Happy</strong> <strong>New</strong> <strong>Year</strong> <strong>2010</strong>with all the prosperity,fruition of projects andprofessional successesEditorsSince 2009 was such a difficult year for theeconomies of many countries, I must ask you:what was the year like for Poznań InternationalFair?2009 was a year of an economic downturn in Poland,but still, the situation in Poland was a positive contrastto what was happening in all the other Europeancountries, where the economic developmentnot only slowed down but broke down, which wasshown by negative gross domestic product indicators.As we know, Poland, though with difficulty, recordeda growth of the GDP by 1.7 per cent in thethird quarter. Trade fairs always reflect the economy,so all the fair organizers in Poland were badlyaffected by the crisis year. Poznań International Fairwent through this period in a relatively good condition.We have been generating a profit this year,which is a very good piece of news for the shareholdersand owners of <strong>MTP</strong>, although as far as ouroperational activity is concerned, i.e. the organizationof events and trade fairs, we have experienceda 6-7 per cent drop in the number of exhibitors andthe amount of space rented for events. Nevertheless,as a result of certain anticipating measures takenearlier to improve the management and reducethe costs, we will report the profit I mentioned earlier.Other trade fairs in Poland experienced muchgreater difficulties throughout that period, but Ithink they will all be fine. This is because in PolandThe exhibitors at the trade fairs held in the first sixmonths of 2009, like the participants of the BUD-MA fair, for example, who had decided to participatein the event back in the time of prosperity, obviouslyturned up at the fair. The closer we wereto the end of the year, the stronger enterprises reactedto the visible downturn. What is interesting,however, is that what dropped was not the numberof enterprises but the amount of space they rented.We also experienced a nice surprise when it appearedthat all the new events advertised in 2009,such as BAKEPOL, which was held for the secondtime, were even more popular with regards to thenumber of participants than previously. In general,the closer we were to the end of 2009 the moreoptimistic the market reaction was. For instance,at the latest POLEKO fair – the greatest ecologicalfair in this part of Europe – the number of professionalvisitors was by as much as 80 per cent largerthan last year. The number of nearly twice as manyvisitors as last year confirms the role of the fair asan essential intermediary between two forces –demand and supply, but – most importantly – ittranslates into the satisfaction of our exhibitors. Asa result, only until today, many leading companiesin the market have already declared the willingnessto take part in the fair next year, which lets us hopethat the fair in <strong>2010</strong> will be even bigger.What is the direction in which Poznań internationalFair is going to develop in <strong>2010</strong>? Whatnew events are you planning to include in youroffer?Apart from trade fairs that have been organizedfor many years and enjoy a high reputation in oth-

yearer countries and among foreign exhibitors, our calendarof events for <strong>2010</strong> includes new events, which oftenrespond to the needs of the market. In <strong>2010</strong> weare planning to start the preparations to as many as12 new events. Some of them are going to be held in<strong>2010</strong>, but some will have to wait for their premieresuntil the beginning of 2011.It is hard to present the whole trade fair calendar ina short interview. However, I would like to say a fewwords about the events that are going to open thenew exhibition year.The January BUDMA fair is going to be held in <strong>2010</strong> forthe 19th time. With each new edition the fair changesand becomes more attractive. This time it is goingto be held under the motto of sustainable constructionand is going to be accompanied by other fairs ofthe industry sector – CBS Sports Facilities, AmenityAreas, Wellness & Spa, the BUMASZ International Fairof Construction and Road Building Machines, Vehiclesand Equipment and the GLASS Glass Industry Fair.In February, at the POLAGRA-PREMIERY InternationalFair of Agricultural Mechanization, we are going tohost the representatives of the agricultural industry.The upcoming third edition of the fair will include acouple of new proposals. Apart from the premieresof agricultural machinery and technological innovationsof international brands necessary to run an economicaland modern farm, the scope of the exhibitionhas been extended by a professional offer of producersand distributors offering products that are essentialfor running a business activity in the field of gardening,orchards and protected crops. I can alreadysay that the Polagra PREMIERY fair – the greatesthall exhibition of agricultural machinery in Poland –will be our great success. This is confirmed by a greaterthan previously number of exhibitors who have alreadydeclared that they would participate in the fair,larger space the exhibitors are willing to rent and biggerstands they want to construct. All this proves thatthe agricultural industry is in a good condition and iscounting on a visible improvement of the economicsituation, and that the inflow of EU funds into Polandis efficiently invested by the Polish agriculturalindustry.This year we are also going to change the forms ofsome of our best hit trade fairs, which are well-knownamong their participants. For example, the <strong>2010</strong> editionof the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair is going to beheld in an innovative form which we have called “<strong>New</strong>contract zone”. We would like to put more emphasison attracting traders from abroad and the fair itselfis to serve the purpose of regaining the export powerof Polish furniture manufacturers, who have beenparticularly affected with the economic breakdown inthe countries of their western clients this year.Yet another change in our trade fair activity is goingto be an increased role of congresses and symposia,which in <strong>2010</strong> are going to be even bigger and morespectacular than those which have been taking placeat our premises so far. The number of such events carriedout by <strong>MTP</strong> has been increasing exponentially forfour years.As far as the activity of Poznań International Fair inthis field is concerned, let me just mention the COP-14congress organized in December 2008, this year’s InternationalConvention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, with22 thousand participants, or the 32th European YouthMeeting, with 30 thousand participants. All this hasbeen appreciated and <strong>MTP</strong> is now invited to organizeevents of great importance. For instance, <strong>MTP</strong> andthe government of the city of Poznań takes part in acontest whose winner will organize the second WorldYouth Olympic Games in 2014. I am glad to say thatwe have already beaten several dozens of rivals andgot to the final round of the contest.Organizing such events for thousands of participantsis an enormous organizational and logistical challenge,but we are perfectly prepared to do that andthe existing infrastructure of <strong>MTP</strong> gives us great opportunitiesto organize varied, cultural, social or evenreligious events for masses.Last year, at the premises of <strong>MTP</strong>, the constructionof new pavilions and the reconstructionof the existing ones were still in progress. Arethere going to be more such works in <strong>2010</strong>?<strong>2010</strong> is going to be the year of investments. We aregoing to start the construction of the greatest exhibitionhall in Poland – hall 6B. At the same time,we are going to commence preparatory works forthe construction of the new Congress and SymposiumCentre and the new Promotion Pavilion, whoseconstruction is going to correspond to the existingbuilding of the Fair Centre and the Eastern Entrance.In the case of the new pavilion, the designing workshave already been completed and we are now commencingthe works necessary to start the investment.Thank you for the interview.Interview by Halina BuczkowskaWHAT’S AHEADIN THE ISSUEBUDMA i BUMASZ Comprehensive look................................. 2AQUAZOO and Angling Fair Big and small fish.................... 4Polagra-PREMIERY and PRO-HORTIFour days of modern agriculture.................................................. 5MEBLE POLSKA <strong>New</strong> contract zone.......................................... 7NEXT SEASON, BODY STYLE, FAST FASHION,TEX-STYLE, INTERMASZTechnology hand In hand with trends......................................... 8EDUCATION FAIR, Books for Childrenand Young People World of books and knowledge.............10POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO The media world in Poznań ..............11EURO-REKLAMA: Digital Printing Expo, Visual ExpoThree days of talks on marketing ..............................................12SALMED Fair of medical market leaders..................................13Poznań Optical Exhibition Exhibition in good frames........13MOTOR SHOW Stylish come back ..........................................14LOOK and beautyVISIONSpring at LOOK and beautyVISION fair......................................15TRADE FAIRS ABROADPaszport to export – interview with Filip Bittner,manager of the project of Polishtrade fair exhibitions abroad......................................................16LEADERS SPEAK OUT....................................................18TRADE FAIR REPORTSMultimedia and entertainment fairShow for 30 thousand players...................................................20Tourist fair 20th edition has ended........................................21Fair of saling and water sports Fair under sail ..................22Hotel equipment trade fair Succesful INVESTments..........23Model making exhibitionHobby for children and adults...................................................24Stone industry fair Beauty of stones discovered..................25Ecology and municipal technology fairsGreen fair for self-governments and industry...........................26Fair for self-governmentsGMINA focused on new solutions.............................................27Art and craft festival Shopping for Christmas ....................28Horse riding equipment trade fairReal sport emotions...................................................................28POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE 4/2009 (320)An official magazine of the PoznańInternational Fair. Issued since 1959.Editor in chief: Halina BuczkowskaEditorial board: <strong>MTP</strong> PR teamGraphic design: PressEnterPhotos: Aneta Burda-Kamińska, GrzegorzKrykwiński, Marian Melanowicz, Piotr Piosik,Dana Puciłowska, Marek Zakrzewski, TomaszŻmudziński, <strong>MTP</strong> archivesPre-press preparation: PressEnterPrint: <strong>MTP</strong> Printing HouseSubmitted for print: December 2009Editorial office:Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań, PolandPublisher:Międzynarodowe <strong>Targi</strong> Poznańskie Sp. z o.o.Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań, Polandphone +48 61 869 20 00fax +48 61 869 29 99e-mail: info@mtp.pl, www.mtp.pl

WHAT’S AHEADBUDMAInternationalConstruction FairComprehensivelookBUMASZInternational Fair of Constructionand Road Building Machines, Vehiclesand EquipmentIn January, the construction industry is going to dominate the premises of PoznańInternational Fair. The BUDMA International Construction Fair, which is the greatestprofessional fair of technologies and materials for the industry in Poland and <strong>New</strong>Europe, the BUMASZ International Fair of Construction and Road Building Machines,Vehicles and Equipment, the CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa,and the GLASS Glass Industry Fair are all going to be held at the same time.BUDMASustained BUDMASustained development is one of themost important and the most current trendsin all the areas of human activity and economy.Therefore, the motto of the upcoming,nineteenth edition of the BUDMA fair is:”Sustainable construction – economy, ecology,human”. The BUDMA fair exposition andprogramme are going to concentrate aroundbuilding materials that are safe to people andenvironment-friendly, technologies ensuringhigh energy efficiency, as well as comfort andfunctionality of a building, minimizing at thesame time the negative effects the constructioncould have on the natural environment,and on harmonizing building designs with thelandscape and the cultural context of the surroundingarea.The January construction fair in Poznań involvesabout 1500 leading manufacturers anddistributors gathered in the space of about40,000 m 2 . The motto of sustained constructionis going to be both the subject of the fairexposition and the leading theme of the accompanyingevents. Among the solutions presentedat the fair there will definitely be manynovelties and newly-launched products. Theyear <strong>2010</strong> means for BUDMA extending its thematicscope. The exposition that used to focusmostly on solutions for the residential housingsector has now been complemented withthe rest of the construction industry sectors,including road construction. During the nearestedition of the fair, the exhibitors’ offers aregoing to be divided into the following sections:residential housing, social infrastructure andpublic building sector (foundations, walls, insulationproducts, windows, doors, roofs, wood,stone, chemicals, tools) industrial building(floors, steel constructions, halls) road construction(planning, geotechnics, aggregates,surfaces, road infrastructure).Ecological expositionsOne of the innovative projects of the BUDMA<strong>2010</strong> Fair is the Passive Construction project,involving the presentation of innovative buildingmaterials and technologies. The exhibitionis going to be accompanied with a two-day programmeof seminars and workshops called thePassive Construction Forum. Passive housesare the latest generation of energy-savingbuildings. They are structures combining acomfortably warm interior with extremely lowdemand for heat. In order to heat 1 m 2 of sucha house you need less than 1.5 liter of fuel oilor 1.5 m 3 of natural gas a year. Replacing anold building with a passive one means reducingthe demand for heating energy by up to 90%and the CO 2emission – by more than 90%.There is no turning back from passive construction.According to the resolution on the ActionPlan for Energy Efficiency issued by the EuropeanParliament in 2008, from 1 January 2013the passive construction technology will be theonly one allowed in the European Union.A model house meeting requirements forsustainable construction is going to be builtat the fair. The building will be eco-friendly,ergonomic, powered by renewable resources,environment-friendly and at the same timeensuring a comfortable rest and healthy livingconditions for the residents. The design willcombine traditional elements with state-ofthe-arttechnology.At the same time, a growinginterest in the wood buildingtechnology has become an inspirationfor the organizers ofthe Village of Wooden Housesexposition, which is going to feature examplesof state-of-the-art solutions used in wood construction.Model wooden houses built using differenttechnologies are going to await visitorsin the main square of the <strong>MTP</strong> grounds, oneof such constructions being a timber framedhouse developed under the patronage of theWooden House Association.Platform of meetings and educationThe rich programme of the BUDMA fair providesa special opportunity for meetings andfor the exchange of experiences among professionalsfrom the construction industry, as wellas being a valuable source of knowledge on thelatest trends in the construction sector. Seminarsand other events have been preparedwith a view to particular groups of visitors, sothere are going to be: Civil Engineering Day,Urban Planning Day, Polish Roofer’s Congress,or Architecture Day. The programme of accompanyingevents is very interesting and everyattendee will find something for him or herselfin it. Speaking of attractions, the renowned experton public space design Professor Jan Gehlfrom Denmark has already announced that hewill take part in Architecture Day. On the firstday of the fair construction professionals arealso going to hold a debate on the sustaineddevelopment policy in the construction industry.Detailed information about the programmeof events can be found at www.budma.pl2 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

19-22.01.<strong>2010</strong>CBSSports Facilities, Amenity Areas,Wellness & SpaGLASSGlass Industry FairVioletta Pastwamanager of the BUDMA fairChanges in construction technologies prove that sustainableconstruction is not just a temporary phenomenon buta steady and increasingly popular trend, which is partly aresult of growing energy costs and partly an answer to thedemands of the more and more ecologically aware society.This year’s BUDMA fair is going to be a good opportunityfor thousands of visitors to learn about the latest solutionsin the industry.SPORTS CONSTRUCTION CENTRESports Facilities andAmenity AreasBUMASZThe CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness& Spa exhibition – a joint enterprise of thePolish Club of Sports Infrastructure and PoznańInternational Fair – is going to be held for the fifthtime. At the CBS stands, manufacturers and distributorsof the sports and amenity constructionindustry, as well as producers of building materials,technologies and equipment used in sports,leisure, tourist, wellness and spa facilities are allgoing to showcase their products and the latestachievements in the areas of materials, technologiesand construction solutions. The CBS expositionis going to be complemented by meetingsrun by experts and practitioners in the field ofsports and leisure infrastructure. Participants inthe events will definitely acquire knowledge necessaryfor planningconstruction investments.At the informationand consultationdesk, open at thestand of the Polish Clubof Sports Infrastructure,both the exhibitors and the fairvisitors will be able to obtain free advice on issuesrelated to planning, organizing and participatingin tenders, financing, designing, constructing,equipping and managing sports andleisure facilities. Model examples of such facilitieswill be available to see at the “Buildersof Polish Sport” exhibition, which will includepresentations of winners of the “Medal-WinningCompany” Competition and holders of the“Builder of Polish Sport” Statuettes.Every two years: machinery, vehicles and equipmentThe BUMASZ International Fair of Construction and Road Building Machines, Vehicles andEquipment, taking place every two years, constitutes the full presentation of modern technologiesof building and road machines, vehicles and construction equipment. The exhibitors’exposition is going to be accompanied by a number of meetings. What is worth attendingis a seminar on work safety in the construction industry which will discuss issuesrelated to various threats and their influence on accidents in building industry as well aswork safety management in construction companies. Apart from that, another interestingevent seems to be a presentation on the main problems and possible changes concerningthe construction and use of scaffolds for small buildings.by Tomasz Wojciechowski, Natalia FilipiakGlassGlass as a perfect materialThe GLASS Glass Industry Fair <strong>2010</strong> isa new proposal of Poznań International Fair,which developed from the GLASS & STONEFair last organized in 2008. Through presentingunusual uses of glass products, thefair is creating fashion for glass as an environment-friendlymaterial of numerous applications,so desirable in the Polish market.The exposition of the fair exhibitors offeringmachines, devices, tools, technologies andraw materials, and services for the glass industrywill definitely be interesting not onlyfor manufacturers of glass elements, glassfactories and glassworks, but also for constructors,architects and interiors designers,as well as the scientific circles. A greatattraction of the fair will undoubtedly be apresentation of a bridge of cold bent glass,made in Germany.by Natalia Filipiakwww.budma.pl • www.bumasz.pl • www.cbs.mtp.pl • www.glass.mtp.pl4/20093

WHAT’S AHEADAQUAZOOFishkeepingExhibitionAngling Fair29-31.01.<strong>2010</strong>Big and small fishBarbara Vogtmanager of the Angling Fair and AQUAZOOThe Angling Fair and the AQUAZOO Fishkeeping Exhibition are first of all meetings ofhobbyists, both those experienced, for many years devoted to the hobby and havinggreat expertise, and those who only start their fantastic adventure with the underwaterworld.The Poznań Angling Fair has always been extremelypopular and famous for its wonderful atmosphere. We areconfident that also the nearest edition will be a gatheringof anglers from all over Poland and an opportunityto meet interesting and popular people, and that manynewcomers will find there a passion for a lifetime.AQUAZOO is also a meeting of true hobbyists and atthe same time an opportunity for them to present variousfaces of fishkeeping. More and more often an aquariumbecomes an aesthetic, decorative element of an interior.The Fishkeeping Exhibition will definitely be a feast forthe eyes of all the visitors, as they will be able to see beautifulfish, luxuriant plants and unusual aquaria.Angling FairStart of anglingseasonAngling is a large-scale industry.It involves huge capitaland a great number of people– customers, manufacturers,importers and traders. It is thesepeople who at the beginning of everysecond year fill the <strong>MTP</strong> halls. Theturn of January and February is the perfecttime for traders to look for new productsfor their customers for the upcoming season, andfor anglers and hobbyist it is the perfect time to purchasethe lacking pieces of equipment for the newseason’s fishing.Therefore, in January the fair exhibitors are going toshowcase new angling products – fishing rods, spinning-wheels,bait – as well as tourist and floatingequipment necessary for angling. Angling tourism2-4.02.<strong>2010</strong>International Fair of Plasticsand Rubber Processing4 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINEcentres will alsoadvertise their offers.Apart from that,among the exhibitorsthere are going to be anglingmagazines and travelagencies advertising trips tointeresting fishing grounds.The fair visitors will find here everything they need,whether they are experienced or beginning anglers.The latest equipment and accessories, baitand other luring substances, clothes, tourist equipment,boats and pontoons are going to wait forthem at the fair along with presentations, showsand lectures on equipment, ways of fishing andpractical preparation to angling.See more atwww.epla.plAQUAZOOFishkeeping lovers’ timeThe AQUAZOO Exposition is a live inspiration notonly for hobbyists but also for interior decorators.The January fair is going to feature all the new fishkeepingproducts – from small to really large-scaleaquaria, aquarium equipment and accessories, fodderand care and medical preparations. The fair visitorswill also be able to learn about the offers of servicesrelated to organizing and looking after aquaria.It is a good opportunity to obtain advice on one’s ownfishkeeping husbandry asking directly manufacturersor distributors of particular pieces of equipment necessaryfor taking proper care of fish and underwaterplants. Contacts with experienced fishkeepers andcompanies involved in the industry made on occasionssuch as the fair are priceless, as they let you discovermany tricks of the beautiful trade of fishkeeping.The main attraction of AQUAZOO <strong>2010</strong> will be the1st Polish Angelfish Championship organized withthe Polish Club of Discus Lovers and <strong>MTP</strong>. Choosingthe most beautiful fish of the exhibition guaranteeslots of emotions. The fair visitors will be ableto see fish expositions both in competition tanksand in decorative aquaria. The event will be accompaniedwith presentations of various fish speciesfrom South America and an additional attractionwill be a two-day long gathering of fishkeepersat which fishkeeping gurus from all over the worldwill deliver their lectures.by Ewa Rutkowskawww.aquazoo.mtp.pl • www.naryby.mtp.pl

11-14.02.<strong>2010</strong>Polagra-PREMIERYInternational Fair of AgriculturalMechanizationPRO-HORTIHorticulturalContracting ExhibitionDariusz Muślewskimanager of the Polagra-PREMIERY FairFour daysof modernagriculturePolagra-PREMIERYis a perfect opportunityto learn aboutmodern cultivationtechnologies andprinciples of runninga modern and competitivefarm.The form of both the Polagra-PREMIERY Fair and thePRO-HORTI Exhibition has been prepared especially tofacilitate the use of the whole market potential of the fairexhibitors, the exchange of experiences and discussions onnew technological solutions and on modern production.We would like to welcome to Poznań also foreign specialists.Therefore, in our promotional activities addressed topotential attendees we focused not only on Poland but alsoon Central and Eastern Europe.More than 60 thousand people are expected to attend the Polagra-PREMIERY InternationalFair of Agricultural Mechanization and the PRO-HORTI Horticultural Contracting Exhibitionin February. The organizers promise a great exhibition, as the vast majority of companiesoperating in the agricultural industry and practically all the leaders have alreadyannounced their participation in the fair. This means that the upcoming, third edition ofPolagra-PREMIERY Fair will be the greatest exhibition of agriculture machinery in Poland.The dates of the Polagra-PREMIERY Fair have not been selectedat random – this is the first fair in a year at which exhibitorsare given an opportunity to showcase new products for theagricultural industry.Polagra-PREMIERYThe <strong>MTP</strong> fairs for the broadly understood agriculturalindustry are organized according to the calendarstrictly adjusted to the needs of the fair exhibitorsand visitors. The Polagra-PREMIERY Fair ofagricultural machinery and equipment takes placeat the beginning of an agricultural year, anticipatingthe season of agricultural fieldwork. The owners ofgarden farms and orchards, and growers of vegetablesmeet at the same time in Poznań at their ownindustry event – the PRO-HORTI Exhibition.The fair visitors may count not only on a rich expositionof products, but also on an interestingprogramme of accompanying events, such as professionalseminars, workshops and presentationsprepared by the industry associations, federationsand unions.PREMIERES of global brandsBoth exhibitors and visitors of the Polagra-PREMIERYFair admit that the event is a perfect opportunity tolearn about new products, as they are presentedby most of the fair participants. Moreover, the timewhen the fair takes place is optimal from the perspectiveof making decisions about the possiblepurchase of new machines and technological innovationsnecessary for running a farm in a modernand economical way.The February PREMIERY Fair is already the thirdedition of the fair. The first edition was held in 2007continued on page 6The February exposition of the Polagra-PREMIERY fair is goingto consist mostly of agricultural machinery and equipmentused on many European farms.www.polagra-premiery.pl • www.prohorti.pl 4/2009 5

WHAT’S AHEADcontinued from page 5and it gathered more than 100 exhibitors.The second edition was threetimes as large – the full offer of products,including many novelties, wasshowcased by nearly 300 exhibitorsand represented companies fromseveral European countries. Thenumber of visitors reached nearly40 thousand people, 90 per cent ofwhich were attendees professionallyinvolved in the agricultural industry.The first two days of the PREMIERY<strong>2010</strong> Fair are addressed mostly toparticular groups of attendees. 11thFebruary is going to be the Day of AgriculturalExperts. A significant numberof owners and managers of large-volumefarms and trading companies isexpected to come to Poznań on thatday and many industrial leaders areplanning meetings with their distributionnetworks. The Young Farmer’sDay is planned for 12th February. Theprogramme of the day includes conferencesand special presentations,all of which are going to be addressedto young people who will soon takeover farms from their parents. Studentsof agricultural universities willThe PRO-HORTI Horticultural Contracting Exhibitionwas organized for the first time a year ago, during theFARMA International Fair of Animal Breeding and RuralDevelopment.PRO-HORTIIn good companyDue to the similarities between the Polagra-PRE-MIERY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanizationand the PRO-HORTI Horticultural ContractingExhibition, this year – for the first time – thetwo events are going to be held together. Theproject is going to result in extending the fairexposition by presentations of producers anddistributors offering products necessary for allthose running a business activity related to gardening,orchards and protected crops. Amongthe products there will be machines, equipmentand tools used in growing of vegetables and in fruit gardening,greenhouses and polytunnels, auxiliary materialsfor crop growing, irrigation equipment, nursery material,seeds and garden chemicals.The programme of the first day of the fair is going to bedirected especially at professionals – the largest gardeningfarms, orchard owners and vegetable growers. For thesecond day the organizers haveplanned events targeted at studentsof agricultural universities.Additionally, the partner trade fairof the PRO-HORTI <strong>2010</strong> Exhibitionis going to be the NationalGardeners’ Days in Gołuchów, thelargest gathering of gardeners,fruit and nursery growers. The industrypartners of PRO-HORTI <strong>2010</strong> are: the Associationof Polish Fruit-Growers, the Polish National RefrigerationForum and Poznań University of Life Sciences. The mediaThe PRO-HORTI HorticulturalContracting Exhibition is anoverview of professional offersfor agricultural farms operatingin the area of gardening, fruitgardening and growing protectedcrops.partner of the event is the Hortpress publishing house. by Dominika Redlickabe the target group of many eventsheld on that day.The fair is going to be held under thehonorary auspices of the Minister ofAgriculture and Rural Development.The industry partners of the fair areall the most important agriculturerelatedinstitutions, such as Federationof Agriculture Employers, the Institutefor Buildings Mechanizationand Electrification of Agriculture,the National Council of AgriculturalChambers, the Agricultural SocialInsurance Fund (KRUS), the NationalAssociation of Rape Producers,the Grain and Feed Chamber,Leaseholders and Land Owners,the Polish Seed Trade Association,the Polish Association of Producersof Plant Corn and Poznań Universityof Life Sciences. The Top Agrar Polskamonthly is the media partner ofthe event.6 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINEGarden of Good Business26-28.02.<strong>2010</strong>, Poznańgrounds•• floristryGarden Trade Fairplant materialgardening equipment, tools and accessorieswatering systemsgarden chemicalsgarden architecturegarden furnitureplaygrounds and playground equipmentlandscape architecturewww.polagra-premiery.pl • www.prohorti.pl

16-19.02.<strong>2010</strong>MEBLE POLSKAFurniture Fair<strong>New</strong> contract zone<strong>New</strong> name, new dates, new shape – the nearest edition ofthe MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair will combine innovativenessand the nearly 30-year-old tradition of Poznań furniturefair to create a new event. It will definitely be unique if onlybecause this time – for the first time – the fair will be attendedexclusively by professionals.Józef Szyszkamanager of MEBLE POLSKA Furniture FairHaving consulted the representatives of the furniture industry,we decided to change the shape of the fair and to introduce newsolutions starting from the nearest edition. The fact that thefair is now going to be held at the beginning of the year willbring numerous benefits to both the exhibitors and the clients.Advertising new trends at the start of the year will give the lattermuch more time to test new products and consequently willmake it easier for them to make decisions concerning actualorders in the second half of the year. The products will also beavailable in shops sooner than before.Poland is the third in Europe and thefourth in the world provider of highquality furniture. Exhibitions at the fairare wonderful means of presenting theoffer of Polish manufacturers to tradersfrom all over Europe.The MEBLE POLSKA <strong>2010</strong> Furniture Fairwill arrange areas for direct meetings betweenfurniture manufactures and theirbusiness partners.niture Fair is bound to be a highly efficient meansof promoting the offer of Polish producers amongtraders all over Europe.MEBLEPOLSKAEasier contact makingThe motto of this year’s fair “<strong>New</strong> contract zone”conveys the idea behind it well because the fair createsa perfect space for furniture producers and theirbusiness clients to meet directly. This gives the fairexhibitors an opportunity to prepare a commercialoffer tailored for particular clients – furniture merchants.In order to facilitate making contacts, B2Bcontracting meetings will be organized at the fair.The exhibitors participating in them will be able totake advantage of the free pool of invitations for tradersand to plan business meetings using comprehensiveinformation about other exhibitors posted onthe website www.meble.mtp.pl. Also, both the tradersinvited by <strong>MTP</strong> and the fair exhibitors will have attheir disposal a number of facilities: free entry (alsoby car) on all the fair days, the car park space at the<strong>MTP</strong> premises, all day catering services.Leaders meetMEBLE POLSKA guarantees the presence of thegreatest in Poland number of manufacturers andimportant buyers from countries such as Germany,Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain,Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia,Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Ukraine.This gives a unique opportunity to Polish furnituremanufacturers, enabling them to present their latestcollections and technological solutions. Moreover,it is a perfect opportunity for the whole industryto integrate and discuss the creation of a strongoffer in the European market. This is especially importantin the light of the fact that Poland has notmanaged to create the “Polish furniture” brand thatwould be a synonym of not only competitive pricesbut also excellent quality. The MEBLE POLSKA Fur-What is to be seen at the fair?In February a comprehensive offer of the Polishfurniture industry is going to be presented atthe Poznań fair, enabling the attendees to learn– quickly, because at one place and time – aboutwhat competitors have to offer and what the latesttrends in the market are. The uniformed appearanceof the stands – according to the slogansaying “we sell furniture and not stand appearance”– will make the exposition clearer and it willadditionally mean a real decrease in the costs ofthe fair participation for manufacturers. The fairattendees will also see individual presentations ofsome companies, which – understandably – willtake place in a larger and separately arrangedspace.As it happens every year, also this time the MEBLEPOLSKA Furniture Fair is going to be held underthe honorary auspices of the Minister of Economyand the industry-related media. by Monika Nawrockawww.meble.mtp.pl4/20097

WHAT’S AHEAD2-4.03.<strong>2010</strong>Małgorzata Nowak-Sowińskamanager of NEXT SEASON, BODY STYLE, FAST FASHION,TEX-STYLETechnology hand inwith trendsWe put a lot of effort to make the Poznań fashion fairsan event that positively impresses our partners and clientswith opportunities it offers and the standards of makingefficient business contacts. The proposal of extending theoffer of the NEXT SEASON contracting by collections offootwear and leather accessories aroused great interest ofimporters and merchants contracting collections in advanceof six months.For companies whose offer is addressed to clothing retailshops, boutiques, shopping centres and retail chains, takingpart in the Poznań fashion fairs is a way of reachingtheir key clients. In March <strong>2010</strong>, due to the great numberof events held at one place and time for various differentsegments of textile and clothing market, the Poznań fashionfairs are going to be the most comprehensive businessevent for the textile and clothing industry.INTERMASZTwentieth edition oftechnological innovationsThe INTERMASZ Fair, held every two years,is at present the greatest in Poland businessplatform of advanced technologies for productionof clothes, such as modern machinesand devices and computer production preparingsystems. The event gathers dynamic, creativecompanies, contributing significantly totechnological innovations and meeting thehighest quality standards. The participantsof the fair are enterprisesoperating in the areas of production,import and trade oftextile, clothing and footwearmachinery. Witha view to enhancing efficiencyof participatingin the fair, the organizersoffer the fair exhibitorsa new form of showcasingproducts – in accordancewith the slogan:“Exhibitors sell products notstand appearance”. Moreover,the participants of INTERMASZ will beable to take advantage of the innovative HostedBuyers matchmaking programme, whichwill let them shorten the time they need toreach a narrowly specialised group of potentialrecipients.As soon as at the beginning of March <strong>2010</strong>, professionals of clothing and textileindustry will be able to take advantage of a unique opportunity to establish multidimensionalbusiness cooperation during the fashion fairs taking place at the premises of PoznańInternational Fair. In March as many as five fair events are going to be held: NEXT SEASON, BODYSTYLE, FAST FASHION, TEX-STYLE and INTERMASZ.Next SeasonThe March fair is going to be an occasion for celebrating two anniversaries – the 20th edition ofthe INTERMASZ fair and the 10th edition of the NEXT SEASON – Contracting Exhibition. The organizerspromise many attractions and accompanying events – there are going to be seminars and lectureson fashion trends, new technologies, trading and marketing. The latest collections are going tobe presented during commercial fashion shows of the NEXT SEASON Contracting Exhibition and theBODY STYLE Exhibition, and during a special Final Ceremony on the third day of the fairs. All the mostimportant fair events are going to be recorded in drawings made by a skilful comic illustrator.Next Season for the tenth timeAt the tenth edition of the NEXT SEASON exhibition, representatives of shops, retail chains andboutiques from all over Europe will be able to make orders in advance of six months for collectionsof clothing for women, men, children and teenagers, for clothing accessories, shoes andleather accessories for the season of autumn and winter <strong>2010</strong>/2011.The footwear and leather industry is going to meet in Poznań also two months later, during theMay BTS Fair of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods.8 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

NEXTSEASONBODYSTYLEFASTFASHIONTEX-STYLEINTERMASZhandFAST FASHIONFAST FASHION and debutingdesignersFor the second time manufacturers and importersoffering collections of clothes and accessoriesfor the current season and traders interestedin constant up-dating of their commercial offerare going to meet during the FAST FASHIONExhibition. Especially the Future zone is goingto be a unique part of the exhibition, featuringdesigns of debutants. For many of them, takingpart in the fair is the first serious test of theircreativity and resourcefulness, necessary inthe profession they have chosen. by Katarzyna SupaTEX-STYLETEX-STYLE Faironly in springIn response to the changing expectations ofmanufacturers and distributors of textiles,haberdashery and tailor accessories, fromMarch <strong>2010</strong> the time when the TEX-STYLETrade Fair of Fabrics Clothing and Accessoriesis held is going to change – the fair is going totake place only once a year, in spring.BTS Fair of Shoes, Leatherand Leather Goods 12-13.05.<strong>2010</strong>Comprehensive offerfor footwear andleather industrywww.shoes.mtp.plFor the second time, BTS Fair of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods will take place in the new exhibition cycle – May, November. Thesummer edition of the fair will be held on 12-13 May <strong>2010</strong> on the premises of the Poznań International Fair. Companies will presentthe latest collections for the fall-winter <strong>2010</strong>/2011 season. The new formula of BTS Fair, reduced to two days, will allow exhibitors tosave time and costs related to their stay in Poznań. The most important event of the shoes and leather industry will certainly enjoythe interest of numerous guests.Comprehensive offer for the industryThe offer will be presented in two thematicareas: Trend – place to present collections ofshoes, clothes and leather goods, and Tech –gathering exhibitors of leather, components,shoe and purse accessories, as well as machinesand technologies for the industry. BTSFair will also present market novelties and fairpremieres, which will significantly expand theexhibition offer.Attractive programme of eventsAn attractive programme of events, prepared togetherwith partners, will perfectly complementthe wide offer of exhibitors. Conferences, seminarsand training courses will tackle issues amongothers related to effective sales techniques.Everyday shows presenting shoes, leather accessoriesand leather clothes will be an opportunityto get to know the latest trends for the fall-winter<strong>2010</strong>/2011 season. Furthermore, organisers planto organise contests for traders and special shows.During the festive Award Gala, Gold Medals willbe awarded to the best products.www.next-season.mtp.pl • www.bodystyle.mtp.pl • www.fast-fashion.mtp.pl • www.intermasz.pl4/20099

WHAT’S AHEADPoznań trade fairmeetingsBooks for Childrenand Young PeopleEducationFairSchool EquipmentExhibition19-21.02.<strong>2010</strong>World of books andknowledgeZofia Strzyżmanager of the Education FairIn the light of demographic decline, a direct contact withthousands of young people and their parents gatheredtogether at one place and time is a great opportunityfor schools looking for pupils and universities recruitingstudents. Confronting one’s own offer with offers ofother, also foreign, educational centres makes it possibleto see and properly expose one’s own advantages. TheEducation Fair helps schools build good brands. We arehappy that every year so many educational centres usethis opportunity.Every year at the Poznań books fair young readers have anopportunity to meet the authors of their favourite books.Books for Children and Young PeopleFor little and a little biggerreadersThe Books for Children and Young People –Poznań Trade Fair Meetings is a tempting offer notonly for young bookworms but also for teachersand illustration-lovers. This is where young readerscan meet the authors of their favourite books. Ithas already become a tradition that those who instillove for reading in children are awarded at thefair. The Little Pegasus awards are granted in twocategories: ”Children’s books author” and “Friendof children’s books”. Moreover, the results of thePolish nationwide competition for young readers”I like reading” are also going to be given.Yet another attraction at the Poznań Trade FairMeetings is going to be the Illustrators Exhibitionfeaturing the works of artists creating picturesand graphics for books. The fair is also going tobe accompanied by exhibitions of the “Mastersof Illustration” series and the IBBY Awards.The Books for Children and Young People – PoznańTrade Fair Meetings are organized by Poznań InternationalFair, the Polish Association of Books Publishersand the ZAMEK Cultural Centre.10 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINEThe Poznań Education Fair has been organized for nearly fifteen years. It is one of the mostimportant events of this kind in Poland. The fair presents education offers for young peopleat every education stage – from preschoolers to students. The February edition of the fairis going to feature a new attraction – the Career Exhibition. As every year, also this timevisitors will be able to see the exhibitors’ offers at the School Equipment Exhibition. Littlebookworms will savour the Books for Children and Young People – Poznań Trade Fair Meetings– the most important Polish fair devoted exclusively to books for young readers.Education FairThe Education Fair is a complex event presentingthe whole spectrum of issues relatedto education. At theme exhibitions addressedto diverse groups of recipients, the exhibitorspresent offers related to education, the startof professional career and to school equipment.Every year, the fair is visited by 30 thousandstudents, teachers and head teachers.The organization of the event is the resultof the joint initiative of Poznań InternationalFair, the Teacher Training Centre in Poznańand the Marshall’s Office of the WielkopolskaProvince.EducationThe Education Fair is first of all the place whereschools, universities, kindergartens and educationalinstitutions can present their offersto thousands of their future students. The fairgives them practically unlimited opportunitiesto show their best sides – shows, scientificexperiments, artistic performances and workshopshelp young people get a clearer pictureof their future educational path. It is them thatgive the fair its unusual dynamics and characteristicatmosphere.Every year, the Education Fair attracts crowdsof students and their parents. What bringsthem here are opportunities of direct meetingswith representatives of schools, educationalschool Equipment ExhibitionModern schoolFrom kindergartens to universities – all educationalentities try to show their most interestingside at the fair.institutions and organizations, and obtainingfirst-hand information that cannot be found onthe Internet. For teachers, the organisers ofthe fair prepare an interesting programme oflectures and conferences.CareerA novelty at the 14th Education Fair will bethe CAREER Exhibition, where young people –mostly students and graduates – will be ableto find the offers of internships, practices, fulland part-time jobs, training courses and foreignscholarship grants, consult professionaladvisers and learn about the situation in thejob market. An integral part of the Education Fair is the School Equipment Exhibition where managers of kindergartens,schools, universities, sports and leisure centres, cultural and private educational centrescan learn about equipment offers and innovative technological solutions used in education. Over thelast years Polish schools have been changing their images – modern, well-equipped computer andlanguage labs are no longer rarities. The School Equipment Exhibition offers support in planning suchand similar investments. by Marta Siekwww.edukacja.mtp.pl • www.targiksiazki.pl

10-12.03.<strong>2010</strong>POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPOPiotr KamińskiManager of POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO and EURO-REKLAMAI can promise today that next year Poznań will be the capitalof the Polish media industry. From 10th to 12th March<strong>2010</strong>, at the premises of Poznań International Fair the secondedition of the greatest event for the television industryin Poland is going to be held – the POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPOfair. At the same time, you will be able to see a new face ofthe EURO-REKLAMA Fair. I can safely say that carryingout both of the projects at one time and place will make thejoint event the greatest fair for the media in Poland.The mediaworld in PoznańThe success of the first edition of the POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO fair in 2009 made it possibleto create in Poznań the greatest event of the media world in East-Central Europe. PoznańMedia Expo has also grown to be a forum of exchanging views and forming opinions onimportant subjects related to the media. It is an excellent place for companies working forthe television industry to promote their products among professionals. The next edition hasa chance to become an even more successful event, gathering together enterprises fromthe whole television industry.POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPOClose-up of television marketPOZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO is a fair for companies lookingfor a common platform of communication inorder to freely exchange experiences, informationand offers. The organizers of the second editionof the PME fair are addressing it to professionalsinterested in obtaining direct informationon new products in the industry and wantingto learn more about opportunities and threatsof the television market. The thematic scope ofthe programme of this year’s fair concerns themost important issues and problems of the market.The programme has been created in cooperationand thanks to the involvement of institutionsorganizing electronic media in Poland: theNational Council of Radio Broadcasting and Television(KRRiT), the Office of Electronic Communications(UKE), the Polish Chamber for ElectronicCommunication (PIKE), the Polish Chamber ofInformation Technology and Telecommunications(PIIT), the Polish Chamber of Audiovisual Producers(KIPA), the Polish Chamber of Digital Radiodiffusion(PIRC), all of which belong to the ProgrammeBoard of POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO. Participantsof the scheduled discussion panels will talkabout all the most current aspects of the situationin the television industry.What’s new in advertisingThe television industry is constantly searchingfor new, attractive forms of advertising. Duringthe POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO fair, the Polish Chamberfor Electronic Communication (PIKE) and thePolish Chamber of Audiovisual Producers (KIPA)are going to present their proposals and activitiesin the field. It is worth noting that an audiovisualdirective, which allows for hidden advertisingin the form of product placement will havebeen introduced by the end of 2009. The subjectwill definitely be covered by the thematic scope ofPOZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO.Two related sectorsThe advertising market is one of the main driving forcesbehind the television industry. The natural consequenceof this situation is the similarity betweenthe fair events devoted to both industries. In Marchthe television and advertising industries are going tomeet at the premises of Poznań International Fair, asPOZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO is going to be held at the sametime as the Euro-Reklama fair. This is going to be atruly large-scale event. The similarities between theevents will on the one hand give their participants apossibility to make additional contacts and on theother – will be an excellent opportunity to presenttheir advertising offer. POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO fair isunquestionably an event worth participating in as aplace of meeting of all major TV market players.by Marcin Jędrzejczykwww.mediaexpo.pl 4/2009 11

WHAT’S AHEADEURO-REKLAMADigital Printing ExpoVisual Expo10-12.03.<strong>2010</strong>Three days of talks on marketingThe already well-known Poznań EURO-REKLAMA fair will go through a significantmetamorphosis in <strong>2010</strong>. The event will include two thematic exhibitions: DigitalPrinting Expo and Visual Expo, instead of the Outdoor Expo and the Gift Expo fairs.Since the POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO fair is to be held at the same time – the whole eventwill definitely be the biggest media event in Poland.EURO-REKLAMA: Digital Printing Expo • Visual ExpoAn important meetingThe Poznań spring meetings of the advertisingindustry have for years been the number oneevent in the calendar of the most important exhibitionevents for the out-of-home media sector inPoland. For exhibitors it has been a unique placefor meetings with clients and business partners,as well as an opportunity to make new businesscontacts. It has also been a forum integrating allthose operating in the advertising market. In theface of the rising demand, the beginning of <strong>2010</strong>is a perfect moment to assert your position inthe market and an excellent opportunity to presentyour commercial offer. According to the estimatesof Poznań International Fair, more than200 companies from 10 countries are going totake part in the EURO-REKLAMA Fair. As a result,in <strong>2010</strong>, the fair will become a platform forimportant discussions, as well as a place whereopinions on subjects essential for the whole industryemerge. A rich programme of discussionpanels and conferences, with Polish advertisingstandards authorities and institutions operatingin the market as participants, will make it possibleto hold debates at the highest level.The fair will be attended by people making keydecisions in printing companies, advertisingagencies and outsourcing agencies providingmarketing and PR services, representativesof marketing and PR departments in companies,representatives of media and publishinghouses.Large format and marketingcommunicationA new and clear proposal of specialising thePoznań advertising and marketing fair willmake it possible for publishers to preciselyplace their exposition and at the same timereach their target customers more accurately.“The new form of the EURO-REKLAMA Fair isa response to the expectations of exhibitorsand attendees, and we are positive that thechanges we have proposed will consequentlybring benefits to the participants of the fair,”says the manager of the fair, Piotr Kamiński.The Digital Printing Expo Large Format Printingand Advertising Printing Exhibition includes,first of all, large format and advertising printing,materials and machinery used for theproduction of advertisements, advertisingservices and offers of professional publishinghouses and industry portals.The offer of the exhibition is addressed mostlyto advertising agencies, BTL agencies, mediahouses, promotion offices of local self-governmentalunits, political organizations, networkclients such as stores, gas stations, telephoneIn 2009 more than 240 professionals from the visual communicationsector attended the conference devoted to complementaryvisual communication in digital signage.operators, graphic design studios, i.e. all thoseprofessionally involved in the world of advertisingprinting.The Visual Expo Marketing Communication Exhibitionis devoted to professional issues relatedto particular kinds of advertising, such as:outdoor and indoor media, digital signage, ambient,design, light systems, POSM, publishingservices and comprehensive event services. Itis going to be a meeting place for marketingprofessionals from companies operating in avariety of industries.All the participants of the fair may count on avery interesting programme of the events accompanyingthe exhibition. The schedule ofthe events is going to be updated until the verylast moments before the exposition so that itwill include the most current issues interestingfor professionals from the world of marketingand advertising. The schedule will be availableon the websites of both of the events.by Jacek Obarski12 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINEwww.euroreklama.mtp.pl • www.dpexpo.pl • www.visualexpo.pl

SALMEDwww.salmed.pl10-12.03.<strong>2010</strong>Fair of medicalmarket leadersSALMED – the greatest medical equipment fair in Poland – once again is going to gatherin March leaders of the medical market. It is going to be the 23th edition of the eventand just as all the previous ones – it is going to be the time of exchanging experiencesand expertise, and making contacts among the representatives of the world of medicine,business and science.Professionalism and modernityPoznań Optical ExhibitionThe fair will be accompaniedby a rich programme ofevents being scientific andtraining in their character.They will be addressed topeople professionally involvedin the medical sector,that is managers in healthservice, managerial staff ofmedical facilities, physicians,laboratory diagnosticians aswell as rehabilitants, nursesand midwives.As soon as in March the halls of the SALMED International Medical Fair are going to befilled by manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and accessories necessary for a modernhealth establishment. There will definitely be many market novelties among the medicaldevices and instruments, equipment for hospitals, clinics and private practices, offersof laboratories and companies selling rehabilitation equipment. In accordance with thetradition of Poznań International Fair, Gold Aesculapius Awards are going to be granted tothe best products presented at the fair, outstanding in terms of advanced technology andtop quality. The best proof of the prestige of the event is that is attracts not only the leadersof the Polish market, but also representatives of international companies and numerousforeign enterprises.Anna Lemańskamanager of SALMED and the Poznań Optical ExhibitionThe SALMED Fair is held every two years, which is why we canclearly observe the progress that is taking place in medical technology.SALMED is an opportunity for the representatives of themedical market not only to promote their companies and brandsamong the fair audience but also to obtain comprehensive informationabout the expectations of their clients and to emphasizeits strong market position.For manufacturers and distributors, the Poznań Optical Exhibitionis a perfect opportunity to showcase their products directlyto their key clients and in a comprehensive way. We are proudto see that with every new edition the exhibition is getting moreand more popular.26-27.03.<strong>2010</strong>www.pso.mtp.plSALMEDInternational Medical FairMedical know-howAs far as the accompanying events are concerned, it is especiallyrecommended to attend the SALMED-Laboratoryconferences on ”The role of the medical diagnostics laboratoryin patient care”. Other valuable experiences may begained from attending lectures of experts devoted to thethemes of the healthcare system, financing of investmentsand health service management. Apart from that, the fairvisitors professionally involved in the industry will definitelybe interested in conferences on nursing, rehabilitation andcurrent issues related to emergency medicine, accompaniedby a medical rescue equipment exhibition. During theSALMED fair there are also going to be meetings of associationsgathering healthcare units and a special space calledSpeaker’s Corner separated especially for presentationsorganized by companies participating in the fair.by Marzena BanaszPoznań Optical Exhibition is a famous and renowned event in the calendar ofPoznań International Fair. So far there have been as many as eight editions of thefair and each of them attracted about 70 exhibitors.Exhibition in good framesPoznań Optical Exhibition is an event organizedjointly by Polish Interregional Optical Crafts Guildin Poznań and <strong>MTP</strong>. The exhibition is a placewhere specialists from the spectacle optics industryhave an opportunity to learn about the latestsolutions in the domain and to equip their surgerieswith necessary accessories offered by themost renowned companies operating in the Polishmarket. Also manufacturers and distributorsof spectacle frames and lenses, contact lensesand lenses care products, optical shops equipment,instruments, materials and optical toolswill present their offers. The exhibition stands arealso going to offer products for visually impairedpeople, sunglasses, protection glasses and specialglasses. For people professionally involved inthe industry, the admission to the fair is free.by Ewa Rutkowska4/200913

WHAT’S AHEADMOTOR SHOW19-21.03.<strong>2010</strong>Stylishcome backRafał Błachowskimanager of MOTOR SHOWIn the past MOTOR SHOW was one of the greatestevents taking place at the premises of Poznań InternationalFair. The latest car models, new products of themotor industry or specially tuned cars attracted thousandsof motor lovers every year. Also during this year’sthree-day long edition everyone will find something forhim or herself.Last year, the fair visitorscould see a wide range offamily cars, luxury limousinesand sports coupes,off-road and commercialvehicles, as well as carsfor collectors and conceptvehicles. Some of the modelspresented at the fair werenot yet available in showrooms.What will the fairexhibitors show this year?We will soon find out.MOTOR SHOWAs soon as in a couple of months, the 14th edition of MOTOR SHOW is going to start in Poznań. The greatest Polish event of the motorindustry is making a spectacular come back into the <strong>MTP</strong> calendar of events after a five-year break. MOTOR SHOW means not only anespecially attractive and varied programme of events and an opportunity to see the latest car and motorcycle models. It means – firstof all – a unique opportunity for car and motorcycle dealers to meet their key clients and a wide audience of 30 thousand visitors.Three special daysThe first day – the so-called MOTOR SHOWVIP Day – is the time for representatives ofthe industry and their key clients whereasall motor lovers, not only from Poznań, areinvited for the second and the third day. Saturdayis going to be a day of events, filled withshows and presentations, whereas Sunday isgoing to be more of a family day, offering attractionsfor both parents and children.After years of absence, a competition inwhich you can win attractive awards suchas a passenger car and scooters is comingback! Many exhibitors are also planning to14 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINEorganize competitions at the fair.Apart from attractions directly related to themotor industry, MOTOR SHOW is also going tofeature famous guests, performances of dancegroups and Capoiera shows. Moreover, allthose interested will be invited to try their handat an especially organized kart racing track orat riding more and more popular Segway PTs.An undoubted surprise of the last MOTORSHOW day is going to be the presentationof the Poznań Speedway Association teamfor <strong>2010</strong>. Apart from seeing a multimediapresentation of speedway racers, other attractionswill be waiting for the fair visitors,such as an opportunity to meet, talk to andget autographs from the racers of the popularScorpions team.The fans of trucks will be able to observe thebest Polish drivers competing against eachother during the Polish Truck Drivers Championshipand a qualifying round to the WorldTruck Drivers Championship at the same time.The aforementioned attractions, immenselyinteresting as they are, will not be the only attractiveevents at the new, truly 21st centuryedition of MOTOR SHOW. Further details asregards the greatest motor industry show inPoland will be gradually posted on the event’swebsite: www.motorshow.pl. by Dariusz Wawrzyniakwww.motorshow.pl

20-21.03.<strong>2010</strong>LOOKHairdressing ForumbeautyVISIONCosmetics and SolariaForumThe success of LOOK and BEAUTY VISION 2009 hasbeen proved not only by the positive statistics but alsoby the positive memories of the exhibitors and visitors.The fair was visited by more than 11 thousand people.The fair premises were busy all days long.Barbara Vogtmanager of the LOOK and BEAUTY VISION fairsThe change we have decided to introduce in the date of thefairs will bring numerous benefits. First of all, it will makeit possible to learn about the latest trends in haircuts, haircolours and styling earlier than before. The trends presentedduring the fair will become an inspiration for thespring season of parties and family celebrations and thetime of bolder experiments with looks. The fairs will also bean opportunity to learn about new products and solutionsoffered by our exhibitors.Spring at LOOKand beautyVISION fairsWhile the weather we see through the window is still all but spring-like, it is worth anticipatingthe warmer season and already plan taking part in the 10th jubilee editionof the Look Hairdressing Forum and a next edition of the beautyVISION Cosmeticsand Solaria Forum. Both events are going to start a bit earlier than usually – on 20thMarch, i.e. on the first day of spring.lookLearn about newtrends!Visitors at the LOOK fairhave become accustomed tobold shows presenting themthe latest trends, surprisinglysaturated and various incolour and original in shape.The flair and unpredictability ofour exhibitors often bring surprisingresults, which gives the fair a trulyspring-like atmosphere of creative dazeand magic.Every year, the LOOK Forum enjoys immenseinterest of visitors, most of whom are professionals,i.e. hairdressers and other peopledirectly involved in the industry, such as theowners of hairdressingparlours, stylists, representativesof producersand distributorsof hairdressingproducts and hairdressingparlours’equipment.Last year’s edition of thefairs attracted crowds ofprofessional visitors. LOOKand beautyVision fairs hostedover 11 thousand guests. Besides anextremely rich offer of exhibitors the fairs attractby a vast programme of training demonstrationsand the possibility to observe masterswho show specialist and technical noveltiesevery year at work.beautyVISIONBeautiful and morebeautifulbeautyVISION is a complex offer addressedto the owners of beauty parlours and solaria,make-up artists and cosmetologists and allthose interested in the latest trends in makeupand body care. The products and servicespresented by the exhibitors at the fair are goingto include body care cosmetics, nail careand decoration products, make-up cosmetics,solarium accessories, perfumery products,beauty parlour and solarium equipment,as well as offers of wellness and SPA centres.Numerous shows presenting the quality andeffects of the offered products will add to theattractiveness of the fair exhibition.continued on page 16www.look.mtp.pl • www.beautyvision.mtp.pl4/200915

TRADE FAIRS ABROADWHAT’S AHEADPassportto exportFilip BittnerManager of the project of Polishtrade fair exhibitions abroadFor several years Polish enterpriseshave been using the assistanceof <strong>MTP</strong> also when presentingtheir offers in foreign markets.It’s been already six years since westarted organizing Polish companies’exhibitions at foreign fairs and the activityhas quickly developed. Now, ourforeign offer includes 50 renownedfairs and shows and for each of themwe are able to prepare the exhibitionof an interested company from A to Z.In 2009 we provided our services toabout 100 exhibitors participating inforeign fairs, so the total size of theexhibition space we prepared wasmore than 2500 m 2 . In <strong>2010</strong> the figurewill certainly be even larger due tothe revival of the world economy.Enterprises willingly take advantageof our foreign offer because they usuallyperceive us as a reliable partner,tried and tested during many fairevents in Poznań in which they havealready participated. We provideour exhibitors with a great facility,as they can count on professionalservices before, during and after thefair. These include: renting an exhibitionspace, preparing and carryingout the stand construction, providingcompany representatives with transportto the fair and during the eventand with non-stop organizational assistance.We simply take care of thewhole formal part of the organizationof a company’s fair exhibition.What about the business part?Of course we also handle business issuesrelated to such a fair trade trip,including meetings with potential recipientsof the company’s productsor databases, which make it possibleto acquire future contractors. BothPolish and foreign partners really appreciatethe fair-related meetings weorganize for them, as the meetingsconstitute an enormous facility forboth sides as far as making contactsis concerned. We have a lot of experiencein this field. Recently, we haveintroduced a new form of support:we assist companies in obtainingEU funds for export development.We provide support at every stageof the procedure: from preparingand submitting the application tocarrying out all of the project’s assumptions.The Innovative EconomyOperational Programme – Passportto Export – Measure 6.1, which I amtalking about, is directed at micro,small and medium enterprises.Soon, the first companies whom wesupported in obtaining the funds aregoing to present their offers at fairsin Europe.Judging from the perspective ofthese several years of experience,could you say where do themost of Polish enterprises go?Polish companies exhibit in Germany,Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine,Georgia, the Czech Republic, Croatia,Bulgaria, Romania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstanand Azerbaijan.Today, Eastern markets are still themost popular, although not as muchas they used to be in previous years.In Ukraine, the most popular tradefair events are those related to theconstruction industry, the Constructionand Architecture exhibition orthe Aqua-Therm exhibition of installations.Then, Romania and the ConstructExpo – Ambient constructionexhibition, Utilaje and Antreprenerand the Indagra Food trade fair ofthe food industry. The food industryenterprises are also willing to participatein the SIAL fair in Paris andAlimentaria in Barcelona.Thank you for the interview.Interview by Dorota Krawczakcontinued from page 15Abundance of ideasWhat will the <strong>2010</strong> trends be?What colours will be the mostpopular and desired? What willbe the hottest make-up of theseason? You can find answers tothese and much more questionswatching the shows of professionalson the main stageand at the exhibitors’stands. In additionto that, you willalso be able to seethe competition betweenmaster makeupartists and nailstylists presentingThe crowds of visitors whocome to the fair are attractedby the possibility towatch professionals at work.Hairdressing and make-upshows are held both on thestage and at the stands ofparticular companies.their skills and techniquesduring the Polish OpenChampionships in ProfessionalMake-Up and the Polish NAIL ART<strong>2010</strong> Championships. This time,the competition, co-organized bythe Nail Ekspert magazine andPoznań International Fair, is goingto be held under the motto: ”HollywoodMagic”. Apartfrom that, from theinitiative of the BeautyPublisher, Nail Expert Congressis going to be held in order topresent the latest trends in nailstylization. Those seeking professionalknowledge will be able totake advantage of seminars anddebates concerning solutions forthe solarium industry.16 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Competitions held during the fair are duels between great individualities and always arouse manyemotions for both the participants and the audience. The winners of <strong>2010</strong> will be known in just acouple of months.Master eventsBut LOOK does not only mean a riot of colours and surprising ideas –it also means interesting and various accompanying events thanks towhich the Forum has been gaining publicity not only in professional mediaconnected to the industry but also in small local or Polish media. Theunique opportunities to see masters of hairdressing in action are definitely:the Polish Open Hairdressing Championships and the Polish OpenChampionships in Hair Extension and Thickening. Finally, the CREATORcompetition will make it possible to find and promote young people talentedin the art of hairdressing.Two days of the fair will become a compendium of knowledge abouttrends in the hairdressing industry and a measure of the condition ofthe industry, which – experts claim – is likely to keep improving in thefuture.Comprehensive offerThe LOOK Hairdressing Forumand the BEAUTY VISION Cosmeticsand Solaria Forum combine acomprehensive exhibition offerwith shows that let you acquirepractical knowledge and skills.The diversity and complex offer ofproducts and services presentedduring both events will definitelyinterest and inspire the ownersof beauty parlours offering wideranges of services. by Monika Wietrzyńskaone place,many solutionswww.fitness.mtp.plFIT-EXPO Fitness & Sport Park An impressively equipped fitnessclub, a modern gym and a sports fashion exhibition – the FIT-EXPO Fitness& Sport Park combines it all. It is the major event for the fitness industryin Poland. Here you can find top brands equipment and innovativesolutions for fitness clubs.www.fitnessmarketing.pl4th Fitness & SportMarketing EventThe Fitness & Sport Marketing Event isan academy of the industry know-howand an incubator of innovative marketingideas for the fitness sector. Experienceand expertise are the cornerstonesof success of each fitness club.www.eu4ya.vel.plFull parlourequipment, necessaryaccessories,specialist cosmetics– everythingthe owners andusers of solariumsalons may needcan be found atthe beautyVISIONexhibition.4th EU4YA InternationalFitness ConventionThe greatest in Poland, three-day long fitnessconvention is a real attraction for instructors,who in an atmosphere of true funcan learn from international fitnesscelebrities how to run energetic andefficient fitness classes. During thenearest edition of FIT-EXPO some ofthe training will take place in wateras part of the fair’s new attraction –the Aqua Convention.4/200917

LEADERS SPEAK OUTThe data of the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS) on the 1.7 per cent economicgrowth in the third quarter of 2009 confirm that Polish enterprises have successfullycoped with the effects of the world-wide crisis, and their optimistic forecast for <strong>2010</strong> hasa real chance to come true. Apparently, this optimism is to a large extent the result of theinvestment projects financed from EU funds allocated for Poland for 2007-2013 ….Marek Kłoczko, secretary general of the Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG)More self-governmentinvestmentsthanks to EU fundsFundamentalimportance of EUfundsRyszard GrobelnyPresident of theAssociation of PolishCitiesAndrzejArendarskiPresident of the NationalChamber of CommerceDo Polish cities appreciatethe benefits resulting fromthe availability of EU funds?They certainly do. The authorities ofcities see the opportunities arising from the possibilities offered by EUfunds. These include, first of all, a unique opportunity for local developmentand a way to reduce civilization differences between ourpart of Europe and the “old” EU. Thanks to the financial support fromthe EU we can invest significantly more in technological and socialinfrastructure in Poland, which translates into better living conditionsof local communities and therefore supports the issue that is of thegreatest importance for all local self-governments.What is the opinion of the Association on the rateof EU funds use in Poland? What are the prospectsoffered by the possibility of using the funds withinthe European Funds 2007-2013 programme?We have a highly positive opinion on the rate of use of the available EUfunds. The largest bulk of the resources were earmarked for roads andtransport investments and for the protection of the environment. Ingeneral, local self-governments make a good use of European funds,especially those coming from the European Regional DevelopmentFund and the Cohesion Fund. Resources from the European SocialFund earmarked for the Human Capital Operational Programme haveso far been often unavailable for us and used to a limited extent. Thatis why we are content that the Committee for European Integration ofthe Association of Polish Cities has established an effective regionalcooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development. The aim ofthe cooperation is to remove barriers and formal restrictions for localself-governments and to allow them broad access to the resources ofthe European Social Fund. It may be a good moment to emphasize thatit was the ESF which helped local self-governments of many EU countriesto finance numerous and interesting revitalisation projects (suchas the circle of fortifications in Copenhagen). There have already beensome first concrete results of the activities of the EFS Group, workingwithin the Team for simplification of the procedures as regards theutilisation of EU funds. These concern taking into account the suggestionsof the Association of Polish Cities in the Implementation Systemof the Human Capital OP as regards, for example, the problem of therequirement for a treasurer’s countersignature on an application forfunding or the suggestion to make the competition documentationavailable to beneficiaries quicker than it is the case now.Funds received fromthe EU support Polishentrepreneurs in theirefforts to improve theircompetitiveness. In accordance with the2007-2013 programme, for the first time theresources earmarked for supporting competitivenessand cohesion are to be largerthan those for agriculture and rural development.What effect will the resources haveon the development of the Polish economy?In the nearest future the EU funds will be of fundamental importancefor the development of the economy. According tothe estimates of the Ministry of Regional Development, thePolish GDP growth in <strong>2010</strong>-2014 is likely to be 1,3-3,0 percentagepoints higher as a result of the implementation ofprogrammes financed from the EU funds. Without the fundsit would be difficult for Poland to achieve economic growth.The GDP growth results achieved in 2009 were a phenomenonon the European scale.Is the current level of the use of the EU fundsfor companies’ innovativeness sufficient?The use of the EU funds for co-financing is satisfactory – mostlywithin Activity 4.4 of the IE OP, which covers “new investmentsof high innovative potential”, in the case of whichmost of the allocated resources have already been used. It isestimated the present application round will be next to lastin the current financial perspective. This means that – unlessthe level of the allocation is changed – next year entrepreneurswill have the last opportunity to take advantage of thefunds for co-financing of investments in innovation.It is worth emphasizing that the indicators of the use of aidfunds presented by the Ministry of Regional Developmentclearly show that the quality of submitted applications isconstantly improving.According to the National Chamber of Commerce, the indicatorsof the use of the EU funds could be even better if the resourcesallocated for direct support for entrepreneurs withinregional operational programmes were increased.http://ec.europa.euWe needinnovative thinkingand actingDanuta HübnerChairwoman of theEuropean Parliament’sCommittee on RegionalDevelopmentThe time of crisis calls for innovative thinkingand innovative actions, but also for hardwork. We must use all the tools that the EuropeanUnion has at its disposal.The EU Member States, including Poland, and the EU mustwork hand in hand and coordinate their actions with oneanother.Both in Poland and in other countries of the EU, wise investmentsin energy or in counteracting the climate change maydouble our future benefits, improve the quality of life of ourcitizens and contribute to the wealth of the society. This, however,is only possible if we involve the whole Polish and Europeanpotential in working together for the sake of the newideas and innovations, and if we invest in the economy sothat when the crisis is over it can grow stronger and becomemore competitive than it is now.We have at our disposal our own regional and national assets,but also the EU assets. Confronted with the challengesof today’s world and in the struggle against the current crisis– we must make full use of these assets.(from the speech made at the16th Economic Forum in Toruń,on 20th April 2009)18 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Competitive Dairyproducts thanksto EU fundsTadeuszNadrowskiPresident of the“Ostrołęka” DairyCo-operativeThe “Ostrołęka” Dairy Co-operativeis a significant producerof milk and high quality dairyproducts in the market. It keeps modernising its productionsolutions and technologies, and at the sametime constantly broadens the range of its products.Have EU funds been of any help as far as the modernisationof the Co-operative is concerned?In 2005-2006 we took advantage of the SAPARD Programme, and in2007 – of the Sectoral Operational Programme: Restructuring and Modernisationof the Food Sector, Rural Development and Improving theProcessing and Marketing of Agricultural Products. Making use of EUfunds we developed production and warehouse buildings and a milkpowder warehouse, we purchased production lines for producing andpacking of ESL milk, butter machines and milk tank trucks. We also completedmany works related to the infrastructure of the Cooperative. Inour factory in the town of Nidzica we renovated production rooms andbought pasteurizer with a degasser. The return from EU funds covered50 per cent of the qualified costs. Apart from that, thanks to EU fundswe also constructed a production and warehouse hall and equipped itwith more modern milk production and processing machinery. We alsopurchased new vehicles for the transport of milk, which made the wholeprocess quicker and more efficient.As a result we can now be proud of a really great factory. Nevertheless,we keep planning further modernisation and development ofthe company. Recently, we have carried out a large investment invo-lving the replacement of a bag filter in the milk powder plant. We arealso thinking of new products and new technological lines.What is your opinion on the competitiveness ofPolish dairy products in the European Market?After Poland entered the European Union, Polish producers of dairyproducts modernised their factories and technological lines. Thisallowed them to achieve a very high quality and a large variety ofproducts. Therefore, I think we have a great potential to competeand sell our products not only in the EU but also in the world market.Many companies launch new products as products are the weaponto be used when fighting for the position of a company in the market.We also do a lot to be among the leaders, which is why we haveintroduced so many new products: the Milandia ESL milk, the butterand cheese with Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, the Milandia fruitcheese, the Milander blue rokpol cheese, the Milani desserts and thePinokio butter for children. You must constantly work to stay in themarket and we do not forget about it, although our dairy productshave already won recognition both in Poland and abroad. It is worthemphasizing that the “Ostrołęka” Dairy Co-operative has been one ofthe leading largest producers and exporters of skimmed milk powder.It is a product we export almost all over the world. Our best exportproduct is sold to such distant and exotic countries like Mexico, Algeria,Iran or Cuba. The “Ostrołęka” Cooperative is also an importantproducer of milk, various kinds of cheese and cream, as well as thespecial ESL Milandia milk.Is the POLAGRA-FOOD Fair a good place to promoteyour products?The fair gives companies an opportunity to present their offers at onetime and place to a great number of consumers and potential customers.Taking part in the fair is also a kind of test for companies and theirproducts, as they are evaluated by professionals, clients and journalists.The fair prizes, such as the <strong>MTP</strong> Gold Medal, prove the high quality ofproducts and facilitate their promotion in the market. The “Ostrołęka”Dairy Co-operative has received as many as two medals this year – forthe healthy Omega 3&6 butter and for the Milandia peach cheese. Themedals mean for us more than just awards – they are the evidence thatthe direction of development we have chosen is right. by Donata NaumienkoPoland as leaderof EU fundsimplementationThe European Commission data on the useof the resources of the European RegionalDevelopment Fund and the Cohesion Fundconfirm that Poland is the unquestionableleader of the funds implementation.As of 27th October 2009, the total value of theapplications for intermediate payments receivedby the European Commission has beenmore than EUR 1.7 billion. In this amount,about EUR 597.5 million is the value of applicationssubmitted by Poland. Together withthe funds Poland has already received, thevalue of all the applications for intermediatepayments submitted by Poland to the ECamount to nearly EUR 1,6 billion. Taking intoaccount the total of applications for intermediatepayments, Poland ranked the first (withthe amount of EUR 1.6 billion), followed byGermany (about EUR 1 billion) and Spain(about EUR 737 million).”Poland can use EU funds. We spend as muchas we have planned. We are certain to meetthe most important assumption of the anticrisispackage introduced by the Ministry ofRegional Development for this year, i.e. injectingthe amount of 16,8 billion zlotys from EUfunds into the Polish economy. The value ofthe contracts made with beneficiaries will significantlyexceed 90 billion zlotys”, JarosławPawłowski, the Deputy Minister of RegionalDevelopment, said at a conference in November2009. And the Minister of Regional Development,Małgorzata Bieńkowska, claims: ”Itseems quite certain that in <strong>2010</strong> we will beable to spend more than the scheduled 25 billionzlotys.”The impact of EU funds on the developmentof the Polish economy is clearly visible. Thesurveys conducted among enterprises whichreceived European support for research andpractical implementation of the research resultsin 2004 – 2006 show that 84 per centof the surveyed enterprises recorded an increasein revenues, 77 per cent – a growthin the number of clients, 72 per cent – an increasein the market share. Much has changedon Polish roads, in towns and cities, and as faras the protection of the environment is concerned.At the same time, experts (such asJerzy Kwieciński, the former Minister of RegionalDevelopment) claim that ”the true accelerationin EU infrastructure investments inregions is yet to come”. The modernization of6888 km of regional (”voivodship”) and communeroads (for EUR 3.4 billion), and 1123km of railways (the modernisation of railwaytracks – EUR 322 million) is planned by 2015.The most – EUR 6.72 billion – will be spent onenvironment protection investments.4/200919

TRADE FAIR REPORTSwww.gamearena.plMULTIMEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT FAIRShow for30 thousandplayers“Frankly speaking, with all these crowds I’m feeling a bit confused as to where I am – is it still Poznań or the peak of the holiday season inZakopane?” – wondered the reporter of the TVN television network. Thousands of young people filling the fair pavilions were truly impressive.The PGA Fair is a unique event, which unites three worlds: electronic entertainment, sociable games and paintball. For threeOctober days crowds of fans of these areas of entertainment appeared at the <strong>MTP</strong> premises. They were attracted by new products,presentations and competitions prepared by the fair exhibitors. The programme of PGA events was unusually rich and every attendeewas able to find in it something that interested him or her.This year, PGA was held earlier thanusually – in the middle of October insteadof the end of November – and itlasted one day longer. Friday was devotedto the Media and the industry.This made it possible to organize exclusive, prepremiereshows of games, to invite special guestsand organize incredible attractions.Pure funThis year, visitors of the PGA Fair were able notonly to see the pre-premiere shows but alsoplay the latest, often also pre-premiere, games,including: FIFA 10, Forza Motorsport 3, Mass Effect2, Dragon Age: Początek, Pro Evolution Soccer,Lips 2, Ogniem i mieczem, Avatar, Need ForSpeed Shift, Assasin’s Creed 2 and many, manymore.There was also an opportunity to meet some ofthe world’s best game makers – the representativesof the Bioware company, not to mentiona chance to try your handat playing against multipleworld computergames champion Jonathan”Fatal1ty” Wendel.Among other guestsof the fair was one ofthe most famous sportscommentators – DariuszSzpakowski.At the weekend thousands ofmusic fans gathered at the mainPGA stage, where on Saturday – thanksto the Electronic Arts company – they could listento the Jamal group, and on Sunday – thanks toRadio ESKA – they could enjoy the performanceof the most popular DJ duet in Poland – the Kalwi& Remi duo.Debate on Polish games marketOn the first media and business day in the historyof PGA, journalists and representatives ofthe industry met at a debate on the Polish marketof games. Among the discussed topics were:the digital distribution of games, the PEGI classificationand current trends in the local and worldmarket. Attendees could also receive informationon the size of the Polish market, its current conditionand other interesting issues. Among theparticipants of the meetingswere: Marcin Turski (LicompEmpik Multimedia,the President of the PolishAssociation of EntertainmentSoftware Producersand Distributors –SPIDOR), Jarosław Kędzior(Electronic Arts Polska), MarcinZiobrowski (Sony ComputerEntertainment Polska)and Mariusz Klamra (GRY-OnLine),Piotr Pągowski (Microsoft sp. z o.o.) andMichał Gembicki (CD Projekt).You are not aloneThe organizers of the Poznań Game Arena fair, theTVN Nie jesteś sam [You are not alone] Foundation,and Polish online auction website Allegro invitedeveryone to take part in the PGA 2009 CharityAuction. It collected as much as 6 thousandzlotys. All the financial resources gathered duringthe auction will be given for the construction ofthe modern Centre for Cancer Prevention of WarsawInstitute of Oncology.by Dariusz WawrzyniakThe next edition of Poznań Game Arena is to takeplace on 8-10 October <strong>2010</strong>.This year, the debate devoted to the Polish market of gamesaroused at least as many emotions as electronic entertainmentitself.This year at the PGA Fair payments were made with the use of special, ultra modern, noncontactVisa PGA cards. The cards were issued by Bank Zachodni WBK, which once againbecame one of the sponsors of the event. The bank entered the card for the prestigiouscontest for the most beautiful card of the year at the Central European Electronic Card2009 conference.20 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

www.tour-salon.pl • www.discoverpoland.mtp.plThe twentieth edition of the greatest tourist fair in Polandattracted 718 exhibitors from 39 countries and 25 thousandvisitors. 12 thousand professionals visited the fair onthe first two industry days.TOURIST FAIR20 th edition has endedTravel agencies, tour operators, accommodation administrators, sanatoria and health resorts, SPAand wellness centres, carriers, business tourism organizers – all this is just a part of the numerousentities that presented their rich offer at the TOUR SALON trade fair held in Poznań in October. Forthe first time the offer of Polish tourist businesses was so visible thanks to the workshop on inboundtourism – DISCOVER POLAND.For professionals, the TOUR SALONTrade Fair is first of all an opportunityto present and advertise theiroffers, and to make new contactsin the industry. The Business Planerprogramme – implemented by <strong>MTP</strong> and gainingpopularity ever since – led to the arrangementof more than 400 business meetings. Atthe same time, the fair visitors enjoyed the festivalof leisure and relaxation offers.DISCOVER POLANDDiscovering active PolandThe innovative shape of the DISCOVER POLANDinbound tourism workshop, devoted mostly toadventure tourism, gave Polish entrepreneurs achance to present their offers to tour operatorsfrom all over the world and to show them the sofar unknown, active face of Polish tourism. Businessmatchmaking enabled both sellers and buyers tofind partners for business talks without havingto waste time on effortful search for them – thispart of the task was done for them by <strong>MTP</strong> specialistsfor business meetings. 200 of the arrangedmeetings between Polish entrepreneurs and theirpotential business partners took place, includingmeetings with tour operators from 10 countries,such as Germany, Belarus, Italy, the Netherlands,Ukraine, Great Britain, Georgia or Australia.DISCOVER POLAND was an opportunity to directlypromote Poland among foreign leisuretime organizers as a place offering unique possibilitiesof spending one’s free time. “Most offoreign tourists coming to Poland know only Cracowor Warsaw, whereas there is much more toPoland than that,” explained the representativesof companies presenting their offers at the workshop.“You can travel on a horseback through thepastures of the Bieszczady mountains for hourswithout meeting anyone or not see any signsof civilisation during canoeing for a few days,although we are in the centre of Europe. Suchforms of active leisure are difficult to organizeanywhere else.”Conferences, workshops, trainingThe programme of the event included also trainingoffers. The dominant subject was the internet. Theconference on “E-fficient marketing in the tourismand hotel industry” run by independent experts whopresented the latest e-marketing research resultsand trends clearly showed the significance of Internetbrowsers in the marketing strategies of hotelsand tourist companies. The conference was complementedwith Internet advertising workshops beingpart of the AdWords Seminar Leader programmeand a review of tourist websites in the form of the“Well Sited Tourism” competition. The OtoWakacje.pl Internet portal presented workshops in the seriesof Tourist Academy of Internet Business.World festivalThis year’s edition of the TOUR SALON coincidedwith celebrating the World Tourism Day in Po-continued on page 22On the occasion of the TOUR SALON anniversary, Poznań International Fair received congratulation plates from the Polish Minister of Sports andTourism and the Polish Tourist Organization. Apart from that, it also received the Globe of the Polish Tourist Organisation for involving in thedevelopment of tourism promotion, creating conditions for wide-ranging presentations of countries, regions, offers and tourist attractions andestablishing new business contacts among representatives of the industry.4/200921

TRADE FAIR REPORTScontinued from page 21land. On this occasion, the PolishTourist Organization organized aconference devoted to investmentsin tourism. There was also a formalceremony during which awards ofthe Minister of Sports and Tourismfor “Merits for Tourism” and Certificatesof the Polish Tourist Organizationfor the Best Tourist Products(among them – for the second timein history – the Golden Certificate)were granted to winners. The latterwas received by the “Papal Route”Augustów Canal entered by thePodlasie Regional Tourist Organization.Apart from that, an award ceremonywas held of the 18th NationalFestival of Sightseeing Books.Common jubilee and new awardsThe formal Exhibitors’ Evening organized to celebratethe 20th anniversary of the fair was a goodmoment to honour long-term partners of TOURSALON. Statuettes were presented to organisations,first trade fair exhibitors and individualswho contributed to the creation of the fair.For the first time, <strong>MTP</strong>, in cooperation withthe Polish Chamber of Tourism, which alsocelebrated its 20th anniversary this year,awarded new prestigious prizes for cooperatingwith the tourist industry and for promotingPoland abroad.Countries and regionspresent at the fairtempled with attractivelandscapes andalso values of theircuisinesJubilee reflectionsThe exhibition on the occasion of the 20th anniversaryof TOUR SALON prompted the participantsto look back into the past. It was accompanied bythe exposition of the winners of the Polska TravelPhoto competition organized by the Polish Chamberof Tourism, the “Trips around Poland” exhibitionof photos by Mikołaj Długosz organised by the”Podróże” [Journeys] magazine and the exhibitionsprepared by the ”Nurkowanie” [Diving] magazine.Important eventsThis year’s fair was held under the honorary auspicesof the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, thePolish Tourist Organization and the Polish Chamberof Tourism. Their representativeswere the honorary guestsof TOUR SALON. At the tradefair opening ceremony the firstGeopark certificate in Polandwas signed. It was issued to thePolish part of the Muskau Arch.On the same day, a conferencedevoted to the cooperation ofthe Ministry of Environmentwith the Ministry of Sports andTourism regarding geotourismwas held.Long and short journeysThis year’s edition of the fairabounded in special events andsurprises, such as souvenirs forvisitors, the Speedminton Polish Open games, tripsaround Poznań in a historic tram setting off fromthe area of the <strong>MTP</strong> premises, or even a spectacularshow of changing a bus colour from white togold. As part of the series of meetings with travellers– called the Travel Kaleidoscope – you couldalso listen to stories from the edges of the worldabout travelling Mongolian rocky roads, the countriesof South America, India, Tibet, Afghanistanand Somalia. by Sylwia DziwińskaThe next edition of the TOUR SALON trade fair is tobe held on 20-23 October and the DISCOVER POLANDworkshop – 20-21 October <strong>2010</strong>.www.boatshow.plFAIR OF SAILING AND WATER SPORTSFair under sailSailing used to be only a form of transport – today it is a kind of water sport, a passion and a lifestyle,as well as a leisure activity. The BOAT SHOW Fair of Sailing and Water Sports is an event organized bysailing and water sports lovers. This year’s edition in the Poznań International Fair marina attracted200 exhibitors and more than 11 thousand visitors to three fair halls and one presentation room. Thefigures indicate the impressive development of the event.The exposition featured motor and sailing yachts,kayaks, accessories, sailing and motorboat equipment,yacht electronic equipment, construction andmaintenance materials, boat trailers, clothes and lifesaving equipment. You could also admire the rich offerof nautical accessories, charter equipment, boatbuilding and sail making services.The fair programme also included many interestingevents, such as workshops, meetings with sailing celebrities,presentations and shows at the pool. Anotheraccompanying event was a scholarly conferenceorganized by the European Boating Associationon the subject of “European water driving licence”.Moreover, additional attractions for the visitors weredefinitely numerous prize competitions. The fair audienceturnout was also satisfying, with nearly 11,500people attending the fair. The second edition of thefair proved that the difficult decision to move thefair from Łodź to Poznań was good and allowed theevent to flourish .The BOATSHOW Fair is a major event for the industry.It enables the industry representatives to meet withclients and water sports fans. The fair is a place whereyou can discuss issues having impact on the developmentof the market and companies operating init. Therefore, we invite you to come to Poznań for thenext year’s gathering of boat lovers. Attractions willbe waiting.by Ewa RutkowskaThe next edition of the BOATSHOW Fair is to takeplace in Poznań on 12-14 November <strong>2010</strong>.The sight of fair halls filled with people attending the secondPoznań edition of BOATSHOW Fair was a good piece of evidencethat it was a really good decision to make <strong>MTP</strong> a co-organizer ofthe event that has already been organized for so many years.22 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

www.investhotel.plProducts awarded withthe Gold Medal of the <strong>MTP</strong>INVEST-HOTEL 2009: SEDNA hotel furniturecollection, Fabryka Mebli Okrętowych FAMOSSp. z o.o., Starogard Gdański • KLER D031 programme,Kler SA , Dobrodzień • BIO – MALVAmattress, JMB Sp. z o.o., Reda • hotel system foron-line reservation, UPPER PROFITROOM Sp. zo.o., Warsaw • mud bath for a hotel SPA, KlafsSp. z o.o., Miłosław • BODYKA TGS – cosmetictreatment and aesthetic medicine device, NovaVision Group Srl, Italy, entity submitting application:Nova 2 CHMIELEWSCY Sp.j., Warsaw• EGE Barcode Econyl 70 Modular floorings,EGE, Denmark, entity submitting application:Polmaster Sp. z o.o., WarsawStands awarded in theAcanthus Aureus contestTOUR SALON 2009: the OtoWakacje.pl Internetportal • Łódź and the Łódź Region (Marshall’sOffice of the Łodzkie Province) • the LublinRegion (the Marshall’s Office of the LubelskieProvince) • the Małopolska Tourist Organization• the Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization• the Slovak Tourist Board • the Marshall’s Officeof the Mazowieckie ProvinceINVEST-HOTEL 2009: Fabryka Mebli OkrętowychFAMOS Sp.z o.o., Starogard Gdański • KlerSA, Dobrodzień • Klafs Sp. z o.o., Miłosław • Noti,Tarnowo Podgórne • Hotel Form Design Sp. z o.o., Warsaw • Fabryka Dywanów AGNELLA SA,Białystok • CTO Sp. z o. o., Łódź • Meblotap SA,Chełm • Linden Sp. z o. o., BydgoszczHOTEL EQUIPMENT TRADE FAIRSuccessfulINVESTmentsThe 11th October edition of the Invest-Hotel Hotel Equipment Trade Fair wasextremely successful – in comparison to last year, its volume increased by onethird! Nearly 160 companies presented their offers. Trade fair visitors admiredexhibitions covering the area of more than 12 thousand square metres.Beauty of the exhibition and businessmeetingsThis year’s trade fair was divided into two thematic areas:hotel room, hotel bathroom and service, and hotel services– hotel reception, restaurants, conference room and SPA &wellness in hotels. Leaders of the furniture industry were themost numerous group at the fair. Furniture manufacturersconsider the hotel market very attractive, which was provedby the presence of the following companies at this year’strade fair: Kler, Klose, Famos, Meble Jarocin,Meble VOX, JMB, Mebin, Meblotap, Taranko,Tombea, Fabryka Mebli Ryś, Bejot, Dąb andWilimex. Their exhibitions attracted visitorswith their originality and sophisticated taste.Well-known producers of hotel bathroomequipment, such as Klafs, Ceramika Paradyżand Cermag, also presented their offers. Severaldozens of products and hotel services hadtheir market premieres during the trade fair.Once again, the Poznań trade fair becamean arena for commercial talks between investorsand hotel industry representatives. Investors eagerlyvisited trade fair stands, and trade fair participantsentered new contacts in their contact books. Trade fair isan investment that bears fruit in the future.Over 160 providersof products andservices presentedtheir offers forhotels, guesthouses,recreation centres,conference roomsand wellness & SPAcentres.From briefing to marketingOn the first day of the fair, there was a press briefing, duringwhich representatives of Klose, Meble Vox, Polmasterand Balma discussed the condition of companies from thehotel and furniture industry, effects of the crisis and preparationsto Euro 2012.INVEST-HOTEL is, above all, a hotel investment trade fair.Investors had the possibility to get free advice concerningplanned investments at the Projekt Hotel consultancypoint, and get to know basic rules of developing a hotelinvestment project. The ”ABC of a hotel investor” seminarwas devoted to planning investment budgets, financinghotel investments and being awarded EU funds. The HotelInvestment Forum was an opportunity to meet hotelindustry experts. A seminar entitled ”Success in SPA business”was prepared for those who plan to open a hotelSPA. A conference entitled ”Effective marketing in tourismand hotel industry”, organised together withthe Hotel<strong>New</strong>s.pl portal, was one of the keypoints of the trade fair programme. Its participantsincluded tourist industry representativesfrom the Ukraine, the Netherlands andGermany.Conference room in the trade fairhallOne of the pavilions housed a model conferenceroom, built specially for the needsof the trade fair, in which conferencesand workshops, such as “Hotel conference room”, organisedin cooperation with ProjektHotel, were held.Lecturers advised on how to design and equip a hotelconference room, there was also a presentationof equipment and finishing materials for conferencerooms. Next to the conference room, a special exhibitionpresenting elements of hotel equipment, such ashotel reception, restaurant, amusement arcade and fitnessequipment, was prepared. by Monika NawrockaThe next edition of the INVEST-HOTEL trade fair will take placebetween 20-23 October <strong>2010</strong>.4/200923

TRADE FAIR REPORTSwww.hobby.mtp.plMODEL MAKING EXHIBITIONHobbyfor childrenand adultsThis year’s HOBBY Exhibition attractednearly 12 thousand modellers and parentswith children who came to see the offers orcollections of 140 exhibitors.Once again the HOBBY Exhibition provedto be an event unique for the world ofmodel making in Poland.This was additionally confirmedby a great number ofjournalists who attended the fair.Lots of learning and funThe Model Making Exhibition has becomean invaluable opportunity for many modellersto exchange experiences and a greatsource of knowledge for new fans of themodel making hobby. At the fair you couldobserve the work of experienced modellers,who were very willing to answerthe questions of newcomers to the worldof model making. The Polish Associationof Railway Modellers and Railway Loversorganized a professional modeller’s workshopin order to present the art of modelmaking to less experienced hobbyists as well as possible.At the Allegro stand you could learn about thetechnique of painting of miniatures and at the AMCstand children could have carefree fun drawing pictures.There were also shows of assembling and solderingof rolling stock elements in 1/32 scale. Whataroused the admiration of model making fans was amodel steam locomotive depot in 1/87 scale. It includedequipment necessary for the operation of steamand diesel locomotives, a narrow gauge railway stationand an industrial plant with a railway siding. This yearfor the first time the Faller Car System was presented –a model car moving on a road.Speed and competitionThe Qualifying Race for the Polish Indoor Model RadioControl Car Championship was also organized at thefair. It was entered by 60 competitors from all overPoland. More than 80 various model cars raced at breakneckspeed on the racetrack. The audience could alsoadmire the skills of the Polish Cyclotrial Champion, whodefeated an obstacle at the height of 125 meters. Had itbeen an official competition, a new record of Poland atbike jumping would have been broken. The Indoor RCCar Race for children received great attention.Sea at fairIn order to present the capabilitiesof model vessels a miniatureartificial sea was createdat the fair in the form of a poolthat was filled with 75,000 litresof water! The exhibitors presentedalso masterpieces ofthe model making craft, suchas wooden model sailboatsfrom different historical eras.It is incredible how so many little elements can beassembled – the fair visitors admired the precisionand persistence of modellers and the final results oftheir work.Nevertheless, the show would not have been fullysuccessful if it had not been for the planes flyinghigh over the visitors’ heads. There were helicoptersand remotely controlled aircraft, which thevisitors could control themselves, finding out thatit was not as childishly simple as it seemed.Western CityFor the first time the fair was attended by the ModelRailway and Models Lovers Association from theUSA. Thanks to their passion for modelling othervisitors of the fair could see a 40-meter long modelof American railway. The model was created in awestern style and included two tracks with woodensleepers made in accordance with all technical standards.Every element was handmade and it took fiveyears to precisely assemble all the elements. The elementswere all made of natural materials, such aswood or metal, as the authors used only such materialsas were used for the real railway.by Wioleta AleksandrowiczThe next edition of the HOBBY fair is to take placeon 23-24 October <strong>2010</strong>.A copy of a real seawas created in thefair pavilion – a greatpool had a capacity of75,000 litres of water!24 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

www.stone.mtp.pl • www.targikamien.plSTONE INDUSTRY FAIRBeauty of stones discoveredThe merger of the Wrocław KAMIEŃ fair and the premier Poznań STONE fair resulted in the creation of the greatestin this part of Europe common event for the industry – the KAMIEŃ-STONE Stone Industry Fair. The fair was heldfor the first time from 4th to 7th November in Poznań and it was an unquestionable success with regards to therichness of the presented offer.For the first time in Poznań, for the first timetogether – the KAMIEŃ-STONE Fair turned outto be a very successful event.The agreement between Poznań InternationalFair and the Geoservice-Christi company from Wrocław,working together on the organizationof a fair for the stone industrywas welcome with significant enthusiasm bythe industry, which was visible in the high turnoutof the industry’s representatives at the fair,the rich and incredibly varied fair expositionsand the involvement of professionals visitingthe fair.<strong>New</strong> technologiesand trendsThe fair was visited by morethan 8 thousand professionals.Over 300 companies from20 countries presented theiroffers in the area of 15 thousandsquare meters. Apart fromstone processing technologicalsolutions, visitors could also seevarious kinds of stone from allover the world, including famousItalian marbles and granites,marbles and sandstonesextracted in Spain, Turkey, Indiaor South Africa. Those who attendedthe Poznań fair hadan opportunity to learn aboutmodern design and interestingtypes of finishes for stoneTransport solutions are neededwhile working with stone. Apresentation of Hyundai forklifttrukcs will be organized duringthe fair.tiles and slabs, including exclusive productsof this kind incrusted with precious stones.The knowledge on various possibilities of designingspace with the use of stone elementscould be acquired at the stands presenting finishedproducts such as bathtubs, washbasinsand stone sculptures.Stone constructionsThe November KAMIEŃ-STONE Fair had a lotto offer to stonemason enterprises, constructioninvestors and all thoseprofessionally involved inarchitecture also thanks toan interesting programmeof accompanying events,such as the seminar entitled”Construction stone industry- practical issues”, duringwhich the invited gueststalked, for instance, aboutimproper use of stone in architecture.During anotherseminar, entitled ”Stone forthe Architect”, architectsand students of architecturewere able to learn moreabout stone as a design material.The invited architectspresented their designsemploying stone in big boxbuildings, public utility facilitiesand office blocks, as well as in single andmulti-family residential constructions.Artistic inspirationsThe fair organizers, in cooperation with theirpartners, prepared interesting exhibitions andpresentations. During the four fair days visitorscould see, among others, the “world’s most compellingstone-related advertisements”. The exhibitionpresented the work of publishing housesand companies related to the stone industry,dating from 50 years back to 1989. It managed toshow how trends in product presentation haveevolved over the years. Those who visited thefair had also an opportunity to watch the workof Dr Wit Pichurski sculpting a woman’s head outof marble, with the use of traditional techniques.The artist is a graduate of the Academy of FineArts in Kraków and holds a doctorate in arts fromthis Academy. His works were featured in numerous,both individual and collective, exhibitions.The fair featured also the Live Mosaic AssemblyShow performed by Waldemar Miłka, who hadacquired the skill in Tunisia and Italy. The mosaiche assembled depicted a Faun and showed thewhole beauty of the art of stone. by Jacek ObarskiThe next edition of the KAMIEŃ-STONE Fair is to takeplace on 10-13 November <strong>2010</strong>.The organizers: Geoservice-Christi from Wrocławand Poznań International Fair.4/200925

TRADE FAIR REPORTSwww.poleko.pl • www.komtechnika.plECOLOGY AND MUNICIPAL TECHNOLOGY FAIRSGreen fair for self--governments and industryThis time POLEKO and KOMTECHNIKA wereaccompanied by the GMINA fair – a forumfor exchanging information between thepublic and the private sectors. On the areaof 16,500 m 2 , about 850 exhibitors andrepresented companies were showcasingtheir innovative offers for the industry andlocal self-governments.The latest solutions related to environment protection and municipal services management, a representationof international leaders of the industry, professional debates, conferences, business meetings and workshops,competitions and interesting exhibitions – all this was waiting for the attendees of the POLEKO InternationalTrade Fair of Environmental Protection, which took place in Poznań in November. This year’s twenty-firstedition of the greatest ecological fair in East-Central Europe was held under the honorary auspices of theMinister of the Environment, Professor Maciej Nowicki.Environment protection andmunicipal services from A to ZThis year’s POLEKO attracted companies from 23 countries.Just as in previous years, also at this year’s fairthere were special attractions in the form of nationalexpositions organized under the auspices of agenciesor institutions of particular governments. Thistime, comprehensive solutions related to environmentprotection and municipal services management werepresented by: Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Canada,Germany, Norway and Switzerland. The expositioncomprised of six industry sectors: Water and Sewage,Energy and Renewable Energy, Waste and Recycling,Air, Noise and Vibration, Climate Change and EnvironmentalEducation.This year, for the second time, POLEKO was accompaniedby the KOMTECHNIKA International Trade Fair ofMunicipal Technologies, which was an opportunityfor suppliers of municipal technologies to meet professionalsfrom local self-governments responsible formunicipal services management and representatives ofmunicipal services companies, businesses that providecleaning services, companies responsible for maintenanceof green areas and municipal road maintenanceunits and cooperatives.Waste managementThe problem of waste management is one of themost serious responsibilities of local self-governmentswhose representatives are traditionally thelargest group of the POLEKO visitors. No wonder thenthat it is waste management that the Minister of theEnvironment decided to make the leading subject ofthis year’s edition of the fair.A two-day conference entitled ”Waste management– opportunities, threats and new technologies” wasorganized at the fair by the Ministry of the Environment,the National Fund for Environmental Protectionand Water Management and the Regional Fundfor Environmental Protection and Water Managementin Poznań. ”Waste management – conditionsand challenges” was the topic of the 13th InternationalEcological Congress.Waste management was also the lead theme of the annualdebate organized at POLEKO. This time, the discussionwas entitled: ”Energy from waste – pipe dream ornecessity”. The same topic was discussed at a seminarentitled: ”Energy - from - Waste: what goes in? Whatcomes out?” organized by the European Suppliers ofWaste to Energy Technology.The Embassy of Norway, Innovation Norway and GreenBusiness Norway organized the ”Norwegian panel”, aseminar devoted to such subjects as: ways to improve thequality of recycled plastic materials, recovery efficiency ofspecific material types from the municipal waste streamand packaging waste collection and recycling system inNorway. Another event was a conference organized bythe National Chamber of Waste Management, GreenBusiness Norway and the National Fund for EnvironmentalProtection and Water Management on the topic ofthe ”Integrated state-of-the-art waste management systemin the light of Polish and Norwegian experiences.”An event that has already become traditional at thePOLEKO Fair is the Recycling Forum accompanying theRecycling Exhibition, which is a special exposition oftechnologies and devices for waste recycling and processing.The topics of this year’s forum included: recoveryand recycling of packaging waste and hazardous waste.Youth Climate SummitThis year, for the second time, POLEKO hosted the participantsof the Youth Climate Summit, organized by”Gazeta Wyborcza”, Poznań International Fair and theCity of Poznań. The attendees of the summit were thefinalists of the nationwide competition organised by”Gazeta Wyborcza” for the best film promoting energysaving. Hundreds of children from all over Poland gatheredin Poznań to adopt a message to the participantsof the December UN climate change conference heldin Copenhagen. The prize for the winners of the aforementionedfilm competition was a trip to Copenhagenduring the climate change conference.Science for the EnvironmentThe Science for the Environment exhibition was organizedat POLEKO for the fifth time. It was devoted toinnovative offers presented by over 30 R&D centres,scientific and research institutes and other institutionsspecialising in broadly understood ecology. The participationof Polish scientific institutions was co-financedby the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. by Kacper MaćkowiakThe next edition of the POLEKO and KOMTECHNIKA23-26 November <strong>2010</strong>.26 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

www.gmina.mtp.pl • www.investfield.mtp.pl<strong>MTP</strong> Gold Medal winnersPOLEKO 2009: 800 Aeration Tank, SelmaG Sp. z o.o., Morąg, enteredby: Instytut Techniki Górniczej KOMAG Jednostka Badawczo-Rozwojowa[KOMAG Institute Of Mining Technology, Researchand Development Unit], Gliwice, • WPWS-160 Centrifugal Fan Silencer,Grama Sp. z o.o., Chorzów, entered by: KOMAG InstituteOf Mining Technology, Research and Development Unit, Gliwice• 3-Membrane Biogas Holder, ECOMEMBRANE s.r.l., Italy, enteredby: Centrum Elektroniki Stosowanej CES Sp. z o.o. [AppliedElectronics Centre], Krakow • Ultrasound Reactor for Sludge Disintegration,ULTRAWAVES, Germany, entered by: Centrum ElektronikiStosowanej CES Sp. z o.o., Krakow • WATT 4000 High-Efficiency Flat Plate Collector, WATT Sp. z o.o., Piekary Śląskie• Vegetable Oil-Powered Power Generator with Heat RecoveryHE-KEC-SRK-280/380, PPUH ”HORUS -ENERGIA” Sp. z o.o., Sulejówek• ECOKLAR HYDROCONTROL Domestic Wastewater TreatmentSystem, utp umwelttechnik Pöhnl GmbH, Germany, enteredby: ECOVENTIS Sp. z o.o., Chorzów • Renaturalisation and protectionof black grouse biotope in Muszaki military training area,Nadleśnictwo Jedwabno [Jedwabno Forest Division], Jedwabno• TOPTURN X53 Self-Propelled Compost Turner for TriangularWindrows, Komptech GmbH, Austria, entered by: AGREX ARCONSp. z o.o., Warsaw • LEISTER WELDPLAST S2 PVC Hand Extruder,Leister Process Technologies, Switzerland, entered by: HeisslufttechnikFlocke Sp. z o.o., Katowice • H010 Complete Straw BriquettingLine, POL-MOT WARFAMA S.A., Dobre Miasto • WES30 mk1 Wind Power Plant, Wind Energy Solutions, the Netherlands,entered by: Delgreen Sp. z o.o., Przeźmierowo • STABILAT®Waste-Derived Fuel, HERHOF GmbH, Germany, entered by: PolishRecycling Chamber of Commerce, WarsawKOMTECHNIKA 2009: XTrack Komunal - Comprehensive tracking,control and management system for municipal companies,PPU OMEGA Sp. z o.o., GdańskWinning stands in the AcanthusAureus competitionPOLEKO 2009: Polish Oil and Gas Company, Warsaw • ZakładyPomiarowo-Badawcze Energetyki ENERGOPOMIAR Sp. z o.o.[Power Research and Testing Company] Gliwice • PaństwowyInstytut Geologiczny – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy [PolishGeological Institute - National Research Institute], Warsaw• Nadleśnictwo Jedwabno [Jedwabno Forest Division], Jedwabno• Ministry of the Environment, Warsaw • Embassy of the Kingdomof Norway, Trade Division, Innovation Norway, Warsaw • BankOchrony Środowiska SA, Warsaw • REMONDIS Sp. z o.o., WarsawKOMTECHNIKA 2009: P.P.U. Omega Sp. z o.o., Gdańskfair for seLf-governmentsGMINA focusedon new solutionsIn November Poznań became a meeting place forproviders of services and products for self-governmentadministrations and representatives of localauthorities from all over Poland. The first edition ofthe GMINA Fair was a presentation forum for newsolutions in the area of urban architecture, technologicalinfrastructure, facilities for the disabled, education, cultureand sports, and IT solutions for public institutions.The offer of the first edition of the GMINA Trade Fair forMunicipalities, Cities and Regions was extremely rich.The fair exhibitors showcased comprehensive solutionsfacilitating the functioning of administrations and improvingthe comfort of living of inhabitants of municipalities,cities and villages. Some of the products were asunique as the support system for the hearing-impairedto be used in public buildings, solar powered streetlamps made with the use of the LED technology or virtualwalks in cities in the form of multimedia presentations.It was a unique opportunity to present all thoseproducts directly to local authorities.Funds for investmentsA significant part of the Local Government and BusinessForum was devoted to the subject of obtaining resourcesfor investments. The Ministry of Economy was involved inthe organization of the forum, with its experts presentingthe rules of applying for funds, and the principles of preparationand evaluation of applications. The forum was heldunder the honorary auspices of the Minister of RegionalDevelopment, Elżbieta Bieńkowska.The Local Government and Business Forum dealt also withthe issues of cooperation between local authorities andMinister ofthe Environment, Maciej Nowicki and the President of the city of Poznań,Ryszard Grobelny were among the participants of the GMINA fair opening ceremonyprivate investors. The idea of a public-private partnershipis nowadays extremely popular in many countries of theworld. It involves joint activities of public authorities andprivate capital taken in order to carry out projects that inthe past were sole responsibilities of public authorities.This idea is being implemented in Poland only now. Theexperts invited to take part in the debate presented modelsof cooperation with a private investor and benefits resultingfrom it, they analysed case studies and talked aboutadditional sources of financing investments. Other PPP issueswere also discussed during a conference organized bythe Agency for Supporting Local Initiatives (AWIL).For investorsThe INVESTFIELD Property and Investment Exhibition,which accompanied the GMINA fair, presented investmentoffers of particular regions. An additional attractionof the exposition was the presentation of offersof 30 municipalities of the Wielkopolska region representedby local activity groups.Another part of the INVESTFIELD exposition was themodel Investor Service Centre, operating by the Associationof Wielkopolska Municipalities and Counties. Itincluded an information centre providing data about investmentareas in the Wielkopolska region, a consultancydesk for potential investors, a local self-governmentintervention centre and a contact point for businessesinterested in cooperating with local self-governments.by Monika WietrzyńskaThe next editions of the GMINA Fair and the INVESTFIELDExhibition are to be held on 23-26 November <strong>2010</strong>.4/200927

TRADE FAIR REPORTSART & CRAFT FESTIVALArtistic shoppingfor ChristmasIn the first days of December, the eyes of those who passed by the <strong>MTP</strong> mainentrance were caught by an unusual sight – through the enormous pavilion windowsoverlooking the street, passerbys could see crowds of people among sculptures,easels, walls hung with pictures and beautifully lit and decorated stalls withhandmade objects. All this was possible thanks to the Art & Craft Festival, whichchanged the fair hall into an open art and handicraft gallery.Nearly four hundred artists andhandicrafters brought to the fairthe whole variety of absolutelyunique, handmade objects. Paintings,graphic arts, tapestry, sculptures,stained glass, ceramics, jewellery, bags,clothes, hats, decorative chests, interior decoration,Christmas decoration – all such works ofgreat and small art could be admired, bought orespecially ordered at the Art & Craft Festival.Art at handThe festival visitors had an opportunity to experiencean easy contact with art at its best. Artistsshowed the festival guests a significant choice oftheir paintings and exquisite works of applied art– jewellery masterpieces and objects made fromglass and ceramics. There were also sculptures,graphic art pictures and artistic photographs.An impressive exhibition was organized by theAssociation of Polish Artists and Designers called“Know the Changes”. In this special festival spaceone hundred artists from Poland, Lithuania, Russia,Ukraine, the United States and France presentedmore than 300 works, including drawings,graphic pictures, paintings, tapestries and sculptures.The festival attendees emphasized thatsuch exhibitions organized at the <strong>MTP</strong> premiseswere unique opportunities to encounter real art.“I do not often go to art galleries. I somehow feelI do not belong to the world of artists of whichthey are part,” explained Marta, one of the visitorsof the Art and Craft Festival. “But I come tothe festival every year and I do not feel a strangerhere! Here, art seems so close and available toeveryone – you can feel free to talk to artists andbuy things. I am just considering buying one ofthe paintings at the exhibition.” The Associationof Polish Artists and designers organized also aconference devoted to the subject of changes incontemporary art.In search for giftsThe fair visitors crowded around stalls with artistichandicrafts. They were very much interestedin everything that was related to the upcomingseason: Christmas and Christmas treedecorations, and gifts. Especially that mostof the showcased products could becomeChristmas presents. “The great interest in theoffers of the fair exhibitors is understandable”,says manager of the Art & Craft Festival ZofiaStrzyż. “More and more people are looking forproducts alternative to those offered in chainand department stores. What is desired is theuniqueness of gifts and Christmas decorations.”www.targijezdzieckie.plHORSE RIDING EQUIPMENT trade FAIRReal sport emotionsThe Poznań December Horse Riding Equipment Trade Fair is the only event of this kind inPoland. It attracts both leaders of the horse riding industry and amateur fans of horse ridingas a leisure activity. Emotions aroused by horse contests accompanying the fair unite bothgroups of visitors. This year, the emotion-arousing factor was the Polish Indoor Show JumpingCompetition CSN***. The prize pool was PLN 60 thousand.The Horse Riding Equipment Trade Fair was organizedby and for horse lovers. The fair exposition is not limitedto equipment – it is very rich and offers a whole rangeof products necessary to take care of the health andappearance of your horse.Equipment for professionalsand amateursThis year’s fair featured offers of both Polish andforeign companies operating in the horse ridingindustry. At 50 stands visitors were able to see awhole range of products necessary to take care ofthe health and appearance of your horse: saddleclothsand horse blankets in various colours andmade of various kinds of fabric, saddles, halters,snaffle bits, rein, girths and stirrups. Both professionalriders and amateurs for whom equestrianismis a leisure activity and passion were able to find atthe fair the latest models of riding clothes and highquality equipment, indispensable for comfortableand safe horse riding. There was also a rich offer forprofessional horse breeders, owners of horse ridingcentres and halls. The exhibitors presented stableequipment, blacksmith products, fodder, carts and28 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

www.festiwal.mtp.pl exhibition programme <strong>2010</strong>WorkshopsThe workshops held at the Art & Craft Festival were a great success.Attending them, you could learn how to make everyday objects lookancient and your Christmas tree look special, how to create a beautifuland personal Christmas card, or what you need to make your ownearrings or necklace? You could also buy all the necessary materialsand instruments.In folk styleThe turnout of folks artists at this year’s festival was also satisfactory.Female handicrafters, dressed in folk costumes, were crocheting,embroidering and showing how to make traditional Christmastree decorations. At the Stand of Cepelia the festival visitorswere encouraged to try their hand at making various objectswith the use of traditional techniques.by Marta SiekThe next edition of the Art & Craft Festival is to take place on 3-5December<strong>2010</strong>.It has become a tradition that duringthe Horse Riding Equipment TradeFair, the premises of <strong>MTP</strong> turn intoa riding course. Over the threedays of the Polish Indoor ShowJumping Competition CSN morethan 20 contests were held. Thebest of all the 63 competitors and173 horses turned out to be LeszekGramza on the horse called Gambo.carriages. Among the fair attendants there were also horse breedersassociations, organizations popularising equestrianism and therapeutichorseback riding, the industry-related publishers and horse riding centresadvertising horse riding lessons.As every year, also this time the fair proved to be a perfect place forpeople only beginning their adventure with horse riding. They couldfind out what equipment they needed for a good start, find a horseriding club or learn about various horse-related leisure activities. by Wioleta AleksandrowiczThe next edition of the Horse Riding Equipment Trade Fair is to takeplace on December <strong>2010</strong>.19.01 – 22.01 BUDMA International Construction Fair • CBS Sport Facilities, Amenity Areas,Wellnes & Spa • BUMASZ International Fair of Construction and Road BuildingMachines, Vehicles and Equipment • GLASS Glass Industry Fair29.01 – 31.01 Angling Fair • AQUAZOO Fishkeeping Exhibition01.02 – 04.02 EPLA International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing11.02 – 14.02 POLAGRA-PREMIERY International Fair of Agricultural MechanizationPRO HORTI Horticultural Contracting Exhibition16.02 - 19.02 MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair19.02 – 21.02 Education Fair • School Equipment Exhibition • Books for Children and YoungPeople – 9th Poznań Trade Fair Meetings26.02 – 28.02 GARDENIA Garden Fair02.03 – 04.03 NEXT SEASON Contracting Exhibition of Clothing, Shoes and Accesories • BODY STYLEExhibition of Lingerie and Beach Fashion • FAST FASHION Exhibition• TEX-STYLE ClothingIndustry Fabrics and Accesories Trade Fair • INTERMASZ International Trade Fair of Textile,Clothes and Shoe Making Machines10.03 – 12.03 Euro-Reklama International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services • Digital PrintingExpo, Visual Expo • POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO • SALMED International Medical Fair19.03 – 21.03 Motor Show20.03 – 21.03 LOOK Hairdressing Forum • beauty VISION Cosmetics and Solaria Forum26.03 – 27.03 Poznań Optical Exhibition 1)13.04 – 16.04 FURNICA International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture ProductionDREMA International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for the Wood and Furniture Industries26.04 – 29.04 INSTALACJE International Trade Fair of Installations and Equipment • WODOCIĄGIInternational Fair of Water and Sewage Systems • KOMINKI International Fair ofFireplaces • SAWO International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment• SECUREX International Security Exhibition07.05 – 09.05 FIT-EXPO Fitness & Sport Park12.05 – 13.05 BTS Fair of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods17.05 – 18.05 OPAKPRINT Packaging and Printing Industry Fair in Lublin18.05 – 20.05 EXPOPOWER International Power Industry Fair • AUTOMA International Fair of Robotics,Automatics, Control and Measurement Equipment • GREENPOWER International RenewableEnergy Fair26.05 – 28.05 HOME DECOR Interior Design and Home Furnishing Fair • LUMINEXPO Lighting and LightTechnology Exhibition27.05 – 30.05 ARENA DESIGN • MOODFORM Design Trade Fair29.05 – 30.05 AGRO-PARK Agricultural Fair in Lublin08.06 – 11.06 INNOVATIONS-TECHNOLOGIES-MACHINES POLAND (ITM POLAND), including:HAPE Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives • MACH-TOOL Machine ToolsExhibition • METALFORUM Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Metal Industry• SURFEX Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies • Convention and Exhibition”21st Century Rail Transport for Poland” • TRANSPORTA • WELDING• Research for IndustryAugust ROLTECHNIKA Agricultural Exhibition in Wilkowice31.08 – 02.09 NEXT SEASON Contracting Exhibition of Clothing, Shoes and Accesories • BODY STYLEExhibition of Lingerie and Beach Fashion • FAST FASHION Exhibition09.09 – 11.09 EKO-LAS Fair of Forestry, Wood Industry and Enviromental Protection12.09 – 16.09 POLAGRA-TECH International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies, including: Exhibitionof Baking and Confectionery Industry (12.09‐16.09) • International Food Ingredients Show(13.09‐15.09) • Exhibition of Dairy Industry Machines and Devices (13.09‐16.09) • Exhibition ofFood Industry Machines and Equipment (13.09‐16.09)13.09 – 16.09 POLAGRA-FOOD International Food Product Trade Fair • GASTRO TRENDY InternationalTrade Fair of Catering• TAROPAK International Packaging Technology and Logistics Exhibition23.09 – 25.09 CEDE Central European Dental Exhibition 2)01.10 – 03.10 DREMASILESIA – MEBELTECHEXPO Exhibition of Woodworking Machines and Tools(Katowice) 3)08.10 – 10.10 POZNAŃ GAME ARENA (PGA) Multimedia and Entertainment Fair20.10 – 23.10 TOUR SALON Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist ProductsINVEST-HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair23.10 – 24.10 HOBBY Model Making Exhibition10.11 – 13.11 STONE Stone Industry Fair 4)12.11 – 14.11 BOAT SHOW Fair of Sailing and Water Sports 5)16.11 – 18.11 BTS Fair of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods23.11 – 26.11 POLEKO International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection • KOMTECHNIKA InternationalTrade Fair of Municipal Technologies • GMP Fair of Products and Services for Self-GovernmentAdministration • INVESTFIELD Property and Investment Exhibition26.11 – 27.11 OPTYKA Optical Exhibition 6)03.12 – 05.12 Art & Craft FestivalDecember Horse-Riding Equipment Trade Fair1)Organizer: Interprovincial Guild of Optical Crafts in Poznań2)Organizer: Exactus sp.j.3)Co-organizer: International Katowice Fair Ltd.4)Co-organizer: Geoservice – Christi5)Co-organizer: Interservis Ltd. in Łódź6)Co-organiser: National Chamber of Optical Crafts KRIO

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