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Masonry Hangers for Solid Joists - Simpson Strong-Tie


Masonry HangersMasonry Hangers for Solid JoistsSFH/SFWH Safety Fast Masonry Restraint HangersThe SFH Safety Fast Hangers are an innovative range of products that have beendesigned to support timber joists, beams and trussed rafters from masonry wallswithout the need of supporting masonry above the top flange.SFH•••••••••Requires no masonry above the top flange to achieve the published performancevalues.Improved vertical and lateral load distribution.Mini Strap simply hooks onto the hanger.Enables the construction of the floor deck prior to the next lift of masonry.Reduces Health & Safety risks associated with the use of the traditional masonryhangers with no masonry above.Eliminates the need for propping.Mini Strap provides lateral restraint capacity in accordance with NHBC guidelines.Allows for retrofit of lateral restraint straps.Web stiffeners are not required with I-joist to achieve the performance values.MATERIAL:SFH: 2.5mm pre-galvanised mild steel.SFWH: 2.5mm mild steelMini Strap - 1.0mm pre-galvanised mild steel.FINISH: SFWH: Hot-dip galvanised.INSTALLATION:PATENT NOS.GB2316103, GB2354267GB2390380EP1200684•••••Use all specified nails.Build masonry to required level, ensuring any coursing bricks or blocks are at leastone course below the supporting block, and leave to cure.Place the Safety Fast Restraint Hanger over the inner leaf of blockwork, ensuring thebearing plate is fully located onto the top of the masonry, sitting tight against thefront face and top of the blockwork.Sit the floor joists into the masonry hanger and ensure all joists arecorrectly installed. The joists should be tight into the back of the hanger wherepossible. The maximum gap between the back of the hanger and the end of the joistis 6mm.Clip the Safety Fast Mini Strap onto the restraining hooks on the side of the hangerand nail to the side face of the joist with three No. 3.75x30mm square twist nails.INSTALL ONLY ONE STRAP PER HANGER.SFWHGENERAL INSTALLATION NOTES• The floor decking may be stored on the joists provided the load is uniformlydistributed between the several joists and does not exceed the hanger or joistcapacities. Refer to joist manufacturer or supplier for joist capacity and maximumconstruction loads.• The floor decking must be securely attached to each joist before additional loadscan be placed on the system.• Floor decking and blockwork is to be cut where necessary to fit around the upstandstiffeners.• Pallets of blocks or other construction materials should be placed onto thescaffolding and NOT directly onto the floor. The materials can then be evenlydistributed around the floor manually, ensuring hanger or joist capacities are notexceeded.Mini Strap (included with Safety Fast Hanger)SFWHPATENT NOS.GB2354267, GB2390380PATENT PENDINGEP1200684Catalogue C-UK10 © 2010 SIMPSON STRONG-TIE COMPANY INC.16

Masonry Hangers for Solid JoistsSFH/SFWH Safety Fast Masonry Restraint HangersTYPICAL SFH INSTALLATIONTYPICAL SFWH INSTALLATIONMasonry Hangers129-150SFH HANGERS LOADSJoist FastenersSafe Working Loads (kN)Characteristic Capacity(kN)Model No.Joist WidthBlock StrengthBlock StrengthSFHSFWHHanger MiniStrap 2.8N/mm 2Qty Nail Qty NailSolid AAC3.5N/mm 2Solid LAC7N/mm 2Solid DAC3.5N/mm 2Solid LAC7N/mm 2Solid DAC< 61mm5.1 6.2 6.2 13.34 13.342 3.75 x 30 3 3.75 x 30>66mm 6.7 8.0 8.0 17.47 17.4766mm 7.8 9.5 9.5 15.39 15.391. Loads are based upon tests conducted by CERAM Building Technology Ltd and are determined in accordance with EN 845 and BS6178.2. Hanger loads are achieved without masonry above the top flange.3. The block thickness must be the same as the top plate width.4. The lateral capacity exceeds that provided by traditional straps placed at 2m centres.5. 3.75 x 30 refers to sheradised square twist nail (not supplied with hanger).SFH HANGERSSFWH HANGERSCatalogue C-UK10 © 2010 SIMPSON STRONG-TIE COMPANY INC.Joist SizeHanger Dimension (mm)Model No.Width Height Width (W) Height (H)150 SFH150/40/100 40 14038225 SFH225/40/100 40 215150 SFH150/50/100 50 140175 SFH175/50/100 50 16550 200 SFH200/50/100 50 190225 SFH225/50/100 50 215250 SFH250/50/100 50 240175 SFH175/75/100 75 16575 200 SFH200/75/100 75 190225 SFH225/75/100 75 215175 SFH175/100/100 100 165100 200 SFH200/100/100 100 190225 SFH225/100/100 100 215Joist SizeHanger Dimension (mm)Model No.Width Height Width (W) Height (H)35 225 SFWH225/38/100 38 215225 SFWH225/40/100 40 21538250 SFWH250/40/100 40 240150 SFWH150/50/100 50 140175 SFWH175/50/100 50 16550 200 SFWH200/50/100 50 190225 SFWH225/50/100 50 215250 SFWH250/50/100 50 24075 225 SFWH225/75/100 75 215100 225 SFWH225/100/100 100 21517

Masonry HangersMasonry Hangers for Solid JoistsSFJC Safety Fast Joist CapThe SFJC is an innovative and unique product which enables a safe, practicaland robust solution that satisfies the requirements of ‘Approved Document B &L’ of the Building Regulations.The SFJC is designed to be used where timber joists are built into a masonryexternal wall and eliminates the air leakage problems associated with shrinkageof timber joists. It also provides resistance to fire for up to 60 minutes whengaps are filled in with mineral wool.CERTIFICATE No 04/4170••••SFJC305/50, SFJC305/100 and SFJC225/100 models accomodate a largerange of joists types and sizes.SFJC225/50 specifically designed for 50mm solid sawn joists up to225mm deep.Air leakage around the joist end is eliminated.Wide face flanges provide an air tight seal.MATERIAL: Black Polypropylene.The SFJC does not provide any lateral stability to the joists during constructionphase. It is therefore necessary to install temporary bracing in accordance withthe joist manufacturers instructions and/or standard construction practice, toensure temporary stability of the floor joists.• Place floor joist onto wall and adjust to ensure correct bearing at each end.• Lift the floor joist and install SFJC over the end of the joist, ensuring theSFJC face flanges are tight against the inner face on the masonry wall.SFJC225/50: SOLID SAWN JOISTS• Solid sawn joists up to 50mm wide and 225mm high can be installed directly into theSFJC225/50.SFJC305/50 & SFJC225/100: SOLID SAWN JOISTSSFJCPATENT GB2392928,GB2393459Typical SFJC225/50 Installation••Solid sawn joists up to 50mm wide and 300mm high can be installed directly intothe SFJC305/50. For narrower joist widths use the wedge cut outs to pack thejoist.Nail in place with 2 No 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails per plate.SFJC305/100 & SFJC225/100: SOLID SAWN JOISTS• Steel joist plates slides into the slots within the SFJC and are fixed to the top andbottom of the floor joists.• Nail in place with 2 No 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails per plate.• Install horizontal restraint straps at maximum 2m centres• Nail to the timber joists with 8 No 3.75 x 30 square twist nails.• Build up masonry between SFJC and continue with wall construction.• Ensure all joints between the masonry and SFJC are fully filled with mortar.• With the SFJC305/50 check the tightness of the wedges once wall is completed.• If necessary, hammer wedges in tight and adjust retaining nail.• Also if necessary, fill the void around the joist with mineral wool or expanding foam.Model No. Dimensions (mm) Hanger Dimension (mm)Solid Sawn Joist Sizes(mm)Width Height Width Height Web Width HeightSFJC225/50 50 225 - - - 50SFJC225/100 100 225 - - - 100SFJC305/50 50 305 up to 50up to 50up to 302 9 to 12SFJC305/100 100 305 up to 100 up to 100up to 225up to 300Typical SFJC305/100 InstallationTypical SFJC305/50 InstallationCatalogue C-UK10 © 2010 SIMPSON STRONG-TIE COMPANY INC.1.2.2 No SFJC Wedges supplied with each SFJC305/50.2 No Steel Joist Plates supplied with each SFJC305/100 and SFJC225/100.18

Masonry Hangers for Solid JoistsJHM/HJHM Masonry Supported Joist HangersJHMs and HJHMs are one piece non-welded joist hangers for supporting timber joists,beams and trussed rafters from masonry walls.• Built-in inspection slot at the base of the hanger to aid inspection from the ground.• HJHM: Heavy duty masonry hanger for higher load carrying capacity.• Top flange provides widest area in contact with masonry support allowing superiorperformance. Embossments on JHM stiffen top flange and holes allow improvedmortar keying.• JHM side flange on deeper hangers is much higher than traditional style, providinggreatly enhanced resistance to joist rotation.• Regularised Timber: we have added new sizes to our JHM range to suit regularisedtimber. Use 47mm or 91mm width hangers for this new application.MATERIAL:JHM129-150Masonry HangersJHM and HJHM: Pre-galvanised mild steel.INSTALLATION:• Use all specified fasteners. See "General Notes" (page 12).• Set hanger back flange tight against block wall when built to desired level, thencontinue with additional courses to complete wall height. Joist should be tight intoback of hanger when possible. Maximum gap permitted is 6mm.• MINIMUM 3 COURSES OF SOLID BLOCK (675MM MASONRY) REQUIRED ABOVEHANGER WITH MORTAR FULLY CURED BEFORE APPLYING LOAD.• Do not stack blocks or heavy loads on the joists during construction unless thejoists have additional support to take the full load of the blocks vertically andhorizontally.• The JHM joists hangers can be fixed to steel beams by means of power actuatedfasteners.• The shot-fired pins must be installed by a qualified person in accordance with themanufacturer’s installation requirements.HJHMOPTIONSCatalogue C-UK10 © 2010 SIMPSON STRONG-TIE COMPANY INC.• Return configuration provides additional support by wrapping around three sides ofthe block. Designate “return” and length of return dimensions when ordering.• RETURN HANGERS DO NOT SATISFY THE REQUIREMENTS FOR LATERAL RESTRAINTTYPE HANGERS.• Straddle configuration provides two hangers connected across top of supportenabling exact alignment on both sides of supporting wall. Designate “straddle” andlength of straddle dimensions when ordering.• JHM can be shot-fired into steel. See table below.• Other widths and heights available to order. Contact Simpson Strong-Tie for details.• JHM’s up to 61mm width can be skewed from 5 to 45 deg. See skewed hanger loadtable.JHM Shot Fired to a Steel Girder1.2.3.4.Model No.Steel SupportFastenersJoist Nails (mm)Safe WorkingLoad (kN)JHM 4 No Shot Fired Pins 4 - 3.75 x 30 5.17The above Safe Working Loads are based upon product tests using four No. Hilti 12mm X-EDNI steel pins firedthrough holes provided in the top flange of the hangers onto 4mm thick steel plate. Other pins may be usedprovided similar structural performance in verified by the pin manufacturer.Pin Head size must be sufficient to prevent pull through during loading.The designer must ensure that the steel support member will support the imposed loads.Install shot-fired pins in accordance with manufacturers instructions.JHM Shot-fired to steel19

Masonry HangersMasonry Hangers for Solid JoistsJHM/HJHM Masonry Supported Joist HangersJHM HANGERS FOR TIMBER AND TRUSSHJHM HANGERS FOR TIMBER AND TRUSSJoist SizeModel No.Hanger Dimension (mm)Joist SizeModel No.Hanger Dimension (mm)Width Height Width (W)354450632ply 35 or 752ply 47 or 912ply 50or 1002ply 633ply 50or 2ply 75Height(H)100 JHM100/38 38 100125 JHM125/38 38 125150 JHM150/38 38 140175 JHM175/38 38 165200 JHM200/38 38 190225 JHM225/38 38 215250 JHM250/38 38 240100 JHM100/47 47 100125 JHM125/47 47 125150 JHM150/47 47 140175 JHM175/47 47 165200 JHM200/47 47 190225 JHM225/47 47 215250 JHM250/47 47 240100 JHM100/50 50 100125 JHM125/50 50 125150 JHM150/50 50 140175 JHM175/50 50 165200 JHM200/50 50 190225 JHM225/50 50 215250 JHM250/50 50 240125 JHM125/63 63 125150 JHM150/63 63 140175 JHM175/63 63 165200 JHM200/63 63 190225 JHM225/63 63 215250 JHM250/63 63 240100 JHM100/75 75 100125 JHM125/75 75 125150 JHM150/75 75 140175 JHM175/75 75 165200 JHM200/75 75 190225 JHM225/75 75 215250 JHM250/75 75 240100 JHM100/91 91 100125 JHM125/91 91 125150 JHM150/91 91 140175 JHM175/91 91 165200 JHM200/91 91 190225 JHM225/91 91 215250 JHM250/91 91 240100 JHM100/100 100 100125 JHM125/100 100 125150 JHM150/100 100 140175 JHM175/100 100 165200 JHM200/100 100 190225 JHM225/100 100 215250 JHM250/100 100 240125 JHM125/125 125 125225 JHM225/125 125 215175 JHM175/150 150 165225 JHM225/150 150 215Width Height Width (W)2ply 35 or 752ply 50 or 1002ply 633ply 50 or 2ply75Height(H)150 HJHM150/75 75 140175 HJHM175/75 75 165200 HJHM200/75 75 190225 HJHM225/75 75 215250 HJHM250/75 75 240300 HJHM300/75 75 290150 HJHM150/100 100 140175 HJHM175/100 100 165200 HJHM200/100 100 190225 HJHM225/100 100 215250 HJHM250/100 100 240300 HJHM300/100 100 290150 HJHM150/125 125 140200 HJHM200/125 125 190225 HJHM225/125 125 215250 HJHM250/125 125 240150 HJHM150/150 150 140200 HJHM200/150 150 190225 HJHM225/150 150 215250 HJHM250/150 150 2403ply 63 225 HJHM225/190 190 2154ply 50 or 2ply100150 HJHM150/200 200 140200 HJHM200/200 200 190225 HJHM225/200 200 215250 HJHM250/200 200 2403ply 75 225 HJHM225/225 225 215Catalogue C-UK10 © 2010 SIMPSON STRONG-TIE COMPANY INC.20

Masonry Hangers for Solid JoistsJHM/HJHM Masonry Supported Joist HangersTYPICAL JHM Installation JHMS Straddle Configuration JHMR Return ConfigurationMasonry Hangers129-150JHM HANGERS - LOADSModelJoist FastenersSafe Working Loads (kN)Block StrengthCharacteristic Capacity (kN)Block StrengthQtyNail2.8N/mm 2Solid AAC3.5N/mm 2Solid LAC7N/mm 2Solid DAC2.8N/mm 2Solid AAC3.5N/mm 2Solid LAC7N/mm 2Solid DACJHM 2 3.75x30 6.25 6.25 9.37 10.10 10.10 13.981. are based upon tests conducted by CERAM Building Technology and are determined in accordance with BS 6178 and EN 845.Loads apply to masonry blocks with a minimum compressive strength as indicated.The block thickness must be at least the same size as the top flange depth (as shown in relevant illustrations).For straddle hangers the minimum S dimension is 100mm.3.75 x 30 refers to a square twist nail (not supplied with hanger).HJHM HANGERS - LOADSCatalogue C-UK10 © 2010 SIMPSON STRONG-TIE COMPANY INC.1.2.3.Size Range(mm)Joist FastenersWidth Height Qty Nail2.8N/mm 2Solid AACSafe Working Loads (kN)Block Strength3.5N/mm 2Solid LAC7N/mm 2Solid DAC2.8N/mm 2Solid AACCharacteristic Capacity (kN)Block Strength3.5N/mm 2Solid LAC7N/mm 2Solid DAC40 - 74 140 - 400 2 3.75 x 30 8.45 8.45 13.50 12.67 12.67 20.2575 - 200 140 - 400 2 3.75 x 30 10.60 10.60 13.50 15.90 15.90 20.2591 - 200 140 - 400 8 4.00 x 90 10.60 10.60 15.52 15.90 15.90 23.28201 - 300 140 - 400 2 3.75 x 30 8.50 8.50 10.80 12.75 12.75 16.35Test conducted by CERAM Building Technology in accordance with EN846-4 and evaluated in accordance with EN845-1.3.75 x 30 refers to square twist nails.Loads apply to solid block with minimum compressive strengths indicated. The block thickness must be at least the same size as the top flange length, as shown in theillustrations above. For straddle hangers the minimum S dimension is 100mm to achieve published loads, except for HJHM hangers which must be twice the top flange lengthof a single hanger.SKEWED JHM HANGERS - LOADSModelQtyJoist FastenersNail2.8N/mm 2Solid AACSafe Working Loads (kN)Block Strength3.5N/mm 2Solid LAC7N/mm 2Solid DACJHM 4 3.75x30 5.05 5.17 5.171. Maximum width 61mm2. Maximum skew 45o21

Masonry HangersMasonry Hangers for Solid JoistsICF Insulated Concrete Form HangerThe ICFLC and ICFLC-CW ledger connector system is engineered to solve the challenges of mounting steel or woodledgers on insulated concrete walls.The ledger connector system is easy, quick and versatile to use. The perforations in the embedded leg of the ICFLCpermit the concrete to flow around it, anchoring the ICFLC securely within the block. The exposed flange provides astructural surface for mounting either a wood or a steel ledger.25.457NEW!1781827546Measurements are in mm.1Attach interior partitiion walls withsuitable drill point screws into ICFLCwhere needed.3Use ICFLC-CW for solid sawn timber.2Use ICFLC to attach ledger to ICF.4Use IUSE hanger for I-joist floor system.1Catalogue C-UK10 © 2010 SIMPSON STRONG-TIE COMPANY INC.42322

Masonry Hangers for Solid JoistsICF Insulated Concrete Form Hanger"General Notes" (page 12):1. Spacings shown apply to vertical loads only.2. No load duration increase is allowed.3. Minimum concrete compressive strength (f1c) is 2,500 psi.4. Tables shown below address spacing requirements for forms up to 67mm thick. Forforms 70mm thick, the allowable download is 7.3kN. Spacing shall be determined bythe project design professional.5. Do not splice ledger at ICFLC location.WARNING: Industry studies show that hardenedfasteners can experience performance problems inwet environments. Accordingly, use this product in dry,interior applications only.Masonry HangersMaximum 70mm129-150Typical Wood Ledger Installation with ICFLC and ICFLC-CW.SOLID SAWN WOOD LEDGER - ICFLC with ICFL-CW (67mm forms)Download per ICF connector(kN)MaximumConnector Spacing8.5 12001.2.Use six D3 screws (provided).Loads assume a minimum C16 ledger.Catalogue C-UK10 © 2010 SIMPSON STRONG-TIE COMPANY INC.STEEL LEDGER - ICFLC 67mm1.2.3.Download per ICF connector(kN)Ledger Thickness (mm)Connector Spacing7.3 1.6 350Minimum steel ledger specification is A-653 SS Grade 50.Use three 1/4-14x3/4”, #3 drill point screws (not provided).Minimum screw shear capacity is 3.3kN.MISINSTALLATION!Requires 3 screws ateach location.Table provides centrespacing.ICFLC Installation Side View.Typical Steel Ledger Installation with ICFLC(minimum 1.6mm steel ledger).23

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