Hitch Hiker - Valco Baby

Hitch Hiker - Valco Baby

Hitch Hiker - Valco Baby


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Product GuidePlease read and follow the instructions outlined in this guide carefully. Retain this guide in a safe place forfuture reference!All pictures and diagrams herein are provided for illustration purposes only. Actual product, colour or fabricmay vary. VALCO reserves the right to modify or alter any specification or colour without notice or obligationto modify any product previously purchased.Visit us on the web at www.valco.com.au

Thank you for purchasing a quality VALCO product. Due to our policy of continuous productdevelopment, this product is constantly evolving. It is possible that some features orprocedures outlined here have changed since this document was written. If you unsure ofany procedure shown here please contact your local store or VALCO direct via the web atinfo@valco.com.au to obtain the most up to date information before use.Before assembling this product, please read the instructions carefully.Familiarize yourself with the product construction and safety warnings; besure that you understand all the warnings and safety guidelines before use.Your VALCO hitchhiker is designed to fit on many different types, makes and brands ofprams and stroller. While every effort has been made to cover all the different possibilities,there may be some units that are not compatible with this product.Carton ContentsAssembly and Installation1. Insert the front swivel wheel intothe housing on the front leg.2. Firmly press the pin into thehousing until it locks into place.3. Repeat for the other wheel.1. Remove the fastening strapfrom the frame clamp unit byturning the screw anticlockwiseuntil it is releasedfrom the lock core.2. Pull the fastening strap fromthe frame clamp unit.3. Identify the upright leg tubes towhich you will attach the<strong>Hitch</strong>hiker Stand.4. Wrap the fastening strap aroundthe tube at a height which isreachable by the fastening arms.(You will notice that the strapconforms to the size/shape ofthe tube).5. Lock the flexible tube strap inthe ridges of the screw housing.

8. Holding the strap firmly lockedinto the housing, slide theframe clamp over the strapuntil the strap exits throughthe side slot and the threadthrough the exit hole.6. Secure with the knob andtighten.7. Repeat this procedure for theopposite side.9. If you need to turn the lengthadjuster so the rocker switchis on the top, press down onthe rocker switch and pull theadjuster all the way backtoward you.10. Turn it over and press down onthe rocker switch to re-inserton the arm housing.11. Insert each of the arms intothe board channel on eitherside.12. Move the board left or rightuntil it sits centred behind thestroller. Lock the position bytightening the two screws onthe underside of the board.13. Lock the position by tighteningthe two screws on theunderside of the board.14. Ensure that the board is asparallel as possible to theground by turning the armadjusters. To do this,simultaneously press thebuttons and turn the boarduntil it is horizontal to theground.15. Attach the arms to thestroller by placing thesecuring rivet over the channelin the frame clamp.16. Pull the spring loaded coverback to open the channel.17. Insert the securing rivet firmlyinto the channel and releasethe cover.18. Repeat for the other side.19. Adjust the distance of theboard from the stroller bydepressing the rocker switchand moving the arms in thedesired direction.

Examples of the <strong>Hitch</strong>hiker on differentproduct types20. Attach the strap to yourstroller handle by looping it overthe bar and securing bythreading it through the sewnloop.21. You can conveniently “fold” yourhitchhiker out of the way bylifting it and securing it to thestrap by inserting the strapbuckle through the slot in theboard.22. Adjust the strap length usingthe slider buckle. Ensure thestrap is tight, lifting the entireunit as much “out of the way” aspossible.23. To release, press the buckletongue on the underside of thestand, ease the buckle out ofthe board and gently lower theunit to the ground.WARNINGSYour child’s safety is your responsibility ……… Be sure that all clamps and buckles are securely fixed into place before use. Moving parts may be lubricated with silicone spray – DO NOT USE OIL. The maximum weight of the child for which this product is intended is up to 30 kg’s.Recommended from approximately 2 years plus. Your child’s feet should be completely standing on the dimpled/non slip part of theHITCHHIKER RIDE ON STAND. Your child should never be left unattended while on the HITCHHIKER RIDE ON STAND. Your children should never be left unattended. Children in the stroller must always wear asafety harness, correctly fitted and adjusted, at all times. Always keep your hand on the pram handle when your child is using the HITCHHIKER RIDEON STAND. The parking brake of your pram or stroller should not be used while a child is on theHITCHHIKER RIDE ON STAND. Check all parts before use for breakage or fatigue. Discontinue use immediately if any part isfound to be damaged or broken. Do not carry additional children. Make sure that any part of the child’s body is clear of all moving parts before making anyadjustments. Your VALCO product is intended for domestic use only. It is not intended for commercial use. Never carry your HITCHHIKER RIDE ON STAND with a child on it. This product is intended for domestic use only. It is not intended for commercial use.AXLES ARE BEST LUBRICATED WITH GREASE OR PETROLEUM JELLY. MOVING PARTS AREBEST LUBRICATED WITH SILICONE BASED PRODUCTS. DO NOT USE OIL BASEDPRODUCTS.© Copyright VE 2004In Australia/NZwww.valco.com.auIn North Americawww.valcobaby.com

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