Trojan 1976 - Yearbook

Trojan 1976 - Yearbook

REGENTSMEETINGHELD ONCAMPUSThe Board of Regents of the University ofMinnesota held their regular meeting on theCrookston campus September 11-12. In additionto their regular business, the grouptoured the campus and discussed currentand future needs here, among them morestudent housing and larger library and LearningCenter facilities.Regents David Utz, Rochester, and Wenda Moore, Minneapolis.Regents Lauris Krenik, Madison Lake, and L.J.meeting.Lee, Bagley. Left: Students at an open2I

Above, Regent George Rauenhorst, Olivia; Vice Pres.Wilderson, Regent Loanne Thrane, Chanhassen; andPres. Magrath. Far Left: Regents Goldfine, Krenik, Lee,Utz, Moore, Pres. Magrath; Chm. Neil Sherburne ofLakeland; Regents Lester Malkerson, Mpls; Rauenhorst,Thrane, Robert Latz of Golden Valley, and Lloyd Petersonof Paynesville. Above, Right, Pres Magrath, and Below,Vice Pres. Stanley Kegler.The brisk walkers setting the pace are Regents ErwinGoldfine of Duluth and Lloyd Peterson. Behind are twolocal faculty members, Dale Knotek, director of studentactivities, and Dr. Don Sargeant, assistant provost foracademic affairs. In the Third Row are Provost Ray Darland,University of Minnesota, Duluth; and Provost,john Imholte, University of Minnesota, Morris. Left: thehost, Provost Sahlstrom of UMC, wearing the famousSDS grin. The Board of Regents has not met on theCrookston campus since September, 1969.3





IMATMENLee Brekke, 190 Ibs.Brad Erlandson 126 Ibs.Randy Radniecki and Kurt Oravetz (Above) accept the conference trophy. UMC won the Northern Division title, with two men, Lee Brekkeand Brad Erlandson placing fifth in the regionals. The team included, Front Row: Erlandson, Roger Mergen, Dale Aakre, Dale Jaenicke, DaleRitter, Jeff Sannes; Back Row: Coach Rod Mosher, Brekke, Ken Beich, Steve Magnusson, Bob Sowers, Kurt Oravetz, Randy Radniecki, TadRose, and Mark Sjostrom.11


wins and losses, 10-10.

SPRING HAS ITS SPORTSUMC trackmen, competing at Bemidji, took theNorthern Division title in May. Lettermen, led byCapt. Rick Jones, included Jim Bronkin, Len DeVos,Tim Keith, Chuck Mowitt, Lyle Niemi, Keith Ogorek,Terry Ogorek, Kurt Oravetz, Dana Powers, Jeff Radi,Bill Solheim and Tad, assisted by David Lysaker.Droen was head Jack Lundbohm, Above, was named most valuable player in golf byCoach Harold Opgrand. Below, Devos, was voted the most valuabletrackman for the 1976 season.14

Terry Ogorek comes in first in the220-yard dash, with Purkat andJones in third and second places.Tennis and golf, though lessrah-rah than fall and wintercompetition, attracted quitea roster of students. HeadCoach Joe Behm had a teamof eight out for tennis whoplayed matches with FergusFalls and Mayville. The netmenincluded Gary Anderson,Don Andree, Dave Danberg,Paul Gregg, Joe Metcalf,Mark Ostgarden, StefanSigurdson, and FrankThompson. Golfers, instructedby Harold Opgrand, wereMatt Grady, Bob Hiben, RickJones, Jack Lundbolm, HaroldNelson, and DougOberg.


THESE BUILD PEPThis quartet cheered the hockey players on. The girls areShanda Arntson, Julie Westrom, Marilee Davidson, andSandy Steinmetz.Trojan Mike Deslauriers, Peggy Lura, Terry Gramer, Dawb Evenson, CarolGruber, and Pam Stocker inspired grid watchers. Below, they go into action.Kristy Schmerhorn and Diane Simon led hockey fans.Above, how they love to flick those pompons! Below, here are two of the three women whoacted as basketball cheerleaders: Pam Puffe and Barbara Gearou. Hockey gals were MarileeDavidson (Right) and Julie Westrom. Shanda Arntson and Sandy Steinmetz also served.17

TROJAN STARSWIN ACCLAIMWatson McDonald was named MostValuable Player in basketball.Brian Purkat received the DefensiveHockey trophy.Jack Lundbohm earned the Mike Davis MemorialHockey award.Honors won by Mike Karkhoff includedMVP Defense in football, co-captainand All-American All-Conferenceguard for junior colleges.Kevin Kassenborg was given the 1975MVP in baseball.Curt Oravetz was the winner of theMVP citation in wrestling.Above, Kelly Kassenborg won the 1976 MVP in baseball. The Rod Hanson MemorialWrestling Award was given to Bob Sowers by Mr. and Mrs. Orland Hanson, Rod’sparents.18


WOMENONLYCoached by Sonia Spaeth, Techwomen competed this year in basketball,softball, and volleyball. Assistingin softball instruction wereArmando Cuellar and SereChurch. Games were slated withjunior colleges in UMC's division.Colleen Thompson won mostvaluable player awards in basketballand volleyball, and Mary Robinettewas voted most improvedplayer in volleyball.left, a softball game in progress. SereChurch gives the players some pointers ata practice session. Center Left, ColleenThompson receives her honors fromCoach Spaeth. Lower Left, basketballscramble. Below, Cuellar helping the galsand Mary Robinette accepting her awardfrom Miss Spaeth.22

Dr. Gary McVey, chairperson, Division of Agriculture,and his staff: one woman and twenty-two menstrong!Josie Bartlett, B.S.Bruce Beresford, M.S.Philip Buckley, Ph.D.Kenton Freberg, M.S.Charles Habstritt, M.S.Ernest Harman, Ph.D.James Hodgson, M.A.David Hoff, M.S.Thomas Hrub B SEdward Johnshoy, B.S.Donald Keith, B.S.Larry Leake, B.S.George Marx, Ph.D.William Orr, B.S.John Polley, M.S.Donald Sparling, M.S.Clair Stymiest, M.S.W. Dan Svedarsky,M.A.Trumen Tilleraas,M.A.Richard Tillotson,M.S.Erman Ueland, M.A.Edward Veazey, M.S.Roger Wagner, M.S.2

BUSINESS IS THEIR BIZRoger Aspevig, M.A.Adolph Beich, M.S.Betty Brecto, M.A.Larry Christiansen, M.A.Chairperson, Business DivisionA business major, Below, works with aposting machine. While Mr. Beich spervises,a class listens to instructions on theoperation of an adding machine. Right,fashion merchandising discussion.Bruce Brorson, B.S.B.A.Jane Brueske, M.A.Larry Huus, M.S.Donald MacGregor, B.S.Gordon Myerchin, B.S.J.D.Rodney Nelson, B.S.William Paradise, M.S.Lynne Scraper, B.A.Ella Strand, M.S.Robert Smith, M.Ed.25

A PAIR OF ACESRobert Downing, M.B.A.Thomas Bloom, M.S., is chairperson forthe HRI division.

Dr. Ervie Glick is chairperson for General Educationdivision, a collection of studies whichencourage the development of broad interestsand an understanding of humanity and itsthoughts and heritage.William Peterson,M.S.Deryl Ramey, M.S.Bernard Selzler, D.Ed.Sonia Spaeth, B.S.Gretchen Starks,M.A.Thomas Ulik, Ph.D.Richard Christenson,D.Ed.Craig Harmon, M.S.Daryll Johnson,M.A.Robert Johnson, M.S.Patricia Kuznik, B.S.Jerome Knutson,M.S.Joseph McKenna,M.A.Cleon Melsa, Ph.D.Alice Moorhead,M.A.Lynnette Mullins,M.Ed.Robert Olson, B.S.Patricia Ulik, part-time inst., biologyIs this general education?27

Donald Sargeant, Ph.D., Assistant Provostfor Academic Affairs.Anthony Kuznik, Ph.D., Assistant Provostfor Student Affairs.For the ten years of its history Dr. Stanley D. Sahlstrom,provost, has guided the fortunes of UMC,giving the college and its welfare his entire focus.The result is a school many times as large in enrollmentand fine programs.THESE CALL THE SIGNALSEdward Stoyanoff, M.A., Director, University Relations.William Menzhuber, M.S., Director, Plant Services.Karl Bornhoft, M.S., Business Manager.Harold Opgrand, M.A., Supervisor, LearningResources.Stephen Kraatz, M.S., Director, ContinuingEducation.Herschel Lysaker, M.S., Special Assistantto Provost.

PROFESSIONALS HAVE VARIED JOBSMarvin Bachmeier, M.S.Director of CounselingJohn Bywater, M.Ed.Admissions & Fin. AidsGary ButenhoffCampus SecurityArmando CuellarCoord., Mex.-Am. ProgramsKenneth Johnson, M.S.Placement DirectorDale Knotek, M.A.Director, Student ActivitiesKay Kraatz, B.A.Ret. Sr. Vol. ProgramSr. Bonita MoenCampus MinistryHerschel Lysaker eceived a distinguished service award at the Torchand Shield dinner.Gary MontgomeryVeterans ServicesKeith Ramberg, A.A.S.Director, Housing & DiningVirginia Stainbrook, R.N.Health ServicesFlo Wiger, B.A.Director, MinorityPrograms

Richard AbeldDeloryce Bertilslillie ChristiansonBeatrice FortierRose HerbergConstance JohnsonMyrtle AckerSherman BratagerCheryl DargusMathilda GebhardtElwood HillGeorjean JohnsonVictor AmiotRose BredmanMaxine EisertJoe GrabanskiJohn HowlettEdmund KarboviakBonita AndersonMary Jo WallaceAnn EvansWaler HansonMelvina IngallsEverett KroppArnold BensonDarlene CharronAlice FarderRonald HasbrouckRobert JeskaGladys LaCoursiereSupportStaffSupport StaffSupportStaffSupportStaff SupportStaff30

UMC SENATE. THEIR CONCERN: THE STUDENTTim Donovan, sophomore Linda Bliss, sophamore Roxanne Hajek, sophomore Randall Mitteness, SophomorePresident Vice President Secretary TreasurerJeanne Bohrer, freshmanSenatorRandy Dahl, freshmanSenatorVarian Helgeson, freshmanSenatorRobert Larson, freshmanSenatorSteven Peterson, sophomoreSenatorSusan Seeger, freshmanSenatorSenate meetings are held every two weeks. Facultyadvisors this year were Don Keith, Dale Knotek, TonyKuznik, and Flo Wiger.32 i

Dennis M a som Ralph Marthaler Doris Matzke Williams McWatersNorman MoenBerneil Nelson Clarice Norbom Donald Normandin Joann Palmer Duane OgardHazel Ramberg Betty Panzer Juan Rocha Linda Royal Delores Rodri uezJerome Rude Milan Samshol Bernice Samuelson Donald Sanders Marcia SandahlDorothy Soderstrom David Solberg Ruth Stymiest Louisa Swenson Tonie SwansonRay Tate Glen Thompson Dennis Tollerud JoAnn Westburg Norma Van HornSupportStaffSupportStaffSupportStaff SupportStaffSupportStaff31

34These two pages are a conglomerateof this and that: birthdaycakes, broken zippers, chorusgirls, romantic drama, serious conferences,and just waiting forsomething to happen. There arealso an attorney general, a statesenator, and a provost to add dignityand a touch of class.

Butch Schleicher tends his cookin’.In April the Vets Club surprised Dr. Sahlstromwith a birthday party. Mike DesLauriers, Vets’president, was in charge. Guests of honor wereAttorney General Warren Spannaus and StateSenator Roger Moe. The provost, the recipientof many gifts, presented Spannaus with a miniatureRed River ox cart, shown in the picture.Photograph on the far left shows DesLauriers,Spannaus, Sahlstrom, and Moe. On the nearleft are Sahlstrom, Laurel Hagen, Curtis Parkin,and DesLauriers, all of the veterans group.35

THE PLAY’STHE THINGEner etic drama fans called the TrojanP ayers had a big season, startingin November with a melodrama, THEDOCTOR AND THE DEVILS, andconcluding in Ma with an originalplay by UMC student, John Parker,THE JUGGLER. Their winter effortwas two one-acts, ZOO STORY andTHE ADVENTURES OF NICK DAN-GER, THIRD EYE. In March the playersoffered a dinner theater performanceof WINNERS AND LOSERS atthe Village Green. Alice Moorheaddirected all plays.36

FOOTBALLFANFAREWith “We‘re Tuff E-Nuff” as a slogan, UMC’s HomecomingOctober 18 proved to be a rousing affair. Therewere impressive opening ceremonies at the game, withthe college band playing, and a color guard from UND,dressed in colonial costume, presenting the flag. Thenthe Trojans went on to trounce Vermilion, 44-3. QueenDawn Evenson, sophomore from Mentor, (Above)reigned over all the fun, including the annual Homecomingdance. Dawn’s court included Lynn and LeslieCarlson, Carol Gruber, and Roxane Olson, all chosen bystudent vote. Especially honored were alumni who hadparticipated in sports.Carol Gruber, sophomore, Pierz, attendant.The alumni board held a meeting on Saturday morning.Lynn M. Carlson, sophomore, Little Falls, attendant.38

PLUS A BEVY OF QUEENS AND PRINCESSESThe college’s traditional SunflowerBowl October 4 found Lori Sande ofErskine reigning as queen. Lori washer high school’s representative forthe festivities. She was crowned byKim Jensen of Borup, 1975 queen.Yes, and the Trojans beat Hibbing,40-0.Leslie Carlson, sophomore, Little Falls, attendant.Roxane Olson, sophomore, Badger, attendant.39

Little house on the prairie, maybe?ANOTHER BIGEVENTLots of snow and cold weather plus plenty of enthusiasmamong students and spectators added up to one of the bestSno-Daze weeks in the college’s history. Roxane Olson andWatson McDonald were the reigning monarchs. Court attendantswere Tim Donovan, Brian Purkat, Lynn Carlson, andJeanne Bohrer. Activities included some murderous broomballgames, skiing at Timberlane, snow sculpture, Partying,dancing, and lots of eating. The Sno-Daze button was anoriginal design created by Kristela Rodriguez. Mark MedelboWas general chairman of the week.Surrounded by admirers, Queen Roxane accepts the congratulations ofDr. Sahlstrom on her election. Below is a photograph of UMC’s ‘76button.Sno-Daze royalty: King Watson, QueenRoxane, Seated. The court: Tim Donovan,Brian Purkat, Lynn Carlson, JeanneBohrer.40

SNO-DAZEThe snow sculpture contest waswon by the Vets, whose entry isnot pictured. The week's eventsincluded varsity men's and women'sbasketball, varsity wrestlingand hockey, and one-act plays bythe Trojan Players. Jon Ims entertainedat a coffee house on Thursday,and there was a hot cider partyat the White House fireside ona Friday.Second prize winner in sculpture by the Transcultural Club.Guests of honor were Peggy Lura andTom Feiro, 1975 royalty, and SunflowerQueen Lori Sande and escort.41

Clean upLIBERTY INN was the name of the HRI Seminarfor Winter Quarter. Some of the dishesserved included Plymouth Rock Cornishgame hen, roasted and nestled in a bed ofnative wild rice; New York Delmonico ribeyesteak smothered in rich brown mushroomsauce; and Richmond Rouladen, two slicesof stuffed prime top round, braised in Bavarianstyle gravy. Menus were on antiquedboards, and atmosphere was provided bynumerous antiques and waitresses dressed inauthentic period costumes.Hope you enjoyed your meal.Front Row, Maureen McKeever,Peggy Lura, JohnSchleicher, Pat Offerdahl,Ron Burke. Back Row: ScottAnderson, Manager TomNelson, Roger Sveum, EliHunt, and advisor ThomasBloom. Not pictured: AdvisorErnest Franklin.42

FOODANDFIBERWinter Quarter’s Fashion Show was held during Business Activities Dayand Featured fashion for sleep-time, play-time, casual and evening wear.Also featured were several of the Clothing Construction Class studentsmodeling their own designer fashions. Students from all majors participatingin the show to make it highly successful.43

This man has true grit. He’s Jeff Kratochwill, winner of the Opsahl award at theAga-Rama. On the left is Provost Sahlstrom.AN AGA-RAMA:’76 INNOVATIONWhat’s an Aga-Rama? UMC had its first on January30, a series of contests and demonstrationsto promote ag activities. There were competitionsin tractor driving, nail pounding, sawing,log chopping, crop and livestock judgingyou name it; they had it. Winners in each categoryvied for Over-All Showman, an honorwon by Bruce Endersbee, center bottom. ATodd Opsahl True Grit award, given to a studentwho best shows grit in his college yearswent to Jeff Kratochwill, an Aga-Rama organizer.Todd, in whose memory the award was established,died in the fall of 1975.44

NINE BIG RAHSCitation for the Faculty Member Most Supportive of Student Activitieswent to Don Keith, Above.Chuck Habstritt, Left, was the collegians’ choice for the OutstandingTeacher Award presented at the annual Awards banquet, April27. Dale Knotek, Right, received the Senate’s Outstanding Servicehonor. Tim Donovan and Linda Bliss, Below, were voted the Manand Woman of the Year, an honor given by the Crookston LionsClub. Lyle Berg, ’68, made the presentation.Four women received scholarships from the Faculty Women’sClub: Catherine Lineberry, Judy Mosbeck, Barbara Ramey,and Debra Voth. Alternates named were Vickie Johnston,Nancy Wilebski, Barbara Holmstrom, and Lori Bjorgaard.From The Left the winners are Johnston, Wilebski;Pat Kuznik, president of Faculty Women; Holmstrom, Voth,Mosbeck, Lineberry, Ramey, and Bjorgaard. The NormanPankratz scholarship, awarded for outstanding work andinterest in conservation, was given to Gregory Peterson.Opposite Page. Winning Student Service Awards were TimDonovan, Linda Bliss, Dawn Evenson, Roxanne Olson, JohnSchleicher, Judy Roue, and Peggy Lura. Not pictured:Becky Fleegel. Upper Right: Farmers Union scholarshipswent to Gary Borgendale, Roger Dvergsten, Land Hendrickson,Judy Strand, David Fleming, and Jeff Kratochwill.

AND LOTS OF FLAGWAVINGHaving been named an official Bi-Centennial College by the national committee this year,UMC held a colorful outdoor ceremony and flag raising on May 5. The school was presentedwith a bi-centennial flag by Ed McGaa, state chairman, and a Bennington flag by the UMCVets Club. A color guard from UND dressed in colonial costumes, assisted at the flag raising.Above, Dr. Sahlstrom, Minutemen, and Vets display the Spirit of ’76 banner. Right, Minutemenraise the two flags to join Old Glory, and the three fly over the campus each day.There was also a christening that daythe college’s new bus. It was dubbed “theGolden Goose”. Officiating at the riteswere Bob Rupp, chairman of the all-collegeadvisory committee, and ProvostSahlstrom. What was in the bottle? VintageH20?47

48Faculty Frolics is sponsored each year by the UMCFaculty Women to raise money for scholarshipsfor freshman women planning to return to UMCfor their sophomore year. This year's entertainmentwas based on bi-centennial themes and alsofeatured skits on Tech's tenth anniversary. Theprogram was in charge of Diane Bachmeier, FloWiger, and Nancy Ramey. Lynne Mullins was narrator.Actors were faculty members, administrators,and wives and husbands. A faculty wives chorusline is an annual feature. The show alwaysdraws large crowds of students and townspeople,because of its originality and wit.

THE FACULTY FROLICSAND FROLICSHere are some of the guys and dolls who helped put the Frolics over.Reading Across The Pages From Left To Right In The First Row are MilSahlstrom as the Madman and two saloon gals, Phyllis Solie and MaryBeth Sargeant; Tom Starks, Barney Selzler, Flo Wiger, and Steve Kraatz;and Teeni Harman, Jeri Melsa, Dick Christenson, Bob Johnson, and TomBloom, all trying to elect a mayor. In the Second Row the Father of HisCountry (Dick Christenson) discusses a national symbol with Betsy Ross(Mary Ann Knotek), and these same partisans still work on re-electingTom-Tom. The Bottom Row shows a lady gun fighter (Gretchen Starks)in the saloon. She doesn’t appear to be scaring anyone, especially notPhil Buckley. Lynne Mullins adjusts a mike at a rehearsal, while PatKuznik reads the script. Then we have Betsy and George again, andGeorge seems more pleased with the flag, though he forgot his purtysuit and wig and boots.I49

LIFE IN AND OUT OF CLASSCollege is learning to learn, to question, and toapply what we search out by ourselves and withthe stimulation of good instructors and alert classmates.We are all in this project together. UMCoffers us a diversity of educational opportunities,depending on our individual needs and interests.

Eating, sleeping, studying (sometimes), working on campus events, playing cards, girl orboy watching, or just monkeying around, these are a few of the activites we like. Most ofus are keen on sports, and if we can’t participate, we are enthusiastic spectators. Best of all,we like those hours when we can sit around and rap with our friends. We’re gregarious.52

Everyone marches to a different drummer. Somewait in slow' moving lines to eat. Others get instep with music they love, while another groupwants to improve its skills in order to read theworld's best books or the latest Mad magazine.Anyway no one is supposed to park at any time.Bruce Beresford, above, Tech horticulturist and wit, shows the prospectiveflower growers, how to keep a plant healthy. Right, Reading andLearning Center instructor Gretchen Starks and Student Vince Mendezconfer on a problem. The center is a busy place for those who need toimprove their skills in listening and speed comprehension.

Above are some of the members of the Park and Recreation club. Below a few of theYoung Republicans, dedicated to learning to be intelligent citizens. Lower Left: Oneof the most active groups on campus is the Vets club, shown here entertainingthemselves and others at a fall picnic.There is a club for everything and everyonein his club almost. Organizations rangefrom groups dedicated to professions andpolitics, to the arts and recreation. They allmeet regularly or intermittently, and manyserve the college and its faculty in valuableways. Above is Horticulture club member,Dale Schmidt, selling plants.Three Transcultural club men try their feet on a foreign dance.

WE'RE ORGANIZEDHOW!ANDThe Future Farmers of America, Above Left, is an active organization dedicated to agriculturein all its aspects. Putting on dances, they learned this year, is not the way to build atreasury, however! Above Right are the ambitious, trophy-winning DECAs. In case you don'tknow, those initials stand for Distributive Education Clubs of America. Newest club oncampus, Below, is the Home and Family Service, HFS. Its officers are Kris Knute, v.p.; KrisRoderiquez, historian; Helen Murray, pres.; Avis Kroulik, senate rep.; and Mary Ellingson,treas.A Conservation Club member and aide, achain saw.57

More clubs to suit one's taste! The only typeundetected so far is a Study Club. Maybe thatcomes later. To the right are the VICAs, youngwomen from the Agassiz School of Practical Nursing,which is affiliated with the college.Archery fans meet both indoors and out, dependingon the weather. The sport is a favoritewith both men and women students.And then we have Horsemasters for those wholike horses, riding, rodeos, shows, races, buggyriding as well as all the care and training of theanimal.Why is Helen Murray, Ski Club member, slidingon a tire? She should be on her skis doing aslalom. Actually, this group can ski, and it takesfrequent trips during the season and has fun.Rick Flacksbarth is an articulate member of theSound Factory, the organization that works withKCUM, campus radio station.58

Majors in Fashion Merchandising belongto the Fashion Club.The pitch! How many Democratsbought a chance? Any poll taken?Campus Ministry. Lots of smiles and funalong with a serious purpose.Flying Trojans love the wild blue yonder.That's why they're Ag Aviation majors.Three OEA members imitating the Supremesin a talent competition at thestate convention.

GOOD?BAD?THESEKNOWJudging teams from the Ag Divisionhad experience again thisyear in doing a lot of criticalevaluating and scenic traveling.At the Chicago Internationalthey placed eleventh; at theNational Livestock Show inDenver they were third. InCanyon, Texas, crops judgestook first; soils, second; and allUMC entries together, secondover -al I.These are the NACTA judging teamsand coaches after the awards banquetin Canyon, Texas.UMC’s general livestock judges at theNational Western Stock Show at Denver:Mitteness, Wieland, Strommen, L.Johnson, Welch, Kappes, Peterson,Coach Tilleraas.Dan Rodel accepts his team’s cropjudging award for himself and teammatesBob Sowers and Cheryl Gebhart.Fun, games, and sleep as the gang travelsto Texas, where they placed secondover-all in the nation.This is the soils judging quartet thatwon second place, with their advisor,Clair Stymiest. They are Tobkin, Blum,Friesan, and Petrich.Far Right, some of the livestock grouppracticed en route to Chicago by gradinghogs at Iowa State University, Ames.Below: These crop judges took first atCanyon: Dave Rodel, Cheryl Gebhart,Bob Sowers, and Randy Dahl.

Fisherman Stan and part of his catch on the faculty fishing trip.Yes, children, teachers like toeat, fish, smile, ride, talk informally.The fact is, they'rereally not at all formidablewhen you know them.62

Kathryn Adamson, East Grand ForksEileen Ahmann, East Grand ForksGary Anderson, Fergus FallsMariette Anderson, StephenRichard Anderson, KennedyRobert Anderson, StarbuckRonald Anderson, HallockMary Arens, MahnomenCraig Augustin, New HopePatricia Augustson, Lake BronsonTerry Austreng, BabbittNancy Bagne, ClearbrookPaul Bakken, CrookstonHenry Becker, St. MichaelDavid Bedeau, WalkerMichael Beelner, Park RapidsPaula Benesh, AdaLarry Berg, CrookstonCandace Bergh, GullyTeresa Bergquist, CarlosDonald Berry, OgemaAndrew Beyer, KentChristine Beyer, Red Lake FallsJames Bierwerth, Circle PinesAlbert Bisek, New PragueLori Bjorgaard, NewfoldenStewart Bjorhus, BorupScott Bjornson, West Fargo, NDCurtis Blanchard, BurnsvilleGregory Bogestad, DonaldsonGeorgine Bohrer, St. PaulKelly Boldan, LeaderTim Boucher, CrookstonJames Bradach, GilbertMary Brandt, RoseauRoger Brown, St. Paul

Mary Brule, Red Lake FallsMichael Brunelle, CrookstonScott Burgdorf, PlainviewChristine Burmeister, LittleforkDavid Cardinal, Red Lake FallsCynthia Carlson, LancasterLynn Carlson, StephenJuan Cazares, Laredo, TXThomas Charlton, East Grand ForksKim Christoffer, WorthingtonBruce Chwialkowski, StephenJerry Cin, MorrisLinda Conley, WaubunRobert Conner, Cass LakeDonna Conroy, DumontJames Coombs, Moody, MMichael Cota, Red Lake FaKim Culp, PinewoodCindy Dagel, Lake BentonGregory Dahlin, KarlstadDebra Dale, ShellyDavid Danberg, CokatoCheryl Danks, Grand Forks, N.D.Dale Dau, CasseltonBrad David, New HopeMartin Davig, BagleyGretchen Dehne, ErskinePaul Desautel, AlbanyLori Deterling, FairmontDoreen Diehl, Thief River FallsNancy Dobberstein, GaryCheryl Donarski, CrookstonMichael Douglas, StephenValerie Dukart, RochesterDaniel Eastman, FaribaultPhil Echert, Minneapolis65

Scott Eckstein, Red Lake FallsDebbie Efta, GreenbushEvonne Ellingson, AdaDavid Emery, Victor, NYKelly Erickson, KennedyRichard Erickson, VikingVicky Erickson, Minot, NDBradley Erlandson, LowryLarry Fetting, AdaTerry Fichtner, Emerado, NDLarry Floren, NerstrandJon Fowler, Sauk CentreScott Fox, Pelican RapidsGail Fugleberg, RoseauSusan Gaalswyk, ErskineMartin Gardner, CrookstonDebra Garrick, Portland, ORMary Ann Gaugler, W. Fargo, NDBarbara Gearou, Hillsboro, NDCheryl Gebhart, MentorChristopher Geldert, AnnandaleKermit Genereux, Red Lake FallsJoseph Gentile, GilbertGary Cerszewski, WarrenJanice Giese, East Grand ForksMary Glass, CrookstonMatthew Grady, Woodstock, ILLTeresa Gamer, CrookstonScott Gronseth, DuluthLamar Gunnarson, KarlstadTeri Gunning, ClearbrookHarlin Habben, Buffalo LakeMartha Halbakken, RothsayPatricia Hamerl, RoseauRory Hamre, BeltramiThomas Handeland, South Haven66

Larry Hanenburg, MilacaGerald Hangsleben, SwiftEllen Hanson, Pelican RapidsEric Hanson, EvanvilleKevin Hanson, HallockLaura Hagen, DonaldsonLaura Hawes, CrookstonAngela Heffernan, Grand Forks, NDBruce Heggen, StephenVarian Helgeson, Lake ParkLeonard Hill, BoveyJames Hinkley, East Grand ForksLoren Hoeper, StephenPaul Hoey, TaconiteJane Hoffman, Two HarborsCheryl Hokenson, Wapeton, NDCraig Holmquist, CrookstonBarbara Holmstrom, NewfoldenJames Hruska, Spring ValleyDeborah Huot, Red Lake FallsGregory Iverson, Parkers PrairieRussell Jackson, East Grand ForksDavid Jacobson, Sleepy EyeJohn Jacobson, Park RapidsBruce Jallo, FertileKim Jensen, BorupMary Jesch, Thief River FallsTimothy Johanning, Park RapidsBecky Johnson, BloomingtonDarrell Johnson, HallockLeanne Johnson, AustinLori Johnson, EvansvilleVickie Johnston, AngusElaine Jorgenson, WarrenDouglas Jurek, Silver LakeHerbert Kahilainen, New York Mills67

Thomas Kalahar, New York MillsNancy Kasprick, AngusCynthia Kassenborg, GlyndonKelly Kassenborg, GlyndonCharles Katzmarek, MinneapolisTim Keith, CrookstonMichelle Keller, AnnandaleKarin Kelly, PlummerPaul Kercher, FrazeeJanice Kessler, Grand RapidsWalter Kingren, MinneapolisJon Knochenmus. RoseauKristina Knute, WarrenJames Koch, CrookstonJanice Koch, CrookstonLorne Koehler, New York MillsMichael Kok, MilacaHoward Konkol, SlaytonMichael Kost, GlenwoodCraig Kroonblawd, MilacaGary Kuznia, StephenGerald LaGue, Lisbon, Falls, METhomas Lang, New HopeGary Langerud, HanleyRhonda Larson, East Grand ForksRobert Larson, BerthaScott Larson, StephenWayne Larson, International FallsDarwin Leaf, MilacaAnthony Le Care, HectorGregory Lerum, CrookstonLarry Lewis, AtwaterJulie Lindberg, FertileCatherine Lineberry, PlummerDavid Lindegard, HallockDonovan Lueders, Marion, SD

Jane Lundberg, KennedyMary MacDonald, CrookstonDouglas Magnusson, RoseauDean Markestad, Maddock, NDMaria Martinez, MadeliaMary Matthew, KennedyJuel Mattson, MahnomenBrian Maxwell, Columbia HeighMark Medelbo, DuluthDouglas Melbye, CrookstonJames Mergen, AlbanyRoger Mergen, AlbanyBarbara Merritt, Grand RapidsLori Metzger, Detroit LakesMartin Miller, St. PaulMilo Miller, GeorgetownDavid Mittet, MahnomenMargaret Money, HallockAlan Monsebroten, Grand Forks, NDJudy Mosbeck, Red Lake FallsCharles Mowitt, BagleyCorwyn Mulvaney, CrookstonPaul Munoz, Crystal City, TXHelen Murray, CrookstonKimberly Myhrum, FosstonKaren Myszkowski, WarrenLee Narum, McIntoshLarry Neil, East Grand ForksBrenda Nelson, CrookstonDouglas Nelson, AdaTom Nelson, AppletonKristi Neumann, WheatonMichelle Nitschke, AdaMarlene Noesen, CrookstonAllen O'Bannon, PillagerMarlo Oistad, Shelly69

Cynthia Olson, Wood LakeMaureen Olson, DuluthPhilip Olson, HutchinsonPortia Olson, North East, PACharles Olufson, GatzkeKurt Oravetz, St. CloudMark Ostgarden, MoorheadJohn Parker, BlackduckBlaine Paschke, MinneapolisJeffrey Patnode, MilacaGregory Pawlik, CrookstonEarl Pawlowski, WarrenJames Pederson, CrookstonJoseph Peeters, MenahgaWendy Pepelnjak, VirginiaWilliam Persson, Grafton, NDJeffrey Peterson, CrookstonCurtis Petrich, Coon RapidsCindy Pexsa, Parkers PrairieMyron Pietruszewski, KarlstadJoel Peppe, SherburnSusanne Porter, MilacaMark Potratz, Sauk CentrePaul Potucek, WarrenMark Prazak, Circle PinesPamela Puffe, MoorheadJohn Pulkkinen, Mt. IronRandolph Radniecki, OkleeTerrence Rakotz, CrystalBarbara Ramey, CrookstonJill Raugust, Harvey, NDValerie Reed, HawleyDiane Rensvold, Gardner, NDDouglas Rensvold, Gardner, NDDavid Richter, Vergas70

Daniel Ritten, IronDale Ritter, ChokioMary Robinette, ShakopeeKristela Rodriquez, SabinJeffrey Roel, MoorheadBart Roepke, HutchinsonJames Roerig, BemidjiTad Rose, RothsayRandy Rux, St. HilaireDebra Samshal, CrookstonDesiree Savageau, ClyndonPeter Schaefer, AdamsMichael Schauer, Sauk CentreTheresa Schlosser, AlexandriaDavid Schornack, New York MillsRamona Schroeder, SabinDenise Schultz, Red Lake FallsMerle Schwenzfeier, HallockDonald Schwieters, MelroseTerri Scott, Red Lake FallsAllen Sharp, DeerwoodThomas Sheridan, ShellyRaymond Shuck, TintahDiane Simon, MahnomenMarilyn Simonson, FosstonPamela Sirek, CrookstonThomas Skjei, CrookstonClark Slater, Esmond, NDSarah Smalley, PerhamMurry Smerer, East Grand ForksDonald Smith, AnokaPaul Solberg, GoodrichRichard Solberg, GreenbushWilliam Solheim, CrookstonArlyn Sollund, KarlstadDaniel Sowada, Holdingford71

Roger Spolarich, EvelethJulie Sprague, CrookstonThomas Stallock, KarlstadTheresa Stanton. FuldaRobert Staples, MorrisBradley Steiger, Red Lake FallsCurtis Steil, Cold SpringJeffrey Steiner, RothsayShane Stewart, HurnboltDavid Sticha, New PragueDeborah Stinar, CrookstonSusan Stinson, BemidiiAlan Stokke, Red Lake FallsJudy Strand, ShellyEileen Strandlien, Pelican RapidsRuby Strong, RedbyKathryn Swan, HallockDona Thies, AdaPatrick Thomas, HibbingColleen Thompson, ChanhassenFranklin Thompson, MahnomenCarol Thorkildson, StephenErnest Thorp, CrookstonSteve Thorsen, Grand MeadowJohn Thorson, East Grand ForksMyron Thornson, GaryCharles Tiedeman, CrookstonKevin Tiedeman, CrookstonNeil Tobkin, PerhamMark Troland, CrookstonDenise Truckenmiller, Lake BentonKreig Turner, HallockMargaret Wambach, MahnomenOrville Weaver, Grand Forks, NDShane Weleske, HallockJerry Wesselman, Minneapolis72

Vernard Alsberry, Chicago, Ill.Bradley Bjerken, MoorheadAlan Bradley, CrookstonDaniel Clifton, DilworthSteven Connor, CrookstonJanet Dahl, FeltonVickie Dennison, Grand Forks, ND.Kenneth Edberg, North BranchTom Ehleringer, FuldaJerry Erickson, CrookstonKim Fredrickson, Bagley,Darrell Gale, Federal DamDale Hall, JanesvilleRandal Hoeft, CrookstonJanet Hoss, Detroit LakesGregory Johnson, MilacaLynn Johnson, AdaKenneth Keys, St. Louis, MO.Michael Landon, TrimontLyle Niemi, DuluthKeith Ogorek, St. PaulSteven Oakland, Grand Forks, ND.Jean Olson, CrookstonGerry Parnham, Thief River FallsFreemont Pender, BakerSr. Marcelline Riske, CrookstonTerry Roden, AitkinHarry Roers, AlexandriaJon Sigurdson, New HopeKevin Sjodin, CambridgeGregory Smith, CrookstonKevin Stokes, FridleyKathleen Tangeman, Eagle BendHerbert Ward, Chicago, ILL.Eugene W. Warford, McIntoshDiane Weydert, St. Peter73

Dean Lizotte, Red Lake FallsTim Labs, WatervilleRichard Mead, AdamsPat Nogowski, CrookstonRick Flacksbarth, MaplewoodDebra Schaefer, New UlmSusan Slice, MinneapolisLaura St. Claire, CallawayChristy Schermerhorn, FrazeeLarry Altepeter, CrookstonJay Fields, StephenDonald Yutrzenka, ArgyleGretchen Starks, instructor, Below, shows Debra Curry someof the mysteries of a machine in the Learning Center. Right,two business students bone up for a test, we hope. LowerRight, Rick Beckler of HRI, bringing in the boar’s head, bacon,or buns.Mark Hangsleben, East Grand ForksKris Johnson, CrookstonMonte Ruch, FisherTom Kalaher, CrookstonFreshmen pictured on this page are notalphabetized with the rest of the classbecause they enrolled at Tech in thespring quarter after the page layoutswere arranged. We like them just aswell and don’t segregate them intentionally.74


LIFE STORYRegistration Day! Stand around. Discoveryou’re in the wrong line. Poke around andfind your division. Stand around. Pick up yourclass cards. Walk. Stand around. Pay fees. Geta coke. Wish you were home. Call Pa for money.Bruce Pantzer and pans, pails, and pepper.What else, for Bruce belongs to that rare speciesknown as HRI majors, who love to turnout the grub, and eat it.Jane Benoit, just back from England where shetook course work under UKRE, waves goodbyeto Bruce Endersbe, just leaving for Scotlandunder the same program. UKRE standsfor United Kingdom Reciprocal Exchange.Gary Anderson, buried in pamphletsand periodicals, plans researchpaper.76

The quantity food preparation classprovided one meal a week during winterquarter. The cooks are Studer, Pearson,Parkin, Andree, Empanger, Larson,Sherwin.Among the Trojan Inn Coffee Houseentertains during the winter were theJames Lee Stanley group.There were no leaves on the trees andthe snow still sat in drab heaps aroundthe concrete that is the court, but thesesturdy northerners hauled out theirrackets.Another sign or two of spring: groupsfollowing a winding course aroundpuddles, mud or water, enroute to andfrom classes and dorms. And MarilynHendrickson harnessing up Royal CarelessKisses for a canter in the countrysideor on the campus.77

Doug Rhonemus labors over a project in soil and water conservation.Marilyn Simonson, Above, practices on her flute. Left, Sgt. Tsubota is the instructor of an ROTCclass held on campus for UND and UMC men. Lower Left is Ron White, major in Natural Resources.Right, Gretchen Starks assists people in the Reading and Learning Center.78

Dale AkreHawleyNatR. Cons.Merle AdolphsonArgyleAccountingBeth AndersonCenter CitySm. Bus. Mgmt.Don AndreePuposkyHotel Mgmt.Shanda ArntsonPelican RapidsLight Horse Mgmt.Ann BaldwinChisholmMed. SecretarialRobert BartlettCrookstonAccountingRich BecklerBird IslandDiet TechKenneth BeichCrookstonBus. Computer Sys.Margaret BensonOkabenaAn. ScienceDuane BetteenCrookstonNat. ResourcesTheresa Big CrowPine Ridge, SDGen. Off. Asst.Joe BjorgoCrookstonSales & Mktg. Mgmt.Linda BlissPark RapidsPoultry ScienceKaren BlokzylCrookstonFash. Merch.80

Steven BloomSparta, WIPark & Rec.Cal BlyMcIntoshRest. Mgmt.William BongsDeerwoodNatR. Cons.Lee BrekkeGreenbushAccountingDave BrosdahlArgyleSm. Bus. Mgmt.Kathy BruneauWarrenHFSLeslie CarlsonLittle FallsLegal Sec.Lynn CarlsonLittle FallsLegal Sec.Dina CarnegiePine CreekGen. Office Asst.Kevin ChisholmGaryBus. Computer Sys.Michael ChristensenHutchinsonHorticultureBryce ChristophersonLancasterAg. Bus. Mgmt.Sere ChurchSilver BayLight Horse Mgmt.Kristie CzichotzkiBarnesvilleHFS.Daniel DerouinRed Lake FallsAccounting81

Barbara DescheneStephenData Sec.Tim DonovanHartlandOivers. Ag.Roger DvergstenGreenbushDairy RoadDorothy EckertLittleforkRural Com.Kimberly EisertCrookstonLegal Sec.Bradley EndersbeLisbon, NDDivers, Ag.Bruce EndersbeLisbon, NDLight Horse Mgmt.Tom EntingerlonaNatR.Lynda EricksonRed LakeMed. Sec.Dawn EvensonMentorFashion Merch.Becky FleegelThief River FallsFashion Retail Mgmt.Jim GabrielBloomingtonNatR.Marshella GeiselhartDetroit LakesMed. Sec.Larry GoodenBelcourt, NDNatR.Lanet GrabaSebekaHRIa2

Gary HaglundCrookstonNatR.Roxy HajekDavenport, NDSecretarialGorden HaugFisherRest. Mgmt.Mary HousmanSt. CloudBio. Lab Tech.Scott JelleGryglaAccountingLance JunjakTwin ValleyUnclassifiedPeter KappesAdaOivers. Ag.Rick KaspersonVerndalePark & Rec.Kevin KassenborgClyndonNatR.Lance KlemetsonFosstonNatR.Robert KnutsonHoyt LakesRest. Mgrnt.Jeff KratochwillBlaineDivers. Ag.Avis KroulikStephenHFSLeslie LarterLancasterAccountingDan LubbesmeyerSt. Paul NatR.83

Peggy LuraHawleyResort Mgmt.Steve MagnussonRoseauDairy ScienceLarry MasseyChicago, Ill.Sales & Mktg. Mgmt.Maureen McKeeverWarroadHRIRandy MittenessBensonAnimal ScienceCheryl MohrMinneapolisLight Horse Mgmt.Dale MonsonEast Grand ForksDiet. Tech.Bradley MontgomeryWest ConcordNatR.Steven MortensonBensonNatR.Eric MottingerGolden ValleyWildlife Cons.Rodney MuellerCanbyNatR.Allen NelsonCrookstonSales & Mktg. Mgrnt.Harold NelsonPelican RapidsSm. Bus. Mgrnt.Bruce NicklayStewartvilleNatR.Delos NoklebyMontevideoPark & Rec.

Todd NessErskineHRIJeff NornesOrtonvilleNatR.Douglas ObergMinneapolisNatR.Terry OgorekLancasterNatR.Roxane OlsonBadgerMed.-Leg. Sec.Catherine O’TooleLittle FallsFash. Merch.Curtis ParkinEuclidRest. Mgmt.John PavkovichDuluthPark & Rec.Bonnie PearsonPuposkyHRISteven PetersonWadenaDairy ScienceMike PfefferLake CrystalNatR.Jeffrey RadiCrookstonUnclassifiedLinda RaftesethMoorheadAccountingDebra RhodeJacobsonFashion Merch.Doug RhonemusIthaca, NYNatR.a5

Boris RozenburgMt. An. Prod.Park and Rec.Jerome SannesDale SchmidtSteven SorvigRed Lake FallsSm. Bus. Mgmt.Doris StergerCrookstonLaVon StrandCrookstonCourt ReportingResort Mgmt.Jamestown, NDJim Swiontek86

Carolyn TeggatzMentorHorticultureRod ReigenOsloSoil & WaterRichard TerwayFrazeePark & Rec.Larry VaughnCrookstonSm. Bus. Mgmt.Debra VothThief River FallsCrop ScienceRonald WeissRed Lake FallsDivers Ag.Scott WelchGi I bertLight Horse Mgmt.Wayne WellerNew York MillsDivers Ag.Byron WestlundMinneapolisDiet. Tech.Janet WickCrookstonAccountingJoel WielandBerthaMeat An. Prod.De Ann WolffEast Grand ForksBus. Computer Sys. Anal.Richard WrightBrainerdLight Horse Mgmt.Gerald PollardCrookstonSm. Bus. Mgmt.

JAMES ANDERSONFoxhome, An. Sci.JAY ANDERSONMinneapolis, NatR.SCOTT ANDERSONCrookston. HRIDALE ANTESAlexandria. Park & Rec.DOUGLAS ARETZVictoria. NatR.SCOTT AURELIUSSt. Paul, NatR.CRAIG BAUMGARTNERRoseau. Crop Prod.VICKY BECKSTROMGully. Resort Mgmt.ALLEN BEHRFulda. Sm. Bus. Mgmt.NANCY BEITOWannaska. Med & Leg. Sec.JANE BENOITGentilly. Hort.WANDA BOYERWadena. Acct.PATRICK CORRIGANSauk Rapids. NatR.CHARLES CRUMMYArgyle. Ag. Bus. Fin.DEBRA CURRYStephen. HFSKEVIN DAHLENInt’l Falls. Div. Ag.MARILEE DAVIDSONWebster, SD. Meat An. Sc.SHELLY DEVRIESBemidji. L Horse Mgmt.JERRY DOYEARed Lake Falls. Inst. Mgmt.NORMAN DUNLAPEffie. Hotel Mgmt.TODD EMPANGERHopkins. Rest Mgmt.LYLE ESLINGRoosevelt. Div. Ag.WILLIAM FINKLEMcIntosh. UnclassifiedNANCY FINSTADThief River Falls. HFSSOPHOMORES NOT PICTUREDVIRGIL FLOCKMorgan. Hotel Mgmt.CRAIG FORSETHCrookston. HFSPATRICK GROSSMANCrookston. Park & Rec.CAROL GRUBERPierz. Sec.DUANE GULBRANSONE. Grand Forks. Park & Rec.DEBRA GUNNERSONAda. HFSGARY GUSTE. Grand Forks. Mech. Ag.BRADLEY HANSONDetroit Lakes. Div. Ag.SHEILA HANSONAda. Med. Sec.CHERYL HAUGERBadger. HFSPATRICIA HEINEMANHibbing. Diet. Tech.VALAIRA HEIRAASAda. Ex-Legal Sec.EDWARD HELGESONCrookston. Div. Ag.CHARLES HERRINGChicago, IL. Uncla.LINDA HUDERLEAngus. Fash. Merch.DAVID HURLBUTProvidence, RI. NatR.RANDALL HVlDlNGCrookston. Hort.NEAL JOHNSONCrookston. Ag. Avi.ALONZO JONESMemphis, TN. Uncla.RICKY JONESSauk Centre. Bus. Com. Sys.DAVE KASPEREllendale. Div. Ag.CRAIG LARSONNewfolden. Sales&Mktg. Mgmt.PAMELA LARSONEagle Bend. Rest Mgmt.ROBERT LE COQMcGrath. Dairy Prod.BRIAN LOHSEDeer Creek. Bus. Comp. Sys.JOEL MILLERGlyndon. Acct.MARJORIE MUELLERFergus Falls. Diet. Tech.SHIRLEY NIELSENCrookston. Fash. Merch.HOWARD PERSONOklee. Div. Ag.GREGORY PETERSONSt. Paul. NatR.GARY POWELLAlbert Lea. Sales & Mktg Mgmt.BRIAN PURKATGilbert. Acct.GERALD QUINNSt. Paul. Hort.BRENDA RADICrookston. HFS.DOUGLAS RAKNERUDHawley. Soil & WaterDAVID RODELBird Island, Crop Prod.JUDY ROUEFosston. Fashion/RetailLOUIS SCHAFERRed Lake Falls. Div. Ag.CYNTHIA SCHULTEGranite Falls. L. Horse Mgmt.JONATHAN SCHULTZClear Lake. L. Horse Mgmt.MICHAEL SHERWINRock Island, IL. HRIKEVIN SOLEME. Grand Forks. Acct.JOEL SORVIGSt. Hilaire. Sm. Bus./Sales & Mktg.CATHERINE SPOONERStillwater. Retail Mgmt.SUSAN STRAWCrookston. Med. Sec.GARY STRODTMANPaynesville. Retail Mgmt.JULIAN YERBICHPuposky. Div. Ag.88

THE BIG DAYUMC conferred associate degreeson 150 candidates atcommencement exercises May21 on the mall. Fall and wintergraduates were also honored.Featured speaker was Vice Pres.FINALLY CAMEOther speakers on the programincluded the Hon. Lloyd H. Peterson,regent, who brought greetingsfrom the University Board ofRegents; Eugene Dufault, presidentof the college alumni associ-90

Graduates Roger Dvergsten, Dorothy Eckert, and Lana Hendricks on walk thatlast mile to grasp the priceless document. Waiting to greet them at the platformwas Regent Lloyd Peterson of the friendly smile and the strong handshake.Platform wests, Below, were Provost Sahlstrom, UniversityVice President Walter Bruning, Regent Peterson,University Vice President William Hueg, Prof. H.H.Lysaker, mace bearer; Dr. Anthony Kuznik, Asst. Provost;Dr. Gary McVey, chairperson, Division of Agriculture;Prof. Larry Christianson, Chairperson, Division ofBusiness; Prof. Phyllis Solee, chairperson, Division ofHome and Family Services; Prof. Thomas Bloom, chairperson,Division of Hotel, Restaurant, and InstitutionalManagement; Sr. Bonita Moen, Campus Ministry; theRev. Lionel Johnson, Gene Dufault, president of UMCAlumni Assn.; and Tim Donovan, president of the StudentSenate. Left, a color guard from the college VeteransClub presented and retired the flags. Tom Kalahar ispictured. The college choir, directed by Prof. RobertOlson, sang during the ceremonies. Mrs. Dale Knotek

1332lo1: LNoa26

CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATIONDIVISION OF AGRICULTUREWith High DistinctionHousman, Mary Cathr n St. CloudPeterson, Greg L., St. PaulZehrer, Thomas Leo, Sauk Centre**With DistinctionAnderson, Bruce Duane, S. St. Paul**Benson, Margaret Ella, Okabena***Bliss, Linda Lou, Park Ra idsCarlson, Timothy Harold Pelican RapidsDahlen, Kevin D., International Falls**Dvergsten, Roger Allen, GreenbushEckert, Dorothy Elizabeth, Littlefork***Emery, David Clinton, Victor, NewYork* * *Grossman, Patrick Brian, Chokio*Halfmann, Patricia Marie, Ste henHendrickson, Lana Lee, CrookstonKlemetson, Lance Jeffrey, Fosston***LeCocq, Robert Wayne, McGrathMohr, Cheryl Ann, New Hope**Nicklay, Bruce Joseph, StewartvilleRaknerud, Douglas Wayne, HawleyRodel, David Joseph, Bird IslandSmith, Thomas Martin, LitchfieldTweten, Steven Mark, Cummings, NorthDakotaWetterlund, Craig Gordon, Warren*Aakre, Dale Raymond, HawleyAretz, Douglas William, Victoria'Arntson, Shanda Renee, Pelican RapidsAurelius, Scott Eugene, St. PaulBeversdorf, Lori Jo, GoodlandBolton, Randall D., DuIuth*Brush, William Robert, Winnebago*Charles, Carter Dean, Hancock**Christianson, Lois Mary, Ulen**Church, Sere Ann, Silver BaCorri an, Patrick Ernest, Sauk RapidsDavidson, Marilee Gayle, Webster, SouthDakota* *Davis, Jack Robert, Cass Lake*Denison, Marcia Grace, CrookstonEndersbe, Bruce Leroy, Lisbon, NorthDakotaEntinger, Thomas Paul, lonaErickson, Dale Leon, Ada**Fanfulik, James Bruce, Euclid**Fredrickson, Kim Donald, BagleyGresback, Gregory A., Circle PinesGrundman, Mark Harold, Brooten**Hansen, James G., Kenyon*Hoss, Janet Carol, Detroit Lakes***Kasperson, Richard Loren, VerndaleKassenborKevin Glenn, GlyndonKircher, Thomas Michael, AnokaKovacovich, Michael John, Minneapolis*Kramin, Kara Jean, DanubeLiane, Michael Owen, CrookstonMagnusson, Steve Allan, RoseauMarjamaa, Nancy G., Menah aMendez, Ruben Reyes, Crookston*Mitteness, Randy Mark, BensonMontgomery, Bradley Dale, WestConcordMottinger, Eric E., Golden ValleyMueller. Rodney Harold, CanbyNokleby, Delos 'Warren, 'MontevideoOberg, Douglas Donald, MinneapolisPerson, Howard Arnold, Oklee*Peterson, Steven Lee, New York MillsPfeffer, Michael Andrew, Lake CrystalPierce, Michael Allan, Bemidji*Rhonemus, Douglas Andrew, Ithaca,New YorkRozenberg, Boris, Rio De Janeiro,Brazil **Schommer, William George, Hastings*Schulte, Gary Leroy, Granite Falls*Sigurdson, J. Stefan, New HopeSitter, Bruce L., OrtonvilleSorvig, Steven Ross, Thief River FallsSowers, Robert Monroe, StaplesSwiontek, James Joseph, Fergus FallsTeggatz, Carolyn Theresa, MentorTeigen, Rodney Lane, OsloTerway, Richard Gregory, FrazeeTrickey, Nancy Ann, Hawley**Tufte, Bruce David, Borup**Vigness, Ervin Ray, NielsvilleWeiss, Ronald Louis, Red Lake FallsWelch, Scott Jerome, GilbertWiertzema, Marvin Dale, Milwaukee,Wisconsin **DIVISION OF BUSINESSWith High DistinctionBehr, Allen Lynn, FuldaBeich, Kenneth Lee, CrookstonEvenson, Dawn F., MentorFleegel, Rebecca Kay, Thief River FallsHanson, Sheila Jane, AdaHutchings, Kris Mardell, Elbow LakeLarter, Leslie Harold, LancasterLind, Harley Andrew, East Grand ForksShaver, June E., CrookstonWith DistinctionAdolphson, Merle Paul, ArgyleAmiot, Jose hine Ann, Crookston**Bartlett, Robert Montgomery, Plainfield,ConnecticutBeito, Nancy Rae, RoseauBjorgo, Joseph L., CrookstonDerouin, Daniel J., Red Lake FallsDeschene, Barbara Kay, StephenEisert, Kimberly Ann, CrookstonGeiselhart, Marshella Lee, DetroitLakes**Jelle, Scott William, GryglaLarson, Mark Edward, Brooks*Nelson, Allen Duane, CrookstonNielsen, Shirley Ann, Crookston**Noss, Robert Luther, East Grand ForksO orek, Terrance David, LancasterOlson, Kenneth Lyle, Ada**O'Toole, Catherine Marcella, Little FallsRafteseth, Linda Kay, MoorheadRoue, Judith Lynn, FosstonSchmitz, Robert Allen, Red Lake Falls**Solem, Kevin Ward, East Grand ForksStrand, LaVon Marie, CrookstonSymonds, Ford H., CrookstonToft, Gail C., TylerVau hn, Lawrence Charles, CrookstonWolff DeAnn Kay, East Grand ForksAdolphson, Loren John, Argyle**Anderson, Elizabeth Jane, Center City***Blokzyl, Karen Lynn, CrookstonBrekke, Lee Jon, GreenbushBuness, Craig A., CrookstonBurmeister, Alma Ellen, Littlefork*Carlson, Leslie Ann, Little FallsCarnegie, Randine Renee, PinecreekChisholm, Kevin James, GaryDexter, Suzanne Marie, Humboldt***Erickson, Gerald Lee, CrookstonHaugstad, Mary C., CrookstonJones, Ricky Steven, Sauk CentreLarson, Crai Alan, NewfoldenLewis, David Allen, Granite Falls*Lindblom, Kim Allen, Mahnomen*Olson, Roxane Marie, RoseauPollard, Gerald Floyd, Crookston***Pownell, Gary Lee, Albert LeaPurkat, Brian W., GilbertRadniecki, Gerri, Oklee*Reierson, Debra Marie, Thief River Falls*Rhode, Debra Louise, MentorStraw, Susan Marie, Crookston***Wick, Janet M., CrookstonDIVISION OF HOME AND FAMILYSERVICESWith High DistinctionChristianson, Londa Jeanne, Crookston**Gunnerson, Debra Ann, Ada**Behm, Annette Louise, FosstonCzichotzki, Kristie Kave, BarnesvilleForseth, Craig Allen, CrookstonGooden, Larry Albert, Belcourt, NorthDakota* * *Hauger, Cheryl Ann, BadgerKroulik, Avis Arleen, StephenYellow Bird, Michael James, WhiteShield, North Dakota*DIVISION OF HOTEL,RESTAURANT,AND INSTITUTIONALMANAGEMENTWith High DistinctionNelson, Thomas James, MilacaWith DistinctionOlson, Debra Jean, NewfoldenWestlund, Byron D. Minneapolis**Beckler, Rick La ne, Bird IslandBI Calvin Mahlon, McIntoshGlizinski, Richard Lee, KilkennyKeys, Kenneth Jr., St. Louis, MissouriKnudson, Gregory Donald, Crookston*Knutson, Robert J., Hoyt LakesLura, Peggy Ann, HawleyMonson, Dale C., East Grand ForksMueller, Marjorie R., Fergus Falls**Omundson, Wa ne Gilmen, WarrenParkin, Curtis Allan, EuclidSchleicher, John Craig, HibbinShequen, Thomas Marvin, MelroseSherwin, Michael Francis, Rock Island,IllinoisSterger, Roger L., CrookstonFall, 1976 graduate**Winter, 1976 graduate***Summer Session, 1976 candidate96

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