Volume 2 Issue 7 - July, 2011 - Orangevale Sun

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Volume 2 Issue 7 - July, 2011 - Orangevale Sun

poguespestcontrol@gmail.comPage 6 Orangevale Sun July 2011PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTFAIR OAKS RECREATION & PARKS DISTRICTDISTRICT OFFICE ALTERATIONFair Oaks, CaliforniaNOTICE INVITING BIDSNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received by theFair Oaks Recreation and Parks District, 4150 Temescal Street, FairOaks, California (916) 296-7771 until 10am on August 12, 2011. Bidswill be publicly opened and tabulated by the Owner’s Representativeat the District’s Office immediately after 10am.A Pre-Bid Conference for all interested bidders will be held at theDistrict Office on July 12, 2011 at 9:30am. Attendance at the Pre-BidConference is mandatory for all prime contract bidders intending tosubmit a bid.Bids will include furnishing all labor, material, tax, transportation,equipment, and services necessary for the construction and completionof the District Office Alteration, all in accordance with the specificationsand working details and other contract documents now on file with theDistrict, located as noted above.The bidder is required to abide by all applicable provision ofthe Labor Code, including payment of the minimum prevailingwage rate as determined by the California State Department ofIndustrial Relations.Bids shall be made upon the form provided by the District at thePreBid meeting and shall be properly completed with all items filledout; numbers shall be in writing and figures; the signatures of allpersons signing shall be in longhand. No bidder may withdraw his bidfor a period of 90 calendar days after the time set for the opening ofbids, and the District will act to accept or reject bids within that periodof time.No bid will be considered unless it is submitted on a proposal formfurnished by the District. The prime contractor on this project shallpossess a valid State of California Class B contractor’s license.A copy of the specifications, working details, and other contractdocuments for the project are on file at the at the following Builder’sExchange offices: Sacramento, El Dorado, Roseville, Stockton andPlacer County. Documents can also be obtained through ARC-Rancho Cordova at (916) 443-1322 www.browniesrepro.comThe Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and furtherreserves the right to waive any informalities or irregularities inthe bids.The list of attendees at the Pre-Bid Conference will be available onthe District website: www.fairoakspark.org.DeliveryRoutesAvailableCall773-1111Over 24 Year’sExperienceKen Pogue, OwnerLicensed • Bonded • InsuredLEGAL ADS FORSACRAMENTO COUNTY?We Can Do That!Specialties Plusogue’sest• Machine Repairs (all makes & models)• Toner Cartridge Refills (Using Cartridge World?Take 10% off their price & try mine)• Free Cleaning (with our cartridge)• We are Local• Service Contracts(monthly or yearly)• Lease or Rent• High Volume Copying(save wear & tear on your machine)ontrolResidentialCommercialCall fora Free Estimate(916) 220-1055poguespestcontrol@gmail.comCall to place yourlegal advertisingAll Legal Ads Published in the Carmichael TimesSpecializing in DigitalPrinters, Copiers,Fax & MultifunctionMachinesE-mail:specplus@comcast.net(916) 723-8430To advertise call 773-1111Your Home, Your Money, Your Kids–and More!See More Articles atwww.OrangevaleSun.comCome back every week for Sudoku! For Solution See Page 5.Crossword Puzzle on Page 8Rand K. JacobsR.K. JacobsInsurance ServicesHome • Auto • BusinessOffice (916) 966-3733Fax (916) 966-01774777 Sunrise Blvd., Ste. BFair Oaks, CA 95628rjacobs@pacbell.netLic. #0535940

Page 8 Orangevale Sun July 2011STATEPOINT CROSSWORD THEME:21ST CENTURYCLUESACROSS1. Involuntary contraction6. Mad Hatter’s beverage of choice9. Additional13. “Fear of Flying” author Jong14. Argo propeller15. Whale’s lunch16. Language like Chinese, e.g.17. Plays for pay18. Mountain nymph of Greek mythology19. *Asian disaster, 200421. Screw up23. *”___ and a Half Men”24. Tropical tuberous root25. Bar association28. 1/36th of a yard30. Give expression to35. Bottle to a baby?37. Student’s dwelling39. NE’s largest city40. Very dark black41. Double-reed woodwinds43. Miners’ passage44. Blood vessel46. *Author of “Decision Points”47. *Chilean disaster locale48. *Did Casey Anthony have one?50. Needlefish52. Jack and Jill did it53. St. Louis attraction55. Flightless bird57. Farthest from point of origin60. *Has 140 character limit64. Panna _____, dessert65. Promissory note67. Balance zodiac68. Chicago’s planetarium69. In good shape70. Antelope with twisted horns71. *World’s fastest man72. *H1N173. Central Asia inhabitants, to ancientGreeksDOWN1. Cobblestone2. Plural of #17 across3. Hokkaido language4. Less than the right amount5. Mozambique neighbor6. Large South African antelope7. A corncob8. Smell of baking bread, e.g.9. Makes a mistake10. “Place” in French11. “Sounds like a plan,” acr.12. Old age, archaic15. *Self-declared independent state,Europe20. World in Italian22. Before, archaic24. Drive-_______25. At right angle to length of ship26. Hindi courtesy title27. Terminate, as in mission29. Baseball great infamous for surlytemperament31. Allah’s cleric32. Rock bottom33. *Economic behemoth34. Consumed at dinner, e.g.36. Not in favor38. ____ Verde National Park42. Mole relative45. *Highest-grossing movie ever, 200949. *21st century of Common ___51. Upside down frowns54. Vertical rock exposure56. Being of service57. Famously extinct58. It will59. Proofreader’s “disregard” word60. *Portman’s character attire, 201061. Type of ski lift62. European sea eagle63. Radicals64. *In many cities, this yellow ride gotgreener66. *Spilled from the HorizonFor Solution See Page 6Call Lenka(916) 338-7156Foster CareThe need is great for loving,safe homes for foster children ages0-18 & pregnant/parenting teens.We offer free training,fingerprinting, CPR/1st aid, 24 hr support,monthly reimb.Lolita’sFor Take-Out Call916-987-73009580 Oak Ave.Folsom , CAAuthenticMexican CuisineBuy one breakfastat regular price plus 2 drinksand get aSecond Breakfastof equal or lesser value for freeExpires 07-31-11Business & Service DirectoryMe d i c a l Supply a n d Eq u i p m e n t Le g a l Se rv i c e s Co n s t r u c t i o nWestern Construction CompanyServing Northern California since 1976All Home Repairs & Home InspectionsRemodels, Roofing, Drywall, Painting, TileConcrete, Fencing, Electrical, LandscapingLicensed /Bonded. License # 318177.(916) 817-0225(916) 838-1427Ha n d y m a nRight-Way Homeand Yard Repairand Maintenance916-220-1728Option 1Complete Home Remodeling and RepairsNO JOBTO0 SMALL!!!WE DOIT ALL!!!Richard RomeroLicensed General Contractor# 847423Ho m e Re m o d e l i n gSpecializingin Kitchenand BathExceedingExpectationsnot your budgetCustom Tile WorkInterior/Exterior PaintingWindows and DoorsPlumbing, ElectricalDecks, Fences, Patio Covers(916) 612-4787916-391-4706gchbuilders@gmail.comFe n c i n gCal State Fenceand ConstructionSince 1986Quality • TrustworthyAffordable • ReliableRedwood, Chain Link,Ornamental Iron, Vinyl, Trellis, Decks.Residential/CommercialFREE ESTIMATES!Lic. #494306(916) 966 -1103Ph o t o St u d i oPICTURE TIMEPhoto RestorationPassport/ID Photo(916) 726-88017050 Sunrise Blvd.Citrus Heights(Near Hometown Buffet)Pl u m b i n gSwift Plumbing andDrain Cleaning ServicesResidential Repairs& ReplacementsFaucets, Disposals,Hot Water Heaters, etc.Owner OperatorContractors lic. #907904(916) 267-7649Ho HOUSECLEANERSu s e c l e a n e r sBRIGHTHOUSECLEANINGSpecialDiscountsSimpleand Clean(916) 308-0157He l p f o r St r e s sWorried? Stressed Out? Depressed?There are answers in this book.Buy and ReadDIANETICSThe Modern Science of Mental HealthBy L. RON HUBBARDMay you never be the same againContact Valerie Beardon (916) 448-5891 • E-mail: Dianetics.Sac@gmail.comCo n s t r u c t i o nW. G. JOHNSONCONCRETE CONSTRUCTIONWe specialize in:All Concrete SolutionsCommercial Curb & GutterWheelchair Ramps & ResidentialClass: C-8/C61/D49 • License #905277www.wgjohnsonconcrete.comPhone: (916) 704-8997Fax: (916) 944-0195Ask for Wes • 10% senior discountsTree Services Also AvailablePe t Si t t i n g Se rv i c eProfessional, LovingPET CAREEstablished ReputationKennel Free EnvironmentLots of TLCCall Madeline(916) 723-1608Pa i n t i n g/Re pa i rMcDonaldPaintingInterior–ExteriorMost Small RepairsBonded–InsuredLic # 63253830 Ye a r s Ex p e r i e n c eC: 216-2080F: 967-4135Ph o t o Re s t o r at i o nOption Restore 2Old PhotographsHOUSECLEANERSShare memoriesof special places and timeswith your family.BRIGHTHOUSECLEANING(916) 483-6051Laws Studio, Crestview CenterManzanita at Winding Special Wayin CarmichaelDiscountsSimple and Clean(916) 308-0157Fu n e r a l Se rv i c eQuality Labor& MaintenanceYard Work,Hauling,Gutter Clean,Odd JobsYou Name It!(916) 613-8359Ha n d y m a n"Handy Man""Carpenter Dave"25 Years Experience • All Home Repairs• Dry Rot• Doors/Floors• Decks/Tile/Patios• Roof Repairs• Painting• Windows• Bathroom• Sheet RockTexture(916)548-8249Lic. # 629370Alt e r at i o n sALTERATIONSbyPatinaSPECIALIZING IN BRIDAL & FORMAL11082 Coloma Rd., Suite 7Coloma Village Shopping Ctr. • Rancho Cordova(916) 853•1078WWW.ALTERATIONSBYP.THENETMARK.COMFi n g e r p r i n t i n g Se rv i c e sSpecialties PlusPr i n t i n g & Su p p l i e s• Machine Repairs (all makes & models)• Toner Cartridge Refills (Using Cartridge World?Take 10% off their price & try mine)• Free Cleaning (with our cartridge)• We are Local• Service Contracts(monthly or yearly)• Lease or Rent• High Volume Copying(save wear & tear on your machine)Do g Re s c u eDOG RESCUEGary(916) 334-2841PleaseAdopt or FosterBecause so many reallygreat dogs are dyingfor a good home...ShelterMOU@hotmail.comSpecializing in DigitalPrinters, Copiers,Fax & MultifunctionMachinesE-mail:specplus@comcast.net(916) 723-8430

July 201 Orangevale Sun Page 9Is Caregiving inYour Future?Visit First 5 Sacramento’s dental website at:www.First5SacDental.orgFeaturing children and parent dentalresources, videos and great oral health tips.By Sal Arrigo, Jr.As we look around and see manypeople living longer, do you everwonder if it will ever fall to you tobecome a caregiver? If your parents,or perhaps your spouse, wereto be diagnosed with Alzheimer’sdisease, what would you do if youhad to become a caregiver, evenpart-time?Where do you start? How muchtime are you able to devote to caregivingduties? In reality, caregivingis a 24/7 responsibility; you don’teven need to be in the presence ofthe person you are assisting. Whenyou are responsible for the healthand well being of another, you thinkabout caregiving when you’re shopping,driving your car, and plantingyour garden. Caregiving is likelyto take a toll on your physical andmental health.So, how do you cope? It’s notalways easy to do, but you must askfor help. Enlist siblings, friends orneighbors to assist whenever possible.Caregivers often overlookthe very real need to take a breakfrom their responsibilities, andFab 40’sburn out is all too common. As acaregiver, if you are overly tired orstressed, you are of no help to anyone.Seek out caregiving resourcesfrom the Alzheimer’s Associationof Sacramento, your medical doctor,or use the internet to researchrespected sites such as the MayoClinic or the National Institute onAging.One way that caregivers caneliminate some of the stress theymay encounter is by making asimple “business plan.” SinceAlzheimer’s is progressive, a caregivermust anticipate future needsby understanding the stages of thedisease and making plans as tohow to best assist their loved one asthey move toward that next phase.“Knowledge is power” as the sayinggoes, but using that knowledge toprepare yourself for what the futureholds can also bring peace of mind.None of this is easy-- for you or theperson for whom you are caring—but it is prudent.A couple of additional points toconsider, as a caregiver:• If you’re not the executor ofthe estate, engage in conversationwith the person who is.You may need to know whatprovisions have been made forfinancing long-term care.• If you need an attorney, get anElder Law attorney who specializesin these sensitive matters.This is especially important ifthere is no will or trust alreadyin place.• Gather the paperwork on finalarrangement issues (if anyexist).• Remember; you are not anisland! There are supportgroups and organizations thatare ready and willing to assistyou and your loved one. Don’thesitate to reach out for help.Even if you don’t anticipate beinga caregiver someday, I encourageyou to come to the Alzheimer’sAwareness Day at East LawnMemorial Park on Saturday, July9. The event is free, and there willbe information, resources, and apanel of speakers on hand with indepthknowledge of Alzheimer’sdisease. The dedication of the oneof-a-kind“Alzheimer’s Wall ofRemembrance” will also take placethat day. If you are a caregiver, thisevent may prove to be especiallyinformative for you, so please considerjoining us. The event time is 9a.m. until noon. No need to register,just show up and we’ll also provideyou with a light breakfast and lunch.If you’d like more information aboutthe Alzheimer’s Awareness day,please call (916) 316-6347.Sal Arrigo, Jr. is the chair ofthe “Fab 40’s 5K run/walk and anadjunct instructor in the GerontologyDepartment at American RiverCollege. For more information aboutthe 5K event, and to find informationregarding caregiving and Alzheimer’sdisease, go to www.Fab40s5k.org.“Un-Run for Understanding”An Alzheimer’s Awareness DayCalendar of Events:9 AM – Welcome, and a light breakfast.9:30 AM – Panel discussion featuring HospiceCare, a Neurologist, family members who havecared for a person with Alzheimer’s disease andfamily members who are dealing currently withAlzheimer’s disease, and an Elder Law Attorney.Saturday, July 9, 2011Location: East Lawn Memorial Park,43rd St. and Folsom BoulevardTime: 9:00 AM – Noon10:30 AM – Unveiling of the “Wall of Honor.”A place where people can create an inscriptionin honor of or in memory of a family member whohas suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.10:45 AM - Untimed one-mile walk withinEast Lawn.11:30 AM – Free luncheon.There will be a variety of children’s activities and a photo booth for your family’s memories.We will be having a kid’s race as well!There will be many vendors at the event to answer any questions you may have.Visit our website at: www.fab40s5k.org for detailsTrude Peterson VasquezAffiliate Ag e n t in Fa i r Oa k sHere to assist you with all of your travel plans!(916) 961-3282 businesswww.Trude4Travel.com • Trude4Travel@pacbell.netcst # 2051435-40Proud Member of the Fair Oaks Chamber and Sponsor of the 2010 Concerts in the ParkBe Ready for Summer Travel!Shuttle Service AvailableAlso Free WiFi Wireless!www.scottseconolube.com916-726-61118013 Arcadia Drive • Citrus HeightsLocated off Sunrise & GreenbackAir Conditioning Special!$34 88 SaveEvacuate & Re-chargeOnly$35!Goes to $44.88 After the First 90°F Day!Only$19 98 LaborOnlyOnlyECONO LUBE N’ TUNE & BRAKESIncludes: Performance Test,Refrigerant extra. R-12 vehicles extra.Most vehicles. Please present this coupon.Expires 8-15-11.Tune-up Special!Most 4 cyl. vehicles. 6 & 8 cyl. vehicles extra, plug purchase rqd. Included:Labor to install new spark plugs, adjust carburetor & timing (if applicable),inspect air filter, crank case, breather elements & PCV valve.6 mo./6,000 mi. guarantee. Most vehicles.Please present this coupon. Expires 8-15-11.ECONO LUBE N’ TUNE & BRAKESLube, Oil & Filter Special!$21 88Only$59 88Save$35!Up to 5 qts. 5W30 or 10W30 • $12 Off All Other OilChanges. 21 Pt. Courtesy Inspection. Save $$$.Most vehicles - spin-on filter.Please present this coupon. Expires 8-15-11.ECONO LUBE N’ TUNE & BRAKESDiagnostic Special!Save$37 00 !Check Engine • No Start • SESRough Run • Overheat • ABS & MoreComplete Diagnostic Up to 1 Full hour w/ASECertified Tech. Most vehicles.Please present this coupon. Expires 8-15-11.ECONO LUBE N’ TUNE & BRAKES

Page 10 Orangevale Sun July 2011

July 201 Orangevale Sun Page 11O R A N G E VA L ESunCall 773-1111 To Advertisewww.OrangevaleSun.com

July 201 Orangevale Sun Page 12A Film Review by Tim RileyCARS 2 (Rated G))This column has now hit a trifectawith its third consecutive review of afamily film. You can’t get more kidfriendly than a G-rated Pixar animationfilm.The good news is that “Cars 2” hasmoved the car racing franchise into awhole new international territory thatis all the better for its global cast.“Cars 2” opens by playing homageto the James Bond franchise that easilyrecalls several key elements in the bestof the Sean Connery works. For one,the coolest car is the Aston Martin thatbelongs to a suave British secret agent.Naturally, Michael Caine has theperfect quality to his voice that embodiesthe ultimate cool and suave Britishspy. His sporty British car is loadedwith James Bond-type gadgets.Caine’s Finn McMissile is teamedwith the fetching Holley Shiftwell(voice of Emily Mortimer), a rookiefield agent. Together, they launch anassault on a deep sea oil rig run by anefarious gang.Back in the States, noted race carLightning McQueen (Owen Wilson)returns to Radiator Springs for rest andrelaxation with his best buddy, the towtruck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy).Meanwhile, billionaire MilesAxlerod (Eddie Izzard), eager to promotehis alternative fuel called Allinol,is staging a series of World Grand Prixraces in Europe and Asia.After being taunted by arrogantFormula champion FrancescoBernoulli (John Turturro), McQueenand Mater, along with their hometownpit crew, head off to Tokyo for the inauguralGrand Prix race.In a series of contests to occur as wellRileyReviewsSPY GENRE ISULTRA-COOL IN PIXAR’SDELIGHTFUL “CARS 2”in Italy, France and England, McQueenis eager to prove that he is worthy tocompete with the cocky, flamboyantand self-absorbed Francesco.As the racing gets underway, Mater,who sounds like a backwoods hillbillyfrom Arkansas, is mistaken byMcMissile for an undercover Americanagent on a similar mission to take downa villainous East German scientist.To make matters worse, the attractiveHolley Shiftwell chats up Mater forhis supposed prowess in internationalespionage, while the clueless tow truckimagines that they might actually goout on a dinner date.Easily distracted, Mater finds himselftorn between assisting his good palMcQueen in the high-profile race andfalling in with the top-secret missionorchestrated by the smooth, debonairFinn McMissile.Mater’s charm, which does weara little thin after too many cornponewitticisms, anchors much of the actionaround his unwitting ability to chugalong on his hapless path to ultimatevindication.Much of the fast-paced action isfilled with a global conspiracy to sabotagethe race, which has as much todo with political intrigue as garneringmarket share in a new fuel source.The ongoing intrigue plays well forthe adult audience, while taking nothingaway from the enjoyment of “Cars2” at a level appealing to grade schoolkids.The colorful settings of the Tokyostreets, the coastal beauty of the ItalianRiviera, the cosmopolitan charm ofParis and the elegance of London makefor very great visuals.“Cars 2” proves to be a worthy additionto the pantheon of Pixar animatedfilms, enjoyable for its deft combinationof comedy and internationalintrigue.by David DicksteinFamily FilmsHarry Potter and the DeathlyHallows: Part 2Opens July 15, rated PG-13harrypotter.comThe eighth and final chapterof the wildly successful filmseries ends with Harry and LordVoldemort whipping out theirwands one last time for themother of all showdowns. Only aclueless Muggle doesn’t alreadyknow the ending, but if youmatch the description, do yourselfand the wizardry world a favorand start from the beginning.Winnie the PoohOpens July 15, rated Gdisney.go.com/poohWalt Disney returns to theHundred Acre Wood for a nowrare2-D animated feature.Inspired by five stories fromA.A. Milne’s books about a“bear of very little brain” and hisfriends, the main storyline hasthe classic characters on a questto save Christopher Robin, whoFilms and DVDsfor the Whole Familyhas supposedly been capturedby a creature named “Backson”– the result of a misread note.The SmurfsOpens July 29, rated Gsmurfhappens.comBefore Blue Man Group and“Avatar,” the Smurfs were thecoolest blue-hued characters.The Belgian import becamean instant hit with Americanyoungsters and not-so-youngsterswith an ‘80s cartoon series. Thelive action and animated featureadaptation, in 3-D, has the littlegnome-like creatures beingchased from their village by theSmurf-eating Gargamel. They gothrough a portal and wind up inNew York’s Central Park, wherebad guys only want to rob you.Family DVDsFrogs & Toads: Max’s MagicalJourney (ages 3-6, releasedJuly 5, rated G): When 6-yearoldMax goes searching for frogeggs for his older brother, heand a friend embark on a songfilledadventure that takes themthrough fields, farms and a forest.This Dutch-made film, dubbedin English, is geared towardpre-schoolers. It’s a refreshingdelight, devoid of the eyepoppingdevices that Americanstudios feel they need to keepyoung audiences interested.Just a nice tale of adventure andfriendship helped along by musicand nature friends. Grade: AThe Smurfs: A Magical SmurfAdventure (ages 3-6, releasedJuly 19, not rated): Timed withthe feature film release is the DVDrelease of 10 episodes from the‘80s Saturday morning cartoonseries. Typical shoddy animationfor the era and TV medium, butfun for kids and a guilty pleasurefor kids at heart. Grade: BLeapFrog: Sing and LearnWith Us! (ages 4-7, releasedJuly 19, not rated): A dozenanimated sing-along shorts focuson developmental reading skills,short vowels, phonetics skillsand comprehension. Matchingstorybooks can be downloadedto reinforce the learning andinspire children to read at homeor on the go. Talk about anedutaining summer. Grade: ARango (ages 5-13, released July15, rated PG): A car accidentinvolving his owners leaves apet chameleon stranded in thedesert. He stumbles upon a dustytown stuck in the Wild West,and reinvents himself as a hero.Some of the critters aren’t surewhat to make of this bug-eyedfeller with Johnny Depp’s voice.Predictable, but appealingto all ages. Grade: BAll Roads Leadto An Epic Journey atSTIMULATEDEVELOPYour MindYour SpiritualityFINDYour PassionFALL QUARTERCLASSES BEGIN INAUGUST 2011We offer accredited degrees thatlead to life-changing careers in• Ministry • Education• Music • Counseling • and more!Visit OurNew Campus!Expanded and Flexible SchedulesFinancial AidOne-On-One Academic AdvisingAssociate and Bachelor DegreePrograms4330 Auburn Blvd.Sacramento, CA 95841(916) 348-4689www.EPIC.eduCustom Landscape Design, Installation, Renovation & MaintenanceCA Lic. #869856A Nurturing, Full-Service Landscaping CompanyBringing TLC to your property.Bringing personal service to you.Lawnman is a comprehensive landscaping company serving commercial property owners/managers and residential customersLawnman is a comprehensive landscaping company serving commercial propertyin Northern California since 1992. We’re founded on the principle that landscaping is primarily a relationship business.owners/managers and residential customers in Northern California since 1992. We’refounded on the Our principle customers that landscaping call Lawnman is primarily a relationship “the nurturing business. landscapers.”www.lawnman.netOur customers call Lawnman “the nurturing landscapers.”(916) 739 -1420fax (916) 739 -1430www.lawnman.net(916) 739-1420 • (916) 739-1430 fax

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