Elementary Station Leader Manual


Elementary Station Leader Manual

Wild Blue Bible Adventures Leader ManualCopyright © 2012 Group Publishing, Inc.All rights reserved. No part of this leader manual may be reproducedin any manner whatsoever without prior written permission fromthe publisher, except where noted in the text and in the case of briefquotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. For a permissionrequest form, go to group.com/permissions or write VBS Permissions,Group Publishing, Inc., 1515 Cascade Avenue, Loveland, CO 80538.Visit our websites:group.comgroupoutlet.comgroup.com/vbs4everybuddy.comA round of “sky high fives” to the flight crew who helped Sky take off:Laura Baldwin-Stout, Jody Brolsma, Stephen Caine, Ardeth Carlson,Shelly Dillon, Amber Gomez Balanzar, Cindy Hansen, Jan Kershner, RickLawrence, Mike Nappa, Michael D. Paustian, Mike Porter, Joani Schultz,Patty Smith, Rodney Stewart, Amy Taylor, Ali Thompson, Adam Walsh,and Tim Wesemann.Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from theHoly Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004. Used bypermission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188.All rights reserved.ISBN 978-0-7644-7028-8Printed in the United States of America10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 14 13 12LOVELAND, COLORADOgroup.com/vbs

Pilot Program PointerWe discovered that it was easier forkids to recognize the Point whenleaders used a visual cue as they saidit. Since each Bible Point begins with“No matter…” we had leaders dothe motion below when they begana Bible Point. (Start with your wristscrossed, then move hands out anddown.) It made a huge difference,and kids caught on right away!“No matter”▶ Use an attention-getting signal. Attention-getting signals let kidsknow when it’s time to stop what they’re doing and look atyou. You can use the Sky Squawker (availablefrom Group Publishing or your Group VBSsupplier) or another signal of your choice. Thefirst time kids come to your station, introduceand rehearse your attention-getting signal.Once kids are familiar with the signal, you willautomatically regain their attention when you use it.▶ Repeat the daily Bible Point often. It’s important to say the Bible Point just as it’swritten. Repeating the Point again and again will help children remember it, thenapply it to their lives after VBS. Kids will be listening for the Bible Point so they canfinish the sentence and say “Trust God” as they do the motions shown on the left.▶ Call on kids’ Flight Crew roles. Every day, kids within a Flight Crew choose oneof five jobs: Materials Manager, Guide, Prayer Person, Schedule Supervisor, orThank You-er! Kids love having a special job every day, especially when thosejobs get called on. To ensure that everyone gets a turn during Sky, each StationLeader will call on the same role every day. Since kids switch roles daily, you’llgive everyone a chance to participate in a special way. During Wild Blue BibleAdventures, you’ll call on the Schedule Supervisor most often.“Trust” “God”2

At Sky, the daily Bible Point is carefullyintegrated into each station’s activities forunforgettable Bible learning. See how yourstation reinforces today’s Bible Point.Day 1No matter who you are…trust God!Up & Away Sing & Play▶ Learn the Day 1 Bible verseand Bible Point, and meet BibleMemory Buddy Pat.▶ Get a sneak peek at today’sBible adventure.▶ Sing spectacular Sky songs.▶ Meet Flash Skyrunner.Imagination StationMake that Hoverball float!Skydive DinerSky SurprisesSky HighMovie & Missions▶ See if Jayla is braveenough to make itacross the rail.▶ Hear a clue about theOperation Kid-To-Kidmission project.Wild Blue BibleAdventures▶ Join the Roman army,and start marching!▶ See a Roman officer’sfaith in action.▶ Discover Jesus’ healingpower.Fly Away Finale▶ See who is starring in today’sSpotlight VBS.▶ Catch the crazy game showcalled “Will That Launch?”▶ Invite parents to join in aniOpener activity.▶ Sing some favorite Sky songs.Skydive! Trust Me InvestigationAll-Star Games5

Supplies:In addition to youreveryday supplies (seesupply list on back ofleader manual), todayyou’ll need…▶ baskets of crayons ormarkers (1 per Crewper rotation)▶ plain paper▶ large papergrocery bags▶ newspaper or newsprint▶ sheets of cardboard▶ bed sheet▶ helper (optional)Pilot Program PointerAttention-getting signals let kids knowto stop what they’re doing and lookat you. You can use the Sky Squawker(available from Group Publishing oryour Group VBS supplier) or anothernoisemaker of your choice. The firsttime Crews come to your station,introduce and rehearse your attentiongettingsignal. Once kids are familiarwith the signal, you will quickly regaintheir attention.Pilot Program PointerTo make a paper-bag building block,simply stuff a large paper grocerybag with newspaper or newsprint.Then either tape the open endclosed, or slide an emptybag down over theopen end. You couldalso cover cardboardboxes with StoneWall Corobuff (availableat groupoutlet.com).6Day 1 Wild Blue Bible AdventuresGetting Ready▶ Creating today’s Bible setting issuper easy. Drape colored sheets,and attach them to the walls aroundyour room—instant atmosphere!▶ Tape cardboard tubes to the wallsat intervals, and place plasticgreenery in the tubes as palm trees.Lay other greenery around theedges of the room.▶ In one corner, stack paper-bag“blocks” to build the “town” ofCapernaum. Or attach a few sheets of cardboard to thewall and drape a sheet across to create a “house.”▶ Write the following “script” on a sheet of paper to give toyour helper:When you hear me say “The officer thought of onething he could do—he could talk to Jesus,” interruptby loudly saying “Wait a minute! He couldn’t talk toJesus. He’s not even a Jew! There’s no way he shouldbe talking to Jesus!”If you don’t have a helper, quietly give the script to aCrew Leader in each rotation, and ask him or her to beyour helper.WelcomeAt each rotation, you’ll greet the Crews outside the WildBlue Bible Adventures room.Say: Every day when you come to Wild Blue BibleAdventures, you won’t just hear the Bible story—you’llexperience it! We’ll go back in time and meet Biblecharacters to discover what it was like to be a part ofwhat really happened in the Bible. Are you ready foryour first Wild Blue Bible adventure? Let’s go!Invite kids into the room, and ask them to circle up intight knee-to-knee Crew circles on the floor. Explain thatthey can sit cross-legged or on their knees, but kids’ kneesshould be lightly touching each other.Flight InstructionIt really is important to createa new setting in the BibleAdventures room each day so kidscan experience each Bible storyin a fresh and exciting way. Plus,it’s worth the minor setup time tohear “Cool!” and “Wow” when kidswalk in!Flight InstructionKnee-to-knee Crew circles ensurethat kids are sitting close enoughtogether to hear each otherduring discussions. If necessary,demonstrate what “knee-toknee”looks like. Having Crewsautomatically form these circleswill make the week run muchmore smoothly.When I count to three, give a big Sky High Five to someone next to you andshout, “I’m glad you’re here!” Ready? 1…2…3! Pause for Sky Fives. Then hold upa Bible. Every day at Wild Blue Bible Adventures, we’ll explore a different storyfrom the Bible. But not just any story—a totally true story, straight from God!The Roman OfficerSay: Today we’ll meet an unlikely person to be starring in a Bible story—a Romanofficer. The Jews were God’s chosen people, but I have to tell you, the Romansgenerally didn’t like the Jews very much. Because the Jews always seemed tobe stirring up some kind of trouble. At least that’s how it seemed. And eversince this Jesus person came on the scene, things had gotten a lot worse.

Say: Everywhere Jesus went, there were crowds and crowds of people followinghim. Jump up, and let’s see what that was like.Have Crews group together into one large bunch. Now you’re a crowd, like theones that followed Jesus. When Jesus went over here (point to the opposite sideof the room), the crowds followed him. Have your crowd move as a group to whereyou pointed. And when Jesus went over there (point in another direction), thecrowds followed him. Have your crowd move in the direction you pointed. Moveyour crowd another time or two, and then have Crews sit back in their circles.Well, you get the picture about the crowds following Jesus. And these crowdsmade the Roman officers a little nervous—crowds can get out of hand in a hurry,right? So the Romans had to be ready, and that made for a lot of extra work.Today we’ll meet one of those Roman officers. He had never actually met Jesus,but their paths were about to cross.In the Army NowSay: Before we find out what happened, let’s see what this Roman officer’s job mighthave been like, OK? That might help us understand him better. So…you’re nowin the Roman army! Each Crew is a special platoon, sent to keep the peace inthe crowds that were following Jesus.One thing I know about the army is that they practice following orders. A lot oforders! So jump up again—it’s time for basic training!Designate each Crew as a platoon—the Green Platoon, Blue Platoon, and so on.Have Crews line up shoulder-to-shoulder, facing you. Demonstrate how to standat “parade rest,” with feet slightly apart and hands behind your back. Have kidsimitate you.Then demonstrate the following stances, and have kids imitate each one:▶ “Attention!” (Stand stiff with arms at your side and feet together.)▶ “About face!” (Turn around and face the opposite direction.)▶ “March in place!” (Walk in place.)▶ “Halt!” (Stand still at attention.)Rhyme TimeSay: You platoons are quick learners! You know, sometimes whentroops march, they chant a rhyme to keep everyone in step.We have a rhyme, too! Teach kids the following rhyme:I don’t know, but I’ve been told (I don’t know, but I’vebeen told)VBS is good as gold. (VBS is good as gold.)Sound off! (Sound off!)One, two! (One, two!)Three, four! (Three, four!)Trust God! (Do the Bible Point motions.)Practice the rhyme a time or two. Explain that since the Roman inour story was an officer, he must have taught lots of soldiers how tomarch and obey orders.Continue: It’s time for us to see what that’s like!7

Turning to JesusSay: Well, our Roman officer was in that situation. His young servant, who he reallycared about, was back home and sick in bed. He was paralyzed and in terriblepain. And here was our officer, doing crowd control away from home. But theofficer knew that even if he could get home, he couldn’t make his servant well.There was nothing he could do! Pause. Or was there?The officer thought of one thing he could do—he could talk to Jesus. Yourhelper will interrupt you here (using the script you provided), saying that theofficer shouldn’t talk to Jesus. Stammer a little as you reply: But…but…it doesn’tmatter who you are—anyone can talk to Jesus. Even a Roman officer!And that’s exactly what our officer did—he decided to trust God. He went upto Jesus and pleaded with him to heal his servant. Lead kids in kneeling on oneknee and clasping their hands. And right then, Jesus said he would go with theofficer and heal his servant. Have kids sit again, and then ask:What would you have said to Jesus? (Thank you; I would thank Jesus.)Amazing FaithSay: Me too—I would have said “thank you!” But the officer said something else. Hesaid, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come into my home. Just say the wordfrom where you are, and my servant will be healed. I know this because I haveauthority over my soldiers. If I say ‘go’ they go, or if I say ‘come’ they come. Allyou have to do is say the word.”Well, the Bible says that Jesus was amazed at the officer’s faith. And do youknow what happened? Listen. Read aloud Matthew 8:13: “Then Jesus said to theRoman officer, ‘Go back home. Because you believed, it has happened.’ And theyoung servant was healed that same hour.”Trusting GodSay: Our Roman officer learned no matter who you are…trust God! Wecan trust God, too. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’retoo young or too small to trust God in a big way.Think of the person whose picture you drew. Point towardthe corner where the pictures are. Now think of a situationinvolving that person—and how you can trust God withthat person in that situation. For example, maybe you drewa picture of your dad. And maybe your dad is having a hardtime at his job. You can trust God with that situation.In your Crew, you’ll go around the circle and pray for theperson you thought of. Your Crew Leader will start by saying,“Dear God, help us to trust you with these people.” Then goaround the circle, and each person can say the name of the personhe or she drew. When your Crew is finished, look back up here at me.When Crews have finished, close the prayer: Dear God, thank you thatno matter who we are, we can trust you with anything and everything.In Jesus’ name, amen.When you hear the Director’s signal, dismiss Crews to their next station. For fun,have them quietly march out of the room.9

At Sky, the daily Bible Point is carefullyintegrated into each station's activities forunforgettable Bible learning. See how yourstation reinforces today's Bible Point.Day 2No matter how you feel…trust God!Up & Away Sing & Play▶ Learn the Day 2 Bible verse and Bible Point,and meet Bible Memory Buddy Orville.▶ Get a sneak peek at today’sBible adventure.▶ Hear about God Sightings.▶ Sing spectacular Sky songs.▶ Flash Skyrunner has some trouble inflight school. Uh-oh!Imagination StationThat Fizzy Flier is about toexplode!Skydive DinerTroubled HeartsSky HighMovie & Missions▶ Discover if Chadderand Jayla can standup to two bullies.▶ Learn about at-risk kidsin Mali, Africa, and howto help keep them safefrom malaria.Wild Blue BibleAdventures▶ Care for Lazarus whilewaiting for Jesus.▶ Weep and wail whenLazarus dies.▶ Watch as Lazarus walksout of the tomb!Fly Away Finale▶ Watch for familiar faces inSpotlight VBS.▶ Experience how God’s love canburst through bad feelings.▶ Invite parents to join in aniOpener activity.▶ Sing some favorite Sky songs.Jet Scream Parachute Protection PuzzledAll-Star Games11

Supplies:In addition to youreveryday supplies, todayyou’ll need…▶ rolls of white crepepaper▶ large blocks (or paperbagblocks)▶ roll of black plastic▶ small pillow▶ washcloths(1 per rotation)▶ small paper bag with“smelly” cheese inside▶ small box with a fewstones insideDay 2 Wild Blue Bible AdventuresGetting Ready▶ Dismantle yesterday’s town ofCapernaum, and use some of theblocks or cardboard to build a small“house” in another part of the room.This will be the house belonging toMary, Martha, and Lazarus.▶ In the corner farthest from thehouse, use other blocks and theblack plastic to build a tomb. Usethe room walls as the back of thetomb, and build two tomb side wallsabout three or four feet on eitherside of the corner. Hang black plastic across the top of the tomb walls, and downthe back of the tomb so it looks dark inside.▶ Place the small box of stones inside the tomb. Have white crepe paper handy.WelcomeGreet kids outside the Bible Adventures room.Say: Welcome back to Wild Blue Bible Adventures! I’m so glad you’re here. Todaywe’ll explore another totally true adventure, straight from the Bible. Let’s getstarted! Usher Crews into the room, and ask them to circle up knee-to-knee intheir Crews.Today we’re discovering no matter how you feel…trust God! Let’s see how everyone’sfeeling today. Have everyone jump up. Explain that when you count to three,Crew members will demonstrate how they’re feeling.If you’re feeling kind of blah or tired, crouch down to the ground. Demonstrate.If you’re feeling okay—kind of middle-of-the-road—stand up straight.Demonstrate. If you’re feeling super-duper sky high, stretch your arms high tothe sky. Demonstrate.Okay, is everybody ready? Here we go. 1…2…3! Stretch your arms up high asyou join others in demonstrating their feelings. Thanks for letting me know howyou feel! Now let’s skydive into the Bible story.Bible Story ReviewAsk:Where did we end yesterday in Wild Blue Bible Adventures? (Crowds werefollowing Jesus; Jesus healed a Roman officer’s servant; we were in theRoman army.)12Say: Good memories! Yesterday we discovered how Jesus healed a Roman officer’sservant—just by saying the word! Let’s pick up the action there. It’s a little whilelater now, and Jesus is out in the countryside, still teaching about God and stillhealing sick people. And—you guessed it—the crowds are still following him.

Mary, Martha, and LazarusSay: Today’s true Bible story comes from the book of John, chapter 11. Open yourBible where you’ve bookmarked John 11, and show kids the passage. Three ofJesus’ good friends live over here near the town of Bethany. Point to the houseyou constructed. Bethany is just a few miles from Jerusalem, where all the Jewsgo for the big Passover celebration. Anyway, these friends are Mary, her sisterMartha, and their brother Lazarus. Ask:What’s your favorite thing to do with your brother or sister? If you don’thave a brother or sister, what do you imagine would be the most fun thingto do? Tell your Crew. (Going swimming; playing video games; riding bikes.)A Big ProblemSay: Well, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were close, like a lot ofbrothers and sisters. In fact, they really loved each other. Butlike our Roman officer yesterday, they had a big problem.Lazarus was really, really sick. I need someone to be Lazarus.Do I have a volunteer? Choose a child to be Lazarus.The first thing a doctor usually tells a sick person is to getplenty of rest. So Lazarus, I want you to lie down over here.Have Lazarus lie on the floor near the tomb. Ask:Besides telling him to get some rest, how else would youtake care of a sick person? (Give him medicine; give himsome juice; cover him with a blanket.)Say: Mary and Martha took care of their brother, Lazarus, as well as they could, buthe kept getting sicker. Ask:Think back to what the Roman officer did when his servant was sick; whatdo you think Mary and Martha should do about their sick brother?(Call Jesus; ask Jesus to heal their brother.)A Message to JesusSay: Good thinking! That’s what Mary and Martha did. They senta message to Jesus, telling him how sick Lazarus was andasking him to come right away. Now, Jesus was in anotherpart of the countryside with some of his other friends. I needhalf of you to come over to this part of the countryside withJesus. Move half of the Crews to the other side of the room.Choose a child to be Jesus.Jesus was over here, teaching lots of other people about God.Now, our volunteer here isn’t really Jesus, so he can’t teach likehim. But he can teach you crowds something. He can teach youhow to play Rock-Paper-Scissors!Have the child playing Jesus walk back and forth, quietly teaching the kids withhim how to play Rock-Paper-Scissors. Kids will continue quietly playing as thestory continues.13

Pilot Program Pointer14Tell the Crews not to wrap Lazarus’sarms to his body, cover his eyes, orwrap his feet together. Remember,he’ll need to be able to walk soon!Waiting and WaitingSay: Meanwhile, over here (point to the Crews with Lazarus), Mary and Martha werestill taking care of poor Lazarus. Have the kids with Lazarus wipe his head with awashcloth, put a pillow under his head, and otherwise pretend to care for him asthe story continues. Ask:How do you feel, taking care of Lazarus and waiting and waiting for Jesus tocome? (Upset; worried; wishing Jesus would hurry up.)And how are you friends doing, over here with Jesus? (Good; we’re havingfun; we’re fine.)Say: Well, Jesus did get the message that Lazarus was sick. But even though he lovedhis friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, Jesus decided to stay where he was.Listen to what Jesus said: “Lazarus’s sickness…happened for the glory of Godso that the Son of God will receive glory from this.”You know, before we go on, I want to tell you something important about Jesus.Everything he did was to bring glory to God. I just wanted you to know that. OK,back to the action.Back at Mary and Martha’s house, things weren’t going so well. Point to thedifferent groups of Crews and ask:How is Lazarus doing over there? (Not good; he’s still sick; he’s getting worse.)And how are you friends doing with Jesus? (Good; we’re still having fun.)Say: Well, Jesus still didn’t come. And Lazarus got sicker and sicker. Lower your voice.And then Lazarus died.Burying LazarusSay: Now, in Bible times, they had tobury dead people in kind of a hurry.I mean, it’s not like they had airconditioning or funeral homes oranything.After they treated the body withoil and spices, they wrapped it withstrips of cloth. Sorry, Lazarus, but weneed to wrap you up. Give the Crewswith Lazarus white crepe paper, andwith Lazarus still lying on the floor,have his “caretakers” wrap his arms,legs, and forehead with crepe paper.Point to the tomb. After the body was wrapped, they placed it in a tomblike this one. Usually in Bible times, tombs were used over and over. Aftersomeone’s body had decomposed, the family put the bones inside a box. Gointo the tomb and shake the box of stones. So be careful when you put Lazarusin the tomb—you don’t want to disturb someone else’s bones. Have the Crewswith Lazarus gently and carefully pull him into the tomb.In Bible times, it was a sign of respect for people to moan and wail and cry reallyloudly when someone they loved died. Let’s hear a little crying! Lead all Crews inpretending to cry. The more people cried and wailed, the more everyone knewhow much the dead person was loved. Let’s hear some more wailing. Lead kids inloud wailing. Sometimes, the family even paid people to come and wail. Pretendto hand out coins, and encourage everyone to wail even louder.

At Sky, the daily Bible Point is carefullyintegrated into each station's activities forunforgettable Bible learning. See how yourstation reinforces today's Bible Point.Day 3No matter what people do…trust God!Up & Away Sing & Play▶ Learn the Day 3 Bible verse and Bible Point,and meet Bible Memory Buddy Scout.▶ Get a sneak peek at today’sBible adventure.▶ Share God Sightings.▶ Sing spectacular Sky songs.▶ Someone accuses Flash Skyrunner ofcheating during a flight school test!Imagination StationOne breath of air sends theTube-A-Loon soarin’!Skydive DinerHigh Flyin’ FloatsSky HighMovie & Missions▶ See if chipmunks canreally bungee jump.▶ Meet Ami, and learnhow a mosquito netcould help her.Wild Blue BibleAdventures▶ Pray in the Garden ofGethsemane.▶ Follow clues to find Jesus.▶ Discover what happenedto Jesus after his arrest.Fly Away Finale▶ Who’s in the spotlight todayin Spotlight VBS?▶ See what happens when we“snip away” the mean thingspeople do to us.▶ Invite parents to join in aniOpener activity.▶ Sing some favorite Sky songs.Owie, Owie, Out Safe Under the Net Surprise StrengthAll-Star Games17

Supplies:In addition to youreveryday supplies, todayyou’ll need…▶ helper▶ plastic vines and flowers▶ rope lights (enough togo around the perimeterof your room)▶ 2 stones▶ 2 plastic swords▶ 2 plastic helmets▶ small basket▶ flicker lights** (1 perparticipant, per rotation)▶ Stone Wall Corobuff**(optional)Hallway clues:▶ rope▶ length of thin plastichosing (as whip)▶ 30 plastic coins▶ small craft wreath (ascrown of thorns)▶ purple robe or cloth▶ velvet cloth andaccessories for Pilate’spalace▶ bowl of water** available at groupoutlet.comFlight InstructionWhen entering the darkenedroom, one little boy gasped, “Thisis so realistic!” That little bit ofextra decorating is well worth it!18Day 3 Wild Blue Bible AdventuresGetting Ready▶ Remove the tomb from yesterday,saving the black plastic.▶ Transform your room into theGarden of Gethsemane. Use theblocks to make a garden wall,and add greenery. Use Stone WallCorobuff to add a stone walk, ifdesired.▶ Today’s action takes place at night,so string rope lights around theperimeter of your Bible Adventuresroom and keep the overhead lights offduring this session.▶ You’ll need a place for your helper to hide—in acloset, if you have one, or behind the block wall. Placea plastic sword and helmet plus the two stones in thehiding spot. Connect with your helper about whento make marching sounds and toss the sword andhelmet into view. The cue will be when kids begin tosilently pray.▶ You’ll lead kids in following “clues” to find out whathappened to Jesus. Put a basket of flicker lights at thedarkened hallway entrance. Place the following cluesin the hallway, in this order: rope, whip, plastic coins,purple robe, ending with a sword and helmet.▶ Near the end of the hallway, you’ll stop at Pilate’s palace. Use a separate room, ifpossible, or simply set up a “station” near the end of the hallway. Cover a smalltable with a velvet cloth, and place a bowl of water on top. Place “royal-looking”accessories, such as a crown and goblets, nearby.WelcomeGreet kids outside your room. Review what happened in Bible Adventuresyesterday.Flight InstructionKids were amazed when theyentered the “garden.” With littleeffort, you can immerse kidsin Bible-times settings thatwill open their senses—andhearts—to what you’re aboutto teach.Say: Remember how yesterday I said that lots of people believed in Jesus after theysaw him bring Lazarus back to life? That was great, but it also turned out to bea problem. The religious leaders didn’t like people believing in Jesus. So theystarted making plans to kill Jesus…and Lazarus! Around this time, Jesus andhis friends went off by themselves to pray in a garden called Gethsemane. Let’squietly join them.Lead kids into the semi-darkened room, and have them quietly sit in theirCrew circles.

In the GardenSay: Like I said, the religious leaders were giving Jesus and his friends a hard time.They lied about Jesus and were making plans to hurt him. Let’s face it—peoplearen’t always nice, are they? But no matter what people do…trust God!Think of your own life; is everyone nice to you all the time? Pause. Is theresomeone in your life who isn’t nice to you—who makes things difficult for you?Don’t say the person’s name, but quietly tell your Crew what that person does.Give your own brief life example, without naming names, and then give kids a fewminutes to share.Jesus understands how we feel when people aren’t nice to us. We can learnfrom him—learn how to handle those situations. In fact, Jesusand his friends are in another part of the garden, prayingto God about the way people are treating them. That’sthe best way to handle any situation.We can do that, too. Let’s talk to God right now. In yourCrew, please close your eyes and silently talk to Godabout the situation you shared with your Crew. Give kidsabout 30 seconds of silent prayer.Jesus’ ArrestThen have your hidden helper begin to make marchingsounds by clapping two stones together. As soon as you hearthe “marching,” whisper loudly in a panicky voice.Say: What’s that noise? I hear something. It sounds like marching, coming this way!I’m scared! It must be the Roman guards—coming after Jesus! Quick, get down!Stay down! I think I hear Judas’s voice—he can’t be leading them to Jesus. Ithought he was a friend! Stay down! Hide your face! Don’t let them see you!At this point, your helper will toss the sword and helmet into view and makereceding marching sounds.OK, I think they’re leaving. I don’t think they saw us. But what werethey doing here? Oh no! What’s this? It’s a sword! And a Romanhelmet! Oh no! And I don’t see or hear Jesus and his friends. Whereare they? I think they took Jesus! What’s happened to him? I have tofind out what happened to Jesus.It’s not safe to stay here. You’d better come with me. But be quiet!We don’t know how far ahead those guards are. Come withme—quietly!Pilot Program PointerRather than interrupting a child duringa personal moment, give Crews a1-minute warning when it’s time towrap up conversations. That way,kids will know it’s time to finish whatthey’re saying in the time allotted.Flight InstructionOur helper made the marchingsound increasingly loud beforetossing the sword and helmetinto view. Then she made themarching sounds softly recede. Sosimple—andeffective!19

Pilate’s PalaceLead kids to Pilate’s palace. Look around inbewilderment.Say: What is this place? It looks like someone richlives here. I wonder…I think it must be the palacewhere Pontius Pilate lives. He’s the head of thelocal government, you know. They would havebrought Jesus before Pilate for a trial. But a trialin the middle of the night? That’s not fair! That’snot a real trial!And what’s this? A bowl of water! Pilate onlyuses that when he wants to wash his hands of aproblem! Shake your head in despair. That meanshe must have washed his hands of Jesus! It meanshe refused to help Jesus. This is awful news. Awful.Speak sadly. Well, there’s nothing more we can do right now. We know theRomans arrested Jesus, and there was a fake trial. Things really don’t look goodfor Jesus. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what they do next. We’dbetter go back now. But quietly! And quickly! Those guards could be anywhere.Hurry—let’s go.Lead kids back to your Bible Adventures room, and dismiss them when you hearthe Director’s signal. If possible, leave the clues in the hallway just as kids foundthem today—you’ll need them in the hall for Day 4. Leave the rope lights in placeinside the Bible Adventures room.21

At Sky, the daily Bible Point is carefullyintegrated into each station's activities forunforgettable Bible learning. See how yourstation reinforces today's Bible Point.Day 4No matter what happens…trust God!Up & Away Sing & Play▶ Learn the Day 4 Bible verse and Bible Point,and meet Bible Memory Buddy Apollo.▶ Get a sneak peek at today’s Bible story.▶ Share more incredible God Sightings.▶ Sing spectacular Sky songs.▶ Flash didn’t get accepted into the SkyAngels Academy! What will he do?Imagination StationCreate a fluttery Buddy Fly!Skydive DinerInseparable SwirlsSky HighMovie & Missions▶ Find out who is makingthe game show soexciting…and dangerous.▶ Meet Korotimi, and seehow a Bugs Pray-er Clipcan remind everyone topray for kids in Mali.Wild Blue BibleAdventures▶ Carry a heavy cross likeJesus did.▶ Realize that Jesus took thepunishment for their sins.▶ Look inside the tomb—it’s empty!Fly Away Finale▶ Enjoy today’s Spotlight VBS.▶ Discover how a kite can remindthem of the powerful, awesomething Jesus did on the cross.▶ Invite parents to join in aniOpener activity.▶ Sing some favorite Sky songs.Cloud Movers Bug Blockade Pull!All-Star Games23

Sentenced to DeathSay: In Bible times, criminals were put to death in a horrible way. It was calledcrucifixion. Point to the cross. Their hands and feet were nailed to a wooden cross,kind of like this one. And they were left hanging on the cross until they died.That’s what they did to criminals—people who had done terrible crimes. ButJesus wasn’t a criminal! He was God’s Son. He had never done anything wrong orbad—not even once. Can anyone here say that—that you’ve never done anythingwrong? Pause. I know I can’t.Soldiers arrested Jesus in the garden. Then they beat him and whipped him andsaid terrible things to him. He was put through a fake trial in the middle of thenight. And finally, he was sentenced to death.Then Jesus was forced to carry a heavy wooden cross like this one through thecity. He was bloody and swollen and exhausted from the beatings all night.Crowds lined the roads and yelled “Crucify him! Crucify him!” as he passed by.Jesus stumbled, and the soldiers forced a man from the crowd to carry the crossthe rest of the way.Carrying the CrossSay: We’re going to carry this cross back to our Bible room. Each Crew, along withyour Crew Leader, will take a turn. I’m warning you, though, it’s heavy andrough. If it gets too heavy, you can say you need to lay it down, but don’t drop iton someone’s foot.Retracing your route, have each Crew carry the cross part of the way back tothe Bible Adventures room. All along the route, lead Crew members who aren’tcarrying the cross in shouting “Crucify him! Crucify him!” When you get back to theroom, help the last Crew lean it against the wall in a corner where it won’t fall over.Have kids sit on the floor in their Crew circles.Pilot Program PointerEach Crew needs a turn to carry thecross, even if that means that twoCrews carry it at the same time.Flight InstructionHaving kids carry the cross wasincredibly powerful. They trulyunderstood what Jesus wentthrough, and this prepared theirhearts to hear how he was willingto die and take the punishmentfor their sin because of his greatlove for them.25

Separated From GodSay: Think of a wrong thing you’ve done recently. You won’t haveto say it out loud. I’ll ask each Crew to come up to the cross.As you hang a trash bag strip on the cross, think of that wrongthing you did. Then quietly go back to your Crew circle, andbow your head as you think about your sins.CD Have Crews come up one by one to drape their plasticstrips on the cross. Softly play “Nothing Could Keep MeTrack 4From You” (track 4) from the Up & Away Sing & Play MusicCD in the background. When everyone is seated again,turn off the CD player.Look at all of those dark, ugly sins. Jesus knew the only way to get rid of themwas for him to take our punishment. For him to take our sins to the gravewith him.Jesus’ DeathSay: Jesus hung on that cross for you—and for me. At noon, darkness fell across theland. The darkness lasted for three hours. Then Jesus cried out (pause), and hedied. At that very moment, the earth shook and the rocks split apart! Lead kidsin hitting the floor with their hands. The guards were terrified of this earthquake!They yelled, “This man truly was the Son of God!”As you speak, gather the strips of plastic draped on the cross, and carry them tothe tomb. Later, Jesus’ friends took his body down from the cross and wrappedit in grave clothes. They laid him in a new tomb. Place the plastic strips in thetomb. And Jesus’ friends went home. It was over. Jesus was dead.Jesus’ ResurrectionSay: Three days later, Jesus’ friends went back to the tomb. Theheavy stone in front of the tomb had been rolled away! Lookinside, and act surprised as you turn on the bright light anduncover the glow sticks. Suddenly there was a bright lightinside the tomb! An angel said, “I know you are looking forJesus, who was crucified. He isn’t here! He is risen from thedead! Come, see where his body was lying.”Hand the basket of glow sticks to the nearest Crew, have eachperson take one, and then pass the basket to another Crew. Thetomb was empty! Jesus came back to life! Jesus died on thecross for our sins. Then he came back to life to defeat sin anddeath forever! Because of him, our sins are forgiven. When we believe in Jesus,we can live with him forever in heaven. These glow sticks can remind you thatthe tomb was empty—Jesus is alive!Explain that kids can put their glow sticks in the Crew bag for now—they’ll usethem in the Fly Away Finale. Kids can then take the glow sticks home as remindersthat Jesus is alive. Dismiss kids to their next destination when you hear theDirector’s signal.27

At Sky, the daily Bible Point is carefullyintegrated into each station's activities forunforgettable Bible learning. See how yourstation reinforces today's Bible Point.Day 5No matter where you are…trust God!Up & Away Sing & Play▶ Learn the Day 5 Bible verse and BiblePoint, and meet Bible Memory BuddyRockette.▶ Get a sneak peek at today’s Bible story.▶ Share awesome God Sightings.▶ Sing favorite Sky tunes.▶ Will Flash Skyrunner get sent far awayon an air mission?Imagination StationMix up a bubbly brewfor your Itty Bitty BubbleBottle!Skydive DinerBarbell BitesSky HighMovie & Missions▶ Discover what’s instore next for Chadderand Jayla.▶ Meet Moussa, and makespecial cards for the kidsin Mali who will receivemosquito nets.Wild Blue BibleAdventures▶ Go fishing at night on theSea of Galilee.▶ Catch an amazing numberof fish.▶ Enjoy a beachsidebreakfast and dance party!Fly Away Finale▶ It’s the adorable preschoolers intoday’s Spotlight VBS.▶ Receive a surprise gift and prayerreminder for Operation Kid-to-Kid.▶ Invite parents to join in aniOpener activity.▶ Sing some favorite Sky songs toremember to trust God.Take the Treasure Repellent Shadow TagAll-Star Games29

Supplies:In addition to youreveryday supplies, todayyou’ll need…▶ rope lights▶ large blue tarp▶ large canvas tarp(optional)▶ masking tape▶ plastic fish**▶ packaged gummy fish▶ basket of Goldfishcrackers▶ small fish nets (2 perCrew per rotation;available at party stores)▶ blue “water” fabric▶ blue tulle or silkyfabric▶ piece of dark fabricor plastic (to hidecampfire andcrackers)▶ electric campfire**▶ flicker lights**▶ CD player▶ Up & Away Sing &Play Music CD▶ helper (optional)** available from groupoutlet.com30Day 5 Wild Blue Bible AdventuresGetting Ready▶ Most of your adventure will take place at night, so leave the rope lights aroundthe perimeter of the room.▶ Lay a large blue tarp over at least half of your floor. This will be the Sea of Galilee.Tape the edge that’s not against a wall to the floor to prevent tripping. If desired,cover the rest of the floor with a canvas tarp as the “beach.” Again, tape the openedge down.▶ Remove the colored sheets or fabric from the walls where your blue tarp touches.On those walls, drape and attach blue fabric to the walls to look like gentle waves.Bunch blue tulle or silky fabric at the base of the walls to look like ocean “foam”(and also to hide your fish). Make sure the rope lights still shine through.▶ Before each rotation arrives, hide some of the plastic fish and packages ofgummy fish around the perimeter of the lake, beneath the tulle fabric.▶ Set up the electric campfire against the wall opposite from the lake. Place thebasket of Goldfish crackers nearby. Hide both by covering with a piece of darkfabric or plastic.▶ Cue the Sky Clip Art & Resources CD to the “Lake Sounds” track, found in the“Sound Effects” section.WelcomeGreet kids outside your room, and welcome Crews back to Wild Blue BibleAdventures.Say: I love today’s Point! Say it with me:no matter where you are…trust God! This weekat Wild Blue Bible Adventures, we’ve been to lots of places where we could trustGod. Ask:What places have we visited this week? (We visited the Roman army; we wentto Lazarus’s tomb; Pilate’s palace; the hill where Jesus was crucified.)Say: Today we’re going to take a little break—and go fishing with some of Jesus’friends! The weather report calls for smooth sailing, so let’s get going!Fishing StoriesUsher kids into your room, and have Crews sit in knee-to-knee circles on the “beach”side of your room. Keep only the rope lights on for this fishing excursion. Ask:Where did we end up yesterday? (Jesus was crucified; Jesus came back to life;the tomb was empty.)Say: Today’s true Bible story takes place a little while after Jesus came back to life. He’salready appeared to some of his friends. Right now, we’re going to catch up withthose friends. Now, these friends were fishermen by trade—that was their job. Ask:Have you ever been fishing—or ever wanted to go fishing? Tell your Crewabout a fishing trip you’ve been on or imagined. (Give Crews a minute or twoto swap fishing stories.)

Out to SeaSay: There were seven of Jesus’ friends in our story—Simon Peter, Nathanael, and afew others. One night Simon Peter decided to go fishing on the Sea of Galilee,not far from the other places we visited this week. His friends said, “We’ll cometoo.” So they climbed into their boat, and out they went.Do you want to join them? I do! Have Crews each stand in a tight circle and linkelbows. Each Crew will be a “boat.”Every fishing boat needs a captain, so your Crew Leader willman the wheel. Give each Crew Leader two flicker lights tohold. Give each Crew a few nets.OK, gently paddle out to sea, and find a good spot to fish. Trynot to bump into any other boats! And stay away from theedges of the lake, because I’ve heard there are dangerouscurrents out there. Pause as Crews “paddle” into the lake. Playthe “Lake Sounds” segment from the CD in the background.OK, boats, time to fish. Stop where you are and cast yournets—let’s see what you can catch! Have kids cast the nets. Pullin the nets and see what you caught! (Kids will not have caughtanything!)Empty NetsSay: You didn’t catch anything? Well, paddle around and find a new spot. Maybe thereare fish someplace else. Pause as Crews change positions; then repeat the processof casting nets, pulling them in, and asking what they caught. Do this once or twicemore. Remember to caution Crews to stay away from the edges of the lake.Turn off the CD, and ask Crews to stop paddling.Jesus’ friends fished all night and didn’t catch a thing. Not one single fish. Ask:Have you ever had a time where you tried really hard to do something, butyou still failed? Raise your hand if you have a story to share. (Go around andhave several kids share their answers.)Say: We all fail sometimes, even though we try really hard. And that’s exactly whathappened to Jesus’ friends. They fished all night and caught absolutely nothing.The Man on ShoreSay: Just as the sun was coming up, theysaw a man over on the shore. Hecalled (call out in an exaggeratedvoice), “Helllooo! Have you caughtanything?” Have kids cup their handsand shout back, “Noooo!”The man on shore called, “Throw outyour net on the right-hand side of theboat, and you’ll get some.” So Jesus’friends did what the man suggested.I have a suggestion for you! Tryfishing over near the walls—if you’recareful, I think you might find some fish! Have Crews paddle near the wallswhere the plastic fish and packages of gummy fish are hidden. As soon as one childfinds a fish, they’ll all scramble to “catch” some.Flight InstructionIt’s amazing how open kidsbecome about sharing by theend of the week. Kids mentionednot making the soccer team,not getting good grades, notplaying the piano well—and ourfavorite—looking “dumb” whiletap dancing.Flight InstructionKids were thrilled to find some fish!And when they saw that therewere candy fish, too—well, it waskind of like a feeding frenzy!31

32Flight InstructionWhat a fun and energizing wayto end your time at Wild BlueBible Adventures! Kids and adultsin every rotation left the roomsinging and dancing. Don’t letanyone ever saythe Bible isboring!Beachside BreakfastSay: Just then, one of the friends in theboat recognized the man on theshore. “Look,” he said. “It’s Jesus!”Simon Peter was so excited, hejumped right out of the boat andswam to shore. C’mon, everyone!Swim to shore! Swim, everyone.Come to shore! Bring your fish! Haveall the kids “swim” to shore. As they’reswimming, uncover the electriccampfire and basket of crackers, andturn on the campfire.Gather around, everyone. Let’s sit in one big circle near the campfire! Have kidssit in a big semicircle around the campfire. When the friends got to shore, therewas Jesus, cooking breakfast for them! Jesus said, “Bring some of those fish youjust caught.”Bring me some of the fish you caught. Pause as kids hand you some of theirplastic fish. Lay the fish on or near the campfire. Pass around the basket ofGoldfish, and invite everyone to take a few.Jesus said, “Now, come and have some breakfast.” Jesus served his friends fishand bread, and that was the third time that Jesus had appeared to his friendssince he had come back to life!And do you know how many fish Jesus’ friends caught? Remember, they hadbeen fishing all night and had caught nothing. But with Jesus’ help, they caught153 big fish—and the nets didn’t even tear!Beach PartySay: This week we’ve discovered thatwhen Jesus is around, surprisingthings happen. Servants are healed.Dead men walk out of their tombs. Aman who had never sinned is willingto die for our sins. And then thissame man comes back to life—andeven cooks breakfast for his friends!What will Jesus do next? Well, onething I know is that he’ll always bewith us, and we can always trust him.And even though not long after thisbreakfast he went back to heaven to be with his Father, we know that one dayhe’ll come for us. And if we believe in him, we can live with him forever in heaven!CDTrack 5I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to celebrate! Let’s havea beach dance party! Have everyone jump up and join you in singing anddoing the motions as you play “I’ll Fly Away” (track 5). When the songmentions “God’s celestial shore,” you can yell, Hey, we’re on the shore!After the song, say: As you fly away to your next station, remember that no matterwhere you are…trust God!Play the song again as Crews exit to their next station.

Station Su pliesEvery day you’ll use…Ñ BibleÑ tape or tacksÑ colored sheets or fabricÑ plastic greeneryÑ cardboard tubesÑ Sky Squawker* or otherattention-getting deviceDay 1▶ baskets of crayons or markers (1 per Crew per rotation)▶ plain paper▶ large paper grocery bags▶ newspaper or newsprint▶ sheets of cardboard▶ bed sheet▶ helper (optional)Day 2▶ rolls of white crepe paper▶ large blocks (or paper-bag blocks)▶ roll of black plastic▶ small pillow▶ washcloths (1 per rotation)▶ small paper bag with “smelly” cheese inside▶ small box with a few stones insideDay 3▶ helper▶ plastic vines and flowers▶ rope lights (enough to go around perimeter of your room)▶ 2 stones▶ 2 plastic swords▶ 2 plastic helmets▶ small basket▶ flicker lights** (1 per participant, per rotation)▶ Stone Wall Corobuff** (optional)Hallway clues:▶ ropeAttention-getting signals let kids know to stopwhat they’re doing and look at you. You can usethe fun Sky Squawker or another noisemaker ofyour choice.▶ length of thin plastic hosing (as a whip)▶ 30 plastic coins▶ small craft wreath (as a crown of thorns)▶ purple robe or cloth▶ velvet cloth and accessories for Pilate’s palace▶ bowl of waterDay 4▶ wooden cross (for kids to carry)▶ hallway clues from Day 3▶ rope lights▶ pen▶ black plastic trash bags▶ scissors▶ glow sticks** (1 per participant)▶ basket▶ large blocks▶ large sheets of black plastic (saved from Day 2)▶ bright light (to put in tomb)▶ extension cord▶ helper (optional)Day 5▶ rope lights▶ large blue tarp▶ large canvas tarp (optional)▶ masking tape▶ plastic fish**▶ packaged gummy fish▶ basket of Goldfish crackers▶ small fish nets, available at party stores (2 per Crew per rotation)▶ blue “water” fabric▶ blue tulle or silky fabric▶ piece of dark fabric or plastic (to hide campfire and crackers)▶ electric campfire**▶ flicker lights**▶ CD player▶ Up & Away Sing & Play Music CD*▶ helper (optional)got questions?* available from Group Publishing or your Group VBS supplier** available at groupoutlet.comVisit your Group VBS supplier.Follow GroupVBS on978-0-7644-7028-8VBS PROGRAMMINGPrinted in the U.S.A.

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