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Presentation to Alberta Liberal Party Caucus - Institute for Public ...

Presentation to Alberta Liberal Party Caucus - Institute for Public ...


ACTIVITIES Eric J. Hanson Memorial lecture-September 27, 2011- ProfessorJack Mintz, October 22, 2010- Honourable Kevin Lynch Previous lecturers included David Dodge, John Crow, Konrad vonFinckenstein, Peter Lougheed Conferences – included Al O’Brien years and volatile governmentrevenues June 2011- Becoming Alberta’s Next Premier- Policy Ideas forLeadership Candidates (in co-operation with Canada WestFoundation and Western Centre for Economic Research) May 9 & 10, 2011 conference – “China and India/Global PowerShift/Opportunities for Canada and Alberta” February 2010- 10 essays on range of Alberta policy challengesdelivered to all MLAs March 2010 & 11- Provincial Budget Post-mortem with ShirleyMcClellan, Graham Thomson, Mel McMillan, Jason Brisbois, JosephDoucet , Scott Hennig and Bob Ascah May 6 & 7, 2010 -“Boom and Bust Again? Policy Challenges in aCommodity-based Economy” attended by over 200 – strongcorporate support with 8 sponsors Forthcoming- “Boom and Bust Again- The Sequel- May 15-16, 2012

PEOPLEBob Ascah - Public Finance, Financial InstitutionsBev Dahlby - Taxation and Fiscal FederalismAndrew Eckert - Industrial OrganizationHerb Emery - Economic History, Social Insurance and Labour EconomicsBrad Humphreys - Chair in the economics of gaming, economic impactanalysis, and economics of higher educationStuart Landon - Economics of Government ExpenditureRon Kneebone - Government FinanceKen McKenzie - Public Economics, Political Economy, AppliedMicroeconomics

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